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Review #1, by Gray RavenSincerely, Hermione Granger: September 2nd, 1999

12th May 2012:
I want to know more too >.< Flip the page Rose! :D

I like the fact that even though this is a Dramione, it still retain the canon pairing of Hermione and Ron. I think that makes the story more appealing to non Dramione shipper such as myself. And I like the way the story was told through a diary. I think it will give different touch to the story.

Can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: Hi Gray_Raven,

I wrote the second chapter, but it was rejected because diary entries can't be more than 1/3 of a paragraph long. That was pretty much the basis of my story, so I'm abandoning it. I'm really sorry :( BUT, I am writing a kind of revised version without the diary entries, and a special twist in the plot-line ;) once again, I'm really sorry about not having a second chapter, but I hope you'll read my revised version once it is up (which will hopefully be soon!) :)

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Review #2, by Gray RavenNext Midnight: Weasley-Malfoy

11th May 2012:
Gasp. This is the end?? O... I was on the verge of tears but then I read your Author's note saying that there will be another Rose Bounty Hunter story! Yay!! My tears were saved :D
I love love love this series...

But anyways, This is a such a sweet and happy ending.. ow and Egyptian name, eh? ;)

Cheers to the happy couple and to you!!

Author's Response: Yes, this is the end, but I have the new story coming next week, which I am very excited about.

An Egyptian name! They always like to do things differently ;)

Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Gray RavenS.S. Memoirs: Parselmouth: Chapter 3

10th May 2012:
I'm so happy to find out that a new chapter of this story has been up. This is such a good story. The way you describe the whole scene really made my heart beat faster as I read through... it's intense and heart wrenching at the same time ... He lost all his family member in this unfortunate event :'(

I used to imagine that he is a noble pureblood family and that his demeanor and coldness and hatred towards muggles are affected by his upbringing. Your approach is different, but I really like it. What he experienced in this chapter will surely affect the way he sees muggles. I can't wait to read more about his thoughts and journey from here on... I think this is gonna be a very epic story :D

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Review #4, by Gray RavenA Weirder Shade of Midnight: Leaping Lethifolds

24th April 2012:
O my! I can't believe it! I was just reading it and then... it ended already... I really really like this story. It has that quality that kept me reading and reading. I think the villain is less darker than in the previous one, but it's still great. I might actually like this one better.
Reading the beginning of this sequel was really like watching the 2nd season of a film series: with all the introduction that reminded us of our beloved hero/heroine. It's a really good intro.
I really like the fact that Rose is this poor, somehow clumsy, bounty hunter.
I love this series, love all the characters, and I'm so happy for Scorpius finally getting his big break. He so deserves it!
Great work ;)

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad I could get you hooked on the story! ;) I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it. I do think Ambrosia is less dark, but still a very bad person of course.

Introducing a sequel without going overboard on the "previously on..." bits is sort of a tricky balancing act - there's a tendency as the author to assume everyone already knows, so you don't remember to explain something as much, or you go too far with explaining it all again. Anyway, hopefully that worked well, thank you for the compliment :)

It's good for Scorpius to finally get some recognition for his art. Maybe he should've tried portraits instead of landscapes a while back haha. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Gray RavenJust Another Midnight Run: Chuck Finley?

22nd April 2012:
Whoa. what a great story!

There's romance, there's actions, there's humor, and they're all well balanced. It kept my interest from the first chapter until the last. I love all the characters... and I personally love Johnny Lupin the most!! Isn't he the most adorable kid in the whole world?
And all the interactions between characters are really well done... and you described all situations really well, and they all seems very believable (my personal favourite is when Johnny Lupin threw a tantrum because he doesn't want to eat stew. It was just like real life. really! How can you describe it so well? :D).

This story is simply wow.. just wow... It's very enjoyable and I could learn so much from it. And I'm so happy there's sequel for this!
I'm very sure that I'll end up reading all of your work... cause you're very good! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This novel was my first time writing mystery, and it was a lot of fun actually. I always love some romance, but it took backseat in this story to the action. I can't resist humor, so there's always humor in my writing. Someone's got to crack a joke! Anyway, I tried to balance out the plot elements so I'm glad it seemed to work :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and the characters. Particularly Johnny Lupin! He's a hoot. His tantrums are just legendary. I'm so glad my kids never did that haha.

Thank you very much for the review! I hope you like the sequel as well!

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Review #6, by Gray RavenNext Midnight: Maternal

21st April 2012:
What a wonderful romance/family drama story. It's funny to see Rose as this awkward and nervous mother to be. I think woman in general has at some point experience that feeling. And I'm glad she has her family (Victoire) to talk to.
I love the relationship and interaction between all the weasley-potter-lupin family members. They're such a big happy family with their own goodness and flaws. It reminded me so much of my family :')
I love Scorpius and I love Johny Lupin :D
Can't wait to see how the Malfoys are taking the news.

Author's Response: It's pretty scary to be pregnant the first time, you just don't know what to expect. I was TERRIFIED the entire first trimester, basically, worrying about giving birth. Good thing Rose has a cousin to rely on, it's easier than talking to your parents' generation somehow.

I really enjoy writing the family interactions. I loved that aspect of Unsinkable, whenever I got to throw Molly in with the Weasleys. Such fun. It's even more fun with the large group of first cousins in the Weasley-Potter Next Gen.

Oh Johnny Lupin, he's such a trip. Gotta love him.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Gray RavenMeet the Muggles: Chapter Three: Don't Tell Mum

21st April 2012:
Mm... I think this chapter is starting to get me a little bit confused. When I read the first chapter, I didn't get the feeling that Cassie has a problem with her family. I thought her only problem was that she hasn't told them about the Muggle thing. So I felt that this chapter jumps a little bit too much. I've read other reviews on the previous chapter about the need of some background infos about Cassie... and while I think the info you gave on the previous chapters are good enough for me, I think now I see why a knowledge of that missing info is needed. I am now wondering how long has Cassie left the magical world, her reason for doing that (because I haven't see any strong reason/indication why she needs to do that). But maybe you have a reason to write it this way.

And, I find the idea of dark wizard using plane a little bit odd. It just doesn't sound like them :D

Anyway, I still enjoy reading it, but to start unveiling her backstory more thoroughly in the next chapter(s) might help ease the confusion away.

Author's Response: First, I just want to say I REALLY appreciate you R&R-ing all three chapters for review tag. You are amazing :D

Second, I see what you're saying about being confused. I'll definitely clear that up in the next chapter, so it's not so befuddling. Sorry about that. Thank you for pointing that out!

Yeah, I know it would be totes insane if Voldemort jumped on a plane, but that'll also be something revealed later.

I'm so happy that you're still enjoying it :) I'll definitely reveal more about Cassie pronto! Thanks SO much for R&R-ing! :D

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Review #8, by Gray RavenMeet the Muggles: Chapter Two: Slipping from my Fingers

21st April 2012:
It's so fun to see the Wizarding world from the POV of a Witch in a muggle world! And it's LUNA! Her appearance was brief but i love it!

One thing that's a bit confusing though, is when Albus made an appearance again, and Logan asked Cassie why he had bird with him... and she answered that he went to some boarding school far away which studied birds... I'm confused as to why Logan didn't inquire further or get confused because on the previous chapter, Albus introduced himself as Cassie's school friends... (Ow, I hope I explain ok)

Anyway.. on to the next chapter. Wondering about what would happen :D

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you're enjoying it so far!

Writing about the Wizarding World in this perspective is actually really interesting, and it's fun :) I'm so glad you liked Luna's appearance! (I was writing this scene, and I was like, "Oh yeah, Luna's GOT to be here." :D)

Oh, you are right about the school thing! You explained that perfectly, no worries, haha. Gah, I totally forgot they mentioned they went to school together... I'll go fix that - thank you!

Thanks for R&R-ing!

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Review #9, by Gray RavenMeet the Muggles: Chapter One: Lies Upon Lies Upon Lies

21st April 2012:

So far so good. I think the first chapter of a story is very important because it helps determine whether a reader would want to continue reading it or not, and this one is for sure a good one! I like the air of this story. It's light and funny and very easy to follow.
The interaction between Cassie, Al and Logan are funny... also the one with the overly friendly cab driver :D
It's a promising start and I'm going to read the rest :D
Until then...

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D It makes me so happy that you read and reviewed the 3 chapters I have up so far.

I'm glad you like this chapter and the "air" of it, haha :) Their interactions were great to write. I couldn't help but smile the entire time ;)

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Gray RavenThe Adventures of Mary Sue Slytherin: The Adventures of Mary Sue Slytherin

18th April 2012:
Haha... I laughed all through the story! Oh, this is just amazingly hilarious! Hats off to you :D

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by Gray RavenThe Other Boy Who Lived: Less Talking, More Walking

18th April 2012:
What an interesting AU! I usually avoid AU, but everything about this story (starting from the title, the banner, and of course the story itself) is drawing me in, and I'm really glad that I give this one a chance. Mm... what to say... There are so many things that I want to comment on (don't worry, it will be good comments)...
First off, (I think some people have mentioned it before), I really like that fact that Harry isn't part of the golden trio. It will give the story a whole new perspective. And I'm so glad you didn't go in the direction where everything went almost exactly the same like in the book but only with different heroes.
Then, Harry/Hermione. I think it will work out really well. I've read a couple of Harry/Hermione story, but so far I haven't found a satisfactory one. Though I like the idea, they are usually poorly executed. Seeing yours, I think you could pull it off just fine.
I really like Harry's characterization actually. I was expecting him to be quite a different Harry, considering this is an AU, but I feel like I'm reading the Harry I know.
Well I could go on and on.. but just to make it quick, I think you put a lot of interesting and intriguing points in this story that made readers wonder and of course wanting to know more.
So, keep it up!

Author's Response: Hopefully I can convince you of a good Harry/Hermione story with this one!

And I didn't want Harry to be part of the trio either. I went to great lengths to create this whole new world that's still slightly familiar. I kind of did that for everyone so while this is definitely AU, you'll still be able to recognize the characters.

I hope you keep on reading as I enjoy your reviews very much!

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Review #12, by Gray RavenMissingNo: MissingNo

18th April 2012:
OMG! Pokemon!! That was totally unexpected! I chortled when I read the word Pokemon being mentioned the first time. I really thought it would be something else! :D :D
You've written a very good and entertaining story here. It was hilarious to see a Slytherin with a severe pokemon fever :D :D And I really like how you describe his addiction. Being a pokemon mania myself, I noticed that you inserted quite a few pokemon-ized jokes/sarcasms: like rare candy for magikarp :D:D I think they were all hilarious and well placed.
And... I know it's not a suspense genre, but when Malfoy almost found out what Adrian was doing in his bed.. I think that was quite intense and thrilling. I was filled with anticipation: Oww. would he find out? would he not?... it was well done.
I also kinda like the ending you gave for Adrian. His nerdy-ness led him into being a hero... and to a successful life.
There are a few typos and missing words, so you might want to do a re-check. But there were very few of them.
Overall I really really like this story. I hope you do well in the competition :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

I'm glad you liked all the Pokemon references. I haven't really kept up with it, but it took up a lot of my time back in the day so I threw in whatever reference I could. The rare candy one was a favorite of mines.

It was mostly written as humor, but as I wrote it, it started veering off into this Pucey hero fic, so I just went with it. Thanks for the heads up on the typos and misspells! Went back and edited them right away.

And thanks!

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Review #13, by Gray RavenKnock on Wood: A Weasley Wedding

16th April 2012:
You're awesome for updating the story very quickly :D

You know how I complained about Scorpius being a jerk in former chapters, but guess what? I actually like him in this chapter! First, because he's more clear and cool headed about Hannah-Fred than I expected him to be (and I like cool guys :p). Then, I really like the fact that the gift was actually from his grandmother, and was to be given to someone special. It makes me really really wonder how he actually feels about Hannah. Also, the fact that he clearly declared that he's not going down without a fight! Yay yay! Things are going to get more excitiiingg. :D
But please don't get me wrong :D I love Fred and Hannah, but I kinda want to see them withstand a love trial. Like Hannah had said, it's not like she can't fight back :D

Everything else in this chapter was lovely. I like the wedding and all the little details you put (like mentioning Percy and Charlie) :D

Keep on writing because you're great, and I'll always look forward to reading your work.


Author's Response: aw, thanks! You're awesome for reading!

I'm glad you liked him! It's really hard for me to find people that like his character. -- I guess I brought that on myself when I made him cheat on his girlfriend-- but I have such a love/hate for him and I kinda like him here. And for exactly the reasons you said! I think at the least, some of his deeper interworkings of his brain came out here :)

And, I'm hoping Hannah will fight back too :) (okay, to be fair, I know if she will or not, but I can't tell you here! :p)

I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding! It was a lot of fun to write.

Thanks so much for the super kind review! I'm glad you are enjoying the story! More is on the way soon :)

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Review #14, by Gray RavenKnock on Wood: Banshee Cries

3rd April 2012:
New Chapter!!!

First of all... commenting on your comment for my last review...

>< Yes.. my bad! I'm sorry... I was too excited that I somehow missed the Incendio part... (what a careless reader I am)... I'm happy though that the story didn't go as I fear it would... I think I've been watching too many soap operas where something bad will always happen whenever the heroine finally found the little happiness she deserves :p

On to this chapter.. I love it; Hannah&Fred's relationship --> I'm glad that now Fred knew about Hannah-Scorpius... now everything's out and the only one who will suffer is poor Scorpius :DD. well, at least for a while. since I don't know what he will do to Hannah. Then the humor. love it too, as always. I don't think I've ever read any of your chapter without at least chuckling or smiling in front of my laptop.
Then... Hannah's family!! I love them! I love how they interact with each other, and I especially love the last bit where they made Oliver stay home alone :D :D

Author's Response: lol, don't worry! I actually almost went in the route you thought (her reading it, secret feelings for Scorpius, etc) but, that really wouldn't be far to Fred. haha! speaking of soap operas-- so funny story. our remote turns on all of our tv's when we try to turn on one, and a soap got turned on one day, and Alan Rickman was on it!

okay.. maybe it wasn't that funny. going back on topic!!

Aw, thank you!! I really think Fred and Hannah just are the best example of 'watch who you're friendzoning' :p

and yeah, I really wanted Fred to learn about it now, and not have him find out later on in the story and start a fight. I think Hannah knew that she had to come out about it.

I'm happy you liked the humor! I don't think i could ever write something without at least a little bit of it :)

haha! the next chapter is even more of Hannah's family, including the muggle ones :) Thanks so much for reading, and leaving a review!

and yes, Oliver had to stay alone :D that's what he gets for being a guy!!

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Review #15, by Gray RavenThe Grapevine: Lily

30th March 2012:
I like this story!

It's a light family drama. just the kind of story I enjoy very much.., and you're doing a very good job with it. I like your portrayal of the characters, and the plot is quite simple, yet interesting :D

I can't wait to read more

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Review #16, by Gray RavenKnock on Wood: Turning the Page

29th March 2012:
Oh no!!! Cliff hanger!!!

I'm scared... I really am (biting my lower lip).
I 'don't like' where this is going. I have a bad feeling about this. Hannah!! If you can hear me, don't open/read that letter! I sense trouble!! Big big trouble!! @_@

I might be over-thinking this but my feeling is saying that the letter contain Scorpius saying he had finally done the things he promised ages ago. and then Hannah would become so confuse. and then things got complicated and messy... and then everyone ended up being brokenhearted. Please no... I don't want to see Fred getting his heart broken :'( . (please say that I'm being paranoid) :D

By the way... another solid chapter. I especially like it when Hannah told herself that it's her time to finally be happy. She's standing up against Scorpius (at least in her mind)! I don't know how long it will last though. She has quite a strong feeling towards Scorpius and I don't think it could just go in a blink of an eye. I kinda get the feeling that she's, in a way, using Fred to get back at Scorpius... not that she doesn't feel happy too of course. I just don't think it's 100% genuine.

Please make me stop! I'm rambling and I'm reading too much into your characters and story.

Author's Response: Don't be scared! She burnt the letter at the end (incendio) so even if she wanted to read it in the future she can't.

I think it would have said exactly what she thought-- empty promises and a secret meeting. the whole "actually break up with rose" is more of Scorpius' "bottom of the ninth two outs" move. But good guess; you'll have to keep reading! (hehe see what I did there :p) a;slkdjfIknow I don't want Fred to get hurt I love him dearly!

Thanks! I really think she needed the little push from Minky to realize what Fred means to her as a friend and more. The feelings for Scoprius, while they certianly won't vanish from thin air; she's going to have a long road ahead of her full of "learning".

no don't stop! I love the ideas. It seriously is way awesome that you understand the characters deeply enough to have ideas! Seriously, way awesome! Thank you for such an amazing review!

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Review #17, by Gray RavenKnock on Wood: The Yule Ball

28th March 2012:
O my God! I squealed!!

I've been waiting for this new chapter and I am so so more than satisfied. YAYY!! Hannah and Fred!!

You see Hannah... you're happy with Fred, not Scorpius :DD (good job on showing that with the Patronus).

I'm happy that Hannah finally began to be self-conscious around Fred (and it's all partly because of Scorpious giving her the idea :D eat that Malfoy). And I'm so happy that Scorpious felt jealous when he saw Hannah and Fred walked away together to the ball. :D :D :D The poor boy doesn't know what he's missing :D

Ow.. Hannah is going to be so confused. I hope she can see that Fred is where she belongs with :D

And... I like it that you didn't show too much of Al and Sophie's too sickeningly sweet moment. It's just in the right amount this chapter (the last was a bit too much for my taste... I enjoyed more when they're both still tense and awkward around each other).. but I love your last chapter too a lot because of all the tension between Hannah and Fred... Well I love all of your chapters actually.

Anyway, back to this chapter... It's written really well too. It flows really nice and I enjoyed reading it so very very much.

I can't wait for your next update :D :D :


Author's Response: lol i'm glad you enjoyed the Hannah and Fred :) I'm happy they're finally showing their feelings too!!
I was worried the patronus would be a bit cliche, but i'm happy to hear you thought it worked!

[[and it's all partly because of Scorpious giving her the idea :D eat that Malfoy]]I'm SO SO happy you noticed that!! that's literally EXACTLY what i've been going for! Gah, thank you! *squishyhugs* hehe, Scorpius did get a bit jealous, but its just what Hannah said; he's going with Rose.

eeh, I'm happy Al and Sophie worked out for you here as well. I think it was more the reaction to the new couple that I proably overdid it in the previous chapter.

Thank you so much for such a fantastic review! 1000/10, yay! thank you thank you! The next chapter is written, it just needs to be edited!

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Review #18, by Gray RavenRemarkable: Remarkable

28th March 2012:
- Hufflepuff review tag -

Nice story :D

I could hear Luna's voice in my head as I read... meaning that I think you did a good job on her character. I really like Luna but hasn't had the courage to write something with her in it (because I'm afraid that I would butcher her)... but this one is good. I can fell Luna's light and easygoing aura... It's just like her.

Luna and Dean... I've never considered that before, but it does sounds plausible, given the time they spent together in the Malfoy Manor, Shell Cottage, and afterward. I like how the relationships started from 'just another boy in the hallway'. :D

And thank you for reminding me that Dean is a great artist!

The flow's good and it's well written.

I enjoy reading it very much :D


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you SO much for this! Ohmygoodness I'm so glad you decided to review this story, since I haven't gotten too much feedback on it. This is so exciting!!

Sorry...I'm calm now, promise ;)

I'm so glad you like Luna! I was kind of afraid to write her too...she is definitely a challenge :) But it's really good to hear that my Luna has the carefree voice I was going for.

Luna/Dean is one of my favorite pairings ever...I just love the thought of them together. I'm glad it seems believable for you here :)

Thank you so much for the awesome review! You just made my day! :D


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Review #19, by Gray RavenLying Josephine: Promises, Promises

23rd March 2012:
O my God. I can't seem to stop saying O my God because this story is so breathtakingly beautiful. I don't think I've ever been so impressed up to this level before.

Everything is so well written. The story flows very smoothly. It's so rich of emotions. The OC character is much defined and came out very strong as a character, and I can't wait to read more about her.

Simply Wonderful!

Gray Raven,

Author's Response: Oh wow... This is such an incredible review, I'm truly blown away! *blushes forever* Seriously, you must not read enough if you think that of my writing! hehehe I'm so, so flattered! Wow...

I'm so thrilled that the writing and the flow and emotions all worked together to make this an enjoyable read! And I'm beyond happy that you like my OC! I've spent a lot of time fleshing her out, so I really appreciate that she's come across as intended! I hope to have a third chapter soon and I hope to see you there!

Thank you again! You're simply wonderful! ^.^

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Review #20, by Gray RavenUnlimited Devotion.: Devotion Holds no Bounds

23rd March 2012:
I love Dobby, and I'm so happy to find this story about him. I really love how you described the busy life of house elf in Hogwarts. It's so cute to imagine little elves sleeping :D :D :D Then it went to the busy time at the kitchen which is wonderfully written. I can hear the clattering of plates, forks, knives, etc and the roaring fire as I read along. I can also smell the savory delicious smell of the warm porridge, and the rich and crispy delicious smell of the eggs and bacon... (o boy, my mouth is watery now).
Then, I also like how you shows Dobby's way of watching over Harry through simple things like covering Harry with blanket. It's simple but came out really strong and really shows that Dobby will always be there for Harry.

For the second half of the story, I have to say that it didn't came out as strong as the first half. I think you could add a little bit more emotion in there. Like in the malfoy mannor, maybe you could add something that can make the reader feel more about how dobby's feeling at that moment... his worries/confusion/anxiety...
and at the ending, I was actually hoping that you would write what Dobby experienced during the last few minutes of his life. It was a really emotional scene in the original J.K. Rowling version; but it wasn't from Dobby's point of view. So I think it would be really intersting if you added what he felt and thought during that last moment of his. Given your writing ability, I think you could pulled it off really well.

All in all, I really enjoy reading this story.
Cheers for Dobby!

Gray Raven,

Author's Response: Firstly, thank you Gray Raven for reading and leaving a few comments.
I was overjoyed that you enjoyed this story, when people leave wonderful words like you've left makes writing very rewarding and satisfying.
I can see where your coming from where the final moments for Dobby is concerned, I could put more emotion in there, I'll work on that.
Thanks again for your encouraging review.


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Review #21, by Gray RavenOn the Edge of an Ocean: Don't be Sad

22nd March 2012:
Hey... I've been wanting to read your work for sometime and now I'm finally able to...

Wow. this story is beautifully written. I'm not sure where I should begin my review but let me just start by saying that this story is that kind of story where you (well, me) need your full attention. Because if not, you'll just get lost. That is mainly because you did not reveal everything until the very end. And you had to use 'she' when referring to Lucy. It's just sometimes I was confused whether the 'she' referred to the girl she mentioned at the early part (which at the end turn out to be Lucy) or her mother. The example for this is the paragraph after Molly's mom asked her if she was okay. You begin the sentence with "She probably thought this whole thing was a laugh and would probably come to my flat tonight..." I still thought it refers to her mother but that doesn't make too much sense because why would she think the whole thing was a laugh when she clearly didn't show it on the previous paragraphs. Then of course I know I was mistaking her to that girl (Lucy).

A tiny mistake I spotted: "Lucy couldnít be gone; her light was just too bright and I could[=b] still her [b]reflection in my eyes". I think you're missing a "see", no?

I gotta say, I have no clue what or where this scene is happening until almost the end of the chapter. Everything was tied together after she said "The three of us. Such an incomplete number." I know by that time that it was a funeral, and it's her sister's funeral... So, I re-read the story again and everything made more sense. I could really see how Molly felt like dreaming. I've lost a loved one before and It sure does felt like that. I think you captured the emotion well.

And despite the confusion one might find when reading this story, you wrapped it up very nicely at the end. And as for me, I felt very fulfilled... it's like reading a mystery novel where you tried to tied everything together and figure out the most important clue and the reasons behind everything. And when you finally got it you're like "man!" and light bulb seemed to really be popping out inside our head. Very nice indeed...

I realize this is not a one shot (though this would also qualified as a very good one shot), so I would be looking forward to reading more of this.

Gray Raven,

Author's Response: Hi,

thank you so much for your review!! I'm shocked that you've wanted to read my work, if you want to call it that, for a while. But i'm glad you chose this one. It's a new project and it's near and dear to my heart.

yeah, this is definitely a confusing start because we're looking through Molly's eyes and she is doesn't really understand what's going on either. None of it makes sense to her so i'm glad that feeling really portrayed well.

I've had another review saying they were confused whether that she was her mum and I'll look over that to make sure it's clear because i don't think i want that to be confused.

yes, i meant see, *blushes* thanks for pointing that out.

Losing a loved one is hard and i really wanted to capture the feelings that might be felt in those moments. I've lost people as well and I just tried delving into those really raw emotions. I'm glad you felt they were spot on because i wasn't sure if it would translate over screen. Thank you so much for your thoughts and words!

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Review #22, by Gray RavenKnock on Wood: Nogtails and Dragons

3rd March 2012:
Just a very short comment...

O my God!! Al dressed up as Harry Potter... That is the most Brilliant idea ever!

I can't stop smiling :D

Author's Response: haha.. I just thought it was too perfect since Albus is supposed to look so much like Harry anyway.

I'm glad you liked it :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by Gray RavenKnock on Wood: Detention Tension

21st February 2012:
New chapter yay!

Well... despite what I say about Scorpius last time .. of him not being man enough to break up with Rose yet... I really really do understand why Hannah couldn't just let him go! >_< Scorpius!! (I like him but I hate him >_< )

and I'm really liking all those interactions between the kids... Hannah and Fred... (they're so good together...) And then them with Al... they are such good friends :D

and o ow.. Sophie found out. I'm not sure how this will turn up since I'm sure Sophie can keep a secret. Well at least Hannah can probably control herself more to not sneak up with Scorpius behind Rose's back.. :D

Great chapter!

Author's Response: I feel the same way about Scorp. I like him one second, hate him the next. Hannah's got her heart pinned on him, as unfortunate of a situation as it seems.

I do love Hannah, Fred and Al together, they are really fun to write about. Hannah and Fred.. I love them dearly.

Sophie did.. someone eventually had to. Sophie is a genuine good person, she'll be able to keep it for the time being. Hannah stopping... we'll have to see :)

Thanks so much for reading, and leaving a review! They mean so much to me!

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Review #24, by Gray RavenKnock on Wood: Sophie to the Rescue

19th February 2012:
Hey.. I'm from the Hufflepuff common room topic (in case you're wondering). I've actually been following this story for a while and I enjoy it. I'll be looking forward to your next chapter.

And so, on we go with the review:
Scorpius +_+ . What is wrong with him? or maybe I should say what is wrong with Hannah? I guess she's too infatuated with him to see that he's not man enough to break up with Rose despite what he said. I sure hope he has a reaally good reason for that. Sometime I wish that Hannah was stronger so she could resist his charm :D .. but I guess that's what makes this story interesting. But I really hope for her to finally find her happiness, either with Scorpius or other (something to look forward to :D ).

I'm really liking this Tedd guy from Slytherin. He seems like a cool character... and YEAH for him being a champion from Slytherin instead of Scorpius. I guess there is more to him being a messenger than meets the eye.

and I'm really looking forward for the 1st part of the tournament. Although from my thinking, I don't think there should be dementor unless they're under the full control of the school staff... and not the wild roaming dementors the kids mentioned... but I don't know... I'll just have to keep reading to find out about it :D

So... keep up the good work. And once again, I'm looking forward to reading your next chapter

Author's Response: hey! thanks, the next chapter is in the queue, so expect it in hopefully a few days :)

Well.. Scorpius, he's liked Hannah for a while, and Hannah's the same, you're right. I suppose the best way to describe Hannah in the situation is she's very 'tunnel visioned' about the situation at hand. I can't say more without reviewing my super-secret plot, but I hope so too :p

I really love writing Teddy, in my mind he's such a complex charcter, and I'm hoping with him becoming the champion instead of Scorpius, readers will see that :)

I actually just got done writing the first part of the tournament, so I'm excided to post it! The dementors... that's super secret plot stuff too :) I understand what you're saying though, about them being under control of the staff, and it will be addressed :)
Thanks so much for the fantastic review! more on the way soon :)

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Review #25, by Gray Raven 'Safe and Sound' : They're safe and sound

9th February 2012:
The song plus the first scene you wrote equals to AWESOME EMOTION... it's beautiful in a tragic kind of way (if you get what I mean)... and once again I'm regretting the death of Fred (sob :'( )...
I spotted one typo : "The take pity until it no longer suits them.. "
I think you meant "They take pity..." ?

And what else. Mm.. I'm not so sure about the ending though... I get the message that each individual are important, but since I feel the focus of this story is about the importance of the dead, the last part of the closing paragraph which change the focus to George telling his kids they are important just seems a little bit out of place...

but other than that, good job :D

Author's Response: Sorry about responding so late, i seemed to think that i had already done it. THANK YOU! sorry about the typo and i totally agree about the ending. As soon as i posted it i was like oh my gosh what was i thinking! Oh well, i guess we all make mistakes. thank you so much! xox

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