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Review #26, by missclaire17The Spider's Web: Secrets

2nd September 2013:
I'm genuinely surprised that Hermione doesn't like Lily. Seeing as Hermione and Ginny are such good friends and Hermione doesn't seem like the type, I'm really surprised that Hermione would act like that. However, I suppose that everything has its secrets.

I don't think it's that hard to tell that Rose has an interest in Scorpius though I'm not sure if it goes vice-versa (I hope so. I love ScoRose. WAIT IS THIS GOING TO BE A LOVE TRIANGLE?!)

I can't tell if Bridget was genuinely surprised that they didn't know their next case was about Malfoy Manor. I can't imagine what could possibly be so important in there though. I'm a big fan of Next-Generation Draco Malfoy when he has become a reformed man. He is definitely not my favorite character by far but I love the Malfoys in the Next-Generation. I like to think of them as really being quite different, so hearing that Malfoy Manor needs to be investigated makes me sigh sadly a bit xD

I'm very excited for the rest of this story! Jenny, I have to tell you that you're a brilliant writer. Seriously, you are. Your diction is absolutely amazing and the way that you describe everything without overloading it with too much description is an art that I am still trying to learn, but YOU have accomplished it amazingly. You really are such a good writer! (:

Author's Response: Hi Claire!

I figured that with such a big family there must be a little animosity in there somewhere, so this is my interpretation of it! ;) this dislike does become more relevant towards the end of the story though... and maybe Rose is just being weird or maybe there is something there? Read on and see ;)

I can say that Bridget is actually surprised, and thought that Ernie had already told them what their case was. :) the way I'll be writing Draco is perhaps... not what people are used to? (I don't know, I don't read a lot of stories with Draco in!) so I don't know if people will like it but we'll wait and see!

Aww Claire *hugs* seriously thank you so much! That means the world to me. I can only hope to improve!

Thanks for reviewing lovely!

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Review #27, by missclaire17The Seams: By Way of Sorrow

29th August 2013:
Hello dear! I apologize, first of all, for not reviewing last chapter. Secondly, congratulations on the Dobbys! Third, I see that you have edited the chapter!

I still love this chapter! We're exploring a bit more of Eileen's past and we learn that her family has been murdered(?). You wrote the imagery in this chapter so well that I can imagine everything as Eileen saw it. Such a wonderful with that, especially in the scene when Eileen was at the cemetery.

I definitely think that Tobias was working extra shifts to give her that Christmas present. The way that he said he had been working extra shifts and then giving her the present later just gave it away, in my opinion xD Just put that out there so that Eileen knows why he's so busy and then when she sees the present, without him saying so, she'll be able to put two and two together (rather like how Snape does).

Eileen fights the desire to cry, thinking that the only way Tobias will ever know her dearest mother is by touching an object she once possessed. Is Eileen subconsciously hinting at the future they might have together? For her mother to meet him, it would mean that things are getting serious. I think Eileen may be subconsciously looking towards the future because Eileen has such a connection with him? I love that thought.

I can definitely imagine that all of the feelings that Eileen has been feeling this day definitely can cause her to break down. I think Eileen has been lonely for too long, and she really does need someone to be there for her.

Somehow, I sort of imagine that a bit like Snape. He just keeps everything to himself. His secret of Lily has been such a secret that only Dumbledore knows and meanwhile, he just keeps everything to himself until it all builds up and explode.

Wonderful chapter (:

Author's Response: Hello darling! Thank you so much for another wonderful review (and don't worry about not reviewing the last chapter-as long as you enjoy it, I'm happy). Oh thank you! I was so, so ecstatic and I'm still kind of in shock about it. Yes, I did edit. Don't know what I was thinking put it up without doing this edit. That's crazy for you!

Yay! Glad you still like it! Murdered? Well, I don't want to say yea or nay, but they're dead, for sure! :P

Yes, ma'am, you hit the nail on the head. He was working extra shifts to be able to afford the earrings. It is just so precious and sweet, I awww'd the entire time I was writing it.

I'm so happy you caught onto that. I was hoping a reader or two would see the connection there. She doesn't realize it quite yet, but she is looking toward the future WITH HIM. There's something there she can't explain and may never be able to. When you know, you know. That's my theory.

I think that Eileen, like all of us, like Severus, just reached that point of total mental and emotional exhaustion. Life takes a lot out of us. For Eileen, she couldn't stay strong. It was too much. Poor thing. Severus and Eileen are alike in that way. Strong to the core, but so filled with secrets they think must be kept so, it does build up and explode.

Thank you again for the wonderful review! As always, I appreciate it so much! ♥


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Review #28, by missclaire17Faking It: And Then Came a Hogsmeade Weekend

28th August 2013:
Oh my gosh. I have to tell you. I'm a HUGE Lily/Lysander fan. Lily/Lysander, Lucy/Lorcan (well, in this case it's Molly), and all four of them and Hugo are best friends together. So yeah. I'm a HUGE Lysander and Lily fan.

BUT I TOTALLY SHIP LILY/CASPIAN. OH MY GOSH PLEASE GIVE THEM A HAPPY ENDING! Seriously, I love them so much. And I love Caspian. He's seriously so sweet.

I'll be awaiting your next update! (P.S. I love how protective Hugo and Lysander are xD)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #29, by missclaire17Conspiracies: That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)

28th August 2013:
Hello! I love a good detective story such as this. I also find it hard to believe that James would murder anyone, even if the case against him is strong.

I like the reasoning that Harry and Hermione had for picking Melody to be the detective. At first, I was feeling unsure why Melody was chosen but then they stated that she WAS unbiased, and thinking back, it makes a lot of sense.

I think that Adelaide and Shane were involved. My imagination is running wild and I'm thinking that they had an affair, Archie found out, violence ensues, Archie dies, Adelaide and Shane pin the entire thing on James.

I hope that everyone works out well for Melody and James! (:

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for reading and reviewing this story!

I'm really glad that you've understood the reason Melody is involved. I was unsure at first whether it would be clear to the reader and whether the idea of a rookie cop helping in the investigation was too far fetched but I'm glad you've understood it! With her age and her not really being involved with the Potter's during school or any other time, I believed she was the perfect unbiased candidate to pick. She has no hidden agenda!

Ah, well I can't confirm nor deny your ideas but I'm glad you've given the story time to come up with a theory!

Again, thank you so much for reading and leaving me a wonderful review, I really appreciate it!

- Vicki

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Review #30, by missclaire17Truth Will Out: Breathe.

27th August 2013:
oh my gosh, so I was browsing through the thread in the forums for Story Title Help and I saw your story, and decided to check it out.

I'm so glad that I decided to read it! It seems crazy, Frank Longbottom being the one responsible. I can certainly understand why the Potters and Weasleys act like the way they do to her because if I thought Samantha did it, then I would too. I think it's even worse that it's FRANK. Like, not because of who his parents were but because he's a FRIEND of theirs. I think its horrible.

Anyways. Awesome chapter. I'm really glad that she has told SOMEONE about what really happened. I like that it's McGonagall (and Dumbledore's portrait) that she trusted in. I believe that "truth will out" as well.

I'll be waiting for your next update ^^

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you decided to check it out :)

I'm working on Ch.2 now. I gave in to peer pressure (haha) and am extending this to show Frank's POV and some of the aftermath from Samantha's POV.

I really don't think there is anything that would ever justify why Frank did what he did but yes, ch. 2 will definitely give more of a background story.

Thanks again for the lovely review. Hope to hear from you again soon :)

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Review #31, by missclaire17Composure: eight.

26th August 2013:
You definitely have NOT disappointed! What a brilliant idea for a date! I'd to have a guy take me out on a date and do that. It seriously sounds so brilliant. It's not too cheesily romantic, and it's not too boring. It's just perfect, and VERY adventurous. I like it! (: The Gryffindor in me that aches for an adventure is very satisfied lol

I think it's so funny how Evie always asks why people think she and Eoin are a couple when they distinctly act like a couple. Not to mention, they sort of basically live with each other. I wonder what Freddie and other men would think about that. I know that I'd raise my eyebrows and ask why they aren't dating already.

That last question that Freddie asks Evie is very interesting. Obviously they don't know each other very well, but he thinks her of peculiar. I think that is a rather heavily loaded question. It's not just a simple question about your current state of mind because I think true happiness and joy is a bit more long-term than the present.

Awesome chapter! I'm glad that they ventured into Muggle London ^^

Author's Response: This review is just far too lovely and kind! I'm so glad people seem to like the concept, I was a bit hesitant about it because in some ways it seemed very normal but in others it just seemed... Freddie-esque. I love adventure, and placing characters in one is my next favourite thing ;)

I have to admit, I adore Eoin and Evie. Eoin was just supposed to be a side character who filled out the friend role, but he seems to have wormed his way in and morphed into a permanent feature?! Jammy boy. I think it's definitely going to be interesting :P

Thank you, thank you for your lovely review, it's made my day!

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Review #32, by missclaire17As Love Grows: Head Boy and Head Girl

24th August 2013:
Hello dear (:

First off, I like how in the beginning with talking to the Prefects as Head Boy and Girl, Lily wasn't all serious and trying to take over. I've read some stories where she does this, and I'm glad that you portrayed her like any other normal girl, who laughs at a joke and is easygoing with her friends.

One advice: I don't think that Remus would call Snape by his first name, and after the whole Mudblood incident, I'm not sure Lily would either. It's rather ironic of Snape to say that James is showing Lily off as his prize when that would be what Snape would do himself.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I don't think Lily was all bossy like Hermione, I think she'd laugh and find it amusing that James was talking of responsiblity. She has a sense of humour, or she'd never date James!

Oh, good point! I never thought of that. I'll take that into consideration. Yeah, that's exactly what Snape would do, but he thinks James is the one flaunting, which of course he isn't. Snape only gets worse, I can guarantee you!

Thanks for the review, glad you like it :)

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Review #33, by missclaire17Narcissa's Choice: Narcissa's Choice

20th August 2013:
In the end, I think everything worked out perfectly for Narcissa. She and Lucius really loved each other, they have a son that they both really love, and after the War, I think their familial bond has only strengthened.

But in perspective with this moment at Narcissa's graduation with Andromeda appearing, it seems as to me that she made the wrong decision. I hated seeing how Druella turned her own daughter away. I could see what Narcissa was thinking, about spurning her family, and to me, it only made me think that Andromeda is so brilliant and amazing for what she's doing. She would let her family come see her daughter, but her family doesn't want anything to do with her. Hearing her own father say that her daughter shouldn't live has got to hurt. With that in mind, it's almost easy to see what Narcissa was thinking. At the same time, I just feel so horrible for Andromeda because I think she would have let her family come see them, and I think that given the chance, she would reconcile with them if they wished to. I just always hoped that after the war, Narcissa and Andromeda will reconcile and be sisters again, properly.

I loved that bit with Lucius at the end because it shows how he really does care for Narcissa, even from the beginning. Of course, that care grows into deep love over time. This really was such a wonderfully written one-shot! (:

Author's Response: You could say it worked out well, I suppose. They loved each other and their son, but they also put him through some horrible things because of what they chose to do.

So yes, maybe she did make the wrong decision here. I agree, Andromeda is so strong for breaking out of all of this, but of course, she still loves her family and she still wishes that they would come around. However, they never did. Narcissa just wasn't as strong as Andromeda here. I like to think that the two of them made up after the war as well! :)

Yes, Lucius really did care for her, as we could tell in the books, so it will grow deeper. I am so happy that you liked this one-shot! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on it with me, and for leaving all of these reviews! They made my day!!! :)

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Review #34, by missclaire17Molly: Molly

20th August 2013:
This was absolutely BRILLIANT! I think that Percy's first child being named Molly showed more than the fact that his brief betrayal didn't destroy his relationship with his mother but also that he really learned the value of his family as well. I think that being named Molly had a lot of significance and I'm really glad that you decided to write this!

It was really wonderfully written, and I'm glad that you put in the bit about how Percy really believed that he was forgiven at this point in time because this is when he realized how he felt about his daughter. He'd forgive her no matter what, and so it made it far easier to see how his mother would forgive him.

Awesome job (:

Author's Response: It seems like you've decided to spoil me with reviews... well, I'm definitely not complaining ;)

I am so happy that you liked this one-shot! And you're right, naming his daughter Molly also says a lot about Percy's (newfound) family values.

Thank you so much for those kind words. Yes, the point was for Percy to finally understand the unconditional love that a parent feels for his or her children. I am glad it came across, and again, so glad that you enjoyed this. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #35, by missclaire17The Globetrotting Garden Gnome: The Globetrotting Garden Gnome

18th August 2013:
This was by far one of the most brilliant one-shots I've ever read. I mean, how many people would get the idea to write in the point of view for a GNOME?!

That was brilliant though. The gnome's voice was perfect, and I loved the way that the gnome described the things that we know. It would have been even better if you added a bit about Crookshanks in there because Crookshanks loved gnomes since he hadn't seen them before. Either way though, this was brilliant.

There are very few one-shots that I've read that are genuinely creative and original. This was one of them. And I'm so glad that you chose George and Angelina! I love them (:

Awesome job writing this one-shot!

Author's Response: Wow, I am SO happy that you liked the idea of this one-shot. At first, I thought it was a bit too weird... but then I just went with it. The idea came to me as I wrote a George and Angelina wedding chapter for one of my WIP:s on the site, where I included the gnome choir. Then those gnomes were just stuck in my head, and this idea came to me! :)

I had completely forgotten about Crookshanks! I'm definitely going to try to find a way to include him, thank you so much for suggesting it.

Thank you so, so much for your kind compliments! I don't think I can tell you how happy it makes me that you thought so well of this story!!! :)

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Review #36, by missclaire17Carpe Diem: Let The Boy Bashing Begin

17th August 2013:
That was the PERFECT opportunity to tell James that he was being an idiot. I loved it. Frankly, that sort of thing was probably how I imagined Lily Evans always wanted to insult James Potter (the first). Waiting for an opportune moment and whenever he wasn't on his best behavior, she'd insult him lol

I think you did your best. I'm not sure that James would have said "Hufflepuff" simply because of his parents and because Teddy's mum (Tonks) was a Hufflepuff and all that but I think you managed it just fine. You got the point across and I think more of the rudeness came from his friends. James's last comment just set her off.

I loved the update! I have a feeling that things are gonna start getting crazy next chapter!

(Btw, I loved that bit with Teddy. I simply LOVE Teddy and Victoire together... *SIGH*)

Author's Response: Thank you. I thought it was a good opportunity as well. I also had no other idea of how to do it. I get what you mean with the Lily Evans and James I, it does seem like a very them thing.
I understand the whole James not saying Hufflepuff, but my thoughts were that he's been so engulfed by fame, and popularity at Hogwarts, that he hardly listens to his father any more. He is quite a selfish person. it's my plan to have Albus a lot nicer.
I think things will go wild next, and hopefully we should get Rose in all her Chick glory in.
Thank you again for the lovely review.

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Review #37, by missclaire17What Makes Me smile: Surprise

16th August 2013:
LOL the ending was so hilarious, despite everything. "Scruffy was hot."

Wait, I'm lost! Hold up a minute! Why is she running from the authorities? I mean, running away from home technically isn't a crime, right? or is it the whole magic in front of a Muggle, if she hexed one of her mom's boyfriend?

This is why I said Cora needed human interaction though! In a situation that she should have gratefully accepted her situation, she was instead being ridiculously stubborn and angry. Lack of human interaction will do this to you! (in my opinion xD)

Author's Response: It is not a crime but if you are underage and there is nothing wrong with your home life the Police have an obligation to bring you home, at least in the America's I imagined that her father would have asked her tutor for help having the "magical police" look for her as well.

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Review #38, by missclaire17What Makes Me smile: Monsters in the Dark

16th August 2013:
Mr. Howard and Coraline having somewhat of a working relationship with each other is nice. Although Sirius really is a human, Cora still needs human interaction.

Ah, bad guys (LOL my name for them is just so... kid-ish). They're bound to come sooner or late, and I'm glad that Scruffy was there to protect Cora at the end. Honestly, those men disgust me. And hitting a girl? Really? As if your character wasn't bad enough already!

Author's Response: Don't worry I call them bad guys too!

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Review #39, by missclaire17What Makes Me smile: Secrets

16th August 2013:
I love how Cora went to work so hard to buy her sister a card. If she had been put in a House, I'd put her in Hufflepuff based on that fact. (of course her courage for standing up to her mother's boyfriend is very Gryffindor but running away for her own safety can be seen as very Ravenclaw or very Slytherin).

HMMM! SCRUFFY LEAVING! I mean, obviously Sirius is going to return to his human life. I'm still curious as to what point in his life Sirius is at. I love that either way, he's staying with her. He knows she needs him and instead of doing something like try to take her in, he just stays and be a loyal and good companion.

I think it's interesting that Cora has an inclining that Scruffy has secrets. In the end of the day, even though Sirius is an Animagus, he still a human and bound to human emotions, etc. As much as he may act like a dog, his humanness just comes out of him!

Author's Response: Thank you for making house suggestions, I've been agonizing over this for the longest time. I've been really torn with putting her in Slytherin because Coraline on the run really fits the bill, but when she's in a normal setting she's much more of a gentle Hufflepuff, I'd be interested to know what you think as the story progresses as to where she should go.

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Review #40, by missclaire17What Makes Me smile: An Unlikely Friend

16th August 2013:
Hi! Claire here! (:

First off, We humans philosophies and over analyze everything.
It should be "We humans philosophized and over-analyzed everything". Just the spelling and keeping everything in past tense! ^^
And, Mummy can neither flu nor apparate me to London, it should be "Mummy can neither Floo nor Apparate me to London." (Both should be capitalized (in my personal opinion) and Floo is spelled with two O's instead of an U) ^^

Second of all, I'm really curious as to what year this is taking place. Why a black mangy mutt with grey eyes (that I'm seriously taking to be Sirius xD) is out alone on the streets, hurt, and sounding to be worse for the wear. I suppose, though, that this is after the Marauders graduate from Hogwarts.

I'm surprised that Cora's mum's familiy didn't just cast her off as soon as they found out she was a Squib. Based on what Sirius said, it sounded like that was the general practice. Irregardless, I can see why magic is such a sore spot with her mum. I suppose this explains why Cora never actually went to a Wizarding school.

And also, I'm curious as to where her mother and her siblings live. Since her dad lives in England, I'm guessing that maybe her mother and her siblings live in Ireland, Wales, or Scotland? Because Luther got accepted to Hogwarts? I'm STILL curious why she left her father's place, though her father leaving her mother doesn't give me the best impression of him.

I love how Scruffy/Sirius out of the little bits that we've seen him already has hints of Sirius's personality. Not to mention, I love how he's just staying with her, acting like a loyal pet.

Author's Response: Thank you again for the review, especially the grammar bit!

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Review #41, by missclaire17What Makes Me smile: The Last Time I Smiled

16th August 2013:
Hello! This is Claire again.

Something I did want to ask for clarification. It made sense when Cora told her mother she wasn't going to return home because she was with her Muggle father in England. However, why did she leave her father's house? Why doesn't she stay with him during the summer rather than live on the streets?

I find it interesting that she went to a Muggle school and got tutored in magic rather than attend Hogwarts or a magical school. Perhaps the reason for that will be explained in the future? A home-schooled magical teenager is very rare, I think.

It's hard, being a teenager. It's even harder to put up with a dysfunctional family and running away. I feel horrible for Cora, and honestly, I hope her life turns for the better soon.

Author's Response: Yeah she later finds out that he wants to fight for custody of her and she is torn between choosing to live with her Dad or her Mom so she runs away.

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Review #42, by missclaire17What Makes Me smile: Prologue

16th August 2013:
Hello! This is Claire, for the Gryffindor Reviewing of the month! ^^

Before I get started, just one piece of advice: format the paragraphs so that 1) they aren't indented and 2) nothing is centered. It looks slightly out of place and makes it slightly harder to read. Just my suggestion.

Now! It's very intriguing the correlation between Cora's nightmare and what was actually happening to her mother. I'm wondering whether it's foreshadowing and whether Cora has some ability or another to be able to tell the future. OR perhaps the nightmare is a product of her worst fears, translating into her sleep.

The man obviously isn't Cora's father, or else he would have been addressed as such. I take it that he's some sort of step-father or her mother's boyfriend. I think either way, it's horrible that he's so violent to her. It does make the summary more understandable though.

Another advice: look over your grammar. It's nothing a re-read or a beta wouldn't be able to fix. For example, "Coraline now knowing an intervention was necessary, stumbled out of bed and in to the hall. She forced open the door to the room across from her own." You should have a comma between 'Coraline' and 'now'.


Author's Response: Oh thank you so much for the review and for the grammar thing, I always miss really simple mistakes like that one, and I will make sure to follow your formatting tip!

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Review #43, by missclaire17Composure: seven.

16th August 2013:
Ah! Silent reader! I've been waiting for a new update before revealing myself (don't know why).

I find the entire interaction between Harriet, Evie, and Eoin (does she prefer Eva or Evie...?) really hilarious. I mean, it's mainly just Evie and Eoin, how they do conduct sexual activities together (I'm not sure what's 12+ and what's not so I hope you get what I mean xD) but at the same time, theyr'e just friends. It's a really interesting relationship they have going on. Not to mention, the fact that Tom had just left suddenly, really jerk-like makes me wonder whether Evie's love life is in the current state (excepting the fact that she's going on a date with Freddie) because all the guys she that are/were her boyfriend(s) are jerks or because Evie herself is slightly emotionally unavailable. She sometimes gives me the impression that she almost is for some reason.

I think Freddie is going to surprise her and do something very romantic. I'm sure Evie is expecting some date that isn't very romantic but I think it'll be somewhere romantic but very visible. That seems like Freddie's style. He knows how to treat the ladies but he wants to be seen while doing it.

Anyways, I can't wait for the next update!!
(btw, I love how all of your stories's banners and summaries are very minimal but catching!)

Author's Response: YOU EXIST! People actually read this, oh dear lord! I don't even know, I switch between Evie and Eva, she introduces hereself as Evangeline so I suppose anything goes :P

You have no idea how glad I am people like Eoin/Evie/Harriet because I personally adore the three of them and they're so... ahh, I don't know. I love throwing Eoin and Harriet together because they're so different, and Evie's just a bit like whaaat.

Ooo that's interesting about Freddie ;) Well I'm not going to give anything away but it's definitely going to be a bit different. We shall see! I've got a couple of other stories to update, but then Composure's right up there. The next chapter is half done so it shouldn't be long!

Thank you, I am so rubbish at summaries. I panic and end up with one line, so I'm glad they actually attract people in! Thank you so much for your lovely lovely review you amazeballs person

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Review #44, by missclaire17Decoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Romance

15th August 2013:
I don't know if it IS Ali though. I mean, I can see why people suspect her because she's the only one that knows but I highly doubt that it's her. I personally think it's Mason. He probably followed them or something. I wouldn't put it past him. I wouldn't put it past Cooper either xD

I absolutely love James, but I do agree. He was getting a taste for his own medicine. But I still think that it's a little harsh. I mean, you can't help who you fall in love with. James was stupid for putting the Code in place during Hogwarts and he was stupid for not upholding the rules for himself when he was Captain. But... I mean, this is professional Quidditch. It's understandable that this is the big leagues and on a much higher scale than Hogwarts, but really! I mean, you REALLY can't help who you fall in love with or who you want to date.

Jams will find a way to make it work though. He always does.

On the other hand, I feel so horrible for Bink. It seems like his life isn't going the way that he wants to at all and the only thing that he holds onto is Rose, and yet people DO have all of these opinions about them too. But then again, Bink and Rose... I really don't know what's going to happen when Rose goes back to Hogwarts.

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Review #45, by missclaire17The Adventures of Milburga Wirth, VOL I: Deflowering Mister Lupin: Deflowering Mister Lupin

28th July 2013:
This was one of the most hilarious one-shots that I've ever read! All of Hogwarts now knows her to be the girl that wants to deflower Remus when it's totally not true at all!! I think what was even funnier was that she just stuffed the paper into her mouth. I'm not sure what I would have done, but it certainly isn't that!

I loved reading the dialogue between the three of them; especially the things that James and Sirius. I loved how James pretended to be sad that Milburga didn't think their presence was appreciated.

Awesome one-shot! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! (And I have to say, I read your description on your author's page. I LOVE International Affairs/Relations and Sirius/OC is one of my favorites as well!!! ^^)

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Review #46, by missclaire17Beauty Queen: Epilogue: The Quidditch Cup

23rd July 2013:
oh wow...
I can't believe we're actually here.
Wow, like I really can't believe it.
(funnily enough, I always imagined Lily and Lucy to go out with the Scamander twins. I don't know why but I always thought that)

I loved how Natasha was all serious about the game when no one else seemed to be serious except for James. That was exactly what I was thinking: people needed to take the game seriously!

I'm glad that Dom and Scorpius finally got together. It was something from a long time coming now. Still weird to say Dom and Scorpius rather than Rose and Scorpius, seeing as I'm a HUGE Rorpius/ScoRose shipper.

Anyways. Wow, seriously, I can't believe this is finished! Natasha has definitely come a long way, as had she and James, and the rest of their friends. I think you did leave this at a very good spot. There isn't any need for a sequel.

SO awesome of a story (:

Author's Response: I can't believe we're here either! I literally thought I would never finish a story in my life and now I've finished two, so this is kind of insane. (Oh and I'm glad you imagined Lily and Lucy to be with them! I figured since they were twins it would make for great double dates since everyone already knew each other).

Yes, Tash was very serious about the game. Mostly because she's fairly competitive. But yeah, I would've been just as annoyed if nobody was being serious!

Yes, Dom and Scorp did finally get together! AHah sorry you're such a ScoRose shipper but that was never a possibility with this story.

I'm so glad you like this story and where I left it. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. You're awesome :)

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Review #47, by missclaire17Love Rules: Love rule #22

20th July 2013:
Isn't that always how it is? On break, you never seem to get anything done and once you're back in school, all of the updates start floating out.

This chapter... As sad as it makes me that Rose is still so un-confident in herself, I'm glad that her parents and Teddy HAVE told her that it's time she stops dramatising everything because I think what Rose really needs to do is stop pitying herself and try to get a move-on with life. I feel like the whole point of being sent to a rehab (of sorts) is that you can start to take control of your life and start to be aggressive about making yourself better because in the end, you can only lead the horse to the water. you can't make him drink it.

As for Scorpius, I wish that they can just get together already. The two of them are so obviously in love that it hurts my heart that they're so cute together but they're still not together. Not to mention, he's the only one that's REALLY been there for her out of all her friends. He's the one actively trying to help Rose, and that just makes me like him even more than I already love him xD

Author's Response: Haha yes, because guess what? My boyfriend got me hooked on the new SimCity, and I couldn't stop playing it all holidays! Also, I'm an immature 20-something year old who doesn't know how to sort her priorities :P

I think that it'll take a little while for Rose to get 100% better again. Often with eating disorders, the sufferer will never be completely better their whole lives. There can still be like, remnants of self-hate/depression/other sad things that are involved. So I think she's doing alright so far.

Isn't she a damn drama queen? I almost hate myself for making her so lame. She definitely needed that talking to.

Scorpius, naw. That is all.

Thanks for your review, lovely person!

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Review #48, by missclaire17A Thorn to the Dumbledores: First Train to Hogwarts

19th July 2013:
Hello! This is Claire from the forums (:

I found myself surprised to heard that this was the first trip using the train, and again surprised when the groundskeeper wasn't Hagrid, and once again surprised when the Headmaster wasn't Dumbledore! Everything seems so familiar, yet it's not. I suppose that's the thing about Hogwarts!

I have a distinct feeling that Permelia's parents are very formal people; the fact that her father kept telling her not to be late and how it seemed they had little sympathy made me wonder whether that was the reason why Permelia was so quick to accept Albus's apology. I expect that Albus probably did not realize that Bridget and Permelia had talked to him.

Reading about a young Albus Dumbledore, in which many people probably looked at him warily, was very odd. Like Harry said, it's like a stupid Hermione: just something you can't really imagine.

Knowing a lot of Dumbledore's backstory will definitely make this very interesting.

This is a very good start to what I can see will be a very intriguing story regarding Albus. I'm quite glad I have read this! (:

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

I'm finding it a definite challenge to write in the Victorian timeframe, especially with balancing the style of the Victorian era to today's style.

Albus is fairly withdrawn at this point given he doesn't want to draw attention to himself because of his father's notoriety. So, no, Albus didn't really hear them and was surprised to find out that they had.

I have been having fun writing this story.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #49, by missclaire17Haunted: Secrets

19th July 2013:
Hello! It's Claire from the forums!

This one-shot made me really sad. Usually stories portraying Peter try and do a good job of portraying Peter's indecisiveness, but I don't think I've read a story that does it as well as you do it here.

Peter is always one of those people that I don't want to think about when the Marauders graduate from Hogwarts. It positively kills my heart to know that one of them were betraying their best friends, and it's even worse when they start to think that it's Remus. Despite James's best intentions and how he would rather die than think badly of a friend, I think that the suspicion that he tries hard to ignore can't help but sneak up to James. It's horrible, thinking about this entire debacle, but I think you do it so perfectly.

Peter does crave power. He hates to be tortured, and he doesn't think in terms of he would rather die than give up precious information. Dumbledore's quote that "I think we sort too early" really is true. Sometimes, I think that Hogwarts does sort too early because Peter, probably sorted into Gryffindor because of how much he WANTS to be brave and courageous, doesn't have the willpower to do so in the end when it matters the most.

I think the saddest bit of all is that even as Peter is doing it, he knows it's wrong and he knows that he's sending his best friends and completely innocent people into danger. I'm glad that you wrote that Peter really was very indecisive because they were still his friends. It's hard for me to imagine that Peter completely turned a leaf, and just no longer cared for his friends. Even if he, at the end, made the wrong decision and aligned himself wrongly, there is still that friendship that still lingers.

Wonderful job writing this. It's so beautifully written, and to me, this is one of the worst betrayals ever in literature.

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! This was such a nice and thoughtful review :)

That always made me really sad as well, Peter's betrayal and how they thought it might be Remus. I'm glad you thought it made sense for him to be so indecisive. Like you said, I couldn't imagine him switching sides instantly and discarding his best friends of ten years. Even someone like Peter does have a scrap of conscience.

I like what you said about sorting too early, I agree that's probably the case with Peter. He values bravery and loyalty, but when it comes down to it he doesn't really display those qualities and is rather selfish.

Thanks for your review!

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Review #50, by missclaire17Victoire Weasley's Cooking Capers: Victoire Weasley's Cooking Capers

19th July 2013:
Hello! This is Claire from the forums (:

The first paragraph cracked me up (in a good way!). Because this is for the parody challenge, it just made it ten times funnier because most times, it definitely seems like quite a lot of writers like to exaggerate Victoire and Teddy's good looks. And the entire proposal just was written so wonderfully.

I think it's hilarious that Teddy woke up at noon and Victoire started freaking out. I can definitely imagine a lot of Fleur in her kids. The entire process of Victoire threatening Teddy to help her, and then the way that the food actually turned out! It's wonderful that Teddy is the excellent cook, as opposed to Victoire because that really puts a nice spin on things. And the way that Monsieur Delacour nearly choked, and the entire thing was meant to be a romantic replay of their proposal was wonderfully written.

And can I just say, that last paragraph is too amazing. Viddy. Minister for Magic... saving people who choked... "and they did have very very veeerryyy sexy babies" was the perfect last touch on everything.

Wonderfully written! xD

Author's Response: Hello Claire! :)
I'm sorry about the horribly late reply :(

I'm glad you loved the first para :D It kinda sets the tone of the story, and can influence the mood of the writer, so I was hoping that I'd done a good job. I did try to make fun of some popular Teddy/Victoire plot lines and stereotypes. I'm so glad it worked :P

Victoire is very Fleur, I guess. If you get what I mean :p It's nice that you liked the plot and how it took course. I'm happy you had a good laugh and enjoyed this story :)

Oh, and the last bit was too much fun to write. I'm glad to it got some love :')

Thanks for the lovely review and the amazing compliments. It's always nice to hear someone say SUCH nice things, love. :)

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