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Review #1, by anythingbutmuggleThe Way We Are Part 4: Chapter 83

10th June 2012:
Oh, goodness. I loved this chapter.
I love how you've made Sirius. I love how you haven't turned him into some kind of crazy womanizing drunk like others do. I nearly lost hope in Marauder storias until I came across yours. (: I'm so relieved it's not like every other story that only really concentrates on their adventures. Yours does, but as I said, you've made Sirius so much more mature and understanding about everythig going on, especially in his family.

In short, I bloody love this chapter and Sirius' interactions with Mr and Mrs Potter. So glad I came across your series. You've restored hope in me! (: haha, sounds cheesy.

Ooh, and I also want to say that.. Well, James' birthday is in March. That's basically the only flaw there.. That I saw atm.

Well, that's all I have for you. Be proud of this series. I for one, am. xx

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Review #2, by anythingbutmuggleSome Kind of Wizard: The Ressurection.

4th June 2012:
Oh my wizard god. I read your story in a day and at the end, it truly made me smile. (: thank you for writing this! x

Author's Response: Haha, thank you for a lovely review.

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Review #3, by anythingbutmuggleCrows + Locusts : Crows + Locusts

12th April 2012:
This is so saad- the ending, I mean. Very well done, I loved it. (: I've only just started reading Lily and James stories and you've just boosted my opinion about them, haha!


Author's Response: Thank you! I've only just started reading James&Lily too, if you want to read some good Jily fan fics then check out atellam she writes brilliant ones!


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Review #4, by anythingbutmuggleDelilah's Black Book of Poems: If My Eyes are Sad

22nd March 2012:
Oh my goodness! Can you get any better at story writing? I absoloutly loved Draco's words and three kisses. Phwoar, I am so looking forward for the next chapter. (: x

Author's Response: anythingbutmuggle,

Wow... what a huge compliment that just made my day. So sweet and heart-tugging. Thank you!

I'm so glad that you liked his words, as they are really deep without actually saying "I love you."

And those three kisses... I'm so happy that you liked that. Ah... romance. :)

The next chapter is very close to being done. I promise not to take so long with it.

Thanks so much for your review. I loved it!

Dark Whisper

P.S. I just love your name. You are as Pureblood as they come. XD Tee hee.

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Review #5, by anythingbutmuggle11 children: Getting to know you

31st January 2012:
This is great! Something very new to me. (: Good job so far. I'm looking forward to the next one.


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Review #6, by anythingbutmuggle11 children: Crashing the feast

22nd January 2012:
This idea is great! I cant wait for the next chapter to come out! (:

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Review #7, by anythingbutmuggleDrowning Down Under: Chapter 4: Draco bloody Malfoy

21st January 2012:
Too short mate.. But I told you that before :) haha.

Author's Response: Thanks my faithful beta'er.. :P Yeah.. I know the chapter is short... It was an inbetweener remember :D

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Review #8, by anythingbutmuggleThe Hidden Garden: Chapter 6

15th January 2012:
This is amazing! I really like how you have characterised Draco. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! (:

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