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Review #26, by Calypso Road Works: Sanders, Gemma Sanders.

3rd June 2013:
Hello! Here from the Ravenclaw Review Battle!

Ahaha- Gemma made me laugh! She was very relatable (I totally understand her problem with mornings! And hot buttered toast is the best thing :P) I love her chatty, relaxed narration, and the way it's sort of like she's talking the reader. That doesn't always work, but you pulled it off!

You intrigued me right away with that description of her lying in the Quidditch stands trying to spy on the Ravenclaws! I really liked the way this chapter was structured, with the majority of it being an explanation of how she ended up where she was at the beginning- that was clever.

I'm shocked that James would resort to such dreadful blackmail :P He seems like a very interesting character so far, although I did think that you could have explained him and Gemma a little more- like are they friends? How well do they know each other?

Just spotted a typo: "Facing the head of biased head of Slytherin"- I think there's an extra "head of" there!

Another think that I really liked about this was how you really brought details of Hogwarts into the narrative- like when the staircases wouldn't take her where she wanted them to, and the reference to Professor Binns! I think Hogwarts works in the books because it's so chaotic, and random, and you really managed to bring that through!

I thought this was a really great first chapter! I already like Gemma, and I'm sure that being trapped between Albus and James where Quidditch is involved is going to make things interesting for her!


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Review #27, by Calypso The Girl from Slytherin : The Death Eater's Daughter

29th May 2013:
Saw you in the review tag thread and decided to come and see how Tor's doing- and I'm glad that I did!

I absolutely loved finding out a bit more about her background- it was very interesting. As with so much of this story, it's fascinating to see the wizarding world through the eyes of the other side, and you did that really well in this chapter, simultaneously highlighting how dangerous these people are, and how- essentially- they are just people. I like that you show your characters' good qualities alongside their blood status prejudices, so that I find myself almost rooting for the Death Eaters!

I liked the way you showed how important the Dark Lord is to the Yaxleys' lives- how Tor's father was willing to miss her birth to help Voldemort- it showed how much power he has over the lives of so many people.

I noticed one typo, near the beginning: you put "there's even been three Ministers..." and I think it should be "there have even been three Ministers..."?

Ooh and Tor is an Occlumens? I liked the story of how she found out she could do it- how it was instinctive, and not something she was trying to achieve. I also thought it was realistic that her father wouldn't teach her the most complicated Legilimency, as she was only a child.
The way he reacted to discovering her ability seemed very natural for the character you've built for him- that she would rise in his affections over Daphne (although Daphne doesn't seem as if she'd take well to such treatment!)

And the scene in the garden where the kids were playing Hogwarts together was just so cute! :P

Another great chapter! It was fascinating to get a glimpse of Tor's background- I really enjoyed reading it!


Author's Response: Hi! :) Great to see you back!

I'm glad you liked this chapter, and learning more about Tor's background. I wanted to give her a little more depth and explain about why she is the way she is, it was great to get into their family history.

I'm glad you picked up on the DE relations with Voldy, and yes how Yaxley missed his daughter's birth. It was interesting imagining these big life events and how Voldy figures into them.

Ah yes, Tor is a bit of a natural, since she's very controlled and perceptive. I thought it would be a fun twist, and it comes into play later in the story as well. She's nowhere near being trained, she just has an aptitude for Occlumency! :) And you're right, Daphne definitely doesn't appreciate being inferior in any way! :P

Aw, I liked that scene too! I really want readers to root for the Slytherins and see them as playful, ordinary people who happened to be raised with certain values. I love writing them! :)

Thank you for another wonderful review! :D

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Review #28, by Calypso In His Heart of Hearts: In His Heart of Hearts

28th May 2013:
Here from review tag!

Ooh a Dumbledore fic! It was lovely to read a story about him as you don't see them too often on this site. Very original! After reading DH, Dumbledore becomes a very complex character and it was lovely to see that explored, especially as well as you did it :)

The first thing that struck me about this was how gorgeous your descriptions are- I loved the bit where Dumbledore was looking at the ring and the sword and comparing them. I could really picture them, you described them so well!

The flashbacks were so sad! You did a great job of showing the contrast between the happy Dumbledore family before Ariana's attack, and the fear and uncertainty afterwards. The scene where Percival was waiting for the Dementors and making his sons promise to care for the family was heartbreaking.

Another thing you did well was explaining Dumbledore's compulsion to touch the ring- the way you wrote it it seemed completey understandable. The description of the pain was exquisite as well, and I liked how you used that incident to motivate his attitude to Harry that year. And the ending was so sad- it seemed especially upsetting that after all the amazing things Dumbledore had done in his life, he still dreamed of being with his family in death.

I really enjoyed reading this!


By the way, I really loved your title!

Author's Response: Wow, I'm thrilled to hear that this was something new for you, and a bit original - that's what you're always going for when you write, isn't it? It's great to hear!

I'm so happy that the descriptions worked! It's something that's very important for me when I read a story, so I'm very glad to hear that you thought mine were good. Thank you so much!

Also, I'm really glad that the flashbacks worked, and that all those feelings came across the way I had intended.

Well, this whole story was supposed to explain why Dumbledore 'lost his mind' in that moment, and put on the ring, without thinking about it. I'm glad that you liked it.

Thank you so much for your absolutely lovely compliments and encouraging words! It makes me really happy :) And you like the title? That's just amazing, I always struggle with titles.

Thank you again for this wonderful review!

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Review #29, by Calypso Just Seventeen: Prologue

27th May 2013:
Wow, this was amazing!

Your writing style is simply beautiful- I love the way it flows. The scene at the beginning, on the cliff completely hooked me- which I think can be difficult to do with description. It was so vivid and so forceful- I could really feel Victoire's anguish in it.
I also loved the way you brought up the issue of women having to deal with unplanned pregnancies in a way that men don't. It was quite subtle, but no less impactful for it, and I think Victoire's anger and frustration about it are totally understandable. I felt so sorry for her! And the metaphor where her house became a courtroom was stunning.

I loved the contrast between her attitude to Teddy in that first scene, and her atttitude to him in the scene of Platform 9 and 3/4. Your wrote their kiss so prettily :) I liked that you worked in the fact that he's a metamorphmagus, as often people seem to sort of forget that when writing about him. And James was so cute! I thought that Teddy's response to him was great as well. You also brought across the irony of all Victoire's hopes and love for Teddy really well in that scene- again making the contrast with the first part all the more painful...!

One of the things that really struck me about this story is how beautifully and realistically your portray Victoire- to me, she seems to behave just like a normal teenage girl. You've done a great job of giving her a three dimensional personality- just because she's concerned with her studies it doesn't mean she doesn't want to have a night out with her friends sometimes!
I also liked how you brought across the dynamics between her and friends.

On a slightly separate note, I liked seeing the rather different side to Neville that you portrayed in this- it was interesting to see him as a firm, if still kind, teacher.

I also really liked her outburst in Neville's office- it had the potential to be somewhat cliched, but it really works, I think because you've shown us how out of character it is for, and that she's normally very keen to please, and also because she regrets what she's done almost immediately after. So well done for that!

All in all, I thought this was a wonderful chapter- absolutely beautifully written, realistic and believable. I'll be looking out for updates!


Author's Response: Hi! Sorry for the late response to this review; future replies will be more prompt, I assure you! ♥

Thank you so much! I'm glad that the opening scene captivated you so much, and that you enjoyed my subtle hints of feminism :P It's great to hear that you liked the courtroom metaphor too!

I felt that the cliffside scene was rather depressing, and I wanted to lighten up the one-shot a little (at the time of writing September, I was convinced that J17 was going to be a one-shot!) and also include a canon scene, so I used what we know from the epilogue but which we didn't explictly see ;)

Ah, yes! I've read a couple of teen pregnancy stories which depict the teenager as getting drunk for the first time and ergo falling pregnant, and while that can be written well, I wanted to show something different - something that represents another type of teenager, since not all teen girls are the same ;) I'm pleased that you're enjoying this aspect - and I agree with you, just because Victoire is Head Girl doesn't mean she's a goody-two-shoes :P

Neville has never struck me as the type of person to turn a blind eye to rule-breaking - just look at him in PS! So I knew he would punish the girls, but in a more refined style than when he was eleven ;)

And yes - I was a bit worried about that, but I wanted to keep Victoire realistic. We've all let our emotions get the better of us once in a while and said something bad and immediately regretted it, which is what's Victoire's doing here. I'm super-happy you thought I kept it away from the cliches, because I want to keep J17 as cliche-free as possible :3

And thank you so much for all of your lovely compliments!

-Isobel ♥

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Review #30, by Calypso Eyes of Glass : Eyes of Glass

25th May 2013:
Hello! Here with my half of the review swap from the forums :)

Ohh gosh this was sad! There was a horrible irony to the whole thing, that just made me feel so sorry for all of the characters!

I absolutely loved your characterisation of Alice; I thought it was perfect, as well as being original- a lot of the time she's presented as being clever, popular and Lily's best friend, but I think your portrayal is not only more interesting but more realistic, considering that she is Neville's mother!
She actually really reminded me of Luna during this, with the way she's bullied, but is still very caring and has her little eccentricities that the people who love her just accept. I really liked how you brought across her love for Neville- it was so touching and heartbreaking, and I enjoyed the way you highlighted the things that Neville and Alice have in common, even though neither of them will ever know it...

My only piece of CC is that I thought you could have developed her relationship with Frank a little more. The bits you wrote of them together were wonderful- I loved the way she described him near the beginning, as well as the first time they kiss, but I would have loved more of a sense of them as a couple...

The scene at the church where the Death Eaters came was brilliantly written- very dramatic. I felt genuinely scared for the family! I really thought that you captured the kind of insecurity and danger that must have existed during the First War, as well as the unfairness of it all- that so many innocent people lost so much.

And honestly, the ending was so beautiful and perfect and devastatingly sad. Seeing the Alice you created in this piece of writing being destroyed like that was horrible (but really good writing!) I loved how there were still fragments of their old life left, but they'd all been twisted, and the way you changed round that phrase about Frank was just wonderful.

This was an incredibly emotional and beautifully executed piece of writing... I really enjoyed swapping with you!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm glad you liked this little story, and the fact that it brought up emotions is wonderful to hear! I had a very specific idea of the essence of Alice, and am glad that it came across as likeable and believable. I made her a combination of Neville, Luna, and something all her own, and loved imagining her sometimes silly and always loving personality. Her love and eventual seperation from Neville is just so heartbreaking, and I really wanted to do it justice. :)

I'm really glad you pointed that out, and I'll definitely try and fit in a little more about her relationship with Frank when I edit the story. I had all these images of their marriage in my head, but somehow they didn't translate onto paper, but I'm happy to hear you liked the descriptions that there were! :)

I'm glad you liked the scene at the church and the dramatic descent of the Death Eaters! The war was just so unfair and tragic - they always are - and I'm glad that came across, though I felt quite bad for doing that to the lovely characters! :(

I'm really happy you liked the ending, I actually got a little emotional while writing it! Poor Alice and Frank. :( Thank you so much for this lovely review darling! :)

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Review #31, by Calypso The Girl from Slytherin : The Association of Slytherin Students

24th May 2013:
Review Tag!

I really enjoyed that little insight into Tor's sorting... It was interesting to see a more innocent side of her, and the she addressed the Hat as "Mister" was really too sweet! I liked that there was some equivocalness about her House (I can actually sort of see her as a Gryffindor, somehow) and the foreshadowing about her doubting her house... Very intriguing!

And I do love a grandstanding Slytherin :P It's strange to think of that Slytherin gang using the Room of Requirement to plot Harry and Dumbledore's downfall when we see so much of Harry using it for the opposite purpose in the books, but I suppose that's what I'm enjoying so much about this story- seeing everything from another point of view.

The only thing I wasnít quite sure about was the part in the Room of Requirement when everyone was drinking... I don't know, it seemed a little incongruous considering the seriousness of the meeting...

I also liked the character development of the Goyle siblings, and then Theo. Demetria and Griz sound like they could make dangerous enemies...
The fireside scene with Theo was really touching as well- you brought across the intimacy of it really well. I imagine her relationship with Theo could be interesting, considering how close he seems to Draco at the meeting...

I really enjoyed this chapter- you've done a great job of continuing existing plot strands and also raising some intriguing questions!


Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad to see you back!

I'm glad you liked the Sorting, I feel like it's an essential part of any young wizard's time at Hogwarts! That's an interesting point, I can see her as a Gryffindor as well! She just doesn't express her brave and loyal characteristics often enough. I'm glad you liked the foreshadowing as well, though sometimes I worry I spend too much time writing foreshadowing and not enough time writing plot! :P

I'm glad you like seeing the opposite perspective of what's going on at Hogwarts! I agree about the drinking, it does seem a little out of place. I guess I was trying to show how they act both like serious, dedicated adults, but also like irresponsible teenagers, and are trying to find some happy medium and reconciliation?

I'm glad you're enjoying the development of the other Slytherins as well, they're a lot of fun to imagine and bring to life. Demetria and Griz are very questionable, indeed!

Thank you very much for reviewing! :)

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Review #32, by Calypso Acanthus: Souks and Surprises

23rd May 2013:
Just saw that you've updated this! (I'm observant :P)

Your description of Egypt was amazing! You made it so vibrant and vivid, I could just picture it... I liked the contrast between the description of the heat, and the sun, and the dust in this chapter and the description of the rain in the last one.
And I did feel for Rose with the freckles/sunburn issue!

Dalila seems very intriguing... It was interesting to see Rose interacting with her- her reticence contrasting with Rose's confidence. Again, brilliant description of the inside of the perfume shop! I can't wait to see how Rose's investigations unfold... The rest of Dalila's family seem interesting too! Will we get to meet them?

Ooh and Scorpius! I liked the bit of backstory you gave about him and Rose- it was enough to put the reader in the picture, but not so much as to slow up the narrative. He seems like a pretty nice guy so far- I look forward to seeing more of him!

Well done on this chapter! I really enjoyed it! The way you describe the places in Egypt is simply stunning, and I can't wait to see how the plot develops!


Author's Response: Hey Bethany! Haha, you definitely are observant :P

I'm so glad that you liked my descriptions, I used to forget about them so my stories were really bare, but it's so much fun to include :D I didn't think of the contrast, so that's a happy conincidence :D I'm one of those lucky people who rarely burn, but I've heard all about the suffering from my mum :P

You will definitely get to meet them again, and I'm really glad you liked her! Her and and her grandfather are going to play quite a big part in the story. I'm so excited to write the investigations too, as I've never written a mystery before but they're so much fun!

I'm so glad the backstory didn't slow the narrative, I wanted to provide some but I felt that I went into too much depth there, so that's a big relief to hear!

I'm so glad that you loved the chapter and the descriptions, and thank you for this wonderful review it really made me smile :D


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Review #33, by Calypso One Crazy Moment: Being Happy

23rd May 2013:
Hey there, Sian! I'm back for the last chapter!

It was really nice to have this chapter after their wedding- to get a bit of a look at their married life, and find out about all the fallout from their elopement! I love the way you write Molly and Campbell together. The way they talk to each other feels so sweet, and so natural, and I like that they still tease each other all the time!

The description of the dragon training centre was gorgeous- I wish I could go and work there now! I really liked the sense of community between all the workers, and it's nice for Molly to have some new friends, even if they're all mad enough to want to be dragon handlers :P

And her family's reactions were great! Poor Percy! I especially liked Lucy's letter- it was a really nice touch to have them come together over this, and I liked the idea that they might get on better in the future as a result.

However, I think my favourite thing about this chapter (and through most of the story) is how you stayed true to Molly's character. Even with all the things that have happened to her, she still seems like the Molly we met at the beginning of the story- with her always being early and hating PDAs- and yet you still manage to move her on, into a much happier, more confident person. Those last few paragraphs with her looking back over how the relationship had changed her made me smile so much! It was so sweet, and touching, and just perfect :)

I've enjoyed reading this story so much- it's been so happy and nice to read after a long, exam-ridden day! You write beautifully and I just love your characters (especially Molly!) A really fantastic story!


Author's Response: Hi Bethany! I'm so happy you found time to finish reading this story, and I hope your exams are going well!

To me this time seemed the natural ending to the story, so that readers could find out what happened to Molly and Campbell after the wedding. They're still kind of in the honeymoon period here, so to speak, and they're still very much in love - but the teasing is one of those things that will continue for as long as they're together.

It was so fun for everything to change around in Molly's life, but I really wanted her character to stay recognisable throughout. People can grow and change, but it's not realistic to suggest that they change completely, so it was important to me for Molly to stay true to her essential character.

It's so good to know that this story made you smile and I hope it cheered you up. Thank you for so many lovely reviews!

Sian :)

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Review #34, by Calypso One Crazy Moment: Running

21st May 2013:
Woo for Molly and Campbell!

One of my favourite things about this story is how Molly has loosened up, and become a bit more confident, but still retained her personality from the start of the story- her bluntness, and her obsession with being early... I loved that Campbell turned up half an hour early because he knew that she'd already have packed. It really showed how well he knew her.

Is it bad that I laughed with Molly about Campbell being seasick? It was sort of nice to see him being a bit less-than-perfect for once; it made him seem more human.

I loved Molly's whole reaction to the dragon reserve, and the wooden trees bit! Your description of the place was great, I could just picture it. I also loved the informality and relaxed-ness of their wedding- it not only seemed to fit with their personalities but with their whole relationship and gah it was just generally perfect! I smiled so much while I was reading it :)
And Charlie turned up! I didn't see that coming at all, but it was such a nice twist to have someone from Molly's family there. I enjoyed your characterisation of him a lot, and his "I'm not a snitch" comment!

A really wonderful chapter. The wedding was just beautiful, and Molly and Campbell are so wonderful together :) I especially loved the last line- it seemed such a great sentiment for Molly, and was a lovely ending to a great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi again!

You're right about everything here - Molly has grown and changed as a person, but the main elements of her personality have remained the same. They do know each other well, even though it isn't actually that long since they met, and they respond to what they've learnt about each other too.

Of course not! I was laughing while I wrote the bit about Campbell being seasick (that's actually part of the reason Molly thought it). It would have been easy to portray Cyrus as a perfect character, but I really wanted him to be real.

Ah, Charlie! I couldn't have Molly getting married without any of her family there, and Charlie seemed like the right person to give her away. I'm so glad you loved the wedding! I felt like it fit with Molly and Campbell as a couple, even though I struggled a bit writing that part.

You're so lovely to me! Thanks again for another fantastic review! (and now I'm overusing exclamation marks...)

Sian :)

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Review #35, by Calypso Werewolf's Trace: Thrown to the Wolves

21st May 2013:
Here from the Ravenclaw Review Battle!

I always enjoy the Sorting scenes in the books, but you don't often come across them in fanfiction, so it was nice to read one here! You brought across poor Albus' anxiety perfectly- I really felt for him all the way through this, especially with a brother like James!

It was interesting to hear how her Sorting had affected Dominique- it's quite an equivocal issue in the books, about whether Sorting is a good or bad thing, and Dominique seems an example of how it can affect people. It makes me a little sad to think that her family can't accept her being in Slytherin after they all fought for equality against Voldemort...

The shy conversations between the new first years were really sweet- they seemed very realistic. I laughed at Albus' annoyance that they had to read out his whole name!
And that's quite a declaration from the Sorting Hat! Is it going to be part of the plot?

I do like that you haven't just put all the next gen kids into Gryffindor- it feels much more likely this way, and the Houses you've chosen for them are original and yet believable- I can actually see Albus as a Ravenclaw, although of course we haven't seen much of him yet...

A great, and rather dramatic chapter! I did enjoy it, although I was kind of hoping to hear more from Dominique... but either way well done!


Author's Response: thanks so much for your super awesome review! I'm glad you like the sorting scene- I think the sorting is part of a huge rite of passage for hogwarts students and its interesting to see how a label like 'slytherin' can affect kids. yes the sorting hat's retirement is a part of the plot, but it doesn't come up until a lot later :)
I'm glad you like where people are sorted--I just have a hard time believing they would all be gryffindor's.
never fear, you will be seeing loads of dominique and albus in the future!
once again, thanks so much for this review- it totally made my day :)

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Review #36, by Calypso One Crazy Moment: A Question

21st May 2013:
Ah! They're getting married! :D **does happy dance** Yay!

Okay- proper chapter review now :P
It was lovely to meet Felicity! It seems nice for Molly to have someone as sarcastic as she is to chat with, and I was sort of glad that she got to boast about dating Cyrus to someone at last! I liked all Felicity's questions as well- they made me laugh, but also seemed a pretty realistic way to respond!

Your description of Cyrus' flat was wonderful- I could really imagine it. And Molly should definitely marry him if he's good at cooking :P It may seem minor, but I did like that you had him as a good cook- it was a nice, down-to-earth detail about him that shows the more ordinary side of his personality...

And I am pleased that Molly isn't backing down about the dragon training centre even though they're dating. It seems to fit with her personality. But Romania! I loved the drama of the end of this chapter... her thinking that he was leaving, then asking her to come with her, then proposing! I thought the way he did was pretty perfect- I loved the spontaneity and excitement of it, and the way Molly didn't take it quite seriously at first- it reminded me of how he first told her that he loved her :)
And she said yes! They're so perfect for each other, I'm hoping so much that everything works out for them! Another wonderful (and very exciting!) chapter!
(I seem to be wildly overusing exclamation marks in this review...!)


Author's Response: Hello Bethany!

Oh, I'm so pleased you liked Felicity! I thought she was a character who complimented Molly well and definitely someone that she'd end up being best friends with. Well, she had to have someone that she could talk about Cyrus to, right? I had such fun writing Felicity's questions as well.

One of the things I wanted to do with Cyrus was flesh him out a bit by including some of those details that made him seem more real - it's great to know that it came across that way.

Eek, I'm so happy you liked the proposal! It kind of came out of the blue a bit, and it was really spontaneous, which I thought fit in with Campbell's personality. I think Molly's quite reluctant to believe what Cyrus says because she isn't normally this lucky - but yes, they're getting married!

Thanks for an amazing review!

Sian :)

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Review #37, by Calypso Look Again: F.G.

19th May 2013:
Firstly, I've got to say what an awesome idea I think this is! I'm all for anything that shows different sides to characters, and this certainly did that!

I thought you got into Greyback's head perfectly, and actually managed to make his actions seem logical, if not sympathetic. It seemed very realistic that his violence would be motivated by his own loneliness and loss. I loved the way you had him compare himself with Lupin, as their experiences of lycanthropy are certainly very different! And you raised the very interesting question of whether werewolves are better off being outcasts in normal, magical society like Lupin, or embracing their wolfishness, like Fenrir...

And your Dementors were absolutely chilling! They really gave me the creeps. I sort of like to think that the Ministry would have stopped using Dementors after Voldemort's defeat, but it did work very well with your story... I loved the horrible irony that he only admitted that he had a heart moments before it was taken from him...

A brilliant insight into a usually maligned character! I really enjoyed this :)


Author's Response: I'm glad you like the exposure of the other sides of the characters - I definitely do too, hence this little mini-collection! :)

The contrast between Fenrir and Remus was definitely fun to play upon, because it shows just how much outside interactions can shape a person's character.

Yes, that irony was fun. Irony is seriously one of my favourite literary elements, so I love incorporating it whenever I can!

Thanks for the review!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #38, by Calypso One Crazy Moment: Three Little Words

19th May 2013:
Aw! This story makes me smile so much!

I love the way you write Molly and Campbell's conversations- there's something easy and comfortable about them, even when they're teasing each other. It was interesting to find out a bit more about Cyrus' past with the band and everything, and I think I like him even more for the fact that he not only wasn't taken in by the celebrity lifestyle, but that he chose to do something worthwhile (if a little crazy!) afterwards.

There were some hilarious moments in this chapter- the "patients from St Mungos with irremovable Rictusempra" made me laugh, as does pretty every one of Molly's references to her family. You certainly manage to show why she finds them difficult, but I liked that showed them as not all insufferable, with the bit about Dominique covering for her.

And Molly and Campbell's little romantic moments are so cute! You write them really well :) The way he told her that he loved her was perfect, I thought- all spontaneous, and unprompted and heartfelt. I can't wait to read on!


Author's Response: Hi Bethany!

This is the 50th review on this story! Thank you so much! *Happy dance*

I'm really glad you're enjoying this. I wanted to write a romantic story without it being too sappy and over-the-top, and I hope I managed it. I've never tried writing humour before either, so it's great to know that it seems to have worked!

Cyrus doesn't really care for the celebrity lifestyle, even though it gave him access to a lot of things. I think that's one of the reasons they fit so well. I'm pleased you like the way I write their romantic moments! I was so worried about writing the "I love you" scene and I wanted it to come across as in-character and natural.

Thank you for another fantastic review, and I hope you carry on reading!

Sian :)

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Review #39, by Calypso One Crazy Moment: Taking Risks

18th May 2013:

She said yes to him! (Well sort of!)
I love Molly's insistence about it not being date- it seemed very in character and really made me laugh! I like Cyrus as well; he seems like such a nice guy, and I was pleased that he didn't pay any attention to that waitress :P

I liked how you highlighted the fact that Molly and Campbell both have the same problem with being recognised all the time- it was a nice thing that draws them together, and you handled it pretty subtly. Molly's awkwardness and bluntless are not only endearing, but also pretty relatable. I imagine that Campbell doesn't encounter many girls who feel sorry for him!

I'm quite curious about Molly's friend Felicity, and hoping that we'll get to meet her soon? It's clever, the way you've mentioned her without us actually encountering her yet, so we feel her presence in Molly's life without having seen her properly yet...

And another great ending- one that really makes me want to read on! I can't wait to find out where Campbell and Molly are headed...!

Another great chapter! Well done!


Author's Response: Hi again!

There was no way Molly was going to admit to herself that she was on a date, because then she might have to face the consequences! Even though I wrote this, I took great pleasure in the fact Campbell ignored the waitress, just like Molly did. :P

I'm so happy you saw the similarities between them, even though they're such different people - I wanted to show they might have more in common than they first thought. The filter between Molly's brain and mouth doesn't always work, which explains the comment about feeling sorry for him. But it makes a nice change for Campbell to meet someone who is honest with him.

You're the first person to pick up on Felicity being mentioned in this chapter! Despite how awkward Molly is, she has to have some friends, right? As for whether you get to meet her, you'll just have to read on and find out...

Thanks for another brilliant review, and I hope you get the chance to continue reading and letting me know what you think - I've really enjoyed reading your thoughts!

Sian :)

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Review #40, by Calypso One Crazy Moment: The Interview

18th May 2013:
Hey there!

This was such a great first chapter. I already love Molly! She has such a distinct voice and I'm immensely enjoying her no-nonsense-ness (is that a word?), and her dry, understated kind of humour. She seems very much Percy's daughter, but not at all in a bad way!

I think it's really original to have a Weasley who's not super close to every single cousin, although having said that, I did like the way her relationship with Charlie was portrayed.

Haha Molly's collegues made me laugh! Your description of how everyone in the office was trying to act so cool when Campbell came in was hilarious, as was Molly's sort of disdain for it all! You've certainly shown what a strong character she is here- when she turned down his proposal, despite him being a sexy a rock star, I was like "you tell him, girl!" at the screen! :P

That said, he does seem like a genuinely nice guy from what we've seen of him- Dragon handling seems like an interesting job for an ex-rockstar- I'm hoping we'll get to find out what prompted the change? He seems like he could be someone good for Molly, maybe being a bit more outgoing and spontaneous...?

And I do love a bit of a cliffhanger! I suppose I'll just have to go read on to find out what she'll say!


Author's Response: Hi Bethany!

I'm so pleased you love Molly - I do too! She was such a fun character to write. There are definitely elements of Percy in her, but she's not completely the same.

I've always thought that in such a big family someone must have felt left out, and I see that as Molly in this story.

The way people react to celebrities is hilarious sometimes, and I wanted to use that here. Molly's not at all that sort of person, and when she has a job to do she's completely focused no that, so Campbell didn't have much chance persuading her to give him his own way.

Campbell is a genuinely nice guy, even if he comes across as quite arrogant at times. He's certainly very different to Molly, and he could very well be good for her!

Thanks for a fantastic review!

Sian :)

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Review #41, by Calypso The Girl from Slytherin : The Slytherin Boys

18th May 2013:
Hey there!

I love the blend of humour and tension in this chapter. The way that your characters can be discussing Quidditch one minute, and joining up as Death Eaters the next is brilliant, and feels totally natural. I'm enjoying all the different dynamics you're setting up amongst the different groups of Slytherins, and I'm sure they'll come to be very interesting later in the story! So far, you've done a wonderful job of making typically unsympathetic characters into real, 3D people- partly good, partly not-so-good, just like anyone else. The part with the House Elf was a good example of this.

I like the way you write Tor and her friends- it feels very comfortable. The way they treat Voldemort issues with a kind of fear and curiosity mixed with bravado feels perfect, and very realistic... and ohmygosh Voldemort on a broomstick! What an image!
By the way it's nice to read a female character with guy friends who aren't all in love/ in awe of her! And their conversations do make me laugh!

Tor's mother sounds wonderful! Her letter made me laugh out loud- especially the bit at the end about choosing an acceptable partner! I imagine Tor has quite a force to contend with at home with a Death Eater father and such a forceful mother and father!

Ooh and she gets on with Slughorn...? I can actually see Astoria as being good at potion-making somehow! I look forward to seeing how that will pan out...!

There were a few little typos I noticed in this- I think there was a missing apostrophe somewhere and the odd spelling slip-up... maybe have another read through and iron those out?

Overall I thought this was a great chapter. I simply adore how you manage to bring across the contrasts in this story- between comedy and anxiety, between anticipation and fear... Great job!


Author's Response: Hi there! :)

I'm glad you liked the story, and that the characters are coming across as realistic. I definitely tried to blend being serious and silly, and to show that despite their strict beliefs they really are just impressionable teenagers. It's wonderful to know that the characters seem dynamic, and neither good or evil but somewhere in between, just like everyone is! :)

I thought Voldy playing Quidditch was just too silly as well. He's so independent, he would probably play every position at once, or just use dark magic on the other team. :P

It's great that you enjoyed Tor's mother as well! You're right, their house would certainly be full of many big personalities! I think since Tor's dad isn't known to be a DE, and because she's good at talking people up, that Slughorn would take a liking to her!

Thank you so much for this really lovely review, it was a real pleasure to read! I really appreciate all your thoughts on the story! :D

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Review #42, by Calypso Acanthus: Spectrum

13th May 2013:
Here from review tag!

This is such an original idea for a story! I love the idea of Rose as a journalist, and her investigation certainly sounds intriguing...

I'm enjoying your characterisation of Rose already. It feels very realistic to me, that some of the Weasleys would feel overshadowed by their family, and as if they had a lot to live up to, and you brought across Rose's feelings really well here. I also like her dedication to her work (there was something pleasantly Hermione-ish about it!), and it seemed to fit with what we know so far of her personality. I also really liked that she hated her red hair- again, it seems to fit her character, and it makes a change from every Weasley/Potter having perfect long red tresses!

"Gnome fancy dress competitions!"- that bit really made me giggle!

Another thing I loved were your descriptions of good ol' British wet weather! The metaphor with the "pellets of rain" and "artillery fire" was particularly perfect.

The only bit of CC I would bring up, is that her friends appeared a bit quickly and numerously- it made it hard to keep track of them, and it might have been good if you'd told us a little bit about them when they were introduced so that they were more than just names?

And that little teaser about Scorpius at the end! It definitely makes me want to read on! I think that this could be turn into a great story, and I really enjoyed reading the beginning of it! :)


Author's Response: I'm glad that you loved it. I thought it might be a bit too original as I hadn't had that much response on it, but yay that it isn't!

I'm glad that you liked Rose's characterisation, as I was worried that I may have made her have too much of an inferiority complex. I thought it would be fun to make her someone who didn't completely fit in with the Weasley theme, as it's done so much and I get bored of it!

Haha I loved including that bit too! Yup I have far too much experience than I would like to have with it, so I'm glad that you liked it and the metaphor :')

Yeah I thought I had rushed it a little as well, but they do pop up again so I'll go back and add in some more info so they're not just blurs.

Haha, I'm glad that you liked the teaser it was fun to include :D Thank you for this great review and I hope it lives up to your expectations!


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Review #43, by Calypso The Girl from Slytherin : The Beginning

13th May 2013:
Review Tag!

A very intriguing beginning! It's so fascinating to read the Hogwarts era from the point of view of the "bad guys," so to speak, and you do a great job of making them into likable, even relatable characters. You really manage to capture a sense of community among the Pureblood characters, which I liked, as I imagine them to be quite a close-knit group.

There was this brilliant contrast between their everyday, teenage concerns- about Quidditch and missing their friends- and the concerns about the Dark Lord. It was pretty chilling to here all the Pureblood-superiority stuff coming from the mouths of fourteen-year-olds, but I guess they don't know any better...

One thing that confused me a little bit was why she's Tor Yaxley and not Tor Greengrass? Maybe you could explain that at some point? Tor is a great nickname for Astoria though, by the way!

Ooh and the bit at the end with Malfoy was spooky! I'm hoping that he's going to be part of this story, even though Tor doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of him! That last paragraph or so was beautifully written- you brought across the tension and uncomfortable-ness of the situation absolutely perfectly!

Another great chapter! Well done!


Author's Response: Hi! Nice to see you back!

I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far! It's really fun to write Hogwarts era, and both easier and challenging since JKR has already laid out the plot foundations and I've been trying to fit Tor's experiences around those events. It's great to hear you like the characterization so far, and that they're coming across as relatable and human.

I think it's chilling too! And they sort of think of the DE stuff with a certain amount of detachment, and yes have a contrast between their ordinary teen lives and pureblood ideals.

Yeah, I gave her Yaxley as a father, but she goes by her mother's last name. It's explained a bit better in the upcoming chapters, but I was worried that it was a little confusing and that I should clear it up here. So thanks for pointing that out!

Malfoy does have a big role in the story, though he's not really one of the main characters. I'm glad you liked his appearance, and he does grow on her! :)

Thank you so much for this lovely review!!! :)

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Review #44, by Calypso The Worst: More Bad News

7th May 2013:
Hey there! I'm here with your fourth review from the swap! And may I say how much I've enjoyed reading your story :)

I've got to admit that I had to read this through a second time, because the first time I kept sort of skimming ahead to find out what the awful news was going to be! -you kept up the tension really well, and I was actually dying to find out.

I was also very relieved that her and Teddy ended up okay! They seem like such a perfect couple, the way they deal with each other's faults, and the way the don't have to say anything for the other one to understand... it's so sweet. And I'll bet it's good for Dominique to know that whatever happens, Teddy'll be there :) Also, the "two-way conversation in which you listen to them with your full attention and respond as appropriate" bit made me laugh a lot!

I'm glad that she's connecting a bit more with Victoire and Fleur too. She's lucky to have such a supportive family. Are Bill and Louis' attitudes going to be a part of this?

Another thing you did really well was the medical jargon. Your Healer actually sounded pretty professional, and it was good that you explained properly why she's unable to have children, instead of just going "because she can't!" so well done for that.

I CAN'T DEAL WITH YOUR CLIFFHANGERS. :P I'm already desperate to know what decision she's gonna have to make. I have a horrible feeling that she might already be pregnant and not know yet, but I don't know... Either way, I can't wait to find out!

This was another very tense, very well-written chapter! I've really enjoyed swapping with you, and I'll be watching out for updates on this! :)


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing again! I am glad you enjoyed my story!

Haha, naughty you xP I am pleased the tensed atmosphere worked though.

Yes, Teddy is amazing ain't he? It's good to know you're liking my OTP!

Um Louis is not exactly a part of my story *hides* I kind of forgot him... sorry! We'll definitely see some Bill-Dominique time =)

Ah it's a relief to hear that you liked the medical jargon. I worked really hard in making it sound believable, thanks.

Haha I love cliffhangers. The next chapter is in the works, but with exams and all, I am finding it hard to make time for writing. However, I'll definitely update before the end of May and I am pleased that you look forward to updates.


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Review #45, by Calypso The Worst: Reflecting and Brooding

6th May 2013:
Hello again! Third review time!

Ahh I love Teddy so much! The flashback was the cutest thing- Dominique's life does seem to have been pretty idyllic before the events of this story! I'm also glad that you explained the Victoire/Teddy situation as I had wondered what their attitude to each other was. As it is, it seems to have worked about pretty well for all of them :)

You seem to have Dominique's emotional state down to a T. That feeling crying until you don't think you cry anymore, that kind of simmering hysteria, the blankness of her future- it all seems completely appropriate and you convey it very effectively. Aside from

Delilah Jones (another awesome name!) piques my curiosity- she seems very capricious, and it was almost spooky, the way she changed from all concerned and motherly, to busisnesslike and demanding in a matter of moments. I really liked her at first, when she told Dominique she could have her job back, and seemed really to sympathise, but I'm not so sure about her now! Either way I certainly hope to see more of her!

And what a cliffhanger to leave us on! So far you've been fantastic at keeping up the tension, so I'm now dying to find out what Teddy's got to say to her!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks again for reading and reviewing. Sorry for late responses.

I am pleased you liked Teddy and enjoyed the flashback. Yeah I didn't want any complications between them!

Aw I am glad that you think I have done well on Dom's emotional state, thanks.

I just came up with Delilah's name on a whim but thanks! She is weird yes, and there's definitely more of her =)

I am glad you like the whole tension and such, thanks.

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Review #46, by Calypso The Worst: The Worst Had Happened

6th May 2013:
Hey there- here with your second review!

I feel so bad for Dom! It was especially sad to have her not remember what happened at first- it seemed to make the reality all the more crushing. The description of the hospital as "clean and sterile but not quite familiar" was perfect. A minor nitpick is that I think "Healer" is meant to be capitalised?

I thought that her family's reactions were all very realistic. Fleur and Victoire seem quite similar at the moment in the way they found it hard to deal with, and Bill seems very in character, trying to comfort everyone. And ohmygod Teddy is just the sweetest! It was so lovely how he was trying to comfort her, and I get exactly why she pushed him away, but I still feel sorry for him!
And moving onto Dominique, I thought you captured her emotions brilliantly- the grief, then the anger, then the awful flatness. The bit where she screamed at Victoire was especially poignant.

A very emotionally fraught chapter, but another good one! I hope that Dominique can learn to deal with her new identity somehow :/


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing. I apologise for how slow I am in responding to your lovely reviews.

I am pleased that Dom's emotions came through easily in the narrative, and that you liked the description of the hospital. Yes uh that's a typo maybe, I'll look into it.

I am glad you liked her family's reaction, and that they seemed in character. Teddy is awesome isn't he? I love him =P

Its great to hear that you think I did justice to Dom's emotions as well, thanks.

Thank you for all your kind words!

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Review #47, by Calypso The Worst: Dreading The Worst

6th May 2013:
Hello there! Here with your first review for the review swap :)

This was a fantastic beginning! I loved the tension and mystery of it, and the way you threw the reader into the action right away! I really wanted to read on and find out why Dominique was so afraid... You also do a great job of describing the spooky forest, and the storm- I could just see it in my mind!

This is a really original idea for a story- I don't think I've ever read anything like this before. I liked how you pointed out Dominique's connections to werewolves, with Bill's scarring and Teddy's dad- I'd never thought of that before. I also thought that you did a great job of explaining Dominique's attitude to werewolves. I'm hoping that we'll get to meet some of them in later chapters?

I was genuinely on the edge of my seat when the werewolves were approaching the cottage. You captured her fear perfectly in that last paragraph- the bit when she screamed was just chilling!

One thing I wasn't quite sure about was why there was an anti-apparation zone around the cottage? Maybe explain that a little more?

Anyway, a really gripping start- great job! I can't wait to read on!

-Bethany :)

By the way, Cannock Chase Forest is a great name! :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

I am glad you found this a good beginning and enjoyed all the tension and mystery, and the action. I am pleased you liked my descriptions too, thanks.

Wow, original really? thank you, it means a lot to me. I always wondered how Bill's kids would react to their father's scars so this was just an extension of that wondering xP And of course, Remus' stories too. We'll meet a werewolf or two, in about chapter five or six ;)

Its great to hear that you think I captured the whole fear perfectly, and that you liked the end. Hmm many reviewers have pointed that out, so I think I'll explain it when I edit, or you may find an explanation in future chapters - around chapter five or six!

Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments, and yes Cannock Chase Forest is awesome eh xD

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Review #48, by Calypso The Girl from Slytherin : Prologue

5th May 2013:
Review Tag!

Oooh this was really chilling!
I love how you plunged the reader straight into the story. A trap I often fall into is over-explaining everything, so it was great to read a story where you just get to work everything out for yourself, and I could just picture the scene, even without you having to explain every little detail.

The tension was also portrayed beautifully in this, and I'm dying to find out more about Astoria and the boy, and the other Death Eaters...! Using the present tense for this is a great touch, because it feels so immediate and so really- I can definitely sympathise with your main character.

Another thing I loved was the contrast between the violence and the close-knit, almost familial sense of the Death Eaters and Astoria. Like how Nott uses a nickname for her, but is ready to kill this boy who is about the same age as her... it's all very sinister!

Something I would recommend sorting out is your spacing- there are quite big gaps between your paragraphs which makes it feel a bit disjointed and kind of interrupts the flow- just something to think about.

And the ending was great! You raise so many intriguing questions, which I'm desperate to discover answers to! I can see this turning into a brilliantly dramatic story! :)


Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you liked the action of this chapter, your feedback is really great to hear! It's great that you felt the tension and are curious to read more! I've found that writing in first person seems to always come out in present tense for some reason, so I'm glad to hear that it works for the story and adds to the immediacy of the chapter! :)

I'm so glad you liked the contrast between the dark DEs and their connections with each other, it's a huge theme throughout my whole story so great to hear it came across well in this introduction!

Ahh, the spacing on this chapter just refuses to cooperate! :( I shall be trying again to fix it soon, though.

Thank you so much for this lovely review!!! :)

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Review #49, by Calypso Astoria's Apothecary (We Found Love): She was his redemption.

5th May 2013:
Here from the Ravenclaw Review Battle!

This is one of the cutest fics I've read in a while, and bearing in mind, I'm not very hot on Rihanna, that's pretty impressive! (I do love a good Draco/Astoria though :) )

First off, I loved your Astoria- she seemed so sweet. I liked her shyness in the first scene at Slug Club where she was hiding behind her hair- that was a lovely little detail, and her concern about Draco seemed veyr human right through this piece. I've never imagined them getting together at Hogwarts, but you really made it work, with Astoria's quieter personality. I enjoyed her passion for Potions as well- maybe you could work that into the narrative a little more?
On the subject of characterisation, I also loved your Narcissa. I've always sort of hoped that she'd find some way to move on after the battle, especially after she's saved Harry's life, so I think her gesture here is a great way of showing that and very original.

Your writing also flowed really nicely, and the time jumps didn't seem to interrupt it at all. I sort of liked the effect they created, like we were seeing a series of snapshots from the couple's lives...

I also liked how you used the song, especially at the end with the repetition of "We found love in a hopeless place"- that was really effective! And Astoria's Apothecary is just the most awesome name for a shop- I now want to go there! It was a lovely way of ending a great piece of writing- with all the safety, and security and hope for the future that it seemed to represent :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet review- I'm so glad you like this story. I'm a bit skeptical of Narcissa handing over the Manor just like that, and I do think she has an ulterior motive, though I wasn't sure if I should weave that in, or just leave it fluffy and upbeat.
I'm a fan of alliteration, and so Astoria's Apothecary just felt right- I'm glad you like the name :)
Thanks again for your amazing review- it totally made my day!

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Review #50, by Calypso A Brief Description on Life as a Ghoul: My Long Awaited Opportunity

21st April 2013:
Saw this on recently added and couldn't resist :P

This was one of the funniest things I've read in a while! I laughed out loud while I was reading it. I think it's an amazingly original idea- it's one of those myriad things that one doesn't think much of in the books, until some author makes a whole story out of it and you're convinced that that must have been how it happened!

The ghoul had such a strong personality which really came across, and all his dreams about going to RADA were hilarious. I loved his reflections on his cousin Dorothy too :P You created such a perfect voice for him- he felt very real even though we're not with him for long, and it was brilliant to see everything through his eyes!

I loved the ghoul's perspective on the Weasley family. Although we only see them through the ghoul's eyes, they all seemed very in character which is pretty impressive! It was also great to hear his side of the story on the wailing and rattling pipes- one of my favourite bits was his attempt to do the 1812 Overture.

And the part with his "wardrobe" and "make-up!" It really made me giggle. Poor Ron- the ghoul doesn't seem to think very highly of him!

This was a very funny, very unique one-shot, and I really enjoyed reading it! I'm gonna start campaigning for that ghoul to get his Academy Award :P


Author's Response: Haha I'm glad that I managed to convince you it happened. I'm not even sure how this idea formed, but I just got thinking about the ghoul, and I wanted to write about him and this seemed to be the only way I could fit him in!

I'm glad that his personality came across as I think that's thing I struggle with most when writing a story. Yes, his views are rather strange, and I think that's why I had so much fun writing him as they were so unexpected!

I'm glad that the characters were canon, as the Weasley family are special to me, so I wanted to do them proud! Classical music for the win, I was tempted to make him a Bleiber for the reaction, then I realised that he wasn't around then :(

Yeah I didn't imagine that Ron and the ghoul would get along. I love you Ron so it's ok!

I'm glad that you're campaigning as he could win in 2014 then! Thank you for this lovely review,

-Kiana :D

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