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Review #1, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorI'm Nott in Love With Potter: Chapter 5

31st May 2013:
loved it! cant wait for the next update! i wanna find out about the club theyre going to...keep writing! xx

Author's Response: Thanks!! x

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Review #2, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorNo Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and Intense James Training Sessions

6th December 2012:
loveee the story, already waiting for the next update! no rose/scorpius in this story though? i want to see what happened between scorpius and halle though!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! perhaps there shall be some Scorpius/Rose, but you'll just have to keep reading :) thankyou, come again.

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Review #3, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorThe 'Accidental' De-throning of Rebecca Thomas.: Confessions Of A User

6th December 2012:
oh my gosh! freddy and kyra? im so excited for the next chapter, loving this story! i really want albus and kyra together though...xx

Author's Response: :D thank you so much! I'm attempting to hurry up with updating... but what i really need is a good ol' shove in the right direction :P xx

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Review #4, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorA Simple Life at Hogwarts.: Polyamorius

14th November 2012:
loving the story! i want to know what happens next, when will you be updating?! xx

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Review #5, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorThe Properties of a Rose: Part Twenty Eight

20th July 2012:
loved this chapter, rose & quidditch? i want scorpius to take her out on the pitch! they are adorable, personally i think Ron will stir up the most trouble with Draco protecting his little girl. can't wait!

Author's Response: Thanks! That may just happen--we'll have to see. :)

And Ron seems to be the guess most people agree with, and it's a good one. You'll just have to wait to see how it all goes down!

Thanks so much, and please check back soon!


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Review #6, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorBreaking the Quidditch Code: She's the Talent

19th July 2012:
ahhh! whats going to happen next? i can't wait for james & avery to stop being so stupid and get together! they're meant to be...duhh, anyways love this story, one of my favorites on all hpff! keep updatingg please!

Author's Response: Stuff is getting REAL. Haha! Thanks so much for the review! So happy you're enjoying it so far :) Can't wait to see what you think of the last few chapters!!

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Review #7, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorMatchmaker: The Name Game

15th July 2012:
i love this story! i really want to know if hollie and james will get together! and maybe eve and fred? when do you plan to update? I'm so excited to read the new chapters!!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so so happy right now :) Thank you! Eve/Fred hmm? Oh you perceptive thing, you. Haha. Thanks for reviewing- next chapter will be posted on tuesday/wednesday!
-LWG x

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Review #8, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorUnprepared: Before Next Year

5th July 2012:
love this story! i want grayson to end up with lily and of course rose and scorpius! keep updating pleaseee, this story is beyond amazing!!

Author's Response: Thank you!! Hm, Gray and Lily... You'll just have to wait and see ;) Thank you so much!!

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Review #9, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorDon't You Remember: The Hardest Part

24th June 2012:
ah, this story is amazing! i couldn't stop reading it! i can't believe all that has happened & scorpius has figured it out? ahh! i want to know whats going to happen next!! are you planning on updating soon? and how many chapters is this going to be in total? are you writing the next chapter? i know, i know, a lot of questions but i think I'm in love with this story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! I'm trying to write the next chapter right now, but it's coming along very slowly. I have absolutely no idea how many chapters there will be, but I know it will be more than twenty. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorPrime Suspects: A Little Push

19th June 2012:
ahhh! im in love with this story! i can't wait for the update! keep writing!

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Review #11, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorAnastasia: In Which I Contact A Lost Relative

15th June 2012:
love the story! can't wait to read what happens next...

Author's Response: thanks! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorPrime Suspects: The Breaking

11th June 2012:
This chapter was exceptional! Ahh I can't wait for the next one, when will it be out? I love this story, it is perfect in every way!

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Review #13, by noneedtocallmesirprofessorDelicate: Call Me Mum

5th June 2012:
this story truly deserves #1 spot on HPFF! it was amazingg

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