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Review #1, by GingerGenowerBlood stains, blood stains on the floor: Forgotten and lost, but in the end... Found.

27th February 2013:
I love how intense your story was and then the A/N was basically word-vomit. It's great, I love it :D I really like this start- the narrative is so interesting, I really like how you've done it.
Keep writing; it can only get better!

Author's Response: dude. word vomit is so my thing. thats me. im working on it I PROMISE.

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Review #2, by GingerGenowerAlways: Always

26th February 2013:
This is so moving and intense and provoking. It's great- I love it. You've got a really great piece here- I'd love to see it expanded upon. You've captured Snape's bitterness so well.
Keep writing. You're really talented :-)

Author's Response: Thank you!
I really enjoyed writing this one, it just kind of came to me in the middle of my english essay so I wrote this one and then went back - priorities!
Thank you!

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Review #3, by GingerGenowerThe Abundance of Potters: Baby Bumps, Clever Distractions and Awkward Situations

9th July 2012:
Haha, laughing @ my life right now. Sorry I said I'd leave a proper review on the latest chappie and it WAS the latest chappie. >.<
Anyway, I'm loving this story! It's so funky and funny, and Kat's a brilliant character- you're so consistant at keeping her humour, and I really love the whole James-Kat-Albus, because it's not simple. You've made them all flawed- I really liked how you made James revel in the media attention, it was a great detail- and it's makes the triangle so much more interesting. (sidenote: Pride and Prejudice is brilliant, and I'm a teenager. You're not the only one! :D) Oh, and I really liked Ron's backfiring scheme, it was a hilarious idea, but completely believable. I can imagine Draco reading him like a book and going 'yep, making him mad is my priority right now'. Oh Draco. ;)
Update asap, please! It's really really good :)

Author's Response: Haha it's fine, not to worry! Thank you for leaving the review.
Yeah, I didn't want a simple triangle when people were like: "Oh just go for him, it's so obvious!" or the one when they're both spectacularly perfect- never realistic.
And yey! Another Pride and Prejudice lover :) Felt like I was the only teen who still liked her!
I always feel like Draco was pretty shrewd- an idiot, but shrewd.

Thank you SO much for the lovely review. Glad you're enjoying my story- though I'm sure not nearly as much as I'm enjoying yours! Looking forward for the next chappie to be validated. I'll try update soon- re-written the next chapter, so should be up shortly :)

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Review #4, by GingerGenowerThe Abundance of Potters: Cups of Tea, Showdowns and Eavesdropping on Boyfriend's Parents

9th July 2012:
'Good move, Hermione. Safety first.'
Seriously, I howled. I'll do a proper review on the latest chapter, but I just felt this line should have some appreciation.

Author's Response: Haha thank you! I'm pretty proud of that line :P

Awww, I'm so happy!! So glad you're enjoying it!! Read on ;)

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