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Review #1, by Conor2694The Chaser and The Keeper: A Sibling Conversation

23rd November 2012:
Hey there, I've just finished chapter 35 and can I just say, what an awesome story you've written so far, I love all the little unexpected twists in the plot that completely caught me by surprise. I also really enjoyed the length of the chapters, they were fairly short in comparison to others I've read but they were also long enough to maintain my interest throughout. I hope to read more of this soon.
My best
Conor :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it :) That makes me feel very happy and accomplished. I hope you continue to read, review, and enjoy the last few chapters :D

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Review #2, by Conor2694In Love and War: The Party...And The Aftermath

14th November 2012:
Awesome chapter, really enjoyed reading. Just a couple of ideas for a name: Tayus/Scorlor, I don't really know if they are any good, just thought you might like a couple of ideas :) Looking forward to reading the next chapter

Author's Response: They are pretty good names, better than anything I could come up with. I can't wait for the next chapter either. There's a lot of snogging.
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Review #3, by Conor2694In Love and War: Hogsmeade Plans and the Mysterious X

10th November 2012:
Not gonna lie, I think X is Goyle, I think he has a thing for Taylor :) Great story so far, hope to read more soon :)

Author's Response: Hmmm, maybe, maybe not. You shall find out in time, my friend. Trust me, all will be revealed...

Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Review #4, by Conor2694The Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Potter Jealousy

7th June 2012:
Awesome chapter, been looking forward to this. Al should definitely ask her on Christmas day, that'd be so cute. Hope to enjoy the next chapter as much as this one

Author's Response: Maybe he will maybe he won't, who knows? THanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Conor2694The Dragon Club: The Right Choice

24th February 2012:
OMG you are such a good writer, I actually felt the emotion of the characters, I was worried for Rose and Scorp, I was really worried that one of them was going to get killed. I love this story so much it's amazing, I look forward to the next chapter

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Review #6, by Conor2694The Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Hogsmeade

25th January 2012:
"Ha that reminds me of a Muggle song. It's an older song, by a guy who sounds like a girl. Justin something." best line ever xD I loved that part and I love the story so far

Author's Response: Thank you! It just seemed so fitting to put that in. I hope you enjoy the rest :)

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Review #7, by Conor2694Fighting Temptation: A Lot Can Happen in a Year

22nd December 2011:
I'm replying to you on the next chapter because I'm rather new to this site and I haven't figured everything out yet lol. First off, as much as it may have seemed like it, I wasn't trying to be mean to you, I was just pointing something out that bugs me about some people and how they can't wait and appreciate the bigger picture and as such but like you said about yourself, it's what makes you, you and there is no need for you to be sorry, in fact, you should be proud that you like to please people as it means you are selfless and that is a trait which I see in very few people. Also, if someone is going to hate you because you wrote something that they might not have liked then that's their problem, you know? Each individual will see a story and they will have their own ideas of how they think it should work out, personally I love the way you've thrown the argument in there because, let's face it, no two people can go forever and not argue, it's just a art of life. On a different note, I love the story so far and can't wait to continue reading your work :D

Author's Response: First off sorry that it took me so long to respond back to you. With the Hollidays i've been extremly busy. I never thought that you were trying to be mean. I just saw it as you expressing your opinion and i can see why it would bug you. I am proud to be a selfless person but I do agree with you that people will have to take what i write there own way. No matter how much i fear that people wont like what i write i dont let anyone change my mind on what is going to happen in this story, I have created this story and i have my own udea about how it will play out, i am just saying this so that you understand that i do want people to like to my story and like what happens, i do have some backbone and i do stand up for my ideas.
You are right about the argument, no two people can go through life with out argueing and that seperation needed to happen so that i could make that jump to 7th year and also show that even though they called themselves friends they werent exactly ready to fight to stay friends, they were friends by circumstances. Thank you for the review and i hope that you enjoy the rest of the story. :)

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Review #8, by Conor2694Fighting Temptation: Are We On Trial

21st December 2011:
I don't usually comment on stories until I have read all there is to read so this is kinda breaking a mould for me. The author's note, if I'm honest, bugged me, nothing against you but personally speaking, I don't judge a storyline until I have read further into the story and as such the don't hate bit sort of annoys me but, let's be honest, that's just me being myself and looking at it from my perspective. Others would see it differently but I still have to say, I love the story so far :D

Author's Response: Sorry the dont hate me bit is just me being me, thats the type of person I am, I am a total people pleaser so when I do something that I think people might not like, I tend to get worried that they are going to hate me. Been that way my whole life, Sorry. But I do respect and understand your perspective. Im glad that you are enjoying the story, hope that you enjoy the rest :)

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