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Review #26, by sour_grapes_snapeSaving Grace: March 15th and 16th.

8th December 2012:
Oh, Helen, you really had me going there for a moment! I was completely freaking out in my head, thinking she'd be pregnant, wondering who the father is, blah blah blah, and... negative.

You're right, that ending could have been a lot worse, and I am infinitely glad that it wasn't.

The thing I found interesting was that second-to-last paragraph. From the way it's written, it almost sounds like Grace wanted to be pregnant. Which, you know, would definitely throw a nice little twist in there. I guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

Can I just say how wonderful and adorable I find James? It's so obvious how much he cares about Grace and he just makes me melt sometimes. He's just too cute.

And I loved the parts where Grace visited Connor and Romilda Vane. It was very neccesary for her to do that to find closure.

Overall, you are fabulous and awesome and I absolutely adore this story.


Author's Response: HA BET I DID LAURA.

I think the way it could have been a bit crueler would just be to like... leave it... not tell you what the answer of the test was until the next chapter... I mean, yeah, could have been much worse.

YES YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT. Although I think it's more... she got attached to the idea and then suddenly its like WHAT another curveball but yes James is lovely.

Thank you for another lovely review! I adore you :D


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Review #27, by sour_grapes_snapeNot Just a Bystander: And then there are decisions to make...

6th December 2012:
Props to Professor Vector. She took the words straight out of my mouth.

I found the part about Autumn's struggles with her height very interesting. I myself am unusually tall for a girl (6 foot... so not quite as tall as her, but still up there) but I quite like it. Then again, I have three older brothers that I have no chance of outgrowing. So that may make things a bit different.

I must say, I do like Ethan. Although, part of that may have to do with the tact that he's an Aussie. Hmm...

I do hope we have an explanation from Dom coming up. As I've stated before, I don't exactly like her at the moment but I would like to hear what she has to say for herself. And Autumn could tell her off, too. That would be fun.

Lovely job, as always. Everything you write is magic (no pun intended... sort of). Can't wait for the next update!


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Review #28, by sour_grapes_snapeThe Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Hating Words

3rd December 2012:
Cat! I absolutely loved this chapter! Ah, so many great things happened!

Scorpius and Rose. Nope. Nope, I'm not even going to say anything. Those two - I just - I can't even - so adorable. Ah.

James and Annalise. Nope, can't say anything here I either. It's just too cute, I might die.

I want a Caleb. Can I please have a Caleb? He needs to be my friend. Like, now.

Now, this may be very contrary to what other people say, but I absolutely LOVED the kiss with Fred. Now, I am in now way what so ever shipping him with Addie. At all. Addie belongs with Al. End of story. But I think it showed a lot of realism. Sometimes when it comes to love and relationships, people who are hurting will seek comfort in others. Fred did it with Addie and Addie did it right back. It happens. But the thing I REALLY liked - like, absolutely loved - was Addie's reaction to it all. The fact that she could objectively note that kissing Fred was fantastic and awesome and she really enjoyed it, but still only wanted Al shows that she really cares about Al. I hate it when people assume that because you like the way someone kisses, then you fancy or love them. No. But Addie just proved that there is more to it than that. Feelings do matter. So thank you. It's always just a pet peeve of mine, and that totally made my day.

Tsk, tsk, Al. Friends? Really? Let's see how long that lasts, shall we? Do I sound skeptical? Good. Do I think Addie should have agreed to be friends with Al and not tell him her feelings? No. But am I upset by this development? No. I just can't wait to see how this all plays out.

Beautiful work on this chapter, Cat. It may be one of my favorites!


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Review #29, by sour_grapes_snapeOur Post-Relationship Friendship: One day after

27th November 2012:
Late review is late. Ah, well, what can you do? Better late than never, I suppose.

I would just like to know how it is that you can manage to be so awesome? How, pray tell, how? I can't help but love every single thing you write. And this is no exception. Brilliant work.

I'm really excited for your take on a Rose/Scorpius relationship. And, apparently, post-relationship. It's not often that you find stories that write about the aftermath of a breakup like this. So I'm quite interested and delighted.

Happy writing!


Author's Response: Hullo Laura dear! Your reviews are always appreciated and lovely and I'm most glad that you're here and enjoying at what not! I loved writing ScoRose actually, which I wasn't expecting... but there's going to be lots of messy chronology and what not!

Thanks for being lovely :)


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Review #30, by sour_grapes_snapeLoving Her : About James Potter

20th November 2012:
This was so cute! I liked how you showed both sides of the relationship. You did very good in showing James's doubts and fears and Lily's confusion. It was very short and sweet, but eloquent at the same time. Thank you for your submission to the challenge.

Author's Response: im glad that you like it!
at first, I had written it to be a one-shot but changed my mind; I'm glad that u liked it!
thanks! (:

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Review #31, by sour_grapes_snapeMoving House: One

20th November 2012:
Hello! Thanks for the submission for my challenge. I really liked this - I thought is was a good, accurate portrayal of the fear and tension that James and Lily would be feeling, knowing about the prophecy. James talking to Harry was adorable. Overall, this was very good. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #32, by sour_grapes_snapeetc. etc. (and life goes on): Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

20th November 2012:
You know, as I was reading this chapter I found myself enjoying it - as always - but, you know, it wasn't the most exciting chapter ever. It was interesting and certainly amusing and just all around wonderful. But I wasn't really expecting anything too big to happen.

Boy was I wrong.

I think it's safe to say that I was not expecting the ending. At all. Whatsoever. And now I can't even collect my thoughts. Like, I literally have no idea how to respond to this. I think my brain may have imploded.

The best summary would probably be something like this: eioqdj;kcenoihpeivanfhoaewiho]32tiorehoidajeiofja;djhoaheow;ifoihgeaiodjf;iaeh;fhWO

Yeah. I think that about sums it up.

You're brilliant. Seriously brilliant. There are no words for how much I love yo- er, I mean, this story.


Author's Response: Haa I was wondering how people would react. I was like, 'derpy cracky appy things OH HEY LOOK NOW THEY'RE NAKED'. Most natural build up ever.

omg your brain implodes into keyboard smash. ... your keyboard smash is quite skilled, it's so varied, all I get are a's and n's and l's.

expressing my love in ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #33, by sour_grapes_snapeGenesis: Gormless

15th November 2012:
Hello, lovely. Here to read and review as you (quite unnecessarily) aske me to. (I would have done, anyways, of course).

You use very good descriptions. I always have a very clear image in my head of what is happening and you have a nice turn of phrase, as well. Your sentences and descriptions are interesting and different. That's a very good quality to have as a writer.

What can I say, I love Al. I'm a total sucker for the Potter boys, so this is just right up my alley. Gen and Al have such a cute relationship. Their banter is witty, but you can see that they matter to each other. It's obvious, even from just this one chapter, that the two are very good friends. I can't wait to get to know their character and their backgrounds even more.

A truly lovely start, my dear. I can't wait to read more. And, of course, to read more of Serendipity. Which ever comes first :)

With love and chocolate-covered pretzels (I'm seriously addicted to those right now),


Author's Response: Hi, dearest :) I knew you would R&R without me asking for it, you're such an awesome person.

THANK YOU! Recently, my English teacher kinda criticized me in front of my friends saying that my descriptions, phrases and stuff are too exuberant and laid on thick. I have been in self-doubt ever since, and not producing my best work. But your kind comments have made my entire week. :D

Don't we all. And their relationship is really clear in my head, it's based on my best friend and her guy friend. I am really exited to write about their background as well!

Thank you! Your support means the world to me.

Love, and chocolate-covered pretzels (because you're addicted to them)

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Review #34, by sour_grapes_snapeDaddy's Girl: Discomfort

12th November 2012:
You know, Flora was really annoying me throughout this chapter. Like, she was just so irritating and I couldn't stop thinking about how much I dislike her. But then she bought a giant gecko. And named it Cupcake. Suddenly I find myself absolutely loving her. Right on.

I find myself incredibly fascinated by how Flora and Al interact. They have a very strange dynamic that I just love. I can't wait to read more of how their relationship develops.

But seriously. That last scene was sheer genius.


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Review #35, by sour_grapes_snapeNot Just a Bystander: And then I run into another wall...

6th November 2012:
Well, you're just throwing curve balls left and right, aren't you? These last two chapters, I have just not seen any of it coming. Which is unusual, as I'm usually really good at predicting the events and plot twists of books. I must be losing my touch... Or you're just awesome. That a viable option.

...And the amount of pride I have for Autumn just grows and grows. So much character development in such little time! I have to say, while I totally and completely understand why Autumn is upset with James - she has every right to be - I do hope they don't break up. I think, if they can get past this, he can actually be quite good for her. But we'll see how it goes.

I still don't like Dom. And I'm really curious about what these rumors could be.

Can't wait for the next update! (For this story or any other, really. I'm not too picky.)


P.S. I forgot to mention in my last review, but I really liked the title of last chapter. I was thoroughly amused.

Author's Response: Oh, that's exciting! Its nice to take people by surprise, although hopefully if you track some things back and with a little more explanation in the next chapter it won't seem totally off base (because it was all reasoned out and considered and planned!)

Sometimes all it takes is a complete life crisis for a gal to grow a back bone and start with the character development lark.

Ahha, the James issue...and the Dom issue... and the fiance issue. So many things to consider and so little time. MORE ON ALL THE ABOVE SOON.

(and I enjoyed the chapter title too)

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Review #36, by sour_grapes_snapeLetters to L.C. : Home not Home

1st November 2012:
Late review is late.

My favorite scene was definitely the one with Lenny and Teddy. I'm a total sucker for brother/sister moments, having three older brothers myself. It was all cute and stuff and I'm really glad that they're getting on again.

So. Totally did not expect that Lenny would be staying at Remus's. That's going awkward. Well, it already is awkard, but it's going to get much worse. I can't wait. I live for awkwardness.

I want happy Lenny back! Sad Lenny is... well, sad. I miss the lovable loony Lenny (I like alliteration). Can't wait for the next update!


Author's Response: See, I have no brothers so writing that was a bit difficult. I have all sisters. I could do those with my eyes closed and half asleep (which I honestly probably would be at the rate I'm going at lately). I'm glad to throw in the twist of staying at Remus's. Lenny will bring her nuttiness back soon, you can count on that.

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Review #37, by sour_grapes_snapeBecause You're Worth It: Bleeding Love

30th October 2012:
I thought you did a good job providing a decent back story for Lily in just two chapters. I liked that you gave Lily depth by describing her struggles with love in her life and it gave more reason for her to hold back in loving James.

At times, it could seem a bit choppy - it didn't quite flow right. I'd suggest maybe trying to add in a bit more detail and imagery. Other than that, very good job :)

Also, sorry it took a while for me to get around to reviewing. Thank you for entering my contest!

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it! I'll probably go in and edit when my beta decides I'm good enough to take up some of her time :( The critiques are always welcome and I really appreciate you giving them.

And I totally understand that it took you a little bit to get around to this, everyone does something other than fanfic!

Thanks again :D

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Review #38, by sour_grapes_snapeAnd All That Jazz: Reality, Ice, And All That Jazz

29th October 2012:
Okay, so first I can say that this chapter didn't make me sad - yay! That's good. I hate being sad. It didn't exactly make me happy - I mean, it sort of did, but not completely - but we're getting there.

I think that, in her own special way, Aria is very selfless. She drives herself to insanity and near depression just to try and make other people happy. Rather than going after James and letting him know she loves him, she hides it and dates Jett because she knows it'll make Jett happy and that then she won't ruin the friendship of James and Jett. But she's taking it to a point that's too extreme. While there's nothing wrong with being selfless - in fact, it's encouraged - you can't do it to the point that it makes you unhappy. And that's something that Aria needs to learn.

Oh, James. That's really all I can say. Oh, James.

As awful as it may sound to say this, PLEASE tell me that Jett and Aria break up. They just aren't right and it drives me insane because Jett needs to find a nice girl that loves him too and that (yeah this sounds bad) is actually good enough for him. No offence to Aria, I do like her character (though she irritates me at times), but as I've said, Jett is too perfect and doesn't quite have the capacity to understand her issues. So it's time for him to move on.

Lovely chapter, my dear, I believe things are really starting to look up. EXCEPT for that stupid letter from Ryan. He needs to be punched in the face. But I absolutely LOVED Adam. Cheers.


Author's Response: I am so very late with the answering of this review. And I apologize profusely. I have been so ridiculously busy... Sigh. Anyhoo.

Yay! No more sadness! Woohoo! Progress is being made! I'm glad to hear it ;)

Yes. This. You are very right. She /is/ a selfless person. Sometimes she can be very selfish, so she tries to counteract that by taking things to the other extreme which isn't very good. She thinks that she's an awful person for acting selfishly sometimes, but that's not true at all. It's just human. Striking a balance is what she needs to learn.


I can't tell you anything! You know I can't! And yes, Jett does deserve someone better. I know exactly what you mean and I agree. They're not exactly on the same level (?). Or on the same wavelength. They're not a good match, so he deserves someone that /is/ good for him.

Thank ya ;) Ryan's stupid, but his letter is kind of important in terms of character growth. You'll (hopefully) see what I mean in the next chappie. Yeah.

Cheers, and thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #39, by sour_grapes_snapeNot Just a Bystander: And then the proverbial excrement hits the metaphorical fan...

29th October 2012:
Woah. Woah. Woah. Woah.

Just hold on for a moment.

Am I to take it that Dom has been spreading rumors of some sort about Autumn to prevent other people from befriending her? Rumors Autumn had absolutely no idea about? That is seriously messed up.

I've never been a huge fan of Dom, but I had been sympathetic towards her... until now. That just... that is not okay. To me, there is absolutely no justification for that. Especially since it even shows that Dom doubted Autumn's friendship and loyalty if she would do that. It's not okay, to put it lightly.

You know, I'd never really considered this story to be as much about really serious issues, like TAOB, TAOS, and Saving Grace, but it actually kind of is. It's just more subtle about it. Which, I think, is very well done, as theses things can be subtle themselves.

I'm rather proud of Autumn at the moment. She made a good choice. I'm less angry at James than I am Dom, but I still believe that her choice of not making a choice was the correct one. I'm very eager for the next chapter. Brilliant job.


Author's Response: Okay, so, yeah Dom is a bit messed up I'll admit it... but there will a new chapter up pretty soon because I'm trying to get it all written and what not.

See, I like to think that all of my stories have some serious undercurrent - as I just like stories to have a bit of depth, you know? - but yeah, this is really all about Autumn growing as a person and I'm REAL excited.

Thanks for all your lovely reviews Laura! You're wonderful :)


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Review #40, by sour_grapes_snapeBeing Summer: The One That's Taken a Long Time

26th October 2012:
I am in a whirlwind of joy and happiness and it's all because of you. For once, I don't think I'm going to go on and on (and on and on) about the chapter because I frankly just don't have the words. I'm just so happy you updated and that James and Summer were all cute and they went on a date and I'm a mess of fangirl happiness.

But you do have me in a bit of a spot of worry. You know, with the whole answer not coming thing. I'm just a wee bit concerned. But I'm sure you'll sort it out - I'm just too content with the chapter to freak out about it.

Also, James's declaration of love was ridiculously cute and awkward and just so... James. Love.


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Review #41, by sour_grapes_snapeBang: If in doubt, just back out.

24th October 2012:
Ahaha! I was wondering when we would meet Beth. And here we are! And it's a Beth that's wearing an apparently very large engagement ring. Very interesting...

I can't quite make up my mind on how to feel about this whole Dan thing. Because I don't like Dan. I really don't like Dan. I'm sure you figured that out long ago. And I want to rage and scream at Aimee about what an idiot she's being and how what she did is a huge mistake but... she's in love with him. And that makes things complicated. Because, if you ask me, she really shouldn't love him. He was awful and selfish and Aimee really seems to be the only one who actually likes him. But people in love do stupid things. So while I want to be mad at Aimee, I sort of can't. I'm frustrated with her, certainly. But not quite mad. Stupid love.

I'll just continue to be angry at and hate Dan. That sounds like fun.

And I'm starting to warm up to James even more. I mean, I never disliked him, but I didn't exactly like him either. But now he's getting better. So we'll see how this goes.

Also, I just want to say that I love how utterly unglamorous Aimee is. It makes me smile, and I think it's a fairly accurate representation for how life can turn out for people. So, cheers!

Sorry you've been sick, love. I know how that goes, so feel better soon! And good luck with the exams and such.


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Review #42, by sour_grapes_snapeA Gathering of Arts: The art of crying

23rd October 2012:
I was simultaneously delighted and terrified when I saw that you posted this. I love your stories and I think you're a brilliant author and I thoroughly enjoy reading everything you write. TAOB is one of my all-time favorite stories. But I was a bit apprehensive to read this because... well... I knew it would make me sad.

And it did. In a good way (kind of). I think I told you once before that TAOB was one of the few stories/books that can make me cry? Well, you went and did it again, darn you. Everything about this was heartbreakingly beautiful and scarily accurate.

I think the part that stood out the most to me was this line. "I cry because when I think of Mary I want to smile." That part is so true, so unbelievably true. It is exactly how I feel when I think of people I have lost.

This is truly some beautiful, beautiful art (no pun intended) that you have here. And I look forward to each and every update.

In closing, the only thing I can say that can truly sum up my feelings in general about this chapter and TAOB itself is: thank you.


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Review #43, by sour_grapes_snapeSaving Grace: March 5th - March 12th

19th October 2012:
Hooray for Grace! She's finally turning her life around! Or at least, she's trying to, and actually putting good effort into it. So go Grace!

You know, I think James is my favorite character in this story. I think his backstory is interesting and you've characterized him very well. He's distinct from a lot of the other James II that are out there. Many of them seem to fit the same mold, I'm really happy that yours seems to be breaking that mold.

I am so very very very excited for the end of this story. A lot of times, I dread the ending of a book because I never want it to end, but I'm kind of looking forward to this one. That's not to say that I don't love this one - it's one of my favorites - but I think that this story coming to a close and the storylines being wrapped up will really make it seem so... well complete. I think having the story be finished will do nothing but raise my opinion of it. That probably doesn't make any sense, but there you go.

Over and out!


Author's Response: Hazzaah! I'm really glad you're excited for the end of this because I am too! I'm aiming to end at a nice number of chapters (this is basically how I decide how many chapters they'll be when I keep going to the end) but everything falls out perfectly this way and i'm so excited about writing and posting the rest of this! This is one of my favourites to, although I'm not sure I could tell you why, but I'm so glad you liked it!

And this is a big turning point for Grace, so it's all very exciting and terrifying for her :D


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Review #44, by sour_grapes_snapeNervous?: Nervous

18th October 2012:
This was so cute! And you wrote it so fast! I was so shocked when I saw your post in my thread that you already had your story done. I have to say, I'm quite impressed :)

Excellent job. That was such a sweet, clever way for James to propose. And I like how you put in good background information, too. You gave James some depth in such a short space, so that was very well done.

The winners of the challenge will be announce at the end of December. Wondeful job and thanks for participating!

Author's Response: Haha! Yeah... I hate studying and inspiration was there and I didn't wanna waste it. I'm glad you liked it!

James though he was sooo smart for doing that. But he made her cry. Bahaha. I love it so much.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #45, by sour_grapes_snapeNot Just a Bystander: And then there is a brief calm...

18th October 2012:
Discussions on the plural of patronus? What a ridiculous concept. Who would ever do that? (Wink wink). It really is so funny how I talked about that in the review for TAOS and you talked about it here.

Benson is telling Dom... everything. Cue the dramatic music. You know, I'm almost half expecting for there to be some huge plot twist... like Dom already knowing or something. Or maybe she'll just freak out like Autumn said she would. I'll just have to wait and see.

Hooray for a quick update! (For all your stories in general, not this one specifically). I look forward to the next one!


Author's Response: Aha! It really cracked me up when you mentioned that in my review response (because it was already in the queue when I read it) but yeah, ahha, I loved it.

BENSON. Cue the drama. Cue explosions. CUE THE MAD STUFFS. Hhee, I guess we'll see!

Oh, thank you very much! I feel like I've been updating quickly, it's just spread out between all of them :)


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Review #46, by sour_grapes_snapeThe Art of Surviving.: Forgotten.

16th October 2012:
So much fluff! So much fluffy fluff! It's almost pathetic how many times I just sat here thinking "aw" when reading this chapter. I mean, we still have some Angst!Sirius, but it could not counteract how adorably adorable James and Lily were.

I think that last scene was my favorite. There was just so much cuteness with the patrounuses (partoni? What the heck is the plural of patronus?). And then the Snape part at the end... talk about an awkward moment.

Congratulations on the Dobby wins! I was so happy to hear you'd won! Your stories are like the delight of my life. Fabulous job.


Author's Response: OHMYGOSH so funny story I g on about the plural of patroni in chapter 16 of NJAB which is in the queue! That's so weird.

Anyway, aahha. I was really enjoying the sheer levels of fluff here so I'm glad you liked it and I was so chuffed to have you guys voting and stuff! You're the best! :D

And thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #47, by sour_grapes_snapeAnd Capers Ensue: Dead End

15th October 2012:
Scorpius is not dead. He is not. Through some awesome plot twist you have in that devious mind of yours, he will still be alive. I refuse to think differently. Becaus he needs to be alive. I'm not giving up on my dream of Bea and Scorpius holding hands and dancing into the sunset while Bea eats a cupcake and Scoripus wears a purple argyle blazer. It is an image very firmly fixed in my head. That's why I metioning it again. It will happen. Because Scoripus is not dead. He is not.

FRED :3 So much love for him right now. Oh, Fred. He would look rather fetching in a Sherlock Holmes-esque hat, don't you think?

Why is it that I constantly have images in my head of Capers characters in odd articles of clothing? I blame the pink apron.

Also, total Al/Anj moment! You keep feeding the flames of the most bizarre ship I've ever had. And I love it. It will happen. I will never give up on this ship. Never.

Lovely chapter. Really and truly, it was spectacular.


Author's Response: Well, as Albus has said, his dad died once. If Harry could die once and still end up Head Auror and have three kids, maybe Scorpius can still skip into the sunset with Bea in a purple argyle blazer (I'm remembering this by the way :D)

Seeing that Fred is played by a rather fetching model, I think he'd look good in just about anything ;D He's actually always been the understated ladies man of the fic. He gets more girls than either James or Scorpius, ever, which is something that gets mentioned in the Love/Stats fic.

Probably because they are actually always in odd articles of clothing lolol.

Oh dear, flames on ships probably wouldn't be too structurally sound. Bahaha, a devoted shipper - I like that. I subscribe to the same brand of crazy.

♥ thank you so much!

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Review #48, by sour_grapes_snapeBeing the Other Woman: Interns, Family, and Love

13th October 2012:
Well things are just getting complicated extremely fast in this story, aren't they? You're diving into this plot head first - I love it!

Your morning afters never fail to entertain me. So much awkwardness. I love awkwardness.

I am so amused by James. He just showed up at Vi's flat and announced that he thinks he's still in love with her and not his wife. Classy. Oh this is going to get so messy. I am ridiculously excited.

You are definitely more than living up to my expectations with this new story. Can't wait for the next update!


Author's Response: You've gotta go head first, Laura! I gotta get a good jump on this story. I'm thinking its going to be a little shorter than the rest of my stories, but oh well. I like my morning afters, thankyouverymuch ;). Violet is my baby girl. Out of all my characters, she is the direct reflection of me (minus her looks).

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Review #49, by sour_grapes_snapeA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: More than Just Quidditch

4th October 2012:

I didn't see that one coming.

Something tells me this game isn't going to turn out very well, is it? Oh yeah. This is not good. Not good at all.

Jealous James is slightly scary. But also... cute? But probably just because it's about Gigi. He totally fancies her.

Best scene? Definitely the first one. You know I love your awkward morning after scenes. Gigi was all nervous and James was all cute... It was delightful.


Author's Response: I'm glad I'm becoming unpredictable! Wooo! James is jealous all the time, haha. You'll get used to it ;D. Awkward morning afters for the win!! Wooo!! Those are my favorite to write (and experience). JUSTKIDDING!

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Review #50, by sour_grapes_snapeBang: Calling your club "Ice" does not make you cool.

3rd October 2012:
Hmm, I don't think you quite understood my previous statement. Perhaps I should reiterate...

Boo Dan.

Seriousy. I mean, Aimee is stupid, but I'm not mad at her. She's totally drunk and, as you said, she loves Dan, even though she shouldn't. No, it's Dan I don't like. At all. "I'm not above being with someone else's girlfriend. You were mine first."
Really Dan? Really? What a loser. Boo Dan.

Just so you know, in my head, I'm using much stronger language. But for now, I shall refrain.

Boo Dan.

Anyone else sensing an awkward moment in the morning? I'm sensing an awkward moment.

Boo Dan.

That is all.


Author's Response: you know, i'm starting to get this impression that you don't like dan, for some reason. i'm not sure why...

i can tell you love him really, though.

yeah, she might have been a little dumb, but she does love dan and if you love someone, then you're gonna sleep with them, you know. yeah, that is pretty low. i mean, if aimee had slept with her ex boyfriend when she was with dan then... ouch.

well, thank you very much. i had 64 being summer reviews deleted recently for bad language, so that is vair, vair nice of you.

whoo dan, you mean?

yes, there is going to be an awkward moment. that one is pretty much a given.

whoo dan!

update is in the queue :)

ellie :) xx

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