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Review #1, by Free ElfUnderneath the Christmas Tree: Underneath the Christmas Tree

9th December 2013:
This was absolutely brilliant! Your characterisation was spot on, and the dialogue was extremely believable. I loved the playful dynamic you created between Rose and Scorpius which really helped create those beautiful moments. You had great imagery and I had no trouble imagining their interactions. In particular, the description of the christmas tree stood out. Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable read. One of the best christmas one shots I have had the pleasure of reading!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind review! I am so glad you enjoyed it! I loved writing their dialogue, so I am pleased that you found it believable :) I am honored, thank you! You totally made my day!

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Review #2, by Free ElfDesperate Times, Desperate Measures: The Yule Ball

2nd December 2013:
I read this story a long time ago, but was not using my account for a couple of months and therefore forgot to drop in a review once you had completed it. It is one of the few work in progress fanfictions I have followed. I have recommended it heartily to all of my friends who are avid fanfiction readers. Not only have you succeeded in creating an enjoyable story, but it is also one of the sweetest and relatable stories I have read in a long while. You have incorporated some lovely moments between Oliver and Penelope that is strongly supported by brilliant characterisation and dialogue. A truly hilarious read.
Thanks for all the laughs! I look forward to re-reading this (as I undoubtebly will).

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And thank for the recommendations, I hope your friends loved it as much as you did ♥

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Review #3, by Free ElfDesperate Times, Desperate Measures: Oliver's Detention Date

30th January 2013:
This is an amazing story! I absolutely love it :3 you've nailed the weasley twins'mischievous personalities :D can't wait for the next chapter... No it's almost finished :'( Oliver and Penelope HAVE to get together, seriously they are meant to be :) please update soon!

Author's Response: I'll be updating within the week, I promise! It'll be sad to see this story finally finished though, I've loved writing it and getting feedback. But thank you, the Weasley twins are my favourite to write :) and you'll see about Oliver and Penelope ;) ♥

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Review #4, by Free ElfDesperate Times, Desperate Measures: The Prize Fool of Gryffindor

14th January 2013:
YES!!! PENELOPE FINALLY REALISES!!! Gosh... about time :3 You must update soon! I cannot wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: The next one is waiting to be validated, so you don't have long to wait! She is very slow on the uptake haha ;)

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Review #5, by Free ElfDesperate Times, Desperate Measures: They'll Never Learn (Plan B)

4th October 2012:
Hahahah! I was wondering when Percy would come into this! :) please update soon, I love this story!

Author's Response: I'm just putting the next chapter up for validation now! So it should be up in the next three days. Glad you liked it, I couldn't resist slipping Percy in :)

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Review #6, by Free ElfThe Quiet Outcast: Hugo Weasley: Part II

21st July 2012:
Oh my god... I am actually speechless. This story is so good! No it's not good... IT'S AMAZING. There are no words to describe how sad I am that I have finished reading. I think a little part of me just died :'( This fanfic was just so original and I could never predict how Hugo was going to fix the other characters problems. Also, it Hugo's character is just so realistic and he's just so normal that I feel I can relate to him easily. And on top of that his character was so well written that I couldn't help but feel like I had known him my whole life! This is probably the best fanfiction I have ever read, and let me tell you I have read many. When I read the last chapter I actually cried because there was nothing else to read. No exaggeration. Whenever I read another next generation fanfic I can't help but comparing them to this one and everything just seems so different! This story actually inspired me to write a Hugo fanfiction! And I really wanted to review this amazing story earlier but I just couldnt find the words...
Thank you for writing this. I can't physically tell you how many hours of sleep I lost reading this... :)

Author's Response: After reading this review I went right over to the forums and posted it in the "Reviews That Made Your Day" topic. I was having a rubbish sort of day, and this review really changed things around for me. I'm struggling trying to actually do this writing thing as a career, and its incredibly easy to lose heart, even on a daily basis. Everyone here is so kind and inspiring; it really helps me. I can't say enough about this review; I have no words to describe how much it means and how often I come on the site just to read it if I'm every feeling down. Thank you. It's not enough, but thank you.

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Review #7, by Free ElfThe Untold Story of Ginny Weasley: I Want to Go Home...

2nd July 2012:
Awww... I really love this story. It's so sweet :) Please update soon. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story but unfortunately I'm not planning on continuing this story at the moment. Maybe one day in the future.

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Review #8, by Free ElfHuman Nature: Fact of Nature #10: Actions (aka hugs) speak louder than words

2nd July 2012:

Author's Response: lol...I'm glad you like the story. I'm working on a new chapter at the moment so hopefully it will be up soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Free ElfThe State of Things: a kindness

19th June 2012:
Great story... I can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon!

Author's Response: thank you very much! ♥

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Review #10, by Free ElfBeing The Best: A Moonlight Run

16th June 2012:
Great story... Really original.. I can't believe no one has reviewed this because you really deserve it. I can't wait to read the rest. PLEASE UPDATE SOON :)

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Review #11, by Free ElfLife As They Know It: Halloween Part 1

16th June 2012:

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Review #12, by Free ElfBoy Meets Girl: Garlic, Bowties, and Penguins.

7th June 2012:
Cool story :) I've read it twice already and I plan to read it many more times

Author's Response: Aww! I'm glad you like it that much! :)

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Review #13, by Free ElfHuman Nature: Fact of Nature #9: Stupid is as stupid does

22nd May 2012:
Update! Please... I can't take the suspense!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing.

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