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Review #1, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Talk that talk

11th March 2013:
AWWW!!! But yay - they're engaged! This chapter was so adorable! I literally cannot express just how happy this makes me - I just want to hug everything and everybody! I cannot wait for the next chapter, although I really don't want it to end!

Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: And I am going to miss you when this ends! Thank you so much again for your constant support of the story, Kirsty -- your reviews are the ones I wait for when I update :)

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Review #2, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Paint pots and iteration

2nd February 2013:
Oh my gosh! If it is possible to be in love with a piece of fiction, I have to say I'm completely head over heels! This chapter has to be my favourite so far! I loved the fact that it was quite simplistic, and the build-up to the ending of the chapter was just perfect.

I am so happy this happened - all I can hope for now is that Kiwi sees sense and gets together with Oliver - they are just to perfect to be apart from one another!

Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: Kiwi will see sense eventually, of course! You have every right to be in love with this fanfiction, and I'm honoured to hear you say something like that.

Thank you so, so, so much Kirsty. Your reviews mean the world to me.

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Review #3, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Flight and vocabulary lessons.

26th January 2013:
OMG I loved that chapter! So glad you've updated - it's just what I needed to distract me from the horrors of essay-writing!

Little Grace is so adorable, the way she almost seems to time her entrance into a room or conversation just as somebody swears is so funny!! And I'm so glad that Cat and Tim are getting married - I can imagine their wedding is going to be very fun!

Talk about tension between Kiwi and Oliver! I loved the twist at the end, should make for some very interesting chapters in the future!

Kirsty xx

Author's Response: The horrors of essay-writing will be the death of us all, I'm afraid.

Grace has Cat's timing -- it's chronicle for her to turn up when she's not supposed to, but it's part of what makes her cute, right?

You have no idea how interesting the coming chapters will be. *insert evil laugh* I can't wait to have your opinion on them!

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Review #4, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Pigeons, elephants and the like.

7th December 2012:
OMG! The ending - that was just perfect. Such a cliffhanger, I can't wait to see what happens next!! Grace seems so adorable, and Kiwi seems like an amazing mother!! I actually cannot wait for the next chapter - I will be sitting here bouncing up and down in anticipation!!

Kirsty xx

Author's Response: Grace IS adorable. We get to see a lot of her in the coming chapters, because I like writing her so much. She also asks some really embarrassing questions, which I'm eagerly waiting for your reactions to!

The next 3 chapters are written, so you can expect some rapid updates as soon as the queue opens again...

Merry Christmas :)


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Review #5, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Cat: Bludger

29th November 2012:
This was, yet again, absolutely fantabulous! Grace is such a pretty name - although I was rooting for her being a boy! Cat's support was so sweet - I'm not sure many people would have the strength to do what she did!

Oliver's such a daft twat!! I was indeed hoping for the adorable romantic scene - I'm disappointed now! :p (just kidding!). If I was Cat I don't think Id have been able to stop myself from bashing his head against the wall - yet another reason to admire the girl!

I wasn't surprised it was Tim, and the two are just completely adorbs! Anywaysies, thank you for another fantastic chapter!

Kirsty xx

Author's Response: I know you wanted a boy, I'm sorry... It was always Grace though, since the very beginning.

Oliver is a fool. I really wanted to write a romantic scene, because writing Oliver and Kiwi annoyed at one another is just too difficult, but then again I thought it would be more fun to let them be stubborn and then regret it.

Not that I'm saying anything. ;)

THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER, and once more it was also Cat and Tim since the beginning.

Thank you for another fantastic review!


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Review #6, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Truths (of sorts)

7th November 2012:
Loving the regular updates of this - so many emotions! I'm kinda cheesed off with both Oliver and Kiwi - whilst Olly was an absolute drama queen, Kiwi really should have told him earlier!

I totally still think Bludger is a boy - not sure about the name though. Something unconventional definitely!

I hope she doesn't end up going to Canada - or if she does, Oliver comes chasing after (like in the movies and what not) - that would just be incredibly romantic. I liked Kiwi's mum, she seemed very down to earth and supportive - and that's the kind of person I think Kiwi needs in her life right now.

The presents were so adorable!! I literally 'aww'ed out loud when I read that bit!! I'm not sure how Cat is going to react - maybe panic and completely freak out?!

Anywaysies, yet another awesome chapter and I really cannot wait for the next one!

Kirsty xx

Author's Response: Hey Kirsty! Apparently, regular updates are not parallel to quick responses, but here I am, finally.

Olly the drama queen - that would make an awesome chapter title. Or a one-shot. *goes off on plunny hunt*

Utter romance is coming soon, very soon. It's typed away and nicely waiting for you in my PC :)

I had too much fun writing those presents. WAAAYYY too much fun. Glad you liked it!

Thank you for your support and patience, it means the world to me.

Val xx

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Review #7, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Secrets

4th November 2012:
He knows! Finally he knows!!! All of the feels - I love those two together so much and now he knows!

I'd say Cat has to be dating Ben, but I have a feeling that that scenario is much too obvious - so Tim maybe?

Oliver in that apron - such a good mental picture! I swear, after that image, no man shall ever compare! Anywaysies, yet another fantabulous chapter - cannot wait for the next one!

Kirsty xx

Author's Response: He knows, indeed! I'm glad you love those two together. Guess what? So do I!

I won't say about Cat, you'll find out soon, the next chapter is in the queue :)


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Review #8, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: From Normandy to Ioannina

29th October 2012:
There are no words. Literally, there are no words. I loved it!!! Yay at them finally getting together - so cute!!! And yay for pregnancy hormones - that's all I have to say on that matter. Anywaysies, that was awesome and I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!

Kirsty xx

Author's Response: I was so afraid you had stopped reading this because I hadn't updated in aaages, but no, here you are!

Yay for pregnancy hormones indeed - more of those in the next chapter :)

Said chapter should be up very soon as a matter of fact - it's in the queue...

Thank you for this wonderful review Kirsty, your support means a lot to me &hearts

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Review #9, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Take my breath away

26th September 2012:
I.LOVED.THIS! There were so many cliches the wedding could have fallen into, but thank the lord you managed to avoid them! The charmed bouquet was genius - hopefully it true!

I don't think I'd have had the strength not to throw gazpacho on Liam's mother - it wouldn't have been just my bowl either!

I think little Bludger is a boy - can't explain why, it's just a feeling! It's so adorable how the baby is responding to the sound of Oliver's voice - I really hope she tells him soon (unless I'm being stupid and she already has, in which case yay!!).

Anywaysies, I love love loved this chapter - looking forward to the next update! Kirsty xx

Author's Response: Kirsty!

Phew, this review has been sitting here unanswered for a long time.

First of all, THANK YOU :) I'm so happy you loved it!

Yep, I would probably have emptied a plate of very stainful (is that even a word?) food over Liam's mother's head, not just gazpacho...

I won't say about Bludger (I want to, but I can't, that would be horrible of me). No, Kiwi hasn't told him yet, but I strongly suggest you enjoy Olver's blissful ignorance while you can. MUST NOT SAY ANYTHING ELSE.

I will update soon. I promise.

Thank you again for the amazing review :)


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Review #10, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Butterflies

18th September 2012:
Hi again! I swear, I actually let out a little squeal when they kissed! So happy, and I'm really glad that she's finally realising she likes him - the suspense might actually have killed me! Anywaysies, this chapter was awesome and I can't wait to read the next one! Kirsty xx

Author's Response: Kirsty! I've missed you :)

I squealed too, but it's not appropriate to say she realises she likes him yet - we're far from there. Ish.

Next chapter: a wedding, a sprained ankle, an annoying friend and a beige dress.

I hope to see you!


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Review #11, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Cat: Of problems and proposals

1st September 2012:
She's pregnant?!!! Oh my god, this just keeps getting better!!! It's so adorable how neither of them will acknowledge their feelings - such tensions! Anywaysies, thank you for the awesome new chapter! Kirsty x

Author's Response: AAAND YOU ARE MY 50th REVIEW IN TOTAL!

*cyberhugs Kirsty*

I'm so happy you thought it was awesome! You're awesome. I was waiting for your review, you know, wondering what you thought... So happy you liked it!

What do you think, boy or girl?

Your reviews make me smile EVERY TIME, so thank you so much!


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Review #12, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Spoiling dinner and the cons of drinking.

21st August 2012:
Hiii (again!). This story is quickly becoming my fave fanfic on this site - the tension between Oliver and Kiwi is unbareable!!! Love love LOVE the chapter - Kirsty x

Author's Response: *switches hyperventilation mode on* SQUEE YOU CAME BACK! And you left a review again, and you favourited this story, and you are amazing! *switches hyperventilation mode off*

Okay. I want you to know how much this review means to me. For several reasons. First of all, it's not a review, it's another review. That means the world to me because it means people are coming back. Also, seriously? Your favourite fanfic? Wow. Are you sure?

I think that is the absolute most you could ever say to me, and I'll never thank you enough. I guess there isn't a point asking if you'll be back for the next chapter, is there? It's already written, so you can expect it soon (although I have another story going through the queue right now), probably next week...

Actually, it might even be up earlier than that, because the next chapter really kicks the story off. And I'm desperate to post it! It's in Cat's POV, as for the ending, well, you're going to want to murder me.

I won't say anything else, except a huge THANK YOU! ♥ :)

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Review #13, by kirstykins92Willows and Wood.: Witch Weekly, MLES and Puddlemere's Keeper.

15th August 2012:
Howdy :) Just wanted to say I really liked this! It seems as though there is a fantastic storyline coming our way, and I simply cannot wait to read it! Keep up the good work - I am eagerly waiting on the next part! Kirsty x

Author's Response: I'm going to be 100% honest with you: Kiwi and Cat are the Harry Potter to my J.K. They happened to just walk into my head, and I had no idea what was going to happen to them, they just existed. So in truth I haven't got the exact details of the rest of the story, though of course I've got a general idea...
If you like this pairing, trust me, this is only the beginning!
I also wanted to thank you for your feedback - seriously, it makes my day, especially as a young author desperate for reviews! I hope you'll continue leaving reviews like these for me :)
And jut to make you want to read more, I'll also give you a preview of the next chapter:

~ He grabbed a handful of raw meat and pelted me with it, aiming for my forehead. I ducked, laughing.

"Missed by a mile! You'd miss a dragon inside the Gryffindor common room even if it was Stupef..." ~

Next chapter should be up during the week!

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Review #14, by kirstykins92A Building Love: Chapter 19

24th July 2012:
This is soo cute!! I love the relationship between George and Hermione - it's kinda like Romeo and Juliet (just without the murderous Italian relatives!). All I can say is I really hope that they work it out and find a way to be together! Kirsty x

Author's Response: Thanks so much Kirsty! I really appreciate the review and I really value your opinion! Lol! Yes it's a true romance story and thankfully it isn't filled with the tradgedy of Romeo and Juliet! They will be together soon don't worry but you do have to wait a little while as the story progresses! There may be a slightly longer wait for the next chapter however because the progress I've made with the story has all been saved on my USB but I can't access the file for some reason so I can't open the drafts for future chapters. So there will be a bit of a delay as I try to recover the files but if I can't I will just start re-writing! Thanks again for the great reviews! Hope you continue to read, review and enjoy the story! Jenna :) x

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Review #15, by kirstykins92Guaranteed To Raise a Smile: Fangirls, Early Birds and Cats That Hug

14th July 2012:
Howdy :) I just have to say I absolutely adore this fanfic!!! I can totally relate to Heather - it's just a pity there isn't an Oliver around in my life!! xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review!! :D Glad you're enjoying the story! Ah, we could all do with an Oliver in our lives ;)

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