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Review #1, by Katie27Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder: Revelations

1st July 2006:
HA! I knew it. It was inevitable that Roselyn would get confused. I love the bit about Bridget being married to Oliver! Yay! Hehe...can't wait for more! -Katie

Author's Response: yes Roselyn is totally confused but you can't blame an almost 3 year old. yes i thought all you guys would love this little twist that i have been keepin to myself for sometime. :-D

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Review #2, by Katie27Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder: Admissions of the Heart

31st May 2006:
I really wish Bridget would tell them everything. This is frustrating. Lol. Thanks for writing! -Katie

Author's Response: I know, but just have patience.

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Review #3, by Katie27The Night Before: Waking up...with Ron?

31st May 2006:
Hello luv! Finally I came back to this site for the first time in months! Lol. I have already read this but I was bored and decided to read it while it was actually posted. know I thought it was good when I first wrote it and I still think the same. Presently you are making your invitations for graduation with I am bored. Lol. Anyway....surprisingly there are no mistakes with grammer or spelling...unlike mine. Short chapter though! Plus you haven't update since April....which I already know though. But update! Love, Katie

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Review #4, by Katie27The New Marauders: Chapter 1 - The New Marauders

3rd March 2006:
i would love to keep reading but another one of those stupid Forbidden messages have appeared again. Urgh I wish Jay could find the answer to that problem. Anyways, good job thus far. I got to chapter 33 or something like that. I would have liked to see a little more of the summer since Ginny was at the Dursley's with Harry, I am sure it could have been great. Nonetheless I am a bit confused about Hermione. Is she evil? a few days when I can get through the entire thing I am sure my question will be answered! Lol....-Katie

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Review #5, by Katie27The New Marauders: Chapter 20 The pieces are moving

3rd March 2006:
Urgh. I can't even read this chapter. I have to get back to school for PE. Senior rights are great except when you get to leave for study hall and have to return for PE class. Anyway, I am still liking this story very much. I haven't been able to add it to my favorites because of that stupid forbidden error. Anyways, even though I didn't get very far in the past hour I will try to finish it when I get home in two hours. Great job! -Katie

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Review #6, by Katie27The New Marauders: Chapter 12 - Christmas in Minor

1st March 2006:
Great job so far! I am liking this, but will have to finish it later. I am a huge Ginny/Harry fan and I am loving every mintue of this because it sin't focused just around the two of them like most. Can't wait to read more when I get home later tonight! -Katie

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Review #7, by Katie27Serena Snape and the Death Eater's Revolt: Too Many Questions

23rd February 2006:
Well I have gotten this far and I have to say I was a little surprised as to how everything has turned out. Hmmm...maybe this story will change my mind but I don't really know if I like it yet or not. Update soon! -Katie

Author's Response: Did you read the other two? I'm glad you managed to make it through all that lol. I havent updated in a while but i definatly will soon on this one. I have big plans for it. Hopefully you will like it. Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by Katie27Serena Snape and the Talisman of Chronos: Secrets and Uncertainties

23rd February 2006:
Good so far. I will ahve to read the rest once I get home this afternoon from the high school. I normally don't read time stories but I like this one. I will review more later! -Katie

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Review #9, by Katie27A Witch of Salem: Chapter Four: The Salem Forest.

21st February 2006:
Hmmm...not quite sure what to think of this story yet. Good thus far but it will take some getting used to since I am not used to reading OC based stories. Hope to see more soon! -Katie

Author's Response: I know, it's very different. Part of the Challenge I responded to required that the story be totally OC. SInce I already had an OC that fit the challenge, that's where I took up the story. THanks for the reviews, and I hope you like it!

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Review #10, by Katie27Harry Potter and the Muggle Seer: Epilogue

21st February 2006:
Excellent story! I loved every chapter! Of to read another one of yours! -Katie

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Review #11, by Katie27Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder: Dreams

7th February 2006:
Good chapter. I swear if Bridget marries Blaise I am going to scream, jump into the story, and strangle her. chapter. -Katie

Author's Response:

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Review #12, by Katie27Truth Is A Whisper: No One Mourns The Wicked

6th February 2006:
Well after a while of not reading your stories I had to go back to the beginning. But I must say...they are still as capturing as ever. And I love the title o this chapter....No One Mourns The Wicked....I just saw WICKED on Broadway last weekend. Wonderful show, simply wonderful. Now...back to the review on the story...I must say I am rather dissappointed in Meg...she was one of my favorite characters on the site. She just took a turn for the worst...though I am surprised no one really tried to help her. As for Ron...I love that you have shown him as a sensitive guy rather than his usual light as a dimwitted guy. Noah....don't know what to make of him...I guess he should have seen what was going on with Meg...after all...they are twins. Harry is Harry. Not much for me to say about him...I love that his role in these stories isn't the main role. I usually don't read stories where and OC is the main character but I must say I really do like this. Hermione is, er, shall I say, different. More outspoken is the better word, I think. Draco is quite the character though. He goes from seeming good to being good to seeming bad to being evil. I love it. It adds to the plot because we really never knew what was going on with him until this story. He always seemed torn between good and evil...but now it looks as though the evil has won over good. Over all the charater development is great in all the stories. The plot itself is also good...I am hoping nothing to harsh happens to Meg but I guess, since you are the author, the quill is in your take it and write!!!!! -Katie

Author's Response: i guess that's my fault -__- i've been lazy with this story, and i apologize. but thank you, i'm glad you still like them. [: gahh you saw it on BROADWAY? i'm so jealous. i live in california.. haha.
anyways, thank you for the comments, i thoroughly enjoyed reading your opinions on my characters. i have tried my very best to develop them as best i could. [: draco is definitely one of my favorites to write. :D i'm also glad you like the plot, i've been working on this series for quite a while! a writer loves to hear she's doing good [: thank you very much for your insight.

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Review #13, by Katie27A Dream of Hope: A Question of Trust

31st January 2006:
Excellent chapter...please update soon! -Katie

Author's Response: Thanks Katie! I'm on it! Glad you enjoyed the chapter! ~Donna

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Review #14, by Katie27Harry Potter and The Mandatum Specialis: Holiday's Over

18th January 2006:
Excellent chapter. Can't wait for more! -Katie

Author's Response: More is coming. This I'm sure of. Hopefully by the end of the week.

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Review #15, by Katie27Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder: Beauty

10th January 2006:
Good chapter! Once again, I hope to see more of your spectacular work soon! -Katie

Author's Response: thanks and I will try.

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Review #16, by Katie27A Dream of Hope: The Cauldron of Fears

9th January 2006:
Excellent chapter! Can't wait for more! -Katie

Author's Response: Thanks Katie! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and taking the time to post a review. I appreciate it. ~Sugar

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Review #17, by Katie27Harry Potter and the Search for the Soul: The Most Difficult Potion

29th December 2005:
Love the story..was almost crying when you killed Ginny since she is my favorite character, besides Harry of course. The plot is interesting to say the least and I hope to see more to this soon! -Katie

Author's Response: Oh, I'm quite sorry that I killed Ginny off now, you know, but at the same time I'm almost glad I don't have to keep writing her in. There will be more up soonish, though when I couldn't quite say! :o)

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Review #18, by Katie27Harry Potter and The Mandatum Specialis: Privet Drive

10th December 2005:
Hehe....loved it. Loved this chapter.You sound like me when you said "I just havent been having the words to write it lately"....I am having the same trouble. But hopefully both of us with be able to get out of this rut., Great job! -kAtie

Author's Response: yeah, I hope so. I've been so tired lately I can't even read some of the stories that I've been waiting on. Still writing the next chapter of this one, so more should pop up soon. Glad you liked the chapter.

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Review #19, by Katie27Harry Potter and the Battle for Hope: Good Bye Ol' Friend

4th December 2005:
Great beginning to the sequal. I was surprised to see this...but I am glad I did. Hope to see more soon. -Katie

Author's Response: Thanks Katie, I do have chapter 5 under way but am a bit torn as to how to progress with it, but it should be up in a couple days if not sooner!!! Thaanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #20, by Katie27Harry Potter and the Year of Surprises: Into College

1st December 2005: the last three chapters! Love it! How long is this story going to continue because of it is going through their college lives you might want to think of stoppin gthis one somewhere and starting another one! I hope it goes through their college lives! Please, pretty please! it, love it, love it! -Katie

Author's Response: yeah, i think i shall end this one soon!

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Review #21, by Katie27Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder: Baby James

1st December 2005:
I didn't mean to sound a little mean in my last review. want to apologize for that. I understand with the holidays and all. Take a deep breath and let it out....stress Anyway...sorry if I sound a little, er, insensitive in my last review. -Katie

Author's Response: It's okay. Holidays are driving me insane w/buying presents and work. Trust me I am writing everytime I have a spare moment, that is why my chapters are so long so whenever I am able to post there is tons to soak in. I am hoping to post within this week.

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Review #22, by Katie27A Dream of Hope: Controlled Destinies

29th November 2005: word to describe this piece of magic...brilliant. Oh and excellently written...or perhaps beautifully written...either or it is bloody brilliant! I can not wait for another chapter...I have been reading this story throughout the day and I am still in my PJs from this morning...pathetic I know but that is how well written you story is. You drew me into the characters lives in ways I can only dream to. Your use of words for each character defined them. Not only that but you wrote each character they are meant to be portrayed. I have one last thing to say....if JK Rowling were to read this she would think she was reading her own work. -Katie

Author's Response: Katie, I am blown away by your review! Such wonderful and incredibly supportive comments...I'm blushing (really). I am thrilled that you were drawn in so completely to my story and that you are enjoying it. As for the comparison to JK Rowling, I can only say that I am flattered. Thank you for taking your time to read my work. Readers like you drive me to continue writing! Thanks again. -- Donna

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Review #23, by Katie27Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder: Changes

28th November 2005:
Finally an update. Whats it been...a Anyways...great chapter! So is Bridget going to put two and two together and figure out it was Neville? I hope she does. Talk about new family members though. Geez....having the babies born within the first two chapters....brilliant. Lol...please try to update sooner this time...I hate waiting on my favorite story. -Katie

Author's Response: Honestly I am really trying my best and I hate to have to make you guys wait so long. I have been very busy with family flying down here to see us, doing touristy things, and work. Retail isn't the best thing to work in, especially this time of year. So I want you guys to know that I am TRULY trying and the next chapter will come out as soon as I can put it out.

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Review #24, by Katie27Harry Potter and the Unknown Power: A Time To Regroup

20th November 2005:
Tad confused but a good chapter none-the-less. Hope to see more soon! -Katie

Author's Response: Thank you for your input Katie, I am glad you are looking forward to more. I have the 27th chapter over half finished so your wait shouldnt be too long. Happy Reading!

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Review #25, by Katie27Harry Potter and The Mandatum Specialis: A Christmas To Remember

14th November 2005:
Excellent chapter. Not too long at all. Just perfect. I love that you have added a new character that seems as though he will be playing a pretty decent role in this story. I think you should of had Remus react a little differently to Lily, James, and Sirius....he probably would have fainted or started crying....really I think he would have. I can not wait for the next chapter....really can not wait! Lol....thanks for writing...-Katie

Author's Response: Well, the next chapter is already finished, just waiting. As for Remus, he still hasn't had a chance to show how this affected him yet. I was playing on the shock of it more then what he should be feeling. I'm devoting a chapter to that in the next two or three that come up. Thanks for the review.

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