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Review #1, by SnoopyyPining for You: Apartment Hunting

18th June 2012:

I seriosuly have nothing else to write here as I said everythig which I wanted too in the last chapter. It's still amazing. (And I love the bits in brackets) Finnigan must not ack Louis or I will crai and then the whole story will be bad because I am crying. Okay you can sack him, but I like the sound of Louis the bartender.

Thats really about all I have to say. Wasn't this review swap fun :)


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again!

I'm glad you still love this. There's plenty more coming :) next chapter Fallon is getting introduce :D also I have another story waiting to be validated. Woooho!

Haha it certainly was fun. We should do more! But I need more chapters...or stories lol

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Review #2, by SnoopyyPining for You: Twenty-One

18th June 2012:
I love, love, love, love, love, love, love this! I like how Louis is a bartender and you've managed to add in Mr. Finnigan which I particually like as he was one fo my half-favorite charcters from the books. He son is a total git thought I have to agree with Louis on this one. If I met him the street I would happily want to punch him in the face and be done with it, but that might get me in trouble :3

Right back to the story.

I love the way how you've written this, you've got a very nice writing style which I am now very fond of. All the characters were perfect in my personal opinion and I don't have anything bad to say about them. The reason why I love POV's and first person is because you can really get into a character's head and this is something you've pulled off wonderfully. So well done to you! You can also see the relationships between characters which I really love. And on PottersWorld there is character called Fallon who's a Hufflepuff. Coincidence or not >:D Sorry I go all detective sometimes.

All ina ll this is a perfect chapter and I loved every second of it. Nice job.

Author's Response: Awe I'm glad you love this story :D

Haha Dillon's not that much of a git but I had to have a baddie in the story at some point...and I think I picked him. Bless! Haha he's nice really :p and yeah I wanted to have some Irish people in this story :p haha

Thank you very much. This means a lot. I've just recently got back to writing again so I am a bit rusty so I was unsure if I was going to pull this off especially writing from a guys POV...who does that? Haha apparently me :p

Yeah I agree I love reading from first person it's so much nicer!

Oh really? That is a coincidence. I don't go on PotterWorld ^.^

Thanks a lot!

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Review #3, by SnoopyyIn The Deep End: Bets, Apparating and Near Death Experiences

14th June 2012:
I saw it was a LoTR crossover and grinned. Read it and grinned even more and now I'm in love with it. I LOVE IT :D Only things is that it needs more description and longer paragraphs as it's really annoying me o.o Other than that, FAB!

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Review #4, by SnoopyyHero: On the Platform

7th May 2012:
A beautiful finish to a beautifully written short stories. I love every single one and Ron just got older and oler and now I'm missing the Ron from the first chapter :( However this was beautifully written and something you should be very, very proud of. You are one of my favorite authors on this site and this is the reasn why, you're writing is just beautiful and very nicely written. This was a perfect finish to a perfect 5 reviews I have bestowed upon your fine self. Thank you so much for entering my contest and well done on second place.

All the best,

Snoopy x

Author's Response: I'm hoping to keep writing more of this story, though Ron is getting older, so the cuteness will have to go in later chapters.

Thank you so much for all of your reviews! They've been really great to read, and I appreciate you taking the time to leave them all. Thank you also for the extremely sweet remarks you have made about my stories and my writing. It really makes my day. :*

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Review #5, by SnoopyyHero: Childhood Games

7th May 2012:
aww Ron's so cute! I love it, I just love how cute you've portrayed him and how eager he is to meet Harry (good thing they became best friends then eh) I love how you included all the brothers and no one wants to play with Ron anymore. It was a really cute idea that Ron wants Harry to be his brother even though in the end they do end up being best friends and Harry was like his brother as he was always staying over at the Burrow. This was a really cure idea and I loved it from the bottom of my heart. If this was all real I would be hugging Ron right now and I wouldnít want to let go :3

A very sweet story, well done

Snoopy x

Author's Response: I love writing Ron, and writing little Ron was even more fun :) I'm glad you liked him (and his ridiculous amount of cuteness).

I'm glad you liked the idea. We know that Ron has heard the Harry Potter story before he ever went to Hogwarts. He's also got a bit of a tendency toward hero worship (Viktor Krum, anyone?) So I figured this was the 8-year old version of that. I'm glad you wanted to hug Ron. I'd rather like to hug him myself :P

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Review #6, by SnoopyyAn Abundance of Harrys: An Abundance of Harrys

7th May 2012:
A very original story I have to say so myself. I have never thought about it much, but I do supposed a lot a people would have named their kids Harry because of the war, I just never thought about it that much. You portrayed Ted perfectly in every way and the little eager Harry was so like a first year who was meeting kids who were related to his namesake. This is very fluff and I loved every moment of it I just want more just like it. One thing I do have to say is that it has to be longer next time, I really enjoy your writing and all of these short one-shots are making my longing even worse. Shame on you, shame on you putting me though all this. However I am enjoying every one and that I suppose is something to be happy about, who wouldnít be happy about it?

A very nice well written one-shot, nice job.

Snoopy x

Author's Response: The plot bunny for this story just popped into my head one day. I had it on my list of ideas for ages before I actually got around to writing it.

I usually stick to canon characters that we know more about, so writing Teddy was a bit of a stretch for me. I'm really glad that you liked the way he was portrayed. I'm a firm believer that the world needs more little fluffy bits to it, and I'm happy to help the crusade :P

I keep meaning to write longer stories...honest! I have several that I've started to plan out, but they never really work or I get distracted, or I don't have the motivation to work on them or a thousand other reasons. I do apologize for being a bit of a one-shot wonder. I'd like to change that at some point.

Thanks so much for all of your kind compliments about this story and about my writing. It really means a lot :)

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Review #7, by SnoopyyHopeless: They're going to die, you know

7th May 2012:
I loved how this was written in 2n person, it was very clever and very well pulled off. I found it hardto write my first 2n person story so I know how hard it is to get it right. I am going to ignore what you said in the AN, you pulled both 2nd person and consciusness writingoff perfectly so here's a cookie fr your trouble.

*gives cookies*

This was beautifuly written and the way you describe his feelings was spot on! I lved evry moment of this stor and encourage you to write more just like it because this was fab. Well done and avery good read.

Snoopy x

Author's Response: *noms cookie* Thanks!

I really appreciate your comments on the pov and stream of consciousness. I tend to be really unsure of the things I write, so feedback is the best thing in the world (especially when it's positive).

I'm so glad that you thought the descriptions were done well and in character. I know it's a bit melodramatic, but I figured that's what the locket would do to a person. I'm glad you agree.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by SnoopyyBlaising Colours: Beauty

7th May 2012:
Aww this was really cute and well written. I would hate to be in Blaise's position where your mothe was constanty going out for nice meals an leaving you behind with a nanny. It would be horrible. I know a few of my friends who could connect with this story, but even though my childhood wasn't like that I can really connect. The way you've written Blaise as a cute innocent young child who just wants to impress his mum is really lovely and heartwarming. You've written his mother not as a mean person, bu just someone who isn'r very interessted in her son which Is an intressting way to look at things I suppose.

This is wonderfully written and the use of words dragged me in from the very beginning and I couldn't stop reading. This is a little gem of a story and I would love to read some more of your writing so that is what I am gioing to do :)

Snoopy x

Author's Response: I'm really sorry that it's taken me so long to respond to your reviews. Real life sank it's teeth into me for a bit and pulled me away from the site, but I'm back now and so happy to have all of your lovely reviews to respond to!

You really hit the nail on the head. Blaise's mom isn't cruel, just disinterested. I don't see her as the type to have really wanted children. I pulled a lot from the stereotypes of upper class children being raised by nannies rather than their parents, assuming that wizarding families would be much the same.

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed this story.

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Review #9, by SnoopyyLevi: Victoire

7th May 2012:
This is a very nice finish to my epic 10 reviews I have bestowed upon you. This is a great chapter and it is perfect because I was wondering how Vic was feeling about the whole thing, fantastic. The only thing I have t complain about is the chapter length, they all keep changing and I love the longer ones better than the shorter one so perhaps you could try and add thing together to make them bigger? This decision is totally up to you though so you can ignore me if you really want. Just please make sure to write more because Iím not sure If I could live without your writing! Once again thank you for entering my contest and well done on first place!

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Thank you! The aim of this chapter is definitely to show some of the difficulties both Victoire and Teddy are having.

I'm sorry about the chapter lengths. I know that is one of my biggest problems with writing this story. Thank you for pointing that out.

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Review #10, by SnoopyyLevi: Dominique

7th May 2012:
It was a bit short to be honest and that really annoyed me D: I was starting to enjoy this chapter when suddenly I ended and was let hanging on a thread waiting for it to continue. Although for a filler chapter it was still very well written. Levi is just so cute! I could snuggle him to death if I had the chance, he is just so cute and sweet and awwwh I am having a little fan girl moment of a child which isnít even real! How do you do this to me?!

Anyway this is perfect, but I would have like bit to be a tiny bit longer so fulfil my everlasting longing for this story to continue. Other than that it was fantastic and I am really jealous of your writing skills, teach me everything you know, Master! O.o So please just keep writing to help me be happy for the rest of my long and miserable life.

Snoopy x

Author's Response: I couldn't agree more, actually. I tried to make this chapter longer, but I couldn't seem to add more. I will most likely try to go back and add more, though.

I'm glad you think Levi's cute. Even though he isn't necessarily a huge character, I definitely want him to have a role as the sweet little son.

Haha, thank you!

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Review #11, by SnoopyyLevi: Fleur

7th May 2012:
Perfect, absolutely perfect once again. This story is perfectly aced and I can really feel the tension between Vic and her mum. Fleur has the right to be angry though; I would be seething if my daughter left for Paris for six years and then came back with a mystery son. Your sense of writing really pulls the reader in and keeps the captive until the very last chapter when they are finaly released, but still wanting more. It is all like a sticky spiders web which holds poor people captive and right now I am stuck in the very centre.

I still love the way you are writing ever chapter in another personís POV, it really allows the reader to explore how the other characters are feelings about the situation. I may need to try something like this in the future when I finaly done writing the piles of stories have I on my computer and on scraps of paper floating around my bedroom.

Once again a perfectly written piece of writing. Well done!

Snoopy x

Author's Response: I like that analogy. My writing is like a spider web, haha. I'm glad you like it.

That is exactly why I keep switching POVs. I want to show certain things that don't work with certain characters and I want to release different information with each person.

Thank you very much!

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Review #12, by SnoopyyLevi: Victoire

7th May 2012:
I love it, I really can't put into words how much I love it, its so beautiful! I'm really likin th way each chapters a different POV, at first I was confused, but then It sunk in and I get it now so all's good. I don't think I've witnessed a story where that's happened beore so this is a first for me. I really don't know what else to say exept for the usual: it's amazing write more. But that just sounds boring and out of date now so I need somethng else to say. Perhaps if you made ay mistakes I could point them out, but as there are no mitakes that's impossible for me to do. Make more mistakes next time so I have something a little more interessting to say ;)

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Thanks!

Sorry that it was confusing at first, I probably should make the POV changes more clear. Thank you.

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Review #13, by SnoopyyLevi: Teddy

7th May 2012:
OH INTERESSTING! I've seen the famous Vic/Ted ship before, but this is something completely different. An illegitimate sn suddenly appearing out of nowhere whilst Ted's running for Minster of Magic, this could turn out very interessting indeed.

You need to let me into you mind so I can see where you get all of these ideas fr your amazing stories, it really is very interessting how you do it.

As usual no mistakes and I love every second of your writing, you really are one of my favorites. So please keep up the good work and I will love you forever and ever

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'm glad you think it is fairly original!

I wish I could tell you where I get my ideas, but I don't know, haha. They just pop into my head. Thank you so much, this is one of the best compliments I have gotten. I really appreciate it.

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Review #14, by SnoopyyBeing Mrs. Weasley: Chapter 2

7th May 2012:
I love the last line, it was a very nice last line if I do say so myself. And now anoth wondeful hapte has passed I am in dire need of anothe one soplase keep writing and keep a Hufflepuff happy :3 The plot of this story is really great and I need to know where this is heading so hurry up ad write more ;) As usual no grammar problems and stuff like that s you're in the clear. My reviews are getting shorter and shorter because there really is nothing to complain about, stop being a good writer! (Thats a joke by the way, please never stop writing!)

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Thanks. I rewrote that line three times before I was satisfied. I'll be working on this story as much as I can :)

I can't tell you how much that means to me, saying I'm a good writer. Thank you so much.

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Review #15, by SnoopyyBeing Mrs. Weasley: Chapter 1

7th May 2012:
Snoopy again for your 4th review so here we go!

This is turnig out to be a very interessting story, two people gtting married at a birthday party when they are drunk. How brilliant is that! I have come across a few of these two teenage married drunk sort of idea, but none has been written as quite as well as yours has. I loved every second of it and I really need to read more and more and more (you get the picture) So please fufil my wish and continue to write more :)

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you think it is good and I'll try to update soon.

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Review #16, by SnoopyyAzkaban: Our Light.

23rd April 2012:
I have just read the whole thing over again and I still feel it's bloody amazing :D As we speak I am writing my own little Azkaban One-Shot type of thing and ths inspired me to do so. Hope you don't mind or anything o.o I'm mentioning this in the summary because by god it needs more reviews than this, this is just an oustanding piece of writing.

Please tell me if it's fine to post my one-shot :S

But this sory still gets ten trillion out of ten.

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you very much Snoopyy! I've always thought there should be more stories about Azkaban, so feel free! I'd feel honoured.

Thanks for asking and leaving me such a lovely review. You're wonderful :D

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Review #17, by SnoopyyThree Strikes: PART I

22nd April 2012:
Hello, Snoopy for a review swap here :)

This was very, very interessting to say the least. Your style of writing is most interessting of all. They way you have written this begs the reader to continue reading through the story. I'm not fimilar with the genre of Film Noir myself, but you sounded like you got it spot on.

The tense was also quite interessting to read, I have never seen something quite like it. I think you made this story brillient and I an tast sucess and lots of review coming your way. (Not like their from me or anything...)

There were also no grammatical errors so that is anothr good thing about this story. In fact, I don't have anything bad to point out so an amazing job all round I must say.

All the best with your writing

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm really glad you found it interesting - I hope it was in a good way!

Because it was a murder-mystery, I wanted to make the reader feel like they were really *there*, and present tense seemed like a good and a new thing for me to try out. I'm glad I pulled it off with some success!

Thanks ever so much, and I'm pleased you liked it and couldn't find a fault!

All the best with you, too,

Bethan. xxx

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Review #18, by SnoopyyA poem for James: If I'm your sweet dream, then you are my nightmare

22nd April 2012:
Hello, review for you-

This was a very interessting look at Lily's relationship with James and how she hated him ang with her ego. The whole idea was a very good idea and I think it was origional and particually interessting to read through.

There were a few grammatical mistakes, but it was nothing too large that made the whole thing un-readable. Perhaps you could take the time to get yourself a beta reader, it would improve the whole quality of the story.

Overall a pretty good and solid job and it was a very good and un-expected cliffhanger at the end. Very nice work.

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Hey! Thank youuu :D

I'm glad you enjoyed this piece and thought that this is original and interesting. There are so many James/Lily stories out there, and to be told that I incorporate something original in it really makes me happy. I'm also glad that the cliffhanger at the end works fine :D
Yes, I still make grammatical mistakes, and it's been an issue I really want to tackle. I'll re-read the chapter and might also get a beta as you suggested. I really do want to improve the quality of this story :D

Thank you for taking your time to read and review

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Review #19, by SnoopyySomething about smiles and hope: Something about smiles and hope

30th March 2012:
I squeed when I read how cute Abus was. I was impolded with so much cuteness I want to transfer into the story and huggle him to death.

One thing that did bug mewas hoe far spread out each paragraph was. It didn't make the story un-readable, but it did bug me a little too much so perhaps you should concider changing it.

Overall this was brillient and I loved every moment of it. Thanks for the entry and good luck.

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!!^^ I know!! Albus was the sweetest little thing!! :D

And yeah that bugged me too, but every time I tried to fix it it went back to being WAYY far off again... trust me this is better than it used to be -.- I'll see if I can make it better though :)

thanks again!!^^


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Review #20, by SnoopyyWhere We Used To Play: Where We Used to Play

30th March 2012:
Perfect, asoulutly perfect in every way possible. The emotion was so strong right now I'm close to tears. To be hoest this is the first Song-Fic I've ever read because I didn't like the idea of them, but you've changed my mind on that subject.

This is a perfect place for George and Angelina to have their first kiss. After emotion and all that it was good to have something good to happen to George. I'm sure Fred would be smiling from his grave.

Wonderfully written and now I'm going to give you my favorite line. "She cried, and as I held her, her tears were like phoenix tears." Wow that was a great way to write that about her crying. She was healing him with sorrow which was unusual.

And I couldn't believe you almost killed of George D: If both Weasley twins were dead I would cry so much. They are my favorite characters because of all the jokes they bring into the books.

Good Song-Fc which shows a different side of George you never see. Nice work and a good read.

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #21, by SnoopyyPoisoned Apples: Poisoned Apples

13th March 2012:
Oh...My...God...That was absalutly amazing! As I have braces and I'm not allowed to eat apples this was horrible to read because now, I wanna apple D: But I mean horrible to read beause of the apples, not because it was a horrible story (Gah I'm getting myself all confused)

Anyway, this was written perfectly and I spotted now flaws or grammar mistakes. The only probelm I have is that the paragraphs are too far apart for my liking as if they're trying to make the one-shot look bigger and sorry to say it's not working out for me. But don't panic, thats the only fault I have with it at the moment.

My favorite line in the who thing has to be the one in the summary, thats a brillient line :D And the summary is a perfect, makes you wanna go ahead and read the hell out of the story so a really good job there. Don't tell anyone else, but this is my favorite entry so far so I think you have a good shot at first place ;)

Amazing one-shot you have here, good job!

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wasn't entirely sure about this and so thank you a million times.

I'm really sorry about the paragraphs. It was not intentional. I didn't realize they were so far about and I'll definitely fix it as soon as I can.

I'm sorry about your braces. I know how horrrible they are D:

And thanks again! I'm so excited for this challenge. It was so much fun to write this!

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Review #22, by SnoopyyRenaissance: the child of time

8th March 2012:
That was beautiful. It's nice to see a proper one-shot featured around Cho and not just a blubbering girl we see in the books and movies. This had some really great and detailed imagination filled into this short yet amazingly written one-shot.

I have never read a proper one-shot about Cho, actually I have never read a proper story about Cho so this was a first for me. You did a very good job in writing this and I wish you all the best in your future wriing career because you diserve it :)

June Knight
Ravenclaw x

Author's Response: Hi. Thanks for the kind review!

I'm glad that you liked your first Cho one-shot :D I do think that Cho is blubbering in the books, but she's also very young at the time. This piece is about reflection, when Cho is slightly older and more mature. Besides, it wouldn't be very exciting to read about Cho whining, would it?

Thanks again!

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Review #23, by SnoopyyThe love that can never die: The love that can never die

8th March 2012:
Aw that was so sad, yet so happy at the same time! I love the fact that Lupin survived the battle, that has always been one of my head canons. Teddy was so cute in this adorable one-shot and he countered the dark and unhappy side of the death and memories of Tonks just perfectly.

Reading about Lupins feelings almost brought tears to my eyes. This was a beautifuly written one-shot, a one-shot that I will definatly be coming back to read over and over again.

Thank you for the amazing story and an amazing read

Snoopy x

Author's Response: Hey thank you for the review :)

I'm glad you liked this and it's a little bittersweet for the whole way through. Teddy is actually adorable and I really liked writing about him.

Lupin is just so cute and him living a life without Tonks is almost unimaginable!

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Review #24, by SnoopyyThe One That I Should Have Married: Regrets

7th March 2012:
That was a really heart wrenching story to read. I never thought that something like this could make warm tears sting my eyes. I could feel Hermione's pain throught this story and I could connect with her making me feel like sobbing out loud. That was a beautiful written masterpeice and I hope you many happy writings in the future because honestly you diserve it.

The description was ery good too, a lot better than anything I could even try and apprehend. That last line will also hang in your head for ages after you have read this story. The summary was also very good and just makes you want to open up this one-shot and start reading. And trust me, when your start reading you can't stop until you reach the end!

Amazing writing and an Amazinf read, thanks for sharing

Hufflepuff x

Author's Response: You have no idea how the awesomeness of your review made me want to cry(: Thank you so much for all of your wonderful compliments! I loved the last line(: it was my favorite! Thanks for the review! It made my year;D haha



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Review #25, by SnoopyyThe Killer's Son: Dragons and Late Night Studing

5th March 2012:
I still love it, one of my favorite stories on the forums! Now write more and I'll be happy ;)

Author's Response: Thanks I'll try and get my latest chapter up ASAP :)

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