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Review #1, by SidnaSmile And Smile...: Chapter One.

22nd September 2012:
This is awesome! This type of story is now rare...
Complete with good grammar, good storyline, good diction, and lack of disgusting "Twilight" love.
I've seen some others where Hermione falls in love with Draco. It's disgusting.
I loved your story.
Do you live in Great Britain?

Author's Response: Well, thank you very much! It's very nice to receive an unexpected review like this.

Draco and Hermione stories, or 'Dramione' are pretty popular, but I'm not a fan of it personally.

I am from the UK, yes... could you tell? :)

Thanks again for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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Review #2, by SidnaAlbus Potter and the Monster in the Dungeon: Departing from the Potters

11th April 2012:
Who masqueraded as me earlier?!?
Anyways: Good work, son. Good work, Jason. Your grand-daddy here.
Crap is American, not British. Go To The Lavatory is British. Watch your language. Don't use American curse words like crap. Use d***.

Author's Response: Why damn instead of crap? It's stupid... And why are you telling me this? I might be abandoning this story...

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