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Review #1, by missclaire17Where I Belong: Next to You

27th October 2014:
I loved your use of diction. The entire story sounded as though Theo was narrating it verbally to someone. His thoughts were very clearly put across, and I loved how you wrote it.

I like the flashbacks as they helped give an insight to Theo and his love for Will. You wrote Theo as obviously very upset about his fight, and the flashbacks helped the reader understand.

Overall, wonderful job! :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you for the review, I'm happy that you think the flashbacks worked. It means a lot to me. :)


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Review #2, by missclaire17The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where My Heart Tore To Pieces

18th October 2014:
Nope! I refuse to believe that James will do something like this. I had always thought that William's secret about James was that he always had a thing for Abigail but just never said anything. Not to mention, I had always thought that Michelle had been part of a secret plot to ruin James and Abigail's relationship ANYWAYS so I don't trust Michelle or those random girls.

This was a shorter update, but I like the tension being built up, as sad as it is for Abi.

can't wait for th enext one!

Author's Response: *hugs* I want to say! I so badly want to say but the next chapter is up now and all of your questions will be answered, I promise!

KEEP BELIEVING!!! That's all I'm saying!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter :D

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Review #3, by missclaire17The Cold Spark: A Cold Little Spark of Hope

17th October 2014:
Hello! I'm back! :)

I love that you put a new twist to this by having Sirius and Eileen be expecting a baby! They can't have been the only ones to have unexpected pregnancies. I remember Molly Weasley saying that during the height of the first war against Voldemort, everyone was eloping left right and center. It only makes sense that Lily and James can't have been the only ones with unexpected pregnancies, otherwise there would be no one in Harry's year at Hogwarts xD

What I really liked was Sirius's reaction to the pregnancy. I expected him to freak out but accept the responsibility and be excited about it. Sirius NOT freaking out at first wouldn't make any sense in my head, since he's so unwilling to settle down in JKR's opinion.

I love the development of this story... I really do hope that there will be a semblance of happy ending for Eileen and Sirius!

Author's Response: Welcome back! I have to say I'm so excited to see a review from you! haha. I'm glad you like the twist, it's been a plan from the beginning and I think there is room to work with it just because Sirius's life was never completely revealed to a point where this just couldn't happen.

I will admit at first I had him accepting it and the more I thought the more I know Sirius would have gone to James and James would have 100% told him to go back. So that's how I decided to write it.

I hope you continue to love the development and I won't promise anything right now!

Thank you for your review! It was so lovely to wake up to :)

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Review #4, by missclaire17The Cold Spark: Time is Lost in Pain

22nd September 2014:
All I could think about when I read about Voldemort's appearance was how Lily and James defied him three times. I really like how you wrote it that James was about to die because although James and Lily were brilliant at magic, they were still nothing compared to Voldemort, and I think that adding in the element of Eileen saving them was a nice touch.

Also, I really got the sense of how disorganized the Order of the Phoenix was at the time. I remember it was either Remus or someone else saying to Molly or someone in the 5th book that the Order later on with Harry was much more organized and prepared whereas the first time around, they knew nothing and weren't prepared at all. There's a different sort of danger that surrounds this Order because there is absolutely no guidance and danger is everywhere. You wrote that PERFECTLY.

I would love to know how it is that the Death Eaters allowed for Eileen to be able to run away. Something doesn't seem right, and I have an inkling that someone saved/helped her somehow... of course, I'm not complaining because I don't want Eileen to die. James's reaction when he was first pulled away from Voldemort by Moody was very much like James; worrying about others first before himself.

This was such a dramatic but wonderful chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I have to say I really enjoy reading what you think about everything! I'm glad you brought the first point about Lily and James defying Voldemort up because I agree with you, everyone in the Order were skilled, powerful witches and wizards but they were not a match for Voldemort.

I agree, there is confusion, they aren't sure of what is going on and it's only going to get worse. I imagine the time being incredibly stressful and dark. I picture it as an Order who is grasping to stay above it all but Voldemort has more people than them, working in places they don't even realise.

As for your last point I won't say too much but I think you're on the right track. I can't see them letting her slip away so easily either!

With James's reaction I thought a lot about Harry too, I believe they would have reacted in the same fashion. In that way they are a lot alike.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, it was intense to write! The next chapter update is coming soon!

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Review #5, by missclaire17Complicated: In Which Scorpius Is A Moody Cow

21st September 2014:
Hello :)
New Reader here!

Obviously, it's not that Olivia can't think for herself but I thinkt hat Cassie has always been so outwardly outspoken about her opinions and never caring about what others think about it that Olivia never bothered to get to know the Gryffindors or hang out with other people till this term. The thing is though, she seems like she actually really does enjoy their company from time to time. Perhaps not as much as with Scorpius and Cassie but I think that there's merit to hanging out with the Gryffindors and other Slytherins.

I think Scorpius's reaction towards the Gryffindor is to be expected; I'm sure that they haven't been the warmest to him and so therefore he isn't going to be all that happy that his best friend is spending all her time with them. Not to mention, the fact that their parents did hate each other at school kind of makes it awkward for them all to be friends. Unlike Olivia though, Scorpius doesn't try to get to know them for his own reasons, however stubborn those reasons are. I think that with Cassie gone, there will be a lot more of a chance for him to try to get to know the Gryffindors, but there's no chance of that ever happening with Cassie there.

The last thing I wanted to say is that I really don't like Cassie. Maybe it's because I am a Gryffindor myself, and I understand that it's hard for Cassie to admit to her feelings and she might very well be in trouble, but I don't like how in previous chapters she couldn't be honest with Scorpius, and I don't like how her presence influenced Scorpius and Olivia so much that without her, life could be a lot different. It's probably not her fault, and I'm sure that we'll see a lot more of her in later chapters and explanations as to everything, but at this moment, I don't think of Cassie as the glue to hold them together. I think of her as someone that Olivia and Scorpius need to learn to live without because neither of them really know how to socialize without her.

Awesome story! Can't wait for your next update!
P.S. I always wanted Oliver Wood and Katie Bell to get married!!

Author's Response: Yay! New reader! That's so exciting :)

You're definitely right about the dynamic between Cassie and Olivia. Cassie's always assumed Olivia takes her opinion on everything, to the extent that Olivia hasn't really formed her own opinions. Without Cassie, she's learning who she really is and is much more open minded than she thought.

Scorpius is in a difficult position with the Gryffindors. He knows about his family's history and that makes it awkward to be around the Potter/Weasley kids. But yes, without Cassie he might be more likely to give them a chance.

Totally fair enough to not like Cassie :) She's not really a very likeable character, and has definitely had a negative effect on her friends.

Thanks so so much for the review! I've written the next chapter so will upload it in the next few days :)

Emma xx

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Review #6, by missclaire17Impact: Education

21st September 2014:
New reader here! :)

It's rather interesting that you see many hints of the darker aspects to come in later chapters, but the tone and mood of the chapters right now are much more light-hearted. I like the contrast that you make, lulling the readers into a sense of comfort before making a statement to make the readers realize that this won't be such an easy ride after all.

I thought it was kind of obvious that Theodore Nott is Cecily's father, though I suppose that is just because us readers have background information and knowledge that Cecily doesn't have. My one criticism is that Cecily's reaction towards the possibility that she just met her biological father isn't as exaggerated as I feel as though it could be. Obviously, I suppose we'll see a lot more of her reaction and the way she deals with it in later chapters, but just thought I should mention it :)

It's almost sort of funny how Albus and Cecily can't get along. Sometimes I think Cecily is being a bit too dramatic, but then Albus will do something that makes me want to roll my eyes.

Awesome story! Can't wait for your update!

Author's Response: Hi, Claire! I'm so happy you found my fic and left me this review--you've picked up on a few aspects of the story that I don't think some of the other readers have noticed.

Things are definitely going to get more dramatic later on, and I wanted to plant those seeds in the earlier chapters. I'm really glad that you enjoyed that contrast.

As far as Cecily's reaction to the news about Theodore Nott, I definitely agree that she should have dealt with it much differently...but the problem with Cecily is that she doesn't really have normal reactions to trying situations, which is definitely kind of unhealthy. I plan on exploring that a bit more in-depth in future chapters. I am glad you picked up on that, though!

Albus and Cecily are quite ridiculous at times. I strive to make them kind of realistic, though, and I was definitely that immature as a teenager. Feel free to keep me in check if it gets to be a bit too much. :)

I'm really glad you liked the story--I hope you're still enjoying it. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by missclaire17My (Fake) Wedding: 19th June 2026

19th September 2014:
I am absolutely obsessed with your story. I just finished reading all of this in one sitting, and just wish that there were more chapters. I'm not even sure where to begin because I love it so much. I love the relationship between James and Elle, and I love how your plot is so well-structured and organized. I love how the Potters play a major role in this, and your description of them is amazing. I love how attentive James is to Elle's needs; he's exactly the sort of man that I need in my own life xD

Hope to see you update this story soon! :) Awesome job.

Author's Response: *Bows down to you for reading it all in one sitting* And I promise the next chapter should hopefully be uploaded soon (hopefully!) and it should explain a few more things :D Thank you so much, I have a massive word document with all the details of each chapter in it, haha! And I know, I need a James like this in my life ^_^
~Aimee xxx

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Review #8, by missclaire17The Cold Spark: Friends Are What You Make Them

16th September 2014:
In the last part, I think you may have the year wrong because it says 2014 xD But I'm a new reader! I actually should have left a review on the last chapter but my laziness took over.

This is the classic Sirius-and-a-Slytherin-girl romance story BUT, I absolutely love it because I think you wrote it so realistically. I can never see Sirius falling in love with someone wants to be a Death Eater (just like how Lily and Snape didn't work out) because Sirius is just so anti-Voldemort, and we're in the height of Voldemort's rise to power, and pureblood Slytherins who would want to join the Order are so few that a lot of times, it's just unrealistic. The thing that makes your story so different is that it's clear that Eileen was affected by Hector's decisions and her parents' lack of love towards her also played a role. You did such a good job developing Eileen's character in the beginning. You really made us believe her and fall in love with her as Sirius did and see the good side of her, so excellent job.

I'm really not surprised at Hector and Sirius not getting along, though I think that Hector is... overreacting. Sirius has his moments of being stupid, especially when he was 11, but I don't understand what Sirius could have possibly done that would make Hector hate him so much. I get that Hector is protective of his sister, but this is a bit of overly dramatic on Hector's part haha

The bit about the Marauders drinking and James being stuck as a stag was hilarious! I loved that bit; really goes to show that even with a war going on, you can still enjoy life.

Wonderful job :)
Can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: My first thought at your review was 'Oh no not again!' haha that is the second time I've written the date wrong but the last one i caught myself! So thank you for pointing that out! It's currently waiting to be updated now, whoops! :P

I really want to say thank you for talking such time to leave such a wonderful review! You're right though Hector really doesn't have any serious justifications for disliking Sirius so much and Sirius doesn't understand it either. Their relationship will have further developments so watch out for it but I can say that Hector is over protective but hes also a hypocrite. Remember he left Eileen with their parents when she was still young and in a moment when he should have been playing big-brother.

Also thank you, I will admit I got the idea from a random piece of head-canon floating around the internet but I knew I wanted to use it in my own way, it just sounded so much like the Marauders!

Again, thank you for your truly wonderful review and keep reading!

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Review #9, by missclaire17Lethargic: Mutual Feelings About

11th September 2014:
First, before I launch into my constructive criticism, your story is so refreshing.

It's nice to see a development of romance for James Potter and an OC to not start off as 1) best friends or 2) mortal enemies.
Of course there is a fine line between love and hate, but the whole "omg we hate each other so much" type of thing is getting tiring.

I like how Carrie and James are really just indifferent to each other other than a few run-ins and misunderstandings. More or less, they just let each other live their lives. I absolutely love that. I think it's so much more realistic than any others.

I'll definitely say that Brett's the biggest a** hole between the two. Something that is new and not really expected is that James is... more or less responsible. It's weird because I totally think that James is the Prank King, but James is very responsible. I would say that one of the first words I'd use to describe James in your story is responsible. Thus, I think that all a**hole things that he does really is a result of him having to be responsible because he is Head Boy and because he has to keep his entire family in line. Not to mention, he's the eldest son of Harry and Ginny Potter. That sort of position in life probably forced James to have to be responsible, and I think whatever he does that makes him an a**hole is because he's trying to be responsible; he just doesn't go about it the right way all the time.

Carrie, on the other hand, is very complex. Reading through your Author's Notes earlier, you asked if Carrie was a Mary-Sue. In all honesty, I think that in fanfiction, we sometimes go overboard with trying to stay away from Mary-Sues that we end up with characters that aren't realistic. Sometimes, characters who portray Mary-Sue like tendencies are actually very realistic, and I think that's the case with Carrie. She is a self-proclaimed lazy person, yet her laziness is moreso the result of knowing that her parents are going to dictate her life, so there's no point of trying. I'd say that the worst trait that Carrie has is the lack of fight that she puts up against her parents and her immediate acceptance of what they're going to make her do after Hogwarts. I think the best part of Carrie is that she IS so honest because she doesn't care what any of these people think BECAUSE of her parents. In a way, her parents sort of have this positive AND negative affect on her, but I think Carrie's honesty is something very refreshing and I have met a lot of people who have that blatant honesty that you don't really get these days.

Now, being the canon-freak that I am, I'd say that James doesn't have green eyes because only Albus has Harry's green eyes and Neville should be the Herbology professor. I'd also say that it's a bit cliche that all of Carrie's friends are on the Quidditch team and all of them are incredibly good looking. Also, the fact that the Slytherins also call Carrie a blood-traitor doesn't seem realistic. I know the stigma of Slytherins still existed in the Next Generation, but I think the emphasis on blood status is a lot more muted, and I just don't personally think it's realistic that they think that of her. Of course, this could just be Carrie's warped idea of Slytherins because maybe it's one or two Slytherins that call her a blood-traitor whereas the rest of Slytherin House doesn't care at all, but Carrie puts that stigma on the entire house, but I don't know. Also, how could an American go to Hogwarts? You have to be British to go to Hogwarts, so unless Josh is American by birth but lives in Britain, it wouldn't work.

Overall, I love your story! I can't wait for your updates, and I hope I didn't terribly offend you with my more negative comments! Love your story, still!

Author's Response: Okay, so normally I don't reply to reviews right away, but this one was just so mentally stimulating (I know that sounds weird) that I have to respond. Although I won't be revealing some things because they will be explained a bit later.

James only has green eyes because Carrie didn't bother to really look at him or pay attention to him the first time she saw him. She just classified him as reasonably fit and moved on because that's the kind of person she is, or rather that's how the kind of person I'm trying to portray her as.

Carrie's friends were made to be these "perfect" people because I want to tear them down later and make them imperfect. Call me evil, but you might not like all of her friends by the time this story is over. There will be sub plots galore once the story becomes longer.

Now the blood traitor thing. You could be completely right about it not being a big deal. I just imagine that the whole population of purebloods has gone down since Voldemort. My theory was that those who supported him, but never openly, would still feel the need to uphold every tradition. There is now less of them and those who still think they are superior would want to maintain their authority and superiority. However, I would completely agree that everyone who isn't a pureblood wouldn't care in the slightest. So far in the story I have tried to make it so that only other people who are purebloods bring up the comments about being a blood traitor. Although I tried to make Carrie's friends treat that as a bit of a joke. It's a little bit like horizontal racism where it isn't one group of people attacking another group of people, but it's one group of people attacking each other. Hopefully that makes sense? I guess the short version would be only purebloods care about blood status and the rest of the wizard population chooses to ignore them.

I'd love to tell you more about Josh, but you'll be finding out why he's at Hogwarts in I'd guess ten chapters. He has a pretty cool background, but I don't want to spoil it.

On another note, thank you. Thank you for understanding the character traits I gave James. I just couldn't imagine him as this person who goes off and does stupid cocky things. Something told me that his parents would shove responsibility down his throat until it was ingrained in him forever. For some reason I always thought that Albus would have, let's say less morals, than James. He's the forgotten middle child, so I figured he would be able to get away with more than his older brother.

I would just love to say that I loved your review, especially the part where you criticized me. I promise never to be insulted. I'm also happy that you like the slow migration into something rather than BAM relationship. At the beginning Carrie hated him, but then I realized she was to lazy for that.

I cannot thank you enough for this review! I've started writing the next chapter and I have no idea when it will be out. Just thank you! :)

Also if this jumps to the top it's because I added a chapter image.

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Review #10, by missclaire17Classic: A Kaleidoscope's Exactitude

10th September 2014:
The summary (and banner) shocked me for when I clicked on your story and read the first chapter, but now I am addicted!

I love the idea of Voldemort having a sister; it's the same old nature versus nurture argument. They have the same genes, and granted, they're very different, but I am very interested to see Sierre's personal development throughout this story. She is obviously struggling with the two sides of her, and who else would appear except for Albus Potter, son of the one person that defeated Voldemort.

By the way, Voldemort's wand wasn't holly. It was yew and phoenix feather, so it wouldn't three wands made in existence with holly and phoenix feathers, right? It would be two? unless I totally am mistaken.

Awesome story! :)

Author's Response: Hello, reader! :-)

I adore the concept as well, and I'm glad you like it; I too am fascinated by the contrast between the two siblings, but I am also enraptured by their similarities (which will be revealed in the story later). Writing and developing Sierre is such fun--she's so versatile and inexplicably unpredictable.

As for Voldemort's wand: yes, you're absolutely right--his wand was of yew wood with a phoenix feather core. What I meant in the chapter was that there were only three wands ever created with a phoenix feather core, rather than referencing to the wood. :-) Hope that clears everything up!

And finally: Thank you for reviewing. Feedback is always delightful as an author! I hope you keep reading and enjoying "Classic"!


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Review #11, by missclaire17Done: Really done

9th September 2014:
I always find the male fear of raising daughters to be amusing. Being a girl myself, it's understandable why but reading about Teddy's fear of more daughters was wonderful.

This was overall such a light-hearted and wonderful one-shot, but I think you actually managed to portray the difficulties of parenting very nicely, especially parenting 6 kids with 2 more to go.

Wonderful one-shot! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I agree, guys worrying about parenting girls is pretty funny. My hubby was glad we had boys cause he didn't know what he'd do with a daughter. He doesn't even have sisters.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #12, by missclaire17Kill Your Darlings: Blood Bond

31st March 2014:
Blood bond!!! I love this concept!!! Clearly, it is just further proof that Andromeda and Ted are meant for each other.

I can see why Ted refuses though; Andie hasn't exactly given him that much good proof that he can rely on her (though that isn't her fault). It's just such an unfortunate circumstance, but it really all lies in Andie's decisions about what she's going to do with her life.

Narcissa knows Andie way too well, and their closeness is so cute but it's also a bit heart-breaking because we know what ends up happening. It's just my only hope that after the Deathly Hallows, they can reunite and become sisters again.

Wonderful job :)

Author's Response: Yeahh, BLOOD BOND. It's tough, because I don't want this new development to be, you know, a SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE that Tedromeda should be together. -cougheventhoughtheyshouldcough- But sometimes the universe really does have to give you a little nudge. Never fear, though! There will still be plenty of monkey wrenches to complicate blood bonding and all that it entails.

It really is a series of unfortunate events at this point. Both Andromeda and Ted have been staying away from each other for reasons that aren't entirely in their control. All the same, I wanted a driving theme of this fic to be that, no matter how contrived or overwhelming circumstances are, you always have agency--the ability to make your own choices and be your own hero. That sounds hokey, but there it is.

I will tell you a secret. In my heart of hearts, I totally believe that Dromeda and Cissa reunited post-Deathly Hallows. Of course, I'm a little biased. :]

Thanks so much for the read and review!

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Review #13, by missclaire17Flawless: Flawless

29th March 2014:
I love Fleur's examination of why she loved Bill. It's something that people are always afraid of doing, examinign why they love a person, because they think that it would mean they don't truly love that person. To me, though, the way that Fleur was able to accept her own flaws (despite Bill calling her flawless) meant her being able to see how Bill was flawless in his own way. Fleur saying that Bill is the kind of flawless that she wished she could be is really true.

One thing: the sentence "He wasnít flawless, he was the kind of flawless she wished she could be." is a run-on sentence. You should correct it to be, "He wasn't flawless. He was the kind of flawless she wished she could be." or "He wasn't flawless; he was the kind of flawless she wished she could be." :)

Wonderful job.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for stopping by! :D

I totally agree with you. People are afraid of examining why they love a person and so was Fleur. The conclusion she found was sudden and it sort of came to her mind that particular night. :)

Of course, Fleur knew Bill was exaggerating about her being flawless. Actually, the same thing goes about him too. Fleur too must be the 'flawless he wished he could be'.

I'm glad the idea of Bill being the kind of flawless she wished she could be made sense!

Thanks for pointing that out! I'd look after it a bit. :)

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #14, by missclaire17Love Rules: Love Rule #24

29th March 2014:
REUNIONS! I love that Rose got to hear that Freddie actually studied instead of played Quidditch. It's nice that although it's almost evident that Rose's absence had an effect on their group of friends, nothing changed. That one bit when Rose hated Callie for a brief moment because of her body was very realistic. It's evident that Rose is slowly overcoming her disorder bu it's not going to be an over-night process.

It's so adorable how they look at each other, blush, and then turn away. I love that Rose was like, "convince me to stay". AH! It's just so cute! I love this!

And don't worry. I had been on hiatus from this site for a good half a year because I was so busy, and even though I'm back, I can't start updating constantly like before because of life *sigh*

Author's Response: Hi thanks for still being here for me! :) I hope you're well!

There are going to be plenty of kisses to come. They're a little bit ridiculous aren't they?

Thanks so much for the review! As always, it's greatly appreciated.

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Review #15, by missclaire17Put On Notice: Put On Notice

26th March 2014:
I found this ScoRose extremely entertaining even though Rose didn't even make an appearance. Scorpius's constant babble and mind monologue about Rose told more than he could ever say in words regarding his feelings towards Rose.

Another thing that was interesting was Scorpius's regard towards rules, about how they were for other people but not him. In a way, I can see Scorpius thinking like that but also, I can also see him not thinking that way.

Scorpius's personality is usually an enigma left up to the author, and I love to think about Scorpius being a little troublemaker to gain some friends people he's not a natural people-pleaser, perhaps due to the fact that he is (seemingly) an only child and because of his family (as sad as it is that someone is judged for that sort of thing).

It's rather hilarious that Scorpius is being brought in on stalking charges. It seems to me that he is mentally stalking Rose xD

Good job! :)

Author's Response: Hi missclaire!

Oh, I'm so glad you found this entertaining. That's what it was written for, after all. :) Yeah, and who needs BOTH characters to make an appearance when one works just as well? :P

In this story, it's all Scorpius thinks about, and how he tries forever to NOT think about Rose. Haha!

I couldn't resist putting a twist to this. Thanks so much for dropping in, reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by missclaire17Lion Hearted Girl: Lion Hearted Girl

26th March 2014:
I normally don't enjoy second person point of view simply because of my tastes but this is wonderful!

Ginny is one of my favorite characters in the entire book and she absolutely does not get enough credit. They push her aside as a pawn or a silly girl that still has a celebrity crush on Harry, but she's so much more than that.

I like the theme of how Ginny kept that note with her, and that in the end, she did come to accept that she had been that lion-hearted girl.

Ginny Weasley is one of my idols in life (I'm really not kidding), and this was a wonderfully written one-shot about her! Good job! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Second person is new territory for me as well, but I was pleased with how it seems to fit the story and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I adore Ginny and this story really is my love letter to her - she's an incredibly strong, courageous and complex character and I needed to dispel those myths about her that you mentioned - that she's just a pawn, or just a silly little girl. I can't stand it when people are so dismissive of her - Ginny fans unite! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by missclaire17Kill Your Darlings: Emergency

26th March 2014:
Hello dear! I'm a new reader.

What I love about this story is that you really have shown Andromeda's change in thoughts regarding Muggleborns through Ted. Obviously it was evident from the start that she was different than Bellatrix and Narcissa in what she wants and what she thinks she should do in life.

But it wasn't evident that Andromeda was all that different from the other purebloods until her changed way of thinking when she met Ted. I liked that her thoughts changed slowly from Mudblood to feeling extremely uncomfortable with using that term, yet at the same time, you can see that Andromeda is still a Black.

My biggest problem with the way that Andromeda is sometimes written is that people sometimes think that she is just entirely like Sirius and not a Slytherin. But Andromeda is a Slytherin, and although she is what we consider a 'good' Black, she isn't Sirius who doesn't care for things like family name and saving face, etc. She still thinks about that and her mind jumps to it when she does something like climb into the Hospital wing bed to comfort Ted.

Excellent writing. I love how you write Ted and his fancy for Andromeda; it's the perfect balance between really caring for someone and not submitting yourself to thinking that you're inferior just because everyone else tells you that you are.

Good job! :)

Author's Response: A new reader! Hello, hello!

I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying the story so far. I was frustrated with many of the Andromeda fics out there for the same reasons as you: most of them invariably portrayed Andromeda as fundamentally different from the rest of her family, or naturally inclined toward good and open-minded thinking. I always pictured Andromeda growing up just as prejudiced as her sisters. And to me, given her ultimate life decisions, that provides so much more room for character development!

Like you say, Andromeda isn't Sirius. She's a Slytherin through and through, and her place in Slytherin allows her to hold to her beliefs about blood purity without a single challenge...until Ted. She still cares about propriety and social standing and all the comforts she's grown up with. But she also values her independence and what she believes to be the 'right' way. I wanted those two usually complementary sides of her to come into conflict.

Ted can be tricky to write. I wanted him to care for Andromeda despite her poor treatment of him, but I also wanted him to have a backbone and his own firmly held beliefs. So it's very good to hear that he's striking that balance!

Thank you so much for your encouraging words and for taking the time to review! Hope you continue to enjoy the read. :]

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Review #18, by missclaire17Dear Al: Hogsmeade

25th March 2014:

This is a very interesting story idea! Though I do not like Severus Snape as a person, as a written character he is very fascinating and I love the idea of venturing to know more about his life in depth in order to understand him more.

There are many times when people would blame Lily, or blame the Marauders for Snape wanting to turn to the Dark Arts and Voldemort, but I think that assuming that it was due to Lily or due to the Marauders is oversimplifying Snape and merely giving an obvious though incorrect answer to a long riddle that is waiting to be solved. It's like the question of Voldemort. How was he so evil? Harry needed to learn more about Voldemort to understand him, therefore I think that we all need to learn more about Snape but without the influences of whether we ship Snily or whether we ship Jily.

I love that it's written in 3rd person point of view but we see Snape's feelings and thoughts. It makes for the perfect balance between seeing things in Snape's point of view and seeing things objectively in a way that Snape wouldn't.

Wonderful writing!!

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Review #19, by missclaire17Off the Rails: sixty

24th March 2014:
I've been absent for SO long from this site (I've missed it) but school and life wasn't relenting its tight grasp from me.

It's almost nice to see James's slip of his tongue because subconsciously, I suppose that he has become more comfortable with his skills and how well he plays. His humbleness is still intact but the fact that he can embrace that he's better than McLaggen is a really nice development.

Another nice thing is the relationship between Harry and James. I love that they have everything fixed and that they have a working relationship now! It makes me tear up.

I actually haven't looked at any of the new information released by JKR regarding the HP world (I'm guessing she's releasing it on Pottermore) because I haven't been on Pottermore and literally have been away from the HP fandom for so long *SIGH* Irregardless, everything in the last 60 chapters have been absolutely AMAZING! :)

I will definitely pop by the Meet the Author page! It's been so long... *wow*

Author's Response: Hi, it's lovely to see you back! Life - and school life in particular - can be a bummer, huh?

James has come a long way, even in recent chapters. You're right; he IS learning to believe in himself more, and it's about time too!

Bah, the Harry/James conversations make me so happy every time. It's such a shame, that they missed out on all those years of father/son happiness. I am a cruel author.

Yep, the info's been released on Pottermore. Nothing all that major, just, you know, a completely different group stage set up. GUH. At the end of the day I'm not all that cut up about it - there's not much I can do about it anyway - it's just frustrating that she only told us all this after I'd finished writing Rails. I could've done with it at the start! Although it would be a different looking fic entirely. So perhaps it's for the best. :)

Woo, MTA questions! I look forward to them. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by missclaire17You. (Me).: You. (Me).

19th September 2013:
Hello! I'm here with another review for you!

What I loved about this piece is how you managed to portray so much about beauty in so little words. I like the contrast between how Victoire sees herself and how Teddy sees her. It's a stark contrast, yet one that made the story even more powerful. It wasn't simply Teddy saying how Victoire can't see how beautiful she is and it isn't simply about Victoire lamenting the beauty that she has. It's a lot deeper because we see Victoire's insecurities and how this gift that she is given is actually terrible in her opinion, yet, Teddy, doesn't look at her that way. He loves her, sees her beauty, and knows that Victoire will never see herself that way.

Something I thought was interesting is how Victoire says that her beauty invites falsities, yet Teddy's thoughts are full of how perfect she looks. It's almost as if he is reaffirming what she is saying. Then, it says how hurt he is that she is 'rejecting him' and in the end, Teddy says that he loves her and that she's brilliant. Then, there is that doubt in your mind that he isn't just in love with her beauty, but potentially much more than that. That doubt allows room for the thought to grow to wishing Victoire would see herself the way that Teddy sees her.

Absolutely amazing! (:
xoxo, Claire

Author's Response: Hey Claire!

I'm really happy you picked this story for the last review because it's one of my favourites :) It was great to explore the theme of beauty in this, because although I'm sure other people have shown the negatives of it, I haven't read any stories that do.

It's brilliant that you could see what I was trying to communicate with the contrasts between Victoire and Teddy. In a way Teddy reaffirms the fact that Victoire is only loved because of her beauty, but at the same time I think that someone like Teddy would be able to beneath all of that and love her for who she is rather than how she looks. I'm really happy you could see that in this story!

Thank you so much for all these lovely reviews - they really made my day!

Sian :)

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Review #21, by missclaire17Pandemonium: November Fools'

19th September 2013:
Hello dear! I'm here again with another review. I have to tell you that as much as I liked chapter 1 of this story, chapter 2 is even more amazing.

The ridiculousness of this challenge's prompts paired with the ridiculousness of the curse resulted in a chapter that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. You were really creative in thinking of things that is utterly bewildering and out of control. I think what is even better is that McGonagall is at the root of all this, trying to make order because we know that McGonagall is so serious and not one for "letting her hair down" in any sense.

I liked how it was Percy that announced to McGonagall that the curse was there. Such a level-headed person like Percy announcing that something so ridiculous was happening gives an irony that suited the story very well.

I enjoyed reading the bit about the Ravenclaws and the boat. I was wondering how anyone would work in the bit abou Flitwick, but I think you did it rather well! It was really creative thought, turning the Ravneclaw Common Room into a ship. Roger Davies leading the Quidditch Team was a nice bit, considering how we know he's the Quidditch captain.

This was a wonderfully written story! I really enjoyed reading this and seeing how you incorporated the prompts into your writing. Awesome job! (:

xoxo, Claire

Author's Response: Hello!

One of the things that I decided to do with this story was make it as ridiculous as possible. I have no idea how you managed to come up with the prompts for it, but I couldn't think of a way to work them in that wasn't humourous. I deliberately picked some of the most serious characters to exaggerate the ridiculousness of the curse even more.

Haha it was definitely hard to work some of them in, but I'm glad you liked the way I wrote the Flitwick prompt. It was so fun to imagine and write all of this, so thank you for the challenge!

Sian :)

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Review #22, by missclaire17Pandemonium: First Day

19th September 2013:
Hello dear! I'm so sorry for giving your reviews so late, but life has been immensely busy now that college is starting again. Nevertheless, here I am!

This is one of the most amusing and best-written humor stories that I have ever read! What is even more incredible is that you managed to fit in the prompts so well in your story. You wrote this entire story with a humorous tone, and it's not just funny because of witty remarks that the characters make but because of the description and the plot. I rarely read a story in which the plot itself is just so humorous and delightful.

What I loved, however, is more than just the humour. Your writing style is amazing. You start off the story by talking about how Cornelius Fudge wants everything to be serious, and he's in a meeting with the other Heads of the Minisry, and they are the ones charged with the duty of keeping the entire Wizarding community in order, yet Cornelius's bowler hat makes trouble.

I absolutely loved this story! Not to mention, the title certainly is fitting!

xoxo, Claire

Author's Response: Hi Claire! Don't worry about being late (especially with the time it's taken me to respond to these reviews) - I know how busy life can get!

I'm really pleased that you did find this funny! It's the first time I've ever really tried writing something that's meant to be funny and I wasn't sure how well it would work out. I couldn't try anything else with those prompts, really!

Haha I'm pleased you picked up on the bit about Fudge, because I wanted to exaggerate the seriousness of the situation to make a real contrast with the ridiculous events which follow.

Thanks so much!

Sian :)

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Review #23, by missclaire17Innocent: The Loss Of Padfoot's Pride

18th September 2013:
Good for Sirius for trying to make peace with Snape! I think that Harry has been a good influence on Sirius, even if Harry doesn't realize it. Not to mention, I think it IS time that Snape and Sirius try to resolve their differences. The fact that they always had grudges and hated each is what made things worse in Order of the Phonix.

I love how Luna's mother is very much like Luna herself. I can definitely see where she gets it from. Even though the Lovegoods' source of information is the murderer, I can't help but like that Luna's mum was loyal and didn't just give up her name. It's like, in return for the information, I promise you I won't run to the officials with your name, and very few people respect promises like that, even if it would mean trouble.

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Review #24, by missclaire17Innocent: Interruptions

14th September 2013:
Hello! Before I start off, I just want to say that I normally don't read stories that are so AU (like when James and Lily live or if Sirius had never gone to Azkaban, etc.) because it makes me even sadder about what happened to the Marauders, but I decided to read your story here, and I was hooked!

There are so many parts in your novel that I want to comment on (I wish I had left you a review on every single chapter), such as: how different of a person Draco is simply because he had been taught/raised differently. I also love how you portray Lucius and Narcissa's marriage; you portrayed it wonderfully! I loved all of the Remus and Tonks moments (I really disliked Keith...) and I'm just waiting for the two of them to get together because I love them so much. The way that you wrote Sirius, Harry, and Kreacher was just brilliant. You left this at such a cliffhanger, and if there's one suggestion I would like to make, it would be that the whole Snape and Sirius and the Whomping Willow incident be explained before Sirius's trial. Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job. I know Sirius will have a job trying to talk to Harry; the poor kid feels betrayed, although I wish Harry would have just asked Sirius about it in the first place. I love hearing the anecdotes and funny stories that Remus and Sirius exchange about their school days, and you wrote their post-James and Lily death relationship perfectly. I was surprised to read that Harry's Animagus form would be a wolf; of course that could be just because we know his Patronus is a stag in the book, so I had expected Harry to be a stag as well, though the explanation about how the antlers wouldn't have fit Harry did make sense. I supposed that I just never thought as far about Harry being an Animagus. A wolf made a lot of sense, and it's rather nice because Remus is a werewolf. Which brings me to say, I don't trust Sarah/Greentooh one bit. Debbie makes me sad, though her being a Muggle definitely makes her sentiments more understandable. I'm glad that Remus has found a confidant in Matthew, who is also a werewolf.

I will be looking forward to your next update, and although I'm sorry I couldn't leave you a review on everything that I loved, I do want to say that I didn't think it was possible for me to hate Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail more than I already do but you managed to make me do that. Just reading about the life that Sirius, Remus, and Harry could have had makes me so sad to a point that although I want to focus the blame on Voldemort (because he IS to blame), Peter betrayed his best friends. URGH! :(

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Review #25, by missclaire17Big: In Hagrid's Hands

13th September 2013:
Hello dear! This is Claire with a review for you!

This made me so sad! *in the good way* Obviously we know that Hagrid had his struggles, as most evidently shown in GoF. Even though nearly everyone who knows Hagrid knows him to be so kind and such a brilliant man, but hearing Hagrid's insecurities and the way that he knows he doesn't have it the best, but he makes do and doesn't complain, ever. Being wrongly accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets, being so much bigger than the rest of the population, having no visitors and keeping Fang because he keeps Hagrid company, Hagrid has such the love that he has for Harry and the loyalty he shows to Dumbledore are things that aren't easy. People always complain about how their life is so hard, but there are people like Hagrid who really did have it hard, and yet, they are so marvelous and wonderful.

You wrote this chapter so brilliantly, I loved it!

Author's Response: Hiya there! Another?! You spoil me!!

Hahahah! I'm pleased it's in a good way and not a bad way, because I hate being sad in the bad way!! We do, and Hagrid is quite complex in some ways, in the way that his past and experiences are all quite deep and it's clear he's been through a lot. In other ways, he's pretty simple, because he always does things for other people and for the greater good. You explain it perfectly! People often over look him, not physically as that would be hard, but people like Draco mistake him for just being this silly man. He's awesome, and he had to deal with being expelled from Hogwarts unjustly, for committing a crime that his accuser actually committed! If that's not frustrating and unjust, I don't know what is. You put it beautifully! You're making me sad in a good way now! :) Hagrid lovers together!

Thank you so much for another brilliant, awesome and fambubblybumshus review!! &hearts

Sophie :D

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