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Review #26, by inkbutterflyEvacuate The Dance Floor: A Minute and A Half of Our Lives

16th April 2012:
I LOVE the way you ended this! They are so sweet and happy and it's just perfect. I'm glad you didn't go into a snogging fest like I imagined you would, but this is just so much better, for them and for me because now I just have to imagine their whole relationship!
Thanks for the amazing fic, I'm so sad that it's over now, but I'm proud of you for finishing it :D
AND LEA AND SIRIUS WON! I always knew they would, but I thought you might be sneaky and make them come second to Slytherin or something evil like that.
The dance and everything that happened afterwards was just written so well.
Good job, I'm gonna miss Lea and the rest of them :') (hint: new story soon?)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Thank you SO much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review. And yes, that is one of the reasons why I chose to end their relationship that way by asking her out on date because it allows you lot to imagine however you like what they'd be like as a couple! I never thought I'd post a fanfiction, much less finish it and I am so overwhelmed by the response to it. I'm going to miss writing Lea and all of them but the good news is that I've already put a new story up and it's another Sirius/OC one! xoxoxoxoo

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Review #27, by inkbutterflyPlaying Pretend : There is a war outside.

16th April 2012:
I loved it. It's really well written and very powerful, plus angsty, which I love.
Ginny's emotions were so powerful and for once I felt a connection with her. I dont normally like her much, because she seems to have no feeling and just be the little sister, girlfriend kind of person added in. This was... different. Her character suited JKR's but also let me see another side of her.
I'm pretty sure I have seen your stuff around, so I'll go and have a look, since this was so good!
Good job :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Wow thank you so very much, that really makes me very happy, and I'm thrilled you liked it.

Yes, she doesn't have much of a standing chance in the books, she's kind of a little bit here, and little bit there. So I guess that's why I like writing her so much.

Oh thanks, you don't have to. :)

Thanks for the review,


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Review #28, by inkbutterflyHonour Among Thieves: success, arrests, and someone else's plan

15th April 2012:
Sorry, I dissapeared for a few weeks and now I am trying to catch up on all the reviews I have missed.
Just letting you know that I read it, loved it and am very intrigued as to the other plan.
This is just too far! I am completely lost and my theories are confusing me, so EXPLAIN IT QUICKLY, I waaant to know who this bloody traitor is!

Haha, I cant wait to find out. You are very, very good at keeping me interested. Brilliant chapter :)

-Kerryn xx
PS. You're PM should be coming soon, and I have A LOT of ideas ;)


I'm glad you liked it! And I know! *gasp* whatever happened?

I'm afraid I will explain it in my own sweet time :D and, the traitor is a secret! SHHH!

Thanks for the review, you always make me laugh!

PS. I has ideas too! Yayay! :D

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Review #29, by inkbutterflyAnd Mayhem Ensues: Trains and bikes

4th April 2012:
Prepare yourself for a very confusing and long review.
Right, I like John and the twins best. Oh and Tony. Mitchell as well. Okay, I like all of them but the twins the most. I loved their reaction to Eva (and Remus as well)
Also isn't it blonde not blond? I am pretty sure it is. Maybe you can do it either way.
Well, even though nothing much happened in this chapter, I LOVED IT!
The guys were so, so funny and I can tell I will love them all already. No wonder Eva is so awesome if she lives with them!
But, OH MY MERLIN, POOR SIRIUS! I almost cried for him, he is so cute, and aw so alone. How could you do that to him?! Now he is all alone while his friends go and have fun and IT'S BLOODY CHRISTMAS! He better go to Eva's. Or else I will kill you.
Oh. I see now, since they all have bikes, that's were he learns how to ride and gets the idea to fix it up? Yeah. Seems right to me. Otherwise he can be friends with the guys cause he can ride as well, and he is awesome and so are they.
I can't wait to see Eva's mum now! She seems so funny, such a character.
OH! You better hurry up and get her and Remus together. During Christmas if you can. Just hurry up with it! I KNOW SHE LIKES HIM ANYWAY SO JUST MAKE HER REALISE AND KISS HIM!
Haha, well brilliant chapter, cant wait for the next!

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Hello. *is prepared*

Really? JOHN? He's nasty! He's *must not give plot away* . depending on how much I write, next chapter or the chapter after, you'll not like him.
Silly Kerryn. :P

Okay, I did a google search, and blond is for describing guys, and blonde is for girls. This comes from the French, when an 'e' is added to make words feminine! (are you impressed?) Learn something new every day :D

Why does everyone think Sirius is going to turn up at Runswick? Really? Consider him as a character. He's not, is he?

Please don't kill me- we have our baby to think of! :D

Eva's mum is great; her insanity will become legendary (I hope).

Her and Remus will get together when I want them to! I just enjoy torturing you :P

Thanks for the review :D xx

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Review #30, by inkbutterflyHonour Among Thieves: hospital, accusations and the Gringotts plan

29th March 2012:
Not as funny as the other chapters, but I liked it anyways. The bit with Victorie was done really well, and there was a lot of emotion in it.
It was a little too drawn out and...well, boring.
BUT I JUST HAVE TO SAY- Lorcan was pissed the Rose brought Scorpy along, so that means that Scorpius might know something about Lorcan being the traitor, that's why he made Scorpius seem guilty! AHH!
You dont get a super long review this time (sorry!) but I just have to say, it was a nicely done chapter and I am enjoying this story very much!

Author's Response: It wasn't supposed to be very funny... :D I was going to write all of this in one chapter, and then I realised I was going over 3000 words, so I thought, yeah, I'll stop now. Sorry for boringness, it had to be done. Exciting stuff next chappy, I promise! :D

So now it's Lorcan? Are you sure this time? Couldn't you also say that the other way around? Not that I'm saying anything, though.

Thanks so much for your reviews, they always make me very happy :D

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Review #31, by inkbutterflyFix you: Prologue

29th March 2012:
I like it so far, especially the relationship between the different characters. Mary and Methelda were cute and funny in a sort of dorky way, and you can tell the she gets on with Albus despite their bickering and that they are really good friends.
I picked up one mistake: You said that Mary was the 'quite' girl, instead of quiet. Just a little typo :)
So far the writing is good as well, a bit jumpy but it adds to her personality. Some sentences were a bit long and confusing though, but overall it was great!
Metheldas character is coming through nicely as well, and I really enjoyed reading it. She just seems so bubbly and full of life, its refreshing!
Mary was funny as well. Scary though... but I guess you meant her to be that way. Albus seemed nice and a typical Quidditch guy.
Anyway, good job so far :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Hi inkbutterfly!

Thank you for your's great that you like relationships between my characters. I have tried to make them as real as possible. I know my writing doesn't flow that well. But I am working on it.

Albus needs to more than a just a Quidditch guy. I a hope I make his character is a more real. Once again,thank you!

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Review #32, by inkbutterflyEvacuate The Dance Floor: Pressure

28th March 2012:
AND they still havent danced! Aw. But, wow they have a lot of pressure to deal with now. Poor them.
I cant wait till the next chapter...
Marlene, oh wow, that was sweet and I got all excited about it because Remus and her are just sooo cute!
Good job, and I am looking forward to the update :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: I know, sometimes I'm even surprised I managed to stave off the dance scene for that long for them, but all things must here comes the last chapter very, very soon. And I'm so glad you enjoyed the Remus/Marlene scene, you guys had told me over the course of the story that you wanted them to get together and I gave in! xoxoxo

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Review #33, by inkbutterflyThe Lost Children: A Reason for Pain

24th March 2012:
What do I think? ITS AMAZING!
The emotions are just so strong and it is really powerful.
I cant actually explain how good it is, but you have to believe that it is very, very amazing.
I feel so sorry for Albus, and I really want to see how this progresses.
And I must say, good job on writing a story as sensitive as this, it can be easy.

-Kerryn xox

Author's Response: Your reviews so far have given me so much faith in this story!!

I feel quite sad for Albus too! Especially since I know what's coming, which will be revealed very, very slowly, because I'm evil XD

And thank you for that! The sensitivity is something that's hard to write, but lots of warnings to people help a bit!

Thanks once again for your review!


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Review #34, by inkbutterflyThe Lost Children: A Reason for Hope

24th March 2012:
I really, really enjoyed this.
It just caught my attention and drew me in to feel their panic and all the emotions. It was really well written as well.
Although you only gave a vague idea of what was actually happening (kidnapping and abuse or something?) I think that the overwhelming emotion and sort of disconnected feel actually added to the effect. So if you do that on purpose or not, it was really good.
Brilliant chapter, and by the way, I like the summary as well, it just made me want to read it and find out what it was about!

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

I think I kind of did it on purpose *shrugs* Like, I definitely intended for Albus to be disconnected from everyone else in the story, so I think that's what you're talking about.

And thanks for that as well! I was worried about the summary!

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Review #35, by inkbutterflyI Told Him It Was Dangerous.: Chapter 3: "He'll be fine Rose, trust me."

24th March 2012:
You know, I think it is actually pretty good.
I've seen it around a bit and never actually bothered to read it, because well... I think the problem is the summary. Maybe try and change it and you will get more people reading? Dont explain what it is about but just give them a glipse of your writing, to lure them in...
Well, the writing is good but the chapters are short and the paragraphs are a bit blocky. Try and smooth it out a bit more and make it flow better.
Rose seems nice and I like the way you showed the relationship between her and Cedric. It was very cute! So the characters and the writing are both good, just try to lengthen your chapters and show a bit more of what she feels or is thinking.
It's got a lot of potential, so keep going!

-Kerryn xx

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Review #36, by inkbutterflyA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Meeting the Potters

22nd March 2012:
Oh my. That was amusing.
Did they just shag on the kitchen floor?! That is so, so hilarious.
Ah! They better end up together, like properly, not pretend. I knew they would end up falling for each other!
It was a brilliant chapter, and the family was very good. We didnt see much of how Harry acts but Ginny was cool.
I just think that the transition from the chat at the dinner table to them drinking later was a bit quick and it took me a while to figure out what just happened.
Yeah, thats 'bout it. Great chapter!

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Yes, they did shag on the kitchen floor. Very classy, yes? We will see if the two end up together. Are they willing to put their careers at risk after all the time they've spent working so hard for them? Who knows. Except for me. I know :D.
Harry wasn't welcomed into this chapter all too much. You'll see him in a few more chapters having a heart to heart with Gigi. I totally meant to make a break between there, but forgot to add it (I will be doing that after I respond to this review).

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Review #37, by inkbutterflyLetters to L.C. : Halloween Party

21st March 2012:
Hah hah! Here I am reviewing again, because I normally review ALL the previous chapters on stories that I like... but I really dont have that much time to waste. Actually I probably do but anyways, I wanted to review this one because it was my favourite and I thought you should know. I thought that you did the whole drunk Lenny thing brilliantly, she seemed more open and just bloody hilarious. And the way you did the thing with Sirius coming to save her was perfect, and the way she spoke to him was so funny. I loved her comment "Sorry, I was too busy starting at you." Hehehe... I love Lenny. It was a good way of beginning her crush on Sirius, because she will end up having one right? Right.
But Ludo, gah! I hate him. He was practically going to rape her! Oh and in the later chapter how he and Sirius were fighting and he said she would be a good shag, THAT WAS SO SAD! Poor Lenny, Sirius was very sweet to her though,
Ah yes, I was also writing this to say your welcome for the review, you definetly deserve them. I think its good that they are defined, and they are a little over the top but in a good way. Some authors just end up merging their characters into one big melted trait mess and the story turns into a pile of vomit. Yeah, thats not going to happen with yours though.
And I tend to ramble on in reviews but it is also my way of showing that I liked it so much that I wanted to tell you EVERYTHING that I think! Haha, it also means I think you are a brilliant author and that your opinion means something to me *nods head knowingly* In other words I am saying you are an amazingly brilliant and talented author!
Yay! I am looking forward to the next update... and if you take to long I have plenty other chapters I havent reviewed on to bug you on! Haha, no I wouldnt do that. No pressure at all ;)
Anyways, even thought yes you do get quite a few reviews (a decent amount) I think you deserve to have 700 per chapter! But then you wouldnt be able to reply to mine so...hmmm.

-hehe, Kerryn xx

Author's Response: I love you too!! I guess I just have a lot of experience with being drunk ;D. That's why it was so easy to write it! Only kidding (kind of). She's drunk, she can't help but stare at Sirius. There are plenty more of those moments to come, don't worry. She will have more than just a crush on Sirius, trust me.
Lenny's feelings were hurt by Ludo. He won't get away with doing that so easily. He'll get his own.
I hope it doesn't turn into a pile of vomit. It'd probably be Lenny's drunken vomit. I'm very very very flattered you think so highly of me. It's a first. Only kidding (sort of, again).
I would LOVE 700 reviews per chapter. That'd be pretty freaking amazing. Every authors dream though, right?

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Review #38, by inkbutterflyLetters to L.C. : Fights and Tears

21st March 2012:
Oh my, so you have so many review because it is actually good!
I just had to read this, because it seems very popular and your other story was brilliant. Well, I normally dont review stories that already get loads of reviews, but you deserve it.
I love Lenny, she is cute and funny and completley crazy. In a good way. Plus she is so socially awkward and doesnt give a damn what people think, which is good. Then sometimes she sticks up for people and cares about them, which surprises me because is very... clueless a lot of the time. I know she will fall for Sirius, at least I am convincing myself to believe that. I mean, its the obvious thing for you to do and... they are destined ;)
Also, I have to say that you are doing a brilliant job in developing her character, she is becoming more social and I feel like I can relate with her a bit more in the last chapters than at the start. Its a good paced progression, not too rushed that it is stupid and not too slow we get bored. Just please dont make her act completely normal at the end, because even though I like her making friends, I love Lonny Lenny!
AND SIRIUS, oh my golly gosh! I always love him, he is like my complete favourite character and you just did him so perfectly. Kinda mean and very big opinion of himself, but then he cares so much about what L.C. thinks. Its cute and really sweet, while making me laugh at him anyway.
Mary is an ass hole. Really, no offence to your character (okay, yes, offence) but she is a little slag! I hope Alice gives her what she deserves. Ohhh, Alice! She is adorable, and shy and aw I wanna eat her face off...
Okay! Lily is great as well, perfect to canon and just how I pictured her.
AND I HATE LUDO! How dare he!? Haha, you are good at making unpleasant characters :)
Anyways, looking forward to an update. Love the story and your writing is simply amazing- good job!

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: It's these kind of reviews that make an authors day. Seriously, it did. I didn't think my story was that popular, just because i've seen so many stories that are at 700 reviews by their 15th chapter like this. +I'm so happy that you like this story. I'm dead serious. Lenny is my baby and I love to write her. One of my biggest worries is that I'm over exaggerating all of everyone's personality trait, you know? Like Lenny is too loopy, Sirius is too charming and loveable, Mary is too slaggish, and Ludo is too much of a...whatever he is. I better stop babbling, hey? Anyways, I really really really enjoyed this review. It was so nice and made me smile way too large.

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Review #39, by inkbutterflyWhen Life Gives You Lemons: Chapter 8

20th March 2012:
Poor Lily! Poor James, he better come and rescue her now. But its full moon so how can he? AH!
Why didnt he kiss the poor girl? Damn, he was probably in shock.
Awww. That was really cute and sad! Looking forward to an update.
Brilliant chapter :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Actually, full moon has already happened. I may have been accidentally ambiguous, but the Prefects' meeting occurs on a Monday or Tuesday night, with the full moon the following night. When all the drama goes down, it is Friday night, so the Marauders are unoccupied past their routine gallivanting and such. And yes, James was shocked. I think the next chapter will be at least partially from his point of view but I am totally swamped with schoolwork so I don't know yet.
Thank you again!

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Review #40, by inkbutterflyHonour Among Thieves: keys, the Fraternity and the uncovering of a plan

20th March 2012:
What!? LILY??? No.
Thats...its...uhh? WHAT!
Gah. You always manage to make me doubt my theories on the traitor/s! Farrr outt, this is soo confusing now. I KNOW! Maybe someone put it there, so she looks guilty???
I love it and I love how you always keep me guessing. My Lysander theory was so good! Argh. FRUSTRATING! But in a super amazing, oh my goodness I love this story so much kind of way.
Lily? I really cant believe that. No wait, I dont believe that! ITS NOT TRUE! See that? Yep, Lily is innocent.
Maybe. I mean a TOP SECRET folder is very suspicious, but is Lily so silly (hehe, rhyme) that she would write that on the folder, instead of disguising it? I mean, if I had a secret that I wanted to hide because I was a little traitor and a slimy rat, I wouldnt go declaring it for anyone to find.
I also thought that it was a little unrealistic that Rose would be able to get in so easily, or is that just because she knows her. I mean a kick ass spy and super villian robber wouldnt just let anyone in with a simple spell. Especially if she was a traitor as well. I mean, that is just a bit too over confident.
There we go, I am happy with the way I disproved that little trick :)
Oh, I know I havent PMed (is that even a word) you in agggeesss and I am sorry! Its because my computer crashed, I lost my phone charger and the forums are blocked on my school laptop. It really sucks. But when my new charger come I will be able to talk to you again! :D YEAH!
Haha, did I mention how much I love this? BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING AND PERFECTLY ADDICTING. Really, sometimes I forget to praise you because I am too busy with the plot and the characters, but that should be proof of it anyway. I just love the way you write and what you write.
Oh and there is a second chapter of someones (ehh, mine?) story up... just putting that out there ;)
I LOVE YOU AND YOUR AMAZING STORIES! And, of course, I love Rose!

-Kerryn xx

Oh, and I thought it was funny how Lily is so messy, I think it suited her character...
AH! I ALMOST FORGOT! Vic and Teddy *have heart attack* WHY THEM? WHY NOT ROXY OR SOMEONE ELSE? Right, she is a traitor (maybe, maybe...) ANYWAY, back to the point. I like the loveys, they are cute! Dont hurt them! If you do I will hurt you. Oh and it is a kind of unexpected plot shift eh? I mean it at least proves they arent traitors, so I can swipe them off my supect list (NOT that they were even on it!)
I am so suspicious. Ah! Did I say that I feel sorry for their parents yet? Well I do :'( They dont know and what if someone gets hurt and almost dies and then they have to tell them? OH NO! WHAT IF THEY FIND OUT? It would be horrribleee!
I am not going to be to kind, because if I suffocate you with a super kind and long review, I wont find out who the traitor is. AND I HAVE TO KNOW!
Give me a hint, or a little puzzle? Pretty please, since I always give you nice reviews ;P
Oh, on the topic of hints- what on earth did you mean with the Carrow but not Carrow? I was like. ahhh...what? I was only talking about one Carrow, like the death eaters son, or relation or whatever. LIKE A DEATH EATER REFORMED! But then you just confuse me, and I went from whoa its a Carrow to oh its a ..Carrow?
Yeah, even if this made no sence, the length should prove how much I liked it :)

Author's Response: Oh my lord, Kerryn. The length of your reviews both astounds and confuses me. And, I've got a little warm fuzzy feeling inside because you like my story so much :D

I'm not disproving any of your theories- I'm just throwing more people in the mix. I'm sorry. It's fun. And it provokes long reviews... :D

The thing is about Rose getting in so easily, is that Lily lives in a Muggle neighbourhood, and her boyfriend is pretty anti-magic. If he can't get home, he'll be very annoyed. Also, Lily wants to blend in. Having four locks and a guard gnome (like a guard dragon, but smaller and more feisty) is a bit obvious. Like the Top Secret thing. So, who knows about that. (by the way, be impressed that I made all of ^that up just now because I accidently made it too easy to get into Lily's house).

It' okay about the PM'ing (totally a word) I'll get you back some other time... actually, I won't because I've got a brilliant (in my head) idea and I think we should collab :D

Why Vic and Teddy? Because I needed some victims and someone else mentioned in a review that they wanted to see some Vic/Teddy action, so I thought hey! Let's make them really ill. I'm nothing if not obliging.

Why aren't Teddy and Vic on your suspect list? I think, all other accusations aside, that they are pretty good suspects.

And also, you're not going to suffocate me with a long review? That ship has definitely already sailed :)

With the puzzles- as soon as I think of a good hint, I'll hint it. But until then, all you've got is a Carrow but not a Carrow.

I think the identity of the caller is obvious. I think I've slipped it in clearly enough. So :P

Thanks so much for such a beautiful review. and keep an eye out for my PM xx

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Review #41, by inkbutterflyA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Falcons VS Magpies

18th March 2012:
I have been meaning to read this for a long time, but never got to it. Well, I am very glad that I remembered now. IT IS SO GOOD!
I love Gigi, she is just so sarcastic and perfect. The relationship between her and the other team members is really cute and funny and I love it. The whole story, its just amazing.

Author's Response: I'm glad you got around to it! Gigi is my baby and she needs to be shared with the world (only kidding...kind of).

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Review #42, by inkbutterflyOblivion: Meet The Crew

18th March 2012:
Okay, just so you know- if I start reviewing your story, chances are that I will keep going till the very end. So look, now that you have one dedicated reviewer, you can write more. Yay!
I laughed so much, so if you are aiming to be funny or just naturally are, good job! I think all stories should be funny, or just really sad.
Well, the storyline is brilliant so far and you writing is very good. You manage to keep me enthralled (nice word, hey?) throughout the whole thing, but keep the mood light and fluffy. Very, very skillfull.
Okay I am a bit high right now, but I am serious when I say I like it and that is is AMAZING!
So keep going, please. Oh, and good luck.
And by the way, I LOVE SIRIUS AND I HOPE THAT AMY GOES OUT WITH HIM AGAIN! :D I bet that is your little plan? Yup!
Haha. You, my darling, are amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review/advice, i literally just did a little happy dance after i saw the reviews...
It's nice to know that someone really likes it and i promise to keep continuing with the story..

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Review #43, by inkbutterflyOblivion: Welcome to Hogwarts, for Witches and Wizards.

18th March 2012:
I do love Sirius, and Amy of course. You know, I have the feeling this story will get very interesting...
Well, I love it and your writing is amaaazinng!

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Review #44, by inkbutterflyOblivion: Boils, Antlers and Accidents

18th March 2012:
Haha, this is very amusing! And written nicely as well. Oh, are you from Australia? I am!
Yeah well I thought that the boy would be Sirius Black? I mean, good looking and in that time frame, seems right.
I like it :)

Author's Response: Hey thanks again for review and yes i am from Australia. Go Down Under!!!
Nice guess...

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Review #45, by inkbutterflyAcceptance: Alone

18th March 2012:
Okay, do you have any reason why I have not reviewed this amazing thing before?! NO? Well, here I am then. I was actually waiting for HAT (hehe) but then I saw this and was like, hmm, so there is actually something starryskies55 has written that I havent read. Strange, really strange.
Anyway, that was all irrelevant and I will get on with it. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Please note that that is not a word I often use to describe your writing- so this goes to show how versatile you are as an author and its amazing...(see that kick-ass alliteration there?) Okay, back to the point: It was so sad, and beautiful and full of emotion and JUST SO DAMN AMAZING, that I almost cried. Right, I did cry, but thats just cause I am a sissy and all PMS teenager right now. Either way, it was sooo good!
The last line was all: N'aaaw and the whole this was just so sad! FRED WAS MY FAVOURITE! Wahhh!
Okay, now I am just gushing. Pull yourself together.

What I suppose I have been trying to say is that this is just plain beautiful. The way you showed the emotions was very powerful and the whole thing flowed amazingly and it was... enchanting.
I completely and utterly adored it. Loved it. Was captured by the strong feelings and the perfect balance and flow.
Uh. Right. I think I will stop now before I say something weirder.

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Why is it my fault? :(

HAT should be here today or tomorrow! NEVER FEAR! Although I'm glad you like all my stories :D

I do see the alliteration, and I thankee muchly for it. I'm so very glad you like this little one-shot, and I'm sorry it made you cry. PMS is the worst :(

Thank you for the review, and long time no PM? xx

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Review #46, by inkbutterflyEvacuate The Dance Floor: The Winter Formal

18th March 2012:
Well, well well! I dont know how you do it, but you always manage to postpone the dance, but keep me just as interested. Pretty good! Haha, well it was a nice chapter, although not too much happened and I think you did really well with the dresses.
And I also have to say, Remus is so cute! Aw. I love him. & Sirius complimenting Lea, oh Merlin, he is sweet.
Looking forward to the dance. I am now also curious about the other dances, I didnt really give it a thought before, but I hope they win!

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Heehee, yes I know. But the inevitable has to come and the next chapter will be the dance competition. I'm doing the final edit now to the next chapter so hopefully I'll have it up soon! xoxxo

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Review #47, by inkbutterflyI Know: I Know

17th March 2012:
Wel, I couldnt help but have a look at one of your other one-shots and I am quite pleased that I did. Even though yes, nothing really happened, and yes nobody even spoke- I found myself interested the whole way through and it just flowed so nicely and felt so... real?
Anyway, I guess I am trying to say that you managed to get some emotions out through that kinda stuck with me and made me keep reading. I dont think I am making much sense here, so... Okay, I loved it even though (or maybe because) it was just a collection of thoughts.
Very sad thoughts. I love the whole regretful, nostalgic, melancholy feel to it. Its my favourite type of story to read because they always effect me so deeply.
You truly are an amazing, talented, literary genius!

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful words. This is a really old oneshot - I wrote this and looking back I really do think my writing's improved quite a bit. But I'm happy to hear you liked it none the less. I really wanted to portray the effect the war had on people. Thank you so much for calling me genius *blushes*. You're too kind.

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Review #48, by inkbutterflyAll Our Yesterdays : All Our Yesterdays

17th March 2012:
WAHHH! Why are you so amazing?
Really! And you do like sad endings, which I good I suppose because not many people do and that way you can make a lot of different and more memoriable endings.
I loved this one as well, and all the flashbacks of Regulus, and the constant feeling of fear and of being trapped to the same fate.
It was really, really good and I cant put into word how much I love it.
Also, you have quite a few one-shots, so when I feel like reading one I guess I will come to you since they are all so good so far.
Good job :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful reviews! They really make my day. Sad endings are just lovely, but that's just me, I guess. Thank you so much for taking the time to review.

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Review #49, by inkbutterflySay it For the Bones : Say it For the Bones

17th March 2012:
This was really, really amazing.
I was seriously sitting here in shock afterward (tears streaming down my face) and thinking "Woah! What did I just read?"
I loved it so much, because the writing was just so perfect and it caught you up in the whole world and the emotions... and... wow.
You should be so proud of writing something like this and! First slash?! *Bows down at your feet*

Adding to favourites!
Just HAD to tell you how much I loved it and how freaking amazing and talented you are.

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this wonderful review! Feel free to tell me what you think of my stories any time you like. Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #50, by inkbutterflyMemories of Hogwarts: A Friend in Need

15th March 2012:
THIS CHAPTER WAS AMAZING! I feel so, so sorry for Adira. She just seems so lonely and sad. I feel sorry for Lily as well because she feels betrayed and un wanted, and also for Harriet because she was just trying to help someone and Lily was angry at her. She probably feels guilty when she shouldnt!
I just want to give them all a hug! Awww.
Well, it was a really good chapter and your writing is definently improving! Looking forward to the next chapter :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Well you're amazing for giving me such an awesome review! I am smiling so much right now. You really know how to make somebody happy :D
I want to give them all hugs too... preferably all at the same time so that I could bang their heads together as well! Well, Lily and Harriet anyway. I think they need it...
Next chapter is in progess.

Alex :D

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