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Review #1, by HappyMollyWeasleyFind My Way: Owls

27th January 2015:
Hi, I'm back to review this lovely new chapter!

This story is really promising, and this chapter is just as good as the first one. I'm amazed by how genuinely all the characters are written. I can tell that you have given them a lot of thought.

Scorpius is admitting his crush, at least to himself, which is good. It's sweet how affected he is when Albus is touching his arm. I've got this fuzzy feeling from reading it!

I also love how his friends are teasing each other in a friendly good-naturally way. They like each other and care for each other. It's cute that Jia has a crush on Rose. A double date in Hogsmeade eventually?

The detail about the moving staircases was brilliant! Albus has noticed something everyone else is missing.

I'm wondering what happened to him which made him go blind. I guess that will be explained later on?

I love this story! Please keep writing! :-)


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Review #2, by HappyMollyWeasleySacrifice: Of Beginnings, Aurors, and Torn Photographs

25th January 2015:
Hi! This is Molly here with the review from our swap.

You've done a great job here with an interesting first chapter. AJ seems to be very strong and mature. I guess she is because she has to be. She is determined to give her siblings the very best she can. I hope that we'll see that there's someone helping her as well.

I'm wondering what has happened to their parents. The fact that you don't tell us right from the start makes the story more interesting and mysterious, which makes the reader want to keep reading to find out.

It seems to be a family who sticks together, even if they have their differences. They are too many to get to know in this first chapter, but I guess that'll change later on.

I'm not always keen on OC stories, but I think a good way to make us accept your OCs was to introduce Harry and Dean from the start as well. That was very well done!

So, all in all, this was an interesting start! Thanks for this swap! :-)


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Review #3, by HappyMollyWeasleyThe Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: iv. the secret weapon [or] well, i didn't see that coming

24th January 2015:
OMG this was truly the most wonderful coming out scene I've ever read! Absolutely perfect! Albus/Scorpius is my favourite ship, and you're writing them very well. I love all your characters! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Albus/Scorpius is definitely one of my OTPs, and I loved writing them in this. Thank you again!

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Review #4, by HappyMollyWeasleyThe Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

24th January 2015:
I can't believe I've missed this story! It's great, I'll keep reading! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #5, by HappyMollyWeasley16 and Homeless: I was always welcome at the Potters'

23rd January 2015:
Hi, it's Molly here with the review from our swap. :-)

This was a nice piece of work. Both James and Sirious are well in character, and the setting is believable. I like stories that fits with canon, and this one really do.

I was living in my best friend's family for some time during my teens. Not because my parents threw me out, but because of other circumstances. I remember feeling thankful, and sometimes left out. I was happy that they were willing to let me live there, but it never felt like my own home, or my own family. I guess Sirious will have to face those feelings too.

James's parents are amazing. They're opening their home to a boy who needs it. I'm wondering how things would have been if they were still alive when James and Lily died. Harry would have been taken care of in a totally different way.

Over all, this was a story that made me feel and think. And that is what good reading is really about, isn't it?


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Review #6, by HappyMollyWeasleyFirstborn: Sons and Fathers

22nd January 2015:
What a wonderful story! I'm totally in love! I'm not very into Scorpius/Rose, and I usually skip all stories with this ship, but this one is really an exception. This could be canon, it certainly feels like it.

I love the fluffy feeling of a big, loud, cheerful Weasley party. You managed do write that just perfect! (Hi Hilarion and Perry, nice to see you again!)

Scorpius is a modern father which makes sense since this would be quite a few years from now. I love that he is the one who is baking the cake and taking care of the baby.

The scene between Scorpius and Ron is perfect too. I'm glad that Ron appreciates his son-in-law, even if he needed time to accept him at first.

The reactions when the Malfoy's arrived are believable too. The change of mood in the story is amazing. I'm glad that Scorpius tells them what he thinks.

The only thing I find that could be changed is that Scorpius's and Teddy's blood relation are described twice.

This fic is already one of my favourites! :-)


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Review #7, by HappyMollyWeasleya little bit of coolness.: ok, things are getting awkward.

21st January 2015:
Hi, it's Molly here with the review from our swap. :-)

So, Hugo finally showed up! He must be a really good-looking fifteen-year-old to be interesting to the older Layla. Two years is a rather big age difference in that age.

It's a happy and warm feeling in this chapter, full of excitement and hope. Rose has high hopes for the gift from Scorpius. You did a grey work with the build up with that. I was afraid that she would be disappointed, but his gift was extraordinary. How will she respond to that...? Is it in fact a proposal? They are not currently dating, as I understand things. He is not shy, is he?

Scorpius seems to be an interesting character. I like that he is in Ravenclaw. Albus is great too. Intense in a way, and seems to be fond of his cousin.

You did a good work with this chapter, I think. Keep writing! ;-)


Author's Response: Hi Molly! Did we have a swap? *runs over to the forums to check*. Thanks for the great review, anyway.

Yeah, Hugo showed up alright. I'll tell you know that he is one of the main characters in the story. One of the most popular too. Yes, two years is a big difference, but when they're older, it's not so big.

Scorpius definitely makes an impact on Rose. The story switches PoV throughout, so soon you'll be able to see some of Scorpius' thoughts on the gift.

They are all in Ravenclaw, apart from Layla. I think I mentioned that. If not, it'll be revealed when they go to Hgowarts, which is soon.

Thank you!


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Review #8, by HappyMollyWeasleyFlawless: Flawless

20th January 2015:
Hi, this is Molly with the review from our swap.

I haven't seen many Bill/Fleur stories before, and I've never read any I think. I would probably never think of this ship myself.

The moment in the Half-Blood Prince when the Weasleys are sitting around Bill in the infirmary is one of my favourite scenes in the book. This is where Fleur shows that she is truly devoted to Bill, and I think it's also now she is fully accepted by his mother. I like that this fic is a missing moment just after that.

Fleur is in character. She is very aware of her looks and her brilliance, and although she has confidence in herself and is sure about herself she's not thinking of herself as superior. She wants Bill to love her for her personality, not just because her looks or brains. And he does, which is very sweet.

Another thing I like is how you describe how they met at Gringott's. It's good to know that Bill wasn't among the crowd of drooling boys she usually was surrounded by.

I've not found anything I don't like really, so this review lacks cc. ;-) A well-written chapter which is both sweet and interesting!


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! :)

I'm so sorry I'm responding so late! I was waiting up for a couple of reviews from swaps and stuff and wanted to respond to all of them at one time. I hope you understand!

Whoa, did I really make you read something you usually don't? That's so great! It's like a complement to me seriously. Very few stories allure me to something I generally avoid. :)

I know! I really love that scene. It is one of my favorite scenes too. I think it was very important for the relationship between Bill and Fleur because as you say that's when Molly fully accepted Fleur as her future daughter-in-law. I have wanted to explore it for a really long time and this is the outcome so I'm excited that you liked reading it. :D

That's how I'm quite sure they met. Fleur must have fell for Bill only because he wasn't one of the boys who followed her around and because he was different right? I'm glad you could see that happening.

Ohh God, thank you so much! I can't believe you don't have any cc for me. :) It feels like a certificate. :D

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! You made me day!


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Review #9, by HappyMollyWeasleySeven: Tuesday

20th January 2015:
Hi, it's Molly again! :-)

I like this chapter very much. You're explaining about how he survived, and what happened to him after the war. That was things I wondered about reading the first chapter. It makes sense, and I start to understand how things could eventually lead to a romance between him and Hermione.

Snape is very much in character, and I like how he thinks about teaching and returning to Hogwarts again. It's nice to meet a grown up Hermione too. She is quite outspoken! ;-)

This is a very well-written chapter, and, as in your previously chapter, the language is beautiful and fluent. All the details sums up to a text which comes alive.

Maybe I will become a Hermione/Snape shipper before I kno it...? ;-)

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Review #10, by HappyMollyWeasleySeven: 7:00 AM

20th January 2015:
Hi there, it's Molly here with the first review of our swap.

You really took me out of my comfort zone with this story. I don't think that I've ever read this ship before. (I love the canon ships too much to read "impossible " ships mostly...) I'm a little disturbed by the teacher/ex-student thing too with Hermione/Snape.

Okay, that being said, I do like your writing, even though I'm not used to the ship here. Your language is beautiful, and you add all those small details which makes a story come alive.

It's swee how he just wakes up, and watches his sleeping beauty instead of waking her up or go back to sleep. You are showing his love for her in a brilliant way by writing this.

It's also elegant how you are using the number seven in this chapter. Is it going to be seven chapters?

All in all, I was surprised by the ship, but you write it well, and I do like this chaper! :-)


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Review #11, by HappyMollyWeasleyRed: She Did It

20th January 2015:
Oh, what a cute story! I'm not really into Lily/James, but this was sweet. :-)

I love how Lily is the one asking James out, and that he is making her ask him properly.

What an effort you done with all the details in your author's notes! I'm impressed!

Author's Response: Well aren't you sweet as pie coming over here! :3 Well if you're not all that into Lily/James, no need to worry. This is just going to cover the basics that'll be *coughcough* obviously the best. ;)

I'm glad you liked Lily asking James out! Keep a careful watch out for that. It's sort of a theme. ;)

Thanks! :D I looked up who was in school with the marauders because I too often just make characters up, and I wanted to make this seem somewhat authentic. :)

Thank you so much for coming over and reading and reviewing this! You're too sweet! :3 Also, the first reviewer! :D *squish*


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Review #12, by HappyMollyWeasleyThe Best Day of My Life : The Best Day of My Life

17th January 2015:
Oh, this was really the cutest thing ever! Totally adorable, just the kind of fluff I love! :-)

At first I was convinced that this was one of the zillion coming out stories which would be great, but not very unique. You really had me fooled there! ;-)

This was much better though. Albus is so sweet who worries like that over telling his family about their business plans. He exaggerates in his worries, which I believe is true canon (based on how he acts in the epilogue.) Bonus points for choosing an animal's hospital of all things possible...!

I love how the Potters are totally at ease with Albus being with Scorpius, but that they are concerned about him quitting his job as a healer. They've got their priorities just right!

The proposal scene is the icing on the cake. Especially as both boys had bought rings. I couldn't ask for a fluffier and cuter story.

Thank you!

Molly :-)

Author's Response: Hi Molly! :)

Aww thank you so much!! I was really hoping that you would enjoy it, so I'm super thrilled that you did! ♥

No, I figured that there are probably tons of coming out stories on the archives, so I wanted to do something a little different. But I did want to lead people to believe that's what this was! ;)

I would imagine that a Healer in the Wizarding world would be just like a Doctor. They would make a lot of money and it would be considered a very, very good job. So him abandoning that to start a business, which is always very risky, would be huge. I'm glad you liked the idea of an animal hospital. I always couldn't believe that there wasn't something like a Vet in the magical world. They take their sick pets to a pet shop? What?? haha.

I don't think that Harry or Ginny would be the type of parents who would have any issues with Albus being with Scorpius (but Uncle Ron might be upset that he's dating a Malfoy, of all people). I just can't see it. But quitting his job, when he has such a good one, well any parent would be concerned about that, I would think. :)

That proposal was a last minute decision and I'm so, so happy that it payed off!! :D I'm thrilled that you liked it!

Thank you so, so, so much for the lovely review and for giving me this pairing to write about! I loved writing them and there is probably going to be more to come about Albus and Scorpius, so keep a look out! :D

xoxo Meg

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Review #13, by HappyMollyWeasleyWhat About Us?: What About Us?

17th January 2015:
This was the cutest story I've read for ages! Sweet and funny. Hugo/Scorpius is a great pairing. I love Albus/Scorpius, but thi pairing is almost as good. ;-)

I love that Teddy knew the truth along!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it. It's still one of my favorites, they're just such an adorable pairing. :D Of course a Teddy knew, he knows all. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review.


P.S. I have a Scorpius/Albus, too. ;)

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Review #14, by HappyMollyWeasleyL'optimisme: Similes

16th January 2015:
Oh, I'm sorry, I reali that I've just kept reading and didn't leave a review on this chapter at all... I just rushed into the next one without noticing...

I loved reading this chapter. Albus is so well portrayed, and it feels like I kno him. And the sadness of it all...

Author's Response: Hi again - thanks so much for stopping by again! :) And don't worry about it at all - I'm just so grateful you like this story!

Thank you so much - I really like writing Albus! Getting his voice was hard, but I love writing it now, because there's something fascinating about him. And yeah, it's incredibly sad...

Thank you so much for the great review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #15, by HappyMollyWeasleyL'optimisme: Württemberg

16th January 2015:
Another chapter, and you keep up just as high quality as in the previous chapters. Still sad but beautiful, poetic.

I like the Albus's chapters more, because we know him better. But your Gellert is interesting too. He is so aware of himself, so conscious of his brilliance, so self contented. I can't like him, but I like how you portray him.

It's interesting that he has read Freud. That makes me think about how the Muggle and wizarding societies interacts. We know that Dumbledore took an interest in the Muggle world, but here you tell us that Gellert does too.

As in the previous Gellert chapter I find the use of "Ja?/No?" somewhat annoying. Apart from that this story is very well-written.

The pace is slow, maybe a little too slow at times, but I think that there might be a build up for later chapters. The tone is fateful, and I'm waiting for the duel we know should come sooner or later.

Author's Response: Hey there - thank you so much for stopping by again! These reviews have been so lovely to get! :)

Thank you so much - I was really nervous about this chapter, so I'm so glad you like it! :)

Yeah, Albus is easier to identify with, I think, because he's such a familiar character, and he's not quite as dramatic and egotistical as Gellert :P Gellert's definitely not necessarily the guy you like, but I'm glad you like him, in a way, because I find him so fascinating to write! :)

Yeah, I have a whole theory about that kind of thing, with the greater good thing, but I won't get into it now (it's very long :P), so I liked including it with both Albus and Gellert.

Yeah, I'm really sorry about that! I don't mean it to be annoying, if that helps! I'm glad you like it apart from that! :)

I know I find it so hard to write fast-paced scenes, since I tend to write a lot of description, so I hope it isn't too slow for you! Yeah, the duel will definitely come into it later, though we've got a while to go before we get to it! :)

Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews - they were so great to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #16, by HappyMollyWeasleyDragon Pox: Dragon Pox

16th January 2015:
Cute and funny! :-)

I liked it, especially Teddy's embarrassment. Louis is very sweet and kind. :-)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I do love my fluff :p

Teddy's embarrassment was so fun to write, and Louis as well. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #17, by HappyMollyWeasleyL'optimisme: Bulgaria

13th January 2015:
Another great chapter. Beautifully written, just like the earlier chapters. The one thing I don't like is the ja/yes which bothers me. I feel that it's a bit of a stereotype to use whenever a foreigner writes or speaks. Apart from that detail it's good.

I like how Gellert thinks that he is beyond Albus, but that he continues to prove that he is not. :-)

Author's Response: Hey there - thank you so much for stopping back! I'm so glad you like this story enough to come back to it! :)

Thank you! I loved writing this one - it was one of those chapters which was always an obvious scene to do! With the ja/yes thing - I took it from a german professor I had who used to say that when he was pointing something out to us and wanted to know we'd understood it - so it's a tick I took from him, not from a stereotype. That wasn't intended! :)

Yeah, Gellert's so convinced he doesn't need Albus or want him or anything like that, but he kinda does. I wanted to show that their friendship is more than just a matter of convenience.

Thank you so much for the lovely review, and for dropping by again! :)

Aph xx

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Review #18, by HappyMollyWeasleyFind My Way: Stinksap

11th January 2015:
I'm really in love with this story already! Albus/Scorpius is my OTP, and your writing is so good! I can't wait until you post the next chapter! :-)

I'm wondering if Neville paired those two boys by chance, or if he had some kind of thought by it.

I like the idea of Albus being blind, especially because you don't point it out to us from the beginning, but instead adding hints and details that makes the reader discover it for themselves. That is elegantly done here!

Lily is sweet trying to protect her older brother, but I can understand that it annoys Albus. He seems to be able to take care of himself.

I also love how Scorpius doesn't mind that Albus is blind. He seems to have some kind of mixed feelings of irritation and interest in him, but due to his personality, not to his disability. I like how you describe how he watches Albus's movements.

Scorpius in Ravenclaw is great. It works perfectly, because he does really seem to be studious and ambitious.

Another great thing is that you just mentioned in passing that Professor Nott is gay. Seeing that he's friends with the Malfoy's makes me think that they are more open-minded than they're usually is portrayed.

Thank you for writing this! Please continue writing, because I simply can't wait! :-)

Author's Response: Hey you made it!

I can't even begin to thank you, really. This request just took off for me and I'm so excited for you to read the rest of this story.

Hehe, only Neville knows the answer to that one!

The introduction of Albus being blind actually is how I like to introduce a lot of my characters. I write a lot of lgbt ones, and one of my biggest goals is to create worlds where their character traits aren't "introduced", but it's just a part of them and there's other things going on. So with Albus' blindness, I really tried to do the same thing.

Lily is a sweetheart, she really is, but she's so fiercely protective of Albus and it goes overboard for him quickly.

:) exactly! Really, it's Albus' personality that Scorpius "hates" (said in quotes on purpose), and he really isn't the type of person to 'go easy' on someone because of the unrelated disability.

I had quite a bit of fun having Scorpius watching Albus :D

I debated for so long writing this chapter if I wanted Scorpius to be a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin, and in the end Ravneclaw definitely won out.

There's definitely more coming up from the Malfoys, but I'd really like to think that their friendship priorities would overlook someone's orientation. I just see Theodore as a huge influence on Scorpius being able to figure out his own orientation, and I think that's so important for kids to see that not everything everywhere is just mom+dad.

Thank you so much for suggesting Scorpius/Albus, and for the lovely review! Chapter two is coming soon! (hopefully today!)


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Review #19, by HappyMollyWeasleyComing Out of the Shadows: The Aftermath

11th January 2015:
This was a good chapter too! I thought it was interesting with muggleborns in Slytherin. Especially how the other boys had to tell him about the war and about old prejudices.

Author's Response: Thanks, I thought it was interesting too! I haven't shown it much so far, but there's still a lot of prejudice both within and against Slytherin, so a muggleborn Slytherin seemed like a good way to highlight that. I'm so glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #20, by HappyMollyWeasleyComing Out of the Shadows: The Unexpected Sorting

10th January 2015:
Good start! I'll con reading! :-)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll continue writing.

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Review #21, by HappyMollyWeasleyL'optimisme: Words

5th January 2015:
Oh, what a sad chapter. Well written, but sad. I feel for Albus. It's not easy to forget about love, and to continue living without it. And yet he did.

His emotions is easy to connect with. I'm reminded of The Sorrows of Young Werther, in a good way, if you mean. Beautiful, sad and emotional. But Albus is stronger and more determined to keep living. He won't give up just because he lost his love.

Your writing is excellent. It's both poetic and easy to follow. The first part of the chapter felt a little long, even though it was beautiful. But then you added some dialogue and interacting between characters, and the pace became faster. A good mix, all in all.

I still can't give you much of critics, because your writing is great. I don't want to change anything. :-)

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by again! :)

Yeah, it is pretty sad - it's a pretty rough deal for all the characters, in a way. And yeah, he turns out to be so strong, with trying to move on. Wow, that is such a compliment, thank you so much! (Though, haha, it's a pretty depressing story :P) We'll have to see how Albus goes, though ;)

Gah, thank you so much! I really struggle to keep things short, haha, and not rambly, and it's doubly hard with writing Albus, lol. I really liked introducing other characters - I thought it was about time, three chapters in! :P But no, I'm so glad you liked them! :)

Thank you so much for the wonderful review - it's so so lovely to get! I'm just so glad you're enjoying the story!

Aph xx

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Review #22, by HappyMollyWeasleyBetween Us Girls: Between Us Girls

5th January 2015:
This is HappyMollyWeasley here, tagging you from the Gryffindor Review the person above you thread.

I liked this one-shot very much. Hermione is very much in character, as is Ginny. I love how Hermione is so upset and stressed over the word 'hot'. Ginny is far more relaxed. I guess that is how they are as parents too. Hermione is worrying and analysing. Ginny doesn't.

But I can understand Hermione in a way. Kids grow up too fast, and it's not easy to accept sometimes. And that worries you describe... I know them all... Do they eat enough? Do they really breath? Have they got friends? It's not easy to be a relaxed parent. You did a good job describing that.

The most amusing thing about this story is that Hermione relaxes a little after a while, but just to discover who the 'hot' boy is. It's not easy to be Hermione I guess... ;-)

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm glad you thought Hermione and Ginny were both in character. I think this is one of my few fics where I attempted to write a few of the "main characters" from HP. Most of my other stories feature lesser characters, or ones with just a name so I can play more.

Yes, the worries of being a parent. They never really go away. I think some of Hermione's thoughts are paraphrased from a few conversations I had with some of my mom friends. There are certain universal truths to being a parent, no matter how the times change around us. :)

I wouldn't imagine it easy to be Hermione either. Thanks for a lovely review!

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Review #23, by HappyMollyWeasleyDull Ache: Oblivion

5th January 2015:
First I want to tell you how sorry I am. Loosing a baby is among the worst things you can experience in life.

I liked this story right from the start. Although I haven't lost a baby myself I can fully understand the terror of worrying about it. I know how it feels to bleed and to be convinced that your baby is dead, or to spend hours trying to feel a movement from inside my stomach. I've been very lucky that my babies lived.

I was hoping for a happy end for Andromeda and Ted. Of course we all know that they will be blessed with a daughter later on, but we don't get to read about it in this story. But, as much as I was hoping for a happy end, I'm glad that you didn't wrote it that way. This story is much stronger and more emotional the way it is. It is a story of sadness and of dreams that didn't come true.

Andromeda is an interesting character. She is very strong indeed. Especially if you add what will happen to her later in life. And of course that she has turned her back at her sisters. That makes me feel even more for her. She would have needed the love from a sister or a mother going through the terrible times loosing her children.

Author's Response: I can't begin to thank you enough for the kind review and words of comort. I'm glad that this is relatable for people who haven't gone through a similar loss (and I'm even happier you haven't gone through this - but the fear of loss can be almost as bad).

If we didn't have canon information about them going on to have Nymphadora then I would have left it on a slightly better note. Part of me wanted to leave it there because that's where I've been at myself.

I find myself liking Andromeda the more I write and read about her. It would have been very difficult to go through this wihtout her sisters and mother.

thank you again for the wonderful review!

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Review #24, by HappyMollyWeasleya little bit of coolness.: a silky dress and a happy birthday.

5th January 2015:
Hi! This is HappyMollyWeasley with your requested review!

This was an interesting start, I think. Although the chapter is quite short, you have managed to tell as rather much about Rose. She seems to be very insecure of herself, and she is used not to shine but to be one of those who keep a low profile. Her parents seem to be a bit on the strict side. That would be in character, at least for Hermione.

Where's Hugo? There was no mention of him at all... Maybe you'll explain his absence later on?

If I wou suggest anything to improve your chapter even more, it would be to write a little more details. Adding an sentence here and there would make the text more alive. You started out really good by describing hr mother's voice for instance, but then the chapter felt a bit rushed at times.

But over all it is a well written chapter. I hope her dress will make a success! :-)

Author's Response: Hi there HappyMollyWeasly! Thanks for stopping by! Great to see you again.

Thanks. Yes, the parents are quite strict. They also have a caring, loving side to them which will be displayed in upcoming chapters.

I think Hugo appears in the next chapter. You will see a lot of him throughout the fic.

Ok, I'll work on that. That's one of my weaknesses. Thanks for pointing this out!


Missy :)

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Review #25, by HappyMollyWeasleyChai, Samosas, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning: Chai, Samosas, and a Surprise

4th January 2015:
This was a cute story. I liked your Hannah. It was an interesting thing to change about her. Neville is in character I think.

Some of the the sentences in the text are quite long, which made me stop while reading sometimes just to think about what you really meant. Part of it might just be because English isn't my first language though...?

I like the way you describe Hannah's love of cooking. She doesn't seem to like working at St Mungo's very much indeed, but when she's working with food she is enjoying herself. I could almost smell the food myself.

I wonder how Hannah's and Neville's relationship developed from there?

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you found Hannah and Neville to be in character and interesting to read.

Ah, yes. That's my fault really. I have a tendency to let sentences wander where they will, with nary a full stop in sight. I'll keep that in mind :)

I'm pleased that Hannah's passion comes through. And I just posted a sequel to this story, and I have maybe one or two more planned, so there's more Hannah and Neville ahead!

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