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Review #1, by PsychicallySpeaking12 Years, 13 Letters: -

14th October 2012:
My review from the Review Tag!

This is a very well written dark piece. Usually, I find myself cringing at the attempts of "dark angst" but this was a pleasant surprise.

I thought this would be an exchange of letters between Sirius and Harry (I tend not to read the summaries XD), but the plot ended up being much more original than I had thought.

The ending was very satisfactory - I rarely see fanfictions where Sirius's father ends up loving his son, and it was a nice change from the norm.

The only suggestion I have for you is to expand slightly on the letters (at least the first few before he became slightly insane), and remove some of the profanity. I found it slightly awkward that Sirius would waste his one letter per year on something so crude and short.

Other than that, I thought this was a great one-shot, and I especially loved the ending!

Author's Response: Hehe my summary wasn't much of a 'summary' to what would happen in the story anyway, so you got away with not reading the summary! :P

I wanted to expand on the letters a lot, but there was some site rule about letters not taking up more than 1/3 of the story so I had to confine them so I could fit them in. And the reason why some of them were very short, especially towards the end was that I saw his sanity and his hope deteriorating, hence the more brusque and crude letters he wrote.

Thank you lots!!!

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Review #2, by PsychicallySpeakingHarry Potter and the Non-Suspense : Fair Warning

13th October 2012:
This is absolutely, irrevocably fantastic! I have to take my hat of to you for this - satire was something I could never manage, yet this was wonderful.

Not only were the ideas and points that you hit on exactly what always bothered me about Dumbledore, but the constant interjections of "YOLO" or "lol" made it even better.

Another thing - when you just introduce Dumbledore to Harry, you use the phrase "you can call me Albus". I don't know if you did it on purpose, but there's this great song called "You Can Call Me Al". Fits this fanfiction perfectly. XD

Well, with that said - Imma go read your other stuff!


Author's Response: I love satire. Sometimes I'm not very good at it, so I prefer to read it rather than write it - but it's always fun to give it a go. XD So chuffed you enjoyed this!

Dumbledore's hip-speak, lol. For some reason it's funny to bring the wise old wizard down to size, making him speak obnoxiously. YOLOOO~

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by PsychicallySpeakingSlytherin Career Day: A Long Day in the Dungeons

13th October 2012:
Hello! I'm sure you recognize me from the Review Tag, but I decided to repay your favor with a review of my own. And so I found this one-shot.

Now, usually I'm not a big fan of one-shots, and I tend to avoid them whenever possible. However, seeing as this was your most recent fanfiction, I decided that you'd probably want me to review this, instead of some old, completed novel from last year.

I have to say, I'm quite happy to have made that decision. I loved the whole idea of this fanfiction, and it fits Snape's personality spot on.

I loved the beginning, where Snape laments over the day that is yet to come, I loved the middle where Snape talks to all his students, and most of all I loved the ending, with what I call the "fiction punch-line". I couldn't have thought of a better way to end this myself.

Out of all the bits presented, the one I enjoyed reading most was the one about Draco. You know, I was thinking it would be something along the lines of fashion design, but hair styling turned out even better!

Daphne's section was also very ingenious - it made me laugh that you managed to make even THAT a problem for Snape. And of course, there's the fact that I might have to start considering "shopping" a future career choice now... ;)

Out of all the parts, the one I liked least was when you introduced Blaise, probably because I could never imagine a student admitting that to their teacher, and some what getting away with it. Maybe make it a little less... amoral? :)

Well, to sum it all up, I have to say that this was a great one-shot! I really have only one complaint - why didn't you make it longer?! ;)

Author's Response: Hi, there.

I'm not usually a big fan of writing one-shots, either. But this was written for a challenge and I especially enjoyed the subject matter. Sometimes you have to just write fun things to recharge a bit in between your bigger projects.

I'm glad that you thought Snape sounded like himself. I really wanted to try to place all of the canon characters into a really humorous situation but keep them at least mostly realistic to the way they were written (if they were written) in the books.

I have to give my friend Deeds a lot of credit for my career choice for Draco. She was always fascinated with Lucius's hair, and somewhere along the way I think it just started me thinking about it.

Poor Daphne. She's just not all that bright. Yet she stumbles across a fairly workable idea through no fault of her own and still manages to blow it in the end.

Zabini's section was just a flight of fancy on my part. It was fun to write, even if it wasn't very realistic. So if you didn't enjoy it, well, I think I enjoyed it enough for both of us. :D

I'm glad that you enjoyed this, because I definitely enjoyed your story. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by PsychicallySpeakingHis Pack of Four: Chapter 1

13th October 2012:
I don't think I've ever read a fanfic with such a detailed description of Remus's transformation! That was very well done, and I liked the style in which it was written.

There was only one thing that didn't fit in. In the books, James, Sirius, and Peter find out about Remus's transformations before they're able to transform into their animagus forms.

Of course, if this was an intentional variation from the books, I think this was an amazing first chapter. :)

Author's Response: You're like the 2nd random review I've gotten on this story. So you're awesome in my books! :D

Remus' transformation and his werewolf form were the reason why I wanted to write this story.

In this fic they also know about Remus' transformation way before they try out the whole animagus thing. There's actually an explanation of it in the next chapter.

Anyway! Thank you so much for the review.


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Review #5, by PsychicallySpeakingBut I Get Torn to Pieces for the Stupidest Reasons: I never met a lady quite as pretty as Lily Evans.

7th October 2012:
Wow. I don't know why, but I actually loved that. It didn't make sense in some bits, it was oddly phrased in other bits, but something about it was still charming.

The end was perfect, and the whole... feel, it was just entrancing. I really, genuinely, liked it.

Now you should just get an amazing banner for it, and it'll be perfect. :)

Author's Response: I'm not surprised by the lack of sense or the odd phrasing, 'cause I sort of wrote it without thinking too hard about anything. So, erm, I'm glad you like it anyway.

I'm considering getting a banner, actually. Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #6, by PsychicallySpeakingHarry Potter-Black, the Boy I Loved: That's What You Get

7th October 2012:
I liked this. A lot. You know, it has the sort of "first chapter" feel. Like there should be a continuation. Which there sort of is, I guess. :) I'll make sure to read you novel now!


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

I’m glad you liked it, because I don’t think that my writing was all that good when I actually did write it. Haha

About the novel, I thought I was going to make it into this super, super, suuuper long story; but, I realized that a lot of readers were intimidated by stories with a lot of chapters (And when I say a lot, I mean *a lot*). So, I decided to make it into separate novels or novellas (I’m currently on the second).

As for the one shot, I sometimes get too many ideas in my head at once and don’t usually have enough time to save them in my head, so I write/type them. If I feel like they’re good, I’ll place them into the queue. And this idea ended up being the sequel of the sequel of the sequel (if that makes any sense), according to the outline I have. So, this particular plot line won’t happen for…a good while.

But, when I get to it, I’m sure it’ll be good (hopefully). But, I’d appreciate it if you did give my novel a try. (: It’s my very first fanfic.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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