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Review #1, by HappyMollyWeasleyThe Great Society: Reassignment

6th March 2016:
Hi! This is Molly from the forums, reviewing for the HPFF Review-A-Thon.

Wow, this was a really dark story, and I believe it couldn't have been easy to write something with that prompt. When I first started reading I found it unbelievable that the Death Eaters would turn against women, seeing that there was quite a few female Death Eaters, but when I started thinking about it it made sense after all. Misogyny is often paired with racism, homophobia and other intolerance, so it's not as unlikely as I first thought.

It's also an all to real reference to the real world, where there are strong dark forces working against feminism and equal rights. That's what makes your story so scary.

I like that you showed Severus's feelings here, and I loved the reference to Lily. It must have been utterly hard for him to choose between the things he has to do (in order to keep everyone convinced that he belonged to Voldemort), and the things he knew were right and wanted to do. To do bad things, knowing the consequences, just because he knew it would be the right thing in the long run, must have been hurting him mote than we could imagine. I think you did a great job describing this with this story.


Author's Response: Voldemort didn't care about whether you were male or female, rather if you had power or not. Blood purity was beside the point. He only uses the Ministry and his Death Eaters to secure his own immortality. However, the Death Eaters strongly believes in having a more 'traditional Wizarding society', i.e, no Muggleborns and the gradual purging of all Muggle blood from Britain and the wider world.

So I took it a step further with this fic and said "If Voldemort truly got a hold of the legislative power, would he not placate his inner circle by passing these measures?"

Thank you for reviewing, Molly. This was a hard prompt and a hard write.

HappyMollyWeasley Writing! ( :P )
Professor McGonagall

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Review #2, by HappyMollyWeasleyNine Years: December 25th, 1994

5th March 2016:
Hi! This is Molly from the forums, reviewing for the HPFF fundraising Review-A-Thon.

I how I love this chapter! I like the idea of Lee going to the ball with Katie as a friend, and I also find it very likely that she wasnít asked by other boys because she was Oliverís girlfriend. They seem to be good friends too.

One thing I didnít expect with this story is that the chapters are are not chronological. Somehow it adds making the story special, which I actually think it is. This ship is unusual (but Iím prepared to adopt it as head canon!), and the fact that we see a Lee who has lots of doubts about himself, and who is very aware of the size of his body also makes this original.

I think it was a good choice to include the Yule Ball in this story, and the way you explain why Fred asked Angelina, but George really was the one interested in her also justifies the George/Angelina ship we know is canon, but which sometimes has been a trouble for me to understand because I shipped Fred/Angelina before.

The dance! The dance!!! It was the sweetest thing ever, and it makes me all warm and fuzzy! Iím so happy they got this special moment together!


Author's Response: Thank you Molly! Your reviews always make me smile so much.

I wasn't really sure about this chapter - I loved writing Katie but found the rest of it quite tricky to write. I'm really glad you think it worked.

Lots of love xx

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Review #3, by HappyMollyWeasleyBeat It: Appleby Arrows v Caerphilly Catapults

1st March 2016:
Hi Tammi!

Itís Molly here again! I love how smoothly and well written this story is. Each chapter just follows the last one without any disturbing side notes or subplots. Youíre telling the story right forward, and I think it's perfect for this kind of story.

Quidditch games are hard to write (I actually avoid writing them as much as possible, because I never get it rightÖ), but I think you did a good job in this chapter. Itís not easy to describe what's happening without sounding like a sports reporter. The way you tell us about Roxanneís feelings here makes the Quidditch game come alive here.

But my favourite part of this story has to be the Weasley part! Theyíre all great! And I can feel myself blushing along with Roxanne because of the flowers and the card. Turner doesn't give up, does he?

I found a small typo, a sentence which has been accidentally broken into two: ďYears and years ago the Appleby Arrows had shot real arrows after they had won, but due to some nasty accidents. They werenít allowed to use real arrows.Ē


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Review #4, by HappyMollyWeasleyBeat It: Do you want to put a bet on that?

26th February 2016:

It's Molly again. Wow, Jason doesn't give up, does he? Personally I'm not very attracted to that kind of obnoxious flirting guys who doesn't know when to stop, but it seems like his charm (?) really works on Roxanne... His flirting is really a bit over the top with all his insinuations and cheesy lines.

I loved the bit with Ron and George. Weasly family things are always awesome!

Is this a spinoff from another story or part of a storyverse? I'll have to check that! The story about Albus and Fred and the girl sounds like something like that I suppose.

I'll keep reading! :)


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Review #5, by HappyMollyWeasleyBeat It: The morning after

20th February 2016:
Hi again!

So, it was quite a party last nightÖ Poor girls having those hangovers, although they should know better, I suppose. Running laps wouldn't be my first choice in that situation.

The team mates are already aware of Turner, and is teasing Roxanne about him. My guess is that weíll se a lot more of that.

Itís always a treat to come home to your parents, and to be like a child for a while, being fed with homemade food and to do those familiar things like gardening. Iíd love some macaroni and cheese too, to be honest! I love the warm family feeling youíre showing in this chapter.


Author's Response: Molly! :D *hugs*

Oh yes, quite a big party! They really should have known better when it comes to drinking before their practice.

I agree! There's nothing like going back and being fed by your parents. Haha me too!!

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #6, by HappyMollyWeasleyBeat It: Beat It

13th February 2016:
Hi Tammi!

It's Molly from the forums with the first review of our swap. :)

I like this first chapter, which draws me into your story. I expecially like that it starts right away, in meditas res, without making me feel lost which could happen at times. Roxanne seems like a cool character, and Violet too. Jason seems to be quite sure about himself, judging from his way to speak to Roxanne. But I trust you to give him other qualities too later on... It's nothing wrong with a fling with someone good-looking I suppose, but I wish for more for a lovely girl as Roxanne. ;)

I like your style of writing which feels very natural, and easy to follow. The pace was perfect; I think it's super that you allowed this scene to stretch through all of the first chapter, but without making it too slow.

I'll keep reading! :)


Author's Response: Hello Molly!!

I wanted to have a beginning that wasn't like any other I had written, and I liked to imagine that they're like footballers, going to award shows and stuff.

Oh Jason, he's such a cheesy guy, but I like to think it's because he's around Roxanne. :D It certainly gets her attention.

Thank you so much, hun!

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Review #7, by HappyMollyWeasleyHaunted: X

7th February 2016:
Hi Anja!

Itís Molly again. :)

I love the way youíre telling this story, direct and straightforward. Hagridís story is a sad one, and reading this makes me wonder where all the wonderful Hagrid stories areÖ Or did I just not notice them, because itís not my usual type of (next gen romance) story?

Anyway, you did a great job writing this. I feel strongly for this young Hagrid, who is much in character with his kind and caring way. He never meant to hurt anyone, and he always did what he thought was right.

Iím glad he has found a friend in Colleen, because he sure need someone, and we donít know much from canon about his friends. He seems to be a lonely person, apart from being friends with the trio. I wonder what happened to Colleen later in life? Actually, if I should be a little critics I would say that she is introduced, but then not much more. I would have loved to read a little more about her and Rubeus!

Oh, DumbledoreÖ He knew all along (because he knows most things at Hogwarts, I suppose), but doesn't intertwine. What if he had taken the spider away? Would Hagrid still had been accusedÖ?


Author's Response: Oh, God, Molly. I'm so sorry. This week suddenly got so busy and I totally forgot all about the reviews I still owe you. I know how frustrating it is to have to wait for reviews, I'm really, really sorry. I'll get to them tonight, I promise.

Unfortunately, there aren't many Hagrid stories around, but I hope people will fix this mistake and write all the Hagrid stories. He's a great character and deserves to have his stories told.

I actually don't know a lot about Colleen. I'd love to explore her character a bit more, but in this story, she's just something I simply had to put in because I couldn't stand the sadness of it all.

Dumbledore's ways are a mystery to us all. I wish he had intervened earlier.

Thank you for the swap (I promise I'll get to it tonight).

♥ Anja

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Review #8, by HappyMollyWeasleyConstant Vigilance: Nymphadora

6th February 2016:
Hi Anja!

Itís Molly again, back for the second review of our swap. Although this time Iím writing as my self instead of Molly WeasleyÖ ;)

Wow! You're awesome in drawing up a character and a story set in just a few lines! This story, although very short, shows that youíve got a lot of talent. You allow us right into the mind of Tonks, letting us see all her uncertainties and her flaws, and the tension you build up here is almost palpable. It must be very scary indeed to come home to a flat that smells and feels different to what it did when she left. I would have been scared to death if it was me!

Iíve never before thought about this ship. I have to admit that the ship disturbs me a little, because of the age differenceÖ But they're both adults, so I will manage. Itís not up to me to decide who Tonks falls in love with anyway, and who knows, maybe this ship will grow on me now when Iíve discovered its existence?


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Review #9, by HappyMollyWeasleyNine Years: November 1st, 1991

6th February 2016:

This is Molly with a review for the Gryffindor Review Battle, Team Red!

Oh, I love this story so much, and it felt great returning to it. Your Lee is a wonderful person, and I love how he interacts with Fred (and George). Having read your first chapter, and keeping that sadness in mind when reading the rest of your story makes this more powerful and important.

I love how George and Fred, and Alicia too, sticks together to help Lee when heís being bullied. Thatís very much in character, because Fred and George were not only pranksters, but also very compassionate and often taking care of others too. Snape, on the other hand, is as bad as alwaysÖ

Lee must be brave asking Cedric Diggory out, seeing that Cedric was handsome and popular. But as much as I feel sorry for him being rejected, Iím rooting for Lee and Fred now (actually to the point where I might adapt this as head canon!), so Iím a bit glad he didn't start dating CedricÖ Evil me.

The part with the Maraudersí map is great too! I love how it helps comforting Lee! That part of the chapter is funny, and it feels comforting and reassuring, because we know that Lee will feel alright again.


Author's Response: Molly! Thank you for all your lovely lovely comments. I'm so glad you're still liking the story.

I think Fred and George would never have been able to stand back while Snape was bullying someone, even if it wasn't their best friend. But then they can't let it go because it's Lee.

Haha the Cedric thing was kind of an afterthought, but I wanted to show how Lee's grown since his first year and I think his asking out popular, older Cedric is a mark of his growing confidence. But yeah, they were never really going to happen.

Thanks for another lovely review! Emma x

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Review #10, by HappyMollyWeasleyForever in my Heart: Molly

6th February 2016:
Hello dear!

I was most surprised to find a story written from my own point of view on your authorís page, so of course I had to choose that one! But I have to say that it was with mixed feelings, and much doubts I started reading, because reading about that day brings up lots of sad feelings and anxieties in my heart and mind. My boggart used to a dead loved one, and yes, the hardest thing in life. Losing a child rips the heart into pieces.

I started reading, and youíve really done a great job in telling it from my point of view. (Did you ďborrowĒ my journal or something?) I remember fighting for my life, and for my family's lives too. Oh, how naÔve of me to think I could manage to do so without dark spells. But that was before, and now itís after.

But I do want to correct you at one thing: I was worrying about Percy too. When I knew one of my loved ones were hurt, I thought of Percy too. Sure, I didnít know at the time that he was in the battle, but it was wartime, and I had all my children in my heart on every given moment. Percy, my sweet little boy, who always did what he thought right.

One thing you did get right what that I knew in my heart that the worst had happened. I felt Fred dying, and that pain in my chest has never again left. Itís still there, but as the years have passed it has become a part of me.

And you were right about that if there was one thing worse than losing a child, it was losing one of two twins, because that also meant the cruelty of leaving George alone. My darling George, who has never been totally whole again. My poor baby boys.

That day was the worst in my life, and youíve captured it so wellÖ Hearing Ginnyís scream when she thought Harry was dead, and youíre right about how confused I felt because I knew that I would feel it in my heart if he had died tooÖ And the relief knowing that he survived. I couldnít have take it if anyone more didn't survive.

But I have to ask youÖ How on Earth did you know about me and Lily, and our agreement to look after each otherís sons? The thought of her taking care of Fred makes it easier to cope. Because itís still hard, and I still feel numb and broken.

Thank you dear, for telling my story, and thank you for doing it so well! I have to read Lilyís story too now of course!

/Molly ;)

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Review #11, by HappyMollyWeasleyTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: The Secret of Kappaís Egg

5th February 2016:
Hi Kenny!

Itís Molly here, finallyÖ Iíve got some time off today, and hope to spend it reading, reviewing and writing. :)

Now we're talking!!! Even if I didnít know that you're from Japan I could tell from your writing that youíre very familiar with the surroundings. The scene in the temple, and the descriptions of it, and of Hana and Dogen are so vivid and they make me see the scene before my eyes.

I absolutely loved the reference to the Hungarian Horntail tattoo! Fabulous!

I also loved meeting Newt Scamander! I didnít think of the possibility for him to still be alive, but thatís a great plot idea. His house full of magical creatures sounds wonderful! I only wish Hagrid could visit tooÖ Newt seems to be sharp still, and I wonder what part heíll be playing in this story later on.

Now I canít wait until reading about Draco and Vincent, as well as reading about where those missing pages are, and more important, what was written on those pagesÖ


Author's Response: Hi, Molly! I really feel thankful that you stopped by here after your work.

Oh, your compliment gives me much power to keep writing. It's easier to write my country's nature and people. I guess you can write about your country's nature and people as well.

Writing about Hinny, you can write better than me but I did my best and the idea just popped in my head remembering the conversation among Ron, Ginny and Harry in the book 6.

Yeah, Newt Scamander will be dead at that time but I wanted to let him enter as the movie about him will be released soon. I enjoyed writing about him and the magical creatures.

If you keep reading, you'll see what will happen next. :)

Let's do review swap again!


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Review #12, by HappyMollyWeasleyNine Years: September 1st, 1989

17th January 2016:
Hi Emma!

Itís Molly with the review for our swap. (But I donít think Iíve got a chance to write a proper review, because I canít help myself from fangirling over this! I absolutely adore this story so far, and I canít bring myself to find anything critical to say about it.)

First I have to tell you that I normally donít like ďFirst Year SortingĒ stories, so then I understood that this would be the theme of this chapter I was a bit disappointed. But you did this brilliantly, and I really loved the chapter.

Leeís mother seems to love him dearly, and though I clearly see that she might be doing the wrong thing when encouraging to seek comfort in food, she's also great telling him to be proud of who he is, and that itís not a bad thing to be different. Thatís what Iím trying to teach my children too.

Tonks is wonderful, and I was delightfully surprised to meet her here. Sheís caring and funny, just like sheís supposed to be. Sheís totally in character here. Seeing her and Charlie, and Percy, through the eyes of Lee was both entertaining and cute. Percy is perfect too!

And now heís going to meet Fred and George. I feel as nervous as Lee at this point, not knowing if they're going to like each other or not. (I know that they will eventually, of course, but I donít know how their first meeting will be.)

ďHalf an apricot jam sandwichĒ! I love it! Thatís so much reminds me of Ron meeting Harry, and Iím sure itís intentional. The Weasley children have their own problems to deal withÖ I love their first meeting, and I can't wait for reading more! I have to read your story Nym too of course. (But unfortunately duty calls, so it wonít be right awayÖ)

Thanks for the swap, and thanks for sharing this great story with us! Please tell me if you would like another swap sometime!


Author's Response: Molly! Thanks for another lovely lovely review!

I don't much like Sorting stories either, and didn't actually plan this chapter until after I'd written lots of the others, but I wanted the first time Lee met Fred to stand out in his memories. It's a big moment for him and I couldn't resist writing it.

ALSO writing this meant I got an excuse to write Tonks and Charlie, who I loveee. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Lee's mother's difficult, because I didn't actually intend for her to be giving him food and encouraging an unhealthy relationship with food, but then that seemed very natural when I started writing it. I think you're right, she's very well intentioned and loves him a lot, but she's making the wrong choice here.

I wanted to make it reminiscent of Ron - I thought Molly probably sent all her sons off with disappointing sandwiches for their lunch on the train.

Thanks again for the swap, and for such a kind review.

Emma xx

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Review #13, by HappyMollyWeasleyTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Flight before Halloween

16th January 2016:
Hi Kenny!

Itís Molly againÖ Itís always nice to come back to this story. Iíve said it before, but I have to tell you once again that I think youíve done a great job in balancing the different plots and storylines here, as well as on keeping them work together. My personal favourites are the plot concerning the Hogwarts kids, and also the fairytale. Iím not (at least not so far?) as caught up in Harryís story. Thatís probably because I love reading about friendship and love, but not so much the mystery genre.

That being said, I also have to admit that I canít wait to read about Harry attending Lunaís partyÖ I think thatíll be interesting! I also enjoyed the moment with Harry and the kids in the Great Hall. Although short itís a father/son moment, so Iím not surprised you wrote it well! I also like that Harry seems to have put the old differences between him and Draco away, at least to some point. Draco seems more stubborn, and wonít trust Harry. And now Draco is in Japan! I have a feeling youíre going to make that part of the story extraordinary!

I love the Tengu story in this chapter. Itís beautifully written, and romantic too! I want to read more of that story!

Please tell me if you would like another swap once youíve got more chapters up!


Author's Response: Thank you Molly, for your encouragement. It may be categorized as AU depending on readers, but I tried not to be far away from the HP world.
I understand your feeling for mystery and your favourite genres. How about thinking like this; mystery takes a role as spice to friendship and love. You may feel friendship and love stronger with mystery. Just my opinion.

Talking of Luna's party, I tried my best. The next chapter will be up soon. I hope you'll enjoy the scene.

Yeah, the scene at the Great Hall is short but Harry is on mission, you know, he is hiding from public eyes and investigating the case. Yeah, I have to add more description at the scene from mystery approach. Thank you for pointing it out.
I tried writing Harry's care towards Scorpius. There may be spots to be added more later.

I'm happy to know you like the Tengu story. In my country's folklore, they are not so romantic at all but I blended it with Scottish folklore and naturally it turned to be romantic.

Yes, I'll offer review swap again. :)


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Review #14, by HappyMollyWeasleyAll the truth about Jimmy Portman: An unexpected guest

16th January 2016:
Hi Chiara!

Although I would like to see Jimmy confronting Peter, Iím kind of happy he didnít do it at Kingís Cross. It would be devastating to do such a thing in publicÖ One can argue that Peter isnít his real father, and that he truly belongs with the Potters. But Peter is the only family he has got, and heís the man who has been there for him all his life. I think he'll always be his father in that sense. Iím both curious and terrified for what that upcoming confrontation will bring.

I love Mary Pettigrew. Every scene with her so far have been full of emotions, and she has really been brought to life in the past chapters. Her son has been hiding a lot from her, apparently. It can't be easy for her to discover thing after thing she didn't know about him. I also like that sheís totally honest with her feelings. She doesnít have much in common with Peter in that way. She seems very brave, and has confidence in who she is. As I told you earlier, I really wish for Jimmy to meet her, and for them to find each other. She would need a loving grandson as much as he needs a grandma.

Thank you again for swapping with me, and please tell me if you would like to do it again sometime.


Author's Response: Hi again, Molly! :)

No, having that conversation in public isn't a good idea. It won't be funny when/if it'll take place... And I do agree with you. Peter is still the man who raised him and that will never change, whatever happens.

I must say that I like Mary a lot, too! It can't be simple to be Peter's mother... Yes, she is very honest with her feelings. I'm still not sure if/when/how she'll meet Jimmy. They would have a sweet relationship, I'm sure.

Thanks to you! I always love our swaps! :)
I'll let you know when I'll manage to do another one. Right now I'm really full to the brim...

Lots of love, hugs and kisses!

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Review #15, by HappyMollyWeasleyAll the truth about Jimmy Portman: In death of Silvia Lupin

16th January 2016:
Hi Chiara!

This is Molly again. Nobody can argue that Iím fast in reading and reviewingÖ.

I think it was great to compare Jimmyís curiosity with how James and Sirius once tried to make Remus confess. That was a good parallel, which both shows a bit of the background story, but also shows similarities between James and Jimmy.

Oh, poor Remus! Itís always terrible to know that a loved one is going to die. Although we all know that it's going to happen sooner or later, we never want to admit it or think about it until we are forced to do so.

The scene between Mary and Silvia is so beautiful, and so sad. Itís also very believable, and it makes me want to cry. This kind of moments make me emotionally involved with a story, so theyíre really important to my reading. Itís perfect, in itís heartbreaking way, to follow their interaction through playful nostalgic bantering, to forgiveness and to the final goodbye. Itís just like life itself, captured in these few paragraphs.

I also like the interaction between Remus and Mary. Iím glad she was there and that she could pass on the message. To hear that his motherís last words was about her love for him must, to some extent, be comforting in this sad situation.


Author's Response: Hi, Molly!
Finally here to answer your reviews (sorry for the lateness, I've really been terribly busy...)

Oh, I'm glad you liked the parallel! James and Jimmy do have a lot in common. By the way, I'm working (very slowly) at a sort of prequel centered on the relationship between Remus and Peter. If you're interested...

The death of a loved one is never easy to accept. It's always simpler to deny that is going to happen... Poor Remus, indeed... I'm always so cruel to him...

I'm glad you liked Mary and Silvia. To be honest I was really doubtful about how I wrote that scene, so I'm very happy to know that it made you feel so emotional (well... I'm sorry I made you cry...)

Yes, I suppose it was a little consolation for him. It was good for him to have Mary there. At least he wasn't completely alone.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! It really brightened my day! You are awesome!

All my love!

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Review #16, by HappyMollyWeasleyHarry's First Christmas: Harry's First Christmas

15th January 2016:
Hi Heather!

This is Molly from the forums, reviewing fort the Gryffindor Review Battle. I love Christmas stories, so I just had to read yours.

This was a mixture of different feelings and moods. Part of the story is really funny and cheerful, but knowing what's going to happen later makes it sad. I love how you have drawn parallels between Harry and Teddy. Harry will be the one who really can understand Teddy as he grows up.

Itís so sad to read this through Remusí eyes. He thinks about Harry who grew up as an orphan, and about his own child. Iím glad he doesnít know what we know about his future. The very last part of your story is the strongest in my opinion. It's so full of emotions.

I really like the point you are making about James and Lily changing their way of living because of Harry. They are wonderful parents, and although theyíve both been dedicated to the fight against Voldemort they now priorities Harry. BUT, and this is important to me, they are still involved in the fight, although in a different way. Because of the prophecy (which they might still be blissfully unaware of?) their part in the fight against Voldemort actually is loving and taking care of their son. This hurts me so much. And yet, itís so beautiful.

Oh, and wouldnít it be hilarious to see that picture of James and Remus!!! It would be the most amazing banner ever for this storyÖ :-D


Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing!
This really was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Since this was a Christmas story, I don't know how well I portrayed that they were still involved in the fight, but just the fact they're living life to the fullest despite Voldemort's threat, you're right, is beautifully sad.
It was great to write from Remus' point of view both in the past and "present" It gave him much more dynamic than we really see.

I've been lazy with the Banner requests, I probably should get on that at some point. It would be a great banner though :)

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Review #17, by HappyMollyWeasleyTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Freshwater Plimpies

13th January 2016:
Hi Kenny!

Iím back again (although later than I thoughtÖ). I like Neville in this story. Itís absolutely in character for him to have lunch in the greenhouse rather than wasting time on walking to the Great Hall.

Scorpius seems so compassionate, especially compared to Flint and the other Slytherin students. Iím glad he seems to befriend Albus and Rose, and that he dared to confide in them too.

Although I love reading references to canon events (like the Hippogriff for instance), I think you should carefully choose the right places to include them. Donít get me wrong here, I like reading them, but sometimes it takes the focus away from your own story. I actually didn't understand why the Hippogriff story was brought up here, or why the Buckbeat events made them change the curriculum. If it was up to me I would either elaborate or skip it altogether.

I liked the scene at the Scamanderís. Luna is a marvellous character, and I suppose her family would be very special. Rolf seems very enthusiastic too.

Iíll keep reading (but it's late now, so youíll have to wait for the next review.)


Author's Response: Thank you again, Molly!

Your advice is very helpful. I'll edit about the scene of Hippogriff later.

As Kevin's advice is always in my mind, I try not to write easy good relationship among new trio, Rose, Albus and Scorpius. So I tried to add twists and turns till they get friends each other.

I always have a vision where Neville works in the greenhouse so you could catch my image, I'm very happy.

I enjoyed writing about Scamander and Luna. It's hard sometimes to create new relationship and characters. But the authors on the forums including you are doing great job on your stories, so I tried hard as you. I'll be back to yours as well.


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Review #18, by HappyMollyWeasleyAll the truth about Jimmy Portman: Theories and apologies

9th January 2016:
Hi Chiara!

Itís Molly here, finally, with the first review of our new swap. You did a great job with the opening scene here. The atmosphere is so dense that you almost can touch it, and youíve described the different charactersí reactions and feelings very accurate.

Ron is more clever than we usually give him credit for, as he deducted the truth from Jimmyís story and the scene at the Potterís. And Jimmy donít know what to believeÖ Who could cope with that truth anyway?

Iím not surprised that Hermione would work it out, as Hermione is Hermione after all. And it all makes sense, just like she says.

So Peter has a mother, a loving mother who genuinely cares about him. Thatís great! I really hope she can play an important role in the story later on. Jimmy needs grownup he can trust and who understands him too.

Iíll keep reading! /Molly

Author's Response: Hi, dear Molly!

Sorry I haven't got to your reviews yet... This has been a bit of a crazy period... But hopefully I'll manage to read and review at least one chapter tomorrow!

Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, because it's one I'm a bit unsure of... It's so great to know the feelings of all the characters in the beginning came out well outlined!

Yes, Ron is quite clever. Personally, I've always thought that he was. He's just too rash and stubborn most of the time...

Poor Jimmy... He is quite confused at the moment, and he will be for some time... It is definitely a hard truth to cope with...

Ahahah! Yes, obviously Hermione would work it out! ;) She wouldn't be Hermione otherwise!

I'm glad you liked Mary Pettigrew. She's far from perfect, but she does love her son deeply. I'm not sure if, when and how she'll interact with Jimmy. I suppose we'll see...

Thank you for the awesome review! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the rest! And once again, sorry if I haven't got to your story yet...

Much, much love!

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Review #19, by HappyMollyWeasleyTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: The First Victim

7th January 2016:
Hi Kenny!

So, this chapter starts a bit different from the other so far. It starts with a totally new setting, but I understand that youíll link the parts together later on. The Muggle world seems to be involved in this tooÖ

It canít be easy to teach your own child in school. I think most parents would have trouble marking exams and being absolutely fair (although I suppose many would make their own child work even harder than the othersÖ). But wizarding Britain is not very big, so I guess the Malfoys didn't think they had any other option.

I like that youíre including Rolf Scamander! Thatís a great idea!

I know I said that your Albus are very different from mineÖ But no, theyíre actually very much the same with their grumpy temper! Albus seems to want to be misunderstood.

I also find a small typo: beacon in stead of bacon.


Author's Response: Hi, Molly! Thank you again for coming back.

Yes, as you noticed, I put the scene becaue...I've been itching to let Harry enter as an Auror.

Hmm... your point is right. Imagining to teach my child at the same school, it must be difficult among the other students. Yes, making their own children work hard is difficult indeed.

Naturally I felt it was necessary to have Scamander enter. So it seemed to work out, right?

It's really interesting to read the other author's characterization about Albus and Scorpius. I'll be back to the next chapters of yours as well. Thank you for your insightful review, Molly!


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Review #20, by HappyMollyWeasleyTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Two Tribes

6th January 2016:
Hi Kenny!

Iím finally here again for the fourth out of six of the reviews of our swap. I have to say that Iím impressed by the amount of thought and time you must have spent on building this story, and to link the different parts together. Itís very clever to include snippets from different books and essays to let us, bit by bit, find out the story about Kappa. Thatís very elegantly done.

Oh, Neville is still friendly and thinks good about people, and Draco is cunning and using himÖ Iíd almost say that Neville is too naÔve here, but on the other hand, I donít know what has happened between the two of them since the war. If theyíve been colleagues for a long time I suppose that it could make sense for Neville to trust him.

I appreciate that you showed us Draco's doubts and his feelings of guilt. That makes him real, and also so much more likeable to me. He has never been my favourite, and never will be, but I know that heís not an evil character after all. I also like that he remembers Snape, and that he recognised the sacrifices he did.

Neville seems like a really good teacher who really cares for his students. Hogwarts needs teachers like that, and I wish that Harry had teachers like Neville when he was young.


Author's Response: Hi, Molly! I really appreciate for sparing time for this. I know you're very busy. Thank you so much!

I posted my feeling on the forums. Your review made my day. Your review told me what I struggled through these chapters didn't fail.

To write about each character is difficult, especially in the language that is not my mother toungue. So the fact that you could catch my intention is the best encouragement. I understand that Egnlish isn't your mother toungue, either but I really feel your kindness and what you wanted to say to me. The other insightful feedback helps me a lot. I hope you'll keep reading and please give me advice from now on.


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Review #21, by HappyMollyWeasleyTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Broken Heart

1st January 2016:
Hi again!

Rose is clever, and she thinks for Albus too at timesÖ Her essay was more about facts, but admittedly far less interesting than Albusís.

Draco is very cunning asking his students to find information he need for himself like that. I wouldnít have guessed that it was because of that he asked them about Kappa in the first place. This also gives a clue where this story will head. (And yes, our stories are very much different from each other, I'll give you that! Although we both write about AlbusÖ)

I liked to read the interaction between Scorpius and Draco. I wonder how it would be to be the son of one of the professors of Hogwarts. It canít always be easy I suppose. Poor Scorpius has a lot of family history to deal with too.

Finding that message to his father must have been very frightening, and I'm wondering if Scorpius is going to keep this to himself or if he'll be confiding in anyone.


Author's Response: Thank you for this, Molly! I enjoyed setting the trick since I finished the previous two chapters, so I'm glad you found that.

Writing about the relationship between a father and a son may be my main theme through the most of my stories. If you have time to spare, please check the others sometimes.

House of Malfoy is interesting to write about, isn't it? I think both Draco and Scorp have weakness in determination. I tried writing the difference between Malfoy and Potter. I portrayed Albus just like his father, Harry, maybe I'll add the character from his mother's side.

I should've written more frightening description, I might be too soft in writing about the villains..I may edit the part later.

I'll come back to your story soon.


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Review #22, by HappyMollyWeasleyNine Years: May 1st, 1998

1st January 2016:
Hi Emma! And Happy New Year! It's an honour to me to leave the very first review of this great story!

I really, really liked this story, and Iím going to wait impatiently to read more of it! I love Fred (and George), and also Lee, and I canít understand why I didnít think of this ship before. Itís perfect, but also incredibly sad, because we all know whatíll happen next.

I suppose your next chapter will be about what happened before this, but I would also love to read whatíll happen to Lee after Fredís death.

The Potterwatch is an interesting theme of itself, and also something that we donít know very much about from canon, but adding the thoughts and feelings of Lee makes it perfect for a story like this.

I like how youíre describing Lee here. Weíre allowed to know about his overweight and also a little about how heís feeling about it, but without describing his body in detail. His feelings are far more interesting than his looks anyway. Iíve got a feeling there are a lot more about his feelings to tell, and that weíll get to know more about it later on.

Although Iím happy that Lee and Fred got this short time of love together, right before the battle, itís also breaking my heart.

Thank you for swapping with me, and thanks for sharing this story with us all!


Author's Response: THANK YOU for such a lovely review! I'm so so relived that you like it. I've enjoyed writing this so much so it's lovely to have such positive feedback :)

Next chapter we're going back to first year for Lee, but there's lots of him and Fred still to come.

Lee's weight is an issue for him and comes up a lot throughout the story, but I didn't want him to be defined by his body. There's so much more to his life than the fact he's overweight (especially in this chapter, given that they're in a war and everything) and hopefully that comes across.

Thank you so so much for such a wonderful first review :)

Let me know if you ever want to swap again!

Emma xx

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Review #23, by HappyMollyWeasleyTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Dripping Wings

26th December 2015:
Hi again!

Sometimes itís bothering me when reading a story which includes a second story like this one, but I think this works here. Both the Hogwarts story and the Tengu story are well written and interesting to read.

The story youíre telling about Saki and Shota is great, and it feels like a real fairytale. Youíve got a great way to tell the story, and I'm most impressed by your imagination. Itís beautifully told, but sometimes I would have wanted a bit more showing instead of telling, if you know what I mean. Like: ďThey had a long chat about what each life was like, animals and insects in the mountains. She wanted to talk with him like this forever.Ē This would be a good place to add some more conversation between them, to get the characters more alive to the reader. But the story is strong as it is too, and wasnít it for Roseís question I would have forgotten about the main point for Albus too. He still didnít tell how Kappa produces young ones. So back to Hogwarts, the library and MalfoyÖ

Side note: Iím still fascinated by the concept of wild pears. Althoug pear trees are almost as common as apple trees in gardens here weíve only got wild apple trees and never wild pear trees.


Author's Response: Thank you again for the insightful feedback, Molly! Your suggestion is right, I'll add more in their conversation.

Talking of the mystery how Kappa produces young ones, it will be revealed later, so please keep reading. :)

Wild apple trees! I've read a story whose title was "An Apple Tree" or something. It's bittersweet romance. Kenji Miyazawa who was born in Tohoku wrote a story, the title is "A Wild Pear". It's beautiful and a heartwarming collection of two short stories. If you can get the translation, I recommend you to read it.


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Review #24, by HappyMollyWeasleyTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Fatherís Old Textbook (Prologue)

25th December 2015:
Hi Kenny!

Itís Molly here with the first review for our swap. I thought Iíd already left you a review for this chapter, but it seems like I havenít after all. But Iíve think Iíve told you before that I like the start of this story.

One tiny little thing about your story summary first: Youíve misspelled Albus name. ;)

I like the idea of Draco Malfoy as a Potion professor. I donít think Iíve read any other story with him as a teacher, so that's an interesting idea.

It seems in character for Ginny to be relaxed about using second hand things. I guess Ron wouldnít be as relaxed, but Ginny is cooler. And I suppose itís one thing to use second hand by choice and another to do it because you canít afford else. (In real life I buy much second hand, because it feels better not to add to climate change, and also to teach my children to do the same.)

I love Hagrid here. Iíve never written him, because I think heís a difficult character to get right, but heís in character here so far.

Iíll keep reading and let you know what I think after the next chapter.


Author's Response: Hi,Molly! Thank you for review swap! And I thank you again for doing beta on the previous chapter. With beta like you and the other friend's help or kind review, I could edit this. Oops, did I do typos again? I'll check the spell 'Albus' after the validator comes back.

Oh, you do buy second hand? My family do the same. Recently, I feel human-beings produce too much used things on the earth.

I like Hagrid so I enjoy writing about him.

I'll be back to yours as well, Molly!


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Review #25, by HappyMollyWeasleyL'optimisme: Expressions

22nd December 2015:
Hi! Itís Molly here with the review for our swap.

Itís always nice to return to this story with its nostalgic feeling and its sad narrative tone. The small glimpses of the summer they shared, and the long, cold, hard loneliness that followed.

To see Albus think about Gellert in the same way as Gellert was thinking about him in your last chapter makes me want to interfere with them, to shout at them, to wake them up. Just find each other, make up and be happy together!!! Theyíre both so deep down in their own misery, their own pride and foolishness. How can two of the worldís most clever men be so stupid?

Aberforth is no fool. Heís not always an easy brother, but heís the only one who are brutally honest and who says what Albus needs to hear sometimes. I think thatís very much in character, judging from the little weíve seen of him in canon.

I like how youíve used the two feathers in this story. I couldnít get the point of them really when reading your last chapter, but now it all makes sense. Giving them to Olivander makes them more important than every other feather in the world, because we know what part those wands will play in a totally different story. What I can't explain is that those two feathers were supposed to come from Fawkes. Iím now wondering how, when and if youíre going to tie those ends together somehow.

The other thing that canít leave my mind is the colours of red and lilac. I canít find out how those colours are linked to each other or to the events of the story. Iíll keep thinking about that, trying to get itÖ

Thanks for swapping with me again! I also want to wish you Happy Holidays!


Author's Response: Hey there, Molly! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you - I'm so glad you still like it! I know it's gone on for a long time now, haha, and it's a very slow story, so it's always so great to hear other people like this! :)

Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous :P They're definitely not as clever socially as they are otherwise, haha, poor boys :P But I think there's a lot of fear, as well, on both sides and a lot of guilt - it's a very difficult thing to admit when you expect not to get anything in return and just to be turned down, you know?

Aberforth is definitely not a foolish guy, at all. He's a lot more socially aware and perceptive than people think he is, and I think Albus is pretty aware of this, too. I'm so glad you like him though - his honesty is incredibly different to the rest of the cast, that's for sure!

Thank you! :D I always wanted to include that in there - since I almost backed myself into a whole with the Fawkes theory, and then had to find a way to rearrange the feathers thing to make it fit :P So yeah, that was kinda the solution. The two feathers thing will (should?) have been explained by now, but if not, it'll hopefully be made clearer in the future ;) (If not, feel free to ask me in a pm and I'll explain it there! :D)

Colours... ah, the colours aren't too important, as such, but I over think these things quite a lot, haha, when I write them with the details, so I wanted to include it like that ;) Don't worry about it! :D

Thank you so much for both the review and for the swap - it was so great to get! :)

Aph xx

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