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Review #51, by potterfan310Psychos and Psychologists : Problem Number Nine

8th December 2013:

Aww I love that Coral loves Sherlock! I do to, but the TV show not the book :D

Poor Coral being so confused. Aimee seems like a real complex character, and I'm intrigued to see of get to know more how her back story.

So much for helping, I wonder why Aimee is dead set on Coral not helping Al. Go Coral for standing up to Aimee, I really think that Coral cares about Al and not just that she has to help him deal with his issues.

My Albus theories keep on changing, now I'm starting to get a feeling that maybe Aimee messed Al up which is why she doesn't want him to have help? Maybe...

Aww no! Louis and Nell :( That makes me sad, poor Nell. Haha Kenny saying that Bacon solves everything reminds me of my one friend who loves the stuff, lol:)

Coral/Albus action yay! *Happy Dance* And she said she liked his eyes, please, please can we count that as flirting??

Go Coral in getting Al to speak, I'm super happy!

My only CC would be the gaps between paragraphs and when Louis mentioned his crush - "Well, I was telling her about my first grade crush" - I know it's the American school system but like I have zero clue as to what it means because their called different things in the UK, so you might want to say the age he was instead to avoid confusion.

YES, I can be put out of my misery and ever changing Albus theories. I cannot wait to find out what's really going on with him.

James/OC? I love it as much as Albus/OC!! I'll be keeping an eye out.

Soph xx

Author's Response: Sherlock is everybody's favourite isn't it? :D

Things about Aimee and of course Albus will be revealed as the story goes along! I don't want to ruin the suspense for any of you!

Haha, is it mean that i feel happy that they keep changing? :P Don't worry you'll find out soon enough :)

Coral and Al progress? HELL YEAH :D

Thank you for pointing those out - i'll definitely go back and fix them!As usual, thanks for the lovely review :3 xx

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Review #52, by potterfan310The Common Welsh Green: How To Be The Favourite Child

8th December 2013:

"Even better, the more people to get James in trouble in front of." - Hehe I love this because it brings out more of Lily's personality and shows she's a little bit mischievous and a tell tale.

Aww I think it's kinda sweet Ginny's trying to match make with Lily, I mean she is her only daughter. But I do agree with Lily, I think if I was her I would hate it as well.

Yay, aww Rosie's got a baby and with Scorpius. Cute!! Love Scorose : D I'm a bit curious is this story linked to 'Don't Say The 'P' Word' by any chance? As in it's like Rose+Scorp in the future with their little one?

I like that Lily got nervous and started babbling about looking at the prospective healers. I'm in agreement with Lily, being the youngest is great and like she said I could probably get away with murder :p

Lily's dreams are interesting and I can't wait to find out more about Austin!! Lily's personality has definitely shined through more in this chapter. She's great!!

My only two things would probably be 'couch' and 'wallet' as they're more American terms. 'Sofa' and 'Purse' (A wallet is generally used by men than women) would be the UK versions.

Can't wait for the next one!

Soph xx

P.S Such a pretty banner!! And UP C38 is in the queue :D

Author's Response: Thanks, I was considering it being that, but I'm not sure what Rose is going to do with her future yet, so maybe not! Well see!!

Jealous that you're the youngest! I'm the oldest and I get in trouble for EVERYTHING. Glad you liked this chapter!! More Austin is on the way, he's in high demand!!

Thanks for the corrections on the Americanisms!!

xoxo LL

P.S. *runs in circles until she can get home to read it*

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Review #53, by potterfan310Don't Say The "P" Word: It All Ends In Fire and Ice

2nd December 2013:

Although Al did kinda go crazy, him and Rose are so adorable together. Cousinly love, I love it when they're written as really close and I think I've read/written it so much it truly has become my head canon.

"No, but you're having some." - Either I'm being picky (sorry) or I'm just odd :p but it sounded a little off, try 'one' instead of 'some'.

Lily is cute, love that she's genuinely worried about Rose bless her. I have quite a nasty suspicion about Blair, even though she's Rose's friend I think maybe she may be one to cause a lot of drama when she finds out.

I literally have such a big smile right now on my face, Rose is so like her mother!! I love how she goes to the library to study despite everything that is going on and I guess in a way it's her way of trying to keep things normal even though everything from now on in is so not gonna be normal :)

Super duper glad that Scorpius was the one to find Rose and ask to talk rather than the other way around, which I think is normally a bit overdone so yay for straying from cliche!!

Rose is brilliant and I love how you've characterised her, especially her little comments or thoughts which make me laugh. Especially this line - "I think we all know who I do in my free time." Pure brilliance!

Scorpius is so darn cute and I want him! I am beyond glad he's told Rose how he feels and that they're now together *Happy dance* Squeee, oh Rosie fire and ice go perfectly together!!

Absolutely loved it and I am super happy right now :D

There were a few teeny tiny things, like missing fullstops and a few I's that need to be capitlised.

Much love,
Soph xx

Author's Response: Hey! I love your reviews!

I totally agree about Al and Rose, they're a great cousin combo, and I can't wait to write about them more. He's definitely going to be her biggest rock in all of this. As for that line, it's actually something my friends brother said to her when he found out she was expecting, and it was so overdramatic I felt like it was perfect to put in there. But I will read it over and consider the change! Thanks!

I love how genuine Lily is, even if she's not the best at keeping secrets, or timing. I also think you're right to be suspicious of Blair.

Yeah, I felt that it would be very fitting of her to distract herself by doing something she loved. I think you're going to see her doing a lot more of what she loves, rather than thinking about how she wished she had done it.

Thanks for the compliment on her character. Rose is my favourite person to write about... Ever. So it's really fun and interesting to have her character grow and add in fun little things like those comments. She's so smart and witty that the comments suit her really well.

Right? I wish he was my boyfriend!! I loved using the fire and ice reference, I wanted them to get together earlier in the story because so many people make the drama all about them. But I feel like with them having a history, the main drama should be about them dealing with the kid their gonna have!

I'm so glad you loved the chapter!! Thanks so much for the review! I'll go back through and look for mistakes and highlight them for when I revise all of the chapters!!

Thanks again! and 12/10 WOWZERS! SQUE!

xoxo LL

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Review #54, by potterfan310The Common Welsh Green: Trying To Ride A Dragon

1st December 2013:
Hi there,

The summary made me what to inquire further and here I am. I'm sort of excited about this, it has a good feel to it! And I like your writing style and flow. I love Lily II, she's one of my favourite next gen characters and there are certainly not enough stories about her so yay!! I love the it about potions because face it Harry wasn't all that good until he had help of the Half-Blood Prince, aka Snape. It's the little touches like that I love in next gen stories because it links back to the original adventures. Again if I'm not mistaken wasn't Healer Smethwyck at St. Mungo's when Arthur was in, in Order? Me like :)

I really like this and your description of St. Mungo's and that Lily is a healer mainly because that's sort of what Flick want's to do in UP and plus I think being a healer would be a really cool job. Imagine all of the different things you would see.

James is brilliant, I love him already and the part about him saying Lily is his favourite sister and she reminds him she's his only sister I thought was super great because my one brother does it to me all the time and it just made me smile. Him trying to ride a dragon is priceless, me thinks he needs some lesson off his Uncle Charlie.

I think you missed out the gap between the paragraphs where Lily is on about the different floors and when she takes her coat off. And the second I'm guessing you might be American, although I could be wrong (So correct me if I am) but you said 'vacation' when Lily is on about it being quiet and at the end when she's on about Austin staying over, but in the UK it's generally called a 'holiday' rather than a vacation.

When James says, "Cmon, Lil! Dad did it with Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione!" you need an apostrophe in c'mon. And when Lily said to James, "And we can finish the rest of the reparation work." It sounded a little odd, maybe try 'repair work' instead. Add a space between 'past times' as well.

I'm certainly adding this to my favourties, I can't wait to find out more about Lily's old crush!! There really aren't enough stories about her life after Hogwarts on here!!

I'm intrigued about Austin and I like that it's an OC rather than one of the Scamander twins or even Scorpius. I'm looking forward to seeing/finding more about his back story and how Lily came to like him and how she's going to be more than his 'best friends little sister'. A really good start.

Soph xx

P.s Chapter 37 of UP is in the queue, and should be up soon :)

Author's Response: Hi!!

Yay I love your reviews!

Yes you are correct about Healer Smethwyck. I didn't want to create a new healer, and I felt like using him would really tie a connection in for those who remembered. Plus it's always fun to have that one old person who won't quit.

I was actually thinking of Harry's lack of potions skills when I decided she not be good at potions. I definitely wanted to make Lily an overachiever, especially since she's trying to prove herself in a way that no one in her family has.

I adore Lily II as well! I must admit, I would never pair her with Scorpius. I love scorose WAY WAY WAY too much to do that. I was actually afraid to write a story about her, because she's so different for me, so your review is encouraging!

Ah, you caught me! I am indeed an American. Changing the terms is the thing that makes it hardest for me. I have loads of friends in the UK, but it's not the same, there's only so much you can pick up. I mean, I've adopted saying twat, bloke, wanker, shag, brilliant and bloody because of them, but that's because they say them all the time.

Thanks for the corrections, I'm going to do a clean sweep and clean up all of my chapters in all of my stories in a few chapters' time, I think, that way they're all good and new, so I'll definitely fix those and try to erase my Americanisms.

I'm so happy you like it enough to add it to Favs!! I feel like there aren't enough stories about ANYONES lives after Hogwarts on here. I want to do one on Rose and Scorp, but I'm pacing myself. I don't want to jump too far ahead here.

As for Austin, I'm so excited to start writing him more, he's going to be really fun to write in. He's great friends with James, and they're similar in some aspects. This story is definitely going to be fun with the two of them. And as for the dragon thing, I mean, I just couldn't resist. I thought it was the perfect way to bring him back into her life. And him kissing her was, I think, the perfect way for him to stir the pot, so to say.

Thanks so much!!

xoxo LL

P.S. I just squee'd when I read that!! Can't wait to give it a read!!!

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Review #55, by potterfan310The Sidekick: The Fight

30th November 2013:
Hi, Hi, Hi :D

Crazy Rose, poor Chase. Well poor both of them Rose has been stuck in some crazy dream world and now she thinks Chase is gonna run off with Scorpius.

At the start when Rose and Chase are alone, you slipped in mom and not mum - "I was trying to give you space since you were going through all that crap with your mom."

Hate to be a canon freak, but you mentioned Lily having green eyes. I think it's stated somewhere that Albus was the only one who inherited Harry's eyes.

"SHE SENT ME A DONKEY?" - Oh my god, that it honestly one of the best things I have ever read!! Haha Hannah is slightly mad, I swear.

Love it and can't wait for the next one, whenever that may be.

Much love,
Soph x :D

Author's Response: Ahh!!! Not another Mom!!! I swear I am terrible with that, thank you for being so patient with me x)
And yes, I knew that about the green eyes :( I'm sorry, I hate to be that fanfic writer that goes against canon, but it always really bugged me that Lily didn't get her namesake's eyes. I'm not sure why. I was hoping to slip that bit in there without it being noticed, but I guess I didn't do a very good job, lol.
I'm glad you enjoy Hannah's antics and still like the story, you're such a loyal reader!!! Keep reading and reviewing! x

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Review #56, by potterfan310Don't Say The "P" Word: When Family Turns Into Frenzy

29th November 2013:
Hi, Hi, Hi :D

Exciting stuff, I absolutely Jacqueline's POV. She is such a caring friend and I guess in a way I can see myself like her as I am sort of the 'mother hen' in my friendship group. It gives her more characterisation!!

Aww bless Rosie, the way she manages to say she's pregnant is sort of like she's accepting it and she can't change that at this moment in time. I just want to squish her and hug her tightly!

I love how James tries to make it less awkward but somehow makes it a bit more awkward by suggesting to teach the baby how to fly once it's old enough. Hmmm do I sense that James has a little crush on Jacqueline?

Oh your poor sister lol, POV changes are hard aren't they. If you ever need someone to look over them I wouldn't mind :)

It's an interesting way for both her family and Scorpius to find out. Poor Scorpius, I would so not want to be him right now especially as Al's gone a bit crazy.

Can't wait for chapter 6!!

Soph xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!! And yeah my sister was so done with me, and then I told her I had started a new story, she looked murderous. I might just take you up on that offer of looking over those changes because I have a few more planned!!

Yeah, it may be just a bit of a crush, which are always so fun!! I do feel bad for Scorpius but writing Al like that was so fun I can't feel too bad.

Once the first chapter for my new story is validated chapter 6 will go in, 6 and 7 were easy to write so they'll come up quicker!!

Thanks again for the reviews! I think I look forward to yours the most!!

xoxo LL

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Review #57, by potterfan310Nothing Sirius: The End

22nd November 2013:
Seeing this had been updated made me both happy (since I love this story )and sad (because it's the last chapter).

It is so perfect that Emma has Sirius' personality because then Melora can never ever forget him and I just love it!! :D

Sirius! He is brilliant, I love him in dog form as much as human.

The whole scene between them is heartbreaking, I just want to shake Sirius and tell him to tell Melora the truth.

Aww, I love, love, love that Emma has Sirius' old Gryffindor scarf and that she won't let her mother take it from her. I have all the feels, I just wanna hug Melora and Emma tightly.

Squeee, tha sequel sounds amazing!! Just sad it's not going to happen.

I love this story so, so much and I'm so glad I found it because it's brilliant and you're brilliant for writing it!!

Much love,
Soph :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked the ending. Thanks so so so much for all your reviews! I loved that I got one for practically each chapter and they kept me going to finish this. :) -Nicole

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Review #58, by potterfan310Don't Say The "P" Word: What To Expect When You're Expecting

18th November 2013:

Aww I like the Fantastic Beasts book reference!! Especially as we're getting a film for it. Exciting stuff :D

And so it's Malfoy she meets on her late night walk, romantic huh. Aww yes! I love these two so, so much. I knew that deep down Scorp has a soft/good side. I think the whole ignoring Rose thing is all an act and deep, deep down he's really in love with her.

Hehe Rose is starting to worry, and the hormones are getting to her. I do believe a realisation will be on the way.

Dun, dun, dun. Rose has finally worked it out. Yay!!

I can't wait for the next chapter especially now that Rose has worked out and now knows what is wrong with her. It'll be interesting to see when and how Scorpius will find out, I can't wait to read it should be a very exciting chapter.


Soph x

P.s Thank you so, so much for each and every single review you left on Unexpected Parenthood.

Author's Response: Hey!

I really wanted to drop in the name of another already published book, and I just happened to be reading the Hogwarts Library set when I was writing the chapter, so I felt like the Fantastic Beasts was just perfect! So I'm really glad you liked that one!

I really liked showing Scorp in that nice way, it was a change, and I feel like people really needed to see that he is sweet. As for the ignoring Rose is an act, I think you might be right!

I loved writing her worrying, it was really fun, I liked bringing back the normal Rose, but also throwing in that sheer panic.

Glad you loved the chapter! I'm writing the next chapter now so it'll be up soon! There's a few POV changes in the next one, so that'll be really fun to read!

Thanks again!

xoxo LL

P.S. You're very very welcome, I loved reading every single word of it, can't wait for the next bit! This is like review tag! xD

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Review #59, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 23: Back To The Burrow

18th November 2013:

Poor James, bless him for getting his hopes up though. He's totally and madly in love with Sarah.

Rose and her sarcasm are just one of the reasons I love her character :)

The were some weird green marks in amongst the text when Arthur was telling them about the trip. Great idea by the way!! I can really see Rose loving that, lol.

"It's five o clock somewhere." - Haha I love this so much, to true!

Can't wait for the next one for some cousinly bonding and maybe even someone else finding out *hint* :D

Love it as always.


Soph x

Author's Response: Yep, he's a mad lad in love :L

I just noticed the green marks, got no idea what they are :S

Yeah, there's going to be a lot of bonding, a lot of awkwardness and a lot of subtle(and not so subtle) feelings flying around!

Thanks for reviewing as ever! :)
-Sarita x

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Review #60, by potterfan310Nothing Sirius: The Traitor

16th November 2013:
Hi, hi, hi!!!

Oh my god, I think my heart is slowly breaking. Awww, Sirius turning up from the Potter's no less I'm guessing. The way he tells Melora he's not a traitor and that he loves her and Emma just hits me in the feels.

I really like how you added in about Remus asking to look after Harry, his life would have been so different if Albus had allowed it.

The feels, the feels asdfghjkl. This chapter is so heart breaking, especially when Sirius visited her and then when Melora made the decision to change Emma's surname.

Sad indeed :'(

I can't believe there's only one chapter of this story left, I love it so much and I'll be sad to see it over. I just hope that at least Melora and Emma have a happy ending.

I have thoughts either of the epilogue being set where Melora's waving Emma off on the Hogwarts express or having Emma meet Harry in third year or something when new of Sirius' breakout is around.

I'm intrigued about the special treat, is this news of a sequel maybe? One can only hope.

Love this story so much!!!

Soph :D xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I know, it's such a sad ending, but it's hard to finish a Marauder fic in anyway that's not heartbreaking!

The epilogue will be set the summer before Emma's fifth year (Harry's third), right after Sirius breaks out of prison.

Thanks again for all of your reviews! I really appreciate all of them!!!

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Review #61, by potterfan310Hormones: Black Mold

12th November 2013:

This chapter has certainly been worth the wait, I mean Ryan's back story!!! It's so nice to know especially as she's quite a guarded/private person.

Yay, Ryan is there after all.

Even running down a street at night, Ryan can't help but take a jibe at Freddie. I swear deep down she really loves him and uses insulting people as a defense mechanism.

I love how she notices his bow, good on Freddie for saying bow-ties are cool!! (Is he secretly the doctor? :p)

I feel so, so bad for Ryan. I can't imagine coming home to find an empty house and no one around. I have so many feels right now and I just want to hug her tightly, she deserves it! Since she was eleven no wonder the girls so private about things.

Ryan having a pony? Ha that's something I never would have thought she would have, she just doesn't seem the pony type.

Aww Ryan, I have no words but she certainly gets all the hugs!! I am super glad Freddie took her home with him, and I have a feeling even if she didn't go he would have made her somehow.

Gahhh!!! Is Roxy insane??

"Dad already knows. Mum figured something was up and right now they’re probably arguing in hushed whispers as to why Dad didn't think it was a good idea to tell her." - This has got to be my favourite line, not only that I think it describes George and Angelina's relationship perfectly

I love Freddie and Angelina talking at the end, it's nice to see him and his mum bonding together. The thing about George crying made me laugh mind.

"That's because you're in love with me." - Freddie face it, she's sussed you out and yes you are madly in love with her just admit it already!!

Best chapter yet!!! I literally love all of the characters and how you've characterised them especially Freddie

Cannot wait for the next chapter and you're 'up next' has certainly got me intrigued. I can't help but wonder if Ryan is going to kick Roxy's ass and I definitely wouldn't put it past her. Ryan at the Weasley's Christmas makes me happy.

9 billion /10
Soph xx

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Review #62, by potterfan310Nothing Sirius: The Secret Keeper

10th November 2013:
Your evil cackling in your last response has got me worried :/
And thank you amount the Emma/Emily thing!

Aww nooo, Sirius is missing :( And for two months as well, this makes me sad and gives me such a bad feeling.

Harry's birth!! Aww Emma is literally the cutest visiting Harry. I feel so bad for Melora, she hasn't seen Sirius for ages. I really, really hope they stay together.

I have about a gazillion feels right now. At least Melora's accepting his dinner/date proposal. I love both of their characters so much!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! and yeah, I loved writing Emma with Harry, just adorable! Thanks for your review!

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Review #63, by potterfan310Don't Say The "P" Word: Surely You Must Be Joking

10th November 2013:

Aww bless Lily, I guess she's not one for keeping secrets, lol. I love how James and Al just glare at her, I can certainly tell they're the over protective cousins.

I think the flashback is really nice, it shows how Rose feels about her and Malfoy's situation and the way he acts. One minute ignoring her, the next jumping in to bed with her.

Scorpius is really sweet for going back to check on her in the night, I think deep down he really does love Rose and she's not just one of his 'girls'.

I think Rose's friends are interesting, and someone from what I know about them I think that when Rose finds out she is pregnant it is most likely gonna be Jacqueline who sticks by her than Blair. To me Blair seems a bit... I'm unsure of the word but I think she might just be friends with Rose because of her name and who her parents/family are. She just gives me that sort of vibe.

CC -
"I re-read the same page at least ten times before sighing and shove the book away." - Rather than 'shove' it would be 'shoving' as it makes more sense.

The start of the flashback paragraph the word 'last' was all in capitals, I'm not sure if it was intentional as you want to emphasise the word but putting it in italics works better.

You might want to have a re-over as you need a gap between some of the paragraphs, it's nothing major but it can avert the eye.

- "I slip into my seat next to Blair and peer over at her without really turning my head." I noticed you changed tenses with 'slip' and 'peer' add 'ed' to each of them so it follows with the rest of the story tense. Also the two sentences that followed this one, the word 'can' should be 'could'.

Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Soph :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I love your comments on the story and how you see the story and it's progressing. I really appreciate it! And yes, the word last was meant to be italicized, I put it in caps so I would remember to do so, I guess I forgot, oops!

As for the spaces between the paragraphs, my computer rebels against me, so I either have too many spaces between the paragraphs or none at all. It was an interesting little battle the first few times I tried to edit the chapter.

Thanks for the corrections on words as well, I re-wrote this chapter so many times I just started taking parts from different versions and pasting them in, so I clearly got my wording confused there.

Thanks again for the review, I'm in the process of writing the next chapter now, I hope you like it!

xoxo LL

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Review #64, by potterfan310I'll love her enough for the both of us: Next day delivery

6th November 2013:
I'm so glad they both apologised. Leya should not argue!

GAHHH *Happy dancing* Freya's in labour :)

I love that Dom even sent Horatio an owl, I though it was so sweet. And somehow I don't think Horatio would have given Louis for not letting him come along. And Molly there, lets just hope it doesn't go given her and Horatio any ideas when they see how cute baby Sammy is.

I kept glancing at the scroll bar, thinking there wouldn't be enough of the chapter left for it to happen. I've never been so nervous for someone when reading a story, I feel for Louis, he's nervous, I'm nervous and we're both waiting for one thing: Baby Weasley.


This chapter make me so unbelievably happy, I've had such a smile on my face from reading this!!

Good on Horatio, kissing Molly (finally :p)

I have all the feels right now, aw. Louis' a daddy! I swear this is my absolute favourite chapter of all times!! It's hard to put into words just how much I LOVE this chapter.

The next chapter can't come fast enough, can't wait to read it about how Louis and Freya are now that she's here!

90909 billion/10

A very happy Sophie :D

P.s I really, really hope all the happiness isn't going to change just yet or at least hint towards the title in any way. LEYA CANNOT BE SAD, THEY HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL NOW!!

Author's Response: YAY!!! *happy dance as well* It's finally happening!

Oh Dom had to send Horatio an owl! He would have been devastated if he didn't, Uncle Horatio needed to be there! :D Haha Horatio and Molly having ideas? :P

Aw I always do that with stories! I always check to see how much I have left to read. I think we were all nervous!

Haha I'm so glad that it made you so happy :D Your reviews make me so happy!

And yes! it finally happened! Horatio and Molly are finally together!!! :D

Yep, Louis is a daddy, I can't believe it's finally happened! Awww I am so happy right now!

Thank you once again for reading and reviewing!!! :D

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Review #65, by potterfan310Nothing Sirius: The Wedding

5th November 2013:
OH MY GOD, LIKE OH MY GOD!!! I actually squealed when I saw this had been updated. I'm so happy right now! :)

THEY'RE ENGAGED!!! ASDFGHJKL, I can't believe it, *Happy dancing*

James and Lily's wedding is literally perfect. It's so nice see Frank and Alice, they're such a good couple! I'm not sure if it was intentional but to me having Melora and Alice in red just sort of reminded of how they're all Gryffindor's :D

Melora and Sirius are just fab, I love them as a couple and I love them both individually.

And so baby Harry has been conceived :p I just hope Emma will grow up and possibly meet Harry or at least know him as a baby.

Aww I hate seeing Melora and Sirius arguing :( They're to perfect for each other to split up.

One teeny tiny thing, you called Emma, 'Emily' a couple of times towards the end of the chapter which was a little confusing, I think it was unintentional but I could be wrong?

It's finished!! WOW, although four chapters left makes me sad as it means no more Melora, Sirius and their little cutie Emma. I cannot wait for the next chapter!


Soph :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you like all the happiness cause it's just downhill from here (insert evil cackling here)
Harry's birth will be in the next chapter because time is moving super quick now haha
I've gotten the Emily/Emma question a couple times and I keep meaning to clear it up. Her name is Emily, Emma is her nickname. I know Emma can just be used as a name too, but I have a friend named Emily who uses Emma as a nickname so that's where I got it from.

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Review #66, by potterfan310Don't Say The "P" Word: If You Can't Be My Knight In Shining Armour, Who Will?

4th November 2013:
Hey there, me again :)

Haha I love that Rose mentions she read the book before the term had even started. She's certainly her mother's daughter and I love her characterisation!

Poor Rosie, having to deal with a slightly mean Scorpius outside of their little rendezvous. It'll be interesting to see how he acts when he finds out about the pregnancy.

I love Rose/Lily as being sister like or even best friends and I'm glad Rose is choosing her to confide in about her whole sleeping with Scorpius situation. I hope their relationship and Rose and James' and Al's ad every other cousin that's at Hogwarts as well as Hugo. Especially when they find out she's pregnant.

Filler chapters are good!! Don't worry about it not seeming like there's action, filler chapters can really build up character relationships and the plot!!

I really, really like this so far and I certainly think I shall be continuing to read this. Can't wait for chapter three!!


Sophie :D

Author's Response: Thanks so so much. I can't wait to elaborate on the relationships between the cousins. I figured that Lily was the most likely for Rose to confide in. Thanks again.
xoxo LL

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Review #67, by potterfan310Don't Say The "P" Word: The Best Way To Start Off The Year

4th November 2013:
Hi there :)

I Love Scorose and teen pregnancy stories (I'm weird :p) so this is a perfect match!

I really like the beginning, mainly because it's different as to how stories start and it's original. I like that Rose says 'again' because this proves it isn't just a one night thing and they've done it together before, so it's not the usual 'boy and girl meet at party, get drunk and the consequence is she's then pregnant' It's nice and original.

Haha, love that Al is the one to wake up and catch them in bed together. Certainly never seen that before so yay you for even more originality!!! (Especially as Scorose pregnancies are cliched).

I LOVE your take on Rose, she is literally perfect! I mean she has some faults like sleeping with her best friends cousin and drinking, but I mean doesn't everyone. (Have faults that is, not sleeping with best friends cousins :p) I love that even though she has a wild party side she still feel the need to uphold her reputation/family name without being made the gossip pf the school.

Apart from one teeny tiny thing I wouldn't have guessed you were American at all! When Rose is dressing she says her dress looks like a shirt, but to me a shirt is something men wear with a tie at formal events such as weddings or to work. It would either be t-shirt or a top.

Good start!! Off to read the next chapter :)


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really appreciate your review. And thanks for the tip on wording! I really appreciate it, as it's pretty hard to be British when you're American!!

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Review #68, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 22: Home, Sweet Home

4th November 2013:
Hello sweetie :)

I feel so bad for Scorp thinking that Rose is having Freddie's baby. I just wanna scream it at him that it's his :p

Haha, James is still one of my favourites. He is brilliant and I love him for it!

I'm glad Rose is seeing some sense in that she can't stay with Freddie and let Scorp forever think it's Freddie's baby.

Okay so Freddie is sweet in a way, I mean he is essentially offering to be a father to Rose's baby just because he loves her. But having to make her choose him or Scorpius, that's sort of mean.

FINALLY! ROSE ADMITS HER FEELINGS FOR SCORP! *Happy dance* I'm so, so glad and even more glad that Scorpius overheard her, maybe he'll start to realise the baby isn't Freddie's.

I hate being picky and I sorry for mentioning it like fifty thousand times but the numbers thing again. - "she wore 2 inch heels, not that she needed them at her height of five foot 10." And there were a couple of tense changes towards the end of the chapter.

Aww it's so nice to see Rose with her parents, especially Hermione.

I can't wait for the next chapter, hopefully Rose is telling Rom and Hermione soon!


Soph :D

Author's Response: Well hello there!

It is nice to see Rose trying to muddle her way out of it, but she certainly has some obstacles. Freddie is a nice character to play because he is a victim of sorts - he wants to be with Rose but he doesn't want to be hurt again. Difficult path to take!

Never apologise for picking me up on things - you're still my favourite reviewer :P

Glad you liked, hope to hear your thoughts on the next chapter! :)

-Sarita x

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Review #69, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 21: Confessions

24th October 2013:
Heys :)

Aww Teddy's brilliant I love how his changed to match Harry's. So cute!!

Yay for fluffy socks! I like Victoire's sock choice and plus fluffy socks are just so warm and cosy.

OMG!!! I can't actually believe Scorp has hinted she's pregnant in front of Freddie when it's actually his baby!!!

Well at least Freddie's smart to realise he's not the daddy. I'm sort of glad he's sticking by Rose but I don't want him to! She has to tell Scorpius, she just has to!!!

AWW Rosie that was like the perfect moment, why couldn't you have let it slip!!! Why???

YAY *Happy dancing* So glad that Rose and Scorp have kissed, they need to get some more action together. *hint hint* ;) And I really hope that Scorp does mean that she'll always have him, even when he finds out he's the baby's father.

CC - There's no chapter title :/
- The numbers thing, when Rose said about being a 14-16 and then Teddy says twelve, you switched between words and numbers.


Soph :D

Author's Response: Hello there, was hoping you'd pop up :)

Aww I'm glad you like Teddy, he's not a big character in this fic, but I do so like playing with him. Also, YES for fluffy socks, got to love em!

I know, she's so infuriating around this point, its a nightmare :L

Ahhh, me and numbers, I'm such a klutz, I am going to have to sort that out!!

OMG just realised theres no chapter title. WTF am I playing at :@ idiot I am! Thanks so much, can't wait to hear your thoughts on the next one!
-Sarita x

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Review #70, by potterfan310Quidditch, Wagers, and Pygmy Puffs: Quidditch Try Outs

21st October 2013:
This is really good so far and I really like your OC Althea, she seems a bit crazy. But crazy's a good thing right?

Rose seems so like her mother in a way, the slight bossy-ness :) I love it when they have traits of their parents!

Poor Althea having to try out for Chaser when she really has no chance what with being clumsy and not being able to fly.

James and Al are literally sex gods, love it! :D Potter boys rule.

Oh dear what a way to start Quidditch tryouts, haha love how she's sick after coming back to the ground, clearly she's not that big a fan of heights either. I'm glad she made the team though, although if it wasn't for Rose she wouldn't have even tried out.

It'll be interesting to see that as a Chaser how Althea interacts with the beaters, seeker and keeper at practice as well as when playing an actual game against one of the other houses. That will be fun to read and there's bound to be some chaos.

Good start and I love Thea's personality, she's bubbly crazy and so much fun. Can't wait to see her and Al's relationship develop.

Soph :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I know I haven't posted this story in a while... cough cough... college problems, but I have been slowly adding to chapters.

I'm glad you liked it!!! I love writing for Althea, she just cracks me up. Thinking about all the possible things she could get herself into always brings a bright smile to my face!

Althea is definitely not a fan of heights lmao.. Hopefully she can get over that before the season starts D: otherwise there might be some problems!

Thank you so much for reviewing and checking out my story :) I'll try and post again soon!


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Review #71, by potterfan310Animagus: Chapter 1

20th October 2013:
Hey there,

I love a good old marauders fic!!

Ooh I like Emma so far, and I'm guessing that she's a secret animagus already which is why she knows why both James and Sirius want the book.

I certainly think Emma is a big fan of McGonagall especially to choose to become an animagus because of her. That's some serious dedication to a teacher/subject.

Malfoy's just as evil in school as he was when he was a death eater, no wonder Voldemort let him in, although I do wonder why he let Peter Pettigrew in since he was the cowardly type.

I'm intrigued about the whole Emma/Severus friendship/the tolerance of each other.

I'm starting to think that if Emma's animagus is a small animal like a beetle such as Rita Skeeter then she'd be able to sneak into the Slytherin common room and get some gossip on Malfoy. Although as a Phoenix she still could do it pretending to be Fawkes :p

Aww Emma and Remus are cute together, do I sense a romance developing perhaps? I think it's nice Remus got to share his secret with someone else as it can't be easy trying to keep the fact you're a werewolf once a month secret.

There's a few off grammar mistakes but apart from that a really good first chapter!!!

Soph :)

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Review #72, by potterfan310Psychos and Psychologists : Problem Number Eight

14th October 2013:
Haha I love how they've got the whole Potter-Weasley family together for a meeting about Al, maybe we'll learn something about his behavior.

Bless Rose, her date went well but it certainly wasn't with the right guy. Scorpius really needs to get in there quick and announce his love for her!!!

Go Coral for finally having a go at Albus to get some sense out of him!

Scorpius is a top cutie, although he may have ruined Rose's date at least he had her best interests at heart.Yes Scorpius, why can't you admit it! :p

*Excited squee* Is this the start of a friendship between Al and Coral!!! Hopefully this is the spark that causes them to slowly fall in love, Coral works out his problems and bam! They live happily ever after as friends or as a couple (I don't mind :p)

OHMYGOD, NO!! YOU CANNOT LEAVE IT THERE!!! As much as I love cliffies I need to know what Amy has to say about Al!!!

My teeny tiny bit of CC would be this one sentence at the start said by Lily which didn't quite make total sense - "Why the hell would be having a paper?" Is it supposed to be 'Why the hell would we have paper'?

And this one - "Leave her alone, Nell. It's already two in the night." - I think you mean morning rather than night since you said two?

I am super duper excited for the next chapter now, especially because of the cliff hanger. I don't know why but I think something big obviously went down between Al and Amy but I have no idea what? Maybe she cheated, Maybe she was pregnant, Maybe she's really a guy??? Hmm.

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: They all hoped that the family meeting would help figure out about what was happening!

You're right! Scorpius definitely needs to get in there and proclaim his love for Rose! (aw)

Haha, let's hope that Coral and Albus do become friends and there is some more development in their relationship! Friends or lovers? Let's see how it goes :P

Hehe, i just found out that i love cliffies :P It's so much fun seeing everyone's reaction :P

Thank you for pointing those out! I was writing this just before i left for camp, so you'll have to excuse me :P

Let's see what Aimee has to say! I'm pretty excited for the next chapter as well! Thanks so much for the review Sophie xx

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Review #73, by potterfan310I'll love her enough for the both of us: Anger

14th October 2013:
Love a good chapter to cheer me up on a Monday night!! :)

I feel bad for both of them but I feel so much worse for Louis, because of Freya snapping at him all the time and once again I keep getting a bad feeling about the title which makes me feel even more bad for Louis because he has no idea of whats coming and there's just so many feels!

Trust Horatio to make light of the current predicament, he's just brilliant :D

Do I spy Molly and Horatio as an item?? If so then FINALLY!!! Yay :p

The way Freya said 'Louis and I will talk about' when Molly asked her about who'll look after baby Samantha gave me a brain wave, it might have been the tone/way she said it but I'm thinking that because Freya desperately wants to go back to school that once Samantha's here she may just up and leave her with Louis and go back to school or even her parents.

I might be weird for thinking it, but I'm sort of glad Louis told Freya off and has actually stated that second hands things is their reality.

Something big??? Can't wait to find out, maybe it's the birth of baby Sammy? Or Freya suddenly goes back to her parents and Louis has to fight for custody of baby Sammy? So many theories, so little time. So excited, can't wait to read the next one!! :)


Sophie :D

Author's Response: Aww yay! I'm glad!!

Yep, so much snapping at each other and so much tiredness. They're getting so tired they don't even think of how they're acting at the moment, they just need some good sleep. Awww it's those bad feelings again! *hugs*

Oh yes, Horatio will always be around to make light of things. :D

Molly and Horatio a couple? Who knows? :P Maybe we'll find out in the next chapter? :P

Oooo brain waves! I want to answer this question so badly!! you have no idea how badly I want to answer this, but I shall hold my tongue! :P

Louis needed to tell her off, he needed to make her realise how much his family have helped her out. Although it did take a while for him to say anything, he does like to bottle things up. *hugs Louis*

Oh yes! Something big!!! It's mostly written in a notebook, I've just got to type it up and upload it! I'm hoping for either today or tomorrow.

You do have so many theories!! And I can't wait to upload more so that you can see if your theories are right? :P

Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing!! You really make my day!! :D

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Review #74, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 20: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

10th October 2013:
Me again, for the last time today :)

Out of curiosity doesn't the shifting into animagus' harm the baby because of it being a different specises and could it make her miscarry or cause the baby to have a defect or something?? Just something to think about. The same goes for Quidditch, if she gets hits in the stomach with a bludger or quaffle, it could really harm the baby.

I can't believe Lily and Hugo tried to change although when you first mentioned they were reading on the theory of it at the start I did get a bit confused because Hugo's on the banner.

Eurgh Chelsea and Eurgh Amy are just evil witches.

Oh James you complete and utter idiot, honestly!

CC - My only thing about this chapter was the tense change - "James follows a trail around a tree and pops up the other side" - 'It should be James followed a trail around a tree and popped up'

And the large paragraphs, pehaps break them up a little.

I really hope my critisism hasn't put you off at all and I wish the best of luck with this. I am so bloody glad I decided to re-read this, it's amazing!! and I'm truely addicted, I don't think I'll ever ignore this again when I see it's been updated.

I defintely think it's either one of the witches, so either Eurgh Amy or Eurgh Chelsea.

Can't wait for the next update!


Soph :D

Author's Response: I do believe I addressed the animagus thing in a later chapter, its hard to remember at this point but I think it's mentioned that in her third trimester it would not be a good idea.

Yep, Hugo is on the banner - he does eventually get the hang of it :)

Your CC never, ever puts me off, if anything it really encourages me to keep writing - i LOVE how dedicated to this fic you are - most people wouldn't bother reviewing at all and would just read to the last chapter posted and then do a small review saying 'Love it, keep going' or whatever (which is great don't get me wrong, but It's nice to have something more to go on than that!)

Thank you so much for all your lovely reviews, I genuinely can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the chapters!!

-Sarita x

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Review #75, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 19: Letters From Home

10th October 2013:
It's like they're both trying do out do each other. Scorpius with Eurgh Chelsea and Rose with creepy Freddie. As well as trying to make each other jealous.

Freddie's starting to make me think that's he's cheating on Rose and that the 'need to study' is just an excuse and as Rose said it will end in tears, and not just hers.

I can't believe James sends Ginny pictures of him setting things on fire, but the again it's James so what do I expect, nothing but craziness. Love that James writes an additional letter just because he's to lazy to get a snadwhich himself. Love it!!

Off to read the final chapter for now (hopefully).


Author's Response: It does seem like a bit of a one-up competition, trying to score points with each other.

Yep, any excuse for me to show how crazy James is and I grab it with both hands!!

I hope you enjoy it!

-Sarita x

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