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Review #1, by XLaughingxCrazyX( ciel bleu ): Commencer- to start

24th July 2012:
I like the idea a lot =) and it's fun to see the Next Gen out of Hogwarts yet not in Quidditch for once, but just one little thing :)
'C’est avec du charme, et juste la bonne taille! And eet ees tres bon marche,' doesn't make that much sense especially the whole part with the 'ee'... 'Cette maison a du charme et est juste de la bonne taille! Tout est en état de marche et c'est, euh... Cheap!' would actually mean something ^^ Hope it helps =)
From a Frenchy =p


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Review #2, by XLaughingxCrazyXA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Injuries and Memories

19th July 2012:
Like always, I loved it =D I'm a big fan of the story and have been waiting for this chapter for a while =D
Though just a little question, didn't you mean 'sadistic' instead of 'narcissistic' in the beginning? Apart from that, loved it =)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you're reading! Mehhh I mean something, right? You obviously got the idea of it ;).

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Review #3, by XLaughingxCrazyXI Never Knew You: Nrrrrrgh

8th July 2012:
I love the story! I literally was in tears after this chapter, the best part being the end ;) I can't wait to read the rest

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Review #4, by XLaughingxCrazyXAll Along?: At first sight

5th July 2012:
This is so sweet =) but I do think you forgot the month of August between July and September while Harry and Ron do seem out of character. Apart from that, loved it ^^

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Review #5, by XLaughingxCrazyXMatchmaker: The Wild Cat

28th June 2012:
I love this, excellent and original... I was laughing the whole way through earning a weird look from my brother who thought I've gone mental. I couldn't keep a straight face with the whole falling-off-rafters scene, can't way for the next chapter =D ^^ hope you update soon

Author's Response: Hello! :D I've laughed like that at stories on here before, but I'm very honoured to think that my silly old thing made you laugh :) Haha, it is pretty funny to imagine someone falling off a rafter. Hollie has gotten rather clumsy lately hasn't she?!
I'm half way through chapter 4, but the queue is closed for a week now so I won't be able to update for at least a week :(
Thanks for the review!!

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Review #6, by XLaughingxCrazyXGot Dynamite?: Dreamworld

23rd June 2012:
I laughed so hard at the last sentence =D you should totally post the next chapter, it's a great start ^^

Author's Response: GAH. With every review I lose the ability to breathe! Thank you so much, this is great feedback.

Also I'm very happy you actually have an account here because that means you actually SEE my responce.

Chapter two will be up in a few days, as I am finished writing it. Stay tuned :)) xxN

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Review #7, by XLaughingxCrazyXHopelessly Devoted to a Werewolf: Chapter 1

26th February 2012:
Loved it xD you should totally continue it

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Review #8, by XLaughingxCrazyXBlack Hart: Birthday Celebrations

20th February 2012:
Loved it, can't wait to read the rest =)

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