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Review #1, by blackangelwingsWonderland: In the Dark

22nd August 2012:



this is just woop.

but yeah, this was a great chapter! haha, can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: SHE KNOWS AHHH!!! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I'll try to update soon! Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #2, by blackangelwingsBang: I seriously need some new clothes.

14th August 2012:

eugh eugh eugh eugh eugh eugh eugh eugh.

pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft.

urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh.

(have i shown my immense displeasure for dan the idiotic frying pan- that doesn't make sense- yet, or need i continue?)

i just, urgh. she's not allowed to still have feelings for him. does she not understand that her and james are going to fall in love?! and bleugh, he annoys me. "make me a sandwich." *pouts.* "where's my tea?" *pouts.* he's so demanding. like a bull.

(that doesn't make sense either.)

and they were always arguing! i don't care if they were in love. how can't she see how bad they were together?!

(i get so attached to fictional characters- i like, drown in my own tears when snape dies.)

but yeah. this was a really good chapter- despite how much i hate dan- and i'm looking forward to the next one.

(i think james is going to be really jealous, to be quite honest.)


Author's Response: asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl.

eugh eugh eugh eugh eugh eugh eugh eugh.

pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft.

urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh.

yeah, i'm pretty sure something like that shows how much you don't like dan the... frying pan? (yeah, that doesn't make sense.)

no, i'm pretty sure that aimee doesn't understand that james and her are supposed to be together... and i'm pretty sure that james doesn't know that either. he was very demanding, and aimee just put up with it all ~ that's one of the reasons that he ended up leaving and they were so unhappy.

(yeah, i wasn't aware that bulls were demanding creatures.)

she didn't see how bad they were because she was mad about him... so she forced herself to forget about everything else. and they didn't argue every second of every day.

(the first time dumbledore died i was in such terrible hysterics that i had to throw the book down and lie down so i didn't choke.)

thank you so much :) and dan is in the next chapter, but guess what? he's barely in the one after that :D

(well, we'll see in the next chapter.)

thank you! much love, my darling,

ellie :) xx

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Review #3, by blackangelwingsBeing Summer: The One at the Ice Skating Rink

6th August 2012:

they are so perfect for each other and gah. like, seriously.

james needs to trust her, they need to realise they love each other and they need to get together. SIMPLE. BANG. BOOM.

this chapter was fabberoo and you should update soon. haha.

(i'm half asleep. ignoring the messinessoaks shortness of this.)

Author's Response: OOP. OOP. OOP. OOP.

do you really think they're perfect for each other? that's interesting...

summer needs to give james a reason to trust her, first, and yeah, the whole realising they're in love thing would probably help with the whole shebang... quite a lot.

thank you! the next chapter is finished, so will be up soon :D

(it's a lovely review, don't be silly :P)

ellie :) xx

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Review #4, by blackangelwingsBang: You know things are bad when your voicemail is flashing.

26th July 2012:
was it james? i bet it was james that she lost her.. thing with.


but yeah, don't like dan. he was obviously bad for her, especially if they argued all the time then didn't try fix it. and what if he met someone on his travels, and she see them together and are they not thinking about the dangers of being in public together.

asdfghjkl. too much.

this was a really good chapter and i can't wait for the next one, UPDATE SOON.

Author's Response: ahaha, was it indeed? that actually wasn't supposed to be a big part of the chapter, but everyone seems interested in that :P


aimee is so concerned with the fact that dan has come back that she isn't thinking about how bad it would be if they got seen in public together. dan was bad for her, but at the same time they were nuts for each other. so it was all just one big mess that was kind of a shame.

ahaha, it is a little.

thank you so much, and the next chapter of this is in the queue as i write this!

ellie :) xx

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Review #5, by blackangelwingsBeing Summer: The One where Summer Starts to Talk

21st July 2012:

eep, can't believe i just wrote that.

but anyways, OHMYGOD.

that be some serious daddeh issues right there. *snazzy finger snap.* but yeah, i'm so glad she realised she can't stay with quack/get back together with him. which is fabby, because it means she's almost ready to get with james, but you know, when she has somewhat resolved her issues. which is great. eep.

ooh, clever james. i like how you done that, what with the whole 'he doesn't love me' 'he was forced into a marriage' thingy. of course, your's was a lot more.. serious sounding. but yeah! and she opened up to him! and she like, cried. so, really, she's getting slightly less.. secretive (is that a good word? meh.) about how she feels and whatnot. hehe.

oh, almost forgot. fred! he's so sweet. like when he was talking about penny? AW. yes. i loved the bit with him getting back at dom. that made me larf.

the new stepmothaah is still annoying me. seems like she's only with him for his money, you know? ooh.

can't wait for the next chapter! sorry for the mishmash of the review.

Author's Response: oh yes, ERMAGERD.

no, i can't believe you wrote that either.

aah, that sounds better :P

summer does indeed have a nice helping of daddy issues on the side of all her other issues. she is one issue ridden whackadoodle. i just had another laughing fit when i read you'd put quack again :P she's definitely closer to being with james now than she was before ~ you know, with her being single now and all ;)

jamesie is a clever one. he's my little clever bunny. ahaha, thank you :) i'm not really sure where it all came from, but there we go :P i think secretive is a very good word ~ opening up to james showed that she was finally starting to trust people more, and doing it with james makes their relationship easier ;)

freddieee :D he's ma baba. dom deserved it. dommie can be quite evil and snappy when she wants to be. and freddie is le sweetheart.

well, she's a twenty five year old *** with a forty year old fiance with a ton of money... and it only /seems/ like that's why she's with him? :P

thank you! and it was lovely ~ sorry for how long this response took!

ellie :) xx

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Review #6, by blackangelwingsBang: Harry Potter should never be unleashed in a kitchen.

8th July 2012:

I couldn't stop laughing, seriously. This chapter was hilarious. The line 'he stiffens a lot' or whatever turned into a total raging innuendo for me, and I don't know if it was supposed to or not, but whatever.

I loved Harry's attempt at cooking, that was brilliant.

OH. THEY KISSED. EEP. *fangirls.*

I can't wait for the next chapter, seriously. UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: aww, thank you :D

i'm glad you found it funny ~ it was strange, because i didn't really like this chapter very much. ahaha, when i wrote that i thought it was going to be such a euphemism... i'm glad i'm not the only one :D

harry is not going to own his own restaurant anytime soon, i think we can all agree on that.

can you really call /that/ a kiss!?

the update will be very soon, i promise :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #7, by blackangelwingsBeing Summer: The Twenty-Third One

3rd July 2012:
i cringed. like, major cringed when her dad walked in. hehe. i was like, hiding under the covers, cringing and snorting like the embarrassing human being that i am.

but, yes! it's different because they are in love! *inserts creepy laugh.* hehe. i like how she forgot about Quack, because that shows she doesn't care about him in that sense. bless.

i still don't like him.

her dad made me laugh in this one. like, how he thought quack was james, which, you know, makes sense, but it still made me laugh. and i sung along with summer. but you know, inside my head.

as you do.

james was just so sweet and well, grown up. like when he was speaking about what you feel like when you get cheated on? aaw. heartbroken.

and quack. urgh, he annoyed me. i liked how it happened though, like the bit with the house elf, and how he's a nosy little person, and listened to summer and her dad's conversation. argh.

i do hope it is the last goodbye.

i mean, i want james and summer together! they're just so cute and aw! i just love them.

can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: i cringed when i realised how long i had left this review without responding to it... i am such a sucky person. i am very, very sorry. but school finished two days ago so now i'm nice and free to respond to reviews and whatnot :D

ahaha, i literally have hysterics whenever i see that you've called him 'quack'. she doesn't really care about him in that way, you're right. so they're nice and done and caput.

i kind of got that impression :P

you sung along with her inside your head? oh goodness. love, there are special places you can go when you hear voices inside your head, you know... but yeah, he never really saw james and jack's faces, so he just got the pair of them muddled up.

you're strange :P

yeah, james was the mature one in this chapter. he did have to act like the grown up one, because summer sure wasn't going to.
you know, i've been getting the vague impression that jack annoys you... yeah, i was just trying to show how different jack and summer really are. but he payed the price for being nosy, didn't he?

i'm sure a lot of people do, love :P

i want james and summer together too... i just love writing the pair of them :D

the update is in the queue now :D thank you so much for the review!

ellie :) xx

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Review #8, by blackangelwingsBeing Summer: The One with Loads of Fluff

29th June 2012:
Can I just die? That was so cute!

So, not liking the new stepmum all that much. Or you know, at all. She's awfully annoying. And Summer's dad, urgh. Don't like him either. Bleugh.

And just ohmygod, Summer and James are just too perfect for each other, and I just love them, and ohmygod, get them together properly, bump off Jack and ditch the parental units, and WOO.

(I just woke up, even if it is 4 in the afternoon. I don't need to make sense.)

Just, ohmygod. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: no - i really don't want you to die! :O.

louise is really annoying, and summer's dad is pretty horrible too. selfish, evil little people. there is no need for them. i don't know why i wrote them...

ahaha :D ditch the parental units, so they have no money, bump off jack, so summer panics even more, and then force her into a very panicky relationship, broke with james? okie-dokey.

(um, four in the afternoon... wowsa. i've just gotten back from school...)

thank you so much!

ellie :) xx

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Review #9, by blackangelwingsBeing Summer: The Twenty-First One

25th June 2012:
They are so in love, just marry them already, and they can have lots and lots of children called Wilburt and Elbert and Norma. Just because.

OK! Fabby. They're cool now. Phew.

Oh, dear. Summer really needs to start speaking about her emotions better, instead of being rather bitter. But she's not gone to Jack's, so she's realizing that he is not right for her! This is fab.

AND THEY KISSED! Or, kind of. I don't even care. They have to get together soon, right? I mean, how long is this going to be again?

Lily! Bless her, she's so cute with her extraordinarily pink room and Jummer-shipping-ness.. Just like Ginny. Hehe. I loved how she thought they were together. Maybe James told them he is in love with Summer and that's why they thought that! WOO.

Oh, dear. Again. Her mum is a bit thick. Silly lady. And I hate Albus even more, the hypocritical twit. I'd have kneed him too, if I were in that situation. Which, you know, is obviously highly likely, despite the fact I'd feel like I was cradle snatching if I went out/made out with a guy a year younger than me, but whatever.

And her dad! I can't wait to read the next chapter to find out how that went! UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: wilburt and elbert and norma? right... i can just imagine summer naming her children that... right after she buys a flying pig and jumps to the moon on a space hopper.

but yeah, they're cool now :D

you know, i read this this morning on my ipod before i left for school, and i couldn't help but think how right you were ~ the fact summer won't talk about emotions is making her bitter.

ahaha, yeah ~ KIND OF. james stopped her. this story is going to be about thirty chapters long... ;) so not far to go :D

though a few people have asked me whether i was considering writing a sequel, and that got me very curious. so there is a VERY SLIM chance there will be another story after this.

lily is one of my favourite characters. she's just adorable. ahaha, i'll have to tell you - james hasn't said anything to lily. she just watched them and came to that conclusion.

her mum is very thick, to be honest. and albus is very horrible. he's just one of those nasty blokes that needs to be poked off the end of a cliff. ahaha, i think summer's dad is a cradle-snatcher... i don't think that snogging someone a year younger than you makes you one :P

thank you so much! and the next chapter is in the queue :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #10, by blackangelwingsBang: Well, those cars should have been watching, anyway...

18th June 2012:
ohmygod. major panic.

lily is going to find out james is getting her flat or whatever, and now she knows aimee doesn't have a lot of money and she'll think she's only dating james for her money, and it'll happen when aimee realises how muchsje loves him, and ohmygod, the panic.

argh. this is a really good chapter! i loved the bit with the car crash; that was hilarious. really looking forward to the next chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: ahaha ~ major panic. lozzlesticks.

lily is already very suspicious about the fact a girl with no money and no job is suddenly sniffing around her famous brother, and her very rich and famous family. oooh, if she found out he was buying her a flat ~ ouch.

thank youo so much ~ and i really wasn't sure about the car crash. i was /very/ tired when i decided that would be a good thing to write. :P

ellie :) xxx

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Review #11, by blackangelwingsJust A Game: I still want to drown whenever you leave.

14th June 2012:

Remus! I like how you added him in, you know? And how he gave his opinion, 'cause it wasn't abrupt and he didn't just appear, so that was good.

I'm glad she doesn't believe her brother! That was good. But she still doesn't believe Sirius! Argh. Silly chap.

Oh! I loved the last line, and I can't wait for the next chapter! UPDATE SOON.

Author's Response:
Haha, :)

Well, i didn't want to leave him out because i love remus and he will be important to Gisela in the future once she escapes! and thanks, i couldn't just randomly add him because i hadn't talked about him much so i thought that was the best way to bring him into the story but i promise you, Remus will be featured more.

Well with that explanation he gave her, i don't blame her! and i think she secretly does, she just doesn't want to admit it to herself because she's scared.

ah, thank you! and it will be up soon so keep checking back! and thank you for reviewing!

Vicki :)

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Review #12, by blackangelwingsBeing Summer: The One with Lots of Presents

12th June 2012:
you know that facial expression you make when you see a really cute baby in a wheelchair- something between 'OHMYGOD, they are so cute! and I feel so sorry for them!'. Yeah. That's what I look like.

SO. Are they cool yet? You know, they're practically at their 10th wedding anniversary, as far as I am concerned. And they got each other christmas presents- they are totally in love! REALISE IT. ACCEPT IT. ADMIT IT. Boom.

Hope Summer breaks up with Jack soon. Or he breaks up with her, and she notices that it doesn't hurt 'cause she has no proper romantic feelings towards Jack, he's only like a replacement James, but nobody can replace James 'cause he's James.

Her dad is a bit of a tosser, to be honest. He annoys me as well.

(Lots of people annoy me- fictional or real.)

And the end was just so cute! MARRY THEM. NOW.


Author's Response: i know exactly the facial expression you mean ~ mine tends to look like i've just been punched in the nose, which isn't too attractive, but you know... what can you do? well, at least i'm not the only one...

they're getting along. which is more than they have been for the last couple of chapters. ah yes... they got each other christmas presents ~ that means they're in love... i forgot about that :P

summer cares about jack, because he was good to her ~ but yeah, you're right, she doesn't feel anything particuarly romantic for him. poor jackie-poo. nobody can replace our jamie-boy.

her dad is horrible. he gets worse. trust me.

(pretty much everyone annoy me. in a form of 31 pupils, i worked out that i like 8 people. 8. and three of those are my best friends.)

um... maybe not marriage quite yet, sweets :P

ellie :) xx

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Review #13, by blackangelwingsBeing Summer: The One in Hogsmeade

10th June 2012:
Why did this review take so long?!


So, I'm glad they are talking again. Kind of. Slightly. One step on the journey to marriage, as far as I am concerned. Still hating on Jack, as he annoys me and he is still getting in the way of the Jammer. So, henceforth, he shall be known as Quack, as ducks annoy me and so does he. Which I think I said.. But whatever.

NOT CONDOM. TELL HER, SUMMER. YOU ARE RUINING THE RELATIONSHIP I AM LIVING THROUGH. Argh. Like, heartbroken. And Scorpius! Urgh. Rose annoys me as well. Just, make up your mind, you.. bleugh. So yes. I am no longer a major ScoRose shipper. Nope. That ship has sailed.


'nough said. Update soon.

Author's Response: ahaha, you know what people say ~ better late than never :P

ahaha, summer could do with cooling down a little, i have to agree with you there :P

a step on the journey to marriage... you know, from your reviews i've been getting the impression you're a james/summer shipper... :P HAHA. quack, because he annoys you... god, that made m laugh. and i hate ducks ~ i actually have orinthophobia - yes, i did google it :P - and i'm terrifed of the horrible things.

MWAHAHA. yes, con&dom too. but since i know you've read the next chapter, i don't mind telling you that they don't break up because dom has nooo willpower.

i don't like rose. at all. i don't know why i wrote her like that. she really bugs me. oh well. and yes, albus and natalie should.

thank you for the review! update will be soon :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #14, by blackangelwingsRoyalty: The WotterLufoyManderBottoms.

10th June 2012:
And then we ate mountains and mountains of buttered toast.

I really liked this chapter! It was really funny- like the 'How's it hangin'... Magic' bit? That was hilarious. And it still made sense, you know, despite your Author's Note at the start. Hehe. I liked all the characters, they made me laugh. Oh! And the bit about the ginger wigs? That bit was hilarious, and reminded me of that song.. Wands, by someone.

'Us gingers have got to stick together. Just kidding, it's only a Hedwig.' Hehe.


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Review #15, by blackangelwingsWonderland: If You're Surprised And You Know it Clap Your Hands

6th June 2012:

So does this mean she is finding out James is a wizard in the next chapter as well?! OHMYGOD, WHAT IF SHE THINKS THEY ARE LYING. OR WORSE. WHAT IF ROBYN AND JAMES USED TO GO OUT?! DUDE. I CAN'T DEAL WITH STUFF LIKE THAT.

Pfft. I'm not overreacting. Harry Potter Geek? Never.

But yeah! Does she find out in the next chapter?! And how long is this going to be? And how do you pronounce Robyn's surname? And why do I sound so much like a really annoying voice over at the end of an equally annoying soap opera?


Author's Response: Haha, thank you! I'm glad that you're surprised!
We'll be definitely be getting a lot of information the next chapter (such as the extent of Robyn and James's relationship) - as for whether or not Spencer will find out that they are magical, we'll have to wait and see :P
I'm really glad that you liked this chapter! Robyn's last name is pronouced like "Newman" - I just like that spelling for some reason.
Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #16, by blackangelwingsTwo Steps From Hell: A Twist

3rd June 2012:
Oh no. Oh dear. Oh deary, deary me.

Regulus cannot fancy her. I don't think I could take that. Like, seriously. Just no.

All in all, I really liked this chapter, and I loved the little bit with Regulus at the end.

However, this line kinda scared me:She'd master wandless magic. Even if it killed her. But you know, whatever.


Author's Response: Hehehehehe yeah we'll see how Regulus pans out in this story. I don't forseek him fancying her any time soon as I'm more interested in exploring his character as an individual. I've posted the next chapter up in the queue, but the queue is currently 6 days! Hopefully it'll shorten up by a day or two. Thank you SO much for taking the time to leave a review, I appreciate it so much. xoxoxo

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Review #17, by blackangelwingsShuntbumps: Gryffindor Loyalty

3rd June 2012:
I like it. Like, really. It made me laugh and I'm looking forward to where it goes.

(Good god, I hate saying 'where it goes'. It sounds like some really cheesy love song that simultaneously makes me want to cry for being forever lonely and shoot myself in the head for actually listening to it.)

Anyways. Yes, I like the characters and yeah. Is 'Shuntbumps' actually real game? Snort.


Author's Response: Thank you so much!

(I completely get what you mean. I've always thought first chapters have much 'potential', but whenever I say it, it's just like... *cringe*)

I'll be introducing some other characters later. I hope you like them, too. And yeah, Shuntbumps is a real game. It's mentioned in Quidditch Through the Ages.

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Review #18, by blackangelwingsStuttering: Chapter 6: A Book

2nd June 2012:
I really like this! I love how it's not just one of those ones where she doesn't speak to anyone, yeah? And I really like how you show how quiet she is. Also, I like the reason she started fancing Sirius, 'cause it's different, you know?

Tanner makes me laugh. I hope he does fancy Victoria Jones, that'd be dead cute. I do like Tanner, and how he and Vicky are so close. We don't know a lot about her though, do we? I mean, is there going to be some big reason why she hates being in the limelight, or is she just really shy? Hmm.. Ponder.

Sirius is cute. I like how he isn't all 'urgh, i'm so fearless and brave, and nothing can hurt me. *manly grunt.*' Oh! And the whole bit about him calling his friends his family 'cause his family hate him? AAAW. I'm looking forward to some more Sirius/Vicky action. Hehe.


Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you like my characterization and story! I'll make sure to keep in mind what you said and delve deeper into Vicky and why she's so shy. Thanks!

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Review #19, by blackangelwingsFinding Faith: The Match

1st June 2012:
she totally fancies him.

like, seriously. wake up smell the cocoa, doll! jack is a twat, plain and simple. james is unbearably cute. val is still oblivious, but it's cool, 'cause she's had a lot of stuff happen. i'm still hoping they get together soon. plain and simple.

great chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Or does she? I'll never tell ;) Yeah, he's a big old jerk face. I hope he gets eaten by a flobberworm, personally. And I guess only time will tell for James and Val...

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #20, by blackangelwingsTwo Steps From Hell: Varying Degrees of Idiocy

28th May 2012:
ooh! oh, he thinks about her like, well, yeah.

i really liked this chapter- james and lily are just so cute! i liked the whole bit about sirius thinking about kissing her, 'cause it kind of starts their relationship, albeit slowly..

anyways! great chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Oo yes, their relationship faces a HUGE mountain and Sirius will be climbing it slowwwly.because they'll be a lot of things happening in between! I'm so glad you took the time to leave a review, I really appreciate it. xoxoxo

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Review #21, by blackangelwingsFinding Faith: Talking

27th May 2012:
I really liked this chapter- I love how she's finally speaking about Joy, and speaking to James! Also, I loved the last line. The whole 'time to find Faith' bit? B-e-a-u-tiful.

That is all. UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: NEXT CHAPTER IS IN QUEUE! Update should be SOON! Aren't you proud of me?

James + Val = adorableness. I love them :) And thank you! I really liked the last line too. I giggled to myself a little at it. Not to brag, but I thought it was a clever little play off of the stories title.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #22, by blackangelwingsUntamed: Chapter Six: Where it all Started

27th May 2012:
He's just so sweet and cute and ohmygod, he thinks she's beautiful despite all her faults! AW. It's just so cute! Hehe. Right. I loved Sirius' point of view, because it showed how he felt about everything, and uhuh. However, 'When my gaze flickered back onto Layla I saw her and her friendsí fire insults over to Syannah and Jolene.' He's got it all wrong! Silly Sirius.

I liked the bit in the library. Like, with Conan and everything? And how Sirius doesn't like him. Can't wait to see where that goes. And the end bit, with him calling her Layla, and how I get it now! I really like that, because then, well I dunno, but I still really like it! Oh, and Kenneth telling him to stay away, and Sirius thinking that it's more than a competition- NO. SIRIUS. IT'S NOT A COMPETITION. BAD THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN WHEN PEOPLE THINK LIKE THAT.

Great chapter, innit bruv?! UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: blackangelwings! I'm so happy at your enthusiasm! I totally see Sirius being the type to actually love and forgive someone despite all of their faults. Because he'll be expecting the same in return. I'm happy you enjoyed his P.O.V - it was a tough chapter to write!
Yes, Sirius did see it wrong with Syannah and Jolene, but trust me, things will be uncovered! *quivers in excitment*

Thank you! The study part was my fave to write :) and now you know why he calls her Layla. Holly definitely thinks he's lost his mind. And you're absolutely right NO SIRIUS IT'S NOT A COMPETITION! And that's where the excitment comes in hahaha!

The next chapter will be completed and up early July due to me moving! So stay tuned until then my friend!

XOXO WildFlower!

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Review #23, by blackangelwingsTwo Steps From Hell: Reactions

23rd May 2012:
Oh, yay! I'm glad they took it really well. Lily's reaction was by far my favourite. 'blows to be you!' That's just hilarious.

Also! I liked this because it really showed how close they are, and how easily they would accept things like that.


Author's Response: Thank you! I've always been really inspired by the closeness seen on "Friends" and "How I Met Your Mother" and my own group of mates when it comes to rendering the marauders and company. I've already posted the next chapter in the queue so hopefully it'll be up soon! xoxoxo

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Review #24, by blackangelwingsRoyalty: Princess in Royal Distress

23rd May 2012:

This was a really good chapter! I loved the whole 'royal equivalent to a kidney' bit, that was hilarious. Also, I like how they don't know about Muggle royalty- does this mean they don't know she's a princess, because if they don't, I'm really looking forward to how that plays out, but if they do, I want to see if they would still treat her the same. Yeah..

Still. Great chapter, and I can't wait for the next one! UPDATE SOON!

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Review #25, by blackangelwingsThe Apartment: Flashback and the Wizarding Club

21st May 2012:
Oh, Fred. Tut tut.

Oh god, I love Fred's point of view! He's so ridiculously perverted and funny. My favourite line is definitely "YOU LIE! THE GREAT HIPPOGRIFF IS MY FATHER I TELL-". It was hilarious.

Can't wait for James' point of view! Update soon!

Author's Response: Ahaa, it's one of my favourite lines too ^.^ And I'm glad to hear that, I love Fred's POV too- it's so much fun to write! And James';) I shall update soon, no worries!:')

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