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Review #1, by bookworm_hermioneCrime and Punishment: In The Art Of Returning

3rd October 2013:
"This wasn't for them. This was for me."
Best part of the whole story. BEST.
I'm, sorry, I'm not as eloquent to put that in better words, but That sentence, man. Just asdfjhdfhahj it made me smile so much. Especially because of the last chapter, and how James (douche (ok, not really I still love him)) started spouting that crap about Charlie doing it to get him jealous, and it was like NO. I'm so glad she realized it wasn't for him or anyone else, and that it was for HER. :) Still smiling about it.

And then Owen, I am so glad he said those words about, Charlie and James thinking they're "the he stars of the show, and everyone else are just background characters, there to fill out your life and make it more interesting. We're there to kiss you when you get jealous, and make you laugh when you get bored. We don't matter. Not really." Just. Owen. I'm just sooo glad you said that to help her get her stuff together, and fawking realize how a bit overly dramatic she was being about things (she is. kinda. At least the way I see it. Both her and James are making these stupid mistakes, and denying their feelings and stuff, even though I know that just adds to the story and I love it.)

Then James. Just James man.

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Review #2, by bookworm_hermioneFire's Opposite: To Hide or Not to Hide?

23rd June 2013:
This chapter. Sirius. Arya. Baby. Cyrilla -nice name by the way. ajckalfuhakljhrsclua what?

Mostly, I just want to see Sirius's thoughts when he figures out it's his baby.
It is his baby right?
Does he know it's his baby?

And let me get this straight, every moment Arya has some lovey dove moment with Sirius, she completely forgets it later on. Sirius, Lily, James knows that. Dumbledore know that. I'm assuming he and Sirius talked about her half vampire thingy. God there's just so many secrets.

This story is just so well thought out. Everything's put into place so nicely. Now it's just up to Arya to figure out and put together all the secrets they've been keeping from her... I can't wait for that chapter. Or the next chapter for that matter :) Update soon!

Author's Response: I've been obsessed with the name Cyrilla since forever, so of course I had to use it. :D

About Sirius, the next chapter will reveal a lot of things. Don't worry!

Haha, thanks. :) I've been painstakingly poring over every little detail I have in my head. :P It's nice to know that it's all paid off!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by bookworm_hermioneShut Up and Kiss Me: The Bent Spoon

12th June 2013:
Sorry, I'm just way better at saying things in lists-

1) Aww! I love the story of how they became friends. I love little Leo and Scorpious!

2) When will James find out Elle's a werewolf! Gosh I can't wait until that happens- I love how he's now obsessing over werewolf rights. At least Elle knows for sure he won't run away when he knows the truth about her "time of the month"

3) Charlotte and Leo. Nuff said.

4) I know it has nothing to do with this chapter, but I love James's insanity moment, and how Harry reacted to it. I literally cracked up.

5) You're story rocks, and I hope you update soon

6) Toodles! 10/10

7) P.S. This is my favorite chapter so far

Author's Response: Bookworm! Hello again! Sorry for the delayed response, life has been busy for sure. I'm working on the next chapter and it should be up sometime in the next week or so :)

Your words...they flatter me so! I'm thankful for them for sure! Every review gets me motivated to keep writing :P

Geez, you're amazing. Thanks a million times over!

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Review #4, by bookworm_hermioneRemember the Slytherins: the world hanging upside-down

7th June 2013:
Aaand once again you've successfully reduced me to a pathetic sobbing human being, curled up in a fetal position on my bed. Hugging my pillow. And getting it all wet. I blame you. (kidding you're an awesome person)

Ok, so I get that there probably won't be a happy ending. It's too Fawked up for that. But I'm just sooo happy Harry's getting the truth. Honestly it was ABOUT TIME. But then- he's not doing anything about it and I am so pissed off right now. Grrr

And this quote. "If his father wasn't going to fix things, James would."
High Five James. You are a GOOD person. A gooder person than before why did I put gooder? Meh. And cue music- dun dun dun- what's going to happen to Professor Creevey! *that was an excited, singsong voice by the way* i want to read that part again, wait a second...

God why did I reread it i'm sobbing all over again.

Back to the story, i can't wait for Jane! If she fixes this i will most definitely make her my favorite character in the Harry Potter FanFiction World after Piper. Because honestly this is my favorite Fanfic EVER and i honestly. actually. do a little jig when I see a new chapter. Not that I could actually jig...


Author's Response: I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing at the 'it's too Fawked up for that'. That's perfect.

I know Harry's finally getting the truth, but how long will it take for him to truly accept it? We're not in the clear yet. I'm not sure what James is going to do to lovely old Dennis, but I'm glad his redemption is going well.

Hehehe. I can't wait until you meet Jane. Thank you so much for the support, and the review. Next chapter should be up in roughly a week.


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Review #5, by bookworm_hermioneRemember the Slytherins: The James Factor

5th June 2013:
why am i crying? Oh god- why am I crying? They're fictional characters- not real- fantasy- fictional characters. Oh screw it- i'm practically sobbing right now.


Will the Ministry get involved? Harry! What will Harry Do! Oh god, I know Harry's going to do something, but what? What will happen to the Gryffindor bullies? Azkaban? Detention (no please)? Life long ban of something? Expulsion? Suspention? Make it harsh.

Then about Flynn- oh Flyyn.
Flynn, WHY did you have to do that?!?! (Did he take the magic out of him? Or did he kill himself?) You were like the breaking point. I was just about to NOT cry, and them I read about you and i completely broke down- oh god this chapter is so sad. Can you please give us a happy ending?

-a teary reader

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. :) I know that they've been through a lot, and my sadistic writer side is grinning because I've got you emotionally invested, but most of me wants to offer you tissues and a hug.

The Gryffindors have been given too much leniency for too long. They've abused it horribly. I can't say much about what will happen to the bullies, but keep in mind Harry isn't the best person in this story. Just saying.

Flynn. I feel terrible for doing that to him, but you will find out exactly what happens in the next chapter (which is already in the queue). So the wait shall not be long. Thanks again for the review :)

P.s. I wouldn't count on a rainbow ending

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Review #6, by bookworm_hermioneAgainst the Odds: Womanisers, Quidditch Try-Outs and Making a Scene at a Train Station

7th May 2013:
Please please please please pleeeaaasse continue this story...and Unhinged while we're at it.

Belle's absolutely hilarious and I just love her relationship with Oliver.
btw...does he like her? I should hope so. I'm a huge romantic- and yes, I would consider that very romantic.

And I just love that last sentence... Yes, it was somewhat of a cliff hanger which means you'll have to update soon so you don't keep all these poor readers hanging... and hanging...

10/10 :D (update)

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Review #7, by bookworm_hermioneThe Art Of Being Ally: Chapter Four: Ally

10th April 2013:
Haha! Smooth Ally. Real Smooth.

This plot is really cool. I would hate to be in Ally's situation. I really hope it isn't Cole or Albus. If Fred really likes Ally, I hope it's him ...unless of course, you're an author that likes a nice twist, and Cole ends up being that dad.

Just DON'T have Albus as the father IF Fred likes her. Please? That's a lot of Drama. I think I like the Cole father thingy drama better.

Better yet, Fred! (If he likes her, I would like it officially confirmed at one point of the story please.)

I'm Really curious to see what happens next, (especially at that huge cliff hanger) so update soon! :D



Author's Response: Hey, :)

Thanks, I'm glad you think so! Same, I don't think it would be much fun at all. Just think of all that drama!

I think if Al was the daddy and Fred dates Ally it would be so awkward but again think of all the drama it would cause. But then again having Cole or Fred as the daddy will cause alot of drama no matter what. :)

I won't sat too much because of spoilers but there is a little moment... ;)

Hopfully once I update my Al/OC this will be next!!!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

Soph x

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Review #8, by bookworm_hermioneRemember the Slytherins: The Detention Party

7th April 2013:
I like happy endings. Pwease?
( /)
( . .)

Best Case Scenario: The Potters forgive each other. Nick and Owen. Albus and Piper (by far the best pairing). Everyone sees how much the Slytherins have suffered. Nick is NOT send to Azkaban. Nick is also not rendered insane and comes out completely fine. James and Albus reconcile. Creevley... well don't be too harsh, but a nice prank on him perhaps?

Worst Case Scenario: Nick dies ...and that alone is pretty depressing.

P.S. Can we see a little glimpse of Lilly? Just a little one would be fine.

Author's Response: Happy endings? What are these mythical creatures you speak of?

I believe I can speak without spoiling when I say the best case scenario can't happen realistically with this story. I can't say how it will end, though...

And lily will be in the chapter after the next. I promise. :) thank you so much for the review!


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Review #9, by bookworm_hermioneConfronting Temptation: Thinking With Avoidances

28th February 2013:
Yes!!! Bryan and Stacy!!! I actually wanted that pairing in Fighting Temptation, but thought it was unlikely you would do it. But guess what? I was RIGHT. Ha!

My victory aside, this chapter was very sweet. And Bryan has definitely won his way as my favorite character. I love that he's still like his old self, when everyone else has changed a bit. Thursdays. *snort*

Until next chapter my dear awesome person! We shall meet again. (hopefully very soon? :D)

Author's Response: Yeah a lot of people really wanted that pairing and I am not going to lie that was one of the few times that I let reviews influence my story, because I had honestly never even considered that pairning until the Paranoia and Secrets Revealed chapter in Fighting Temptaion when so many people asked me about it. Then I started to think about it and I saw the light in a way, after that well my mind had been changed.
Bryan is one of my favorite characters as well, probably because he really isn't that complicated to write about, sure he s put into a lot of complicated situations but he just takes them so lightly. Marrying Stacy has matured him some, obviously not a whole lot but she has grounded him a bit which is a good thing.
We will meet in two weeks, thats my goal, every two weeks. Thanks for the review you wonderful person. lol.

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Review #10, by bookworm_hermioneThe Redheaded Clan: This Is Halloween

22nd February 2013:
"Rose is with a boy, and they're...snogging. That's just wrong." Scorpius put an arm around me, smiling softly.

James was lying on the ground, rubbing his forehead, while ROSE put her wand back in her dress pocket. I cheered, then stopped myself, but it was too late. Scorpius gave me a victorious grin.

"Oh, stop it. I'm proud of my baby cousin

...wait. Do you mean Lilly??? This part got me terribly confused, you meant Lilly, right?

But otherwise, I absolutely loved your descriptions on the costumes, and how is Vera not a Slytherin?!? Honestly.

Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Oops. I'll fix that. Yeah, I meant Lily. Yep, Lily. Definitely Lily. I'll fix that right away. Like, right now.
Thanks. I love the costumes. I'm tempted to try and get a Venus costume for myself.
I don't know how Vera isn't a Slytherin. I think she gradually got evil, and by then it was too late. Besides, it works with her being in Gryffindor.
I will update very soon, hopefully.
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Review #11, by bookworm_hermioneAgainst the Odds: Little Talks

5th February 2013:
Oh god, you had to end there didn't you. You just gave me a minnie freak out. Is the baby Ok??? And Violet too of course. What happens to Chasity? James finds out about the baby in next chapter right? If so, how does he react? *sigh* I guess I have to find out in the next chapter. In all, this chapter was a real twist, and I hope you undate soon :)


Author's Response: Haha yes, you'll have to wait for the chapter! Hopefully you won't have to wait too long ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by bookworm_hermioneThe Recruit : The Crew

22nd January 2013:
And finally! The great Sirius Black has decided to grace us with his presence! I was waiting for that part. Though him being the "stalker" is quite a twist. This chapter just aroused more questions. How are Daphne and her friends any different from Wizards, and why would they be slaughtered if they stepped into Wizarding World? And "the last of they nine?" wah??? And this is a Sirius/OC fanfic so... Daphne is going to meet Sirius soon I'm guessing? There's just so many questions out there, and they all need to be answered SOON. So, UPDATE (soon) PLEASE!!!

P.S. Are you going to stick with the Voldemort is an evil wench, and Sirius is from a pureblooded family and friends with the infamous marauders, making him a Gryffindor traitor plot?


Author's Response: Thank you so much. I haven't written this in a long time! I originally intended to stick to canon, yes.

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Review #13, by bookworm_hermioneSirrah Malfoy: Hogsmeade

14th December 2012:
You updated!!! Happy Dance, happy dance happy dance- ah, I'm getting stares.
But let's get back to the chapter! Sweet Circie Sirrah is cruel... I'm quite glad she felt 'abandoned' but I hope James doesn't give up!
hmmm... Well, I guess that's up for you to decide.
Now please update the next chapter quicker.

Author's Response: First review! Squee! lol.

I know. Sirrah's cruel. I don't know what it is. She came up with that idea, not me. Of course, I don't really know what happened in this chapter either, not what I planned, but oh well. There's more too come that Sirrah will regret, just you wait.

Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon! Probably not before the queue closure as said in the author's note, but hopefully I'll muster up the strength to write it and finish it during the closure.

And I'm so glad you're still reading and I hope to see you again! Until then.


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Review #14, by bookworm_hermionePlaying Hide and Seek: Chapter 3

2nd December 2012:
YESS!! you updated!!! Now. Chapter four. Come aliiive.
It's awesome how more Al showed up, but not too much about his reaction. Grrr. I still feel that Dee should be furious with them. Not run from them! She should- I don't know, curse them into obliviation! And what happened to her cousin...?
"He tried to kill you, Deandra, and then he got mad at you for wanting revenge! A normal person would be angry!" -Cinda
And I'm like, Yesss. I still find it unbelievable that she fell for Al. He does NOT deserve her, what-so-ever. Do NOT know why he doesn't feel any guilt at all. Hmph.

I REALY hope:
a) Dee comes to her senses and blows up on Al.
b) Al starts feeling GUILT. I tell you. Hard. Core. GUILT.

And the biggest question of all, is, WHY did they start tormenting Dee in the first place!?!?!? Meh. I guess that will be explained later on.
Hope chapter four comes up sooner than this one.

-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Toodles! ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Author's Response: Thank god someone is still reading this underupdated story.

And yes, I know underupdated is not a word. But it is now.

I promise that Dee will get angry. I swear. It's part of the story. Al will feel guilt. I promise. There would be no point in this if there was no guilt or anger or finding out why all these events went down in the first place. Pinkie swear.

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Review #15, by bookworm_hermioneAgainst the Odds: Jump then Fall

26th November 2012:
Aurgh! Human! You can NOT just go and leave a cliffie like that! That is adjhgnkagruadgk... not nice.

And then, she's about to tell James! *insert squeal* About bloody time!

And HA! when Rose said "as much as I know you would like to go in sweatpants, a ratty t-shirt and no makeup" to Violet... WOW. That was totally my friend and I. (Me being Violet) Though BTW, I did still love the dress description.

so, you BETTER update soon, I HAVE to know what happens next. Have to have to have to have to have to have to have to- you get the point. UPDATE.

Author's Response: Haha, my relationship with my bestfriend is the exactly same :) thank you so much for your review! I will updating as soon as I can! x

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Review #16, by bookworm_hermioneThe 'Accidental' De-throning of Rebecca Thomas.: Confessions Of A User

26th November 2012:
bitch wrangling. ROFLMAOAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. That. Was. Hilarious. Can't. Breathe. Laughing. Too. Hard. OMG THAT WAS EPIC. Brilliant!

And I'm so happy that Al actually likes Kyra... but I'm still confused as to Albie's problem with rejection... apparently, again. hope it's explained soon?!!

And someone KISSED Al in the end? Who? The suspense is stabbing me. With a fork and all. ;)

Ah. Just update soon and all. Can't wait for ch 7. :D

Author's Response: Yeah... I'm not even sure how i thought of bitch wrangling it just kind of 'popped' into my head... yeah... I don't know xD I'm strange...
I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and thank you SO much for the feedback :D

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Review #17, by bookworm_hermioneTarot Cards: -snogging corridors.

17th November 2012:
WOW. You're an amazing writer. Never have I ever wanted to punch someone so much. And by someone, I mean Sirius and James. You portrayed them in an entirely different way than I'm used to seeing. They're rude, cruel, conceited, moronic, idiotic, bozos...ect. And Black stealing her necklace! Urgh I can understand Lily.
And then on the other hand, I just want to punch and hug Remus at the same time. I mean can't he bloody stand up for Beatrice a bit more? Honestly! But then, i just want to give him a big fuzzy hug every time he comforts Beatrice.
And BTW, Beatrice is a lovely character. How she stood up for herself and stated the ugly truths Sirius didn't want to hear. I love her more after every argument.
Anyways, I hope you update really soon!!! Another chapter would be lovely.

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Review #18, by bookworm_hermioneAll Was Well: The Ball's in who's Court

13th November 2012:
Hahaha. Albus's and Scorpious's duet was hilarious!

So i'm reading this when O class git says "She asked and I didn't say no; it was a moment of weakness, Rose, nothing else," and OMG i just HAD to turn on Taylor's swift's song Should've said no. "You say that the past is the past, You need one chance. It was a moment of weakness and you said yes"

so yah. And Skip and Min are single again! Hurry up and get them together will yah? It's about bloody time.
Oh and i can't wait for Rose's cousins to find out about Joseph cheating on her. It's going to be... interesting i guess.
So yah. I hope you update soon!

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Review #19, by bookworm_hermioneThe Chaser and The Keeper: The Chamber of Secrets

11th November 2012:
YYYAY! James kissed her!!!
Happy dance! It was about time. Now i can't want until Andrew finds out. And it won't be pretty! Unless, of course, he's had a random change of mind... but seriously doubt it.
Update! (though you're already doing a wonderful job of it)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you think I'm doing a wonderful job :) Don't worry, Andrew will be finding out soon enough... and it's going to be interesting... Anyway, I hope you continue to read and review :D

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Review #20, by bookworm_hermioneSomething About James Potter: Simply Potter

11th November 2012:
That is, unless that idiot Potter goes and has a son with some poor, incredibly Confunded girl, has the ego to name him after himself, and sends the boy in question off to Hogwarts, where he, like his arrogant toerag of a father, revives the cycle of torture for some poor girl and pesters her to death by asking her out on a daily basis.

Well, she practically hit the nail on the head with that one.

Oh My GOD, i have trouble breathing! That. Is. Hillarious. Pure. Brilliance! I just love this chapter. Really shows how Lily and Rory pretty much have the same situation.
Anyways, Update soon! Please?

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Review #21, by bookworm_hermioneSMIRK.: So Then We Grew A Little.

11th November 2012:
"Kiss him." Carrie said matter-of-factly.

"What?" I stared at her, startled, my hands frozen in the air from when I was demonstrating the best way to strangle Potter's neck

Sweet Circe, that was hilarious. I really really really really love this story! So Update soon!!!

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Review #22, by bookworm_hermioneThe Chaser and The Keeper: Playing Hufflepuff

5th November 2012:
1) this story siriusly needs a banner
2) GRYFFINDOR WON! Woot woot!
3) you are awesome at updating fast
4) Even More James/Kristen please?!?!?!?!
5) How does "Kristmes" sound. Surprisingly, it's pronounced *Christmas* meh.
6) James is just too cute
7) Next chapter soon pleaze?

Author's Response: That would be pretty awesome if this story had a banner. I'm not too sure how to make one though... I'm glad you're enjoying it though :) and I'll try to continue updating fast. I hope you continue to read, review, and enjoy :D

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Review #23, by bookworm_hermioneGrand Scheme: Chapter 4

3rd November 2012:
ehem. I apologize for the excessive caps, but honestly! You must update soon. So many questions to be be answered. Who was the person that punched Scorpious. Is it linked to the person that gave Arwen her scar? How will Rose take this? Albus? Everyone? Basicly. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

Update. The suspense is KILLING me.

Author's Response: Damn I am so sorry!!! I couldn't help but end the chapter there!!
The next chapter has a lot of emotions and stuff...cough! cough! *Rose/Scorpius* cough! And a few others.
I'll update soon enough! =D
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by bookworm_hermioneThe 'Accidental' De-throning of Rebecca Thomas.: Moments

30th October 2012:
You. Must. Update. Soon.
Siriusly. You can NOT leave me hanging like that! It's cruelty!
And gee, I never knew forks could be that violent. Gives me a whole new view on them. And i use to think spoons were the most violent one out of all those utensils. You know. How the round side wonderfully connects with the skull with a nice 'bang'.

Back on track. UPDATE! The change of POV was great, and i hope you continue to do that with the rest of the story!

The violence of this story is wonderfully... wonderful. Mia and Kyra reminds me of me and my friends actually :D

Toodles! 10/10

Author's Response: This was an amazing review. Seriously- I burst out laughing xD Thank you SO much :D
"Siriusly" ...I see what you did there...
I was really quite worried about the change in POV so i'm glad you think I did a good job :) and I promise I don't mean to be cruel! I'm just have low confidence about my newest chapter! It should be out soon however... pinky swear.

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Review #25, by bookworm_hermioneDead of Night: The Last Therapist

29th October 2012:
I'm intrigued. Big time. I honestly can't wait to see "what's coming", and what happened, and how Rose came to be like that. So update soon! I'm dying to know :D

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter will be up really soon! :)

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