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Review #51, by potterfan310the fear of falling apart: Perfections & Secrets

26th May 2014:
I've been super busy and now I'm catching up on all my fav's.

Whilst I hated and still want to hate Molly in 'DSTPW' I can't help but feel so bad for her now. I want to pick her up and hug her ever so tightly.

She's isolated herself from her family, just for him and whilst I normally love Lorcan/Lysander (because they're crazy and Luna's kids) I really, do hate him for what he's doing to Molly.

It sounds sort of like Lorcan just wants Molly to be a perfect Victorian housewife or something in the way she acts, like the whole sitting with her ankles crossed on the train.

Seriously the feels, I must give Molly a hug. Her cousins didn't even invite her the meanies and as for Lorcan, too busy to write to write to his own girlfriend, deary me. I've come to the conclusion that he must go.

I don't think I've hated a character with this much passion since Umbridge, my god. Lorcan must go!!

Aww now I feel even worse for Molly, damn. You've really proved thing aren't as expected. I thought she was out to hate Rose, but really she wanted to make amends and it makes me sad.

I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster of emotions reading this and I am dying to know whether Molly gets out of her relationship with Lorcan before it gets really worse. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Soph x

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Review #52, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: Interfering family

26th May 2014:
New chapter, yay!

Poor Sam, I can't help but wonder if her being so upset is something to with the evil one's (aka Freya) return.

Kieron with Sam is adorable, did I sense the pitter patter of little feet for him and Dom, any time soon??

Louis, if you are not dating Horatio then get in there with Rachel. He deserves a bit of happiness.

"Horatio had helped him believe in love again and helped to fix his broken heart." - Oh my god, my heart, this is so adorable but sad too ♥ Louis' so lucky to have Horatio ♥

"Well, that's rude." "I'm not rude, I'm three." - And the cutest in this story award goes to. Samantha, obviously. She is so adorable and whilst babies/children are hard to write you've done a fabulous job.

Molly is so understanding and now I'm confused, I don't know whether to root for her and Horatio, Louis and possibly Rachel or even Loratio :)

No, she should stay hidden in her cage forever. Poor little Sam she doesn't have any idea of the big old storm which is heading for her and Louis. ♥

Can't wait for the next one ♥

Soph x

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Review #53, by potterfan310Hormones: Valentine's Day

26th May 2014:
I absolutely love James and Freddie, they have of the best bromances ever.

Roxy and Scorpius, oh my god. Poor Freddie finding out like that. "The shovel stayed where it was. For now." - Oh Freddie. Although he may need it at some point :p

George always wins father of the year, he is one of the best parents ever. Could he get more fabulous? (Probably) ♥

I feel so bad for James, poor thing. It breaks my heart she broke up with him, James is such a cutie. Ollie was cruel, James didn't exactly deserve it, even if he was a little tactless. At least Freddie cheered him up.

"They had owled to confirm the violin reservation time." - And this is why I love Freddie, he is absolutely by far one of my favourites and you write him so well ♥

Oh the prank, well he had it coming to him. Parise is an idiot.

"I found him in the cell telling the guy next to him about the time he defeated Voldemort, but had a scar." - How, just how could Ollie break up with this loveable idiot named James??? How??

Holy crap, is Ryan insane for getting into a fight whilst pregnant, but she called Freddie out of everyone (well Gemma) to come and get her and it makes me squee with happiness!!!

With the way Ollie's acting I reckon it could have been her being nasty to Ryan but then again it could have been a random person. Hmmm...

OH. MY. GOD *Heavy breathing* YES! FRYAN!!! ♥ ♥ She called him by his first name as well!!! Sque!!! I'm a bit excited can you tell :P New favourite part for sure because Fryan!

I am super excited for the next chapter now.

Soph x

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Review #54, by potterfan310Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Killian Earhart Vs Teddy (Potter (Weasley)) Lupin

18th May 2014:
Me once again!

I'm a bit sad to see it's the last chapter but I'm excited to see Teddy's challenge.

Hugo and Romulous are just brilliant, and they never fail to make me laugh.

I love that Teddy's proud of them and their challenges they did against Killian. James is cute in how he doesn't want Molly to lose Killian, such a sweet cousin.

Teddy's whole speach on the Weasley girls made me smile, if any one would need to scare Killian off, it would be the Weasley girls combined.

"I deserve a nice lay in don't I?" - Try 'lie in' instead of 'lay in' at the very start.

Oh. my. god. I was seriously not expecting that!! It's so fluffy and Molly is such a lucky girl. I can't believe it was Killian's plan all along rather than Teddy's, the crazy kid. He's certainly Weasley material.

The last line made me giggle and it was the perfect way to end I think.

Again there were a few little spelling errors but nothing major.

I loved reading this and it's put a smile on my face :D


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Review #55, by potterfan310Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Killian Earhart Vs Hugo Weasley

18th May 2014:

Hugo's time to challenge Killian, should be very interesting!

Hugo and James aren't the only ones rooting for Killian, I am too and as I said before I think he is the perfect addition to the Weasley-Potter family.

I think you've gotten writing Hagrid done to a tee! It's amazing how close your characterisation of him is to the books, I'm always too scared to write certain canon characters including Hagrid for fear of not doing them justice but you've done it wonderfully!! :D

Ahh so maybe Molly did help James come up with stealing the chess challenge from Hugo.

The Diricawls are adorable, where can I get one? :p And as for Hugo using them to announce his challenge, was very creative. I'd say Hugo's definitely the animal lover out of the Weasley boys. I think I love it when Hugo's talking to them (much like he does with his owl) and they answer him ever so politely.

Blast Ended Skrewts!! I love it! I got annoyed they didn't appear in the films (along with a whole bunch of other things) so I love that you've used them. Especially as they're a creature you don't really hear of much.

Killian's definitely got brains, his skrewt catching technique was great. Surprised Hugo didn't think of it. Killian is going to be a great honorary Weasley, I think it's really nice of him when he asked Hugo if they could play chess one day. He's a sweetie and Molly deserves him.

"chess are too sacred for me." - Try 'is' instead of 'are' so it flows better. There were one or two little things that needed an extra letter on the end of the word, but it's easily fixed after a read through.


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Review #56, by potterfan310Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Killian Earhart Vs James (Weasley) Potter

18th May 2014:

I feel a bit bad for him being the only one in Ravenclaw, it's like he resents it a tiny bit.

I totally forgot about the teachers, oops. It's interesting to see how they actually stay and watch the challenge. I'm surprised none of them have put a stop to it or something. Poor, poor Hugo. I feel terrible that James stole his idea from him, the meanie. I couldn't believe it when he conjured it, but trust him to not just enlarge a regular sized board but to turn the tables into it. James better have a good reason which made him choose Hugo method of testing Killian.

I'm, really intrigued to see James reasons for choosing chess (maybe Molly told him too?) and why he was letting Killian win and eventually beat him.

Hugo's passion for chess just adds to his character I think, and he's a lot like his father too.

There are still a few spelling errors where letters are missing but it's nothing that can't be fixed :)

Two chapters left, I can't wait to read them!


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Review #57, by potterfan310Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Killian Earhart Vs Louis Weasley

18th May 2014:

Your take on Louis is really intriguing and I find him really mysterious. A dance off? I love it! I'm guessing Louis is the sort of creative, arty sort of Weasley, which is fascinating!

Hugo and his inner thoughts are so great! You've written him so well especially as he is one of the more under-loved characters of the Next-Gen kids.

It's no surprise Louis is so popular, I mean he is part Veela after all and he has Bill and Fleur for parents, that kid is bound to have a lot going for him in the looks department!

Being muggle-born, Arthur's bound to love that! I still think Killian is a great addition to the Weasley family despite having to go through these tests. I love the whole idea of the dance off, it's so original (much like the whole story :D) and sounds so much fun.

I am super glad Killian won!

CC - "In fact, every single armor shout this little speech" - At the very start of the chapter, try adding an 's' on the end of shout.

When Elaina is speaking to Hugo I spotted that you missed the 'y' of any more - "I can't take those coats of armor's shouts anmore!"

Onto the next chapter. I'm excited to whether Hugo does get to do his chess match after all.


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Review #58, by potterfan310the fear of falling apart: Boyfriends & Falling Outs

18th May 2014:

Finally I've got around to reviewing this!

This is really interesting, as well as my other favourites such as the Potter kids, Rose and Dom I LOVE Molly II!!!

I'm curious as to why Molly didn't sit with her cousins and as to who the small girl in the corner is? For some reason I have this vision of when Ron asked to sit with Harry due to every where being full, when Molly asked Lorcan. I love little snippets like this which relate to the original series, even if it wasn't intentional!

Have to say it's a very interesting way of asking someone out, and a slightly bit sweet! Molly's certainly got a crush and I can see why Lorcan's a Ravenclaw. The little bits about Molly's feeling are great, it's so cute. All those butterflies.

Lorcan badmouthing, Luna just no. Safe to say I dislike him already as Luna is one of my favourite characters!! I love her for her dreamy/whimsical state. Love the mention of James and Fred being pranksters :D

Whilst I'm hating Molly in 'DSTPW' I kind of feel so bad for her in this. I feel bad for her for thinking that what she has right now is a 'relationship' because it really doesn't seem like one. I take it Lorcan is her first boyfriend?

For being in third year at the moment, their both really interesting especially Lorcan. I'm intrigued about you'll go about this, it starts off with verbal, so I hope Molly gets out before it gets any worse.

CC - "I am, I really think it's going to be a challenging year, I want to maintain my ." - I think you missed a word out after Molly says my?

- "the casual we he touched my arm." - I think you meant way instead of we :)

I know the feeling of a one-shot suddenly expanding itself. Oops, either that or a short story slowly getting bigger :p

Can't wait for the next chapter, definitely adding this to my fave's.

Soph x

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Review #59, by potterfan310Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Killian Earhart Vs Fred Weasley

17th May 2014:

Hugo and his owl! I love it, it's brilliant and I think it just adds to Hugo's character about how he talks to him. I also love the bit about how he thinks Teddy is still likely to kill them, it amuses me :D

I like how Lily and Eliana work out what the letters are, perhaps they should have been Ravenclaw's too :p Although I'm guessing Eliana already is?

Seeing Fred as the captain of a duelling team is very original! I always see/read him as a prankster type, not too bothered about school or extra curricular activities so it's so nice to see him in a different light.

Hugo playing chess! I love it when there are small inklings/facts that link them to their parents! It still incorporates the books and I think it's great as it's still the hint to the series we all know and love.

Poor Hugo worrying about what his challenge will be. Not too mention the others can think of something before him. It's weird to say but the duel sounds fun, I like the rules you came up with and the way you wrote it.

I feel so bad for both Killian and Molly. Killian because he has got to be crazy for putting up with all the Weasley family and their tricks, but then again he must love her to do so. And Molly because if Killian breaks up with her, boy oh boy will she have a hard time getting another boyfriend. Saying that any of the girls will have a hard time.

CC - "their heads held up high like a king and queed" - When Molly and Killian arrive, all you need to do is swap the 'd' for an 'n' on queen.

And when Hugo is on about them just before the duel, don't and know run together - "I don'tknow who I'm rooting for any more."


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Review #60, by potterfan310Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Killian Earhart Vs Lucy Weasley

17th May 2014:

Ahh Hugo has never failed make me laugh. His comment on Rose eating the Kidney pie, I mean why would you eat that? More to the point why is that even a food, yuck.

The fact they call Molly G-mum really makes me smile. Molly definitely sounds like a fun grandmother.

The thought of Little Lucy having to demolish as may hot-dogs in the space of one lunch time is horrifying. Throwing the Quidditch commentator into the match was great as well as the detail of his personality and how Hugo is thinking of his future rather than paying attention to the match.

Ewww gross, poor,poor Lucy. Although I can understand that Molly's mad at her cousins for trying to see if her boy will be for keep, that's still such a mean thing to do. Go Killian, well played Molly, well played is all I can say. I'm a bit surprised she hasn't really that their all going to challenge them but it shall be interesting when she realises.

CC - "The owl allows itself to drink in my pumpkin juice," - It could just be me but it sounded a little off, maybe try 'from' instead of 'in'.


Author's Response: Thanks again for such a nice review!

I know right? Kidnew pie? I had to google it to find out what it was and, surprisingly enough, we call it something else over here and eat it as well!!

Molly would be a great grandma; the name came from another one of my story, where George called her that at a family party and she got so mad, the kids decided to that it would stick. In the end, she likes it tough!

Haha, I just loved the idea for Lucy! And thinking about Ron and even Harry who gets served two or even three helpings of food whenever he goes there in the books, we can imagine that the Weasleys must all have a good appetite!

And yeah, Molly is pretty angry at her relatives about all this and she knows Lucy has way more appetite than Killian. She had to try everyhing and, although it's gross, it's fair. She's not just going to sit by and wait, is she?

Thanks again for pointing out the comment, it does sound better this way, I'll make sure to change it!

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Review #61, by potterfan310Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Killian Earhart Vs Albus (Weasley) Potter

15th May 2014:
Me again!

I was really intrigued after reading the first chapter so here I am :)

Oh dear, well Hugo's friend Eliana definitely sounds interesting. Hugo and his owl are brilliant. He's such a great character to read, not too mention realistic as well. His nervous-ness makes him cute and I can't help but feel for him when he's worrying about his own confrontation with Killian.

Eliana is certainly right, I think I'd hate it too. I'm glad she pointed it out to Hugo, made it will make him think a bit more in the future before he tries it out on another cousin. I definitely like Al's little speech about all Wealey's (related or not) must play Quidditch, it's a fun rule and it'll bring the family closer together.

James and Al's story of they became beaters made me laugh. There's nothing like a sibling war, plus it goes with their personalities. Although Al would probably rather be a seeker much like his father. Ha! The fact their plan backfired and he's already a beater is too funny.

I think Killian is certainly going to make a fine member of the Weasley family. He's got such a laid back personality and happy-go-lucky nature that he'll fit right in, personally I think he's a good suitor for Molly.

Hugo's mental commentary is fab, I think my favourite has got to be "What a gentleman; he just won and still want to take care of his adversary. He should be taking his lover into his arms, giving her the victory kiss and walk away in the sunset. "

My only CC is - "Al eyes are rolling" - I think you missed the apostrophe and s off his name.

I suspect that I'm probably reading way too much between the lines but in the first chapter James says 'mollify The Captain' and then her boyfriend is called Killian well I'm wondering if this a reference to Once Upon A Time (Love it!) and to Captain Hook whose real name is Killian Jones?


Author's Response: Hi again!

Eliana is a good friend. A muggleborn who just accepts things as they come. She only recently discovered magic and Hugo's family and has learned that she can question it but it will not change no matter what she thinks!

I'm glad you like the story behind Al and James spots on the quidditch team! I thought it was so fitting to have them battle it out every week on the pitch.

Killian is a good guy; a really good prospect for Molly and would definitly fit well within the Weasley bunch. Will he take his spot though? The cousins will definitly push him to the extreme!

OMG are you serious? I don't watch OUAT so I didn't know this little info but it's amazing! This story has been written since before OUAT came out so, no, he's not named because of that but this is an amazing coincidence!

Thanks for the great review, I'm glad you enjoy you read so far!

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Review #62, by potterfan310Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Chapter 1 : The Opponent

15th May 2014:

Here for the Gryffie Review Exchange :D

I never see/read Hugo as the main character often so it's a nice change. So far I really like your characterisation of him, especially where he's interrupting his owl's every hoot into actual words and actually replies. I think every pet owner is probably guilty of this :p

One thing I absolutely love is when Lily and Hugo are best friends! Hugo's inner thoughts about her and keeping the secret about the 'male meeting' is fab as is him wishing she was born a boy.

Hugo in Ravenclaw? I don't think I've read a story where's he been a Ravenclaw, normally it's Rose so it's refreshing to see and as for his homework and doing it in advance. He truly is his mother's son which is nice because he's normally characterised to be more like Ron than anything.

I'm guessing he's pretty close to Al if he's the one he'd save if Teddy went on mass killing spree. The whole idea of him trying to avoid Lily, doing ninja moves and hiding as well as having all these crazy thoughts in his head as the time goes on, is brilliant. Hugo is super original and a tiny bit insane!

Hmm I wonder what Lucy's been through in short life? I don't suppose having Percy as a dad helps, or a huge crazy family? I'm intrigued.

The Weasley/Potter boys through Hugo's eyes is very interesting. As are their own personalities. Very different to see but I love it! Teddy is certainly the boss of the family who they all look up too.

Whilst I've never seen Scott Pilgrim I think the jist of it is he has to go through a girl's seven(?) ex-boyfriends. I could be wrong? But this story is super original and I don't think I've ever read one like it at all.

My only bit of CC would be that there's a three in brackets in the middle of the story. I'm not sure if it's meant to be there or just a typo. It's when Hugo is saying it's six o'clock and speaking about his stomach. And when Fred is asking about James' plan for him, there's a missed 'c' off the word curious.

I'm really intrigued now to read the rest :D Poor Killian indeed, he truly has no idea what he's got himself into.


Author's Response: Hello!

I know this isn't your choice of story to review but I hope you appreciate it nevertheless!

Hugo is very rarely written as a main character isn't he? People seam to forget about him or just write him like a Ron x 2. For some reason, he just happened to become my favorite next gen character. I find him full of possibilities since, mostly, he isn't written about !!! I'm currently writting his first year in another story (although it's not the same tone at all!) so his life story is pretty much written in my mind!

Yeah, I based his relationship with his owl on the one I have with my dog...

Hugo is a pretty intense boy. It's been tough on him being Sorted out of Gryffindor but his cousins were there for him. Albus helped him understand that he was different and Lily was always his best friend; loyal to the core.
As for Lucy, well, I have an idea, in my head canon, that something happened to her at the beginning of that year which will change her a bit. I hope I get to write it some day. But it is true that being Percy's child must be pretty hard!

You've gotten it right. Scott Pilgrim has to fight the seven exes of his new girlfriend. I twinked it a bit in order to see the story from one of he enemy's point of view.

I am currently getting this story betaed by the amazing Kenpo and we will look this point out. Thanks for noticing!

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Review #63, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Find Out Why James Was Up All Night

15th May 2014:

Urgh, Michelle. Way to ruin Abigail's happiness. Me thinks she's a little (more like a lot!) jealous of Abigail and James' blossoming friendship.

Yes! I feel the need to whoop on behalf of Abigail because she stuck up to Michelle!! :D

I can't help but wonder whether James found her by chance or whether he had a bit of help from a certain magical Map :P

Aw, seriously the cuteness between him and Abi is just asdfghjkl. They both like the same comic. ♥

For whatever reason my brain kept reading 'Minister of Deduction' and all I could think was Sherlock :P Probably shows I should read less and sleep more. Either that or go to sleep at a decent time :p

James is adorable and I want one ♥ He is fangirling and I love it! In fact I just love his characterisation because he is so different to other James' I've read. It's so nice seeing his softer, geekier side :D It's so great when you find another person to fangirl over stuff with, Iagree with Abi in so many ways right now.

Is her partly asking her out or at least sussing her out because ohmygod! I feel like singing he likes her, he loves her, he wants her :p I don't think I can wait to see when/how they actually get together, I'm so excited already.

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie xx

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Review #64, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Talent Show

10th May 2014:
I am in agreement with Abigail and I swear every now and again she reminds me of myself :p Public speaking is the worst!

I love the ideas James wanted to be as he was growing up their super original and cute! Maybe not so much the clown.

Awww James is super sweet for not forcing Abigail to do it. ♥

They're bonding and asdfghjkl I love it!! ♥

Mention of Louis and Freya!!! And of course Horatio ♥

James is just perfect and I can't wait for more Abigail/James action!!!

Looking forward to the next one!

Sophie x

Author's Response: I absolutely love that so many people can relate to Abigail, that's what I wanted, I wanted people to see themselves in her. :D I hate public speaking as well.

Thank you :D James has many plans for his future, and his future career is something he's actually wanted to do for a while. :P

Yes! They're bonding! :D There shall be more bonding in the future as well as more Louis, Freya and Horatio! :D

More shall be soon, thank you so much for the amazing review Sophie! :D

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Review #65, by potterfan310Cherry Blossoms: Ruined

7th May 2014:
I feel like this is going to be super original compared to other (teen) pregnancy stories. I love how you've started it so far and I can't wait to read more.

The wording just flows together and your description are beautiful. I love the bit about the Cherry Blossom tree, their so pretty!

I'm intrigued about their relationship with him begin a teacher and her a student. I'm assuming their out of Hogwarts so their early or mid twenties maybe? I love ScoRose so much and this is brilliant so far.

Keep up the good writing and I'm definitely adding this to my favourites. Looking forward to the next chapter :D

Sophie :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!
Actually, Scorpius is the same age as Rose, and they're both eighteen when she gets pregnant. He is just her teacher because he graduated early from Durmstrang.
Again, thank you! It really is very motivating to get reviews, and this encourages me to write more, so once again, thank you!

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Review #66, by potterfan310Snakes & Ladders: Five - Nine Weeks

7th May 2014:
New chapter, yay!

I wasn't expecting Al's reaction to be like that, but at least he'll have time to think about everything and get his head around it.

I know Rose will come around, that's one thing for sure. And Ellis, is it possibly to love him even more? He' just fab and I love his characterisation. "One question," he asked. "Do I get to be godfather?" - Ellis just needs to be, he has too because I just know he's going to be Emilia's rock through out this.

oh Emilia, you need to watch Doctor Whom then you'll get the reference.

I absolutely love the fact that you've got Emilia in her kitchen and then Albus in the Weasley's, and as you said their just separated by glass. I think it's really sweet! :D

I was not expecting Marin to say that! :O

I'm curious as to why nothing has been said about Emlia's birth, maybe their not her real parents? Or she was born via a surrogate or something.

Emila's is not going to go through with it, she can't. Not only that I just have a vision of Albus (or maybe Rose)turning up and stopping her or something.

I know you said on tumblr about Marin and Albus having a thing (which I'm really intrigued about, how did happen? etc...) so maybe Marin is seriously jealous hence her giving Emila the information and making sure she booked an appointment at the clinic.

I am so excited for the next one and I can't wait!!

Soph xx

P.s I think I said it before but I love the new ending bit of chapter four, it flows so nicely!!!

Author's Response: I hate your reviews because they make me want to give spoilers ;)

Okay I'm kidding, I really love reading them :O but I am going to be a tad ambiguous because if not I might give stuff away and I just... don't want that.

Anyway, first of all you haven't even seen the worst of his reaction yet. It's going to get so so much more worse before there's even the hint of it getting better. It's so angsty oh my gosh.

I think Ellis will definitely be a shoo-in for Godfather at the rate he's going! But you'll just have to see, who knows where this story and its characters will fully take me yet.

Ahhh, Marin's reaction was something I was nervous about getting right. Purely because it does rely heavily on knowing things that the reader doesn't know yet. I promise by the time this fic ends, you'll be able to look back at Marin's initial reaction and completely understand.

And as I've said to a few other reviewers - what kind of pregnancy story would this be if the baby was aborted six chapters in? ;)

I'm glad you're so excited for the next chapter! I'm afraid it's going to be another few weeks yet because I have exams from the 13th-22nd so : but I'm trying to write little tid bits here and there for it at the moment until I have time to sit down and fully write it.

Thanks for the read and the lovely review!

- Jess xo

(P.s. yeah, you sent me an ask on tumblr I think? Thank you again though!)

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Review #67, by potterfan310The Truth About Forever: Voldemort Take Notes

5th May 2014:

I love how you've started this chaper off, it's a great visual!!! And as for James, I love him already :D James sure sounds like a really charmer; - "James Potter who is currently picking the fluff out of his belly button." Lol!

Ahh I love it when there's mention to the characters from the books, such as Cootes, Spinnet and Vane. It just makes it more perfect because the books live on.

Rose's friends/dorm mates are all super nice and I can't wait to see more of Rose and them, well all of them except Hope.

Scorpius! I'm assuming he's the bad boy type! and it's fab to see it, because in most of the stories I read he's a nice good boy so it's a pleasent change. The way you've characterisaed him so far is brilliant and I love it.

They're bonding of sorts over mandrakes and talking about evil.

Hugo! oh my god, cliffhanger. What's he doing? I'm sooo intrigued by Hugo and of course now Alec.

There were a few litte things like grammar mistakes or missing a letter but nothing a read-over won't sort.

I've probably said love way to many times in this review but I am crazy over your characterisations of Rose and Scorpius as well as James because they're brilliant and it's so unsual to read them as enemies rather than friends/going out.

Can't wait for the next one.

Soph x

Author's Response: Hey!
Wow thank you so much! This makes me so happy you have no idea!
James is most definitely my favourite character to write and he'll be being featured lots more throughout the next couple of chapters.
I absolutely love bringing surnames from the original books through into next-gen too, I feel like if all their parents played Quidditch then they are likely to play too!
I'm really glad that you like them; Tori and Cara were both amazing to write and I'll also be introducing Erin and Hope (sorry ;) ) throughout the next few chapters.
Scorpius is a bit of a want-to-be bad boy, yes haha! Thanks, I'm really glad you like him because I certainly do! Oh yes, there's nothing more romantic than mandrakes and death eaters haha.
All, or at least some, will be revealed very soon in terms of Hugo and hopefully we'll find out what's up with Alec too.
As for grammar, yep that's something I definitely need to work on! I tend to get a little over-excited once I finish a chapter haha.
Again, thank you so much and who knows, maybe their "enemy-ship" will blossom into something else?
Thank you again and I can't wait to see what you think of the next one- I hope I don't disapoint!
-Alice x

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Review #68, by potterfan310The Truth About Forever: An Introduction of Sorts

4th May 2014:

I am really intrigued by this and I love it so far. ScoRose has a special place in my heart and you're take on Rose and Scorpius is really unusual but it's so refreshing to read :D

I'm curious about James too, sounds like he's going to be big fun!

The whole take on the Weasley/Malfoy feud is fab and I really want to know more about it and why Rose and Scorpius are at each others throats. It's going to be really interesting to see how you develop them into loving one another and I can't wait.

Definitely adding this to my favourites. Looking forward to the next one.


Author's Response: Thanks so much this is an amazing review to read!! I've read some amazing Scorose fics but I love the ship to death so I had to write my own!!
The feud will come back in a couple of chapters big time so keep reading for that! And as for developing their relationship, I think Rose is just starting to realise something about what makes a person themselves.
Thank you so much for the favourite! The next chapter is in the queue and I look forward to hearing what you think of it :)
-Alice x

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Review #69, by potterfan310Choices: Foot in Mouth

3rd May 2014:
Oh. My. God.

I made a non human noise when I saw there was a new chapter!!! Sque :D

"Part of me was wondering if she wasn't going to use it to strangle me Ė it's never too late for her to commit the murder I'm sure she's been itching for during the entire duration of the holiday." - THIS! I've missed James so much, he is just the best, as is Ginny of course :p

James giving Al girl lessons, oh dear. I can see it being a accident waiting to happen.

YES!! I forgot all about the platypus; Mr Sprinkles. Oh my god, how could I forget!!!

Ahh Selene, she is just brilliant. I literally love her and her characterisation. That and the fact she winds James up at times which makes me happy. ♥

Nooo, did Selene just friend zone James. No, it can't be.

Bless Lily, hypothetically :p I think her and Nick would certainly make a good couple. They're as insane as each other.

Seriously how have I gone so long without your James, he is just so loveable and I want him! His lessons with Al are going to be so funny. Especially his whole teacher act, lol :D Their whole brotherly bonding is just too cute and I want one, if not both of them.

Even Albus ships Jelene ♥ James give in to your love, boy. Go get Selene!!!

Mickey's right, James is cute but she cannot and must not date him! Nooo, James you loveable idiot. Bad move.

I can't wait for the next one!! Even if I have to wait another year (Was it really that long?). Love this so much :D

Soph x

Author's Response: Lovely to see a review from you! I've missed this :)

I love all these characters, so much, and I'm so happy to be getting back into their world.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and I very sincerely hope that it will not be another year until I update again. I'm starting to feel inspired again, so hopefully it won't be too long!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #70, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Albus: When the Damage is Done

3rd May 2014:
Aw poor Albus getting hurt. His job sounds really interesting but poor Isacc worrying about him all the time.

I swear Isacc is one of the cutest kids ever! I just want to hug him tight because he's cute and he's all worried about Al and sad he didn't go to his appointment.

Oooh I'm really intrigued by who Albus was following. I don't know why but I'm thinking maybe Theo or Keiron?

I'm still mad at Albus. Lexi is fab and I love her, she's such a great character! I hope her and Al will be able to fix their relationship at some point because they are cute together when they're not all angsty and mad.

Can't wait for the next one!

Soph x

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Review #71, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: Music to my ears

3rd May 2014:
SEQUEAL! :D (I'm excited, can you tell :p)

"and would quite happily get into bed with Louis whenever he felt like it" - oh my god, yes!! ♥

Are they living together? because if they are my excitement may not be contained :D

Can you get more adorable, three year old Sam and her uncle 'Tio. AW!

Horatio is very true, Louis should get Freya to pay. I wonder where she is? Hm probably somewhere sunny enjoying herself whilst Louis struggles...

A new girl huh? Happiness for Louis, pretty please. (Although maybe with Horatio, *hint hint*)

Good old George, he's fab.

Fun, Louis needs fun in his life. Give him happiness! ♥

I love, love this and all the characters and your characterisation of them is perfect! I am super duper excited for this and I can't wait for the second chapter.

Soph xx ♥

Author's Response: Yes! Yes I can tell and I love it!

Haha oh Loratio, it's unstoppable.

Yes, they're living together. Horatio is renting the house from his parents, and asked Louis and Samantha to move in with him. Later on Molly moved in as well.

Samantha loves her Uncle 'Tio.

Louis does need to listen to Horatio's words, but if he does now or later... who knows? :P

Yep, a new girl for Louis! And he's already had a small thing with Horatio... which may come back later on. :P How can they deny their feelings for each other?!

As for where Freya is? That'll come up soon, she may have been somewhere sunny, what a loser she is!

He does need fun and happiness, which he shall be getting.

Thank you so so much Soph! I absolutely love your reviews and I'm so happy that you love my characters so much as well.


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Review #72, by potterfan310I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us: Not Going Back

2nd May 2014:
Oh my god, last chapter! *breathes heavily*

Awww Louis, it breaks my heart too that he's making excuses for her.

I squealed out loud, LORATIO! "Louis held Horatioís hand tighter," - Yes, yes, one hundred times yes :D

Horatio and Baby Sam, the cuteness ♥ He is definitely mummy Horatio, forget Freya, mummy Horatio will never leave her.

Louis is such a good dad! At least he knows he has to step up and that he's not willing to go back to Hogwarts so he can look after baby Sam.

Can I just squish both Louis and Horatio because them on the platform saying goodbye is sooo adorable ♥♥

The last few bits of this, aw. All the feels ♥♥

It's over :( But I did notice the sequel's already up, happy days :D

Soph ♥

Author's Response: It's going to be okay! *holds your hand in support* We'll get through this together!

Louis is in denial the poor lad, he just needs to realise she's not coming back.


Oh yes, Mummy Horatio isn't going anywhere! He'll always be there for Louis and Samantha.

Yep, he's going to sacrifice everything so that Samantha has him around and that he can do what's best for her.

Yes, you can squish them both. That scene broke my heart the most, I don't like imagining them being away from each other.

:( Yep, it's over. But the sequel is up! :D I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! :D

Thank you so much for sticking with the story and for all of your amazing reviews!

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Review #73, by potterfan310I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us: I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

24th April 2014:

She's gone!!! Despite me feeling sorry for her, it was coming, I knew it! *happy dance*

Aww Louis, I knew he would panic that Freya had taken her as well and I feel so bad for him but at least she was only with Dom and Kieron.

I need to hug Louis so tight for a whole day! He needs it badly ♥

Bill taking charge is perfect! He's such an awesome dad, he really is.

I love that they leave Samantha with Kieron to stop him from punching anyone. It's a smart idea but I think a few people need either a good slap *cough* Freya or a a good old punch, namely her dad.

I really do disliked Freya's dad, always have. "No, you brainwashed her into thinking that she couldnít cope." I think these words are very true and that Louis is spot on right!

Boom! Go Bill :D I am soo glad he hit him, Bill is proper badass!

Snorter.. Bless baby Sam, poor kid is going to grow up with such a weird nickname from Dom.

Blaise? Zabini I assume?

Loratio! ♥ I don't think you can deny it any longer :p

You used the title for the last line!! asdfghjkl I love it when people do that!! And Louis is just so adorable with his daughter.

Just one chapter :( But at least there's a sequel! ♥

Can't wait for the last one!!

Soph x

Author's Response: Yes! Yes she is gone! A lot of people are actually happy about her leaving haha, I haven't seen many people feeling sorry for her. :P Myself included of course. *joins happy dance*

Yep, you called it! Poor Louis, he was so scared that Freya had taken Samantha. I'm not sure how he would have coped if Freya did take her.

Louis would love to have a hug.

And Bill is the best dad! Ted should get some tips off of him.

Haha yes, Kieron has quite a temper on him, so it's a good thing that he needed to hold Samantha. Oh yes, some people do need to get hurt, definitely. And they quite possibly might in the sequel... :P

I hate Ted so much! Seriously hate him. He has brainwashed her, Louis is definitely right.

YES! GO BILL!!! Ted needed a good punch.

Oh yeah, poor Samantha stuck with that nickname. I think it'll be around for quite some time.

Yep, Blaise Zabini is still around.

I can't deny it! Loratio has become canon! It's going to happen!

I love it too. :D I couldn't miss an oppourtunity to use it either. :D

I know! I'm so sad about it ending, but so excited about the sequel! :D

Thank you so very much for all of your reviews! I love them all so much.

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Review #74, by potterfan310Keep Breathing: To Where You Are

24th April 2014:

Are you trying to break my heart? Man this story is just full of feels.

I loved 'In Love With Your Laugh' and I'm super glad you wrote more Evalin/James. I just had to listen to the songs you used and my heart broke a little more, they're so beautiful and I cried once again.

James' devotion to her is just... I can't find the words but it shows his true love for her and I think it reflects part of what he said when he was proposing to her as well. He well and truly loves her and you can see it so much.

"if I had chosen a different name. Would you still be here if I had chosen a different name?" - This hit me so much, because I relate to it in a way but for different reasons. There's always that doubt, that what if I had... It's horrible because things happen and your powerless to stop it yet you try and come up with a reason as to why it happened.

Yet again you've reduced me to tears by one of your stories. It's such a heartbreaking story but you've written it beautifully ♥

Evalin standing outside the nursery, it's horrible having to clean or go through a person's house when they've passed but to have to do it to a little nursery is overwhelming

I love the fact Evalin goes outside and finds comfort in lying down in the dew covered grass. Before looking up at star, wondering if her baby girl is up. I myself find myself doing the same, wondering if my loved ones are up there shining down on me.

Naming her after Ginny shows just how close her and Evalin are

I think the ending where James finds her and they unite is just perfect. They need one another and whilst Evalin may be unsure, they are both grieving parents who have three things: the memory of their little one, the love for one another and hope. ♥

I love this, it truly is beautiful and heart felt and you've done a fab job of writing it ♥

Soph x

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm sorry. ♥

I just, how do you even reply to a review like this? I just don't even have words. Soph you're so sweet to me and so nice, and I'm so glad that this story touched you. There will be more of James and Evalin to come, and they'll be much happier! I promise!

I'm sorry for reducing you to tears, but it kind of makes me happy because I know I was successful in my writing. ♥

I'm glad you loved this, and I'm glad it touched you and I'm sorry I took so long to reply and that my reply is so lame. I just don't know HOW to reply. This is just. ♥

Thank you ♥

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #75, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 31: Revenge & Revelations

23rd April 2014:
Hi, hi, hi!!!

Bless Rosie for having to go on her own, at least Astoria is able to go with her ♥ My love of James has grown, I swear. "He likes stealing Dom's expensive face cream, mainly to annoy her but also he has decided he likes the feel of a face mask." - THIS!

James walking in on Sarah just perfect, get together already!

Sarah's revenge, a little uncalled for but soo funny XD How did Rose and her bump fit under the bed? Out of curiosity how far is she?

Danny and Sarah, wait do I sense a break up? Pretty please. YES!!! I mean no. I feel bad for both James and Sarah since Amy and Danny are playing them but I am super glad because it means James and Sarah can get back together!! ♥

I love Astoria and the whole way you've characterised her. I can't help wonder why she is the only one being interested, I mean surely Hermione would be there for her daughter?

Hopefully ScoRose action to come. Can't wait for the next one!

Soph x

P.s it's been annoying me for ages and I kept forgetting but now I've remembered, who your face claim for Rose? I feel like I recognise her but I'm not sure? :/

Author's Response: I think its more Rose's decision to go alone, as a kind of statement, before she realises she doesn't really like it all that much!

Oh I love playing with James, there's obviously loads more of those little titbits in there for you guys :)

Rose's bump is a lot smaller than she thinks it is, but like every girl out there she's convinced that she's the size of a house! Bless her!!

Oh yeah, Sarah and James are definitely not going to take this lying down, as you'd expect! Next few chapters are pretty exciting on that front :D

Hermione does want to be there for her daughter, but she must wait for Ron to come around to things at his own pace. Chapter 34 sees the two of them with Rose, you'll have to wait and see I guess :)

The next chapter is Sarah/James focused, but the one after that may make you faint with all the ScoRose flying around, so keep your eyes peeled!! :)

The girl who plays my Rose is Lucy Hale :)

Thanks as ever Soph :)

-Sarita xx √ʬô¬•

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