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Review #1, by GirlOnTheSidelinesTo Die For: Jealousy

6th May 2013:
Great chapter, definitely looking forward to more. Naughty Tristan though... As stupid as Bonnie is, I hope she doesn't get too hurt as she doesn't seem like a particularly nasty person. That Skander kid sounds interesting, I hope we get to see more of him too and Hugo. I love Aidan. I don't really know why, I just do.

Anyway, well done and update soon!

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Tristan is definitely naughty, he has no boundaries and he doesn't care about right and wrong.

You'll see that Bonnie is as dumb as she maybe pretends to be. ;) But, no, she's not nasty. I guess we'll see what happens to her.

You'll see a bit more of Skander and Hugo, but they pop up together a lot in my stories (he's a recurring character), so you can know more.

Everyone should love Aidan, he's very lovable. I'm glad you like him. He is also a character who likes to pop up... Actually, I have a few. :D

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAbandon: Will and Won't

6th May 2013:

I can never decide if I hate Ben or if I am really just in love with him. Honestly, the things you do to me.

So this was another fantastic chapter. This is such a unique story and so complicated. I wish Ben would just stop being so hard to understand, in most stories you have some sense of what the other person is thinking but with Ben, I just don't have a clue. I can never tell if he actually likes Roxanne or not. And then he spews out things like he did at the end about always giving into her and I'm just like... huh? I do not understand what is going through your mind Benjamin Fredrick Malfoy? Also, on that note, does his middle name have anything to do with Fred Weasley, or is that just my wishful thinking?

Firstly, how old is Roxanne exactly? Is she going into her Fifth or Sixth Year at Hogwarts? And also, is it really bad that a part of me really, really wants her to be pregnant? I don't know why, I think she's too young (although that didn't stop me from making Vivian pregnant) but she is also not emotionally mature in the slightest sometimes but a part of me just really wants her to have that connection with Ben that actually cannot be broken. I know, it's weird and probably doesn't go into this story at all, but a part of me just really wishes she was. Maybe its just that I love babies.

On that maturity note though, I was quite impressed with how she behaved in this chapter, I think that while she has a lot of maturing still to do, she is definitely more mature that she was at the start of this story which in some ways is nice to see but also a little sad. It was interesting watching her hold her ground against Ben in a way that she hadn't previously been able to do.

Okay, so there was something I always get a little confused about: the Malfoy family. So, is the Draco in this story the same as the one in Force of Wills? And in this one he is married to Pansy Parkinson and has Scorpius and Emily with her but also adopted Ben who is older than them? Right? I'm still curious to know who Ben's parents actually are? If I remember correctly )I read a couple of chapters of your story with Albus, Rose and Scorpius) do Pansy and Draco later get divorced (if they are even the same couple as they are in this story)? Sorry I'm so confused.

Anyway, amazing chapter as always and I look forward to more. Even though I sometimes just want to shake Ben and tell him to just speak whatever is on his mind and stop being such a confusing jerk!

GirlOnTheSidelines xxx

P.S. I'm really sorry, I just realised I left a review from my friend's account, IrishMyth, who was still logged on. Sorry that one on The Bad Taste was from me!

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey there you! Its so great getting this really massive review and I've missed you bunches and all that junk. Anyway, on to this!
Okay, so I'm not quite sure if I hate or love Ben myself most of the time but he is a hard guy to get straight isn't he? You're never quite sure what he wants and that's done on purpose, he's a more difficult character for me and I'm having my fill. ;)
I think that with his feelings for Roxanne, you should really re-read "Restraint" to get a good clue on it. He has feelings for her but right now, they're really complicated due to various reasons that I haven't written yet and that you'll just have to guess at. ;)
I suppose I should make his feelings more obvious sometimes but then...where's the fun in that?! >:D
The thing with his middle name being Frederick is none of your business either. ;)
Okay, my love, Roxanne is fifteen, she's going into her Fifth year at Hogwarts. She is also, sadly, a Prefect so there you go. HAHAHAH.
I had actually thought of making Roxanne get pregnant from Benjamin but with the way I needed this story to go I didn't go through with it. And also, I just can't see Roxie having a baby, she's not nearly emotionally ready and it would only cause more uneccessary drama between her and Ben. And well, there are alot of those stories around and I love yours so much and I can't compete with that.T-T
I think Roxanne handled herself really well in this chatper with Ben. I mean, she had to or else fall prey to his various tricks and his fantastic bum and well, you know what I mean. I think that she'll switch between being really mature and being really childish, which makes her more difficult but fun to write. I mean, honestly, she is only fifteen, she's not like Astoria who HAS to be grown up for the sake of her life and she isn't street smart like my gal Audrey. Roxanne is just a girl and I need to keep that in mind. :D
And to be honest, who says Roxanne is going to be able to hold her ground against Ben later? Oh, the thinggs he'll do.
OKAY. As for your question about the Malfoy's, I get alot of questions about them for some reason, I think I was too vague in my chapters previously.
Yes, the Draco in this story IS the same Draco from A Force of Wills but since that story happens in the past technically you don't find out WHY he's so different in this story until I finish A Force of Wills. *Inhale*
This story takes place one year before my story with Albus and the rest so yes, he is still married to Pansy. Ben is waaay older than Scorpy and Emily and he is adopted and I won't go into who his real parents are until...well, when I get to it! >:D
Trust me, the things Ben thinks about are not for the faint of heart. You may regret wanting to know what? I might make another short story with him just for you...
You'll be sorry.
Thanks for the review!
Much love,

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Review #3, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAbandon: Tug and Pull

9th February 2013:
Are you kidding me?

You're cliffhangers are going to be the death of me. How could you be so mean? I just... I don't know what to say. Please, please, please update soon! This was awesome and I just can't wait for more!

Perce and Ben need to get over themselves and just get along. It makes me sad that they hate each other so much and what Ben has done to Roxanne is hardly going to make them get along, is it?

George and Angelina are hopelessly adorable and at point, grossly inappropriate... in a good way. It is rather amusing to read. And the fact that Ben has a crush on Angie is just hysterical.

The mystery surrounding the scandal has me very curious and I hope we find out what it is at some point. Also why they came back. And Draco has a daughter as well? It would be nice to catch a glimpse of them as well.

The fact that Perce is practically forcing Roxie and Adam together is slightly amusing and while part of me wants Roxie to use Adam shamelessly to get revenge on Ben, because he is clearly jealous, a bigger part of me doesn't want him to get between Ben and Rox sorting things out. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

But that ending. Meanie. I cannot wait for the next update! You are just so amazing, seriously.

Lots of love,
GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Hello!

Mwhahaha. My cliffhangers are so much fun, I can't stop using them! Hahhaah. And especially for this story, its juts too much fun imagining what your face looks like as you foam at the mouth and mentally strange me.
Hehehehe. ;)
I think it would take alot for Perce and Ben to get along. Perce used to bully Ben and many others and Ben doesn't see that as something he can ever really let go. And Perce? Well, he doesn't like Bens' attitude (Who does?) and finds his attraction to Roxanne unsettling. You know, like a wolf stalking a bunny or a cute, plump deer. Guess who's the wolf? :3
When Perce finds out what happened between his sister and Ben, it won't be pretty but just wait until their parents find out. :D
Oh, the feels!
HAHAH! George and Angie! Everyone's commentted on them! Aren't they cute? Would you want them as YOUR parents? Hm...not so much cause their jokes are just a little, uhm too much. But imagine dealing with them and their silliness ALL DAY EVERY DAY.
Oh, yes, Ben's crush on Angie is adorable! She doesn't make it any better cause she flirts with him. Hahhaah.
The scandal bits will come up in the next chapter, not the complete mystery but most of the reasons I think. I just have to write it and it depends on Ben, really, he doesn't like me most of the time and doesn't cooperate.
Yes, Draco has a daughter and little Scorpius, who we know from Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince, my other story. I might introduce them soon too, just cause you and antoher reviewer asked about it. :D
Roxanne will make some shady choices regarding her and Ben. And Adam might not be as squeaky clean as he acts either but you'll just have to wait and see what happens. :D
And that ending! HAHAHAHA. Yeah.I thought you wouldn't like that. >:D
Btw, update your stories. There's plenty of stuff on my page to read, A Force of Wills has like, six new chapters that you haven't read. That's right, I'm sort of hinting that i want you to review them.
Anyway, thanks!
Much love as always,

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Review #4, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAbandon: After the Storm

9th February 2013:

Hello there,

Um, I am so pleased that this has another chapter otherwise I might just have died with that ending. You are so mean!

Another great chapter, nice to see Adam again, although he is nothing like I remember him in your first draft. Also Bianca sounds horrific, is she the girl that was with Karen in Restraint?

Poor Roxie, having Perce grilling her like that, I hope that all sorts itself out soon but it's nice to know he genuinly cares about her.

So, I'll be moving onto the next chapter now but well done!

Lots of Love,
GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: HellO!

Hey, there! Hahahaha. I'm sorry that this story doesn't have alot of updates, I've been busy trying to get Audrey and other things done. Hint, hint. A Force of Wills? :3
Yeah, that was one thing about Adam that I had to change. I hated him in the first draft and I made him more likeable, sort of goofy and a nicer guy that Roxie can like and joke with. ;)
Bianca IS awful and yes, she's the little monster from Restraint! Good picking up on that too, no one else did! :D You'll be seeing her more in this story. HAHAHA.
Perce loves his sister, he really does and he'll keep grilling her as much as he wants cause he's annoying like that. And overprotective! :D
Thanks for coming back! *Snogs*
Much love,

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Review #5, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAbandon: Torn Apart

8th February 2013:
Mehh... Hey again,

Well this was a rather long chapter, it's like three times the length mine usually are. It was almost like two chapters.

Poor Roxanne, I am still rather cross with Benjamin and he certainly has some explaining to do. She seems really hurt but it's evident that her family really cares about her which must count for something.

I loved how we got to hear a bit more about the other members of her family and the fact that Victoire and Teddy hate each other is a pretty unique twist which has me curious.

Molly seems really sweet and I hope we get to see more of her, even if she does listen so some... interesting music.

I'll be moving on now but another great chapter as always,

Lots of love,
GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: HellO!

Hey there, welcome back to the angst! :3 I really have no idea why this chapter turned out to be as long as it did but my apologies. The next few chapters are alot shorter!
Oh, Benjamin is going to explain quite a few things to Roxanne in the chapter I want to write currently. She's really hurt by what happened and I had to make it more apparent that her family cares about her very much.
Bwhaha, the Weasley family is so big that I couldn't resist adding in more details. I hope you enjoyed the bit with Audrey! ;)
Oh, Victoire and Teddy's hate for one another gets spoken about eventually. They're not central characters to this at all so you won't see them very much. They can't stand one another. >:D
You see more of Molly, no worries! She and Roxanne are best friends. And uhm, she does have interesting taste in music, if that's what you want to call it. HAHAHA.
Thanks for reading, you make my day and I've missed you and your reviews/stories. Update soon! >:(
Much love,

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Review #6, by GirlOnTheSidelinesRestraint: Restraint

8th February 2013:

I absolutely loved this! It is so interesting reading something from Benjamin's point of view. This was so sweet as well, seeing Roxie from his eyes and the fact that they are younger too. Loved the bit about the squid and its babies.

Interesting to see Roxie's friends as well, especially as we haven't seen them much (if at all) in Abandon. But Benjamin doesn't exactly do much to help his reputation, does he?

"A passionate moment between my mouth and your nose. Best. Line. Ever. I laughed so hard at that.

Off the read some more of Abandon now but seriously, well done with this, it was great.

Lots of love,
GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey there! I'm so happy that you loved this one-shot. Its always nice getting into Benjamin's head, right? He's actually not that hard of a character to get into, he's really fun and straight forward...kind of weird but you know, its Ben. Hahahha.
Roxanne from his eyes is something really special I think. He has no ill will towards her and it really showed that he does care about her, despite how he acts in Abandon. :3
Hahaha, the giant squid babies! For some reason, I like the idea of the giant squid being female.
Oh, you meet Roxanne's friends in Abandon soon, particularly Adam Jordan sometime down the line. I hadn't really concentrated on that but I will in the future and Ben really doesn't care about his reputation. He's just a force of nature.
Hahahahaha! A passionate moment between your mouth and my nose comes from George in This is Angelina. I wonder if anyone caught that at some point? But its been a while since you've read that! Hahaha. Roxanne is so much like her father that I thought adding that line in would be really cute.
Hope you enjoy Abandon! ;) Can't wait to see you again! :D
Much love,

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Review #7, by GirlOnTheSidelinesThat Night: That Night

29th January 2013:

Just wow.

I absolutely loved this. It is so interesting to see things from Percy's perspective, especially how he views Audrey. It was much longer than I expected but it worked well.

I love your portrayal of George here, he came across as somewhat innocent and I love how in love he is with Angelina. He seems genuinely concerned about Percy. He's just adorable.

Lee didn't come across so well which is a bit of a shame as I loved him in the books but I guess not everyone can be perfect. I just hope he sorts himself out.

Percy was great, I loved his reaction and inability to speak when Audrey kissed him. Watching him struggle with himself was rather amusing and just makes me want to read more about him in Audrey's story.

Audrey herself is, as always, a feisty little thing. It's quite funny reading it from this perspective when you already know she is having the exact same reaction to him.

I can't wait to read more so please update soon! Your writing is amazing as always so well done,

With love,
GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Hello!

*Goes into spasms!* GTS, where have you been?! I've missed you so much! And your reviews and your stories and I read Second Choice yesterday by the way, you're so mean! D':
Ahem. Anyway, thanks for stopping by with this review, its always such a pleasure. I hadn't known this would be so long, I'd hoped to shorten it a bit but wasn't able to get all I needed in it by doing that. So my apologies, hahaha.
But whoo! I think there's something about George that is very innocent and it might be with just how kind and damaged he is after the War. His love for Angie is something that keeps him going and I really loved writing him again, I love that guy to death. :3
Lee has his share of problems too and I wanted to put that in there but there's another one-shot of mine that I did, called "Again" that might answer some questions about him for you. Poor thing.
Bwhaa, poor Percy! It was HILARIOUS writing him with Audrey in this because he was so nervous and conflicted! And it does make you want to read more about him in her story, which was my intention with this companion piece.
Psst. There's another one with Ben and Roxanne called "Restraint" if you want to check it out, its a one-shot.
It is really funny to see how Percy reacts to Audrey when you already know that she was having such a strong reaction to him in her own story. Strange that they didn't seem to notice that about one another. HAHAHA.
I will update soon! I promise! :D
Much love *HUGS*,

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Review #8, by GirlOnTheSidelinesOne Crazy Moment: Being Happy

16th December 2012:
Hello again,

I'm so sad it's over so soon! It was a really lovely story and I'm curious as to what you will be writting next. I love how you never make anything overly dramatic, I know I've said it before but it's true.

I'm so pleased they actually set up a dragon handling centre in Britain as well, I knew Campbell had to get his wish in the end.

Anyway, well done for such an amazing story and I hope to see more from you soon,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it and I also want to say thank you for reviewing every chapter, it's so good to get a review! Campbell did indeed get his wish, and Molly even admitted dragons were cool in the end! I have a few ideas that I'm going to be working on in the holidays. Some of them are quite different to One Crazy Moment, but hopefully you like them too when I start putting them up!

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Review #9, by GirlOnTheSidelinesOne Crazy Moment: Running

9th December 2012:
Hello again. You mentioned me in your author's note, I'm so flattered! Anyway... This was lovely, as always. I love how you never exaggerate anything (especially as this sort of plot has a lot of potential to be exaggerated) and how you manage to keep it simple but perfect at the same time. I was glad Charlie was there (he's one of my favourite Weasleys) and that Molly wasn't completely alone. I cannot wait to see where this goes and what her family's reaction will be when they find out... Can't wait for more, as always, so update soon! (Even if you are a very quick updater anyway).

Well done!

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: I love getting your reviews, they make me feel like it's actually worth writing this story! Originally I wasn't thinking of having Charlie in the story at all, but I couldn't let Molly get married without anyone there!

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Review #10, by GirlOnTheSidelinesOne Crazy Moment: A Question

6th December 2012:
Oh. My. Merlin.

That did not just happen. Ah! I seriously love everything about this story, the characters, the plot, the writing style... Everything. It is fast becoming one of my favourite stories on this site and I cannot understand why it doesn't have more reviews, seriously, it is amazing.

Anyway... On to the actual chapter, I did not see that one coming but for some reason it fir perfectly. I was sad the chapter ended so quickly but you managed not to make it too rushed but still maintain that element of unsprise at the end. You are a superb writer and I cannot wait for more.

Well done on yet another fantasic chapter,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! It was really encouraging and actually gave me the motivation to write the next two chapters, so the story is now finished! I really hope you enjoy the rest of it as well! :)

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Review #11, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAbandon: Then and Now

4th December 2012:
Wow. Hello there. Sorry for the wait but wow. I was not really sure what to expect but that was amazing. The contrast between them as little kids and now is so stark and I love how you add in all these flash backs, they really give your characters a bit more depth.

I almost think that Roxanne needed Benjamin to be such a prat because is shows her that she is spoilt but I absolutly loved the way she handled it. I think she has the potential to be just as strong willed as her mother and I really hope to see her grow and mature as the story progresses. But Benjamin... how could he do that to her? I just want to preform Legilimency on him and delve into his thoughts and work out what is going on in his twisted mind.

I really love this story and can't wait to see where it goes and how Roxanne deals with Benjamin after this. Update soon! And sorry it's been so long,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

P.S. Second Choice has another chapter up and waiting.

Author's Response: Hello!

Girl on the Sidelines, where have you been for the last few weeks? I was worried that you'd slipped back to your home world or something. Hahahaha.
I think that the flashbacks are really important because they have such a deeper way of looking at the characters. You get a real sense of who they were then and who they are now, which, sort of obviously clues you in to the chapter title. :D
See what I did there? Hahaha.
You know, a bit of reality might have been what Roxanne needed to wake her up. She was thinking that it was all a fantasy world when it wasn't. Ben wasn't and isn't the same as he was before and she really got a taste of that.
Originally, her growth as a character was why I'd had it titled "Growth" in the first place. As the story keeps going, she will grow up, but its going to hurt for her to get there.
Oh, Benjamin. Not my favorite guy right now! You get bits and pieces of why he did it as the story goes along but its going to have you hating him. ALOT. Sorry! D':
Roxanne and Ben don't cross paths again until chapter seven or so. Not sure but its not going to be pretty. >:D
Unlike Ben, who is very attractive.
OH! I noticed that SC has another chapter! I was so pissed yesterday because I didn't have time to read it!
On my end, there's some Audrey for you and A Force of Wills is still going. Whenever you have the time, feel free to read those too!
Much love and welcome back!

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Review #12, by GirlOnTheSidelinesOne Crazy Moment: Three Little Words

4th December 2012:
Hello, told you I would be quick. I loved this chapter, the way they act together is adorable but not overly exaggerate which tends to happen in some stories. I think you handled the whole thing really well and I am desperate for the next chapter! Hope you update soon,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the story. The next chapter is already in the queue and the rest of the story is written, so it should follow soon! I hope you enjoy the rest of it as well! :)

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Review #13, by GirlOnTheSidelinesOne Crazy Moment: Taking Risks

4th December 2012:
Hello again, I really like where this story is going. I think you capture Molly very well and it is nice to have a main character with flaws as it makes them uch easier to relate to. So well done and I'll be on to the next chapter,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: I'm glad you like this chapter. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by GirlOnTheSidelinesOne Crazy Moment: The Interview

16th November 2012:

This is a really awesome story and I hope there is more to come in the near future. I love your characterisation and I think the plot is interesting and unique. Personally, I'm with Mr Campbell on this... Dragons are amazing. Really. So I think Molly should rethink his suggestion and I hope she agrees to that dinner.

Anyway, the way you write is lovely, there were only a few grammatical errors but not enough to subtract from the overall feel of the chapter. So well done to you.

This is such an interesting idea and I cannot wait to see where you go with this, so please update soon,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Hello,

You're my very first reviewer! I'm not really sure what the protocol is for responding to reviews, but I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write one for me!
Don't worry, I'll be updating soon. I have the chapters all planned out and the next two are written already - I hope you enjoy them as well!

nott theodore :)

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Review #15, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAbandon: What the Heart Wants

5th November 2012:
Why hello... again!

So I read this yesterday right after leaving a review for the previous chapter but I'm back to review it now. Because, you know, you're amazing. And so it this freaking story.

So the kiss (or kisses) at the beginning. Are you trying to torture me? They were amazing. You write kisses so well! I loved how she was struggling with herself because it was clear that while her head was saying one thing, her body (and maybe her heart?) were saying another. It was so good!

And he did miss her. No matter what he says. You don't give daises to a girl you didn't miss. And I loved the image of him throwing rocks at her window, I'm not sure why but it made me laugh.

The uncomfortable bits were funny to read too, even if some of them made me cringe inside. The way he sometimes looked at her serves her right for wearing such skimpy clothing. I'm really curious about what's going on with his parents now, I hope you tell us soon... ish. Please. And also, what is happening at Hogwarts this year!? (Might it have something to do with the Quidditch Royale from the last version?) So excited.

And that ending. You're just being mean. That's two chapters in a row you've ended on a kiss. You really are trying to torture us. I love how much Ben wanted that kiss though. But I suppose he is just a teenage boy...

Thanks for the amazing read and I can't wait for more,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: What's this? GTS?! Hello! :D

I'm glad that you read this so quickly and came back to give me such a nice and thrilling review! You're so nice to this old bird!
The kisses. You have no idea how much I blushed and squirmed while writing them because I get so embarrassed just typing the word! I'm glad that they came out okay though because I was really worried! And yes of course I'm trying to torture you. This is the same person that wrote This is Angelina remember?! Hahahha.
Roxanne had alot of struggling going on with her because her mind was telling her "No" but her body was telling her "Heck yea!"
Oh, hormones...
Ben missed her. He honestly did and that's right, you don't give daisies to a girl you hadn't missed a little bit! For some reason that image of him standing outside of her window throwing rocks stuck in my mind and I might sketch it. Its hilarious to see him glaring up at her window waiting for her to pop out and say something to him. Hahahaha.
Ah, the uncomfortable bits! Done on purpose to, as you say, teach Roxanne a lesson for wearing such skimpy clothing. Benjamin kept commenting on it because he's, well, not in a good mood and her legs of course were amazing. Or perhaps he was a bit into his cups? No one might ever know.
You'll find out what's going on with his parents eventually.ish. I have so many other things to do first though! D':
And yes, the Royale is being hinted at and since you read the original you already know about it but for those who hadn't read it at all, stay quiet! Hahaah. :D
I know, I am being mean but if I'd continued on from where that kiss was leading I wouldn't have had this validated. At all. Its, uhm, pretty heavy stuff and I had to edit this quite a bit to make sure it was okay. ;)
You'll figure out why later I promise.
God, I hope I don't get the next chapter rejected...
Ben really, really wanted that kiss and so much more and I'm afraid that he got it. :p
Roxanne has made a bad choice and its going to bite her in her plump behind! (Ben is pleased by this of course AND her behind)
Yeah, he's a teenage boy...
Or a demon.
Not quite sure sometimes to be honest!
Thanks for coming back and reviewing! You're too nice to me! I'm going to hug your face! >:D
There's A Force of Wills to get to and Albus if you ever wanted to start up reading those again. I should have more chapters for various stories in the future. If I have my way with these darn library computers, that is. D':
Much love,

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Review #16, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAbandon: Benjamin Fredrick Malfoy

4th November 2012:
Hello again,

I absolutely loved the flashback it. They both seem so young and innocent. The bit about her not being a real Weasley because she's black made me really mad, I can't understand why anyone would be such an asshole and Roxanne has my full respect for punching that girl in the face. She needed it. It was great how Benjamin also told her a little about himself as we don't really hear much personal stuff from him. And his trying to give her flowers was adorable.

I love how playful they are together even though they haven't seen each other for ages. And how he blushed when she brought up the memory. I find his nickname 'lump' quite funny but I was just wondering where it came from, if anywhere? The bit where he nuzzles into her neck was interesting, especially how pleased he was with her reaction. But I'm probably (definitely) reading too much into it because, well, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic sometimes.

Loved the description of Malfoy Manor, that place fascinates me. But the bit between Ben and Mr Malfoy was somewhat unsettling. I'm curious to know exactly what it was about but I can take a vague guess.

But the ending! You are so lucky I can go and read the next chapter in second or I would have been rather grumpy with you. Not that I can talk much, seeing some of my chapter endings. And he kissed her! Right, this was amazing but I have to move onto the next one, see you in a bit,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

P.S. I just noticed the title of this chapter and am curious about where Benjamin's middle name came from.

Author's Response: Hello!

Back again! This is becoming a habit, isn't it? Hahah. Welcome back!
I had some flashbacks in the previous chapter as you know but they had never reached this much into either of their characters.
So I was very pleased with the way this one turned out because it really was something that I had worked hard to get just right.
Ben innocent? Phew, I managed to pull it off! :D
I was worried that I wouldn't be able to because there's so much about him that we don't know much about, even in the present of the story.
Lucky you, huh? ;)
Yep. I was going into touchy territory when it came to Roxanne's race and I thought that, "Well. Why not?" and so I added it in because I know, personally what that's like being black myself so I just toyed around with it.
And yes, she punched that girl in the face and I'm glad you were able to respect her for it. My little Roxanne has her daddy's temper and her mother's fists.
But yes, Benjamin gave her flowers! It was really sweet of him and he tried, the little monster. :D
Notice that they're daisies like in the original?
Ah, their relationship is something really interesting isn't it? I have male friends like this that I haven't seen and we can play around and talk like we've never been apart. So I was taking some actual experiences in with that and honestly, Ben is just so fun to write. He does blush, he does laugh and yes, he does tease...he's not completely horrible.
Oh, he calls her lump because well, he finds her kind of chubby in a cute way. He'll probably mention it somewhere down the line but most likely in a very, uhm, Ben-like way if you can catch my meaning.
You've been warned.
The reason for him being pleased with Roxanne's response is actually not quite a good thing but you'll just have to wait and see. >:D
You liked the way I had Malfoy Manor? I never think I do it quite right. I described it in A Force of Wills (That has two new chapters for you as well. Read those! Hahah.) but I didn't think I'd done a good job.
Yeah, the bit with Ben and his dad was a bit tense but you'll find out the why eventually but you probably already know. :D
Its nothing really nice.
Hahaha, yeah that ending! I tried my best but I wasn't sure if I'd done such a good job of it. I was like, "Well, uhm. I'd like to kiss Benjamin but I'll just have Roxanne being the lucky one." T-T
Please enjoy the next chapter and thanks for the kind words and such! You're super fantastic!
P.S.: Ben's middle name has something to do with the Weasley family. That's all I can say but you find out more sometime down the line.
Much love,

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Review #17, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAbandon: Stealth and Lies

4th November 2012:

Sorry it's taken me so long, life's being a pain. Anyway, glad to have several doses of Benjamin waiting for me!

Firstly, I have to disagree with Roxanne. How could she say sarcasm doesn't suit anyone? I love sarcasm (and ironically, that was not sarcasm). That said, I love little Dom Dom, she seems pretty strong and determined despite her stutter and I like that. The way she sees Benjamin so clearly to almost unnerving. I thought you did Roxie's emotional turmoil really well too, it's clear our Benjamin has a certain hold over her.

I absolutly loved the line: "the music had faded into her memory like a pleasant echo." I don't know why but it is just lovely.

I found the bit where Roxie is checking out her appearance quite interesting as for some reason, it makes her seem still quite childish, which is a bit worrying as she is sneaking out to meet Benjamin (I love the way she calls him Ben by the way). And her comment to him about her having grown up also seemed a bit childish.

But I loved his reaction when she said she'd had boyfriends, it kind of suggests he feels protective over her. Or possessive.

The bit at the end:
"I don't want to lose you."
"I don't want to lose you either."
That bit is pretty awesome. Kind of like you.

Anyway, I'm going to move onto the next chapter (this one was great by the way) so I will see you shortly,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Hello!

Man, tell me how much real life sucks in great detail. I feel your pain my friend. But yes, how nice for you to get some Benjamin action! How delicious was this surprise? ;)
You know, sarcasm suits everyone but I think Roxanne was just trying to sound really smart to impress Ben. It didn't work. He sees through her pretty well! :D
Ah, Dom-Dom! I really do enjoy her character as well and I'll most likely be giving her a story some time down the line. She's going to be sort of bland in her replies but she'll have some interesting thought processes I think. Hopefully?
Yeah, Dom-Dom is smarter than she appears and she made it more than clear that she does not care for Benjamin Malfoy.
Can you blame her? Hahha.
Thanks for liking that line! It sort of wrote alot prettier than I thought for some reason. Something about the "pleasant echo..." really stirred something in me. :D
Ah. Here's the thing with the new Roxanne; She is very childish, and that was made more apparent in this version, especially with her checking out her figure. Its something I still do myself and I'm supposedly all grown up now! I didn't want her to appear as if she were some perfect Weasley miss, I needed her to have alot of flaws. I mean, she's only fifteen after all. I sort of forgot that in the other version and it sort of fell flat, where her character was concerned. :p
Oh, yes. She keeps mentioning how grown up she is over and over but to Benjamin, she's still a little lump and that's what really annoys her. She's trying so hard to make herself into someone he'll like. But she doesn't understand how dangerous that is! >:D
Ben is rather protective over her but it might lean more towards possession. He's a Malfoy and you know how I like writing my Malfoy men. Draco anyone? :3
Hahaha, I didn't like that last line at the end! I thought it was cheesy! But you've made me feel alot better! Thanks! *Blushes*
Thanks for reading and reviewing too! *Hugs*
Much love,

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Review #18, by GirlOnTheSidelinesA Force Of Wills: Fear

14th October 2012:

How dare Helena Zabini interupt their little moment? Urgh. And then she was so mean to poor Astoria. Your description and the way you write Astoria's emotions is so beautiful. The way Blaise (who appears ever the gentleman when he talk to Astoria) talks to his mother makes me wonder just how vile his mother must be for him to care so little about her. Loved Astoria's little thought about Blaise being a Potions teacher... But naught Blaise, bring girl back to his house, I somehow didn't expect that from him. And I'm curious to see if we ever get to meet the infamous Sabina?

Poor Astoria, she just wants to do what is right for Blaise's sake even though she really doesn't want to leave. And he doesn't want her to leave either. Sigh. I could almost feel the tension between them when he pressed her palm against his cheek and kissed her wrist... That was done so perfectly and left me wanting more. And he said he actually said he wanted her to stay, even if it was in a slighty round about way. But Blaise is so mean, teasing her like he does, calling her his cactus and talking about her panties.

I was so cross with Astoria for trying to leave. I still think she is safer with Blaise than anywhere else. And Blaise was willing to stay up all night just to make sure she didn't leave. I almost melted. And he confessed how much he would worry. And the bit at the end where she said she would ony agree if he stayed with her the whole time... You're truly amazing and I cannot WAIT to see where this goes next. Please update soon,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

P.S. Second Choice has another chapter up and I am half way through the next chapter of Twist of Fate, so enjoy.

Author's Response: Hello!

What a nice surprise getting such a lovely review from you again about this story! Yes, how dare Helena Zabini interrupt what was of course a very nice moment from the two of them! The nerve of some people, huh? >:D
Yes, Helena is the type of person that will always be stuck in her views and her way of life and finding Astoria in her home? That's like, to her, finding a roach in her tea. She's just plain nasty that way.
Helena will become a central part in the story a while down the line and Blaise will go into a bit more detail about why he hates her so badly. If you hadn't noticed, she's sort of hard to love regardless so I don't blame him for being a little, erm, impolite.
I didn't expect Blaise to not bring her back to her family either. While I was writing it, I sort of thought about that and realized that he would rather see her happy than risk losing her. Sweet of him, right? ;)
You'll meet Sabina, trust me. Just not right now. Mwhahahaha. >:D
Ah, the moments between Astoria and Blaise just keeps getting a bit more intense! Originally, he doesn't kiss her wrist, he actually kisses her throat but I thought that was a bit much. He'd find that awfully rude and he's not like our dearly beloved Draco, who would have taken advantage of Astoria a LONG time ago. :p
My Blaise is such a gentleman.
For now.
Isn't he just amazing though? He did say he wanted her to stay, in his own strange way and she admitted that she didn't want to leave him either. That was a milestone for them!
Blaise will continue to call Astoria his cactus and well, panties will eventually be discussed at some point but not in the way you think. Hehehe.
I think, underneath it all Astoria didn't want to but she thought she was doing the right thing. You know, there might be a time when she's not so safe with Blaise either but then again, that's my little secret. ;) For now though, he's her best option.
These two are going around in a dangerous circle and of course, I'll do something really interesting in the next chapter! :D Hope you won't get too mad at me. >:D
I'll update pretty soon!
Abandon is next after Albus and then...something, something. I gotta think, actually. :p
Anyway! SC is up? Well. I'll be reading that then! :D
Twist of Fate too?! Ooh, goody! You just made my day!
Much love,

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Review #19, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAbandon: Yes and No

8th October 2012:

Okay, so I'm going to be lazy and review just on this chapter because, well... I'm lazy. And I'm very sorry for leaving it this long anyway. Okay...
First of all: I am so glad you are working on this again, I missed Benjamin so much! And yes, I am aware that is kind of creepy. But anyway, this new version has quite a different feel to the other one, Roxanne comes off as more spolit rather than hurt like she did before (I don't know if the whole relationship thing with the twins and the guy whose name begins with A I think but it has completely escaped me, is going to come into this version at all) but it's quite interesting and I look forward to seeing what you do with her. She also seems more innocent which is a bit worrying when Benjamin is around.
I loved the dance off as well, poor Roxanne, being dragged into that one. I like the friendship between Audrey and George (and I love Audrey, but you already know that). Also glad to see George is still being mean to Ron and his spider phobia.
So Benjamin... Isn't he just a naughty boy for creeping into a party without an invite! He is just too damn awesome. And slightly creepy. But yeah. And he is just so cruel to Roxanne, scaring her like that.
So onto this chapter. Loved the flash back of their first meeting, Roxanne is so innocent while Benjamin is already slightly scary. But disappearing off to Italy? Tut tut Mr Malfoy. Poor Rox, she is a tad infatuated with him I think... and I'm curious as to what this scandal is you refer to and why exactly their friendship fell apart... you are just so mysterious, keeping these things from us.
And isn't he just persistent? Trying to get an innocent girl over to his place? And Roxanne AGREED?! Loved Dom as well by the way, with her poor little stutter, I like how you haven't prortrayed all the Weasley grandchildren as completely perfect which sometimes happens. And I love how reluctant she was to leave Roxanne and Benjamin alone again, smart girl that one.
And leaving us with that cliffhanger? You are just mean. Truly mean.
I cannot wait for more (obviously) and I hope you update soon! I love my Benjamin Malfoy. The pervert.

GirlOnTheSidelines x

P.S. You're amazing.
P.P.S. I love Benjamin's hair!
P.P.P.S. You really are amazing.

Author's Response: Hello!

Gasp! What a surprise for me to see this amazingly long review! I was really startled to see it and read through it of course and was so happy that you enjoyed what I did and changed about this!
I missed Benjamin as well, there's something about my creepy Malfoy boy that's actually pretty addictive. This new version does have a different feel to the other one and I did that on purpose because I thought tweaking Roxanne's personality would have alot to do with what I did for it later on. And yes, Roxanne's spoiled. Its actually a major flaw of hers but if Georgie were your dad, I'm sure he'd spoil you too! Hhahaha.
I'm not sure how I'll have the twins (Georgia and Leanne) but I do know that I've changed her relationship with Adam Jordan (That's his name since you forgot along with me. Hahah). You'll just have to wait and see what I do...hehehe.
Roxanne is alot more innocent in this version than she was in the other and I think its more realistic. She's never had to worry about anything or really confront alot of bad things (Ignorance to her race aside of course) so that's actually something I'd wanted to play with. And it doesn't help that Benjamin is around, he's like the devil on your shoulder and he's always trying to get her to do something she shouldn't.
Which might be the appeal of their friendship (?)
The dance off! At first I wasn't sure how to do it but then shrugged it off and its great having Audrey and George being friendly with one another. They'd actually get along pretty all right after they got to know one another but that happens in her own story so you'll have to wait for that. ;)
George is George and he probably put a spider down Ron's robes before the party was over. >:D
Benjamin! He is really naughty for sneaking into a party that he wasn't invited to but he hardly cares does he? He's still creepy, still mysterious and so darn delicious, right?
Benjamin will continue doing bad things to Roxanne, I assure you. Then again, you might not like all of the things he'll do to her. ;)
Second Chapter: Yes, naughty of Mr. Malfoy for vanishing off to Italy for a while right? The why will be hinted at for quite a while before you figure out what really happened. Its not really all that pleasant. But then again, scandals never are, are they?
Roxanne IS infatuated with Benjamin, how could she not be?! But that will come back to bite her later on. And as for him trying to get her over to his house? Well, he has his reasons. >:D
Roxanne is alot more careless in this version of the story as well, which is why she agreed to go with him. Naughty girl! And Dom! She's adorable and I have so many flaws planned out for all of the Weasley kids and you'll see more weirdness, adventures and so on with all of them at some point. I never think anyone as perfect, even if their family is super famous. Actually, that makes me think of them as being rather imperfect in some way. Anyhoo!
The next chapter is all done but I have to wait for A Force of Wills to get up there and after that I have Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince and THEN this. Phew. Please be patient!
Oh, how I adore my Benjamin Malfoy as well. He's like something bad you can't help but want. ;)
p.s: Thanks for reading/coming back!
P.P.S: You're way more awesome, update your stories! >:D
P.P.P.S: You're amazing!
Much love,

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Review #20, by GirlOnTheSidelinesAgain: Again

6th October 2012:
Gabbie! How dare you! You didn't tell me about this! This is amazing by the way, I just love the way you capture George and Angelina's relationship and their emotions. You are such an amazing writer! Well done yet again,
GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Hello!

Gasp! I could have sworn that I'd mentioned this one-shot on the forums! D': I wasn't trying to keep it from you or anything! It actually sprang up on its own against my will and I just had to type it all out!
George and Angelina's emotions are so difficult to write for but thanks so much! I tried my best and I need to go through and fix some things but you're too nice to me! D':
Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to your updates! (Hint, hint)
Much love,

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Review #21, by GirlOnTheSidelinesLove Rules: Love rule #16

7th September 2012:
Hello again,

Another great chapter, you handle the sensitive subject really well, not exagerating it or anything. I'm glad she escaped with her dad, it shows just how close they are and that he can help her. And the bit with Draco wasn't awkward... At all. I'm happy that Hugo is back to being friendly but Mr Scorpius Malfoy has got a lot of explaining to do. Hope you update soon,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much for reviewing AGAIN! You rock.

I'm glad you think that I'm handling it well. It inadvertently became the main theme of this story, so it's important to get right.

I'll update sonish.. I'm unfortunately at the end of all of my pre-written chapters, and I'm about to get slammed with exams!

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Review #22, by GirlOnTheSidelinesLove Rules: Love rule #15

9th July 2012:
Glad to see she is finally getting sorted out and I loved her little confession about loving Scorpius but I wish he would come and see her again. Update soon,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: I thought it was a little bit cute.

Isn't he just a big meanie head? The reasons behind him not visiting will be developed futher in the next few chapters.

Thanks for another review! Hope you keep on reading :)

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Review #23, by GirlOnTheSidelinesMarauders IV: The butterflies vacate

25th June 2012:
Ah man... that was amazing, just perfect. I need more! Please update soon,
GirlOnTheSidelines x

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Review #24, by GirlOnTheSidelinesSlow Metabolism: Davies and Gravies

17th June 2012:
I love this story, it totally deserves at least thirty favourites! Hugo and Audrey are awesome and I love the relationship between them and how honest they are with each other. Grim and Badger - I love how they are now terrorising the whole school and no one suspects them, that was a great touch. Cannot wait to see where this is going so please update soon!
With Love,

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thanks so much! And haha terrorizing the school is something I've always wanted to do myself, and I'm rather proud of Hugo and Audrey for managing to do it. It's true that the best part is that they can use their dorkiness to not even be suspected, let alone ever accused or found out. I promise I will update as soon as humanly possible! Thank you!

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Review #25, by GirlOnTheSidelinesA Force Of Wills: Exposed

17th June 2012:
AH! Why are you doing this to me? That was so cruel! How dare Helena walk in then? You are so mean, teasing me like that!
Another awesome chapter of course, you just keep giving me awesome stuff to read and I cannot wait for more... of all your stories! Especially Mr Weasly and Mr Benjamin.
I love how you've explained things like why she has her own dorm and how curious Blaise is about her. He is awesome by the way, have I mentioned that?
Anyway, I'm just going to reply to you reviews, sorry its taken a while, I've been a bit busy,

GirlOnTheSidelines x

P.S. I just love that Transfiguration textbook incident!

Author's Response: Hello!

Its been a while! Good to hear from you again, of course. Hahaha, I had to do it! I couldn't resist torturing you all, you know how I am! :D
My computer totally died on me so I haven't been able to update as often as I would have liked! Sorry! But "Growth" is still up next after this and then I guess "Memories" if I can remember. :p
Yep, the mystery that is Astoria Greengrass has been talked about. You know a bit more about her and isn't Blaise just amazing? And he's so yummy! :D
I'll try to keep updating, I have horrible things in mind for this story that I hope you'll love! Thanks for reviewing, as always!
Much love,

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