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Review #51, by potterfan310Being a Falmouth Falcon: First Practice and Interview

29th June 2014:

Haha, yes. Fighting talk, well thoughts from Gigi. If only Scott's bat had gone that little bit towards Camila. Hmm...

Is it bad that I like that Camila is struggling. Did she think they would give her an easy time for being one of the newbies, Honestly. They're an International team, what did she expect. Maybe she should go back to her old team... NO! She's stirring between James and Gigi already. Not happening, uh-uh, no way. I already hate her with a passion, maybe Gigi should do what she did to Tyler Gates. Hmm maybe their in league with one another??? Camila, not Gigi. It wouldn't surprise me, well maybe a little. But they're both as evil as each other.

N'aww I love that Gigi got bombarded by the kids. Although I have a feeling she'd be the type of person to swear around them and try and cover it up with another word but swear again. Oh dear, maybe Gigi isn't child friendly!! XD

Yes Gigi and Scott need to start a war against her! Maybe Scott should date her (providing he's single) and then try and break her down so she doesn't get Gigi's spot or James. I refuse to believe that she will get James, He won't let it happen. He loves Gigi too much!!

Can't wait for the next one :D


Author's Response: Scott needs to let some bludgers fly in Camila's direction. That way people realize it isn't just Gigi who hates the girl! Camila and Tyler in league with one another would be SUPER interesting. Not saying either way, but it would really bring about some interesting plot twists.

Gigi hates children. The only child she likes is her nephew, but that's because he is blood. Scott, unfortunately, is married. Last year Barry was caught with Scott's wife, remember? But that would be a great idea. Make James see what he's missing!


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Review #52, by potterfan310Being a Falmouth Falcon: The First Threat

29th June 2014:
Me again,

James, oh James. I love him even more. Gigi so deserves him.

Oh crap! She's bad news, that Camila, I swear. Oh hell no, she better not have her eyes set on Gigi's man or there will be hell to play. Suggesting that she could apparate with James rather than Gigi, what a thing! No she has to go, she will not come between James and Gigi.

Center, oh really that's interesting. She best not take Gigi's spot as well. Yes, my dislike for her grows stronger by the second.

Gigi better kick Camila's arse right off the team. She will win against her no matter what. I have faith. I just hope James isn't going to be sucked in by her blonde-ness and 'oh I'm the newbie, I get what I want'. Pfft please, James' heart belongs to Gigi.

One thing, the very last word James says (and somewhere else in the chapter) the second half of it, it should be an 'o' rather a 'u'.

James and Gigi at the end of the chapter, I LOVE THEM EVEN MORE TOGETHER. THEY ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER. I am so excited I don't even care!! Jagi, Gigames or Gimes, either way those ship names sound weird, but I'm leaning towards Gigames :p I squeal everythime they're together and let me tell you, I get some weird looks. The chemistry between them is amazing and just asdfghjkl. Perfect ♥

Gigi better have her guns blazing, she isn't going to let Camila take her spot or her man. For sure. (I hope.)


Author's Response: We can all form a "I hate Camila" group. Then we can go kill her for Gigi. That way Gigi doesn't look insane and then her and James can live happily ever after.

I should really get a beta. I suck with grammar and all of that.

Weird looks are the best.


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Review #53, by potterfan310Being a Falmouth Falcon: Finding the Chaser

29th June 2014:
What's this, I've found my way over here BECAUSE GIGI AND JAMES!

Yes I am in love with them, because they are both fabulous!

Even from the summary Camila sounds awful, full stop!

Aww I'm sad to see Chris and Matt go.

Is it werid that when the car pulled up for them, all I could think of was Barney's car and driver from How I met Your Mother. Oopsie. :P

Oh how I've missed James and Gigi, so much. They are just too brilliant for words. They way you write them both is amazing and I am hooked. "Gigi is always right.” James repeated" - She's got him trained well, XD

They might not be perfect, but everyone has flaws and man I love Gigi and James' dynamic. I just hope this Camila person doesn't stir the pot too much. Because James and Gigi deserve happiness because they are perfect for one another.

Off to the next one!


Chris and Matt were really hard for me to let go, but I had to make room for new players. I originally was just going to have Matt go, but since Chris did say he was retiring last year, I couldn't not let him go as well. It was sad, but necessary.

I'm so so so flattered that you love Gigi and James and my writing. Its super sweet. I may have now modelled her control over James with my own control over my husband, but that's how a successful woman is! You gotta have your significant other trained well ;)


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Review #54, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Engage In Gossip

29th June 2014:
Me again :D

Whoo, Go Gryffindor.

No, Abigail, James is your fancy man.♥

Michelle is behaving, either she's ill or something is definitely up. Maybe she's somehow got Rebecca to go after James, pushing Michelle out of the running? AAhh theories everywhere.

Ahh Louis and Horatio!!! I refuse to mention her name (you know which her :p)

James is good looking, hell yes! So are most of the Weasley/Potter boys (and girls. Haha it's a shame I love Molly and Louis too much, but a teeny part of me wants Horatio to date Isabella.

James likes you Abigail, see what's in front of you woman!! I am so glad the girls are telling her about James and he catching glancing at her. ♥♥

Can't wait for the next one and more James :p


Author's Response: Yay!! How are you?

I agree!

I know! I think the entire world is in shock that she's being nice, she must be up to something. Ahhh, the theories! Maybe it's true? Maybe it's not? We shall see.

I know!!! We don't mention her name, but yes! Loratio!!!

Oh yes he is! Haha, That would be fun, a Horatio/Isabella romance, I wonder how everyone would feel about that?

Open your eyes Abigail!!! Haha, others have caught James when he thinks he's being sneaky.

More is up! :D

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Review #55, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where James Is A Dragon For The Day

29th June 2014:
Finally I'm able to read this!!!

I'm not a big fan of Halloween but the way you've described it makes it sound so much fun!! Plus I think any holiday at Hogwarts would be ten times better, because y'know it's at Hogwarts :D

I LOVE the concept for her dad's comic books! Plus the whole idea behind 'Minister of Deduction'.

James is such a big kid and I want one, he is adorable and fabulous and just yum. ♥

No idea how happy I am right now, slightly embarrassing he caught her smelling him but they share a love of coconut and James is loving every second of this, I swear! Not just the dragon costume but Abigail as well!

Oh my god no! Please, please do not let James date Rebecca in the slightest way. No, No, No...

What's this, Michelle apologising, am I dreaming?

Off to the next one now!


Author's Response: WOO!!

I'm alright with Halloween, I'm not a major fan of it, but I do like the idea of dressing up. :D Oh yes, anything is better at Hogwarts!

Me too! I had a lot of fun thinking up that, I wanted her dad to be pretty awesome and he is!

Oh yes, James is the biggest kid. I don't think he'll ever lose that. :P Haha I want one as well!

Aw, Oh yes, James loves every second of it, he's having a lot of fun, with both the Dragon costume and Abigail.

Oh Rebecca... that is all I'm going to say on that subject.

I know!! I felt like I was going to faint from shock when I wrote that part!

Thank you Soph!!! :D

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Review #56, by potterfan310Against the Odds: Kiss Me

29th June 2014:
Ahh new chapter, so exciting!!

Aww I feel so bad for Violet, especially all the rumours. But good on her for yelling back at them, lol.

Oh my got, her middle name. Cringe!!

James is a cutie and I want him ♥ He and Violet are so good together, I wish they would date for real and not 'fake' it. But I'm hoping that now that James has suggested kissing in the mix to their 'fake' dating that they're real feelings will come through at one point. They both deserve happiness, with each other! ♥

So short, but so much fluff!! and James/Violet action, LOVE IT ♥♥

Can't wait for the next one.


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Review #57, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 33: Making a Statement

29th June 2014:

New chapter, aww yes... :D

James and Sarah ♥

Somehow I don't think the party and Rose will be a good mix, buy hey ho, lets see what happens.

They definitely needed to talk, and they're not the only ones *cough* Rose and Scorpius *cough*

Aww I love Rose, bless her for thinking she's so fat. How far is she now? But her going as a nun, priceless! XD

Haha, oh I love it. Sarah's revenge to make Amy look as stupid as possible is brilliant. Is she so thick that she bought it or will she do anything for James even when she's sleeping with Danny.

Aww, Albus is a cutie. I feel there's not enough of him. I love how he's noticing Becky more foe who she is, and not just another girl. Their whole girl power thing is fab!!

Rose and Scorpius ♥♥ He loves he does, I am sure of it! Poor Rose for not realising and bad Albus for making her cry, although I don't suppose the hormones help.

OH MY GOD YES! ♥♥ ROSE AND SCORPIUS ARE A-GO-GO. I am so glad he is there for Rose, I only hope that they get back together because y'know I love ScoRose!

Two little things; You forgot the space - "and even yourparent's"

Also after Al's POV I got a bit confused because I missed Rose's name as it wasn't underlined or anything. I was wondering why Albus was there when her and Scorp were talking.

Can't wait for the next one.


Author's Response: Yes, James and Sarah finally talked it out. Maybe ScoRose can follow suit!

Rose is about 6 months gone by this point.

Amy's reasoning is difficult to follow - perhaps she is really stupid enough to buy Sarah's story, or just wants to keep James. When I wrote it, I actually kind of thought that subconsciously she wanted to express herself and also a small part of her wanted to be surrounded by actually nice girls for a while, and realise what true friendship could be. It was my way of subtly humanising her.

Yes, I deliberately kind of kept Albus as a wild-card character. He appears when he's needed and progresses the story, while retaining his individuality and his lone-feline personality.

I'm sorry for the confusion! I will have to edit that, I don't want it to look like Albus is being a weirdo and following Rose and Scorpius! Hahaa!

Thanks as always,

-Sarita x

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Review #58, by potterfan310A Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: The Championship

26th June 2014:

I am excited because last chapter but not only that I have been fangirling all afternoon from reading this and I am super happy I re-read because my love for Gigi and James has come back so much and just asdfghjkl

" I had fallen head over heels for James Potter. It just took me a whole season to realize it." - Damn it Gigi, but at least she got there! This make me so happy :D

I was caught on every line, reading this chapter.

SHE LOVES HIM! I knew it! He kissed her and asfghjkl, I am so happy right now! I just squealed rather loudly which earned me a funny look but I do not care because Gigi finally admitted it and James kissed her and it's just perfect.

Play nice? Are the referee's serious, he nearly changed James and Gigi's lives forever not to mention forcing her to not play, well nearly. I think playing is being thrown right out the field, every legal rule break will be done and Tyler Gates gets all he deserves.

Poor Matt, I hope he's going to be okay. Those Cannons need to be taught a lesson. No one messes with the Falcons and their weird messes up family like team.

Go Gigi, I love the fact she gets her own back by throwing the bat at Gates. Good for her, ha I love how coach gave her a thumbs up.


One teeny thing, you said that Gigi felt James, Matt and Scott's sweaty bodies on her but then a few sentences later, Matt is being pushed out in a wheelchair?

As you may have noticing I have just been spazing over this story most of the afternoon and I love it and you for writing it, because this is such a good story and I'm now even more excited to read the sequel, which I've already favourited and GAH I LOVE IT!!

Much love and craziness,
Soph xx

Author's Response: Ah the finale. Don't worry, you can still go the sequel. It's up and running! Love is in the air and we can feel the passion of James and Gigi. Finally she pulled her head out of her butt. I don't know what I would have done if she didn't. well, I kinda control it, so I would have eventually made her do it anyways...

I sometimes feel like a fan myself.

We shall be the end of Tyler Gates. Lets get our pitchforks and get him. 'Nuff said.

Matt... err.. read the sequel to find out what happens with Matty. :(

THATS SUPPOSED TO SAY BARRY AND SCOTT. And I have no idea what I meant by Gigi felt James... thats a little weird... well, not really, but with the whole stadium watching, it would be a bit inappropriate. I'll have to go back in and do some editing I think.


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Review #59, by potterfan310A Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: More Than One Shock

26th June 2014:
OH MY GOD! After the last chapter I cannot contain myself, not only that I am mad that this chapter didn't load properly when I opened it in a new tab to read so I couldn't read it for the rest of the afternoon like I had planned to :(

But I'm here now and gahhh! I am on serious tender hooks.

Ooo Sally's POV is rather interesting, but I dislike her. She's annoying too, no wonder Gigi fired her.

Rose's POV as well, boy you are spoiling us. Again a teeny thing, whilst I definitely know Gigi is American now, Rose isn't so she would say mum rather than mom.

Tyler freakin' Gates, the arsehole!! Any wonders as who I totally hate right now. What a slimeball, I feel the need to slap him hard, or kick him where it really hurs, my only problem is that he's fictional. What a shame otherwise he may be in serious pain.

I don't know whether to be sad that Gigi isn't pregnant (because no mini James or Gigi) or happy because it means James and Gigi can actually sort out their relationship and Gigi can play Quidditch.

I love James' POV for some crazy reason, I love him in general but that's not my point.

Whilst I now know that Gigi isn't pregnant, I feel a bit bad for James because she told the coach and not him first. No wonder he feels hurt and betrayed, *hugs for James* Can I cry now or later, because James is a little sweetheart. "I'll support that baby in whatever way possible, but I guess a relationship between the two of us is bloody impossible. The pathetic part? I thought I loved you." - This freakin' kills me, damn Gigi SEE WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU WOMAN!!

Again eve though I know Gigi isn't pregnant she needs all the hugs. *hugs* I feel so bad for her, I mean she's thinking that she'll no longer be a great Quidditch star, or that she's messed everything up with James and THAT SHE LOVES HIM BACK ASDFGHJKL!

Thank god for Rose, is all I can say. I'm guessing her Weasley temper took over in getting Wellins to confess.

I am so excited to read the next one now and it loaded properly this time so yay!


Author's Response: I had to spoil you with a bunch of different POVs. I know it was a little confusing, but it needed to be done. I probably could have went about it in a different way but... meh, get over it. It was a difficult write ;).

Mum to Mom. I'll have to go back in and change that. I hadn't even realized that I made that error. I think writing American Gigi for so long got me going on Mom.

James always feels hurt and betrayed by Gigi. He's a big baby. Suck it up, Jamesy-poo! GIGI LOVES YOU! Kidding. Gigi needs to get her head out of her butthole and love James already.


the author who is frustrated at her own characters for not doing something even though she could make them do it if she wanted to

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Review #60, by potterfan310A Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: A Sick Gigi

26th June 2014:

I love that Gigi's safe sort of place is when she's flying because it clears her mind.

Nooo Gigi, you and James should be together, not avoiding him. Bad Gigi.

I feel so bad for Gigi, being ill isn't any fun. Had to laugh though when she was going on about the thought of talking to James making her sick and then she actually was.

Jamess, I generally forgot how much I loved this until now that I'm re-reading. If Gigi doesn't want James, can I have him? But damn his speech to her, give the guy his girl will ya?

Oooh Rose is a healer in training, I like.

Oh crap! Is Gigi pregnant?!?!?! What?! I mean I love her and James abut the way they are right now, adding a baby into the mix is just a disaster. But if she's going to be off for a year, she's definitely pregnant isn't she. OH MY GOD.!! I CANNOT PROCESS THIS.



Author's Response: Gigi loves Quidditch. Its what the whole story is about, really. She is so dedicated to the game that she's blind to everything else around her. She's blind to James's love and to her own feelings. Maybe that's why she was so willing to push him away the minute she realizes she has feelings.

Who doesn't love a good cliffhanger, though? ;)


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Review #61, by potterfan310A Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Fixing James

26th June 2014:
Me again :D

Ooh I rally like James' dream/imagination. His POV is definitely good and me like.

James and Lily's relationship, where to start... They are brilliant, I love the closeness between them but also the playfulness as well. The last few lines between them are hilarious and I love it :D Definitely needs to be more sibling love to come.

I want to hug James, he loved Gigi, he practically admitted it when he said that he thought their fake relationship turned to more.

AH ASDFGHJKL, OH MY GOD GIGI KISSED HIM, I REPEAT GIGI KISSED JAMES. I can't believe it, the squeal I just emitted was rather loud :D JAMES KISSED HER BACK, YES! :D NOT TO MENTION THEY WENT AT IT, IN A CLOSET!!! Can you tell I'm happy, lol.

I'm hoping the happiness that they are back together sticks for the next chapter.


Author's Response: James needed his voice heard a little bit. I know my readers all wanted to kill Gigi for her actions towards him, so I gave him a few more fans for the sympathy cards ;). James and Lily are adorbs. Really, they are. I love the pair.

Gigi and James shagging in a broom closet! nom nom nom.


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Review #62, by potterfan310A Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: International Team

26th June 2014:

Good for Gigi for going over to see him, and man James Potter in the mornings with messy hair, I may just steal him for myself if Gigi doesn't want him :p

Now I feel bad for James especially since Gigi called it a stunt and he sounded so sad when he repeated it. Now I swear he really does love her!!!


I don't know who to feel more bad for? Because Gigi feels like she was hurt and betrayed but James was too!

Sally is sly, I have to give it to her. Setting Gigi up with Harley is such a bad idea. Now to top it off James invited his ex to make Gigi jealous and she doesn't even know it. Michelle is definitely a right piece of work. Urgh between her, Harley and Tyler Gates I don't know which I dislike more. Hmm.

James put his hand on her knew, asdfghjkl! I'm super glad that they both got on the International team, who know maybe more time together can lead to romance, because James/Gigi all the way :D But damn, does Tyler Gates have to be there, eurgh.

But James and Gigi need to happen.


Author's Response: Let's just take James away from Gigi. She doesn't deserve him. We do. She doesn't realize how much James loves her and how much she loves him, SO HE'S OURS NOW!! mwhahahahahah.

Sally is... Sally. She's a bit evil, but she gest the job done. Let's hate all of the evils together, yes? That way we can spread our hatred and then grab it and throw it at someone when they muck up.


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Review #63, by potterfan310A Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Finding Yourself but Losing Another

26th June 2014:
Me again!

Gigi and her crazy family are Fab! And Cater is adorable ♥

Haha, sibling time. I don't know whether to laugh or feeling bad for Gigi, either way at least she gets to spend girly time with her sisters. Plus free drinks as a perk of her Quidditch status and entry to clubs ain't bad :p

Gigi, asking Gabby and her and Ethan's love life, oh dear! Ha!

Oh James, and drunk Gigi, bad drunk Gigi. She loves him really I know she does! I wish she wasn't pushing him away. But man acting like he doesn't care, boy oh boy James bloody cares about Gigi already considering he got jealous over the fact she snogged someone else.

No, James and Gigi it can't be over even if it was a 'fake' relationship, they're so good for one another.


Author's Response: Carter is definitely modelled after my own nephew. Toddlers are the most fun type of people in the world to be around. And I must admit, her family is modelled after my own as well. Two sisters who have the characteristics of my own. It makes her a bit more relatable for me.

Gigi needs to realize her feelings, right? JAMES AND GIGI FOREVER!! ;)


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Review #64, by potterfan310A Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Not Just a Game

26th June 2014:
Hi!!! I cannot believe that my last review is from two years ago or that I stopped reading this. But man I've missed Gigi and James. I certainly love me some James Sirius ♥ :p

I don't think it's possible to hate him so much, but man Tyler Gates is a huge idiot and he probably deserves everything he has coming to him.

I am super glad that they won against them! Gigi is such a good player and despite their issues the team is pretty much like a family and they won together!!

My teeny tiny thing would be that at one point when Gigi is thinking about her and Tyler's relationship is that she used mom, rather than mum. Then again it has been so long,so do forgive if I'm in the wrong, is Gigi American?

Definitely think the flashback was rather interesting and it's no wonder she elbowed him the face. It's nice to see where she gets the fuel for her fire.

Go Gigi! I'm just sad she's pushing James away :(

Off to the next one!


Author's Response: Oh my gosh TWO YEARS?!?! I didn't know I was writing this story for that long... oh gosh. haha.

Tyler Gates is an easily hatable character, as you will soon learn. You will soon have a very good reason to hate him as well. Gigi and the team definitely deserved the win and I can't wait until she can rub it in his face.

Gigi is American, yes, so that would help explain the 'mom' instead of 'mum'.


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Review #65, by potterfan310The Wallflower: A Favour

26th June 2014:
Hi again!

I was intrigued about which house Lizzie is in and I wanted to say Hufflepuff but another part of me was thinking Gryffindor? I can't believe I got it totally wrong and that she's a Ravenclaw! Now I'm curious as to what house Dylan is in?

Two things - "Despite being in Ravenclaw, the only person I knew in the class was Veronica and Rachel." Instead of 'person' try 'people' because it flows that bit better and Lizzie name's two of them rather than one.

And - "Er, where you–where you talking to me?" - The word 'where' which is for things like where are you? Should be 'were', as in were you talking to me?

Poor Lizzie, I would hate to be in her shoes right now. Mullgrew certainly seems like a strict teacher!

Okay so I love Dom! I just get that feeling that she would be the one to wear the highest heels with her uniform despite it being against the rules and I love it!! I kind of hope that Dom and Lizzie will become friends. Then in turn it means she sees James and what have you, in the process making Veronica insanely jealous because Dom/the Weasley-Potters like her more than Veronica.

Well, well, well. Rachel is definitely not the type of best friend to have.

I'm guessing that James is the seventh year that Lizzie has to tutor. Squee! I'm excited now.

I'm really enjoying those so far and I can't wait for the net chapter!!


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Review #66, by potterfan310The Wallflower: Hogwarts

26th June 2014:

After favourting, I am finally able to get around to reviewing!!

I really like Lizzie so far, I'm curious about her living with her grandparents thought, Have her parents died or something has happened to them? I think the fact that Lizzie made that drastic hair cut is a good thing! Not many OC's tend to have short hair, it's mainly long and flowing so it's such a nice change to see.

Dylan is pretty great I think, he's that typical annoying sibling but their relationship seems pretty close too which I like. I feel like sometimes in fics that siblings either hate one another, barely talk or just get along because they're family. But I think you have the perfect mix going on here. Typical teenage boy about the fact Dylan slept through Rachel's yelling.

Finding a compartment that's empty must be hard. Man James and Rachel going at and finding two people suddenly there. Talk about awkward.

Well Rachel seems like a piece of work. Getting caught with your best friends boyfriend/girlfriend's best friend can't be fun, especially sine they shouldn't be doing that in the first place. I sense drama and lots of it, me thinks. Hopefully Lizzie can use this as some sort of leverage against James and Rachel.

I got a tad confused when Lizzie said she had to find her new room mates. Normally those who get put together in first year, stay together with the same room mates for seven years. Such as Harry, Ron, Seamus, Dean and Neville all shared until 6th year and even after Harry and Ron left, they would have shared for their 7th too.

Ah-ha. My previous question about her parents has been answered! I wanna hug Lizzie and Dylan, poor things.

One teeny little thing I noticed, you missed out an 's off of 'that' - "That what Fred told me!"

Looking forward to the next one!

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Review #67, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Alexa: When Ultimatums are Made

26th June 2014:

Awww noo, I feel so bad for Alexa, especially that awful dream. Bad Albus, for not coming home and being there for Alexa, bad, bad Albus. I feel so bad for Isaac, he's such a cute little guy. Albus better make it up to him because it won't just be Alexa and Ash after him, I will as well :p

I love her name! Dakota Grace, it's adorable. I can't help but wonder if anything is wrong with her? Due to her no talking.

As well as Albus, I think Alexa needs to sort things out with her dad. I'm really curious though as to why the two aren't talking and what's gone down between them.

Whatever happened in January, I need to know. Ahhh such a mystery, I'm so curious! Especially if Isaac and Alexa both miss the person, whose died?

Can't wait for the next one, although hopefully there won't be any tears from me this time.


Author's Response: Hey!

I know, bad Albus. He needs to get his act together, but as the story progresses you'll find out why he's not himself. It'll take awhile for him to be okay again, if I'm honest. But let's hope he tries for Alexa, Isaac and Gracie. :)

I'm so glad you like the name. There's nothing wrong with her, not really. Everything is changed and bad at the moment and, as a toddler, she doesn't understand it, but she sees it and is just as effected by it. Not talking is a coping mechanism of sorts. She'll be okay.

She does. And she'll be told to. But Theo... Theo is a manipulative liar and you didn't see it much in Silver Linings because she sees the best in him and he wasn't in it as much for the reader to see it. But he's here a bit more and Alexa sees it now and she just doesn't know how to talk to him (and Kieron). There's a little bit of history coming back to haunt them. I'm hoping when it comes around, people will have picked up on the clues from Silver Linings, because no one's mentioned them yet...

January was... very bad. More of Theo's history, I will say, so you really see why she can't find it in her to talk to her dad. As to who died, I can't say. It'll come out soon.

Tears... I can't make any promises. Sorry.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #68, by potterfan310Snakes & Ladders: Seven - Ten Weeks

17th June 2014:

I needed a distraction and this is the perfect one!!

Urgh, Marin. She annoys me so much. I feel like she deserves a good old slap. Especially when she told Emilia the baby was just a bunch of cells.

I kind of wish Albus would come around, and a teeny bit of me did want him to come and stop Em but I super happy that she made the decision herself.

Marin is so insensitive, trying to set up Em on date, even after thinking Em would go through with the abortion. Good for Em for standing up to her.

Rose is adorable, I love how she's so worried about Em, Rose is certainly a true friend and a much better one than Marin. N'aww Hermione is just as great as Rose, like mother, like daughter eh?

I miss Albus too!! I need all of Albus' Potter in my life *hint hint* :p

Can't wait for the next!!

Soph xx

P.s I dunno if you noticed I favourited your new James/OC story after hearing about it over at the forums. I will get around to R+R'ing but right now I am forever busy.

Author's Response: Hi :3 glad to see you back!

Marin definitely deserves a slap. Maybe one day... eh ;) I really wanted Albus to rush in and stop Em too, but it wouldn't go along with what I have in store for him. Hopefully you will like the alternative better! I'm really excited to write it -- it's going to be extreme fluff.


Thank you so much for the read and review + also the favourite on my other story :) I saw that you'd faved it yesterday, so much love for that! Don't worry if you NEVER get round to reading it, no pressure eh? take your time :P

- Jess xo

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Review #69, by potterfan310We'll Be a Proper Family (You'll See): Prologue

11th June 2014:

I love Marauders and whilst I never normally read much of it this is fabulous!!! I honestly cannot wait to see how you play the whole story out about Remus and Sirius raising Harry. I definitely think I can see Remus being the stricter one whilst Sirius will let him get away with anything.

Those AU posts are fab aren't they, I'm super glad you've taken inspiration because I think this is going to be super interesting.

You're characterisation is flawless. And I love the tie-in with references to the books/films such as the whole little snippet between Dumbledore and Remus talking about feelings for Grindelwald and Sirus. I think Remus' reaction in the flashback at the start is very realistic, but as James said accidents happen. It wasn't like he and Lily suddenly decided oh there's a war lets have a baby'.

I love some of your stories and I'm super glad you're back into writing again. Definitely adding this to my favourites and I can't wait for chapter 2!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: I love the Marauders too, though this is my first proper story with them - I hope I do them justice! Marauders AU posts are my favourite thing at the moment, so I absolutely had to write this - I'm glad you agree!

I actually wrote a huge meta post on tumblr about that exact thing - the way Dumbledore sees Grindelwald in Sirius and how that affects his judgement, so I had to include a bit of that at least. And there is nothing on this earth that will convince me that Harry was planned - Lily and James were only twenty and in the middle of a war.

Thank you so much! I'm super glad to be writing again, I've missed it! Chapter two won't be too far away (exams? what exams?) and I hope you continue to enjoy! Thanks again for reading!

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Review #70, by potterfan310Last Summer: Ready

7th June 2014:
Dun dun dun... And so Claire has the result.

Emily is such a good friend. Claire really deserves all the hugs right now.

I absolutely love this flashback, It's really nice to see James and Claire's relationship before everything complicated happens. It's almost funny that they used to hate each other before becoming enemies with benefits, and now expecting a baby.

Haha, bless James for getting uncomfortable with Claire joking around about his large box of protection, too funny.

Poor, poor Claire. Having the father of your child's girlfriend finding out your pregnant before him is so not good. That and the fact she (and James) think that it's Albus'.

Gahh so much drama!!! I can't wait for the next one now!! I'm really intrigued as to what's going to happen now with both James and Albus. And of course the evil one who is most likely going to cause trouble.

Three little things; you seemed to swap from writing numbers to using the number and a few things that could be swapped to the British term. "It will take about a minute,” Madame Pomfrey." - I think you forgot the word 'said' after the matron's name.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Soph xx

Author's Response: I absolutely loved writing the flashback in this chapter. I will most likely put in more:) Claire will probably need more hugs in the next chapter (which is already waiting to be validated... YAY!). You'll get to learn more about James too and what is going on with him! I'm excited for you to read chapter 6! Thanks for the review!! I just adore them :)

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Review #71, by potterfan310Last Summer: A Potter Punch

2nd June 2014:

Yay, an update :D

I feel so bad for Claire, I mean it's obvious she really likes James and now he's dating other girls. She needs a hug, *hugs*

The fact she is pretty close to Al is really nice, I hope that when she/James finds out she's pregnant Al will be kind of okay about it and if James goes in a frenzy Al will hopefully make him see sense.

She SOO has feelings for him and it makes me happy! I like that she's got the feeling before she finds out about the baby because it means she's not just falling for James because of the baby, if that makes sense?

Albus is fab! I love him already. He's definitely going to be someone Claire can turn to, I hope if James goes in a frenzy.

Oooh yay, James is jealous!! Maybe this will be the push for him to give in on the sexual tension between him and Claire. It was meant to be :D

HA! I really like how you worked in the little snippets of pregnancy symptoms such as her sickness, hating foods she loved etc... and the fact it's her friend that points out/mentions pregnancy! I don't know why but I love it when someone else puts the thought into the character's head that they could be pregnant rather than the character figuring it out themselves, I just think it's more original in the way you can have someone drop hints/figure it out. Kudos.

Al's certainly playing a fine game of making his brother jealous. I can't help but wonder whether he's got his own feelings for Claire, considering she must have spent quite a bit of time over the Potters?

"I swear, she has a better relationship with that library then she does me." - I love this line, describes Rose perfectly think!!! Bless Scorpius.

E I'm really excited now for the next chapter. Can't wait to read it it. I'm dying to know if Claire sorts things out with James, because obvious they both love one another and of course she takes the test!!!

Few little grammar/spelling mistakes and spacing things such as where Al tells Claire to giggle but it's exactly after he says it not on another line, if that makes sense. It's nothing a read over won't sort out. And over here in the UK we don't use the word 'fall' we call it Autumn.

Soph xx

Author's Response: Hello! I'm glad you liked this chapter! There will be more Albus/James in the future chapters. You have wonderful theories about Al and what will happen with him in this story! I'm excited for you to see what I have planned :) The next chapter is up! And the 6th is around halfway finished and should be done by tonight!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! They always make me smile!

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Review #72, by potterfan310The Truth About Forever: I'm Not Drunk!

29th May 2014:

I should be doing work but shhh!!! I deserve a break :D

Such a mini-me like her mother with her oganisational skills. Rose is weird for liking olives, yucky. I love the theme of the party though, sounds like so much fun.

The sexual tension between Rose and Scoprius is killing me. The fact that they call each other 'Weasley' and 'Malfoy' makes me love them even more! :D ♥

The fact that Rose hits Meredith makes me laugh so much. It reminds me way too much of my friends :p

What's this, Lucy is this same year as Rose and Albus O_O Crazy talk!! But I like since it's never normally done considering she's normally seen as the baby of the family.(And yes I am guilty of this).

Rose and Lily's conversation, I have no words for the start of it, oh dear it seems young innocent Lily is no longer innocent. I can't help but squee at Rose's ship references, too cute.

OH.MY.GOD.!! WHAT? NO!!!???

No, no, no, no. She can't be???

I do ship Lily/Scorpius but no!!! Rose/Scorpius are my babies.

Is the girl that Scorpius, just so happen to be the lovely, crazy Rose?

Yes, Tori and Cara totally ship them ♥♥ Coz I'm not fangirling with them mind :p I am smiling like a Cheshire cat right now, Rose has admitted that Scorpius is hot and he's right behind her. HA! She called him Scorpius!!!

Drunk Rose is far too funny, she needs to be brought out more often :p As does drunk Scorpius. "You still like someone else and I'll never feel your arse." - Seriously though, drunk Rose is awesome.

Aww thank you lovely!!! I am one hundred percent with them, I will forever ship them until they have gotten together and even after that! ♥♥

A few tiny little grammar errors but it's nothing scanning over won't fix.
E.g "I snort, "He's not that cute." - You don't need the comma after I snort, it should really be a full stop.

Did I not say? This happens to be my new favourite chapter, for obvious reasons, I think?

Cannot wait to see what happens next, especially if the next chapter is Rose waking up with a hangover and then she remembers her and Scorp said they like one another. And of course having to face Lily's wrath.

Sophie xx

Author's Response: HEY! (im excited)
ooh I'm glad that this is an escape from work haha :)
She is isn't she? I can imagine Hermione planning parties if she wasn't so busy helping defeat voldemort and everything ;) Olives are amazing- gosh!!
The ultimate way tp be my otp is to call each other by their surnames and be all angsty :)
Yup, I'm exactly the same, my friends and I are like that all the time :)
Yeah, I always feel like Lucy is their age but not necessarily friends with Rose and Al but that's one of the things that I really like about next generation is that you can play around with things like that x
I liked writing that bit, if James/Al/Harry heard her saying that I'd hate to know what would happen though... :)
I can imagine Rose being that crazy fangirl who has all these otps that she cries over (not that that reminds me of myself or anything...?)
Tori and Cara are definitely little ScoRose fangirls haha
I was smiling so hard when I wrote that uhh they are too cute :) and even I was like that too!
You're totally welcome, you make me so happy with all your reviews and I'll be there right alongside you shipping them to the bitter end (I'll message you the rest, it's too long)

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Review #73, by potterfan310Snakes & Ladders: Six - Ten Weeks

27th May 2014:

I actually want to hug Em so bad. She deserves it and man she can do this!!

Hah! poor Hugo in a way, but serves him right for trying to peek. I love how Rose is so clam and that she's so concerned for both Em and the baby. She's right though about her needing to see a healer.

Bless Emilia for throwing up on his shoes, but I guess Al does deserve it in away.

"I'm going to pop round to visit your Aunt Audrey's." - Just thought I'd say you don't really need the "'s" on the end of Audrey's name otherwise it sounds like there's two of them :)

Holy crap, I honestly thought she was going to say Albus and I nearly died on the spot. I am so glad she didn't though, because this way it means that Em and Al still have a chance!!!

I definitely think someone whether it be Rose or Ellis (or even Albus) is going to change her mind. Either that or if she happens to see the baby on a scan when she goes to the clinic and realises she's changed her mind.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, I think? Well I'm not because y'know Marin is probably going to tell Em she's making an awful decisions when she realises she wants to keep the baby and of course I'm looking forward to Em realising what she wants.

Your welcome sweetie! x

Soph xx

P.s On another note this is my 400th review :D

Author's Response: Hellooo,

Em needs a hug from everybody in the world, bless. Especially when she has to deal with a friend like Marin!

Oops thanks for pointing out the typo! I'll correct it when I have to revalidate to add the chapter image in.

Ahh, would I really do that to everyone ;) I don't think I could actually force myself to write a Marin/Al situation. Blerghh.

There's going to be a fair few raised voices in the next chapter, of that I can assure you. I'm looking forward to writing it!

Thanks for the read and review, once more! And also CONGRATS ON 400 REVIEWS! Like, woah.

- Jess xo

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Review #74, by potterfan310The Truth About Forever: Stupid Wannabe Kurt Cobain

26th May 2014:
What;s this another update!!! I'm spoilt for choice :D

Haha, hangover are far from fun. Poor Rosie even though she hasn't got one right now.

I love instantly how the girls suspect that she and Scorpius got it own. I'm starting to think maybe her friends ship them together :p

Oh dear, James' question to Rose about Hugo. I think he deserved the hex. I love the sounds of him so far.

'The Peace Eaters' I can't, oh my so funny and original. Love it!! I have the weirdest image of death eaters dressed like hippies in my head now :p

Rose's personality is just fab and I love your characterisation of her. The whole letter she wrote back to her mum was brilliant!! :D

James and Rose are definitely my favourites, this chapter may be my favourite now!! ♥♥

Can't wait for the next one!

Soph x

Author's Response: Thank the stars that the queue is hella short at the moment haha :)
Tell me about it, I don't think there's much worse in this world than a bad hangover :(
Oh I'm sure they do, and that's what you get for picking dirty-minded/ hopeless romantic best friends haha
This is messing up so I'll pm you x

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Review #75, by potterfan310The Truth About Forever: Side Effects of Pre-Natal Drug Use

26th May 2014:
Oooh yay update!

"Do you ever have those moments where everything around you is blocked out and your brain decides to take you back to a forgotten memory?" - Nope Rose, it's not just you. I do this too :)

Bless Rosie for not realising Hugo's gay. Poor little thing being humiliated in front of the whole school, If I was him I would have died on the spot.

Aww Theo is fab, I love he offered to talk to Hugo. Rose hitting him around the head for him not telling her that he's gay is too funny.

Rose is the best, I love her internal thoughts.But taking a dip in the icy black lake, yeah pretty sure Ron dropped her as a baby :p

"eventually Hugo had pushed Hugo aside and stood" - Did you mean Lily has pushed Hugo or Hugo pushed Lily?

Awww I am so happy Scorpius came to rescue her of sorts, it was inevitable really. ScoRose ♥ Oh my god, the whole Shrieking Shack bit is perfect because they're bonding of sorts.

One thing, might wanna add that Rose gets changed after slipping off Scorpius' robes. Just so she doesn't go running through Hogwarts in her underwear. The end is adorable and I want to hug Hugo and Rose ♥

Love this chapter!!

Can't wait for the next one.

Sophie xx

Author's Response: First off let me just tell you that I really appreciate the amazing reviews you leave me on every single chapter, they make me so happy!! You're incredible :)
I literally do the memory thing all the time too, especially in class haha ;)
I pretty much die if I get humiliated in front of one person let alone the entire school, Hugo is just a very strong person I guess :)
Theo is amazing, he's going to be a real rock for both of them.
Rose is crazy, she's an intelligent idiot haha but yep, pretty sure she got dropped hard.
Uh this is what I get for reading over it at midnight, yeah it's supposed to be Hugo pushed Lily, I'll edit that, thanks for pointing it out! :)
He's like her prince charming coming to save her haha and they're bonding over Scorp's pretentious ramblings which I suppose is better than mandrakes and evil really haha :)
Oh my gosh you gave me the funniest image of Rose running through Hogwarts naked haha yup, I'll be adding something into that x
Me too, Sophie, me too haha x
Thank you so much! It's up already thanks to the short queue! :) I'd love to know what you think of it x
-Alice x

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