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Review #1, by WistfulThe Masquerade: Prologue

3rd March 2015:
Hey, hey!

Just wanted to let you know this is a great opening. It's enthralling, and I love your depiction of the Malfoy family.

Keep updating!
- Wisty x

Author's Response: Thanks Wisty :3 im really hoping to get a good plot rolling, hopefully in the next week or so putting up another chapter :3


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Review #2, by WistfulThrough The Darkest: So She Is Back

26th February 2015:

This is Wisty, here for our review swap. So the summary of this one immediately captured me, and I was definitely excited to check out something like this. I honestly don't see too many stories with Harry and the lot that isn't more focused on the next generation. And of course Teddy Lupin is eVERYTHING TO ME (i need him like i need air) so unf unf unf it looked good.

And it was good! It was easy to read, and I love your straight forward writing style and how you write your characters. Each of them have such a decisive voice. I like how you write Ron the best honestly. Like even if you didn't give him his name and just said he, I could tell it was him from a mile away. This was really just so good.

And you're creating suspense just so well! I was curious as I reached this chapter to what was going on with Ginny and how you were going to continue the story if Ginny was already found, but then the last line oh my god. Way to twist the plot.

I'm so excited to read on and to see what you do with this!

-- Wisty x

Author's Response: Hi there Wisty! :D

I'm so glad you think the summary is intriguing. That's something I constantly worry about. I'm not really good at coming up with titles and summaries! :P

Aaah I love that boy too! I know we don't know much about him, but he seems so cute and Remus and Tonks's death has created a soft spot for him in my heart. ;) I love him too! That's why I decided to include him in this one. A next gen story written by me without any Teddy in it? Not possible!

Thank you! I haven't purposefully kept this simple. It's probably because I'm still learning to write in English as it's not my native language. That's why I generally use simple words so that I don't make any weird word usage! ;)

I'm so glad you liked Ron! I love him so much that I wanted to put a bit of him in every chapter possible. :D

I LOVE ending my chapters with cliffhangers! You'll just have to get used to that. ;) Haha I hope you don't mind!

Thank you so much for being so nice and leaving this lovely review! I hope you come back for more soon!


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Review #3, by WistfulChai, Zebras, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning: Chai, Zebras, and a Surprise

15th January 2015:
Hey, lovely! This is Wisty here to shoot you a review for our swap!

So, oh my god, I love everything? I've always loved the idea of Neville/Hannah although I really haven't seen much of it myself. I JUST REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY I REALLY LOVED THIS. I'm going to start with the characters because they just stole me completely. Are you sure you're not kidnapping the actual Neville and Hannah for the purposes of writing?

Hannah. I love Hannah. I love how she just internally keeps repeating the just friends to herself, and I love how you portray her crush on Neville. It's definitely there, but it's nowhere as overwhelming as just how much she cares and how much of a good friend she is. It's building and blossoming, and I can definitely see that. I also love how she just listens to him, nodding him along without interrupting, no judgement.

Then there's there banter. I love the banter they have, the easy going spark. They're actually so adorable I don't know how to breathe. You wrote them so beautifully, and I just can't commend you enough for that.

Now I just want to touch on the darker aspect of this fic, and that's Neville. Thing is, I love how this darkness is balanced by light, just like it is in the books. How Hannah agrees with that being a reason for not being an auror as idiotic, and I love how beautifully the lighter and darker elements of this fic worked out.

Keep writing forever

Author's Response: Hola! Welcome to the madness!

Gah, I'm glad you liked it! The idea of Neville and Hannah together has something about it that is just too incredibly adorable to pass up, and I was so glad that inspiration finally struck and I could write about these two. There needs to be more Neville/Hannah in the world. Haha, no I assure you that no kidnapping was involved in the writing of this one-shot. Should I add that disclaimer somewhere? ;)

Hannah has become a character who is surprisingly close to my heart. She and I are similar in ways that I didn't expect us to be, and so writing her feels really natural and easy. And I don't know if it's by accident of subconscious design, she really fits with Neville, which I think adds that something extra to her character (because let's face it: it's gonna happen). And that's something that I really wanted to get across with her crush! Her crush is quite separate from her friend-feelings for Neville, and I think the romantic aspect of their relationship will always remain as a happy bonus to their pretty stellar friendship rather than a natural progression of it. I really wanted to highlight the importance of friendship in and of itself. It's no small feat to be "just friends".

I'm so happy that you found their banter to work! Whilst it's always easy with these two, it was a touch more difficult to write their dialogue compared to the prequel because of Neville's state of mind. It's not something I've directly touched on before in my writing, so I had to really think about how do deal with it thoughtfully whilst still keeping the overall tone of the piece warm.

Neville's grief was by far the hardest thing to write here! Gah! But I'm so pleased that you found it worked and that everything was in balance. Because life's kinda like that too.

Thanks for the swap and this wonderful review :)

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Review #4, by WistfulFlawless: Flawless

15th January 2015:
Hey, Ashwini! This is Wisty stopping by for your review swap.

So, I was immediately drawn by the banner and title. I am ten out of ten the kind of horrible person who judges a book but its cover, and this was was so beautiful and appealing. More so, it fits the story perfectly. There's this clear pull of love through out this story, and I loved it. I just love this one-shot so much oh my god I just cannot. Moments that JK Rowling hinted at but never really explored are my favorites, and I never knew how much I needed to know how Fleur felt about that night in the Hospital Wing until now.

So, I definitely ship Fleur and Bill. It's that ship I never saw coming in the books but completely fell heads over heels with when it happened. You characterized them perfectly. Bill, I imagine, would always tell Fleur how much he loved her, how beautiful she is, and in your portrayal, how flawless she is. I love how Fleur took this moment to tell him that he's the flawless she wants to be, the kind of goodness that is more than just skin-deep. Their teasing and laughing and the easy comfort in their relationship was perfect.

I loved reading this! Thank you for the swap and please keep writing gorgeous bits like this!

- wisty

Author's Response: Hello! It was great to see you here!

Oh my god I do that all the time too! :P I always end up picking out stories based off their banners and titles. It's good to know that I'm not the only one! ;)

Yes the banners IS too beautiful! It's my most favourite banner so far actually. The artists over at TDA are too talented. :D

Aw thank you! You're too sweet! :D I always wanted to know what happened after Bill woke up so I decided to explore it myself for a couple of challenges I was interested in. It was a bit hard to write such a fluffy one shot as I mostly write mystery and angst, but my eternal love for Bill and Fleur helped me do that. :) I ship them too! They're very hard to resist aren't they? :P

Yes, that's how I always imagined their relationship to be. one can understand that Bill can (well anyone can) fall in love with Fleur but we can't help but wonder what she saw in Bill. That was the thought that inspired me to write this story. I'm so happy you agree with this and you enjoyed reading Flawless. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving this lovely review! Hope you come back for more!


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Review #5, by WistfulBack To Us: Back To Us

15th January 2015:
Hey, Curie! It's Wisty here with your review swap, and oh my god, I am actually speechless. I clicked this story straight away because the banner was so beautiful with the snow, and now that I've read it, it's a really fitting banner too. I actually don't know where to start -- I loved the characterization, the writing style, the everything.

I loved the flashback style of writing most. You give us little bits of the past and future only to have it sort of meld together in the end, Charlie a part of her past, present and her future -- and that I found absolutely perfect. I also love how smoothly it transitioned without any bumps at all which can be seriously difficult.

The characterization was also amazing. I loved Charlie all happy and teasing. It was such a rush of warmth, and what more, I could feel the tangible sense of this maybe like maybe love maybe more all around them. Through out the whole story, it wasn't just in the characters, but in the mood itself.

And of course your writing style is just amazing! It was such a pleasure to read this.Like guh how will I concentrate on my chem after reading this?

- wisty

Author's Response: WISTY!!! HI!!!

Thank you!! And yes isn't the banner beautiful I stare at it a lot like its so mesmerising honestly!! thank you oh my god, now I'm speechless!

Did the melding work?? That's amazing to know!! Honestly it was a nightmare to write because I could imagine the scene like it was a movie but it was so hard to put it into words and make it work without being too cliche or without rolling your eyes at the scene or anything!

OMG YES THOUGH I LOVE CHARLIE TOO!! Yeah, honestly i'm so happy with how charlie turned out like he makes me warm and i initially wrote him like this for a real life friend of mine who loves guys like this so i couldn't help it but i love her for making him turn out like this like!!!

HAHAH!! hope your chem went well (wow I'm a year late, I'm sorry!)

~Curie xx

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Review #6, by WistfulThe Queen Is Giving In: Roses and Vanilla

23rd June 2014:
Hey, there! It's Wistful with your requested review. I have to admit, the summary and immediately drew me in, and I was enthralled by the character's voice. The summary gives sort of a frustrated teenager tone, and that's' continued in the story itself, so I love the continuality in that. From the very first line, and I mean the literal very first line, this story didnít fail to amuse me and keep me laughing. I can sense some more serious themes behind what's being said, but Dorcas treats this with the same almost flippant attitude as everything else and only hints at it. I canít wait to find out what the tension between Harley and Dorcas is hinting at as well as the history with Dorcas and Nick.

So, as I can't help with the consistency of you characterization besides telling you that Dorcas's voice was kept the same throughout the story, so I'll review what I can perceive so far. Usually how a character thinks and how they speak can differ, and this is demonstrated in Dorcas's character, but I can still see the similarities in the tone and dialogue, so she's definitely continued well. What I would like to see more of is Dorcas herself - she's a canon character (and I loved how you used those in your story) but from what little we know of her, she's practically an OC. It'd supplement her character to have more of a visual image of her - little things "I brushed away strands of red from my eyes" for a visual but also little quirks like biting lips, curling fingers in and then out as well the little actions she does. Your writing's a lot of her thoughts and the dialogue as well as including what they're doing but adding more of a visual would be fantastic.

Just another thing to keep in mind - while I'm familiar with a lot of these characters, they came in too fast for a proper glimpse at what makes them them. Since you took time to describe Alice and Lily well enough for us to kind of not only get their characters but how Dorcas sees them, the others are introduced in rather quickly without really much differentiation. Besides the slight differences in the dialogue, the Marauders feel like a literal collective quantity rather than four quite different people. But I definitely loved it! I hope this helps, but if you have any questions feel free to ask!

- Wisty

Author's Response: thank you so much! I do struggle with differentiating between the marauders sometimes, and I think I have to work on that as I grow as a writer. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #7, by WistfulDreamscape: darkmark.

18th July 2013:
I've stop being shocked about how you always manage to shock me.

That was a lie.
I'm still very shocked about how you always manage to shock me.

I really don't know what to say about this. I'm sure you've heard it all. My reaction to this was pressing my eyes to the computer screen and blatantly gaping. My second reaction was to clap (no, really, I literally clapped) and make some sort of incoherent sqeualing sound. My third reaction was to register that there is a review that must be written. Which is this. A review. I just want to squee everything. Can I squee everything? Ee.

Your characterization is impeccable. Astoria appears so open, so bland, so dull in the beginning. At first glance, Draco is quick to dismiss her. I would have honestly done the same thing in his shoes. Mouse brown hair - that just speaks wallflower. There's a clipboard. There's tea. And I get it. But as you progress forward, we slowly begin to see Draco's scrunity of Astoria Greengrass change. He begins to notice something beneath the air of professionality, something difficult to unearth despite her obvious open disposition, something willing to try. And Draco, you wrote him exactly as I would imagine him post-War. I can't really describe it, but there's just a feeling of Draco. He's really a remarkable character, and you portrayed his view perfectly.

And your word choice. Description. Ohmygod, I have no words for your word choice. Every single word you use feels so concise and deliberate, painting such a vivid picture in my mind. How you wrote his world, and how he saw things... it's really an amazing feat. You need to writ forever and ever. I think that's a really brilliant idea actually. Forever writing from Gina.

Eeee, amazing job with this!

Author's Response: c: aw thanks! I really wanted to evoke that sort of reaction to Astoria -- bland and ordinary in the beginning, but she becomes as much of an enigma as Draco is usually characterized as. Yet, she's the sort of mystery that doesn't need solving; she is simply unsettling in Draco's eyes, and it's a really interesting kind of attraction to write. As for Draco, I'm trying to bring out my headcanon as best as I can!

I'm glad you liked it! ^__^

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Review #8, by WistfulClash: Her

14th July 2013:
Where are they?

My words, I mean. I've been looking for them after reading this chapter, but I can't find them as I have no words for this. This was fantastic. No words. (I do have words, of course, but they aren't as eloquent as describing what I think of this chapter as "djiojosidjosijdosijosjpkfk,lflff omgomgomgomg WOW"). Everything you've written in this is genius. I'm already hooked onto the plot, and I swear I'm going to keep up with this story. I'm already dying to know what happened. Is it possible I could persuade you to write a novel in the next ten minutes and update it? No?

I always had Rose and Albus down as having an amiable relationship after reading the prologue, but after reading this chapter, I think that it's understandable if perhaps their relationship isn't all sugar and honesy. Albus has the pressure of the savior fo the Wizarding World on his shoulder, and Rose has the 'greatest witch of her age' on her's, and I would suspect it would only be understandable if a rivalry rose from the tension, although I would have never imagined sucgh a rivalry as this. Your description was used fleetingly, very concise, giving me a good idea of everything that was happening without leaving nothing for me to imagine myself.

The plot is amazing. I'm so curious to see what will happen, how it all begun, how it could possible end like this.

I'm afraid I'm lost for words again.

Can't wait to move on to the next chapter! c:

Author's Response: I have no words for this review.

Oh wait. Extremely, extremely flattering. Thank you so much! Reviews like this make me smile and want to write more, and I promise I am SO close to finishing the next chapter--it will be up soon :)

I won't give any hints on the plot, of course but there are plenty of surprises along the way and everything will be explained in due time. You're absolutely right about the pressure on Rose and Albus to be the 'best', but trust me when is say that their rivalry is in the friendly stages right now ;)

Thanks so much for reviewing, and I hope you take the time to do that for future chapters :)

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Review #9, by Wistfula fallen princess : pretty flower lily

14th July 2013:
The summary absolutely hooked me in. HPFF certainly have its share of stories about villians - Tom Riddle - and of characters that are firmly set in the gray area - Snape, Draco Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew - and of characters regarded as heroes - Hermione Granger, Harry Potter. Of course, all these characters are truly in the shades of gray and none can be really said as good or evil, but as it stands, that is often how they are commonly regarded. But Lily Potter? Lily Potter is usually cast as a good guy, not as a villain. And what intrigued me even more was that you said that was an antagonist in 'her own story.' Often villains don't really regard themselves as villains but as people who know better, but by saying this, I would assume that Lily regards herself as the bad guy at the end of the story?

I can't wait to see that happen.

And now you begin the story in contradiction to this, portraying Lily as almost the princess. Sweet, flowery, smiling - this can be no villain. But as the title says, this si about the fallen princess, and I'm interested to see exactly how she will fall.

ďLove is cruel like that, Lily. You donít choose it. It chooses you.Ē

^This line by Teddy was sad, but I get a sense of foreshadowing.

Keep updating! :3

Author's Response: ohmygod i have a review from you! i feel a little bit bad about it but i've been stalking your stuff for a while now but never reviewed because i was too lazy to make an account and guest reviews always seemed lame to me. i'm so happy to have a review from you, you have no idea!!

lily's story is very interesting - well, i hope it is - and i've worked a lot on it. lily is going to change a lot, and it's going to happen slowly but you'll notice in the next couple of chapters the direction she's going to take. it's obviously going to bad, but you'll see exactly what pushes her in that direction. this is just the beginning as i've written in the end.

lily is going to become aware of herself, at some point, which it's what's curious about her character. but i'm gonna stop before i tell you everything! you need to see for yourself and draw your own conclusions. anyways, thank you for the lovely review. you're my first review ever. this is my first story ever, so this is very special to me.

thank you. hopefully, i'll see you next time. i'm going to post the new chapter in the queue tonight. :)

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Review #10, by WistfulEnduring Devotion: Lily

14th July 2013:

This was amazing. I loved this. I love how you noted that it was not only James and Harry that helped her find the strength to be who she would become, but also her friendship, and I would assume, also her family. She would draw strength from her roots as well as the future and the present. This was an almost every day, normal encounter had it not been under the influences of the situation. Their dialogue, to some extend, was friend talking to friend, talking about what concerned them and just the every day coming to call on his godson and friend. But it was not just that - it was under the pressure of worry for her son and worry for their future.

And that was part of what made this so extraordinary.

The end with Sirius and Lily - it was wonderful. I am really and truly devestated by this.


The last line was... oh, my. It's just knowing that there wouldn't be time. It's terrible.

You did a fantastic job on this, and I don't know how it could have been better written.

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Review #11, by WistfulAll The Tombs of Egypt Are Empty: Long and blue and forever is the Nile

13th July 2013:

like whoah. I really, really loved this. The characters for one. This was such an intriguing combination. i would have never imagined a scenario with Filch, Fletcher, and Creevey - but somehow you've managed to create a world where I don't doubt this would happen for a second. Your characterization was absolute perfection. Although you switched the narration, the connection with these characters were amazing. The way Dennis acted - he wasn't very emotional (I can't explain this) but more... forgiving? Understanding? Not holding on to his brother's death? And Filch was so perfectly Filch that it warrants an award. I was absolutely amused by his eagerness at realizing Fletcher was Fletcher.

And of course Fletcher - you got the dialogue just right.

I love the plot idea of this. It's so clever - a treasure hunt? And the ending felt just right. It gives me a feel that although their adventures mgiht continue someday, that the story won't.

House Cup 2013

Author's Response: Hello, Wistful!

Gah, this review absolutely made my day! ♥ I'm so so glad that you thought the characterisation worked. There was a plot to this (a really ridiculous plot, I must admit), and I was so worried that while writing all the things I would lose hold of the characters, and they'd just be drifting around like blank ciphers. Your compliments are just so reassuring!

Dennis isn't very emotional in this fic. He's rather bland, living numbly after the events of the battle, though his near-death experience with the creature really sort of wakes him up, jolts him back to life.

I'm glad you thought Filch was so Filch-like! He was such a difficult character to write!

Definitely, there's more to their story, though I doubt I'll be writing it. That being said, I might do a story about Dennis in Egypt...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing ♥!


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Review #12, by WistfulDeception: Deception

13th July 2013:
Oh, I loved this!

Your portrayal of Lockhart - absolutely brilliant. In the books, we get the sense of his puffed up, stuck-up character that's all smiles and blue eyes without a brain cell in the mind for quite a while, and in fanfiction, that is requently how he is continued to be written. But you took the moments before he lost his memory, the bit of him that knew what to do in the world to find fame and fortune, the part of him that would break the law for it.

And his mind. How you wrote his thoughts, what motivated him, what led him to do what he would do.
Ah, this was fantastic!

- Wistful
House Cup 2013

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Review #13, by WistfulJostling: trundling

13th July 2013:
Oh. My. God.

I really - this was beautiful.

This was such a compelling piece to read, and I loved reading this. Your description had me in awe, and I was heartbroken over your portrayal of Cho. This was so real that I'm almost certain that it truly happened in the books, that it was some part that JK Rowling never included. It's just devestating: the beginning. Everything. I just really cannot find words. "It tasted like teenage angst and regret," is such an accurate description. And how Cho wants to let go but could not find it in herself to do so. And the ending. I wish I could say properly how amazing I found this and how much I enjoyed it but no words.

The description - it was so strong I would think I was really there. I felt like I was. This was fantastic.

This was really beautiful.

House Cup 2013

Author's Response: Wisty!!

Thank you so much; it's really an honor that you thought it was something that JK Rowling could've written or that it could've been something that happened in the books. Haha, for some reason, that line always makes me laugh a little bit, but I'm glad you thought it fitting!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the description. Thank you so much for all your lovely compliments! ♥

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Review #14, by WistfulA Voyage with Voldemort: Ibiza

13th July 2013:
I'm not sure what I can say.

Would, "AHAHAHAHAHAHA," upset Mr. Voldie? I'd be terribly afraid to do something like that.

This was really, really fanastic. I'm honestly laughing too much to find the words to talk about this. It's going a bit like, "and Bellatrix -she's omgomgomgomg *giggles* WHIP MY HAIR ." I'm not being exactly cohorent. But I'll say this - this was not at all boring or dull at any point. You had me reading (very giggly) to the very end without a pause. And it really was absolutely epic. So I'll just sit here and laugh for ten minutes before reutrning to give a proper review.

*laughs for ten minutes*

I can't really remark on the reality of this situation, could I? As it's no doubt likely that Voldemort actually played the crucial part of Voldie's Vanity in the books, eh. But the world you have created - the absolutely hilarious world - has confounded me. I could almost believe this all really happened. Almost but not quite. Voldemort's 'despair' at Snape leaving him, Bellatrix behavior with the baby. Ohmygod. "Infernal child, do not play with my hair." I was just imagining the little baby immediately stock-still at Bellatrix's command.

Snape's sense of smell impaired? I love this.

LOVE this.

Thank you, m'dear, for the laugh.

House Cup 2013

Author's Response: Hi there Wisty!

I would hope he wouldn't be but he can PMS about things at times, so be careful!

I liked reading your thoughts, it was a lot more interesting than something composed because it's your natual reaction. I do it at times too and it's quite fun to review like that.

*joins in laughing*

I couldn't believe it happened either when writing it, but I think that about most things so I'm starting to get used to my warped reality. It's even becoming quite fun! Bahaha, the baby's too macho to listen to what Bellatrix has to say.

Thank you for this truely wonderful review!


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Review #15, by Wistfulsoul of the city: soul of the city.

12th July 2013:
I was absolutely blown away by this.
Absolutely. Blown. Away.
I honestly do not have words.

Really, I genuinely feel like flailing my arms wildly and writing LOVE THIS LOVE THIS repeatedly will explain my feelings better, but I will settle with trying to explain the complete genius of this.

I felt like I was really there. To me, part of the whole point of a story is to take you away from your mudane doodling on math homework to somewhere else. Be it a spaceship hovering above the earth or a household in the 1800's, it's supposed to capture you in the story. And you did exactly that. By the time I reached the end of it, it took me a moment to remember I meant to review, that I had to go wash the dishes (not that it's especially difficult to forget that). I suppose saying all that would bring up the matter of what in specific had me staring wide-eyed at the computer screen going, "ohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD." Was it the impeccable characterization? You enthralling description? The captivating ending?

The answer is all of above.

The description must be mentioned. No, actually, it can't only be mentioned, but it must be gasped and ooh'd over. Mastering description is difficult. It's hard to have a point between "the stick was sticky" and "the twig was hued from a pallete of chocolate creams and coated in a thick substance of similar quality", but you certainly didn't have any problem finding a median between too much and too little. (I personally end up on the 'too much' side of the spectrum). Your description gave me a taste of being really and truly there without halting the flow of the story. I didn't have to pause and re-read something so I could understand it - it just came naturally. As well as this, the description itself really gave my the feel fo what was happening.

And the plot. This brings me back to having no words at all. I loved it. I have to ask - do you know all this from experience? Or research? It's an amazing feat in either case. You describe the culture, the enviroment, the smells, and the sight so well. That's another thing. This appealed to all of my senses - I could see it happening, smell the spices, hear the "faint strands of music" - etcetera. And then the ending. The heartbreaking ending. Well, no, that's what I wanted to say. Truth is, it isn't as heartbreaking as it is satisfying. It properly finishes the story, gives a sense of completion.

What was heartbreaking was the scene with Cho.

This was amazing.

Write forever and ever and ever after.

Author's Response: WISTFUL!!! When I first read this I was grinning. And then I couldn't really read through the whole thing at the time so I skimmed it. When I came back to it, I was grinning again and having to really appreciate all the absolute gobs of niceness you just poured all over me. I wasn't able to get out of my goo of happiness for ages!

I TOTALLY know what you mean on that delicate line between too much description and too little. I really really try to make it something that anyone can relate to but sometimes fall on the side of "the dirt was brown." (Which I guess is the opposite of you :P) So really, so happy you could get into it!

How unusual that you chose the scene with Cho to be heartbreaking because most have chosen the last. But you've really just said what I thought in writing it. The ending felt like an ending, a completion, not a loss, but him seeing Cho and Kang...that was loss.

Thank you thank you thank you (again and again)!!


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Review #16, by WistfulFinal Call: Final Call

12th July 2013:
I have to begin by saying this was so, so good. Everything was impeccable - characterization, flow, grammar - just about everything.

Characterization. I could go on about your characterization forever. Petunia's character is something often disregarded and kept very flat, but in this story, you brought out all those dimensions. You didn't only highlight the negatives, or likewise, you didn't just gloss over her apparent flaws. From the first word to the last, readers could really see Petunia with her virtues and flaws - the bad and the good. We know from the books she sometimes gave over to jealousy and cared a great deal about appearances. In the beginning, I could see the slight pangs of bitterness and jealousy that this vacation was something her friend could have and she couldn't, and this was what led to her remarking about the lack of children - an equivelant to being jealous about Lily going off to Hogwarts and calling her a 'freak'. Although Lily and Petunia's relationship was never completely repaired, I wonder if the same applies for Marcy.

Then there's the cleaning - it goes along the same lines of caring about appearances. Petunia liked cleanliness, order, and she had Harry step aside so she could plunge in familiar routine. She liked that some things always remained constant such as the dishes.But then there was that romantic, almost 'Lily' part of her that wants to be like Marcy, wants to forget she has responsibilities, wants travel the world. And Petunia's relationship with her family. You can tell she loves Dudley and cares from him the way she speaks to him, talked about him with Marcy, and just the way she thinks about him. Vernon is on more watery waters if that makes sense. She loves him, I can tell. I know love is defined about a journey of security and safety as well as feelings, and I think he signifies more of the security bit of the definition. And with Lily - just keeping the book - that tells you everything. Going back to the jealously and inner-sentimental "felt prettier then Lily" is a fantastic example of both - she was jealous of Lily, and her wedding day was the one day she felt prettier. And with Harry - her intentions to take him to Italy, to make up for everything.

I just wanted to say your portrayed little Harry perfectly. Quiet, held back, - I just fell in love when he said he didn't have things and in the end when he touched Petunia's shoulder. Harry, when he gets older, is always very tuned in into his emotions (anger sometimes as he grows older) and this was a brilliant foreshadow of that.

I was hanging on every moment, and my heart absolutely broke at the end.

The last line?



Author's Response: Look at this beast of a review! And so wonderful and kind! You really make me feel really special and like an actual writer! You really captured what it was I was trying to do here. Petunia is no angel, that's for sure, but I also wanted people to be able to relate to her. It was an interesting line to walk, and I underestimated how complicated it would be to write Petunia. This turned out way sadder than I meant it to, but somehow I couldn't have it end any other way. It was heartbreaking...made me think about all the places I've never been.

*Sob* This review is so beautiful, it's making me emotional. Thank you so much for writing such a nice review.



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Review #17, by WistfulReason to Fight: Le Phare

22nd May 2013:
...I loved this. This was such a good read - my head is still in the story and I can't seem to get out long enough to properly word anything. This story was so alive - set back in history, characters that seem real enough to come out of the pages... I honestly don't know what to say. You've endered me speechless. Every bit of it - I really, really like. The flow worked so smoothly, spelling and grammar errors were all but nonexistent - everything was just so, so good. Just write forever, yes?

I must mention the characters first. They were so vivid. Each of them so unique - you barely a had to describe them, their words spoke for themselves. Dialogue and how other character percieve them is a mega part of characterization, but yiou've seemed to master it perfectly. Down to every detail, I'm getting a brilliant idea of each one just from their words and thoughts.

I love the idea. If I had to pick what I loved most, it would have to be the idea. I've read some amazing works set in history, and so far, your's is ranked right up top with them. Word War 2 had so many things going on with intricate espionage, secret plans, and some horrible, terrible things. You've managed to weave in the Wizarding World into those times, and it fits just right.

"It is not Jean's words that are terrifying, but the brief, yet definite, look of pride in his eyes at the memory of his actions." That just gave me chills. Jean is so... I can't find words. He's too big for words. That bit right there, I really, really like.

Keep writing this! :3

Author's Response: Ungh I have no idea how to properly respond to this.

All of your compliments reduced me to a mushy pile of incoherency.

Okay. First off, I am so glad you like my characters. They're my babies, more than any other charaters I've ever written, and I love knowing that I'm not the only to like them.

Jean is quite a disturbing persona, yes, though I'm hoping to make him likeable as well!

Thank you so much -- this review meant the world to me :3

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Review #18, by WistfulHufflepuffs, Death Eaters, And the Likes.: Things Change.

21st April 2013:
The summary hooked me in completely. The whole two sides of a story thing. And it's true. Every side of the battle does have it's evils. It's a war, and wars are rarely nice. I loved the idea of another perspective on this. Another glimpse. We naturally see Death Eaters as evil and the Order of Phoenix as good, but it's bound to be different looking through another window, yes? And so far, I really liked it. Following this sweet Hufflepuff through Hogwarts during this War is something I'm looking forward to doing.

I really adored your portrayal of the Marauders. A lot of stories don't keep in mind that they wee likely a little bit of bullies once upon a time. They changed, yes, but they were slightly bullies. They were immature. While them teasing the poor girl was not out of character, in fact, it was very within character, when they continued after she started crying - I don't think that would've happened in the books. They're good people. They might have been immature, but they should've known better than that. The Marauders are more likely to give her antlers than to make her cry by doing this.

I just have to note how you wrote Remus. I liked how you did it. Looking back to it, Remus often acts as a bystander. I would have had him glance at James or Sirius meaningfully or try to shake his head rather than not doing anything at all, but I do like the general concept of him.

Keep updating! :3

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Review #19, by WistfulHotel Artemis: one

21st April 2013:
JennyJennyJenny. Why Jenny must you write such captivation stories that hook readers? Now, why not write something less absolutely amazing, huh? That would be nice, really, it would. No. I lie. But, point is, I loved reading this. I really did. From the very first line to the last. Honestly, I specifically loved the first and last line. The first was such a good opening. It's nice to think that after the War everything would be just like how the Wizarding street ought to be. With it's ice cream shops and it's robes shops and it's hotels. I never really thought about it, but I suppose that, yes, Wizarding Worlds must have hotels. And one up to this standard managed by the lovely Mrs. Malfoy - well, I expect nothing but drama.

The summary really got me. I really can't wait to see our main character, Jo, in this hotel for the rich with the Potters reserving an entire floor, her ex-boyfriend back, and hopefully a good bit of drama. I love drama, I really do. In stories, at least. I loved Jo. She was so nice, friendly, and she just seemed altogether good. Helping out her co-worker and being a pretty decent worker herself, she was realistic. Literally, I wouldn't be shocked if she just walked out of the chapter. No, actually, I would - but hopefully you see what I'm struggling and failing to say. Your characterization is amazing. There.

The management was hilarious. I love how real each fo your characters are. Mrs. Malfoy expecting nothing but the best. Even the slight dialogue with David and Toby had be grinning as widely as a cat. Pretty please update :3

Author's Response: Hey Wist! Thank you so much for all your lovely compliments! I put Narcissa as the manager because I wanted some canon characters in the day to day running of the hotel, and also because I think she would be a really really scary boss!

I'm so glad you like my characterization as well- ack, you kill me with all your nice words! Thank you so much for reviewing! Love you!

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Review #20, by WistfulThe Rose: War

21st April 2013:
Hey Sam :3

I admit, I'm quite behind on keeping up with your stories. That has brought forth regrets. How - howhowhow - have I ever gotten behind in reading your amazing stuff when you keep writing such brilliance and frequently updates. Your frequent updates are fantastic - I just have to say. I loved this story. I adore happy endings and happily ever afters and together forever's in these sort of stories. I just hope this is one of them. Watching the family on vacation with our leading cast as Teddy, Rose, and Victoire to an extent with the tensions between the girl high as they shared a room, and lovely, old Teddy - almost oblivious to Rose's affection - it's great.

When I say great, I don't mean poor Rose not getting the guy just yet was great. I mean reading it really, really was great. You, noticably, got a few romantic symbols fixed in here and there. A girl name Rose and Rome. There's only so much more romantic that gets. I loved the summary as well - it was quick but just hooked me in to reading this. I especially love the interaction between the family. The family is - well - huge, and there has to be a lot of mixed feelings here and there. Sibling rivalries and cute little cousins - with the family that big, there has to be a lot going on. And I loved how you portrayed that.

The characters were just about pulling themselves off the page with how you wrote them. I do have a quick critique on characterization though. While Teddy was incredibly realistic, I kind of felt Victoire and Rose was not up to that. We don't really get to see why Teddy likes Victoire yet - it's only two chapters in, of course, but even though this looks like a Teddy/Rose, there ought to be a reason why Teddy liked her. And from Rose's perspective Victoire doesn't seem all that brilliant so seeing more of Victoire more likeable would be nice. Just give them more life is what I'm trying to say.

Altogether, I loved it. It was a lively read, and I can't wait to see what happens.


Author's Response: Hey, Wistful!

Yay, I didn't know you were reading them (except Enchanted?). I'm so glad now! I honestly have no idea how I keep up with these updates, but I hope I don't slow down. :D

Yes, it's all a set up for the ultimate RomCom-style story. We'll see where it takes us (though I already have the ending in mind... ;)). There's so many in the family, it's hard to keep track. We'll see them all, though. Thank you!

You will definitely see why Ted likes Vic, Rose and Vic just aren't close, never have been, and crushing on her on-off boyfriend is not helping. But there's more of that to come, I promise. Soon, I think. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #21, by WistfulRoad Works: Sanders, Gemma Sanders.

20th April 2013:
I approach with the full intent to fulfill my pinky swear and write a review for my beloved Stephy who apparently writes quite amazingly although she's never told me her of her brilliant writing skills. I feel slightly deceived.

This was a brilliant read, and I could definitely, definitely connect with our lovely main character. Following her through her little Quidditch-y adventure that gets her between two siblings, son of the most famous man in the Wizarding World, is bound to be fun - or at least interesting.

From what I've seen or heard, usually this ends up with nothing but trouble, and it looks like this might just apply in this chapter. Looking to see this trouble - just can't wait. Of course, doesn't look like I need to.

Like I was saying earlier, I adore this main character. She connects to me, and she probably connects to most readers which is a good thing.

I'm sure we can all agree that anytime before 10 AM (or maybe more of 12 PM) should not ever, ever exist, and I was delighted to see this character shares my view. Reading the books, I always felt sorry for the characters during morning. As it's school, they have to wake up at a ridiculous hour, get dressed which takes longer for girls according to polls, and then have to run down a magical castle with moving, long flights of stairs to breakfast. Doesn't sound like a blast, does it?

So I love you gave us a glimpse of this perspective - was a fabulous idea.

Although I'm going to disagree with the whole 'bias'd head of House.' As this is the next generation, one can reasonably assume that Snape's dead and Slughorn is bound to be either retired or dead by now, and Professor McGonogalll (or whomever is the headmistress or headmaster) is unlikely to hire anyone like Snape's bias'd-ness. Maybe an unpleasant figure might be the Head of Slytherin but maybe not bias'd. Also have to add - the Potions professor isn't always the Head of that House. Really, if this professor was recently hired, he probably isn't the Head of House at all.

To finish this up, I would fix some grammar errors with quotation marks and capitalization, but altogether I really loved your story and it put a smile on my face. Keep updating! :3


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Review #22, by WistfulSpoil: Pulp, Pulse, Pull

18th April 2013:
"I have no idea what it's supposed to mean and won't pretend otherwise."

...don't you? Can't you see that in this story, the meaning of what happens to cookies after they get absolutely burned to crisp is carefully contained within a feeble cage of glass hovering on the staggering, unbelievable verge of being free and being able to fly away in the wind like any other ordinary HPFF chapter in the archives. Cause clearly that's what happens. Chapters fly, fly away into the wind after being validated. Except no. They cumbersomely circumnavigate elsewhere on resplendent wings of metaphorical prose that made me absolutely die of laughter and really rather made me want to hug you.

No, I really have no idea what I just said. i think I managed to confuse myself in a horrible attempt at prose. I think it went something along the lines of "this is so super duper amazing, and omg I just about died of laughter."

Yes. I think that might have been it.

Althoguh really, I absolutely love you for writing this. When I look at this quite literally, it seems more like someone is following someone through vivid and nonsense like imagery. I'd like to add I would be perfectly happy without said person following me through vivid prose. I love, love, love, love, love the language you used though. I have no idea how you think of such things. Some of it is just so, so beautiful that whether I like it or not I have to imagine it. And really, at some parts, I'm really rather okay without imagining it. I loved it. Bottom line. Loved it. Forgive the typos


Author's Response: Bahahaha! That was an extremely epic explanation.

I wrote this as a result of frustration at seeing so many stream-of-consciousness stories on HPFF that look pretty but make no sense. And they have fooled readers into believing that ambiguity = genius. They give the extraneous descriptions that have nothing to do with the plot too much credit because they /assume/ it's good. That's what happens. Confusion breeds assumption, which lends the author the benefit of the doubt. Beautiful descriptions, but essentially meaningless when you dissect them.

This is probably making no sense.

Regardless, it was fun to parody SoC and imagery-heavy writing that's basically glorified nonsense, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! Thank you for your review. :)

- Sarah

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Review #23, by WistfulGinny's Riddle: The Diary

18th April 2013:
Hey, Maggie! :3

I always loved Ginny. I've noticed throughout the fandom there are some very differing opinions centering Ginny, but I've always loved her and admired her. You've got to have guts to grow up with six older brothers, don't you? And through the books, Ginny has never been anything short of guts and nerve. I absolutely love stories that cover the perspective of events from another character's point of view, and this is no exception.

I really, really enjoyed reading this first chapter.

The characterization of Ginny was just about flawless. The very first paragraph gave readers who read or didn't read the books the crucial information necessary for them to know to really try to get Ginny. The way you described the way professors glanced at her was fantastic. It gave an everyday sort of example of what Ginny had to go through before she could define her own thing.

I honestly got chills when she got that little, black book, thinking of what would happen. Here she was thinking she finally got some company, and what happens? This. Even in the first chapter I can already see Tom start to entrance Ginny like he had with Myrtle and Helena Ravenclaw before. And I noticed you had Ginny mentally building a picture of this sympathizing, trustful friend.

Amazing - just amazing.

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Review #24, by WistfulWith Sirius Black: Prologue with Sirius Black

18th April 2013:
Since, well, forever, Sirius Black has always been an especially interesting character to read, and I was utterly devastated by his death in the fifth book. The idea to explore his past, not exactly during the Marauder's era but while in Azkaban, was extremely clever, and I was hooked in just by the idea of a plot following Sirius Black to his escape and perhaps eventually to his double crossing, old 'friend' - Peter Pettigrew. This whole story gives that devestating feel of Azkaban and the bitterness of our main character, known as a traitor and murderer without cause. Framed. It's enough to drive anyone mad.

Sirius Black is a beloved character by the fandom, and it was certainly a tragic blow to our hearts when he died. This does make him a tricky character to write. With so many fans with knowledge about Sirius from the books, it can be difficult to keep him as he was written in the books, and I applaud you for your effort. Considering circumstances, I believe that Sirius was written fairly in cannon. No one'll be exactly the same after years in one of the worst Wizarding prisons with creatures that essentially suck the happiness out of you, would they? Even if they were the nifty Sirius Black with all those clever tricks up those sleeves - like, say, transforming into a dog.

I do have to crit his escape though. Thirteen years would drive a man almost insane even with Sirius Black's rays of hopes and animigus power. He did have a goal in mind, and that was what kept him hanging there. But still, wouldn't it be more likely he thought of escaping as a dog much more long ago when his mind was more clear? We know from how casual he was about the crossword puzzle in the books that he fared well enough, but that was with the dementors not quite nearby, and so how would he be like in the night? Although your description was good, i don't think you quite captured how it must have been in the dark hearing screams at night.

The bitterness like I already mentioned was really good. He'd have to be bitter. A man betrayed him and lived free. Literally a double-crossing rat. His mental character was very good and described the bitter, ex-Marauder character of our beloved Sirius. I would like to ask if you could easily slip in some more physical description of him. Just him "running a hand through the greasy, dark locks" or "peering gray eyes at the Minister" or just something like that to help give the reader more of a visual. On that note, I think the whole chapter could benefit form a little more description.

Bottom line, I loved the clarity and strenth of this story as well as the fantastic story line but think it could use some description.

I hope I helped!

- Wistful with a late review swap >.>

Author's Response: Really late response, but with this awesome new site remodel I can now see how many reviews I've missed answering.

Thank you very much for this review, I am working on revamping it, and even making it longer with more details, like exactly how he escaped and what he did right after. I might go more into the dark things but the challenge is that I don't really like it, no one loves torturing their character unless they're really bad. The thing is, he really went through it so I have to bring that out as a responsible writer.
You really did help with this review, I'm just sorry it took this long to tell you.
Thanks, and I hope you check in again!

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Review #25, by WistfulStagger: Do I Dare

16th April 2013:
It was the title that drew me in. Stagger. There are some words that just give a feeling. Stagger is one of them. This was a hooking read. No doubt. I read all four chapters and I enjoyed it all. I love how much you include Piper's life at home. Some stories graze over it to a point where I wouldn't know if the main character is an orphan a muggleborn or what, and that's alright s'well, but I do love how you worked it in. If it hadn't been for the family, I don't think I would have liked Piper. Sullen, angsty, angry at the world - just like any other angsty teenager. Nothing interesting. But how connected she is to her family, how affectionate she can be with her siblings; that I love.

I love the way you write. It's very direct and deliberate. You describe things just enough to let me know thet yes, Hogwarts is a bunch of mismatched stones, but it also leaves enough lacking to let our own imaginations fill it in. Fortunately, in the fandom, we already have a good idea with the help of the books and movies. Your wording is lovely. I just love how you say things. Rose - I like Rose but don't in the same time. What she's doing to herself - well, no, clearly don't like.

This was brilliant to read. I hope you keep on writing! c:

Author's Response: Ee this review has made my day! Thank you so much! You're absolutely lovely. Piper's a little ball of hatred isn't she?! Ooo I don't know what to say I'm all giddy, thank you so much for the lovely review, you're amazing!

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