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Review #1, by AussieLottieInitiate: A Proper Welcome

6th April 2014:
Wow... That was fantastic :)
I absolutely LOVE this story! The hardest part for me is waiting for updates!!! I loved how emotional Fred and George were and how the reacted to uncovering who Moony actually was. The fact that McGonagall and Dumbledore reacted like that just made it all the funnier! I've been laughing aloud for the whole chapter and can't wait for the next one.

I also want to say how impressed I am with your writing! You write extremely long chapters with fantastic content which, I know from personal experience isn't always easy... I actually finished my first fanfic about a month ago, that had been a project for nearly three years so I'm beyond impressed with your weekly updates and fantastic plot and characterization. So anyway, to recap... Don't stop writing! You have a knack for it and I wouldn't be surprised if you began writing own books someday and having them published!


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Review #2, by AussieLottieInitiate: The Professor's Intervention

23rd March 2014:
OH! That's cruel! Leaving us on the edge of our seats to wait for another chapter!! Harsh!!! :P

Another fantastic chapter! You amaze me with your writing. I can't wait for the next update! Don't make us wait too long! :)

10/10 AussieLottie

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Review #3, by AussieLottieEmbracing the Madness: The Plot Thickens

15th March 2014:
You definitely don't have to worry about that review!! I'll admit that I'm an absolutely awful critic in my own right, but I don't leave nasty reviews, nothing is accomplished by it. Everyone deserves to be able to develop their skills and improve and the the kind of person that can write a review like that is just a nasty pessimist. I can't remember a single time you've spelt something incorrectly... Maybe a typo but nothing that intereupts the pleasure of reading your story. Your plot has drawn me in and I intend to keep reading to the end of this story! :)

Thanks for writing!
AussieLottie (10/10)

Author's Response: Thanks so much fore reviewing. I try to catch all the typos and mistakes, but sometimes the slip through when I get caught up in my own writing haha.

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Review #4, by AussieLottiePlaying House with Malfoy: The Mother In-Law

9th February 2014:
You updated!!! YAY! I love this story so much... You need to finish it. And update again... Don't leave us hanging for that long again! It was cruel. :P

I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw you had updated... But it was a great chapter! :D
Why did you say it had mild violence though?


Author's Response: Thanks. I'll try to update sooner next time. HPFF wouldn't validate my chapter unless I added 'mild violence' to the warning for my story. I'm not sure either?So I just did as I was told so I could get my chapter up for everyone to see.

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Review #5, by AussieLottieWhen A Siren Calls: Chapter 22 - The After-Effects of a Night with Firewhiskey

17th January 2014:

I just gave wrong information, I confused myself.
Go to your "Account" then go to "Edit Personal Information" and then it gives you the option to allow anonymous reviews!

Hope this helps.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #6, by AussieLottieWhen A Siren Calls: Chapter 23 - You Are Definitely Mine

17th January 2014:
Another good chapter! :)
Maybe not the most 'in character' thing for Sirius Black to say... But it is fanfic after all...

Concerning your anonymous comment question... If you go to your account and go to the manage stories section, you can edit the story and then there will be the option for who can comment.

Hope this helps!

Author's Response: Thanks :) xx

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Review #7, by AussieLottieFinders Keepers: Sandwiches & Other Potential Beloveds

15th January 2014:
Oh wow... I really, really, REALLY like this story!!! Not only do you use the same swear words as me (Fudge-muffin)... But you incorporate humour into this fantastically well written story. In a style that is hilariously similar to Louise Rennison, you manage to carry off a believable teenager, THANK YOU FOR THIS. :)

You make Sophie so hilariously awkward, it's great to connect with a character like her.

10/10 and keep on writing!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you so much! I love Louise Rennison so I'm really flattered! The Angus Thongs books used to make me actually laugh out loud haha :)
I'm so touched that you like Sophie because I always wonder if she's a little too awkward. It's also fantastic to know that she's believable because that's what I'm striving toward. Believableness.
Thanks again for reading and reviewing, AussieLottie :) x

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Review #8, by AussieLottieWhen A Siren Calls: Chapter 19 - Hogsmeade: The Date

12th January 2014:
Oh goodness... You need to update now, ASAP! I've been reading this all evening and am feeling so happy inside! It's a really novel idea and I'm just loving Sirius and Ryn. :)
The date was absolutely perfect! You portray Sirius' cheekiness wonderfully while still showing that he likes Ryn too! I'm very pleased James and Lily are together now!! But it is high time Sirius and Ryn get together!

Just a tip for reviews... Maybe change the setting so that anybody can leave a comment, regardless of having an account as that can be annoying for people who are too lazy to log in... ;)

Once again, I love how you're writing this story so far!!! Update soon! I'll be adding this story to my favorites and hoping for an update.

~AussieLottie (10/10)

P.S. You have been using "seen" in your story in the wrong way. I think you mean seeing. That was the only Teeny tiny thing I have to complain about. :D

Author's Response: Thank you!! I was a bit worried that it was all going too fast! Would you know how to change the settings? I'm still trying to figure things out at the moment, would be extremely helpful if you could explain it? Thank you! Ooh, I'll go back and read it, I think I'm too excited about uploading that I miss things :L Thank you for reviewing and loving my story! :D
Aimee xx

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Review #9, by AussieLottie19 years: Year 4: Harry and Ginny's wedding

8th January 2014:
Wow... This was another fanstastic chapter. I've mentioned this before but I need to mention it again... Your attention to the books and all the small details and characterization of the characters matches so well with the original books. You have a talent for writing and I really think you could write your own stuff (if you're not already!!). I'm terribly sad to think I won't get to see an update for a while, but I'm sure when you do update it will be another fantastic installment!

Enjoy wherever you're traveling off to, stay safe, have fun and make sure to come back to us!


Author's Response: I am so happy you liked this! Honestly, saying that those details and the characterization is probably the best response I could get, because it's what I enjoy the most about writing this. Thank you SO much for those amazing compliments. I am just starting to write my own stuff and it's scary but I love doing it. I hope you'll enjoy the next chapter, which is FINALLY in the queue. Thank you a million times for such a lovely review to receive. Don't worry - I'll always come back to you!

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Review #10, by AussieLottie19 years: Year 4: Preparations

4th January 2014:
This is such a fantastic story! I'm utterly enraptured with how you write. You write in a similar style to J.K. Rowling. This story could practically be a continuation to the original story.

Thank you for this fantastic story!

~AussieLottie (10/10)

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for those kind words! Honestly, this review has made my night :) I'm absolutely thrilled to hear that you lie this story so much, and my writing..I'm blushing ;) even though I think you are being a bit TOO kind to me (haha) I am definitely the one who should be thanking you, not the other way around! :)

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Review #11, by AussieLottie19 years: Year 1: September

25th December 2013:
Great chapter! I've been reading this whenever I can find a minute! :D

Only a few tiny things, check your formality and mature language, the trial scene was, in my opinion a tad too informal and didn't flow right... For example, when Aberforth said, "There were help to get for those who wanted to get out..." I think it would have sounded better as something clearer like: "There was help for those who wanted to get out..."

Also, Ginny Weasley was reserve seeker for the Quidditch team, so wouldn't she go for the position if there were two terrible third years? :P

It's just tiny things (I'm a tough customer :P). Otherwise I'm really enjoying this story! You write really well and I'm so glad I stumbled across this story! I'm going to finish up this review and move onto the next chapter!

~AussieLottie (10/10)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm thrilled to hear that :D

I definitely see your point about the language. English isn't my first language so I do tend to make mistake, however it would probably be a good thing for me to go back and check for mistakes that I didn't see back when I wrote it but that I may have learned by now. Thank you so much for telling me about it, I appreciate it so much!!

Ginny played Chaser at Hogwarts, but she was reserve Seeker when Harry couldn't play in one match. However, she was always better at being Chaser, and that's the role she had in the Holyehead Harpies during her career later on :) So I think she would have been Chaser in her last year at Hogwarts, but I do see your point. Maybe if Dean hadn't shown up, she would have switched positions?

Don't worry, I appreciate feedback so much, and you're really helping me in making the story better, so I really can't thank you enough :) thank you also for reading this story, I hope you will continue to enjoy it :)

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Review #12, by AussieLottieTen Years Past: How I Met The Potters

19th December 2013:
Yikes! I'm really enjoying this story!!! :)
I absolutely love the way you write and can't wait to see what happens next! If you're interested in having a beta... Let me just say that I would love to help out!

I can't understand why you don't have more reviews because this really is a fantastic fanfic!

Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Aww... Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it!

I'd love a banner but I'm pretty new to the hpfanfic world and I don't know how to get one :/

Again, thanks for reading!

Love, loonyforever

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Review #13, by AussieLottieTen Years Past: Downhill Like a Car Crash

9th December 2013:
Really intriguing story so far! But I have to say. It sounds a lot like the plot of the movie '13 going on 30'...

Don't get me wrong! I really like the story, but if you are taking ideas from a movie it's generally a good idea to mention that in an authors note as a disclaimer.

Keep on writing!

Author's Response: I did realize that and maybe I should put a disclaimer out there... totally was not intentional :/

Don't worry, the plot is about to drastically change because this is about the Harry Potter universe which includes magic... among other things :)

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Review #14, by AussieLottieUpper Class: Chapter One

30th November 2013:
Nice start to a very interesting idea!!! Thank you SO much for not doing another story involving Hermione being adopted! ;)

Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: Haha thank you! :D To be honest, I haven't read stories of her being a pureblood - so I was a little bit afraid of being too cliché in the start. But I'm so happy it wasn't the usual :D Thank you for your review!

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Review #15, by AussieLottieFinders Keepers: Banter and Bubbles

25th November 2013:
Oh goodness, I have laughed so much reading this story so far!

The style you write in kind of reminds me of "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" a little bit :P

Keep up the awesome work and update soon!!

~AussieLottie (10/10)

Author's Response: YAY! Thank you! Happy to know you enjoyed it, AussieLottie! I'm honoured 'cause I love 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' - I mean, Aaron Johnson ... AARON JOHNSON (*swoons*) Thanks again, keep reading if you can :) x

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Review #16, by AussieLottieI Can Be Your Hero: Just a Scared Little Kitten

24th November 2013:
This is quite honestly one of the first stories I have read that has drawn me in so quickly! Congratulations to you! :)
I need to read more of this. :) Do you need a beta? ;)

But in all honesty, it is so believable! Hermione needs to tell Ginny though... Or Ginny should at least walk in on Hermione when she has taken the glamour off!!

Quick question, why couldn't Hermione prove the rape? Was it shame or was Antony just clever enough not to leave a trace?

Once again, I'm serious about the beta proposition... :)
I could offer feedback and just check your chapter over before you put it up for validation! :D

Seriously great story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

~AussieLottie (10/10)

Author's Response: Hermione couldn't prove the rape a little because she was so ashamed of it and because Antony was very careful about it. Thank you so much for offering to be a beta but I try to just upload my chapters the moment I finish them because there is such a huge gap between updates! Thank you so much for your review it means alt to me :)

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Review #17, by AussieLottieSuck it Up: The Masks of Love

22nd November 2013:

I adore this story, make my day and upload a new chapter? ;)

(10/10) ~AussieLottie

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Review #18, by AussieLottie[ RELAPSE ]: Fallen from grace

20th November 2013:
Hello again! :) Thanks for the response, and yes, a beta is someone who checks your chapters before you put them up for validation.

My email is just my pen name at gmail . com . :)

If you email me there we can work out all the details. :)

Great work on this chapter. :)

Author's Response: great! thanks! much appreciation!

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Review #19, by AussieLottie[ RELAPSE ]: Irony

19th November 2013:
What a novel idea! I'm leaving a review because of your A/N :) but mainly to tell you not to lose faith when people don't review, it is a great feeling to get reviews from people on your story but don't count on it. :/ It takes time and effort and generally when people are reading they aren't bothered to. Focus on the reads... If you get a lot of reads, it means your story is good! But don't stop writing! You should be writing for yourself first and foremost! That's why I do it at least. :D Although anyone who's a writer on this site can relate on how depressing it can be not to get reviews, especially on chapters you think are good yourself!

I'm going to stop now, great work so far!! Your tenses are a little bit inconsistent but nothing that makes your story unreadable!! You might want to consider getting a beta though, it can be good to get consistent feedback from someone, especially if the reviews aren't any more than, "WOAH!!! YAY! I love this story upload another one soon please!" Those reviews are nice, but when you want constructive feedback a beta is great. :) If you're looking for one... I would love to help out! :) Once again, great work so far!


Author's Response: AussieLottie,

THANK YOU for your words of encouragement. They are much appreciated. Although it maybe quite shallow for me to await reviews, I mainly wrote this story in particular to solely see what people had to say or thought about it. I wanted to see if readers could see what I was trying to convey...

And what is a beta? Is that where you would proofread/feedback the chapter ahead of time? If so, then YES!! This story is extremely experimental for me... I've never written in present tense :/
I wanted to try something new to give a more visual/and "NOW" feel to it.

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Review #20, by AussieLottieLiving with the Beast: The Manor

8th November 2013:
Wow!! This is turning into a really good story! (Not that I ever doubted it!) :)

I was just looking through old reviews and I found you again! :) So I thought I might check out what you have been up to recently and I'm glad I have! :D

Keep writing!

~AussieLottie (10/10)

Author's Response: AussieLottie,

It's great to hear from you again. I'm happy to hear you like this story. I love Beauty and the Beast so I hope I can write a good story with that as my inspiration.

I hope you keep reading!


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Review #21, by AussieLottieFelo De Se: Exordium (The Beginning)

21st February 2012:
Great Beginning! I am looking forward to the next chapters. Well written and I didn't see any spelling mistakes :P 10/10! Keep up the fantastic work.


Author's Response: Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate you commenting!

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Review #22, by AussieLottieLegend of the Lotus Queen: His Plans

31st January 2012:
This is actually a really novel idea! Extremely well written and creative, I love how you've written Draco and Hermione's attraction to him. I thought that your potion lesson was realistic too! This story is great so far! I can't wait for more!! Update soon please!

:-) AussieLottie

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Review #23, by AussieLottieWe Never Change: The end of a past

6th January 2012:
Well, you have certainly written well my dear beta. :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! (:

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Review #24, by AussieLottieTrading Places: Surprise

19th December 2011:
REALLY well written :) Looking forward to more, please update soon!

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