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Review #1, by Danielle_xLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: The Beginning Of Christmas Break

4th July 2013:
really nice chapter, so glad your posting again :)

Author's Response: it's taken a while. i'm getting there! :)

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Review #2, by Danielle_xEverything Happens For A Reason: Funerals

13th July 2012:
well thats okay you deserve the 10/10 and i completely understand about school ive just finished my schooling now so i know how stressful it is, hope everything goes well for you and you continue writing soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you so so much and I will keep writing for sure :) x

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Review #3, by Danielle_xEverything Happens For A Reason: A Beginning In The End

11th July 2012:
cant wait ffor the next book this was amazing and it was more realistic and shows that not everything is going to end like a fairytale all happy and that things do end very sadly ... for awhile at least, and i love the saying everything happens for a reason and i cant wait to find out why hermione picked ron and the reason behind it, you are a very talented writer, never stop even if its just a hobbie. now personally im not a person who believes in 10 out of 10 but this book deserves it. i have never been so ingrossed in a story on this website before i actually sat here this evening and read the whole story as i just couldnt stop i had just had to find out what happened. So please hurry and start writing the next book.

Author's Response: Thank you for understand the end from my point of view of everything :D Thank you so so much for your compliments and everything and the 10 on 10, I'm honored to be one of your favorites :D
I will start very soon, school's been keeping me busy unfortunately :/

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Review #4, by Danielle_xA Crow Left of the Murder: Going Home

10th July 2012:
this is a great story please continue

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Review #5, by Danielle_xThe Marauders: Duels and Wonders

23rd June 2012:
this is such a brillaint story cant wait until you write more x

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Review #6, by Danielle_xWhoever you are: Chapter Eight

21st June 2012:
please you need to write more this is such a brilliant story its such a shame u havent writen more

Author's Response: hi there. thank you so much for your review. This story is still hanging on in the back of my mind even after all these years. So don't cross it off just yet. It might make a comeback soon ;)


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Review #7, by Danielle_xLove in the Past: Regaining What Was Lost.

14th June 2012:
WOW this story is amazing, your a brilliant writer, i have been looking for a story like this for AGES now and i finally found yours it was brilliant!!

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Review #8, by Danielle_xNever Fade: Chapter 26

19th March 2012:
more please this is brilliant

Author's Response: the next chapter should be up within the next few days!
glad you're enjoying it!
thanks for the review!

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