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Review #1, by falling in loveBloodlust: Up In Flames

4th December 2013:
Omg so good. And omg the little sneak peak. If you kill Draco I might actually cry.
This was awesome and Theo's confession was so heartfelt and I can't believe I didn't see this story sooner I didn't check the updates in a while but whoa this was a great chapter! :D

Author's Response: You shall found out soon and hopefully for everyone, he's okay? But no promises.
Thank you so so much (: x

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Review #2, by falling in loveBloodlust: Dangerous Thoughts

25th October 2013:
I want Theo! I so want Theo!
And Draco and Hermione have so much tension and angst! This is really good!
God i jut want Theo. What a cutie pie.
Goodness just keep writing! This story is awesome! Oh and I can't wait for She's the Devil either.. :)

Author's Response: hahhaha im glad you mentioned him :'') He was such a pleasure to write.
Thank youu x

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Review #3, by falling in loveBloodlust: Blood, Sweat and Tears

15th October 2013:
Omg this was AWESOME!!

It was so angsty tho omg dramoine is so many emotions
keep writing! this is getting better and better and better! O gosh!


Author's Response: THANK YOUUU (:
Im glad you think so xx

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Review #4, by falling in loveBloodlust: The Resistance

10th October 2013:
oh my god. I think this is one of the best written chapters in this story so far!

I loved all these new things you're adding to the original Hunger games! This is really amazing!

I REALLY LOVED the scene where Hermione is hugging draco's mother. That was such a touching scene. The character development in this book is stunningly realistic and well written and the blooming relationships of the characters are gorgeous.

I am SO excited for the next chapter omg. It sounds awesome. I can't wait! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D I personally didn't find this one of the best so Im surprised but glad you did (:

Thank you so so much! Yay Im glad people have responded to the scene between Hermione and Narcissa!

See you next chapter x

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Review #5, by falling in loveShe's The Devil: The Devil Strikes Back

30th June 2013:
Omg that was an interesting chapter! I loved that!
I'm curious about what happened 4 years ago that got Hermione to write about Draco and ruin his reputations... And I can't wait to see the choice she makes to either ruin the Malfoys or give up her job.. Hmmm... This plot is turning out very full of twists and such! Good Job!! Loved it! 10/10
-Shelli :) xx

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Review #6, by falling in loveBloodlust: Drowning Down Under

22nd June 2013:
that was so good! its so good to see this story updating! :)
keep writing! :)

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Review #7, by falling in loveBloodlust: Far From Enemies

22nd June 2013:
THAT WAS THE PERFECT CHAPTER for the first day in the arena! cant wait to read more!

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Review #8, by falling in loveRemembering Sunday.: Heartbreak.

9th June 2013:
this was a GREAT fic to go with the song!
I've known the song for forever and this fic basically sums up the entire thing!!!
except for the part in the song that says "she doesnt believe in love" and then u said hermione said she loves draco... just a thought :) but it was great nevertheless!!
i couldn't believe it when I saw a dramione fic for like my favorite song ever BUT THIS IS GREAT!!! GOOD JOB :)

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Review #9, by falling in loveTheir Reason To Live : When Built Walls Collapse

28th May 2013:

this was so intense! It was really well written also!
Good job! Im so excited to see what happens next omg

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Review #10, by falling in loveWhat is love?: Changes

24th May 2013:
You're backkk! Im so glad you updated... This is really a great chapter!
There's one part though- when Hermione is thinking about the way Seth said the threat that was a little bit confusing.
I couldn't really understand the emotions because they weren't very clear in that part but overall I think you did wonderfully writing this chapter!
I love the ending of this- when Hermione tells Draco that she can't loose him also- that part was very well written and the build up was great also!
Keep on writing and posting! I'm excited to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hey Shelli,

I'm glad you came back and reviewed again. :) Yep, finally back. I find it harder to write the closer I get to the end because I know where I want to be but it's getting there I find difficult. Lol. Anyway, I think I fixed the part you mentioned. I had an issue in one part with "she" and "He" a few times in one sentence.

I will be posting the next chapter sometime this week. :) For once I have pre-written chapter.

I'm glad to her from you again. More to come soon.


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Review #11, by falling in loveTheir Reason To Live : Memento Mori

28th April 2013:
and so emotional
and everything was so well written
that was so dramatic
amazing job:)

Author's Response: Thank you :DD
I am going to go ahead and read all your updates now ahaha, i finally found time :')

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Review #12, by falling in loveShe's The Devil: She's Got Nothing

20th April 2013:
Oh this was great! I loved this chapter! I hope everything works out ok for Hermione!
Good job:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, see you next chapter (: x

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Review #13, by falling in loveShe's The Devil: The Devil or The Gossiper?

20th April 2013:
I cant believe i missed this chapter! So sorry!
This chapter was fantastic btw... I love seeing Draco and Hermione interact... even if they ARE yelling at each other!
Im going to read the next chapter now!
Love the banner too btw
Good job:)

Author's Response: Thank youuu :D xx

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Review #14, by falling in loveJust Decide: Only Hope

29th March 2013:
Omg this chapter was so well written!
Im so excited to read the epilogue too!
Good job this chapter was amazing:)

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Review #15, by falling in loveShe's The Devil: Call Her A Devil

8th March 2013:
Omg this plot is so unique and everything!
I'm so excited to see where this story goes:)
Nice start btw!
Im looking forwards for the next chapter! Good Job!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I shall update asap once I get TRTL done and through! x

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Review #16, by falling in loveJust Give In: Just Give In

28th February 2013:
OMG this was so good i read it over and over again for like 20 minutes.
The thing is- I don't even read anything other than dramione usually but this story pulled me in and than i couldn't stop reading! This is actually really, really good and the plot of this is fantastic.
Good job, this was seriously really really good- i could feel all the emotions in this. 10/10 definitely.

Author's Response: Oh my gosh thank you so much! You totally made my week! I am so glad you liked it and thank you so much for the lovely review!!

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Review #17, by falling in loveBloodlust: The World Beyond The Glass

26th February 2013:
Oooh this is so good
I like the conversations hermione and Draco have:)
It's so sad about the twins though :(
But this was an amazing chapter
good job:)

Author's Response: Thank youuu :) Ill be updating soon hopefully but She's the devil will come first :D

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Review #18, by falling in loveArabesque: The Perfect Arabesque

18th February 2013:
OMG i just read this entire story in one standing
thiis was amazing! absolutely one of my favourites!
What's the title of ur published novel? (and ur name?)
this was amazing! 10/10

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Review #19, by falling in loveWhat is love?: Sunsets and Strawberries

15th February 2013:
This story is finally back! I so loved this chapter!
I have a question though; why was most of this chapter in italics? Was that done purposely?
This was a great chapter! Update faster :)

Author's Response: falling_in_love,

Grrr... I have such issues with the formatting on this site!! Thank you for pointing it out to me I will correct it.

Thank you for the review and I'm glad you liked it!!


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Review #20, by falling in loveThe Other Reality: Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

12th February 2013:
Oh.My.God.Itsoveritsover. I have no words right now. I can't. I'm actually so choked on emotion.
I can't. I can't even. This epilogue was PERFECT. like legit. Not many authors can write an epilogue that doesn't sound too cheesy or rushed and ties everything up but YOU wrote this perfectly. It tied the entire novel up and it makes my heart warm when I read about how far their family has come- how they made their own family after everything they have gone through.
This was the perfect epilogue to the perfect story and I'm so proud of you! Reading this story and growing along with the characters you brought to life has been an experience that I will never forget.
This story will always hold a part of my heart and I'm sure years after this has been completed I'll still open my computer up to fanfiction and re-read this story again.
This was absolutely a very well written and heartfelt story with so many twists and turns that you took the world of harry potter J.K. Rowling has finished, and brought it back to life, continuing the story.
I've been following, reading, and reviewing this story since chapter 2 and I am so so so breath taken at what a beautiful piece of writing it has become.
This story really has come a long way along with your writing and with no doubt, can I say that you are one of the most talented writers I have ever known.
Thank you for creating this amazing story and adding a really well done Dramione to the world. I'm sure people will be finding this story, reading the whole thing long after the last chapter is out. I can feel that this will be one of those stories that people will be reading for years. This is seriously one of the best plots, the most well written, and the best interpreted romance of Draco and Hermione.
You're an amazing person and this story is what I look for first when I turn on my computer to go on this site and it definitely is everything anyone could've wanted and much much more.
I remember when I first found Everything Happens for A Reason, when it was at it's first chapter and now this, and I loved every moment of these stories and I can't believe it is ending.
It's the perfect way to end an amazing story like this, and you should be so so so proud of yourself. This story has shown everyone how Dramione is supposed to be, and the way everything fell together finally at the end made me happy cry and sad cry that it's over. But this story will always be my favourite forever. You have inspired me to write the minute I read EHFAR and you continue to be my inspiration today.
I cannot emphasize how much the story has evolved, how amazing it has been to read along with it since chapter 1.
I'm looking forwards to more of your writing, for sure.
I love this story so much and it is really a great piece of work
Continue to write,
Thanks for making Dramione come to life in your writing,
love yoU!
-Shelli. 10/10 absolutely.

Author's Response: Shelliii :)
Wowowowow, I have no idea what to respond to all of that haha ^
Gahhh thank you so so so much, wow. Seriously. I wasn't kidding when I said that I write for YOU guys. Me too, yeah, but id be nothing without you.
Ahh thank you again and I will not stop writing- in fact, I have a chapter for Bloodlust ready after which Ill be sending in my new story's prologue ;)
Thank you AGAIN and love you to :')

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Review #21, by falling in loveI Wont Give Up: I Wont Give Up

9th February 2013:
THAT was so sweet. I love that song and you made a beautiful one-shot out of a beautiful song. This is amazing!!!
Good Job:) 10/10

Author's Response: Thank youu :)
Ill be replying to your banner based mail right away! xx

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Review #22, by falling in loveNon-Magic Malfoy: Non-Magic Malfoy

9th February 2013:
aw this was adorbs
good job!

Author's Response: thanks! xx

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Review #23, by falling in loveThe Other Reality: Living The Reality

4th February 2013:
Aw that chapter was so bitter sweet!
I loved seeing the other pieces of their life and im still so sad they chose to forget everything but its obviously the right thing to do and i can't even. That is so good and by the end i used up soo many tissues
this is amazinggg.
i cant wait for he next chapter! ah

Author's Response: Bitter sweet describes it perfectly!
Thank you so much
Next chapter will be up soon enough, I'm done with it already ;) x

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Review #24, by falling in loveThe Other Reality: Which Is Reality?

4th February 2013:
i cant even
this was so emotional
ok im gunna read the next chapter!
that was so good

Author's Response: Thank you :) x

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Review #25, by falling in loveHer Insecurities : Her Insecurities

3rd February 2013:
Awww this was so sweet
and amazing :) Your such a nice person!!! :)
Good job! I can't wait for more TOR btw!

Author's Response: Thank you haha try convincing my friends that :P
Ill be updating TOR ASAP ;) Almost done!

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