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Review #1, by Anthea ChantChasing Albus Potter: Firebolts and Moronic Dugongs

9th July 2012:
Vee! I don't understand! Is her owl's name Juliet or Hera??? But apart from that, great chappie!!! One happy reader right here. :)

Author's Response: Ughh I may have forgotten to change some ;_; It's Juliet. I jut originally wrote Hera, then decided to change >< Sorry :P

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Review #2, by Anthea ChantTypical Clueless Guy: Head Spinning

16th March 2012:
there is nothing more for me to say.

Author's Response: bahaha, thank you :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #3, by Anthea ChantBang: There are way too many people that run for fun.

14th March 2012:
tehehe... cool chappie!
i didn't like this story much at first, but it's growing on me :)

Author's Response: ahaha, would you believe im the same? i didnt like it when i first wrote it, but its growing on me :P so snap :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #4, by Anthea ChantCrime and Punishment: Part III: In The Art Of An Aftermath

1st March 2012:
Cool story bro!!
Heh... that was awkward...
ANYWAY, my point is that i really like ur story and i think james and charlie's relationship is so cute :)
oh, and i luv paradise too... such an awesome song :)

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Review #5, by Anthea ChantMade For Each Other: Truth or Dare?

20th February 2012:
Tehehe thiz chappie makes me happy, my vickymcchicky!!! :)

Author's Response: ehehe. mauaahahah

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Review #6, by Anthea ChantMade For Each Other: Christmas

4th February 2012:
You forgot me!
... i review under all different names 'coz i'm an epic ninja like that, but this is my actual account!
luv from Anna

Author's Response: AYA. annna! you crazy person :)

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Review #7, by Anthea ChantNever Forgotten, Always Remembered: Chapter 1- Ending is Beginning

26th January 2012:
I really like your story so far, it seems so real and so sad. I always wondered about what happened at Hogwarts while Harry, Ron and Hermione were off looking for horcruxes. Hope to see more soon!

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