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Review #1, by unknownhorcrux30 Days of You and Me: Grounded

27th August 2013:
Ugh why is every chapter of this so bloody enjoyable?!
I loved the letters. So adorable. And the least graceful break-in in the history of the world.
Just everything you write about these two doing ANYTHING together just makes me way too gooey. I can't cope.
Wonderful - can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: I'm SORRY. FORGIVE ME.

I'm glad you liked the letters - they're some of my favorite things to write.

I'm just going to write a chpater about them sitting together watching television. People will love it, I think.


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Review #2, by unknownhorcruxHormones: He Taught Me Everything I Know

18th August 2013:
I loved the bit with the clothes shopping. Basically any scene with fred and Ryan alone together makes me overly emotional and weepy. And then bloody Zonko just had to go and ruin everything. He is just the worst! Ryan certainly went out with a bang - what else would I expect from her? And I just HATE the position Fred's been put in. That bloody Zonko. GOD!
I mean, I know that it really wasn't smart for fred to beat the crap out of him, but it did make me very happy...
I like how you included Fred's thoughts on slut-shaming. He's smart and he has good morals, and I like how he showed how unfair the situation is.
AWESOME chapter, as usual. Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: YESSS. That's the reaction I want, of course.

I'm a sucker for Fryan. Even when I don't plan scenes with them together, somehow they find a way to be together. Frankly, it's rude.

Zonko is really making some enemies. The one thing he doesn't realize is that it may backfire.

Fred is a do-the-right-thing sort of guy and has such a big heart. I think he really is the most good-guy of any of the characters I've written, but it really works for him. Somehow?

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #3, by unknownhorcrux30 Days of You and Me: Blunt

7th August 2013:
Ok so I just realised I forgot to thank you for the dedication on chapter 14, and it won't let me leave another review there so I'm putting it here. I had a little fangirl freak-out when I saw it and got way too excited.
Thank you so much for both that and for providing me with annoyingly compelling stories to read. You're awesome.

Author's Response: You're very welcome! Both for the dedication and the annoyingly compelling stories. I hope you enjoy the rest of them - thank you so much for the review!

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Review #4, by unknownhorcrux30 Days of You and Me: Silence

7th August 2013:
Well that didn't disappoint.
Although, what did I say about leaving Scorpius unconscious and bloodied?! Poor guy.
Very exciting chapter! I liked how Hugo started to be a person for some of it. There's a sort of heart under the irritating.
Very intrigued as to what happened to Scorpius - I'm guessing something to do with the growls Rose heard, but I have no idea what that was. Wolf? Bear? But why was his wand broken? You'd think a clever guy like that would be able to fight of a non-magical animal easily.
Very much looking forwards to your next chapters, and will you tell us the name of your novel once it's done? I'd love to read it!

Author's Response: SORRY. I knew when you said that you were going to make some side-eye at this chapter. haha.

I like that Rose is starting to realize Hugo is a bit more than an annoying younger brother. he has a brain and a heart, even if he doesn't show it to his family often.

I'll definitely let all of you know one day when I'm able to make that leap to the novel, trust me.

Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by unknownhorcrux30 Days of You and Me: Date

19th July 2013:
So for like the fifth time I've spent every free waking moment reading one of your stories. This is your fault entirely for making them so damn awesome.
(It's ok- maybe I'll forgive you when the next chapter comes out and I'm a blubbering mess of shipping again.)
But for now, while I'm waiting, I wanted to say that your stories make me massively happy- I love your sense of humour with 1st person narratives- somehow you manage to fit to the voices of the characters while still keeping your trademark awesomeness. The way you write stories like these is massively inspiring, and as a result I've been trying my hand at 1st person for the first time, so thanks for that!
Your stories have made me laugh, mope and want to throw things at other things so many times, so I wanted to say thanks for that (and for providing me with a way to get through exam season with my sanity).
I'm probably getting a bit vague, aren't I? I should talk more about this chapter. Here are my thoughts:
You just went ahead and made me feel all of the things for them (also, kudos for that, because ScoRose isn't normally my thing) and then you just went ahead and made him missing. Uncool.
I thought Scorpius' date was so sweet! He obviously put so much thought into it and tried to see what she would enjoy, which was adorable. Also, loved the slight drunkenness being put in there - there hadn't been any yet and it's one of the funniest staples in your stories. You write drunk people VERY well.
As for Scorpius' disappearance, I've been trying to work out what happened but I'm having trouble. If they find him bloodied and unconscious in a ditch somewhere I will be very upset, but not much else explains his disappearance, since it obviously wasn't planned - it was late and he was tipsy!
I really really can't wait for the next chapter of this, and for the next chapter of Hormones, which I love.
Thanks for being awesome!

Author's Response: Ha!! This really is all my fault. I'm so sorry to have occupied so much of your time! I'm the worst! Except I refuse to stop :)

Ahh that's one of my favorite things in the world. Knowing my stories inspired you to write anything at all, especially first person which tends to be challenging for some people. I've been writing it so long that third person has turned into this distant world I stay away from while holding fire.

You are absolutely very welcome! And I am honored.

Trust me. ScoRose isn't my thing either. It took me a while to decide to write this, but I had a lot of stipulations because I was sick of there being an unwritten canon. That's not fair. So I changed it and made my own rules because hey, it's me.

I WRITE DRUNK PEOPLE VERY WELL. I am laughing so hard. In the office. Which is weird because I am very much not alone. I love that compliment. One of my favorites - thank you!

Thank you so much for your amazing and marvelous review! I hope you continue to read both stories and follow along as I start and stop new ones. I really appreciate your support :)


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Review #6, by unknownhorcruxHormones: One of the Good Guys

2nd July 2013:
I've been waiting so long for this chapter and now it's here and it is so great and I am just fangirling all over the place.
I found Freddie's realisation about his boyfriending skills really interesting, but he's harder on himself than he should be. Annie just wasn't right for him. And after his realisations about not ever actually talking about her, I thought it was so great that you included that little detail about him remembering that Ryan never took Divination. It shows the contrast between the relationships perfectly and just made me really happy.
Keep writing like this it is just so awesome, and get Fred and Ryan together now! The tension is killing me!
Love your stories so much,

Author's Response: YAY! it's here it's here! It's hard updating 4 stories at once. MAN.

Ah! So glad you caught the Divination line. SO glad. I snuck that in there very quietly, lol. And you're right. Annie is a great girl, but they just weren't right for each other.

I really hope you like the rest of the story! i've been on a roll writing it so I can't wait for people to see!

Thank you!!

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Review #7, by unknownhorcruxThe Effects of Firewhiskey: The Effects of Firewhiskey

14th May 2013:
God how I love fluff.
I found this so funny - just Lily's swearing and 'RPIMA' - it had me in stitches. And it was made even better for the fact that I really can imagine this happening - I think you got the characterisations so perfect. The idea of James hiding a great person beneath his arrogance has always really appealed to me, and I love how Sirius was just there watching it all go on and laughing at them :)
A really great story - funny and smart - I really enjoyed reading it!

Author's Response: Thanks! This was my first Marauder fanfic, so I just sorta went with what seemed right, and this happened. Seemed to work out.
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Review #8, by unknownhorcruxGhost of the Past: Chapter 1

9th January 2013:
Hi! I really love the story. It's a really sweet idea and I think it captures both characters really well. It could do with a tiny bit of proof reading. Just little things like, 'He stared his dusty hands'. Just reading it over carefully would really help little things like that.
A sweet, thoughtful story - well done!

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Review #9, by unknownhorcruxLiving Through 19 Years : Chapter 1- Pilot

8th January 2013:
Hi! I'll add comments as I go along, so I'll be writing as I'm reading.

First off, I love this idea for a story. Never gets old :)

You may want to go into a little more detail when you say that they have a lot of complex emotions. People will really want to hear about them and it's where you get to show off your writing skills.

Try to make sure you don't repeat words - in the paragraph about Dumbledore's grave, you said 'grave' about 3 times. Just reading stories through and listening to how they sound would be helpful for that.

I like this phrase: 'as pale as the moon but perfectly intact.' It's a really good image.

I like the idea of Hermione asking Harry about Ron. It seems genuine and I can believe her anxiety.

I love the bit with Ron carrying Hermione. It was really sweet!

Overall, a really nice start to what's going to be a great novel. I'd just be careful with those few things I mentioned. Try to add some more vivid descriptions and vary your vocabulary a bit more. Well done! I really enjoyed that!

Author's Response: I know what you mean by the vocabulary part, I tried to use some more deeper and complex words to describe their emotions but from the top of my head I couldn't exactly find any! Thanks for the Review and I love the fact that you used constructive critcism :)

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Review #10, by unknownhorcruxAlways: Always

2nd January 2013:
I don't know why you have no reviews on this, so YOU DO NOW!

I love the story. It's concise, sweet, and an interesting point of view that not many people think of. Keep writing more of these; they're great, and you most certainly do not suck at them.


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Review #11, by unknownhorcruxMummy's Crying Again: Mummy's Crying Again

2nd January 2013:
Well that was emotional. A really nicely written story, and I love how you've written it from Rose's perspective - it gives the situation an innocence which makes it so much more emotive. A really powerful story - well done!

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #12, by unknownhorcruxBetrayal: The Letter

2nd January 2013:
I really liked this story. Most people think of Victoire and Teddy as ending up together, so I like this spin you put on it, even though it breaks my heart.

The only slight criticism I'd have is that you tend to say what she's feeling rather than showing it. Like, for example, you say 'Never before in her life, had she felt so out-of-control, so helpless, so clueless, so vulnerable'. Instead of saying something like that, it's often a lot more powerful to show how she feels, rather than just saying it bluntly. It makes stories a lot more elegant. Also, maybe if you included more of the facial expressions and body language of the characters rather than saying blunt statements.

A really nice story - well done!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you liked this story, and the different angle of which I showed Vic and Teddy.

Ah, thanks for your comment on that. I'll look into it. Usually my style of writing always tends to say things bluntly but I'll see what I can do.

Thanks again!

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Review #13, by unknownhorcruxPicture: One

16th December 2012:
Ooh! I like it! Really elegantly written, and I love how you gave more and more indicators of who he was and then only properly said it at the end. A really nice pairing that isn't very common, which I like!
Just once near the beginning, you said 'H' instead of 'He' - just a tiny proofreading thing.
Well done! A really nice, concise story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) This was actually written in one sitting to get it into the queue, so I haven't quite ironed out all the kinks yet, but I'll definitely be goin back over it over the next two weeks :D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #14, by unknownhorcruxPurple: Counting

25th November 2012:
I really really liked this. I saw the quote from Aragorn's poem and I got a little overexcited, so I thought I had to read this. It had a really nice theme to tie it together, and I like how you just gave little snippets of what happened in each paragraph. I always found Luna really interesting, and this did her justice - well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm so glad you think I did Luna justice because she is such a different, interesting character and I was afraid nobody would like my version of her! Glad you recognised the quote, Lord of the Rings for the win! Can't wait until The Hobbit. Thanks again for the lovely review. :)

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Review #15, by unknownhorcruxAn Abundance of Harrys: An Abundance of Harrys

12th April 2012:
Oh how I love bumping into nerdfighters.

I love this story - it's clever, funny and extremely well thought through. A great original idea, with an awesome title (Katherines is such a good book. But I can't choose my favourite of the John Green books... especially now that TFiOS is out...)
Anyway, great story and DFTBA!!

Author's Response: As do I! You should look me up on the forums. We can chat about all things nerdy :P

Thanks again for the amazing banner. It's so wonderful and much better than I was hoping for :D

Thanks also for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed this silly little one-shot.


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Review #16, by unknownhorcruxConnection: First impressions

26th March 2012:
This is really sweet, and a great idea - you should try to make more of it, though - it all seems a little whisked-over, and I know I'd love to read more of this, it's absolutely great!
Keep it up! :)

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Review #17, by unknownhorcruxJust one night: finding the face

26th March 2012:
This is great! I have a few suggestions, if you want them :)
Using the **FLASHBACK** and **end of flashback** kind of interrupts things - you could just put the flashback in italics? I think people would still get the message :)
It's a great story, but you should just quickly proof-read it, there are a few typos and weird tenses, etc.
Also, would hermione seriously forget that she slept with Draco Malfoy? (I might be getting it wrong here, but surely she would remember doing something so out of the ordinary, especially for her character... Or was she just REALLY drunk? :P)
Seriously, well done, and you should try and expand it if you feel you could add more.
Good job! :)

Author's Response: I was going for her being completely drunk lol :) and thank you so much for your feedback! next time I post something I will for sure read it out loud first (:

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Review #18, by unknownhorcruxBut As the World: But As the World

11th March 2012:
The fact that this has no reviews is a pain to me - a) because I know how good it feels to be rewarded with a review, and b) because this is bloody fantastic.
You seem genuinely intelligent. Your writing is elegant and painful and insightful. Using the Merchant of Venice strung the story together really well, and so much thought was put into the quote and the story that I can find nothing to fault.
You got the characters down perfectly, and you managed to make the sex scene poignant, important and most of all, it didn't make me cringe! This is a brilliant piece, and you deserve to be incredibly proud of it :)


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Review #19, by unknownhorcruxIn Hot Water: Olivia: The Awkward Incident

6th March 2012:
I think it's great! The brackets are really funny, and they help to break up the slightly cheesy bits. (Don't get me wrong; I'm a BIG fan of cheese :P)
Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking time to write this lovely review! Ahahah I am actually a fan of cheese as well, but too much of it is never good, so I'm really glad that you think that its not overly cheesy! I've just started to write a second chapter :D

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Review #20, by unknownhorcruxbound by love: Bound By Love

11th January 2012:
It's a really sweet story. I love that it doesn't go on too long like so many fan fictions. A great idea, only thing I'd say is that you should try to punctuate more - I mean, commas would have really made it clear, and emphasise what you are saying. Great story though! well done!

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