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Review #26, by blackangelwingsCabin Fever: Chapter 7

20th May 2012:
I really liked how she acted before the full moon, because you really showed how much this was effecting her. Also, they keep getting closer! This is so exciting.

This was a really good chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!! Just to let you know, I'm still writing, just trying to get more chapters ready and go on a posting spree again.

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Review #27, by blackangelwingsComing Back a Swan: The Falling Angel

19th May 2012:

OH NO! Gah. I don't like Saundra. Go away, Saundra. Can't you see your sister is happy? She's so selfish. Anyways, I can't even decide if I like the fact she's going to Hogwarts. I mean, I love how you made it happen, like with her dad demanding her to come home, and how it was happening just because Saundra's been having problems. Which, incidentally, I think have something to do with why she was in St. Mungo's, yeah?

Anyhow! Great chapter, UPDATE SOON!

(Sorry about the mismatchiness of the review. I literally just woke up.)

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Review #28, by blackangelwingsTwo Steps From Hell: Friday Night Bites

17th May 2012:
yes! i've been waiting to see how she would find out about Remus for ages!

great chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you took the time to review! I really appreciate it, it makes writing and posting all the more worth it. I've already added the next chapter into the queue :) xoxoxo

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Review #29, by blackangelwingsJust A Game: Stand there and look into my eyes and tell me that all we had were lies.

17th May 2012:
oh.. wayhey! gi and sirius action!

i really liked this chapter. i love the whole background story between gi, evan and bas, because it shows why evan would want to get 'revenge'..

oh! the last line is great.

great chapter. update soon!

Author's Response: Well, i thought i would treat you guys haha ;)

Well, i knew had to include it because in the first chapter i included a little Gi and Bas moment so i thought i would expand on that and why Evan gets like he minute being nice to her the next trying to cause trouble...its just because he has feelings for her that she doesn't reciprocate.

Why, thank you!

The next one is already written so i am about to add it. Hopefully it should be up in a few days!

Thank you for reviewing!

Vicki :)

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Review #30, by blackangelwingsCabin Fever: Chapter 6

15th May 2012:
aha! the order. wink face.

i really liked this chapter- remus and holly seem to be getting more comfortable around each other. also, the bit about how she felt so young compared to him, which shows how the war is effecting him. that was good.


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Review #31, by blackangelwingsUntamed: Chapter Five: Boys and Broomsticks

15th May 2012:
Gah. I spent like, 5 minutes trying to figure out why he called her Layla, and I just can't think why!

Anyways! Yay for Deborah! Personally, I don't like Peter, but I'm biased because Sirius Black is one of my favourite Harry Potter characters. I really liked the bit about him watching her in the library, and how Holly reacted. Like the bit with her scratching her nose? That was hilarious. Also, Conan. So, perhaps I think he has a thing for Brenda, and is just using Holly as a way to get close to her, and in that case, I don't like him anymore. Plus, he fishes for compliments, the tosser. But, if he isn't, and he really does like Holly, woopwoop for her! Hehe.

And Rosier! What's that about?! I thought he was a Death Eater! Oh no. What if it's all part of the plot, (well, of course it is.) and he already is a Death Eater, and he knows about the Dementors! GASP. Totally can't cope with that.

Oh! I'm really excited about the next chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Hey there blackangelwings! Well he called her Layla because the song was playing in the prologue when they first saw each other. Don't worry, the next chapter will explain everything ^^

Yup Deborah has got it in the bag! I don't like Peter too, I cringe everytime I have to write him. But unfortunately there's no choice because he was a Marauder too - dunno why though. Sirius is one of my faves too! Who can't resist him! I'm glad you liked the part with Sirius watching Holly that part was one of my faves to write :)

Wow you're certainly onto something with Conan there, you're very perspective my little friend...I like it :P

And finally, yes Rosier! He is a Death Eater, and he did attend Hogwarts with the Marauders. More on him will come in upcoming chapters ^^

I'm just tying up loose ends and the next chapter will be up and ready very soon I promise! Thanks for another fantastic review!

XOXO WildFlower!

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Review #32, by blackangelwingsIn My Blood: New Things Every Day

14th May 2012:
I really like the whole bit about how her parents died, and everything, because it really shows why she was getting the letters. I like how you manage to make it funny and serious in the same chapter, because it shows how drastic the changes can be, yeah? You know, like, the bit: "LOOK! A DIVERSION!” I yelled, pointing at a cloud." Yeah. I really liked that bit.

Also! I like how you show the Ginny and Harry and everyone elses panic, because it's not totally overdone to the point when it sounds like a Scooby Doo episode.

(I love Scooby Doo. It's fantastic. I'm totally mature.)

UPDATE SOON!loveheart!

(I'm really excited because I got an A on my English exam, so if the review doesn't make sense, that's why! Gah!)

Author's Response: 'Look, a diversion' is a line often used by one of my friends. I fall for it every. Single. Time. So I thought it deserved a place in my hall of fame.
I like the comedy, and that's one of my themes in this book- finding hope where it doesn't seem you can, and from it finding happiness. I think that's something humans sometimes forget to do.
And Ginny panics because she loved Katie and Ellie is an embodiment of what she's already lost, and Harry panics (internally, because he's quite good at acting calm after so many years as an Auror) because he considers Ellie to be Teddy all over again. He won't lose her. The others are just plain confused, bless them. ;)
And Scooby Doo is the epiphany of all that is mature and well versed, so it is a privilege to have such a wonderful thing brought into a review of my story.
Congrats on your A, by the way! English exams are horrible, so you did amazing. Well done.

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Review #33, by blackangelwingsThere's So Many Bitter, We'll Have to be Believers: Shake this Off, Pretend it's All Okay

13th May 2012:
oh dear. oh no. was it george katie was snogging? oh dear. i hope it was.

(bloody hell, i sound like an old lady.)

anyways! i really like this, and i can't wait for the next chapter! update soon!

(did you know reviews have a maximum character thingy?.. i didn't.)

Author's Response: Hehe I guess we'll have to wait and se. (; Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #34, by blackangelwingsTwo Steps From Hell: Gender Dynamics

13th May 2012:
Aw, poor Sirius! He's so deep and dimensional.

I really liked this chapter! I loved all the little bits with James and Lily, with Rowan and Sirius! Looking forward to the next chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: I know! I've always thought that Sirius was more than just a pretty face who was a cocky but loveable git. I'm trying to give him a lot more depth because I feel that there is SO much more to him than what is usually given. Thanks for the review! xoxoxo

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Review #35, by blackangelwingsFinding Faith: Friendly Acquaintances

13th May 2012:
Oh, yes! I was really worried at the start because I thought they were starting to get along, but it's all cool!

I really liked the bit about how James changed, you know? And how Albus could tell it was because of her. I really like Albus, he's dead cute. Oh, I also liked the way none of her friends asked about the song. I'm not sure why, right enough, but it kind of shows they don't care about her properly. Hmm..

She totally fancies him! *Fan-girls.* Gah, this is brilliant!

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: I adore Albus. I want an Al. Or maybe four. And James is pretty adorable. I wanted to show how much impact Val has had in his life, even though she pretty much disregarded him until now.

She fancies him! Or does she... ;)

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #36, by blackangelwingsElodie Oddity: Lack of Nomalcy

12th May 2012:
Norman and Norma, with their Spuds. That's brilliant.(1.)

Does she still speak to the potato?! I mean, that could be more than slightly worrying. Still. It made me laugh. (2.)

I'm really looking forward to some Lysander. (3.) Which, by the way, I still don't know how to pronounce. (4.) Hell, I didn't even know it was a name until spellcheck changed my name to it. Even then I had to google it. Gah. (5.)

Anyways! I can't wait for the next chapter, update soon! (6.)

1. It's like having a pet rock that gave birth to a pebble, and replacing it every so often with a larger stone, until eventually you're stuck with a mountain on a leash.

2. It was very funny, and I laughed annoyingly loudly.

3. He sounds awfully dimensional. I'm looking forward to some Elodie and Lysander.

4. Is it Lie-zan-dher, or Li-zan-dher?

5. I make that noise a lot.

6. I really liked this, and I'm really impatient. Snort.

Author's Response: Thank you for this wonderful comment! And it's Lie-sand-er, I believe. And your pebble to mountain thought process is extremely interesting.. I will update as soon as I possibly can for you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #37, by blackangelwingsOut of Your Depth: CHAPTER 25: RORY SPENCER-HEMINGFORD

12th May 2012:
I loved having Rory's point of view, because I'm always wondering what he's thinking. I also love how he's a lot different from Albus, and how he speaks his mind about the Auror's scar and how he got it. Actually, I also really liked the story about how he got it. I really liked the whole 'what battle' bit. That was good, you know? Because it showed that they thought it was worse than what it actually was, or they are expecting something else to happen.. Yeah. This was a really good chapter, and I look forward to the next chapter when you update!

(Good luck on your exams! I just finished my preliums;D.)

Author's Response: Haha - I'm always wondering what he's thinking, too!

Thank you so much for reviewing, blackangelwings.

I'm trying not to make the characters so one-dimensional as I push through this, and the story for Athanas was the perfect opportunity to flesh him out a bit more. (And Bahram, too.)

I must admit *blush* that I was quite fond of the 'What battle?' line, because, as you said, it shows that they're up against something bigger than just a facial imperfection - it shows that there's a bigger enemy out there.

Thanks ever so much and well done for your prelims! I hope they went well. :)


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Review #38, by blackangelwingsThe Month I was a Hipster: Day 2

12th May 2012:
I like how James isn't her ex, mucho goodio. Oh, I really liked James! And I love Sherri! She's really funny and she said my favourite line: “Well, there’s always your hand to keep you company,” HAHA. LOL.

Anyways! Great chapter, looking forward to her next idea! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's funny because when I first posted this story, it didn't even cross my mind that people would assume that James was the ex! Needless to say, I had quite the good laugh while reading reviews, haha.
I like James too! And Sherri; she's fun to write - that line you quoted especially.
Thanks for reading and reviewing; I'll try to update soon :D

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Review #39, by blackangelwingsReckless Roxi: Visiting Father...Again

11th May 2012:
I'm really liking this! I mean, I really like the characters and the idea..

(every time i read 'hades' i think of the cartoon hercules movie..)

Really looking forward to the next chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I love this story. I'm going to be writing a lot more since it's almost the summer. So keep reading!

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Review #40, by blackangelwingsPaint It Black: Chapter Fourteen

10th May 2012:
I really like this! I love the way you write, like with all the bits at the start, you know?

I'm really liking the characters, and can't wait for the next chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: I'm happy that you like it! Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #41, by blackangelwingsRoyalty: The Problem with Being A Royal.

10th May 2012:
this is great! it's really funny, and i loved the whole 'horizontal alley' bit. that was great.

i really like how she likes being a princess, you know? it's good because all the ones i've read about princesses hating being royal, but i like how she does, you know?

i love how she is going to the weasley's! i'm really looking forward to that, and it should be really funny!



Thank you so much for reviewing! :)

Im so glad that you like that she likes being a princess. I wanted her to love her status and not want a normal life. Even though she is a bit snobby about being a princess, its cool. Coz she is a princess.

Stay tuned, chapter 2 will be up soon ;)

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Review #42, by blackangelwingsA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: The Jacobs Family

10th May 2012:
oh no. oh no. oh dear.

gah. just, aah. and what do you mean by bringing up the present?! she needs to be over him so she can be in love with James and they can get married! oh god, this cannot be happening! they need to be in love!

(yeah, i'm slightly overdramatic.)

i loved her family! they were brilliant, and they made me laugh. but now i'm worried that james and jenny might end up together, even if it's only a plot to get gigi to realise she loves him, because james loved her, and gah.


Author's Response: Ahahaha. Oh darling, this is just the beginning of the messed up relationship of James and Gigi. They need to make a few more steps before they get married. Like falling in love :D. James and Jenny? I don't think so. Jenny is pretty set on her family (just her and Carter). Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #43, by blackangelwingsBeing Summer: The One with More James' Point of View

10th May 2012:
see that gap up there? yeah. that's my hatred towards jack the prat. bugger off, dude. you are interfering with james and summer!

gah. connor is my new favourite. seriously. love heart.


i don't know who's team i'm on, but i think james should listen to summer's side and she should stop being so spiteful. EMBRACE YOUR MELLOW, FELLOW.

this, until james and summer say 'i love you' to each other, is my favourite line ever: "I suggest that it’s because you’re in love with her."

(how many chapters will this be, roughly?..)

Author's Response: HOW COULD YOU HATE JACK?! jack is the cutest thing in the world. if i suddenly recieved a machine that could manufacture people, i would make my own jack. maybe two of them.

connor is an angel. i would probably make one of him, too.

yeah, finally a bit of fred/penny action! only took... eighteen chapters :P

summer needs to learn to respect other people, first, and james needs to learn to LET THINGS GO.

yep, connor is pretty blunt. just tell james he's in love with someone, why don't you? :P

thank youu :D ellie :) xx

(and about thirty - maybe a bit less)

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Review #44, by blackangelwingsIn My Blood: Welcome to the Madhouse

9th May 2012:
OHMYGOD, what a dramatic last sentence!

(totally didn't shout that.)

anyway. i'm really liking this! i love the idea, and the plot line so far, and how you show all the relationships between the characters. i really liked your description of the bird in the last chapter- that was really good. i'm not liking the slytherin seeker, but i suppose that's a given. i loved the bit he said about her 'chamber of secrets', that was hilarious. OH. i love how al is always concerned for ellie, that's really cute. and how she was match-making for james: bless.

anyhoo, update soon!

Author's Response: A) drama, darling, is my middle name ;) B) the bird thing wasn't too much? Yay! I was worried it was. C) Al is pretty freaking adorable, yes. He's a mixture of my ideal guy and this mate of mine, who's gorgeous and not single. Sad times. D) I always have thought that's the best way to make a pair of people make up, so ta dah! Include it in a book. Why not? :D Thanks for taking the time to review, and my next chapter on it's way!

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Review #45, by blackangelwingsConstant Vigilance!: September 1st

7th May 2012:
i actually really liked all of the p.o.v switches, because it showed what was going on at the same time, you know?..

anyways, i really liked this chapter! i'm happy it's not one of those things where you don't find out what's different about them for ages, because that really annoys me!

what year is this again? i can't remember..

update soo!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your feedback!

I agree... it'll take Sirius ages to find out, though, so there's that.

It's 6th year, so 1976.

I just submitted the next chappie to be validated...

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Review #46, by blackangelwingsTwo Steps From Hell: Settling In

7th May 2012:
JILLY! Aw, they're so cute!

Hehe, I loved the bit with James and Sirius going into the lake, and how Sirius doesn't really like all the attention!

James was hilarious- seriously, that was brilliant.


Author's Response: Aren't they? The golden couple forever. :)
I'm glad that you enjoyed the fact that Sirius actually doesn't enjoy all the attention girls give him. Most fics paint him to be this ladies man or womaniser but after scouring a lot of articles and from what Rowling has said, it's said that when in school Sirius didn't pay attention to girls and focused more on his friends so I thought I'd go with that. Thanks for your review! xoxoxo

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Review #47, by blackangelwingsCabin Fever: Chapter 5

7th May 2012:
is it dancing? seriously, that's the only other thing i can think of..

hehe, i really liked this chapter! i like how she and remus are getting along and everything. really looking forward to the next chapter, update soon!

(P.S was he at an Order meeting on wednesday?..)

Author's Response: ;)

I'm sorry I never replied to this! I thought I had and have memories of calling you astute!
either way, THANKS!

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Review #48, by blackangelwingsUntamed: Chapter Four: Getting Back into the Groove

5th May 2012:
oh, i got the joke! i think.. was it peter pan?!

(it's like, my all time favourite film.)

anyways, i loved this! like the bit with sirius in the great hall, and how she has a fear of dementors. yeah, that was good, 'case it like, linked back? yeah.. yeah! i'm still loving all the characters, and how you well, write them..

great chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Wooohooo! You got it right :P I love Peter Pan too, absolute awesome film :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you loved it! Yup, had to put a moment with Sirius in there somewhere, it may have been small, but bigger moments are coming I assure you ^^ and yup Holly is deathly afraid of Dementors and you're right it does link back hehe. I'm glad you like the characters, hopefully you'll be able to have a favourite in time.

Next chapter coming asap I promise! Thanks for reading and for all the wonderful reviews so far!

XOXO WildFlower!

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Review #49, by blackangelwingsAverage Ally. : Rule Number Eleven: Biting Is Allowed.

3rd May 2012:
ohmygod, it's team jally all the way now.

(i lie. i love jally, but i love alibus.. gah. it's so difficult to choose.)


(i would love a different p.o.v, hehe. shush.)

ew. smelly kelly.

(i once made up a rhyme about a smelly wellie called kelly, who liked to watchy telly with a full belly.)

(ignore the brackets. thanking you.)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm Team Barry myself ;}
I love how I make you all confused so you can't pick, even though that is really mean, but it is fun and what I wanted until further on in the story! :D
They are adorable together I think XD
Ohhh, thats a tricky one, I might ask the people in the next chapter if more want a different POV :}
Kelly is very smelly ;}
I like that rhyme =D
Thanks for the lovely review! The next chapter will be out soonish I promise but my last year of college is killing me slowly D:


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Review #50, by blackangelwingsThe Apartment: Street Dancing

2nd May 2012:
oh, god. this is hilarious, and everyone else is asleep, and i keep snorting..

anyways! LOL. yeah, i'm really liking this. i thought this chapter was a lot better than the first one, but that one was still good, yeah? i can't wait for fred's p.o.v! hehe, he grabbed her boobs, no wonder he ran away.. awkward!


Author's Response: I know, I don't really like the first one but it introduces everything and who they are:') I feel like I get to know my characters better as I write them so I hope they get progressively better!:') And I love writing in Fred and James' POV- it is hilarious:D

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