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Review #51, by potterfan310Playing for Keeps: Mint Chocolate Chip Memories

8th September 2014:

Ahh we finally have a name!!! Exciting :D I Actually love it and I think her first name suits her kind of, what with her working in a Casino, don't ask about the logic, lol :p

I am so curious as to what the nickname his sister gave her was? Being bulled is never fun, but poor Annie (I assume she goes by this the most?) for being made fun of for her name.

The back story about the two of them, I love. I feel like they both have mutual hate for their names too :p Like them there are major differences between me and my oldest/bestest friend which makes me relate a lot more. I also love that they are both Hufflepuff's rather than any other house.

I can so totally relate to Annie, bless her. I love her so much as a character already!

Ahh so many questions. I'm ever more curious as to Annie's background, especially everything that went down with James. I could be wrong but I'm guessing that maybe Annie has changed her appearance maybe, which is why James doesn't recognise her.

Off to the next one!!


Author's Response: Arrrgggh, I've taken a long time to respond to your reviews because they are just too sweet and there is so much constructive criticism that I need to remember to apply to the chapters! I can assure you that, since I was made a TA yesterday, I will be editing the chapters with your suggestions. Thanks so much for them! I'm American, so I really don't know much about British things. :P

Anyway, to respond to this review:

Yes! A name! Portia is a bit old-fashioned, but it will come to hold incredible importance in her past. That's why she goes by Annie--too many foul memories attached to her first name.

Ah, it will all come in time! But I've got to write about some other things first. Annie's sister will be making an appearance at some point, so we'll see how that interaction plays out!

Hattie is a sweetheart. She's so bubbly and nice, but Harriet is also kind of an old-fashioned name. I would like to think that Hattie likes to wear hats... Is that silly? Hahaha. Annie and Hattie are very different people, but they found each other and they will forever be friends. Undying Hufflepuff loyalty, what! I'm a Ravenclaw, but I wanted to write about Hufflepuffs because I think that they're totally awesome. :)

I'm super glad that Annie is relatable! I didn't want to write about a picture perfect character. It's hard for me to relate to those kinds of characters, and I really enjoy writing from Annie's PoV because she feels so real to me.

Yes, questions! But I'm not revealing much. I CAN say that you are fairly right about the change in Annie's appearance. Well, that is true, but consider the fact that it's been several years since they were at Hogwarts together and James has been living the high life. Perhaps he thinks about Annie sometimes, but he has a picture of her in his mind from when she was at Hogwarts, a picture that is irreconcilable with the way she looks now. Idk, maybe I'm explaining too much? Eventually you shall see my reasoning behind this extreme lapse in James's memory. :D


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Review #52, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Alexa: When Talking Begins

7th September 2014:

I LOVE the idea of Alexia's company, even if she can't decided on a name :p It may sound stressful but I think it sounds like a lot of fun, wedding planning!

Ha, if I'm thinking correctly, Nikolas is a Demarcus, Hopratio's brother right. It's quite funny picturing him working in a daycare :p

Albus finally isn't working, hooray! It's a miracle.

Rose's job, sounds brilliant! Plus it's one of the most original ones I think I've ever read about :D

Finally Al and Lexi will get to talk, hopefully!! Then Thursday cannot quick enough to find out whether they do. Can't wait for the next one, I'm quite excited since Al and Lexi will talk.


Author's Response: Hey!

Alexa has been planning things like that her whole life, so of course she finds making a career out of it a lot of fun. And she doesn't mind that kind of stress. :)

Haha! Nikolos is Horatio's brother, yes. I was talking to alicia and anne about Nik's career and I was like daycare because he can't go near bad stuff there and it was a YES! (literally) and he just is now. It's gonna be very good for him. :D

Albus is not working at the Ministry. He's not ready to completely stop... yet. ;)

I'm glad you like Rose's job. She loves it, too!

Finally! They will talk... on Thursday. I promise. It'll be a start.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #53, by potterfan310bloom.: bloom

7th September 2014:

This is beautiful!! ♥

I've never thought of Poppy being someone who got married or had a child so young. But this is just beautiful and the whole flow is just perfect as it goes from one bit of her life to the next effortlessly.

I practically never read stories about anyone such as the staff at Hogwarts so this is so nice to read for a change. The way you've characterised Poppy is amazing, I love how she is so headstrong and determined to find out whether her daughter could have been saved. The fact that she was inspired by wanting to helping those with children are born with the same condition, shows how strong she is despite everything she has been through whether it be at home or with her now ex-husband.

There's a part in Poppy that as I've read this, I've related to. The ambition to go into the medical field is one of mine too, especially as I have a connection to a specific field. The ending was perfect, the fact she had helped to save Nicholas and was then able to see and hold him, all the feels. ♥

She got there in the end which is what I love the most, she never gave up on her daughter or even in finding a cure. ♥ I literally have no words to describe this one-shot because I love it so much. ♥♥


Author's Response: thanks so much!!

I had never really thought about Poppy at all before I started writing this, but I'm glad you think this worked, even if it was an unexpected approach! i really like challenging people's ideas of what a certain character's life might have been like :D

I seem to be writing about the Hogwarts staff quite a lot for challenges lately! it's always so much fun to take a character we know nothing about and tell their story, try and figure out how they got to the place they are today.

going into the medical field is a big and awesome ambition, so good luck! i couldn't really relate to that at all - my mains area of work is creative writing, ahahah, but i do also work with babies and toddlers sometimes, so i could really relate to the nurturing side of her and why she would be so good at working with children.

you're way too sweet, i'm so glad you liked it! ♥ ♥


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Review #54, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Hugo: When Something Wicked This Way Comes

7th September 2014:

When you said surprise, I didn't think it would be in Hugo's POV!

I am even more curious as to everything that's gone on now!

I really hope Lexi's threat to Hugo to tell Al to remember things works. Though if he isn't working, what is that boy doing? He should be with Lexi and the kids!! Hopefully Lexi will manage to kicks Albus' butt before knocking some sense into him.

The job thing with William, my curiosity grows, Maybe this has something to with what happened in January. But it's got to do with Albus for sure

Off to the next one!


Author's Response: Hey!

I know right! Me neither when I first starting planningt his story, but there's a subplot that makes Hugo kinda vital. Plus he's interesting. ;)

Al isn't working at the Ministry, but he has a non-a Ministry related job. Here's hoping... *isn't quite sure even though she's writing it*

It's got to do with both those things...

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #55, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 38: Hormones

5th September 2014:
Heyyy, me again!

Scorpius, baby!! Why are you doing this me, all the feels!? HE AND ROSE NEED TO GET TOGETHER NOW, PRONTO!

Seriously the two of them are adorable and the baby kicking was the perfect little thing to bring them together! ♥♥

Yes, if the two of them were dating it would be perfect ♥ *hint hint*

"so either you carry around this little spawn of Satan" - Hormonal Rose is bloody brilliant!! XD Shame she can't stay just to tease Scorpius.


The parents were hella right about them living at the cottage, some good has come from it!

Small thing but it sounded a little off, try myself instead of me. "me, Dom and Lily were bridesmaid"

Cannot wait for the next chapter!!!

A very happy/excited Potterfan310

Author's Response: ALLL the feels just to ease you into the chapter with a punch to the heart :P

Yes, hooray for the baby kicking :P

Hormonal Rose, while fun to play with, probably isn't all that fun to be around!

Aww, they pretty much do go official now. More cuteness to come at the wedding, on all sides.

Thanks for the CC - when I've finished the fic I'll go back and clean everything up :)

Glad you liked it, thanks as ever - look forward to hearing from you next chapter :D

-Sarita x

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Review #56, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 37: Belle Cottage

5th September 2014:

Aww bless Rose, her hormones getting the better of her. Baby duckies are adorable though! Poor Rose having them all make fun of her, don't suppose that helps her and her crying.

James and Sarah, ahhh they NEED to go official already, it's killing me!!

Trust Ron to try and intimidate Scorp, at least he didn't react. I feel like Ron's got a lot more little things up his sleeve since Scorp did get Rose pregnant. "Dad looked slightly put out, like he'd rather be referred to as 'Sir' or 'Master of the Weasley house' or 'King Ron of the United Kingdom of Weasleys'" - Of course he does, this makes me laugh so much, lol. Typical Ron XD

Cottage, that isn't a cottage :O The place sounds huge! Though I suppose by Malfoy standards it's teeny compared to the Manor.

Nooo the two of them need to stop being so awkward around one another. Maybe even sleep in the same room. They need to sort themselves out before the baby comes. *Shakes some sense into both of them*

Off to the next one!


Author's Response: Aww, I know, but it wouldn't be the gang unless they were all making fun of each other :P
Sarah and James will come soon, as well as tons of ScoRose fluff and cuteness :)

Haha I'm glad that made you laugh - I go the feeling Ron wouldn't just let someone knock up his daughter and then swagger around the place without a warning :P

Yes, I wanted to make a kind of joke with the 'cottage' thing - Malfoy standards are kind of extravagant!
I hope the next chapter is all you'd hope :P

-Sarita x

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Review #57, by potterfan310Last Summer: Apologies

4th September 2014:

Poor Claire, I feel like since her parents are muggles, though correct me if I'm wrong, that they don't care too much about her per say as they are busy with work and such. I feel like her mum isn't going to take the pregnancy news so well, when Claire tells them.

HA! I love Rumor number two. If only James was. *sigh*

URGH, ANGELINE LIKE WHY! How does she pop up everything when secrets are getting told!?!?

Ahh it may be cliche but I do love a good old broom cupboard romance! Plus I LOVE Lily even more for doing it! ♥

Bless Claire but James, I don't know whether to love him or hate him right now.

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie ♥

Author's Response: Hello, hello! I am so sorry I haven't responded until now. I'm glad you are liking it! And yes, Claire's parents are muggles. Her dad is fascinated with magic while her mother dislikes a lot. The next chapter should be up soon. I'm finishing it up hopefully tonight. I'm so so so so sorry for the long update wait.



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Review #58, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where James Convinces Me To Break The Rules

4th September 2014:

Woodwork, what a subject. One of the most pointless ones ever I think, I once made a box that now sits around empty. So much for useful :p Poor James and Abi, though is it wise allowing James to use a hammer? XD Somehow I feel James' product would be like Patrick's clock from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I cannot see otherwise :p


Snowball, oh my god that cat is a cutie!

Loratio ♥

"Yeah, it takes a lot to not sneak around and spy on people, or go places I'm not meant to." - I don't know why but I get the feeling that maybe James has spied on Abigail, maybe that's his secret. Hmm.. Or he's been in the Hufflepuff common room???

You have no idea how many times towards the end I was thinking they were going to kiss, but nooo my hopes were crushed. But still they are practically cuddling!!!

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: Hey!

It really is, isn't it? I made a box too that does nothing and doesn't even have anything in it haha. Oh no, it's not wise at all letting James have any dangerous objects around him. Haha yes! YES IT WOULD! Hahahahaa

He does! He's so smitten with her and she won't believe it, I just want to shake her and make her see! You can buy a James at all good Potter shops :P


Maybe James has, the little stalker he is! :D I wouldn't put it passed James to have gone into every common room.

Aw, you have no idea how many times my muse keeps trying to make them before it's time to do so!

Thank you so much Sophie! You are so awesome and I love you!

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Review #59, by potterfan310The Truth About Forever: Funerals Are For The Living

4th September 2014:

Rosie Posie, WHY DO YOU DO THIS ME!?!?! All the feels. Poor Rosie, I just want to hug her tight, and Hermione because asdfghjkl their talk ♥♥

Teddy, my baby. ♥ I have lots of love for Teddy Lupin ♥♥

Lily is soo right! Scorpio does like Rosie, I am one hundred per cent sure!

Scorpius working? Instead of at a party, boy he must be ill or something :p

SCOROSE ♥ MY BABIES WHY DO YOU DO THIS!?! ALL THE FEELS! STOP BREAKING MY HEART FOR THEM! AWW they need to get together. I don't care how, they just do!

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie ♥

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Review #60, by potterfan310Hotel Artemis: five

4th September 2014:

I LOVE your Narcissa and I am so glad she's back. Your characterisation of her is by far the best, especially since she's strict but I honestly think she's got a soft side to her as well.

The whole idea for this story, I adore it. Especially it being set in a hotel managed by Narcissa of all people! The band sounds pretty awesome, lucky Mike and Jo for working when they came in.

The descriptions of Jo's dress, man is sounds stunning!! Wish I was Jo right then!

Patrick is so cute, bless him, he and Jo go well together! Plus their banter is just brilliant! But there's a teeny problem named Louis Weasley, who I definitely think will work his way even more back into Jo's life. Ahh Patrick is so fab, I love him. I do hope he and Jo do date properly at some point.

As always another great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!


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Review #61, by potterfan310Lethargic: Others Say I'm Shameless

4th September 2014:

Haha, I love Carrie so much. Thinking it's morning when it's afternoon, oh dear lol. Her head of house, man she's brilliant too. She honestly reminds me of me in ways and I love her character so, so much. Oh my god, Carrie singing the song, HA! Carrie is literally the best.

Dom is practically pimping out her cousins to Carrie, Dom is by far my second favourite (Carrie is first of course :p).

James, oh James. He's certainly different from how I've read him before. The meanie, poor Harry Porter. Carrie hugging him XD

Honestly Can't believe Carrie gave Harry her own knickers, man that girl is brave. James' reaction is just priceless, I swear deep down he wants Carrie maybe. But Carrie so wants him, even if she does deny it by saying it isn't the time :p

I love Brett so much, he's my third favourite lol. Him and Carrie are just wow! Those two together, I kind of ship them more than Carrie and James right now. I just hope James doesn't mess up their relationship too much.

Two teeny tiny things, Dom said 'mom' instead of mum just after she explains about Carrie singing the song. And when Carrie is on her way to Gryffindor she says about wearing a skirt is easier than pants, but over here pants are underwear/knickers. We say trousers instead of pants.

Dun, dun, dun. Uh-oh. Of course it's James! I feel like he's going to get flustered if he finds Brett, realising what the two were up too, like he did in the previous chapter with Carrie and her blouse and then this one with Carrie giving Harry Porter her underwear.

Can't wait for the next one, so much drama ahead.

Soph x

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like Carrie so much, hopefully, you'll continue to like her throughout the whole story. Dom is my third favorite character just because of her personality.

I've really tried to step away from the cliche James Potter that's very arrogant to a more insecure James Potter that is dealing with the pressure of his father's name. So that's kind of where James got his uptight personality from.

Carrie does some crazy things and she will probably continue to do those crazy things, but she'll think about her actions...hopefully.

I wouldn't be so worried about James messing up Carrie and Brett's relationship. I'm sure the two of them can mess it up without his help. Brett is an interesting guy I guess. I wasn't expecting him to be so popular with readers.

I will work on the mum instead of mom thing as well as the trousers thing. Thank you for telling me! :)

Thank you so much for leaving such a nice review. I really appreciate it. :)

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Review #62, by potterfan310the fear of falling apart: Eating & Growing

3rd September 2014:

Molly, poor baby, she has no one love her.I LOVE Molly II so much along with Rose, Lily and Dom and I just want to scoop her up and hug her for infinity.

Urgh Lorcan noo leave Molly and don't come back. How can he be so unexcited for Christmas, it may only be September but I'm excited already :p


Haha yes I did Equalize my hate for Lorcan to Umbridge - the boy must go!

I love the little hints about Rose and the baby, shame you didn't give anything away about the gender or name. I just hope she's together with Scorpius *hint hint*.

Can't wait for the last two, I need to know what happens to Molly. Hopefully she leaves Lorcan at last!!!

Soph x

Author's Response: Hey Soph!

Thanks so much for the review. You're the only person who does seem to like Molly II. I know Lorcan is so bad! I hated doing that, but writing him like this was so necessary and I think it kind of fits. Especially since he's Luna's son, I mean, some people just don't realize how awesome they have it!!

LOL Lorcan=Umbridge. Fantastic!

Thanks so mcuh for the lovely review!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #63, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Cold

26th August 2014:

After the last chappie I honestly didn't think I could love James and Abi even more. They are so perfect I want to bang their heads together and say "now kiss!"

I feel just like Abi right now, bless her. *Warm hugs*

Surprise, surprise Michelle is still being nice :O Shock horror.

ASDFGHJKL my adorable radar is off the scale. These two make me smile so much when they interact! James' secret is that he likes Abigail, I am sure of it. They have to date sooo bad!!!

Can't wait for the next one.

Sophie :D

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! *HUGS*

They just get cuter and cuter don't they? I just want to squish them and declare my love for them! I want to do that too! haha

I know! Michelle is being nice and it's scary!

Haha I love that you have an adorable radar! hehe his secret will come out! Don't you worry!

Thank you hun! :D

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Review #64, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Plans To Elope

26th August 2014:

HA! siblings are the worst, trying to stick their nose in on your social life.

Bless James, I am SUPER glad he still went to see Abigail despite having a hangover. Serves him right :p The cutie, dressing up as super hero's, honestly can James get any cuter??♥

They SO need to elope to Vegas! ♥ LET THEM DO IT!!

HOLDING HANDS, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME! Seriously the two need to get together already! ♥♥

Chips and curry sauce is seriously the best food ever!!! Especially when drunk :p James made a fabulous food choice! Always thought it was a Welsh thing but apparently not. If it was a half and half with curry sauce it would have been even better :p

"Well, I've never heard the word 'unbelievable' whilst I've been in bed, but I will quite happily give it a try if you're willing?" - SERIOUSLY, JAMES IS SOO PERFECT. ABI JUST SAY YES! ♥♥

Off to the next one, you do spoil us with updates. Not that I'm complaining :D


Author's Response: Siblings are the worst! haha Darryl is going to have a lot of fun with James :D

I'm glad he went too, although he is adorable when hungover. He just wants to rest and he's willing to make himself feel terrible if it means seeing Abigail.


Hahaha I'm glad! It makes me happy too!

IT IS! It's my favourite go to food when I'm hungover. Maybe it's not just a Welsh thing? I'm not Welsh and I love it!

Haha oh she will say yes... one day she shall :D

THank you!!! I'm going to try and spoil you all with more updates soon I promise!

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Review #65, by potterfan310The Last Snowy Feather: Biding Her A Silent Farewell

26th August 2014:

Here for the August Gryffie review swap.

I rarely read The Trio whether it be before or after the war but this is perfect. I thought it was going to be darker but it's not, it's delicate and beautiful.

Harry definitely didn't have enough time to mourn Hedwig at all, like he said she was his first friend. Which I think as well, since she was the one spending all the time with Harry and having to endure being locked in too. *Hugs to Harry*

The quote when Harry said it was his connection to Ron, Hermione and the wizarding world made me tear up slightly.

Teeny tiny thing, "Hermione kneel next to him." - This sentence sounded a little off, knelt would work better than kneel.

That last line is perfect, Harry has finally said his goodbye and in a way it's like he's seeing her fly again. This is a beautiful little one-shot!


Author's Response: Hi! Hehe, someone else said that as well... Maybe it's because of the banner I made. Maybe, I'll change it sooner or later.

I am glad you that you like this. I really wish Rowling had at least have Harry mourning of her like around the ending of the book... or exactly when he made it to safety after being chased by the DEs.

Thanks for the catch! I'll fix that!

Ah! Thanks! ♥ Thank you for reading and reviewing, and I will get to reading your story as well!

- Asphodel

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Review #66, by potterfan310Impact: Irritation

26th August 2014:

Despite feeling like death warmed up this has made me laugh so much!! I love it so far, especially as you have Ceci (Is it short for something?) as Scorp's cousin on the Greengrass side unlike having her be some Malfoy relative like I've read before.

It's sooo nice to see that Albus/Louis/Scorp are all friends since I normally picture Louis as younger, but I like it! Refreshing for a change, especially Al being in Gryffindor.

I feel for Ceci, being the slightly awkward, shy one is no fun but I hope she comes out of her shell soon. I'm certainly curious as to why she is living at Malfoy Manor and not with her parents, unless they live there too? Hmm...

Albus Potter *drools* Ahh I love him already :p

Definitely adding this to my favourites. Can't wait for Chapter two!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: Ahh thank you so much for your review and your favorite - they made me so happy! I was going for something a little different, so I'm really glad you like it so far. Don't worry, the answers to all your questions will be revealed in time :) Chapter 2 is up, 3 is in the queue, and I'm tweaking 4 right now. Hopefully you keep enjoying it - please let me know what you think!

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Review #67, by potterfan310The Truth About Forever: Your Wilting Rose

21st August 2014:

Ahhh I'm kind of glad that it isn't Molly, but Hermione's mum. Poor Rose *hugs* It's horrible having to watch a family member go through that. I feel crying now, aww Rosie.

Her one letter to Cara made me laugh though.

"Dear Cara,
I'm sorry about Sunday when I threw up in the sink and got some on your toothbrush.

Ahh this chapter, full of feels

Looking forward to the next one.

Soph xx

Author's Response: Hey!
In the original thoughts I had for this story, it was going to be Molly who died but it in the end I'm glad it played out the way it did :) I couldn't ever kill Molly haha x
I swear to God that that has actually happened to me before; my sister full on threw up on my toothbrush!!
Thank you so much for another great review, you know how much I love them :)
Next one is going in the queue tonight!!
Thank youu x
-Alice x

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Review #68, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One When I Go Home For Christmas

21st August 2014:

Ahh I love that we finally get to see Abigail's family! Exciting stuff.

Christmas in August :p I kind of feel Christmassy now. I'm with Abigail I LOVE decorating the tree, so much fun :)

Sibling love, haha all over protective. I love seeing Abigail at home, especially her family ♥

James is serious adorable and I love him ♥ Annnd he's sending Abigail a present and it makes me so happy :D His letter just asdfghjkl I want ten of him ♥

Ahh I can't wait for the next one now :D

Author's Response: You'll see more of them soon! I promise and soon enough James will meet the family!

Haha I feel really christmassy around now, I love decorating too, in fact I'm going to decorate mine in a minute.

Her family are very protective over her, god help James when he finally meets them.

The next chapter is up! :D

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Review #69, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where James is a Loser

21st August 2014:

We're ignoring my 'calculations' in my last review since I wrote it the day before I posted as I was busy :p

I currently feel like it's December not August because it's freezing!!! Hot chocolate with marshmallows sounds sooo good right now :p

James has been looking for her all day!! He so loves her, it's meant to be :D Sneaky James with the Marauders Map, I want one of him. He's like a little lovable puppy ♥ Sharing Comic books, I honestly love these two so much. I feel like their dates would be watching Marvel films or just reading Comics :p

The smell of new books ♥

It's bye bye Rebecca, thank god!


Soph ♥

Author's Response: Haha :D

It is December! (I'm totally writing this response super late and for that I'm sorry!) Oooo hot chocolate and marsmallows are yummy! I want one now :D

Oh yes! He so does! He can't deny it. Haha he is like a lovable puppy!

They both give me such fluffy feels! I love them so much too! haha their dates so should be!

Hahaha thank you so much Sophie!!

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Review #70, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One After The Quidditch Match

14th August 2014:
Yoo hoo,

Now if my calculations are correct I believe this is the 80th review on this!! Congratulations :D

Rebecca is so after James. You can tell. Isabella is such a good friend, bless her. I hope there's more interaction between her and Abigail to come. Urgh James, just why? Unless he's trying to make Abigail jealous, that is my only sane/justified reason for him doing it right now.

Hugs for Abigail, bless her. Bad James!

Literally love this and James and Abigail and you of course ♥♥ *squishes*

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: YOO HOO! *waves*

You are right! THANK YOU!!!

Oh she so is! I agree entirely! Isabella will stop her, she's a good friend for Abigail and needs to replace Michelle.

*hugs her too*

Awww thank you! I LOVE YOU! SO MUCH!!! :D You're seriously one of my favourite people on this site! and your reviews make me so happy :D

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Review #71, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where We Talk About The Future

14th August 2014:

Michelle is still being nice? Someone must have slipped that a girl a potion or put a charm on her something :p

James is adorable, bless him. I LOVE him and his characterisation especially as he's got the geeky side to him to.


Definitely a different side of Hugo I've heard about now.

AHH SHE PRACTICALLY CUDDLED HIM! WhAt!? They are so perfect for one another, why cannot they admit it to one another, and maybe their self (I'm looking at Abigail, still being in denial about her feelings for him).

James would probably fall head over heels if and when he finds out who Abigail's dad is. Hopefully the day James gets to meet him he'll turn into a starstruck, gawky, bumbly mess of a boy who is so adorable.

Off to the next one!


Author's Response: Hey!!

I know!! It's crazy! Something is definitely up with her, someone must have slipped her a potion or a charm.

Yay! I love him too! He is such a geek, he keeps it hidden from others though and Abigail helps to bring it out.

She did! They are so perfect for each other! They need to be together all the time and admit to their feelings!!

Haha he really will, it will come out soon and I can't wait for you to read that chapter! I'm so excited for it :D

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Review #72, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Almost Trip To The Hospital Wing

13th August 2014:

Three updates, man you spoil us :p

Michelle being nice :O Have aliens abducted the real her? Well I know whose going on my dislike list, Rebecca for sure. Oh she's got it in for Abigail, me thinks that she believes Abi has her eyes on James but now Rebecca wants him? Hmm...

Poor Abigail but I agree with the cold legs thing, lol. I used to wear leggings under my trousers I used to be that cold :p I can't imagine what it'd be like in the castle with just fires for warmth.

Snowball just sounds adorable!!

HE SENT HER A LETTER, HE LIKES HER FOR SURE! Even if it was just to help him study. And he cares about her enough to offer to carry! her to the Hospital Wing. Love is in the air, I swear.

"Besides, theres someone else thats caught my eye." - YESSS, It's Abigail for sure!

They are so awkwardly cute together and just asdfghjkl.

Ahh sibling love.

James' secret is Abigail!!! IT HAS TO BE!

Off to the next one :D

Sophie x

Author's Response: I do spoil you! It's because I love you all so much! :D

I think they must have! it's the only explanation I have for her being nice. Rebecca's on my list too, she needs to leave James and Abigail alone!

I do that too! It would be so cold in that castle.

I love Snowball haha, he's such a fluffy lovable cat.

HE DID! HE LIKES HER! Love is definitely in the air!

Haha James is giving so many hints.

They are! I just want to hug them all the time.

Haha James' secret will come out soon.

Thank you Sophie!

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Review #73, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 36: And So It Begins

13th August 2014:

Bless Rose for feeling like crap. But not that long now for her at least and there shall be a baby Malfoy!!

My love for James continues to grow every chapter and I want one of him :p

Scorpius totally LOVES Rose, I just hope he does something about it. Albus ships them I swear he is definitely got influence over Scorp, he best have made an impact on him.

Can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: I know, imagine that!

Haha I can just imagine the adverts for a James of your very own - 'Pick your patented James doll up at your local supermarket today!'

Yes, Albus does have an influence over both Scorpius and Rose, and he does try and use it to their advantage :)

Thanks as ever :D

-Sarita x

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Review #74, by potterfan310The Truth About Forever: James Serious Potter

13th August 2014:


"but the real magic was last night underneath the sheets." - I laughed so hard, omg XD

WHAT? NO you did not just make me believe it as well as Cara and Tori. Damn I got so happy just then. Rose is a fabulous liar, that's for sure.

"I did that thing where you write Mrs Blonde Sam the Hufflepuff Fourth Year all over my textbooks" - Seriously can your Rose get any more brilliant, I love her more and more each chapter! ♥

JAMES AND CARA ACTUALLY DID THE DEED. Jara is what I shall call them :p James I love him, he and Rose are by far my favourites and I kind of want one of him. The loveable idiot/bad boy. It's official James and Cara NEED to get together. ♥ ♥

Only a minor thing but every now and again there wasn't a proper gap between sentences, if that makes sense?

NOOO, how could you leave it there. Can't wait for the next one, I just hope it isn't sad!

Soph x

Author's Response: Hi!
Haha I was thinking of you when I wrote that bit!! I'm sorry haha :')
Thank youu I love Rose too :)
JAMES AND CARA DID THE DEED INDEED! Me too, I need my very own James Potter to be honest. Jara4Life
Uhhh I know I noticed this after I'd already submitted it (and a few other points) and since the queue was closing I just decided to leave it, but thanks for pointing it out! I'm thinking of doing a big grammar etc. check on all my chapters soon :)
The next one has a bit of a change of tone, but I hope you still like it and I can't wait to see what you think! I'll be submitting it after the queue re-opens :)
Thanks again, literally without your reviews I don't even know if I'd still be writing :)
-Alice x

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Review #75, by potterfan310Hormones: The Dragon's Nest

13th August 2014:

Urgh Parise is an idiot. At least Freddie told the whole truth, bless him. Bless Annie for apologising, she's a good girl at heart.

You fancy her, Freddie, don't lie to yourself. You probably more than fancy her because she's Ryan sodding Davies and is carrying your kid. I will never give up on any hopes of Fryan, ever! ♥

Oh my god, Molly wants Freddie AND Ryan at The Burrow, boy is that going to be a barrel of laughs.


Ginny slapped him and I have tears from laughing so much. The interrogation is just brilliant, bless Freddie. Angelina's painted a nursery and this makes me so, so happy!


Roxy and Freddie talked, hallelujah, and hugged! At least Malfoy isn't around to ask if he wants to play golf XD Aww Molly is making her a Weasley jumper, she's certainly part of this family whether she wants to be or not.


Can't wait for the next one!

Soph :D

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