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Review #1, by CorridoreHarry Potter and the Golden Amulet: Chapter One: Leaving Early

30th July 2004:
Che bello, amica. Ma penso che il commento del ragazzo parlando degli occhi e` un po strano, no? Qualsiasi. Leggo il resto piu tardi. Mi encanta!

Author's Response: O Cara Mia! Tu sei tornata? Che bella! Penso che tu hai usato un po di spagnolo, no? No es importante! Hahaha, ti voglio bene e grazie per leggere questa racconta!

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Review #2, by CorridoreHarry Potter and the Prophecies of Merlin: Prologue

18th January 2004:
Ciao, Logan! You have a very promising start to your story. I like your descriptions and you have a strong grasp with word choice. Although I have an admitted defiency of knowledge where Arthurian legend is concerned, I found no trouble in following and comprehending any parts of the story. The one thing I did notice in your last paragraph was what I believe to be a typing error. You wrote 'not' instead of 'knot.' I'm going to work on my own chapter now, but I eagerly await your next update. ~ Corridore

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll change it. Hope to see yours soon

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Review #3, by CorridoreThe Four Artifacts: Through Hermione's Eyes 2

3rd January 2004:
Interesting chapter, but much too short! I'm looking forward to finding out more about your OC. Also, I replied to your e-mail. Update quickly!

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Review #4, by CorridoreThe Four Artifacts: The Alliance Act

2nd January 2004:
Aha, you updated. Good, I needed a distraction from the feeble beginnings of my next chapter. Good writing. I am interested in finding out more about Preity. She seems to have some complicated history that has strengthened her beliefs in unity.

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Review #5, by CorridoreThe Four Artifacts: POV of Draco 2

2nd January 2004:
Ah, my mistake. Assif, I forgot to include my e-mail address for you. When you update, e-mail me at Thanks, desi girl! ;)

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Review #6, by CorridoreThe Four Artifacts: POV of Draco 2

2nd January 2004:
Namaste! Thank you for your review of my story, it was very kind. As requested, I decided to check out this story and validated it for you at the same time ;) I like it very much so far. While exchange students are swiftly becoming common place in Harry Potter fan fiction, I found yours rather refreshing. It is also nice to see another Eastern OC. I was also interesting to see multiple point of views. If I may be allowed one critique, I would advise you not to turn Draco Malfoy into a nicer character so quickly. Have him be as nasty as he is in the book, and then you can have more character development to work with if you decide to have him become nicer and befriend Preity. Good work though. Keep writing and I'm going to recommend to Admin that you be made a 'trusted' author. If you wouldn't mind, e-mail me when you update. Now, jaldee karo! Go write more! ~ Corridore

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Review #7, by CorridoreThe Deadly Darkness: A Plan Unwanted

24th October 2003:
Ciao, very good start to your story. I like your style; it's very descriptive. Your character is intriguing. Are you aware that Leila is an Arabic name for night? I thought you might, since it fit so well into your story. I can only suggest one thing. While I enjoy more original fanfiction, you may want to place your story in the context of the original books. Even something as simple as telling us if the plot takes place before or after Voldemort's downfall. It's a little more comprehensible that way. But good work. Keep it up and write more soon!

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Review #8, by CorridoreHarry Potter and the Web of Prophecies: Flashbacks and Dreams

13th October 2003:
Sarah, amazing story so far. Very intriguing. I have only been able to get through the fourth chapter so far, but rest assured, when time permits I will read the rest. This story is too good to miss! You have me wondering about Adele....I guess I will discover more about her in the coming chapters. Keep up the excellent work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! I'm glad you like it!

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Review #9, by CorridoreHarry Potter and the Distant Land: Ms. Granger

14th September 2003:
Che buono! This is excellent so far. Your plot is very unique and refreshing. Please continue. You have me intrigued!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. It has always intrigued me what the world would be like should magic be commonplace (or perhaps moreso than it is already ). Be patient, I'm from Texas and it is very difficult to write in "English" . Cheers!

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Review #10, by CorridoreNew Faces, Old Friends: English, Latin and the Teacher\'s Lounge PT. ONE

7th September 2003:
I told you I would get around to reviewing some of your other work. haha, this story is very good even though I have only finished the first two chapters. Now, let's see. Who could those two possibly be........? I liked your reference to the poem A Road Less Travelled. I read it a few years ago in my World Lit class and loved it as well.

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