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Review #1, by potterfan310Sirius Ate My Homework: Did you say that you ate my homework?

29th March 2015:
Hey Tammi!!

Ahh I love this, it's been ages since I read Marauders and this is brilliant :D

I LOVE that Sirius ate it for real, oh god I can even imagine him actually doing it too, even if he did it by accident.

"I am going to put a flea collar on you" - This has to be my favourite line. I feel like they would get a pink or a sparkly one just to annoy Sirius but he'd secretly love it XD

I can't believe McGonagall believed that Sirius ate it, though I suppose once you've had to put up with the Marauders causing and playing pranks for god knows how long I suppose you get use to the weird excuses. :p

Loved it :D

-Sophie xx

Author's Response: SOPHIE!!! *squishes*

Yay! I'm so glad that you liked it :D I loved writing it so much! It was so fun.

Haha oh Sirius, he's so much like a dog, bless him.

Oh yes, of course it would be pink and sparkly. Sirius would be able to pull it off and love to do so!

McGonagall just knows that Sirius was involved, she's learnt not to question anything with those boys. :D

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #2, by potterfan310Loratio: Cake Making

14th February 2015:
Tammi, heyyy.

After the last chapter I didn't think there could be any more cuteness, I was wrong!

" Samantha definitely took after Horatio in many ways." - YES! If that isn't proof Horatio is well and truly her mummy (albeit the one who leads her astray) but it kind of makes me think Freya isn't around so yay!

The two of them asleep, my heart ♥

"Horatio had even gotten a tattoo on his arm that said 'Koukla' in script writing, for his birthday." AW what have you done, I'm a mess of cuteness (if that's even a thing, who knows??)


"Will mummy ‘Tio get cake after you give him a bath?" - I'm laughing so hard, kids really do say the funniest things, haha, but it makes it even more perfect about the fact it's about Louis and mama 'Tio XD

Again with the no Freya theory, even if this is set at Christmas and we still have a three year old Sam, she's still calling Horatio 'Mummy 'Tio' which is a good sign!

YAY THANK YOU SO MUCH TAMMI! *Squishes you with hugs*

- A very happy Sophie :D ♥

Author's Response: SOPHIE!!! HOW ARE YOU?

I'm going to run out of cuteness for them soon! haha :D

Oh yes! That is so proof that Horatio is her mummy, not Freya. And is she around when this is set? Who knows?! Apart from me, I know. :P

Awww haha I loved that image of them. :D


Louis and Horatio need to be very careful around Samantha, she does like to repeat everything she's heard.

As for the theory. you'll have to see haha, things are about to happen in Louis :D

Thank you for the prompt! I loved writing them! :D

*squishes you back*

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Review #3, by potterfan310Loratio: Hide and Seek

14th February 2015:
Hi Tammi!!

Ahhh yay, hide and seek time :D

Haha, yes I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Kids really love the idea of pretending to be lost (and then found by shouting boo) for some weird reason, haha.

Bless Louis for being so worried, wanting to getting Harry and the aurors in. A little over the top maybe but proper cute. I can't imagine what he'll be like when Sam brings home her first boyfriend *cough another prompt maybe cough*.

If Sam is five, do I sense the she devil is not in the picture (fingers crossed) because SHE'S STILL CALLING HORATIO 'MUMMY'! THIS GIVES ME HOPE.

Whatt?? Ahhh Tammi you made me think it was Horatio in on the plan, not Louis, haha. Louis could be an actor. And Sam bless her, it's so hard to not giggle when you can't.

What are you doing to me, god this is so cute and urgh I didn't realise I needed this but it is glorious. Thank you Tammi, you're the best *hugs*. I have a lot of Loratio feels now.

-Sophie :D

Author's Response: SOPHIE!!!

Yep, it's hide and seek time!

They really do love it, and poor Louis being worried. Although he was totally playing along.

YES!!! That prompt is getting written. Don't you worry, I have that one planned and I can't wait to write it! :D

Yep, she's still calling Horatio 'mummy' but if the devil is still in the picture. well...

Haha nope, poor Horatio isn't in on it at all. It's all Louis. Horatio should know not to make him angry.

Awww thank you! *hugs you tightly* I need to write more Loratio! :D

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Review #4, by potterfan310Loratio: Chicken

14th February 2015:
Tammi hi!

You had me at drunken Loratio, haha :p

Bwhaha, Louis really can't take hi tequila can he? Plus I can so see the two of them doing this whether drunk or not.

Yes, Lou-Lou Bell I LOVE it.

Also please, please tell me Dom/Vic have those pictures as back up for blackmail/bribery or something, haha.

This, is just a bundle of fun and oh my god I LOVE DRUNKEN LORATIO!! They are so cute and asdfghjkl can they just get together already (sorry Molly and Rachel).

Off to the next one!!


Author's Response: Hahaha I think everyone loves a good bit of drunken Loratio :P

Louis really can't at all! And they totally don't need the alcohol to help speed things along between the two.

Oh they so have those pictures for blackmail and they will have to use them against him.

Drunken Loratio is my favourite thing in the world! I'm going to have to write so much more Drunken Loratio! :D

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Review #5, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: 'Tio Monster

14th February 2015:
Me again!

Oooh Naughty Dom. Haha, hope she doesn't get pregnant, now that would be awkward to explain :p Naughty Nik too, tut tut.

Louis better not give in, not only with he have Horatio yelling at him, I'm pretty sure I will be too. It's decided Sam doesn't need Freya at all, she has daddy Louis and mummy 'Tio, she doesn't need anyone else (well except maybe the Weasley family, because they're awesome).

Aww, Sam is the cutest! Can she get any cuter, seriously. The whole scene with her, Louis, Horatio and Molly has just melted my heart. ♥

Aww Molly's nickname is too cute for words, alos Horatio's pun = brilliant!!

Nooo 'Tio is mad at Louis, this makes me sad.

Sam calling Nikolas 'Nik Nik' awww, I'm pretty sure he goes from tough guy to I'd do anything for Sam in a matter of seconds.

I don't like it either. Haha. I'm so proud of Sam, the cutie. Some one's been teaching her well.

Can't wait for another chapter!!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: YAY!! *squishes*

She is very naughty! They both need to learn to control themselves around Nik... but can anyone? Haha And oh yes! It's going to be very awkward to explain!

I think we all need to yell at Louis, he's making a choice that he feels he has to make, because he doens't want the threat of her getting help. Sam definitely doesn't need anyone else apart from the Weasleys and Horatio.

Awww I'm so glad that you liked that. Of course she's cute! She's Louis and Horatio's daughter! :P

Oh 'Tio is going to be mad for a while, which makes me sad as well.

Oh yes! He will do anything for Samantha when she calls him Nik Nik :D

Thank you Sophie!! :D

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Review #6, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: Threats

14th February 2015:
HAHA, IN YOUR FACE FREYA :D Is it wrong I'm weirdly happy about this??? I feel liking shouting 'Take that oh evil one' she got what she deserved, serves her right.

"“You’re really not," THIS! YES LOUIS, YOU ROCK!

Can we get Freya's ex back, he's a nice guy. Yelling at Freya (go him) and giving Louis some money for Sam, he's awesome in my book. Can he come be a new bff for Louis ?(not that I don't love Horatio, I do but he's kind of stepped up to boyfriend material now :p).

Oh the hate for Freya burns like a freakin' house on fire in this chapter.

I hope she who must not be named, didn't cost Louis his job. I kind of laughed when she said she'd get the ministry involved. He Louis Weasley, there bound to be some relation to pull some strings inside the ministry. That and Freya could technically be seen as an unfit mother (which she is) so hopefully Louis will win.

Molly??? She not pregnant is she?? Nope not good, then again maybe, hmmm. Baby cousin/sister/friend for Sam good. But then it means no Loratio so no, hope she isn't.


-Sophie :)

Author's Response: YES! In your face Freya!! Haha it's not wrong to be happy about it, I'm happy about it as well. She deserves it!

We can get him back! in fact, he will be back! I do love Tyler, he's awesome! And as for new BFF for Louis?... I do have big plans for Tyler.

Louis has quite a few relations in the Ministry, but then... so does Freya, her father is quite high up in the Ministry.

Ah, Molly just may well be ... but do you really think that would stop Loratio?

He definitely needs some sense knocked into him!

Thank you so much Sophie!! :D

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Review #7, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: Daddy Smells.

14th February 2015:
It's only took me what? nearly three months to finally read this. But ahh well at least I have three shiny new chapters to read.

Haha, am I sensing Kieron's a mummy's boy :p I've never said it before (at least I think not) but Lavender Brown and Theo Nott as a pairing, I'd have said nope no way. But I've grown to love them and I'm curious as to how the pair ended up together??

Nooo, I think Kieron is definitely being an idiot. That's kind of a stupid reason to break up with someone.

AW! Sam calling Horation mummy, I die a little from cuteness every time! ♥ Horatio getting all teary over it, too cute. They are such a little family Freya best stay away for good.

Loratio ♥

"Lou-Lou Belle" - asdfghjkl that is so freakin' cute.

Yep you've just melted my heart in one chapter, THE CUTENESS MAN OH GOD!

HOLY COW! My jaw just dropped, haha. I was not expecting her to be there of all places, let alone on a date!! HAHA

Can I start a let's hate on Freya club with her date/boyfriend (well ex now I hope, haha). Freya has a double personality I swear, as Louis said she's pestering him about seeing Sam yet she hadn't even told her boyfriend she had a kid.


-Sophie :)

Author's Response: I forgive you! It's taken me that long to finally respond to it :P

Kieron is a total mummys boy, and I love Theodore/Lavender so much!! Their story is Seal our Fate (I think that's what I called my Theodore/Lavender story. it's late and I'm too lazy to check haha)

YES!!! It's something that you wanted to see and it's here!! :D I love them so much!!!

Loratio is love!!

Haha Horatio loves calling Louis his Lou-Lou Belle :P

Yep! She's there! Yes! We can start that club! We'll have so many members joining straight away!

Thank you!!! :D

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Review #8, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Learn More About William

14th February 2015:
Oh look at that I'm finally getting around to R+R'ing (at last!!).

AHHH I am still reeling from the fact they kissed!!

"You're worth it." - I just died a little, so cute!

I am a hundred per cent in agreement with Isabella, is there anything she can throw at Michelle?? haha. Isabella and William, oh my god these two, why have they never been together before because they are brilliant. Me thinks Isabella is less badger, more honey badger XD

Aww William, bless. I can totally see him and Isabella having a love/hate relationship. That or they act like they're together but they aren't.

Yes! James totally needs to do the musical number! James is just so adorable and geeky and I love your characterisation of him, the nerd.

Tammi, this chapter just asdfghjkl! It's brilliant (as always :D). Can't wait for the next one, I just hope it doesn't take me a month to get around to reading it again.


Author's Response: YAY! I've missed you! *squishes you*

Oh yes!! They kissed and it was so glorious!! and it made me so happy!! :D

Haha they are cute, aren't they?

I agree with her too, we need to find lots of things to throw at Michelle. Oh yes! Those two are special, I have a lot of plans for them. Hahaha she is a total honey badger!

Their relationship is going to be an entertaining yet fun one :D

He does!!! He's so geeky and nerdy and he makes me smile so much! No wonder Abigail likes him so much.

Aw thank you! haha I hope that you love the next one as well :D

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Review #9, by potterfan310Psychos and Psychologists : Problem Number Eleven

14th February 2015:

It feels so long since I read this but man I still love it!

Aww Coral, bless her. It's like the world is making her slowly fall apart, she had so much on her plate *hugs*

I'm Brit picking (sorry) Coral tells Scorp to 'rip off the band aid' in the UK they're called 'plasters'.

Haha I love how everyone pretty much knows Scorp likes Rose(well except maybe Rose herself :p) Also Scorpius, I love him, a lot. You're characterisation of him is just fabulous and so different as to how he's normally portrayed so kudos'.

Aww noo, Coral and Albus arguing makes me sad. But damn Albus really does have a huge problem, I just hope Coral will find out sooner rather than later. Also yay for the up close and personal moment between them.


Cannot wait for the next chapter, I hope Albus does tell Coral the truth and not make something up.

-Sophie :)

Author's Response: sophie! i hope everything is good with you :)

ooh thanks so much for the britpick! i'll be sure to change it!

i'm glad you like scorpius! he's certainly different from all the other versions and so i hope he's pretty likable as well!

I AM SORRY!! the next chapter will take a while but i promise it will come! lets see what albus decides to do.

thank you so much for your review! xx

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Review #10, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Alexa: When Some Secrets Come Out.

29th December 2014:

Finally catching up!

Also Hope you had a great Christmas Sam!

I love that Lexa reminisces about the past/good times with Albus. I just wish they would have those times again now.

The talking stick is too funny.

Ahh AJ is actually Lexa's brother, ah!!! :O

I'm so glad the Nott's are talking again, I just hope Lexa can get around talking to Albus because I love those two together and I won't give up on them.

Cannot wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I hope you had a good Christmas, too.

Ah, Lexi will always remember the good times. And you never know, more good times might follow. ;)

The talking stick is the best and worst invention in the world. They all hate it at some point. :P

Yes! He is!

I have not given up on them either. Don't worry about that. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #11, by potterfan310Expecting: 43: Her

13th December 2014:
Sarita, Hi!


That chapter image, asdfghjkl too cute.

"fox reflexes materialising" - I think you missed the word 'my' before fox and 'were' between reflexes and materialising.

"I'm hoping for human, but I think we're all wondering by this point," - Oh Rose, even in labour she's still brilliant as normal.

Sarah, she is just fabulous and such a good friends.

HA! oh poor Scorpius, haha I LOVED it when Rose grabbed him and told him off and to not leave the room.

James is still as awesome as usual.

AHH BABY WEASLEY-MALFOY IS FINALLY HERE! :D AW! A BABY GIRL, TOO CUTE, I AM DYING OF CUTENESS OVER HERE. I cannot wait to see what they call her, Baby Weasley-Malfoy is such a mouthful, haha. ♥ ♥


Nooo the next one can't be the last, I refuse to believe this :(

Sophie xx

Author's Response: Soph, hi! :)

Whoops, I will have to go back and amend that!

Glad you liked it, I really hope you enjoy the last chapter, I am trying to pluck up the courage to upload it and say goodbye to Rose and co. (for now!)

See you next chapter!

Thanks so much,

Sarita xxx

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Review #12, by potterfan310Snakes & Ladders: Twelve - Thirteen Weeks

12th December 2014:
Hey, Jess,

I am finally here, crazy, crazy times I tell you.

I LOVE Lily, plus it's kind of nice to see her not liking Em. Hopefully those two will become close as the story goes goes on.

JAMES!? What is up with him!? Does he know something we don't??

Emilia does so fancy Albus, denial is the first stage, HA!

Rose and Scorpius, for whatever reason I thought they were already together, apparently not. That's just added to my people who need to get together in this fic, it isn't very long. Just Al and Em and now Rose and Scorpius :p

Ew, ew, ew. James has SUCH bad taste. Marin, ew. I really hope that Marin doesn't corrupt James, who then in turn corrupts Albus.

AW, they've all become friends and I've just become a mess because too cute. They're all rallying around Emilia and it is adorable and they are such good friends unlike people whose names starts with an M.

Em has such a good head on her shoulders, she is going to be such a good mother! Rose is such an awesome friend, bless her. I love Rose so much :D

Couple of missed comma's before names and sometimes after but nothing a read over won't fix.

If this review is weird or doesn't make too much sense it's because I am sleep deprived.

Can't wait for the next one!!


P.s I shall reply toy your review on ABR very soon. ♥

Author's Response: Hi!

Lily is an adorable ball of energy and I love her with every fibre of my being even though I've barely written much about her yet.

Ah, James... James, James, James. This kid (man?) is going to give our lovely characters one hell of a time. Apologies for that in advance.

As for grammar I'm going back over and editing the entire story so that'll all be fixed very very soon :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review!


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Review #13, by potterfan310Hormones: The Hogsmeade Branch

12th December 2014:

FRAMES! They're back together once more ♥ And Ryan! I swear this pregnancy is making her a nice(ish) person.

"Ryan moved to my lap" THIS, JUST THIS. FRYAN ♥

I am so, so happy that everything is out in the open at last. First George/Freddie bonding and now Harry/James bonding of sorts. I LOVE that Harry gave them a loan, especially because of the reference to the books/Diagon Alley shop. There has to be a plauque, haha :D

Slacks, are they trousers?

RYAN IS BONDING WITH THE WEASLEY'S. I never thought this day would come.

I really, really want Freddie to end up living above the Hogsmeade branch with Ryan and their baby girl.


"In every situation I imagined, though, Ryan was there." YES, YES, A BILLION TIMES YES! It needs to happen.

Something extreme that Ryan wouldn't do/maybe not like, WHAT!? Even George is surprised by what ever it is.


I cannot wait for the next chapter, squee.

Sophie xx

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Review #14, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The End Of A Friendship

3rd December 2014:

The chapter title :O

I LOVE Abi and her comic book, I kind of hope that maybe she does show it to James one day.

Isabella I just love her, she is such a great character and friend to Abi. To me she needs to shove Michelle out of the way and become Abi's best friend because the two of them are great! She is just brilliant and I love that she went and shouted at James (and William) for Abi, haha.

Wait what!?


Ahhh I'm so proud of Abi for kicking Michelle to the kerb and giving her a good old telling off. I seriously thought the chapter title was to do with James, not her :O But I'm glad.

William and Isabella, do I spy a relationship of some sorts forming between them. Hmmm...?

JAMES BABY ♥♥ I knew he wouldn't hurt Abi and that he likes her *Happy Dance* He is so cute and adorkable ♥




I Cannot wait for the next because oh my god James and Abi happened, am I dreaming??

THIS CHAPTER JUST, I CAN'T. SO exciting, I think this is my new favourite chapter :)

Sophie x ♥

Author's Response: Hey! I know! The chapter title could have been shown as being evil :P

She's going to show James her comic, don't you worry :P

I'm glad that Abigail has Isabella too, she's going to tell Michelle exactly what she thinks soon enough, so stay tuned!

Haha yes, yes I am sneaky :P And Michelle has finally got what she deserves! She's so evil and mean.

Oh William and Isabella, I have so many plans for them. :

Nope, James would never hurt her *joins happy dance*


Thank you so much Sophie!!

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Review #15, by potterfan310MISSING: Maid Of Honour: Chapter 4

14th November 2014:
Hey again!

Zilly and Albus honestly have no idea how to look after kids at all do they, haha. Poor Remi having to go to the toilets on his own. Is he two or three years old? Sounds stupid, but have they got a carseat for him? Them getting stopped by the police would add to their terrible trip and Victoire killing one of them for not keeping her son safe.

This trip is going to be very, very interesting. Between Zilly and Al's hate for one another and now Remi. Can't wait for the next one.


Author's Response: Ahhh, the carseat thing sounds like a great plot idea! Would add a humorous twist to the story. Thanks so much for reviewing my story :)

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Review #16, by potterfan310MISSING: Maid Of Honour: Chapter 3

14th November 2014:

Ahhh we finally get to meet Albus! I LOVEE your description of him and how he has Fabian's old watch as well as that he loves Muggle things too.

Rather than disrupt the flow, maybe write numbers such as when Dom is on about the money or when it comes to the time.

HA! Dom's love of Lord of The Rings is brilliant.

When Zilly is with Teddy there was a reallly long sentence, maybe break it up with a comma or two?

Albus and Zilly, haha I love that he's already annoying her and they haven't even been on the road that long. I think by the end of the ten hour trip Zilly is going to end up killing him or something, haha.

"He slams his foot onto the ignition" - This kind of didn't make sense, since the ignition is what you put the key in. Did you mean the accelerator?

Aww bless, Remi's in the car, haha. I'm definitely assuming this is where the summary which made me really curious, fits it. I bet Victoire's going to be on the war path!

So I was re-reading the first two chapters because it's a been a while. Zilly is some distant cousin to Teddy and presumably Scorpius too, hence the playing hide and seek in Malfoy Manor, I'm guessing. There were a few little spelling/grammar mistakes but the one I noticed the most was when Zilly/anyone else was speaking saying 'I'm or I've' etc the i's weren't capitalised.

Off to the next one!

Sophie x

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for reviewing! Thankyou for your kind comments. It has been a while since I wrote the earlier chapters of this story, and I never used to write 'I've' etc with capital 'I's'- mistakes I regret now! About the driving thing- I have no idea what an ignition is or anything, I'm sixteen and live in the UK so can't drive yet. So thanks for correcting me on that or I'll never have known!!! x

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Review #17, by potterfan310Hormones: The Court Case

14th November 2014:

Aww James and Freddie! Those two running the shop is going to both fun and challenging! Frames ♥

I still love Ryan a lot and her and Freddie are just weirdly perfect in a very strange way, haha. But I will forever be team Fryan! ♥

George!! He's almost as bad as Freddie when it comes to dogs, haha. They really should get a puppy, maybe Freddie will get his daughter one, some day.

HA! I can't believe Ryan hit James around the head, haha. Me thinks Freddie was definitely inwardly sniggering because someone else was on the receiving end of Ryan's hormones.

It makes me so happy to see James and Freddie being a team again, especially after everything that's gone down. James' idea for a body to be found in Zonko's basement, ahh how I love James. XD Fabulous idea!

Ryan in the library on about the baby kicking and her helping Fred!! She's becoming almost a changed woman.

Aww Freddie, bless him for wanting that on his gravestone.

OH MY GOD WHAT!? I can't believe Ryan, but I LOVE IT!

Oh god, Zonko, is it really, really bad I am glad Freddie hit him before? He deserves it like no other. Except maybe Umbridge if she was still around.

"Mr. Weasley's lawyer and occasional eye-candy." - FRYAN! My love for Ryan keeps on growing and growing, chapter by chapter ♥

Ryan is just blooming brilliant! Especially as a lawyer, future career for her maybe? Haha.

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie xx

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Review #18, by potterfan310Snakes & Ladders: Eleven - Twelve Weeks

14th November 2014:
Heyy Jess,

I am positive it was Theaker or Saunders who leaked it to Witch Weekly!!

I am so, so glad Oliver is still there for Em, no matter what. Bless Em, she needs him and Ellis more than ever now.

Rose! I love her, she's just fabulous. I mean her and Emilia were sort of friends before but now they're really becoming proper friends and I love it and Rose's characterisation.

HA! I love Emilia considers calling Mrs Wilson the She-Devil, too funny. Even I had to debate what to call her when typing that :p

Two small things, maybe when Rose says about the MLE officers say what they are because I had no clue until I read the A/N at the end of the chapter. And when one of them was talking to one another there was a missing comma on the one side of their name, if that makes sense.

Oooh I'm kind of curious as to what Freddie's done to make Albus seem more or less responsible than him. Hmmm???

Ginny! I love her, haha. Telling off Albus for asking what was for tea, then telling him he is definitely going to take care of the baby whether he wants to or not. But me thinks he definitely wants too. Bless Emilia for feeling weird about all the hugging, I'm most certainly sure the Wilson's were not hugging people.

Whoo NaNo, haha. Good Luck with it Jess! I've given up for today (oops) so I'm reviewing like crazy :D

Can't wait for the next one because it's the dinner, I think? And well it has the Potter's in it!!

Sophie xx

Author's Response: Hihi.

Can I just say I love the way you lay out your reviews?


Eeep, next chapter is super awesome for Em/Rose friendship development.

And I think I'm probably going to just call Mrs Wilson Em's mum for now? I'll figure it out later :p

Wait... I thought I put in a non-abbreviated version of MLE? Just gone back and checked and you're 100% right I didn't :( silly mistake on my part indeed! I planned on writing it out in full once and then just using MLE from there but that clearly didn't work well did it...

Ahh, what Freddie has/hasn't done hasn't really entered my mind to be honest. I've found that in both my (current) wips I've referenced Fred and his behaviour for no apparent reason. Really - there is no reason. I just do it. I love Fred.

Ginny = heart eyes. Not bigging myself up there. Ginny in general = heart eyes.

NaNo isn't going too well at the moment but I AM getting more writing done... 6k in just over two weeks is a new personal best for me so it's all good really. Good luck to you too!

(unfortunately no though the dinner isn't going to be included sory)


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Review #19, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: Mummy

14th November 2014:

Aww Victoire (and Teddy, I'm assuming) have got a baby too!

Sam is just adorable. Her and Roger the Dragon are too cute ♥ I love how she calls Horatio 'Tio'!

"Uncle 'Tio and Daddy have sleepovers," - HA! I lovee how Sam dropped Louis in it, too funny.

The title got me worried Freya had come to see Sam or something but NOW I'M SO HAPPY! OH MY GOD! She calls Horatio mummy, THAT IS SERIOUSLY SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE!

Hortaio and Louis fighting isn't good. Bless little Sam fighting Louis to see her mummy/uncle 'Tio.



Can't wait for the next one.


Author's Response: Hello!!

Yep, Teddy and Victoire had a baby together :D

Samantha is going to take that Dragon with her everywhere. 'Tio is one of the first words she ever says :D

Haha oh yes, Samantha dropped them in it big time! If only she knew the trouble she's causing her daddy haha

Yep, it's Horatio! Samantha thinks that Horatio is her mummy, it's the only one she's ever known.

I hate when they fight, it makes me sad, but the make up makes me so happy!


I'm working on the next one now! :D

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Review #20, by potterfan310Playing for Keeps: On Vertic's Alley

5th November 2014:
Hey, me again.

If I was Annie I wouldn't be too bothered about making James wait.

Ahh I LOVE your descriptions especially about the Alley and the new one coming off it. I think I've just been transported there :D

James really is clueless about Muggle life and things isn't he?

Soda - Would be Fizzy Pop or even just coke or lemonade

"the original Wiz Kid himself is slightly dangerous." This just made me laugh because I swear the first bit is from one of the AVPS songs and that's all I have in my head right now :)

I am so, so happy that Annie was mean to him in a way. He definitely showed a different side when she mention the Cannons incident which is interesting. It makes me wonder that apart from his mean side at Hogwarts whether he has a dark streak like Freddy too.

Somehow I think that if James knew who she really was and what happened in the past I feel like he certainly wouldn't be calling Annie 'cool'. I can't tell which James is really him, which is good because it's keeping me on my toes. It's like he has all these different sides and with every chapter a new one is coming out which is quite cool.

Yay for NaNo. Good Luck ♥

Sophie xx

Author's Response: Hi again!

Annie just likes to be punctual. Force of habit. :)

Thank you! I enjoyed thinking of descriptions for this scene.


Thanks for the correction! I'm no Brit, so having your comments in mind is so useful to me. ♥

YES! It is from AVPS, because I love that musical with all my heart.

She was kind of mean, and he does have a dark side. They all do, in a way. I mean, Annie is so good at being mean to him that she does it most of the time they're together, and that's kind of awful. But things will change for the better, hopefully!

James would probably be mortified if he were smart enough to realize who Annie actually was. Maybe he's both versions of James--the mean one and the nice one. Yes, so many different sides! I can't keep up sometimes.

Thanks for the review and the NaNo wishes!


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Review #21, by potterfan310Playing for Keeps: Aftermath and Arrangements

5th November 2014:

It's nice seeing Annie at home, I was starting to think she lived at the Casino :p I also can't wait to see more of her with Hattie, which I'm assuming will be in this chapter since Annie's home. What she remembers could easily sound like a nightmare, poor Annie. I'm definitely excited to see how she deals with the not telling Freddy/James about the other.

Freddie's letter, it might have been short but I can't help but laugh at the bit about adults getting up before eight on a weekday, it's almost as if he doesn't consider Annie an adult even though she's only a few years younger than him. Just curious, how old is she anyway?

Ahh her sister! So her sister was friends with James, oh no, that gives me an even worse feeling. I guess I was right in a way her sister isn't such a pretty person as her name suggests. Is it any wonder Annie hates her and that nickname, Portia is a pretty name but I can understand why she goes by Annie, bless her.

I feel for Annie, so, so much. Not so much with the name thing but with wondering whether she should even bother apologising to James, since was so horrible to her for no apparent reason. I love pretty much everything she said and crossed out, I've definitely felt like that before. She should have stuck with the original one :p But I'm definitely curious as to why she is continuing to meet with him when they have such a past and that if Freddy finds out she'll lose her job (or maybe worse). Maybe it's just me (and that I can relate to her with the background with James), but I secretly hope Annie is planning on some sort of revenge for him.

Yay, there is more Hattie! Ha! Her stories from St. Mungo's. I love the two of them together, hopefully there will be more of them together soon. Definitely relatable characters and they just seem to bounce off one another really well.

Off to the next one :)

Sophie x

Author's Response: Hey there!

Nope, contrary to popular belief, Annie does not live at the casino. Hattie will have her moment, don't worry! And it's going to be hard to balance, but Annie is very good at poker faces. :)

Freddy's letter is so typical. Like, only he would write that. As for their ages, Freddy is about twenty-six and Annie is twenty-one or twenty-two. James is twenty-three. Freddy was only at Hogwarts with Annie for a year or two. I hope I got that math right, because I don't want to tell you the wrong thing!

Beatrice was friends with James at one point, but as with everything, that changed too. She's kind of awful. And Annie is much preferred, yes!

I'm glad you feel for Annie in this case! James was really horrible to her once upon a time, but in the present, he doesn't even know it's her. He probably deserved some of her insults, but not all of them for sure. I have definitely felt this way about people before, so knowing that you feel the same sometimes is a relief. Yay for empathy!

Ah, she does have a plan, no matter how half-formed it is at this point. :)

There will be more Hattie, I promise!

Thanks so much!

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Review #22, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Albus: When the Bad Mood Hits Everyone

5th November 2014:

Ahhh, Albus' point of view is back, yay!

Aww their wedding sounds perfect, and Isacc insisting on standing with them, well Albus, at the alter is too cute!

I can't help feel bad for Albus, I'm guessing Lexi is distant right now because of being pregnant and not wanting to tell him.

Ahh, we have more information about Adam!! So he was murdered, ahh no, things seem to get worse and worse :(

Albus is so cute with Gracie and their bet, too funny. Haha, though I can imagine Gracie will do anything to get a new toy. The whole thing of her falling asleep in the wardrobe and Al not finding her until she was snoring is just so adorable. ♥ And it kind of breaks my heart knowing Albus isn't spending as much time with them as he should and that he and Lexi are arguing and that he doesn't yet know that she's having twins.

Can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Hey!

I'm always torn over point of view. I love them both so much.

I do love how I planned their wedding, I'll have to write it one day. Their son was adorable that day...

Yep, that would be why. But it won't last. Don't worry.

Adam was murdered, the poor boy. And that information is also coming.

Gracie is a little monster, but you can't fault her for it because of the adorable smile on her face. :P Albus hates it , too. Things will get better.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #23, by potterfan310Lethargic: I'm Not the Prank King

5th November 2014:

Ahh Dom and Cayden are up to something, and it involves Carrie brilliant. I cannot wait to see what Carrie does to them in return. Haha, the three of them together oh dear. I love Dom and Cayden's banter so much, I'm still secretly hoping their dating.

Small typo - "If Jade turns into a wreck than Dom" - I think it was supposed to be 'then' instead of 'than'?

I actually kind of love Carrie's conversation with Flitwick, I love how she asked him how his year has been. Ha! I love how he thinks 'The Prank King' is Carrie that and his plan for her to find the real one/ Genius, I'm guessing if anyone could find them it would be Carrie.

Albus is the one who runs the Hogwarts Gazette, oh my god what!?! haha, I can't believe it.

Why does it no surprise me that Carrie, James and Brett are all on the list.

Brett ♥ It's cute he put his chin on Carrie's shoulder. Those two need to get together officially there's definitely something about them that works so well together. And their little Q+A session was brilliant too.

Oooh I can't help but wonder whether Flitwick's called all of the six on his list (as well as the prefects) about The Prank King to see if they can outsmart each other.

Can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Dom and Cayden will always be up to something. It's just in their nature to be up to no good. Somehow they seem to mesh well with Carrie's personality. Originally when I was first planning this story out Cayden didn't exist and Dom was more of a friend of a friend. I'm happy though that they somehow turned into this.

Thank you for pointing out that typo. I'll make note of it and correct it when I update the chapter at some point with a chapter image.

I'm glad that you liked that Carrie was put in charge of finding the Prank King. She would be the one who I would put in charge of it if simply because of her intelligence and indifferent(ish) emotions.

Yeah, Albus runs the Hogwarts Gazette. It just seemed like he would be the best person to be put in charge since he would get to know a lot of people. Plus his good looks were probably helpful in getting information from people.

I mean if Carrie, Brett, and James weren't on the list I'd have no where to go with plot. So as cliche as it is they all have to be on the list.

Yeah, yeah Brett is so cute for a arrogant guy I guess. Funny story, I met someone who looked exactly like I imagined Brett at my uni recently. The personalities are so far off that its funny. He probably matches the cute image you're thinking of though.

I guess you'll just have to weight and see who the Prank King is and how he gets caught.

The next chapter should be out soon! If a it updates without a chapter it's a chapter image for chapter four, but the regular chapter should be out soon after that.

Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #24, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Try To Avoid Everyone

5th November 2014:
Me again.

I feel like I need to do an Isabella and hug Abi *hugs*. I can't tell if Michelle feels really bad and wants to be there/nice to Abi but on the other hand I kind of feel she's up to something, maybe with Rebecca?

Aww, the comic. I'm glad she's channelled her pain into a comic, about her and James I'm guessing, even if they weren't actually dating.

Abi needs all the chocolate and hugs. I'm glad she stood him up if he was planning on something mean (which I still refuse to believe) but if he wasn't then I'm not so sure :/ You know I love theories :p but I'm thinking what if Rebecca has some sort of dirt on James and he's had to go along with this plan of hers. I kind of think James feels genuinely bad about things but another part of me hates him too. Ahhh!!!

*Hugs for Abi*

The truth better come out soon, I'm dying to know if James is who he says he is or not and whether my Jabi dreams have been crushed.

Can't wait for the next one!!

Sophie xx

Author's Response: YAY!!!

*squishes you with the biggest hug ever*

She is very thankful for the hugs, she does need them. It is hard to tell with Michelle what exactly she's up to, whether she's telling the truth or she's lying. You shall find out soon!

It's how Abigail channels her emotions, and yep, it's about her and James, even though they weren't dating.

I want to give her all the chocolate and hugs too! There's a lot of theories and I love hearing yours! It's hard to decide how to feel about James right now (I totally know how to feel because I have the inside scoop of what's happening)

*joins the hug*

It will come out soon! I promise!

Thanks Sophie you amazingly wonderful person! :D

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Review #25, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where My Heart Tore To Pieces

5th November 2014:
Haha, I'm back.

Hello NaNo Mammy!

Ahh it's their date, yay! But I have such a bad feeling about the chapter title :(

Aww Abi's idea about making him a comic is so adorable.

Uh-oh, I'm starting to think Rebecca has set up a 'Lets make Abigail Higgs life a misery' club. I swear it's her in the toilets.

Oh Abi, nooo. Those girls better be wrong, James would NOT do anything like that. Please don't let him do that. His big secret that William keeps going on about is that he likes Aib, not something mean! I refuse to believe this. JABI HAS TO HAPPEN! ♥

WHAT!? JAMES IS DATING REBECCA, WHAT!? NO, NO, NO! Why do you do this to me?

Off to the next one.

Author's Response: Hello NaNo child! :D

Yes! The day of the date is finally here and I'm worried about your reaction *hides*

It's not just Abigail that's setting up that club, it may not be her, but it's people connected to her.

:( all I can say is you'll find out in the next chapter! I feel mean for doing this to you :(

Next one is up and I can't wait to see your reaction to it.

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