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Review #1, by entropistYhprum's Law: Expectation

30th April 2014:
Well, that was good. Actually, I made a mistake in reading this one AFTER reading Murphy's Law, but it turns out it's pretty funny in that order.
Liked the story very much.

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that the stories work regardless of the order :) Thanks so much for reading and leaving a review!

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Review #2, by entropistMemoirs of a Red Headed Witch: The Last Entry

14th January 2012:
Okay, I finished it!!

Let me be clear right now: This. Was. Brilliant!

I've been reading fanfictions for a long time and I will admit that most of them won't replace reading an original novel, but they sometimes add something new to a great universe, whether it would be for the fun of it or just out of passion for the subject.
But sometimes, I come across a story written on a fanfiction board, and it showcases a real talent at storytelling. And your story was among them.
Not only did it add something new to the HP universe (Ginny's perspective), but it stayed faithful to the spirit of the novels (the way I see her in the books, you just got Ginny spot on!), and it was incredibly well written.
I enjoyed reading it and I think I will enjoy reading it again, which is a sign that it's simply an excellent story.

I hope to have a look at your next work soon, whether it would be on a fanfiction board or off a bookshelf.

Thank you for this one.

Author's Response: This well thought out review means so much to me! I know that you loved the story enough to take time to get all your feelings in writing, so thank you so very much for that, from the bottom of my heart. I'm glad you can see yourself re reading this story because, SURPRISE! I'm adding another chapter to the Order of the Phoenix section of the novel! so please keep checking in to stay posted! My main point to writing this story was for people to see that though Ginny wasn't a very featured character and she wasn't always in the spot light, her role and the moments she did have were so vital and crucial that she really was important.
She truly is my favorite character and I knew I had to write this when people couldn't understand why. I did no more than anyone else, I read the same novels the same story as everyone did, but no one paid close attention to Ginny, I did. If they had, they wouldn't be surprised at how much she means to me and how accurate this story seems. Many reviewers have said that I came closer to JKR's work than any other fanfiction piece, It's just because I paid attention to the small details.
SO I'm glad you can agree that I stayed so faithful to the spirit of the novels. Thanks again for sticking with it and reading the whole way through. PLEASE COME BACK TO READ THE NEW CHAPTER! It's called, "The Chocolaty Defeat of Cho CHang!"

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Review #3, by entropistOperation Happy Ending: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

13th January 2012:
Caught up!
I read the whole thing... today.
I love it. Now I'm waiting for the next bit.

Author's Response: Could have sworn I answered this review because I was so excited by it...but my laptop is telling me otherwise! So I shall tell you now that it's so awesome you read the entire thing in one day! Wow. I'm shaking my head in amazement. Thanks!

Hope you enjoyed the next few... :)


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Review #4, by entropistOperation Happy Ending: Revenge Has No Bounds

13th January 2012:
Okay, let me make this official, this story isn't safe to read at work, even on your lunch break.
I read that chapter over my sandwich and I was laughing like an idiot... fortunately my office has a door.

Just wanted to point out that I especially loved that one.

Author's Response: HAHA! I love that. I hope to continue to make you laugh like that :)



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Review #5, by entropistOperation Happy Ending: Our Play is Cast, Our Stage is Set

13th January 2012:
Okay first of all, I have been looking for a story like this for a long time.
I like reading about the marauders a lot, but there is always something that ends up bothering me about those stories, like some unbelievable plot twist to suddenly resolve everything. But When I started reading this, I didn't get that feeling.

I really like it so far...

Author's Response: WOOHOO! Well I do hope you continue to like it and please let me know if I start to bother you!

Hope you like the next one!


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Review #6, by entropistDiscovery for a New Student: Crest

13th January 2012:
Okay, first off, I need to apologize for not commenting earlier on this one...
I know I'm biased toward your fic, mate, but I must say i really enjoy that rewrite!
It gives the story more depth and your writing style has gotten better as well.
Keep it up!
I'm waiting for the next one, now.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! Means a lot coming from you as your own fics are quite impressive too. I'm enjoying this re-write as it permits me to go deeper in stuff I only touched on the first go. Brings it more to par with the second fic too. :)

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Review #7, by entropistMemoirs of a Red Headed Witch: Grasping Smoke and Chasing a Myth

17th November 2011:
Ok, this is my first review on this story, but you should know that I started to read it today afternoon, and I'm up to chapter 22 already (It's nearly midnight, here).

Right, moving on to the comments. I love this story. It's very skillfully written. I'm in awe of the way you rendered Ginny's view on the whole saga. It's truly captivating.
All in all, I love the story, so far. I have only one remark, which is more contrustive, than critical.
See, I'm french, and if I may, your french quotes could be corrected a little.

one by one,
' de toutes les mauvaises choses!” she muttered in French, ' Lui pardoner, benisse cette maison!'

of all the evil things... is a very british way to build a sentence. It doesn't have any direct equivalent in french. I would suggest :
' Parler de choses si malefiques!" she muttered in french. " Pardonnez-lui, et benissez cette maison!"
in english, that would be " to mention such evil things..." the rest is just a matter of translation of verbs. the sense doesn't change.

next one,
' Ne parle pa ces forces terribles de la magic noire!”
it should go ' Ne parle pas de cette terrible magie noire!" (literally: Do not speak of this terrible Dark magic")

You see " such terrible forces of black magic" works in english, but in french you can't add so many adjectives in the same sentence. english sentences are potentially longer than french ones.

and finally,
' quelqu'un d'aussi jeune ne devrait pas connaitre de telles choses” that one is actually perfect, so I've got nothing else to say about it, except commending your care at using true french in Fleur's line. That's another example of the skill I mentioned earlier.

Okay, moving on to the next chapter, now, and this story has officially joined my favourites.

Author's Response: why thank you so much! I will deffinitely be editing the chapter with your notes!

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