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Review #1, by sour_grapes_snapeBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: Epilogue

19th August 2016:
I first read this story a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the years that have passed, I have watched and fallen in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I have now found that I enjoyed your story even more now that I was able to catch all the Buffy references and quotes. Awesome story - it was a pleasure to read both times!

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Review #2, by sour_grapes_snapeExceptional Circumstances: I Don't Even Like Onions

13th May 2014:
Hello love, I'm back once again!

I guess I'll start by answering your questions:

*Bianca's letter was cute :) She seems like she'd be a fun, upbeat person and it's obvious she is full of affection for Addie.

*I think I've mentioned before, but I love the friendship between Hugo and Addie. It's a very cute, back and forth relationship, and I love that their friendship started halfway through Hogwarts.

*I am most definitely not an onion fan. It's more the texture than the taste. If the onions are chopped up small enough and hidden in other food, I don't mind them. Other than that, I like most vegetables and I have yet to try a fruit I don't love.

*Poor little Jamesy needs an attitude adjustment. I love him, but he needs to grow up, you know? I think he did have a point in the argument - it /is/ his house, after all - but it would have been polite to at least let Addie know he was throwing a raging party. But he's too angsty for that. Don't think I didn't catch that Mortal Instruments reference! I wonder what Jace and James would think of each other...

Loved the chapter as always! Update when you can!

Much love,


Author's Response: Eep, I absolutely love it when people answer my question! Thanks so much, Laura!

I guess I'll reply pointwise as well-

*Bianca and Addie are my psychological case study of two people who belong to the same family, but are as unlike each other as possible- a nature v/s nurture debate if I ever saw one (btw, Psychology is my elective-could you tell? :)

*Ah, that was the one part of this chapter I'd decided not to do any changes to even before I planned the rewrite. They are just too cute.

*I'll not say anything, except, to each her own. Btw, fruits are nature's desserts. You can't not like them.

*James, James, James *shakes head* What can I say? Politeness is only possible for him when he respects someone, and thus far, Addie hasn't gained his respect. But we shall see... As for James and Jace, they'd probably have a sarcasm competition (with you as the judge). I'd love to see who wins.

You're absolutely wonderful, as always.

Lots of love, and strawberry shortcakes,

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Review #3, by sour_grapes_snapeExceptional Circumstances: Inexplicable Instant Dislikes

1st May 2014:
Hi lovely! Very happy to see the second chapter posted!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I love that Addison is friends with Hugo. He is a seriously underused next gen character and I really hope we get to see more of him in your story!

Addison's dream is certainly very interesting. I can't wait to read more about her past and about why she's been unemployed for a while. Very exciting things!

Oh, James. Gotta love him, even though he doesn't always act lovable, am I right?

Lovely to read your work, as usual, and I eagerly anticipate the next installment of Addison's adventures!

Much love and cake,


P.S. Choices 11 is currently in the queue - try not to have a heart attack from the shock. I think I might update Inventing Imperfection next, but no promises on when. But I'm starting to feel inspired again :)

Author's Response: Hi, Laura! :)

A lot of next-gen characters are seriously under-used. I sometimes daydream about writing a story where Hugo, Roxanne and Lucy share a flat and get into all kind of crazy shenanigans!

Ooh, Addison's dream.there's a lot more where that came from. And boys that are lovable even when they're not (Jace, Will, Alec, to name a few)...they're just such a treat, right? :p

Thanks so much for the lovely words and your enthusiasm, love.

Much love and sweet mangoes (because it's the season for them here) to you too,

PS. Your warning was too late- i've already gasped hard enough to lose my lungs. I'm beyond excited. I must go and read Choices right now-God knows I've missed James and Selene beyond anything :)

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Review #4, by sour_grapes_snapeExceptional Circumstances: Curiosity Killed the Kneazle

21st April 2014:
Hello, Akansha, dearest!

Let me tell you, I was surprised to find this at the top of my favorites, with only one chapter. But I read it and I have to tell you, I love your revised chapter! I like the start of your re-creation of Addie and I look forward to seeing how the story moves forward.

As usual, your descriptions and details are wonderful.

Just as a side note, please don't give up on this story. Even if you don't like it, or it frustrates you, just try to finish and then move on to something else. To quote one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman "You will learn more from a glorious failure than you will from something you never finish." Just something to think about :)

(And yes, I realize this is coming from the girl who hasn't updated in over a year. But I'm working on the next chapter of Choices and it's almost done, I promise.)

Goodbye for now, lovely!


Author's Response: Hi, Laura! Lovely to hear from after /so/ long :)

I think one of the best decisions of my life thus far has been to rewrite this story, especially Addison's character. I'm much more at peace with it now-I used to spend sleepless nights fussing over moving the plot earlier. So, it's really encouraging to hear you guys like it as well.

That's a really nice quote-and inspiring too. And don't worry-I'm much more determined than earlier to give a befitting end to this story.

And yay! I missed James and Choices like you can't even imagine :D (the only reason I didn't flood your ask box with tearful requests to update is because that would probably have been counter-productive >p).

Lots of love,

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Review #5, by sour_grapes_snapeA Binding Love: All This Time

3rd September 2013:
I love this story so much :) I was so excited when James and Natalie FINALLY got together, but it's so sad about Al. I hope things can work out between them. Heck, I also hope things will work out between James and Al, Ginny and James, and Natalie and Oliver. Gah, this story gives me so much angst! But I love it anyways.

Author's Response: I'm sorry I'm responding to this so late! There is quite a lot of angst going on with'll all work out eventually lol. Thank you for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by sour_grapes_snapeThe Madness That is My Life: The Madness of a Wedding

4th May 2013:
Aw, thank you so much Cat! I was happy to help :) And for the record I thought this chapter was executed spectacularly. I loved everything about it! I am so happy for Addie and everything that's happened to her. Brilliant job!

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Review #7, by sour_grapes_snapeLetters to L.C. : Into Sirius's Mind

30th April 2013:
You're back! Yay :)

I will admit it here and now: I'm a total sucker for random POV changes. So when I saw this was going to be a Sirius POV, I squealed. No shame.

I really liked the part where he was talking about falling in love with L.C. and Lenny at the same time and how his perception of L.C. really was like Lenny, he just didn't realize it. I thought that part was really well done.

I loved Teddy's protectiveness. He didn't care at all about what Sirius had to say - he only cared for Lenny, which was really sweet.

Love the chapter, love the whole story, and love seeing you update again!


Author's Response: No shame in squealing. I'm a sucker for POV changes at random points too ;).
I thought I would explain why Sirius freaked so much. People didn't quite understand it. He didn't see her as one person, but as two and now was at a loss.
Teddy is finally being the protective brother, yay!! See you soon, Laura! :D

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Review #8, by sour_grapes_snapeThe Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Moving On

24th April 2013:
Hey Cat! I really liked this chapter, it had a lot of really great parts to it.

I really liked Rose's speech to Addie. I think it was just what she needed to get started in the process of moving on. I think it helped her to accept some of the mistakes she'd made in the past. There was one part I didn't agree with, that being some of blame Rose placed on Addie for her past with Al. It really isn't Addie's fault that Al spent several years kind of pining over her because he never made any attempts to be civil or kind to her, so that part is really his fault. But other than that, Rose was pretty spot on - if a little harsh, but necessarily so.

It's nice to see Caleb again. I always did like him, even if I didn't like him dating Addie. He's such a cool, nice guy and I think he's exactly the kind of support that Addie needs while she tries to straighten her life out.

My favorite part, though, was Addie's conversation with Cormac. I loved how she was assertive about the fact that Draco, Astoria, and Scorpius are her real family. Blood doesn't always equal love. I hope that Addie will be able to get to know her biological family better while still maintaining her strong relationship with her real family.

And now I'm in a dilemma. Because there is a part of me that doesn't want Al and Addie to work things out and get back together. Because I think it shows a more realistic portrayal of life - which I love - and it shows that you can come back from heartbreak without reestablishing a relationship with the person that broke your heart. But on the other hand, I've been shipping Al and Addie for a while and I really want them to work things out. I don't know which one I want more!

Once again, really great chapter! I can't believe this story is almost over!


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Review #9, by sour_grapes_snapeAll the Pretty Things: Her Doctor

12th March 2013:
Bargh! Jess! I loved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Also, I'm not completely sure if you know this, but this is Laura of teamstarkid7 on tumblr. Hi!

I can't tell you how perfect this was. I could actually hear Matt Smith's voice in my head for all of the Doctor's parts. And all the other references to the show just made me smile like an idiot.

I really like how you portrayed Petunia. You gave her character a lot of depth and some of the emotional conflict in this was just brilliant. It certainly gave an interesting perspective on Lily leaving for Hogwarts.

Part of me almost wants a sequel, or something. Does Petunia ever see the Doctor again? Does Lily have any more communication with him? This was fabulous.

Much much love to you!


Author's Response: Hi Laura! And don't silly, I know exactly who you are! :D

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this; it really means a lot to me! And I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! I was really nervous writing this oneshot because I've never written Doctor Who fanfiction before and while I've seen the entirety of the revival series, I wouldn't say that I'm as familiar with the universe as I am that of Harry Potter. I was also really comfortable and confident in my abilities to write Petunia, James, and Lily, but really nervous and unsure about the Doctor. So your comment about being able to hear Matt Smith's voice in the dialogue makes me so unbelievably happy!!! Thank you so much! I was so worried about that and now I feel so much better!

And I'm glad that you liked my portrayal of Petunia! I think a lot about her as a person and while I don't sympathize with her as an adult, I do feel very sorry for her as a child and teenager. It must have been hard to feel second best and to want to be a part of something so badly and not be able to. When I signed up for the challenge, I was hoping for the quote where the Doctor says that he's never met someone who wasn't important because I felt that really suited her and her situation. But I'm glad that I got the quote I did because I was able to explore a different layer of her and more of her relationship with her sister which I really liked doing.

I'm glad that you want a sequel, haha! Unfortunately there won't be one, but I can tell you that Petunia does not see the Doctor again, but James and Lily travel with him steadily for a while until they return to the real world to help with the war. Which then leads to Harry and then their ultimate deaths and the poor Doctor is heartbroken once more (I feel so mean saying that). I think that before their deaths, Petunia finds out that Lily traveled with the Doctor too and that drives a further wedge between them because even though she had moved on, he was still HER Doctor and Lily was supposed to have her magic and stop "stealing" things from Petunia. So yeah, to say that all of this ends happily would be a lie.

But thank you so very much for reading!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to reading your DW oneshot when you publish it :D

~Jess :D

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Review #10, by sour_grapes_snapeNot Just a Bystander: And then I start to fix things...

27th February 2013:
Yay! I do love this story. I'm just so PROUD of Autumn. I feel like she's finally in a good place in her life - or at least, she's headed there. I hope she has some sort of communication with her mom, but other than that, I'm really pleased with everything.

Brilliant, brilliant chapter and I can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Yay Laura! So gad that you liked it :)

I really love the fact that she's somewhere nice and solid and I can't wait to finish writing the last chapter. Thanks for being awesome! :)

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Review #11, by sour_grapes_snapeLittle Rosie: Better

12th February 2013:
Hello, hello!

I write to you now from the confines of my dorm room, miserably sick due to inescapable insomnia. I don't know if it's just my current state of mind, or maybe this wasn't as confusing as you thought, but this all actually made perfect sense to me.

I wish I didn't, but I can kind of understand some of what Rose is thinking and going through in this. The emotion was so raw and so disturbing that I could legitimately feel her self-loathing. Very well done, indeed.

Thanks, once again, for your wonderful shout out. And this time, I'll try to not wait two months to update Inventing Imperfection (yeesh. I still shudder when I think that I took that long.)

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey! :)

Those are truly depressing conditions to read this story. I can vouch for that, as it was written in depressing conditions. And maybe I did underestimate myself, and it's not so confusing, but all the same, seems like I've acquired a penchant for dark, angst-y one-shots.

Thank you so much. I often feel very pressurised and a little self-depreciative myself, so I just took those emotions, some other common Rose faults, and exaggerated them to produce this, which is probably why the emotions are so bare and raw. Thanks so much for the compliment.

When I think about the two month wait for Inventing Imperfection, and the time Serendipity is taking, I shudder even harder. *feels guilty cuz she's worse at updating*

Stay golden,

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Review #12, by sour_grapes_snapeA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Not Just a Game

9th February 2013:
Aha! The mystery of Tyler Gates is revealed! That was my guess of what happened, too, so I was right! Though, to be honest, I kind of wish I wasn't. Poor Gigi :( This kind of explains a lot about why she is the way she is.

They won! I really liked how when they were walking out onto the pitch, Gigi and the team were very disjointed, but as soon as Tyler made a comment about Gigi and James, they completely rallied together. It shows how much they really do care about each other.

Well, I'm very interested to see where this goes, what with Gigi going back to her former Quidditch Only mindset. Especially since James certainly seemed like he was starting to legitimately like her.

Can't wait for your next update, whatever and whenever it may be! And glad to have you back :)


Author's Response: Gigi throws herself into her Quidditch because its all she cares to know about. Sure, she loves her family, but when she was finally doing good in her love life and work life, it all came crashing down. Quidditch is her life and her love. She is convinced that is all she needs. I will update soon! I'm actually back this time ;)

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Review #13, by sour_grapes_snapeOur Post-Relationship Friendship: Five hundred and sixty eight days before

26th January 2013:
There's nothing quite like the craziness and insanity that is the Weasley family. You know, they really WOULD have a cockroach cluster eating contest, would't they? They're all ginger nutters, the lot of them.

I really like your portrayal of Scorpius. It's so different from many of the other ones, and it feels so much more real, too, based on the (very little) that we know about him from J.K. Rowling. The part about his childhood was so heartbreaking. I can't imagine growing up without all the crazy little things I did with my brothers and cousins.

D'aww. We're getting so ScoRose cuteness :) Once again, I really like how you're developing their relationship. It really is different from anything I've ever read - but of course, all of your stories are like that. It's why I love them so much.



Author's Response: LAURA! Hi. Welcome to my NaNo :D

Yup, absolutely nutty. I was wondering whether I'd made them too mad then realised that I most definitely hadn't, ahha. I LOVE the Weasleys xD

One of the things I liked most about this was my Scorp - he's just so useless and lovely and I want to give him a big hug. And I wanted their relationship to develop in quite a normal way, as opposed to something dramatic and huge - relationships never seem to do that in real life.

Thank you for this lovely review! :)

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Review #14, by sour_grapes_snapeAnd Capers Ensue: The Great Escape

23rd January 2013:
Ahem. Please excuse me for one moment while I fangirl like crazy.


So much love right now. For this story, for those characters, and - most of all - for you. Also, can I get a WHOOP WHOOP for Bea for being all awesome and non-compliant hostage and stuff? Because she was kick-butt in this chapter. GIRL POWER.

Side note: this chapter is extra awesome when being read while listening to Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford and Sons. Just something I noticed.

Brilliant work. Now I'm just counting down the days until Bea skips off into the sunset while holding hands with a purple argyle blazer clad Scorpius. I still haven't forgotten that.

Again, much love!


Author's Response: *excused*

SFhdjgdsjf!! It only took 24 chapters for the blatant romance right? And then I proceed to smash everyone's hearts to pieces.

If the characters in Capers were ever compliant and did what was safe, there would no story. It would be a cooking show about cupcakes, and even then, Bea would probably end up blowing up the castle anyway.

Ohhh yes this chapter is very much a melancholy/hopeful song chapter. I have oodles of cheesy lyrics to go with it.

♥ I have not forgotten it either! c:

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Review #15, by sour_grapes_snapeGenesis: Distracted

12th January 2013:
Akansha! Hooray, an update from you!

All right time to answer every single one of your questions!

Ships: Hmmm... I'd probably have to go with Al and Genesis at the moment. (Alsis? Genbus?) That, however, could be subject to change. At the moment, I don't know the other characters well enough to really start shipping them with anyone.

OCs: I quite like Trishna. She seems sassy. I like that. As for the other OCs... once again, I think I'll wait a bit to pass judgement on them. I look forward to reading more about their characters!

I really liked Gen's letter from home. She has three brothers (who are all older, yes?). I have three older brothers. How could I not love it? And her brothers seem really awesome too. If there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's sibling interaction.

I think it's really cool that Gen is a Slytherin, but is also a Muggleborn. (Unless her mum is a witch? I noticed she wasn't mentioned... interesting...) Either way, it definitey breaks down the whole pure-blood Slytherin stereotype.

Do I like this story? Why yes! Yes I do! I very much enjoy it, and your others as well (Where is my Serendipity update? Hmmm?)

Of course I like you. What a silly thing to ask. Who else would draw me an extremely adorable picture of James and Faith? (Which, by the way, I absolutely LOVED!)

What? You watched AVPM because of me? I turned you into a Starkid? YES! Another convert! You are now officially the seventh person I've ever gotten to watch (and love) Starkid musials! WOO! Who's your favorite? How many of their musicals have you watched? Just AVPM? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

You're the best!


Author's Response: Hooray for me, indeed. Procrastination, it seems, is my middle name.

I quite like the name Alsis. Or Genbus. Either case, you're better at them than me, that's for sure. I understand what you mean about the other ships and OCs. In time, you'll come to know and tolerate, or love, or hate, all of them.

When I was writing about Jeff, Jake and Jason, I remembered you too have three older brothers. That, my dear, was pure serendipity. However, even through this short interaction, i've come to adore Gen's siblings.

I was kinda hoping that people would pickup on the mysterious absence of mentions of Gen's mother in the letter. It has a very twisted backstory. As for breaking pureblood stereotypes in Slytherin, well, for that matter, Eva McLageen happens to be a Muggleborn.

Dear old Tea June and her crew's crazy shenanigans are giving me loads of trouble these days. Just a little sneek peek, Lily is going to get hammered. And bookstores are visited. I know, woefully inadequate.

And i'll end this novel by saying, YES! You introduced me to Starkid, you wonderful creature. I figured I needed to check it out, if only to understand your references better. I've only managed to watch AVPM so far, but I guess Joey Walker is my favourite. Him as Voldy is too adbdddfgedgg for words. Lauren Lopez as Draco and the Snape-person are close seconds.

Thanks for everything, Laura!

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Review #16, by sour_grapes_snapeSaving Grace: April.

9th January 2013:
This was beautifully, wonderfully, utterly perfect. I love the realism of it all. You didn't suddenly make everything in Grace's life perfect and normal and completely in-order. You still left her with some growing room, but it was all still nicely wrapped-up. It's amazing.

I have loved this story so SO much. It is easily one of my favorites. Grace's journey was so heart-breaking, so touching, an so real. You have such a talent.

I'm so happy to have this ending, but I will very much miss this story. But even though I'll never be able to leave a review for this story again, I'll still be sticking around.

As always, I look forward to whatever your next update may be. Cheers!


Author's Response: LAURA.

Thank you so very much! I have loved this story too and I'm so glad that you did too. Life rarely works out all completely perfect and I didn't want an ending that was really fake but... so I'm glad that you appreciated it :D

Next update... suffering with the worst bout of writers block I've ever had (hideous affliction for someone who needs writing as much as I do) but hopefully it should be coming at some point soon!

Thank you :)


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Review #17, by sour_grapes_snapeMoments of Impact: Plotting Revenge

2nd January 2013:
Hello! sour_grapes_snape here, from the Jily Challenge.

First of, I would like to say that I love the basis of this story. I feel like Remus (and Peter) is often neglected amongst the Marauders, most of the focus being on James or Sirius. So I think a story in his POV is a great idea and you write it very well.

My only complaint, in regards to my challenge, would be that there wasn't much James/Lily interaction.

However, I did genuinely enjoy the story. Remus has a good "voice" and the story seems really interesting. And, by the way, I absolutely LOVED the prologue. It was very well written.

Thanks for entering my challenge! Results will posted on the forums soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. I did try to avoid some of the cliches present in the majority of Marauders' Era fanfictions, so I decided to write from Remus' perspective.

With regards to the challenge, I had received jealousy to write about, and wasn't exactly sure how to incorporate that into a fanfiction. I thought this chapter, however, portrayed James' jealousy when he discovered Lily and Severus were dating, and the events that ensued.

Thanks again,
Voldy Needs a Hug

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Review #18, by sour_grapes_snapeThe Quidditch Match: The Quidditch Final

31st December 2012:
Hello! sour_grapes_snape here with your review! Thank you so much for entering my challenge.

I thought you wrote the Quidditch match very well. James seemed very in-character and the scene was well-executed. The only complaint I have is that it could have been a bit longer.

I loved the conversation James had with Lily. It showed that she was starting to care for him and provided a bit of a background for their relationship. I also liked the way James told Lily that he was still interested in her, it was very sweet.

Overall, I thought this was short and cute, with good attention to detail. Winners will be announced soon! Thank you again for entering


Author's Response: Hello :)

Thanks for leaving the review :) I enjoyed taking part in the challenge!!

Gah - I found the Quidditch really hard to write. I know I picked it but that was because I had the plot in my head but the match itself was really hard to write so I may have chickened out slightly and made it shorter than I orginally intended!!

I'm really glad you liked the conversation between the two of them though! I loved writing this part and it kind of made me want to write more about it!!

Thanks again for reviewing :) It was a great challenge!!


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Review #19, by sour_grapes_snapeNot Just a Bystander: And then I think about the world...

31st December 2012:
Yup. Autumn totally owned Benson. Cue the sassy finger snap. Oh, he so had that coming.

Every singel time Autumn does something, I just keep swelling with pride. She's come so far. I'm so happy to see her taking a stand for herself and getting her life in order and just taking charge.

I do hope she takes the time to really talk with James - something she's clearly about to do with Dom. I think that she really does need to have a rational discussion with him. And then hopefully stay together, because I really like their dynamic.

I'm still not super happy with Dom. I'm not quite so upset, but it hasn't completely gone away. I'm really looking forward to the Weasley family-induced talk the two are about to have.

Lovely chapter, as always.


Author's Response: Ahha, i enjoyed writing that bit with Autumn and Benson ^ although I'm thinking she might have been a bit harsh but HEY.

I'm proud of her too! I do think of my characters as akin to my children, and it's so lovely to see them grow and develop and change :)

Thanks for reviewing Laura!


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Review #20, by sour_grapes_snapeSaving Grace: March 16th

30th December 2012:


All I can say is: this.

Darn it, Helen, how do you do it? I'm sitting here, having just read the beautiful collection of words that was this chapter, and I'm crying. I'm crying. Do you understand how big a deal this is? I don't cry. I don't. It's a very very rare thing for me to cry. And now, this is the second story of yours that I have ever read that has made me cry.

I don't know how you do it.

And oh my good God - James told Grace he loves her! Please give me a moment to fangirl over this. I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved this chapter. Times a million.


Author's Response: Laura! Thank you for this lovely review!

I actually wasn't planning on James bringing THAT out in this chapter, but then I realised that we'd go through the whole scope of the story without James saying the L word and I thought that might be a little bit stupid.

BUt thank you so much! You are lovely. :D


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Review #21, by sour_grapes_snapeAnd Capers Ensue: Another One Down

30th December 2012:
Giinaaa. Giinaaa! You're killing me here. Killing me. I can't take it. Gah.

You're brilliant. This story is brilliant. It's all just brilliant.

Words. They escape me.

You mad genius, you.

Author's Response: I'm on a killing spree! 8D

♥ I am most definitely mad.

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Review #22, by sour_grapes_snapeThe Art of Surviving.: Closure

28th December 2012:
When did this story update and how the heck did I miss it?

Late review is late. Again. I do this a lot. So sorry.

Apologies for not sounding very eloquent, but I'm well chuffed right now (I can't tell you how long I've wanted to use that term). This chapter was lovely and perfect in every way possible. Normally, I would expound upon how wonderful it was, but it was just so beautiful that I don't have words. I loved every bit of it. Flawless, my dear. Flawless.


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Review #23, by sour_grapes_snapeBeing Summer: The Twenty-Ninth One

14th December 2012:
You... Ellie, you... I can't... I mean it's just...

Coherency. I don't have it right now.

That whole chapter, I was just stewing. Simmering, if you will. Like food. Because I was just thinking, "Don't do this to me. Don't do this to me." But you kept doing it. I knew Summer was going to be all irration and freak out - I knew it. But even so, I was just sitting here, reading this chapter, just... not quite angry. Irritated? Displeased? Something like that.

And then the fight with Dom made me all conflicted. Because she does have sort of a right to be upset, what with the whole secret snogging for over a year and the date and everything that she didn't know about, but Dom has also not been a good friend to Summer for a while either. So that just made me more irritated.

But then that ending. That. Ending. It made everything completely worth it and wonderful and I loved it so much that I can't think straight. Summer just casually announces that she's in love with James too - after the HUGE freak-out she had - and then walks away like it's no big deal. And now I am grinning like a fool.

This chapter was worth every minute of waiting. I loved it so much, I can barely stand it. I just love this story. I love it so much and I'll be so sad when it's done. But also happy, if that makes sense. It probably doesn't. I'm still a bit incoherent from the sheer levels of awesome contained in this chapter.



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Review #24, by sour_grapes_snapeWonderland: Wizard

14th December 2012:
What can I say, Jess? I love awkward. I live for awkward. And Spencer is nothing if not awkward. I would just like to say that, overall, I completely adore this story. It's fantastic.

As for this chapter, could James be any cuter? He "accidentally" tells Spencer about his being a wizard so that he could bring her to Harry's birthday party? That is so adorable I don't know what to do with myself. Blah. I want one.

And Spencer, the dear, completely forgets about the whole wizard thing because she's too busy freaking out about being in a loo with James. Priceless.

This chapter was beautiful, and wonderful, and definitely worth the wait. I can't wait to see how Spencer's going to react to all the magic and most especially to meeting the Potters! So excited!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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Review #25, by sour_grapes_snapeGenesis: Try-outs

13th December 2012:
I don't know what it is, but there's just something I love about the bad tempered, uneffeminate female character. Probably because I see something of myself in them, to a certain degree. I liked seeing Al's perspective of Gen and I think it will add a nice touch to the story to have both their perspectives.

I think you pulled off a male POV very well (and thank you for the shout-out!) My best advice for doing this, and I've mentioned this before, is, when writing a male character, to not focus on trying to make him "sound like a guy." You just need to figure out what it is exactly that makes Al who he is, and write from there. Everything should then go smoothly :) And you already seem to be on the right track, so kudos to you!

The part I really liked was how Gen helped Al to escape from the crazed Hufflepuff girl's. It shows a good balance to their friendship. Al helped her with the unfortunate tampon problem in the last chapter, and Gen helped him here. I can't wait to read more about their friendship.

Wonderful work, Akansha. Can't wait for the next update!

With much love,

Author's Response: I agree. Uneffiminate, angry young characters are very relatable to me as well, because they resemble the tomboyish part of me. And i'm planning to do every other chapter or so in Al's perspective. It really is quite nice to think what he thinks.

Thank you so much. Part of the credit rightly goes to you, and yes, I will seriously keep your advice in mind, make him sound like Al, rather than focus on the gender issue.

That part was so necessary, like, because I really needed to show that it's not always the girl who needs saving. Like Gen put it, she is no damsel-in-distress, but they act as each others' knights-in-shining-armours. And don't worry, i'm planning to explain their friendship's beginning in the next chapter. As well as introducing a bunch of other new OCs.

Update will be as soon as possible, because i've already started writing the next chapter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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