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Review #1, by potterfan310Nine Months: September 22nd

19th August 2017:

Annnd I'm back. Last chapter, but I hope there will be more?

I am so, so glad Arya told someone, and I know her and Lily aren't exactly friends right now but I hope they will come to be eventually.

Aww the little tidbit about Sirius being up early, breaks my heart a little. But on the other hand its cute that Arya has rememebr that little snippet even if he told her a long time ago.

Haha of course James would pick up on the fact Arya is now friends with Lily.

It's no wonder that Arya is confused about what to do an I mean I kinda guessed that she would have kept the baby anyway from the story's title. But still I like that she didn't rue out any of the options, and that when she mentioned it to Remus he seemed shocked by the one she might well have chosen.

Arya definitely needs to tell Sirius, especially now she's made this decision. Fingers crossed there will be an update, I'm looking forward to seeing where this will as it's slightly different from the normal teen prgenacy fics I read (usually set in the next gen era) so it will interesting to see how things pan out being that its marauders era and of course all the you-know-who stuff eventually and Harry's birth.

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #2, by potterfan310Nine Months: September 21st

22nd July 2017:
Hi :)

Haha, I am sure Sirius' feelings are slowly coming through, I mean they are friends so he does care about her in a way just not the way Arya does. But fingers crossed he will come to his senses. Plus he's bribing Lily to check she's okay, so thats a good sign.

Oh bless Arya thinking she was gonna be expelled. Since she is staying it'll be interesting to see where you go with things/her schooling the further she gets in her pregnancy.

Good old McGonagall, 'have a biscuit' I'm glad she was calm and collected, as Arya isn't really thinking straaight right now for a number of reasons, but who can blame her.


But Sirius, he so obviously cares about Arya even though he refuses to show it unless it's just the two of them. He's going to hvae to find out eventually, sooner rather than later and I think he definitely be freaked out at first but I think maybe he will be there for Arya and the baby, it might just take him a while.

Aww I'm glad she told Lily, it doesn't appear Arya has many girl friends, as I said before I hope these two eventually become proper friends as I think Arya will definitely benefit from it!! Lily is gonna be the reason of calm I think.


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Review #3, by potterfan310Nine Months: September 20th

22nd July 2017:
I'm back again :)

Bless Arya, morning sickness cannot be fun although I'm a little surprised she has twigged on the whole 'missed period' but that's just my opinion since I would class that as a first sign of knowing somethings off usually.

I'm really hoping that Arya and Lily will eventually become closer as friends. Especially if things ever progress with Sirius and Arya, and then eventually Lily and James. It'll be nice for her to have a girl friend.

Hmm do I detect that a certain Mr Lupin may possibly like Arya in a more than friends way? Then again he may just be being friendly, in that case I hope he and Arya can be friends.

Also is Sirius jealous of Remus' offer to walk Arya, hehe someones feelings are coming out!!

"Arya and I aren't you know, together anyway. I dont care." Oh SIrius, the fact you've said you don't care in almost a huff is definitely a sign you do care!!!

Oooh judging by her conversation with Madame Pomfrey I'm guessing Arya now knows she's with child. I think her reaction is spot on, especially given her age and that it was most certainly unexpected.

AH, oh Arya, you've dropped yourself right in and Remus knows. Eeek, this is going to be very interesting indeed. Off to the next chapter to see whats happens!!


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Review #4, by potterfan310Nine Months: September 8th

17th July 2017:
Back again :)

Oh Arya, I feel for you girl. Sirius defintiely seems like a commitmentphobe and certainly does not want to label them as anything more than friends. I feel like Arya is going to have her work cut out with Sirius as well as the baby.

I can think of a work which sums Sirius up very well, but I can't say it so I shall just think it! But he seems to be the type. I mean he cares for Arya (he sent Lily up to check on her in a way) but at the same time he can't see how much it hurts her, just like in the scene in the common room.

By showing her the map Sirius is opening up more, but still I'm mad at him for how he treated Arya early. The walk was a good idea, not just at 1am and possibly getting caught lol. I'm glad they kinda patched things up but Sirius has a long way to go yet before Arya forgives him I think.

Feels like payback, Arya being sick on his shoes, ha good on you girl. I like the small little signs of pregnancy creeping in, the tiredness and sickness. But is it not still a bit early for the sickness?

Off to the next chapter, just hope Sirius starts to treat her better!


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Review #5, by potterfan310Nine Months: September 4th

6th July 2017:
Me again!

I like Arya like a bad boy, aka Sirius Black, I mean who wouldn't have a crush on let alone just only be 'friends' with him. Can't exactly say that if I was Arya in that posistion I wouldn't give in to Sirius' charms, because I 100% would, oops.

Ha I love the teasing from the boys about Sirius doing homework, also the fact that it's on human transformations made me giggle because of course the three of them are all animagus/werewolf in Lupin's case. Was that intentional, because I like it :)

At the moment it's definitely a bit more one-sided as in terms of feelings from Arya, I think Sirius will get there in the end (or at least I hope so) an he onvisouly cares for her a lot but I think that he's a bit afraid of labels/commitment. He was just a tad bit defensive when James remarked on it.

Love, love your dynamic between Arya and Sirius so far, maybe it's because I can relate to it a way, but the way you write them as well is effortless. That last little paragraph, all the feels I hope Sirius comes to his senses before the pregnancy comes into the mix, but then I feel like that will throw everything into the mix again.

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #6, by potterfan310Nine Months: September 1st

1st July 2017:

I love pregnancy fics, and this has been sat in my favourites for ages and I could of sworn I had read it but obviously not. But I'm here now! I love how you've gone for Marauders era, I don't normally read them but since it's a pregnancy one I thought I'd give it a go, it's definitely not going to be easy for Arya indeed.

I like how you've avoided one of the biggest cliche's where it's just a drunken night. I think it's definitely more original and I love that they know each other/are kinda friends with benefits, it didn't really seem implied they were together so that's what I'm going with :)

"taring her down with his puppy-dog eyes and blinking slowly, a pout still playing on his lips," I love this description of Sirius and also puppy dog eyes made me laugh, bet he's got them down to a tee ha!

Sirius and Arya's banter is pefect, you can most definitely see that there's a spark there between them. Of course Sirius wouldn't be able to resist pulling a prank, I can think of a few people I know who would do the same XD

I love the little glimpse of Arya's home life, it'll be interesting to see how everything will play out with Sirius/her eventual pregnancy as well as the war of course. I can 100% agree with the last line, you can't deny your heart. So there are definitely some sort of feelings there on Arya's part, or at least growing feelings so it'll be interesting to see how that winds it way into her and Sirius' friendship/parenthood.

My only little brit pick is that Arya says, 'mom' rather than,'mum'.

Off to chapter 2! :)


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Review #7, by potterfan310Accidentally On Purpose : Pity The Houses Are White

24th June 2017:

Thought I'd drop by after this caught my eye in the recently updated list.

Omg I am in love with your decriptions, they're just so thorough and well descriptive lol. It really paint the picture in my head of whats happening and where :)

Freddie and Dom, are the same age I'm guessing? It's actually so nice to see this as well as Freddie, and that you haven't gone for the usual next gen lot.

Hmm, I'm guessing Jenelle has got a mad crush on James. And going off the summary I am very curious as to the ex-boyfriend and his new girl. Freddie? Luke?

Your description of James, ummm hello where can I get one XD

I love your Dom so far and the way you've characterised her. I am very curious about why she's acting odd/possibly hiding.

Ooooh so the ex has moved on already to Flora, hmmm my guess is still Freddie maybe? Since he and Dom were arguing at the start even though it was about other things, maybe Dom hates him for doing that to Jenelle.

I was wrong, alas James is the ex :O Hehe this is going to be a very, very awkward trip then. And me thinks that whatever James and Jenelle had is going to come back into play with the help of alcohol that he's snuck in Plus I'm pretty sure there may be a lot of sexual tenstion between them, and who knows what happens in the woods stays in the woods.

Also ASBO Five, I love it XD And Jen is definitely hiding something about her and James' break up and I am very curious as to what!! Well that's thrown a spanner in the works, though I can't be surprised that Flora is there as well. Hehe lots of drama ahead and I can't wait.

Sorry for being picky but it stood out for me, the word 'Laundromat', I'm 100% sure its an american term, and for the few that we have in the Uk, it would more than likely be 'Laundrette'.

One small other thing, near the end just after James + Flora's PDA, you kept calling her Morgan, I know it's technically her name but it threw me for a minute before I realised. Since Morgan can be used as boy/girls first name.

EEek so this isn't the first time James has done this, ah. I am very, very intrigued and excited to see what happens next. Definitely adding this to my favorites :D


Author's Response: Hi!! Thank you!! I didn't want to be TOO descriptive otherwise I'd just be rambling but I'm happy you could actually visualise something!

And that's so weird?! I thought most next-gen fic had Dom and Freddie the same age haha, must just be me. Also I love this review, it's so interesting to see your train of thought! Honestly loving reading it haha.

So much drama to come! And oops! Laundromat IS an American term (I just lived in America for four years so my words are slipping -- my spelling slips too so please catch me out on it). I've just changed it!

And yes, the Flora/Morgan, I realised, can be like what, who's she talking about ... but the way I rationalised was in Jenny's head she doesn't know whether despise her and keep a distance or think of her as someone her best friend ex genuinely likes.

THANK YOU for this absolutely lovely review. I'm so happy you're adding this to your favourites! Literally just made my day and I'm grinning like a fool.

The next chapter just went up! Lots of love, Plum xx

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Review #8, by potterfan310MISSING: Maid Of Honour: Chapter 6

22nd June 2017:
Haha so Al and Zilly have got lost and not got the dress, I bet Dom is fuming. Not to mention those two in the car XD bet its all fun and games.

Tottally agree with Louis, Teddy and Vic had a moment. Maybe this will be what brings them back together!!!

Love Zilly's thoughts on what to feed Remi, haha, bet he's loving it in a way, not eating whatever mush Vic feeds him.

"If hes still with us in a hour, well know its safe to eat." - God help them if, in the way, way future Albus and Zilly have a child. They're parenting skills are A+ lol.

Haha you're welcome lol. More drama to come ahead me thinks and I cannot wait!!


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Review #9, by potterfan310MISSING: Maid Of Honour: Chapter 5

22nd June 2017:
It's meee, I'm back as are you!!

So I was re-reading the earlier chapters and there are a few little errors but nothing major. My only other thing is Remi, I get that Albus and Zilly have no idea about kids, but with him being two I wouldn't have thought they'd let him go to the toilets in a strange place all on his own, same for the play area (maybe mention that Al+Zilly could still see him from where they were sat or something). Sorry it's just bugging me :)

Two little brit picks - Crib would be Cot and elavator would be lift.

Oh god, of course Albus breaks the lift XD Definitely think there is sexual tension between Al and Remi instead of just normal 'I hate him/her tension' ;) although if they had been stuck in a lift without Remi who knows what might have happend ;)

EEekkk I love, love the 'we are absolutely platonic people who must now share a double bed for wharever reason but this could end up slightly not platonic' if that makes sense lol.

Agin with the Remi thing, (sorry) Al + Zilly sent him to the toilets on his own in the previous chapter, and in this one you said he's being potty trained, so he would still need help and not get sent on his own if you get what I mean.

Love how Al calls zilly, Eliza it makes me laugh. I'm guessing he does it on purpose maybe knowing it annoys her, unless he's just being formal and not wanting to use her nickname.

Albus in a wizard band, what a picture, XD

"Black Market apothecary he's running that's definitely some kind of underground meth lab-" - I Know this story is about Albus and Zilly, but oh my god please can we meet James, this has proper cracked me up XD

Sorry if you think I'd be picky about the Remi/toddler stuff but this is such a good story and you've got such an original plot, it'd be a shame for it not to have its full potential.


Author's Response: Hi, thank you so much for your review! Don't worry, I totally understand and it's useful to have a bit of constructive criticism.

Funnily enough, I'm actually British! I don't know, perhaps it's because of too much association with american books and films etc, but I've always considered cot/crib and elevator/lift to be interchangeable. I guess maybe I write a little less British than I actually am in real life!

I'm glad you like the story. I'm struggling a bit with it at the moment as I'm not very motivated regarding writing, and I'm not sure where this plot should go. But nice and dedicated reviews like yours are always great motivation to have another go!

Hopefully I'll update something new soon, until then thanks for sticking with me! xxx

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Review #10, by potterfan310not like other girls: one.

22nd June 2017:

This has been sat in my faves forever and although I thought I read it, I clearly hadn't until now. And I'm so glad I did!!

One: I love that your OC is best friends with Lucy and Lysander, since they are definitely some of the most underrated next gen lot so it's always refreshing to see them friends.

Two: Charis, very interesting name and I love it! It's like floaty and light if that even makes sense, but I like it!

Three:Your characters are so relatable, I love the friendship between them already, as well as the banter they have. You've captured them perfectly and it makes me feel like I know them and their little world already.

Four: I now 100% want a hungarian horntail onesie XD I didn't know it was something I needed until now, thanks for that ;) Same goes for a honeydukes loyalty card!!

I feel for Lucy, insomina sucks! But I'm glad she has her friends there for her so she isn't alone, true friendship that is. Plus the little things like that seem to make characters more real. Ahh I love this so far, you're characetr are relatable and I am so intrigued by things, especially from your story summary as well. This is one of the first (if not only fics I've read about a trans character) Like do Lucy and Lysander know? Does anyone know actually? How will this come about if Charis gets with Albus (who sounds like a hunk already ha)? Does she get with Albus at the Slytherin party?? Ahh so many questions, I need more already.

Can't wait for chapter two!


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Review #11, by potterfan310Blindsided: In Which People Try to Have a Peaceful Breakfast

18th June 2017:
This is really interestig so far! :)

I love Maude so far, she definitely seems like a relatable character. As for James thinking she's a muggle and her hiding out in the muggle world rather than wizarding, I'm definitely intrigued about that. And why she prefers it/what happened that made her leave the magic behind.

I'm guessing Izzy is the ex/baby mama, very interesting. Especially since it's mentioned James wants full custody of their daughter (hope we see more of her) it'll be interesting seeing James interact with her as he obviously cares a lot.

I love how James goes about being, 'Jim' I guess when your father is harry potter you need a slight name change for a moments peace.

Oooh a little bit about Maude's background, I'm intrigued. Looking forward to finding out more, so her father was possible in with/was a death eater?

It might just be be picky (sorry) but there were a few lil american-isms such as band-aide, OJ and possibly futon (could be me being blonde but I looked it up, I'd call it a sofa bed).

Looking forward to chapter two!

-Potterfan310 :)

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for reviewing!

Aw I'm so glad, because I love Maude as well. She's such a gem and I can't wait to unravel more of her personality for you. Including what happened to make her leave the wizarding world! ;)

Izzy is the baby mama/ex-wife and she's the worst, so just prepare yourself... And yes, you'll get to see James&Daughter interaction in the next chapter!

I know, James deals with a lot of pressure about living up to Harry's accomplishments especially since he became an Auror!

Yes, Maude's father has a lot to do with her leaving the wizarding world...Everything actually...

Oh thank you so much for pointing those out! I am American, so my British slang is poor at best... I fixed them and just submitted the changes you suggested! Thank you so much!

Also this review made my heart so happy, so thank you a million times over! :)


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Review #12, by potterfan310Stuck On You: Slipping Faith

16th November 2015:
Me again!

E! Fred's jibe at how Lydia should be a Slytherin makes me kinda think they're both in Gryffindor maybe?, though I could be 110% wrong.

The two of them , my god, it's perfect. Whatever their history is, oh boy it's going to lead some fun events. The sexual tension and their chemistry is perfect, the little jibes, just everything makes me think they need to get some action between them. Either separate people or other, I'm betting on each other XD

Oh George... He's already there just casually eating crisps, and then gossiping with Audrey about the tension between the two of them. This is literally perfect, I love him already.

Well at least Fred was in the right place when Lydia broke his nose, ha. Though annoying as he is, she may just have to conceal her temper.

I am definitely curious about Lydia's parents/family life. They don't care who stays over and forced her to get a job as well as never being around, very interesting?! I need answers.

I KNEW IT! she has a crush on Freddie, ahh!!! No wonder she can just about keep her temper with him, if he laughed in her face. Poor Lydia *squishes* I feel for her I really do (Dammit Tammi, stop creating characters I relate too, though it proves you've done an awesome job writing them!! x) liking a guy who infuriates you and you have no idea whether you want to kiss or hit them is the worst!!! And super frustrating!

Ahhh I cannot wait for more of this Tammi *pokes to update*

-Potterfan310 :D

Author's Response: They were both in Gryffindor, you're right!

Awww yay! They have a very volatile relationship haha. They really know how to bounce off of each other.

Oh they so need to get it on with each other. XD

George is just going to annoy them the entire time this is happening haha, it's going to be so much fun!

That will be explained later on, don't you worry!

YEP! She has a total crush on him! Hahaha she's secretly loving being this close to him. :P I'm sorry! Hahaha I don't plan to (I totally plan to) haha I really really need to update this, please keep poking me to do so.

Thank you, Sophie!!!

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Review #13, by potterfan310Stuck On You: It's Like I'm Stuck

16th November 2015:

So aside from the fact I've been MIA and this has been sat in my faves for ages, I'm finally getting around to reading (another!) one of your stories and I'm a tad bit excited since there really aren't that many Fred II/OC stories out there!!!

Kinda love this already, haha! These two definitely have an interesting history if this chapter/their relationship is anything to go by and I can't wait to find out more. Especially if they're gonna be stuck with each other :p

"Make me." Ahhh one of the simplest things ever to cause some tension. There's gonna be a lot of sexual tension brewing eventually me thinks, in fact I think there's some at the moment too.

George, ahhh the dad of all dads XD He is the greatest, also embarrassing Fred II, perfect and yes he called the sexual tension too!!!. I get the feeling there'll be lots of moments like that, brilliant.


Author's Response: SOPHIE!

I've missed you! I hope that you're alright and not working too hard! *hugs*

I'm so glad that you're back and that you're liking this story (I totally need to update it)

Haha those two are going to have so much fun being stuck together and I really need to push myself into finishing this one.

Oh yes! They're obviously learnt from Harry and Draco :P

George is the best dad ever! in my head he makes all of the dad jokes known to man!

Thank you so much!

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Review #14, by potterfan310Define Me: Mummy Dearest

16th November 2015:

Lottie and Taylor's friendship is brilliant, and I can't wait to see more of these two as the story goes on. Mostly because Lottie definitely seems like she is going to be a rock for Taylor no matter what, or at least I hope she is.

As for Lottie's mum mistaking Taylor for being gay, I had to laugh!! :)

Two things; I would suggest is splitting up your paragraphs a bit more, huge chunks of text can be hard on the eye to read. Just keep an eye out on americanisms, there were the odd 'mom' instead of 'mum' and the odd spelling mistake.

Can't wait for another chapter, I hope you haven't abandoned this!!!


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Review #15, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 44: Chaos & Shenanigans

16th November 2015:
*Crawls outta the rock I've been hiding under for the past few months*

Sarita hi!

So apparently it's been nearly a year since I R+R'd Chapter 44 and aside from being busy or just not wanting this to end, I don't think I ever read the last chapter so I'm here now!!

Rose will always forever be my fave, I mean she's just had a baby an she's still cracking jokes like a pro. Give that girl a medal!!

"Apparently some obsessed fan of mine or Scorpius' had managed to breech the defences." *Shifty eyes* It wasn't me I swear :p


Rose and Scorp have the baby. (Why has she no name yet!?!?)
Dom and Becky are travelling around France
James being a Quidditch star. Sarah going to Rome.
They're all growing up! :(


Ahh, you didn't have to mention me but MASSIVE HUGS! Finishing a story is huge and if I didn't love it so much, I probably wouldn't be here now. You're characters as awesome-sauce and your James, he will always be one of my favourite versions as will your Rose. Huge hugs and congrats on finishing this!! I can't wait to see some little bits of them in a prequel/sequel, like will we ever find out what baby Weasley-Malfoy is called, haha!?

Sophie ♥

Author's Response: Sophie!

I actually read your review when you first posted it over a year ago, I just didn't want to reply and have the whole thing be over!:(

Thank you so much for sticking with me and the story for so long, I'm so grateful to have had you with me for this long and I hope you're still active and read my next work, whatever it may be :D

Your friend, Sarita x

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Review #16, by potterfan310Sirius Ate My Homework: Did you say that you ate my homework?

29th March 2015:
Hey Tammi!!

Ahh I love this, it's been ages since I read Marauders and this is brilliant :D

I LOVE that Sirius ate it for real, oh god I can even imagine him actually doing it too, even if he did it by accident.

"I am going to put a flea collar on you" - This has to be my favourite line. I feel like they would get a pink or a sparkly one just to annoy Sirius but he'd secretly love it XD

I can't believe McGonagall believed that Sirius ate it, though I suppose once you've had to put up with the Marauders causing and playing pranks for god knows how long I suppose you get use to the weird excuses. :p

Loved it :D

-Sophie xx

Author's Response: SOPHIE!!! *squishes*

Yay! I'm so glad that you liked it :D I loved writing it so much! It was so fun.

Haha oh Sirius, he's so much like a dog, bless him.

Oh yes, of course it would be pink and sparkly. Sirius would be able to pull it off and love to do so!

McGonagall just knows that Sirius was involved, she's learnt not to question anything with those boys. :D

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #17, by potterfan310Loratio: Cake Making

14th February 2015:
Tammi, heyyy.

After the last chapter I didn't think there could be any more cuteness, I was wrong!

" Samantha definitely took after Horatio in many ways." - YES! If that isn't proof Horatio is well and truly her mummy (albeit the one who leads her astray) but it kind of makes me think Freya isn't around so yay!

The two of them asleep, my heart ♥

"Horatio had even gotten a tattoo on his arm that said 'Koukla' in script writing, for his birthday." AW what have you done, I'm a mess of cuteness (if that's even a thing, who knows??)


"Will mummy Tio get cake after you give him a bath?" - I'm laughing so hard, kids really do say the funniest things, haha, but it makes it even more perfect about the fact it's about Louis and mama 'Tio XD

Again with the no Freya theory, even if this is set at Christmas and we still have a three year old Sam, she's still calling Horatio 'Mummy 'Tio' which is a good sign!

YAY THANK YOU SO MUCH TAMMI! *Squishes you with hugs*

- A very happy Sophie :D ♥

Author's Response: SOPHIE!!! HOW ARE YOU?

I'm going to run out of cuteness for them soon! haha :D

Oh yes! That is so proof that Horatio is her mummy, not Freya. And is she around when this is set? Who knows?! Apart from me, I know. :P

Awww haha I loved that image of them. :D


Louis and Horatio need to be very careful around Samantha, she does like to repeat everything she's heard.

As for the theory. you'll have to see haha, things are about to happen in Louis :D

Thank you for the prompt! I loved writing them! :D

*squishes you back*

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Review #18, by potterfan310Loratio: Hide and Seek

14th February 2015:
Hi Tammi!!

Ahhh yay, hide and seek time :D

Haha, yes I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Kids really love the idea of pretending to be lost (and then found by shouting boo) for some weird reason, haha.

Bless Louis for being so worried, wanting to getting Harry and the aurors in. A little over the top maybe but proper cute. I can't imagine what he'll be like when Sam brings home her first boyfriend *cough another prompt maybe cough*.

If Sam is five, do I sense the she devil is not in the picture (fingers crossed) because SHE'S STILL CALLING HORATIO 'MUMMY'! THIS GIVES ME HOPE.

Whatt?? Ahhh Tammi you made me think it was Horatio in on the plan, not Louis, haha. Louis could be an actor. And Sam bless her, it's so hard to not giggle when you can't.

What are you doing to me, god this is so cute and urgh I didn't realise I needed this but it is glorious. Thank you Tammi, you're the best *hugs*. I have a lot of Loratio feels now.

-Sophie :D

Author's Response: SOPHIE!!!

Yep, it's hide and seek time!

They really do love it, and poor Louis being worried. Although he was totally playing along.

YES!!! That prompt is getting written. Don't you worry, I have that one planned and I can't wait to write it! :D

Yep, she's still calling Horatio 'mummy' but if the devil is still in the picture. well...

Haha nope, poor Horatio isn't in on it at all. It's all Louis. Horatio should know not to make him angry.

Awww thank you! *hugs you tightly* I need to write more Loratio! :D

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Review #19, by potterfan310Loratio: Chicken

14th February 2015:
Tammi hi!

You had me at drunken Loratio, haha :p

Bwhaha, Louis really can't take hi tequila can he? Plus I can so see the two of them doing this whether drunk or not.

Yes, Lou-Lou Bell I LOVE it.

Also please, please tell me Dom/Vic have those pictures as back up for blackmail/bribery or something, haha.

This, is just a bundle of fun and oh my god I LOVE DRUNKEN LORATIO!! They are so cute and asdfghjkl can they just get together already (sorry Molly and Rachel).

Off to the next one!!


Author's Response: Hahaha I think everyone loves a good bit of drunken Loratio :P

Louis really can't at all! And they totally don't need the alcohol to help speed things along between the two.

Oh they so have those pictures for blackmail and they will have to use them against him.

Drunken Loratio is my favourite thing in the world! I'm going to have to write so much more Drunken Loratio! :D

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Review #20, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: 'Tio Monster

14th February 2015:
Me again!

Oooh Naughty Dom. Haha, hope she doesn't get pregnant, now that would be awkward to explain :p Naughty Nik too, tut tut.

Louis better not give in, not only with he have Horatio yelling at him, I'm pretty sure I will be too. It's decided Sam doesn't need Freya at all, she has daddy Louis and mummy 'Tio, she doesn't need anyone else (well except maybe the Weasley family, because they're awesome).

Aww, Sam is the cutest! Can she get any cuter, seriously. The whole scene with her, Louis, Horatio and Molly has just melted my heart. ♥

Aww Molly's nickname is too cute for words, alos Horatio's pun = brilliant!!

Nooo 'Tio is mad at Louis, this makes me sad.

Sam calling Nikolas 'Nik Nik' awww, I'm pretty sure he goes from tough guy to I'd do anything for Sam in a matter of seconds.

I don't like it either. Haha. I'm so proud of Sam, the cutie. Some one's been teaching her well.

Can't wait for another chapter!!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: YAY!! *squishes*

She is very naughty! They both need to learn to control themselves around Nik... but can anyone? Haha And oh yes! It's going to be very awkward to explain!

I think we all need to yell at Louis, he's making a choice that he feels he has to make, because he doens't want the threat of her getting help. Sam definitely doesn't need anyone else apart from the Weasleys and Horatio.

Awww I'm so glad that you liked that. Of course she's cute! She's Louis and Horatio's daughter! :P

Oh 'Tio is going to be mad for a while, which makes me sad as well.

Oh yes! He will do anything for Samantha when she calls him Nik Nik :D

Thank you Sophie!! :D

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Review #21, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: Threats

14th February 2015:
HAHA, IN YOUR FACE FREYA :D Is it wrong I'm weirdly happy about this??? I feel liking shouting 'Take that oh evil one' she got what she deserved, serves her right.

"Youre really not," THIS! YES LOUIS, YOU ROCK!

Can we get Freya's ex back, he's a nice guy. Yelling at Freya (go him) and giving Louis some money for Sam, he's awesome in my book. Can he come be a new bff for Louis ?(not that I don't love Horatio, I do but he's kind of stepped up to boyfriend material now :p).

Oh the hate for Freya burns like a freakin' house on fire in this chapter.

I hope she who must not be named, didn't cost Louis his job. I kind of laughed when she said she'd get the ministry involved. He Louis Weasley, there bound to be some relation to pull some strings inside the ministry. That and Freya could technically be seen as an unfit mother (which she is) so hopefully Louis will win.

Molly??? She not pregnant is she?? Nope not good, then again maybe, hmmm. Baby cousin/sister/friend for Sam good. But then it means no Loratio so no, hope she isn't.


-Sophie :)

Author's Response: YES! In your face Freya!! Haha it's not wrong to be happy about it, I'm happy about it as well. She deserves it!

We can get him back! in fact, he will be back! I do love Tyler, he's awesome! And as for new BFF for Louis?... I do have big plans for Tyler.

Louis has quite a few relations in the Ministry, but then... so does Freya, her father is quite high up in the Ministry.

Ah, Molly just may well be ... but do you really think that would stop Loratio?

He definitely needs some sense knocked into him!

Thank you so much Sophie!! :D

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Review #22, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: Daddy Smells.

14th February 2015:
It's only took me what? nearly three months to finally read this. But ahh well at least I have three shiny new chapters to read.

Haha, am I sensing Kieron's a mummy's boy :p I've never said it before (at least I think not) but Lavender Brown and Theo Nott as a pairing, I'd have said nope no way. But I've grown to love them and I'm curious as to how the pair ended up together??

Nooo, I think Kieron is definitely being an idiot. That's kind of a stupid reason to break up with someone.

AW! Sam calling Horation mummy, I die a little from cuteness every time! ♥ Horatio getting all teary over it, too cute. They are such a little family Freya best stay away for good.

Loratio ♥

"Lou-Lou Belle" - asdfghjkl that is so freakin' cute.

Yep you've just melted my heart in one chapter, THE CUTENESS MAN OH GOD!

HOLY COW! My jaw just dropped, haha. I was not expecting her to be there of all places, let alone on a date!! HAHA

Can I start a let's hate on Freya club with her date/boyfriend (well ex now I hope, haha). Freya has a double personality I swear, as Louis said she's pestering him about seeing Sam yet she hadn't even told her boyfriend she had a kid.


-Sophie :)

Author's Response: I forgive you! It's taken me that long to finally respond to it :P

Kieron is a total mummys boy, and I love Theodore/Lavender so much!! Their story is Seal our Fate (I think that's what I called my Theodore/Lavender story. it's late and I'm too lazy to check haha)

YES!!! It's something that you wanted to see and it's here!! :D I love them so much!!!

Loratio is love!!

Haha Horatio loves calling Louis his Lou-Lou Belle :P

Yep! She's there! Yes! We can start that club! We'll have so many members joining straight away!

Thank you!!! :D

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Review #23, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Learn More About William

14th February 2015:
Oh look at that I'm finally getting around to R+R'ing (at last!!).

AHHH I am still reeling from the fact they kissed!!

"You're worth it." - I just died a little, so cute!

I am a hundred per cent in agreement with Isabella, is there anything she can throw at Michelle?? haha. Isabella and William, oh my god these two, why have they never been together before because they are brilliant. Me thinks Isabella is less badger, more honey badger XD

Aww William, bless. I can totally see him and Isabella having a love/hate relationship. That or they act like they're together but they aren't.

Yes! James totally needs to do the musical number! James is just so adorable and geeky and I love your characterisation of him, the nerd.

Tammi, this chapter just asdfghjkl! It's brilliant (as always :D). Can't wait for the next one, I just hope it doesn't take me a month to get around to reading it again.


Author's Response: YAY! I've missed you! *squishes you*

Oh yes!! They kissed and it was so glorious!! and it made me so happy!! :D

Haha they are cute, aren't they?

I agree with her too, we need to find lots of things to throw at Michelle. Oh yes! Those two are special, I have a lot of plans for them. Hahaha she is a total honey badger!

Their relationship is going to be an entertaining yet fun one :D

He does!!! He's so geeky and nerdy and he makes me smile so much! No wonder Abigail likes him so much.

Aw thank you! haha I hope that you love the next one as well :D

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Review #24, by potterfan310Psychos and Psychologists : Problem Number Eleven

14th February 2015:

It feels so long since I read this but man I still love it!

Aww Coral, bless her. It's like the world is making her slowly fall apart, she had so much on her plate *hugs*

I'm Brit picking (sorry) Coral tells Scorp to 'rip off the band aid' in the UK they're called 'plasters'.

Haha I love how everyone pretty much knows Scorp likes Rose(well except maybe Rose herself :p) Also Scorpius, I love him, a lot. You're characterisation of him is just fabulous and so different as to how he's normally portrayed so kudos'.

Aww noo, Coral and Albus arguing makes me sad. But damn Albus really does have a huge problem, I just hope Coral will find out sooner rather than later. Also yay for the up close and personal moment between them.


Cannot wait for the next chapter, I hope Albus does tell Coral the truth and not make something up.

-Sophie :)

Author's Response: sophie! i hope everything is good with you :)

ooh thanks so much for the britpick! i'll be sure to change it!

i'm glad you like scorpius! he's certainly different from all the other versions and so i hope he's pretty likable as well!

I AM SORRY!! the next chapter will take a while but i promise it will come! lets see what albus decides to do.

thank you so much for your review! xx

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Review #25, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Alexa: When Some Secrets Come Out.

29th December 2014:

Finally catching up!

Also Hope you had a great Christmas Sam!

I love that Lexa reminisces about the past/good times with Albus. I just wish they would have those times again now.

The talking stick is too funny.

Ahh AJ is actually Lexa's brother, ah!!! :O

I'm so glad the Nott's are talking again, I just hope Lexa can get around talking to Albus because I love those two together and I won't give up on them.

Cannot wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I hope you had a good Christmas, too.

Ah, Lexi will always remember the good times. And you never know, more good times might follow. ;)

The talking stick is the best and worst invention in the world. They all hate it at some point. :P

Yes! He is!

I have not given up on them either. Don't worry about that. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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