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Review #1, by inkbutterflyTwo Steps From Hell: Brooding

26th August 2012:
You update this so fast! I dont really have time to leave a long review, just letting you know I am following along, and I love it.
I really like Regulus and Rowans little friendship thing. It is so interesting. I would like to see them talking more, or I dont know, sending letters or something? Also we havent seen much of Remus at all and I think he seems like a really nice friend.
Looking forward to the next chapter :)

-Kerryn xx

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Review #2, by inkbutterflyBreak Me: Lucy

21st July 2012:
This story is just so powerful and intense, I really dont know what to say.
I feel as if it describes many things about self harm and the feelings surrounding it perfectly, while other parts I cant relate to. I guess every experience is different and this at least give people who dont understand self harm a little more knowledge of how it is.
It is beautifully written, and I understand how hard it could have been to write this.
There were so many moments when I just stopped reading and read a sentence over and over because it was just so right.
"Then, you feel the uncomfortable tickle of clothes touching a still-bleeding-cut but it is better than anyone seeing you plain."
The whole thing is brilliant!

-Kerryn xxx

Author's Response: Hey Kerryn,

This story got real personal for me real quick, which made it feel really strange to post on here. But, well, I guess this is just from my own eyes and perceptions about things - but this is how I see it and experienced it.

Thank you for such a moving review, though. I really wanted to breath an element of truth into this and, well, your review meant a lot. Thank you :)


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Review #3, by inkbutterflyA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Injuries and Memories

20th July 2012:
Really great chapter, poor Gigi though!
James is so cute I swear! I love how they arent angry at each other anymore and how they are getting to really know each other properly.
Oh, one small mistake- once you mistook a bludger for a quaffle. Here is the exact sentence: “Hankin gets the quaffle. Long passes it to Potter. Potter passes it to Jacobs-“ I grunted at the force behind his throw. “-Jacobs dodges another quaffle- I swear they are out for her today!-t
Looking forward to the next chapter.
-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Gigi and James are cuties. I can't help but want to just throw them into a room together and let them shag and make babies. But I have to refrain. Ahhh I probably did do that. I need to be more careful. THanks for letting me know!

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Review #4, by inkbutterflyTwo Steps From Hell: Shifting Perceptions

18th July 2012:
HEY! It's been so long since I last reviewed this, sorry.
I just caught up on everything I missed and I really like how this story is going. The characters are developing nicely and I have really begun to get the feel of them. Rowan is so complex and it is a little hard to get a grasp of how she works, but it makes the whole thing a lot more intriging to read. She is completely different to any character I have read about before and it is really refreshing. I feel like Lily isnt as prominent, and I dont feel as if she has developed as much. Sirius is great, and he is also not the typical Sirius character that most people slide into. James is great as well, and I especially love the way all the characters interact together.
The whole Regulus aspect threw me off. I was completely not expecting that at all. It just added a whole new dynamic to the story and I am really interested as to what is going to happen with that whole thing. I really want to them to be friends, and hopefully she can end up being one of those things which change his mind in the end. To be honest, I am kind of shipping them together. I loved how you wrote that he would be haunted by her for the rest of his life. I still remember that from the chapter it was in. The foreshadowing is great, and I am really interested in what happens next.
The writing is great, and you have good technique, but sometimes I feel as if the whole thing is too straight forward; like you just say what is happening but dont add enough emotion or detail. Another thing you could work on is character voice, because although their personalities are very complex, both of Rowan and Sirius sound and feel the same when you are writing them and focusing on them. You should work on trying to make it show more of their personality so we can connect more with it.
I love this story, so so so much! I'll be reading along and try to review each chapter as well.
Looking forward to an update, and hope you like the killer review ;)
-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: I LOVED the killer review and appreciate you taking the time to leave such a detailed one. I've actually copied and printed it out and stuck it in my writing notebook with your suggestions highlighted to keep them in mind when I'm writing my chapters, so I really appreciate it! xoxoxo

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Review #5, by inkbutterflyLetters to L.C. : Changing

19th June 2012:
I really, really, really love this story.
Before I begin my massive gushy review, I wanted to point out that Lenny said she didnt even hear the answer when it should have said question. Just a little thing I picked up.
Okay, here we go. Teddy and Lenny fighting- as strange as this is, I actually was glad. Both of them have admitted they are drifting apart and changing and I guess I am just satisfied that now Teddy knows what she felt like. I want them to make it up, but as long as all this is sorted out.
Sirius is so nice! The cheering her up and roses and everything! I feel like Lenny doesnt just have a crush on him now, she genuinely likes him as a person. They got this whole inside joke vibe going on and and I like it ;)
James confuses me. What did Lenny do to him? Somehow he just seems mean now not funny.
I cannot wait until the masquerade ball! I hope it goes well, but I have this suspicion that it will end with Lenny curled in a ball and crying.
And I just wanted to say that if I have a pair of yellow knickers with pink and purple unicorns on them AND they were comfy, I would be extremely pleased.
Loved the chapter :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Oh goodness. I really should get a beta for this story. I am on it as soon as possible. Thank you so much for the love. It's really really appreciated. It's surprising how many people were happy they fought. Teddy needs the wake up call. He needs to appreciate Lenny more :). Lenny is completely into Sirius. In every way. As for James... well, he's just being James. He thinks he's funny, but is just blowing it all out of proportion. He's excited he got a date with Lily and is all "high and mighty". He'll grow out of it, trust me.
And I would LOVE underwear like that. Just saying.

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Review #6, by inkbutterflyA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Lucky Bras

14th June 2012:
Loved everything that happened in this chapter, but I have to say I prefer it from Gigi's point of veiw. Aimee is a hilarious mix of bitchy, stalkerish, creepy and really funny. I loved it! The whole lucky bra thing was great and I totally understand her freaking out about it!
I know you JUST got this up... but I want another update! Haha, I love this story so much :)
Congrats, by the way!
-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: I got pretty mixed answers about who's point of view, but Im staying in gigis point of view. I may switch to james every once in a while just for a bit of fun. I used to play sports and some teammates had some weird lucky charms :) I'm updating my other story but the next chapter will be out soon :)

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Review #7, by inkbutterflyMemories of Hogwarts: Just a School

11th June 2012:
Before I forget, I noticed that you wrote reminder instead of remainder somewhere in the middle.
This chapter was great, and just made me realise that I missed your fast updates. I love the bits with all the girls chatting and just being funny, it's great to see how comfortable Harriet is with her friends.
I find this story really unusual because we only know two parts of the story. We see her as an old lady, but without knowing everything that has happened, and as a little girl but we sort of know where she will end up. It is really interesting and I just get this feeling that once it's over certain things we looked over here will seem really sad, like the times she thinks of Hugo.
Great chapter, looking forward to an update!

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Ah, thanks for pointing out the typo. I always try to get them all but inevitably miss one or two.
I'm really glad you liked this chapter, and I'm sorry that I made you wait so long with it! Damn exams... I'm trying so hard to be clever and link up the two separate parts of this neatly and I hope that it works!
I updated yesterday so hopefully it'll be published in the next few days. Thanks for the review!

Alex :D

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Review #8, by inkbutterflyHonour Among Thieves: stories, marriages and being on the run- no plan.

30th May 2012:
I LOVE IT! Layered tea cosy? Oh, wow!
Zach, the suspect list, SCORPIUS HAS A CHILD? This chapter was so packed and awesome!
AH! I am going to explode with the amount of theories I have, but you'll just have to wait to the PM to hear them all. I think my latest one is very amazing, and very legit ;)
Haha, brilliant chapter, and I cant wait to see what they do next.
I like how you have them in America now, and maybe maaaybbbe, you could make them go to Australia?
Looking foward to the next update :)
-Kerryn xox

Author's Response: Australia? We shall see... ;)

I'm glad you liked this chapter, and also that it was 'packed' because I thought it moved quite slowly.

Can't wait for the PM, and thanks for the review :)

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Review #9, by inkbutterflyA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: The Jacobs Family

18th May 2012:
GAH! Jaames, he's a bit overly jealous there. Haha, good! I actually get that he is angry because he hasnt heard about an ex, especially because she was ENGAGED to him! What she said did sound a little harsh though... so I feel sorry for James. I just hope his isnt being a pissy prat in the next chapter.
And Tyler, this all smells like interesting backstories and lots of drama! Can't wait to see what he's like and how James acts around him, haha.
Jealous guys, how funny.
Gigi is going to have a hell of a time smoothing this out...
Brilliant chapter :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: He totally is jealous! Thanks for noticing that haha. I think you're the only person who understood why he was so mad. Tyler is... interesting. You'll meet him fairly soon!

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Review #10, by inkbutterflyLetters to L.C. : The Hospital Wing

18th May 2012:
Aw, Sirius! He is so sweet. I can't wait to see his response to the letter from L.C. There were some really good moments in there, like when Sirius was holding her hand, and the bit with the scar and him touching her face, I LOVED IT!
The James and Lily was cute, in a funny way, and of course they got each others initials ;)
Poor Marlene, what did they do to her? Did they rape her or something? *threatening glare* They better be nice to Marlene because I love her.
Seriously, she is almost as good as Sirius! Almost...
AND speaking of the sex god, as much as I can't wait until he finds out who L.C. is, I am a bit doubtful of how interesting the story will be after that, so you better have some dammed good (and dramatic) things planned for then!
But anyway, this chapter was good. I didnt really get what you meant by her being blind at the start? It kind of made sence, but not really. The bit about Teddy naked was damn funny, and Lennys random comments through the whole thing always crack me up.
Looking forward to the next chapter, good luck!

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: The next letter will be one to remember. You'll love it :D. Of COURSE James and Lily got each other. They are destined, after all :).
Marlene? Well, you'll figure that out soon. Stupid Regulus and Lestrange. We should kill them. Maybe we will... ;D.
I have so much drama and so many interesting things planned for when he finds out. I'm not guaranteeing that he finds out so soon.
The blind part. She had her eyes closed? I know its a little, the white walls. That practically blinds you. I know its done it to me its fair share of times.

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Review #11, by inkbutterflyHonour Among Thieves: the trial, some secrets and an escape plan

10th May 2012:

*has heart attack*

Scorpius is married!? He was kicked out of the group because he didn’t tell them he is married!? Oh god.

I did not see that coming. Really, a secret girlfriend…sure. Someone he would end up leaving for Rose, uh- YES! BUT A WIFE? *continue having heart attack*

This Louisa chic better be nice. I highly doubt she is though. In fact, I’m pretty sure she is the world’s biggest bitch ever. She wears ruffles? Oh my, wow.

I loved the last line, it was the best in the whole chapter.

Back to important things- I HATE CARROW! How dare he rig the vote, how dare he try and get them thrown into Azkaban like they are criminals. Oh. Wait- they are criminals.

Anyway, he is a cheat and I don’t like him one bit. The bowler hat is pretty classy though.

And they escaped! Of course I knew they would, but yay! But the issue is, will their escaping prove that they are guilty? This means that they are being followed now right… hmmm, that should be fun.

I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! It was deliciously amazing.

And I has a question- how many chapters do you think this will go for?

ANNNDDD HUGO! Where was he the whole time? I want to knnnow!

Is there even a traitor? I quite liked my Lorcan theory, but now I am just confused. I should look closely for hints, because I know that the answer must be there somewhere!

It’s funny how they are technically the ‘bad guys’ and we are all going for them. Will you make them be good in the end, or solve mysteries or something, or just continue being super thieves and living in luxury?

Anyways, lovely chapter, very interesting developments, brilliantly amazing writing, hilarious and SO DAMMED FRUSTRATING! Looking forward to the next chapter.
I want the group to all be back together and happy. Stupid Carrow.


I just realised- how old is Carrow? He talks about Arthur Weasley…


No. It can’t be.


-Love from Kerryn!
PS. I finally got the banner up… thanks!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you did. (right, finally buckling down to answer this monster of a review.. wish me luck)

First off, yeah, Louisa's dress sense leaves a lot to be desired, and also, I KNOW OH MY GOSH SCORPIUS NEVER TOLD ME EITHER.

Erm, yeah, well done. They are criminals ;P And Carrow is very classy. Of course! All super evil bad guys have class.

*evil smile* yes, indeed. on the run should be oh so fun :P

I can't tell you who the traitor is :( I love your theories though, so YAY! and I don't know how many chapters- about thirty? :/ Also, the ending is under wraps as well. :P

I imagine Carrow is the same age as Arthur and Molly Weasley- so they would have started at the Ministry at roughly the same time.

Thanks for such a great review, Kerryn! :D I'm so happy you continue to like HAT :)

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Review #12, by inkbutterflyChasing Madness: The Burrow, Where Nothing Happens.

2nd May 2012:
I read this before, dont think I reviewed though. Sorry bout that, I think you deserved at least one.
It's a bit different from most Rose/Scorp ships I've read (not that I've read that many- I dont really like them) but it's refreshing and really enjoyable.
Oh, Rose. Out of all the different types of Rose I have read, I think I like yours the best. That's saying a lot. She just seems so real and I love it.
Well, I love the whole dynamics of the Weasleys that you've got going. It's great and they are bloody hilarious.
Dom is amazing. Really, you wrote her perfectly and although at first I was surprised, because most people write her as a major bitch or really psycho, but it works. I can imagine that last sence perfectly and you wrote it really well.
I love the whole thing, actually. Rose and Scorpius gets old very fast but I'm hoping you can keep this story alive. As long as it's not too typical and predictable, you'll go great. I think most of the stories are about them in Hogwarts, not when they are actually adults, and I think this is much more interesting.
I love the way you add in little funny lines, but it doesnt feel forced. The whole thing flows nicely, and I didnt pick up any grammar mistakes.
I'm actually enjoying this, and looking forward to the next update :)
So basically, it's brilliant and you are amazing.

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! Yes, I do feel like my Rose is very different from the way she is normally portrayed. Not that the others are bad, I just tend to forget that my character is actually Rose Weasley sometimes, she feels like a whole new person to me.
I agree with you on the Dom thing. I was really trying to make her different in this story to how she is in others I've written with her in it. I'm glad you like her (:
And thanks again for this lovely long review, it's just what I needed!

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Review #13, by inkbutterflyTwo Steps From Hell: Magic is Power

2nd May 2012:
I really couldn't resist coming and having a peek at your new fic. I'm very glad I did! I love Rowan, her personality is very strong and unusual, but I think it suits. The way she studies, and reads all the time but then doesnt mind mucking up either, she is quirky, smart and cool and I really like it!
I love the relationship between her and James especially, just mates, but really close. It's refreshing and not too intense. This is a Sirius and OC story right? The whole group dynamics are great and I think you gave us all a good idea of the type of friendship they have.
As always, your writing is great and there are no grammar mistakes (thank god!) so it flows and just keeps you hooked.
Keep updating, I love it so far.
Oh, and part II? Is that when they are finished school or something?

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: I'm glad you did too! This is a Sirius/OC story but Regulus Black will play an important role as I am very interested in exploring his side of the story and his character. Rowan is one of my favourite characters I've created, I always enjoy creating strong female protagonists who can hold their own. That being said, the difference between her and my other OC's is that she will be fatally flawed as I'm very keen on exploring how people's personalities change when it comes to standing up for their beliefs and as to what lengths they'll go to achieve them, and the flaws will play a huge factor in her character in Part II of this fic, which is when they finish school and join the Order. :)

Thanks so much for your support! xoxoxo

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Review #14, by inkbutterflyLetters to L.C. : Marlene and Lenny Day

2nd May 2012:
Marlene and Lenny are so funny together (and drunk) and I couldnt stop laughing! I loved this chapter, really, it was so good that it makes up for the fact she didnt show up...
Really though, I love Marlene, she is just the perfect bitchy, tough on the outside and really funny character. I hate how she got so hurt about Regulus, and I hate what they did to Lenny as well. I hope they didnt get Marlene as well, but I thought that she would wait for Lenny.
And my guess is that it is Sirius who helped her, but you might go against the typical cliche thing and make it her brother or Lily or one of the other Maruaders, or possibly Marlene. I guess I will just have to wait and see.
Poor Sirius, getting stood up, probably for the first time ever. I wonder how he will take it, if he will write to L.C again or just take the dent to his pride and leave it.
So many things I want to know!
I really, really hope the Slytherins get paid back for what they did to Lenny.
Anway, brilliant chapter as always, cant wait till the update!
I just wanted to say (as I usually spend time enthusing about the characters and what I want to happen) that you really have me hooked on this, and your writing is at a very high standard. I am one of those crazy grammar nazi people and little mistakes just put me off stories, or little bits that dont flow. When I read this though, I never have to stop and re-read a sentence or frown at bad punctuation- so you really deserve a big THANK YOU! I love the way you write, and thanks for making it really enjoyable to read, I love it! I know it's hard to keep the plot going and all, but you've been doing really good, and I guess I just thought you deserved a bit of praise as well as my usual rant.
The way you write is pure genius, simple but it grabs your attention, keeps the flow but is really funny. Good job, you are very talented.
Hope I gave you a good dose of the warm and fuzzies ;)

-Kerryn xxx

Author's Response: It took me forever to come up with a good response to this. I feel so warm every time I re-read this. I am so so so flattered. This kind of review is what makes me write more chapters. Seriously, it is. Knowing that someone actually enjoys my writing other than myself is what makes all of this worth while. I was actually going to write a one-shot with Marlene in it. She is a canon character, afterall. I'm still debating doing that, actually. When I find time, I suppose :P. Sirius will be...well, you'll see. I don't want to give it away or you might leave me! The Slytherins will get their payback...eventually. Karma is a beotch. I'm totally not a grammar nazi, so I'm super excited that I'm not doing horrible in that department!
Thank you so so so so so much or this review. I'm dead serious (sirius) when I say that I feel so flattered by it.
Next chapter will be in the queue friday for you :D.

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Review #15, by inkbutterflyOblivion: The Ugly Truth

29th April 2012:
That was so sad and so cute and... AWWW!

Can't wait until the update!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. It means a lot.

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Review #16, by inkbutterflyOblivion: I'm keeping my feet firmly on the ground

29th April 2012:
AHH! I can't believe there have been so many updates on this and I DID NOT EVEN NOTICE!

Well, I love this chapter, and cant wait to see what happens! I will be back soon to review all the other chapters and I am adding this to my favourites right now.

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you're enjoying it. Thanks for giving me a reason to keep on updating it...

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Review #17, by inkbutterflyA Stone Memorial: Pennies in a fountain.

29th April 2012:
This was so GOOD! The way you started it off and then merged all her veiws on death and the memorials to the battle scene- the photographs, everything, it was beautiful.
I especially loved the idea of the photos that she took, and I can almost imagine them. It was really powerful and I like how you made it so she could capture the essence of the battle and all the emotions going through her and everyone else, then share it with the photos.
It was sad, but I love the way it ended. I can just imagine people in the generations after looking at those pictures and reading about the woman who sacrificed herself to document that moment in history.
It was truly beautiful and you wrote it well. No grammar or spelling mistakes that I could pick up on.

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Hi!
Ohmygosh thanks! I'm so, so glad that you enjoyed this!
Wow... just wow... do you realise how amazing you've made me feel? You're so lovely, and so kind. It's funny that the photos were just a random afterthought. I am so thankful that you like it!

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Review #18, by inkbutterflyHonour Among Thieves: despair, family, and a 'waiting' plan

28th April 2012:
AHH! Brilliant chapter, was it longer than usual? Probably just felt like it!

I am still trying to figure out this annoying traitor! AND I CANT!

I mean, it COULD be Hugo, as all the evidence now seems to point to him, but that wouldn't make sense. Anyway, if he seems innocent when he just woke up in the early hours of the morning, then HE IS!

Sometimes I wonder if you are just messing with our brains and at the end you will reveal that Rose was the traitor the whole time o.O

But, no. Then I remember that it is Lorcan ;)

Well, I cant believe they are in prison, but at least they have the tools. I dont really have any ideas who put them there, unless it was Carrow who was trying to prove what they are capable of by busting them while they try to escape?
Maybe I am over thinking this...

Haha, well I cant wait till the next chapter!

- Kerryn XX

Author's Response: Is it feeling long a good or bad thing? :P

I think you've managed to say you're sure about everyone :D I love your theories and stuff, they're awesome :) It could be Carrow! :O That's a pretty good idea :)

I'm writing the next chapter now, never fear! :D

Thanks for the review.

Also, I will categorically state that it's not Rose. That would be too cruel :D

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Review #19, by inkbutterflyA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Quidditch Banquet

21st April 2012:
Another great chapter, and I am so glad to see that she is falling for James!
Still a bit camera shy and socially awkward, isnt she? It's kinda cute though, opposite of James.
You know, I almost didnt review, because you said the Australian Quidditch Association was boring. I am sure we are very good a Quidditch! (I'm Aussie by the way, so be careful when you decide to insult us...)
Aside from that, I loved it :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: I think she will always be camera shy. That's gigi for you, though. She's not used to the cameras. If you notice, I make fun of the American Quidditch Association too and I'm American. No hard feelings, love. I just go from what Brits would say about the two other associations (they're pretty stuck up).

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Review #20, by inkbutterflyAnd Mayhem Ensues: A surprising fight.

18th April 2012:
Oh. Well. I dont like John then. Oops.
But the rest of them, HELL YEAH! Go drown him!
I love love love love love this chapter, so don't you call it silly. *threatening glare*
Now, cue random gush about Sirius:
Aww! He must be so lonely and he is so silly to try and act like the tought guy, I KNOW HE IS HURTING INSIDE! But she cant tell James, that would be too awkward for him. Cant you make him come, it would be so cool, and you would make my 'can I please have some more Sirius' wish come true!
Oohhh, and I love Remus. Eva better hurry up and realise her undying love for him ;)
The fight was good, and I love Remus (did I mention that already?) Oh well, I love Remus :)
Anyway, I know I STILL havent replied to your PM, but I am busy...and stuff...
Yeah, well I love you and your stories and I am looking forward to an update :D
Oh, and I love the lads, and how they just go off and randomly try to drown him. There cool. I like them.
Not John though. *evil stare and John* Dont touch my Remus, or I will hurt you, John.

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: I told you so! John is horrible. -.- Bad John.
And it is a silly chapter!

Sirius, well, I'm thinking of writing a spin-off of his Christmas- like to read that? It's 100% fluff though :D

I'm glad you like Remus and the fight, the boys' random murderous tendencies and Eva is stubborn and very blind, it's totally not my fault.

HAT will be updated so very shortly... and I'm glad you're enjoying it all. LOVE YOU TOO!

John is very scared. And you should be too! *cough* PM *cough*

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Review #21, by inkbutterflyThe Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go: The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go

18th April 2012:
I liked this. For some reason I love this ship- Percy and Audrey.
They are so cute, and you definetly did them justice. Audrey was well developed and your writing style was really good.
Oh, and I laughed at your disclaimer "I dont own Heathrowe airport"
It was a nice, sweet story and you added a bit of sadness in it well :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Percy&Audrey is an amazing ship and if you ever want to read more of them go and check out 'Ariellem's stories! She writes brilliant Percy&Audrey stories!
Haha, thank you!

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Review #22, by inkbutterflyWhen Life Gives You Lemons: Chapter 9

17th April 2012:
Hey :) I just noticed, your chapter 5 and 6 are mixed up. Thought you might want to know!
I'm really enjoying the story and I almost died from the part where Lily ran away from him. Aww. Get the togehter properly already!
-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Thank you! I hadn't noticed that. And I'm working on it, don't worry. They will get there soon.

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Review #23, by inkbutterflyMemories of Hogwarts: We Will Remember

16th April 2012:
I read them all, and they were brilliant, and I am so glad that Adria and Harriet can be friends, and Lily with them as well.
This memorial was something special, I dont know how you did it, but there was so much emotion and I felt like I was really there. I almost cried when she was reading the names... It was just the right atmosphere for a memorial and I felt as if I was there with here, reading the names of my old friends :'(

Anyway, just thought I would let you know I didn't abandon you and your amazing story, and I will keep reading and reviewing :)

-Kerryn xxx

Author's Response: Hi! Great to hear from you again :) It's good to know that you're still reading, and don't worry about not reviewing. I know that having enough time and so on can be an issue.
Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed the memorial service. I did enjoy writing it and used my experiences from going to (a lot of) Remembrance Day services over the years. I really wanted it to be believable, and hopefully it was. I'll look forward to hearing from you again, but unfortunately my updates may be a little slow for a while, sorry about that!

Alex :D

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Review #24, by inkbutterflyBroken Hearts: Safe and Sound

16th April 2012:
AWW! (That is one thing I never thought I would say about the Malfoys, so your writing never ceases to amaze me.)
I am going to die of the brilliance of this.
Poor Narcissa, poor Lucius.
Really, you are amazing.

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: :D

So happy you liked it. :) Please don't die though, we have our baby to think of! :O

Thanks so much. Your reviews make me incredibly happy! :D

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Review #25, by inkbutterflyLetters to L.C. : For Better or Worse

16th April 2012:
WHAT? Lenny meeting Sirius? Really! WOW!!!
I can't wait for the next chapter- and I dont think I reviewed the last couple about her dad and stuff so here goes:
I felt so sorry for her, the way the girls screamed at her here, the stuff she has to deal with and her brother and father and mother.
It must be really hard for her, and I think I would have done the same thing. So I really feel for her and I think she should be getting a lot more pity from everyone. I like people pitying characters, it gives them a good excuse to be all depressed and weird. Lenny is weird all the time though ;)
I love Lenny, she is so funny. And Sirius, just because he is Sirius Black and hence an amazing god like super hot beast.
I love the way you write this, and your characters, and OH MY GOD I JUST REMEMBERED SHE IS GOING TO MEET HIM AS L.C.
Sorry, but it is very exciting and I just wanna know what happens already!

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: The next chapter will explain all :D. Lily is like that, she finds reasons to yell. She was just so worried and so mother-like that she took it all out on Lenny. Lenny is so relatable, thats what I love about writing her. There's little pieces that everyone can relate to. Next chapter will be put in the queue in the next few days :D. Thanks for the review, love!

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