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Review #1, by ShiyakaA Man Barely Breathing: A Man Barely Breathing

28th December 2011:
Sorry if I'm being a bit of a Grammar Nazi, but I believe 'divorce' sounds better than 'divorcement' and I would also use 'dragged' instead of 'drug'. Otherwise it's an amazing story, had me teary eyed in a couple of places (very unusual for me)

Author's Response: Shiyaka,

Ah! But you missed one. Somewhere I wrote 'isle' instead of 'aisle'. Oopsie. LOL!

I agree about 'dragged' and 'drug'. Sorry about that, as I hope it wasn't too distracting. Those things can get in the way and disrupt the flow of a story. Sorry about that.

As far as 'divorcement'... I was going for an 'Englishy-type' formality and thought the word sounded more 'formal'.

At any rate, I might go back and change those words and hope the Validators won't hate me for only changing one word or so. LOL!

Thanks for your honesty.

And... I had you teary eyed in a couple of places? Awe... I know this takes a lot for some people to do and it is really a compliment that my words evoked such emotion in any reader. So, thank you so much for telling me.

'A Man Barely Breathing' is a very emotional story and several have admitted to shedding a few tears. ;(

It was so kind of you to leave your reviews... so appreciated.

Dark Whisper

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Review #2, by ShiyakaDisappear with Me: Love at First Site

28th December 2011:
As usual, your story telling talents take me to a new place. It's hard to find stories with the degree of depth that you've put into yours. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Shiyaka,

Awe... You give me a beautiful, wonderful compliment. Thank you so very much. It really means a lot to me as I try to create depth and meaning in my stories in the hopes that it will keep the reader's interest enough to keep reading. :P

Thank you from my heart!
Dark Whisper

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