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Review #1, by annyluvesmalfoyDelilah's Black Book of Poems: The End of Delilah's Black Book of Poems

1st June 2014:
I just wanted to let you know I love this story...! And I can't wait for the next chapter :/

Author's Response: annluvesmalfoy,

Awe, thank you for taking so much time to read this story as it is really long now. Thanks so much for your compliment. There will be more soon...

Dark Whisper

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Review #2, by annyluvesmalfoyDelilah's Black Book of Poems: Watching Hermione Read

31st May 2014:
I think its Draco grandaddy

Author's Response: annyluvesmalfoy,

Aha! Thanks so much for guessing! But you have already found out who it is because I'm so terribly slow to respond to reviews! Sorry about that... but thanks for guessing! Abraxas Malfoy is a good guess.

Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by annyluvesmalfoyGather Ye Rosebuds: An Unfriendly Reminder

28th May 2014:
Okay, I've read so far what you have written, and well, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! You say you're not a professional writer, but you write like one! I cannot wait to read the next chapter of this story!

-impatiently waiting,

Author's Response: Hi there,

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words. I am definitely not a professional writer, in fact I work as a Chef for a living, but I am glad that my writing comes off well.

The fact that you are excited for the chapters to come gives me encouragement. I hope to have the next one up by the end of the week if life allows me to.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy where the story goes.


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Review #4, by annyluvesmalfoyFlesh Memory: Pranks and Reveals

24th May 2014:
I haven't given up! I'm still waiting for more! Don't leave me hanging, haha ;)

Author's Response: You won't be left hanging. The last chapter is finally written. I'm uploading it tonight, so look out for it soon. Thanks so much for not giving up, I hope the ending is satisfactory. Thanks for the review.

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Review #5, by annyluvesmalfoyUncovering Truths: Spark

9th March 2014:
Are you coming back to us yet? We have cookies! We miss you and it has been forever since you updated! Are you okay??

Author's Response: Oh my wizards! Cookies?? I don't think I deserve them but thank you. I'm so sorry for not writing back yet. I actually wasn't doing to good for a while. I was struggling with depression and some other things but I'm better now. I really freaking missed this site and all of you and promise on Hogwarts to get another chapter out soon. Thank you so much for this review. I almost cried (happy tears). Thank you thank you thank you! I,m going to fix a whole new person first before another chapter gets up but keep your eyes peeled love.

Love jazzy

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Review #6, by annyluvesmalfoyUncovering Truths: A Whole New Person

23rd November 2013:
Hello!! Why you no update?? I'm really loving it so far!!! I NEED MORE1!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry. I lost all my stuff and had to restart. I'm trying to finish up the next chapter but I will get it I promise!

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Review #7, by annyluvesmalfoyHidden In Plain Sight: Confessions

15th April 2012:
O.o! Hurry! I really cant wait to hear more!

Author's Response: lol, i'll post again soon i promise! ^_^


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Review #8, by annyluvesmalfoyHidden In Plain Sight: Facing Reality

15th April 2012:
This was great! Keep writing! Dracos a dusche:(

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Review #9, by annyluvesmalfoyBlurred Lines: Maybe If I Smile, Everyone Will Think I'm Alright...

13th April 2012:
Please please keep writing! Im intrigued!

Author's Response: thank you! i shall keep writing! the next chapter will be a long one, so a few of your questions and intrigues shall be answered and responded yo (: i should be validated in a few days. enjoy!

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Review #10, by annyluvesmalfoyBlurred Lines: WARNING: Don't Break Hermione Granger's Heart...can prove to be dangerous

13th April 2012:
Great... now shes pregnant... but with whos baby?

Author's Response: you shall see...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *evil laugh* enjoy (:

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Review #11, by annyluvesmalfoyBlurred Lines: And Draco Catches the Golden Snitch...

13th April 2012:
Very very interesting! Does he likeher?

Author's Response: thank you! i try my very hardest to make this story interesting and not boring (: and you shall se :)

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Review #12, by annyluvesmalfoyThe Other Reality: A Hero

4th April 2012:
This was great! When the whole somone died thing, i was thinking it was her son and i was so pissed at ginny for letting him die. But it wasnt. So im happy...sort of...its sad her daddy died

Author's Response: Oh my god, I never thought about that :P I didn't want to do that to her dad but there had to be some trigger for their relationship! Thanks anyway xx

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Review #13, by annyluvesmalfoySalt Rocks: The New Mrs. Malfoy

30th March 2012:
Oh! This is amazing! You should totally do another dramione! When you tjink of pne! Haha lol! Loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! If I ever come up with another dramione then I'll be sure to post it :) Thank you!

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Review #14, by annyluvesmalfoyMrs. Malfoy and Hermione: A Total Eclipse of the Heart

30th March 2012:
I really enjoyed this! But ihate that he tells her that overthe phone... it sounds so... cliche:( idk, but i love you for putting this flashback in there! Its amazing! Lots of detail too! Awesomesauce!

Author's Response: Sorry about the phone :/ But I promise that's the only major cliche I'll have. Plus, it will give Hermione time to think away from him, which is how the next chapter starts (hint)
Thanks for another wonderful review!!

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Review #15, by annyluvesmalfoyYours Truly, : The Report

29th March 2012:
The idea of this story is so wonderful!

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review!

Glad you like it. xD

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Review #16, by annyluvesmalfoyUncovering Truths: Dreaming

27th March 2012:
Oh no! What happened to the necklace? I bet Jared took it!

Author's Response: annyluvesmalfoy,

Did Jared take the necklace, or did he not? That is the question. ;) lol!

Thank you for all 3 reviews, they made my day,
jaz xoxo

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Review #17, by annyluvesmalfoyUncovering Truths: Campfire Stories

27th March 2012:
You definately are evi! Mission accomplished! Is the song going to come up this is GREAT!!!

Author's Response: annyluvesmalfoy,

Yay! I'm evil! LOL! :D

Saldy, I didn't know if putting the song in their was plargirising or not, so sadly no :( It would have been great though.

thank you for another thoughtful review,
jaz xoxo

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Review #18, by annyluvesmalfoyUncovering Truths: Bat's Wings

27th March 2012:
Once i saw that it was a crossover with the vampirates, i leaped up with joy! No kidding! Hp and vp are my two favorite series! Is lorcan in here? Please, please have him in here! This is amazing! Is she having thosethoughts cuz she really is a pureblood.? Or is she part of the vampirate clan? Where doesdraco come in? Omg! I love your p,ot! Please dont ever give up on this story! I probably blabbed waytoo much, but... icantwait to read this!

Author's Response: annyluvesmalfoy,

thank you for your kind words and reviews for my story. You have no idea how much they mean to me. :)

I know! What better two seris was there ever!

As for Draco and Lorcan and Hermione's parents, you'll just have to wait and see ;)

Once again thank you! And don't worry, I will NEVER give up on this story, it's like my baby, I love it too much. I'm practically obessesed with it. LOL!

Don't worry m'dear, blabbing just means I did a job well done to me.

thank you for reviewing,

jaz xoxo

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Review #19, by annyluvesmalfoyPotentially Problematic: Don't mess with a good thing, honey.

26th March 2012:
You have to update soon! My eyes were GLUED!! You have such a talented voice in your stories! Though i dont see how snape is actinng all creepy ad lucious all... nice. But it was bloody amazing! Dont give up on this! PLEASE!!

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Review #20, by annyluvesmalfoyOnce Upon a Time: One

25th March 2012:
Haha, i dont hink thats the reason why draco! Great story! Im loving it!

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Review #21, by annyluvesmalfoyMrs. Malfoy and Hermione: Getting Too Comfortable...

22nd March 2012:
Getting excited? Ofcourse! Im way past that! I love this stoy so much! Well... your plot, and thr harry potter characters, and your awesomesauce amazingness! Please hurry and write! I love miones youngest daughter... in the letter mrs malfoytold her to share her memories... but wont thatlet potters and malfoy know the future? Mione saidno good comesfrom knowing the future...

Author's Response: I am so glad that you love this story, and that you're so enthusiastic about it! I'm hoping to update tonight, if possible- it's actually quite addicting to write this story. I've stopped writing other ones for this instead.
Hmm...well that is a dilemma that may be addressed in the next chapter ;)

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Review #22, by annyluvesmalfoyMrs. Malfoy and Hermione: Fancy an Omelet? And by the way, We're Doomed.

22nd March 2012:
Ginny and her cravings! Yeah i know, i hate ron. but when are we going to learnwhat happened to him? Im worried.

Author's Response: haha Ginny's cravings will be back, doubled! We'll definitely see more of Ron, so get ready!

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Review #23, by annyluvesmalfoyMrs. Malfoy and Hermione: The Ball, Gryffindors of All Ages, and a Blackout

22nd March 2012:
This definately was a wonderful chapter to read! Though... you could have elaborated on thier dancing a little more? Jk;;) why is there new death eaters?

Author's Response: Oh thank you :)
Sorry, the dancing had to be cut. There'll be another ball, one with "footage" of dancing!!
The new death eaters were there:
a. because I needed a truly evil antagonist, and I felt that it needed to also be a good one
b. because I feel that even though Voldemort was defeated, the remaining death Eaters would not just give up and hide; they'd probably want pay back

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Review #24, by annyluvesmalfoyMrs. Malfoy and Hermione: A London Outing and Becoming Cinderella

22nd March 2012:
The ball! Icant wait to read it! How will harry react? Has sheseen him at all since she came back? More importantly... how will weasley react? And how will malfoy act?

Author's Response: Yeah, this is her first time seeing Harry in a while, so the moment is going to be intense. Ron, oh Ron, is going to have a blast. And Draco: well, when does he ever fulfill a reader's expectations?

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Review #25, by annyluvesmalfoyMrs. Malfoy and Hermione: I Can Be Your Hero

22nd March 2012:
Wiliam shakespeare definately is good for everything! I really lovedraco in this... i wish i were dating him!

Author's Response: I agree. Shakespeare is just perfect.
And I also agree: I wish I could date Draco Malfoy too!

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