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Review #1, by MinnaMyHopelessly Devoted to a Werewolf: Chapter 2

4th February 2012:
Oooh, what I wouldn't give to be able to meet the Marauders! And especially Remus... yummy.

I wonder how she is going to react when meeting Pettigrew, I know that I would probably have to superglue myself to the spot so that I wouldn't kill the little rat. But then, if Miranda does kill Pettigrew he wont have a chance ratting out on James, Lily and baby Harry. :3 Problem solved! Then you just have to wait until Harry grows up for him to kill Moldy-Voldy, hehehe.. No that wouln't be fun.

However, it would be fun to pull some pranks on the Marauders, show 'em they are not the only pranksters of Hogwarts. I would so do that if I was in Miranda's place. Haha.
Oh, I just ramble away here. xP
Anyway, I love it and I hope you update soon! :)

With love,

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Review #2, by MinnaMyHopelessly Devoted to a Werewolf: Chapter 1

18th January 2012:
Haha, I love it! I nearly laughed my ass of in middle of a class. xD Oh boy, wonder how she is going to act when she realizes that it was actually true, cause I think she's to shocked now to grasp everything.
Love the idea and everything, please update soon! :D

With love,

Author's Response: Thanks, MinnaMy! Chapter 2, coming up! Hope I didn't get you in trouble, though! I consider it my responsibility to encourage today's youth to pay more attention in class. nah, I'm kidding! Laugh your ass off at my stories anytime you want. If your teacher asks, tell him/her that Marauder4Life1990 told you that you could! :D

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Review #3, by MinnaMyFacsimile: Fallen Angel.

18th January 2012:
Hi. I really like your story, it's very different from the Hermione/Draco ones I've read before and it's refreshing. It is also very well written and I love how everything is from Draco's point of view.
Please update soon, I'd love to read more of this and I promise I will review on every chapter after this one! :D

With love,

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #4, by MinnaMyJust One of the Boys: Chapter Ten

15th January 2012:
Really good story and well written!

Though Nate/Naomi seems a little... I don't know. But the whole part when she freaked out over her friends drinking, just seems odd. Sure I've never actually partied that much when I was their age I still think most teenagers drink a little, even if only to taste. She almost seems a little stuck-up at times, but only sometimes.
It would probably be good to read a bit about her past, since you wrote that she didn't really have that many friends and that people were usually talking about her rather than with her. In that way it could be easier to understand her, though you have done a pretty good job att doing that already but background information about people is still good. :)

Otherwise it's really good and I almost laughet my pants of in the chapter when Remus walked into the bathroom while Nat/Naomi was in there.

I'm also wondering who it was that fixed the wand... My money is on Sirius since he's a very good wizard and he acts like he really care for Nate, even though he doesn't know that much about "him".

Another thing I really wish to know: Does Sirius remember the kiss? It was so cute when he thought that at least Nate looked happier after the kiss. I actually made an "aaaw"-sound at that. :3

And I know this is a really long review but since I just found and read through all 10 chapters without reviewing I should make up for it in this review. :D Hope you don't mind. ;)

With love,

Author's Response: Yeah, i suppose she does seem like that, but once i do get to her past (which i am planning to but it's going to be put in the correct part) I think you'll understand why.
The wand thing will also come back later so no spoilers!!!
Sirius, well, i don't want to give spoilers so.
But thanks for the long review!! I love long reviews, they make my day!!!
I'll update soon!!!

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