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Review #26, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERPlaying With Fire: Fighting, Screaming, Plotting, and Acting Like Kids

29th June 2012:
Haha, this is flipping amazing :) please upload the chapter son x

Author's Response: will do my best. thanks for the review and compliment.

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Review #27, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERFoul Play: Of Dungbombs and Butterbeer

27th June 2012:
Please update soon or I will get upset x

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Review #28, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERLive To Die: Operation: M.O.I.D.I.C.

26th June 2012:
You HAVE to Keep updating :) I love Sirius' POV btw :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! xx


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Review #29, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERHeartless: The One Where I Lose My Temper in Front of the Entire Potions Class

26th June 2012:
Nice, keep uploading- this is awesome :) And quite funny xD

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Review #30, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVEROpposites Attract: Chapter 3

26th June 2012:
I was really sad when I found out that there were only four chapters done :( Why must you do this to me!!!?? :'(
Upload next chappysoon- yeah?
Good. :P

Author's Response: don't worry! the next chapter's in the process of being validated now :)

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Review #31, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERSilent Confrontations: Not Alone

26th June 2012:
I love this :0 It's really cleverly done, and I love that way that she's stil sarcy even though she can't talk :') Though her obsession with James is a bit weird... :P
Keep writing though- you have mad me a happy reader :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm assuming you mean 'saucy'; haha I think so too! Her obsession with James was meant to be strange but she's basically gotten over it. Only now, she thinks he saved her but we all know that isn't the truth. More chapters on the way! Thanks for reading XD

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Review #32, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERPrude: Of Potatoes and Brawling

26th June 2012:
I really like this :D It did take mme ages to scroll down though ;) bit happy with the space bar??? :P just kidding- write more xxx

Author's Response: Haha! I couldn't get it to stop doing that, it looked fine in the preview then BOOM inserts ten thousands spaces. Im glad you like it! thanks for the review xx

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Review #33, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERTeddy Lupin and Me: Make Believe Slytherins and Sadistic Bird... Phoenix.... THINGS!

26th June 2012:
Haha :') this is really funny xD you have to keep writing!!!

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Review #34, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERLike a House on Fire: Just Because

23rd June 2012:
They are so blooming cute xxx I love them so much. This is my favourite story, definatley :) PLEASE UPDATE SOON! x

Author's Response: I reckon Sirius is the only cute one - Millie's got her heads too far in the clouds to notice anything at all.


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Review #35, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERTurning the Tables: That One Night was More Than Just Right

23rd June 2012:
This is getting so good :) I keep checking to see if its updated- like all the time :') x

Author's Response: Ahhh thank you, I'm happy you like it! I'll let you know now though that I have a chapter edit in the queue, so don't get too hopeful when you see this has been update because it won't be with a new chapter. I'm actually taking my time with the next chapter, because it's a big one and I want to make sure everything's perfect.


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Review #36, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERBang: Well, those cars should have been watching, anyway...

23rd June 2012:
Haha I love everything about this- except James; he is such a dick!!! KILL HIM OFF!!! Just kidding... :P but seriously get him to not be such a dick :)

Author's Response: ahaha :D james is a little bit of a meanie in this story, sorry about that. hopefully he'll get nicer :D thank you for the review!

ellie :) xx

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Review #37, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERLike a House on Fire: Bleak House

22nd June 2012:
This is just adorable. There are no other words apart from: adorable. N'awwwness :) xxx

Author's Response: Thank you! And Sirius's whole aim in life is to be adorable!

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Review #38, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERThe Apartment: Awkward encounters and Updates on Family

11th June 2012:
I like this chapter xD awkward much?! :P keep updating this story- it's really good catish :)

Author's Response: Maybe I will, maybe I won't;)

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Review #39, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERFinding Out About A Little Thing Called Love: The Decision and Pre-Quidditch Week with HER

3rd June 2012:
Hey just thought I'd make your day because I'm not gonna see you for a WHOLE WEEK!!! :O and I know that you'll miss me :P
This was pretty good xD She was funny when she tricked Regulus...

Author's Response: :O I am gonna miss you:( And hehehe, thanks:')

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Review #40, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERThe Prime of Miss Gwendolyn Addwyfn Gordon: The Prime of Miss Gwendolyn Addwyfn Gordon

2nd June 2012:
Awww, the ending is so sweet xxx Sorry, I'm kinda stalking all your stories now, cos they are all amazing :D
*Virtual hug 'cause you are awesome*

Author's Response: your penname is both awesome and slightly terrifying, haha! well, I'm glad you liked it, and thank you very much for reviewing :D ♥

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Review #41, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERThe Apartment: Flashback and the Wizarding Club

23rd May 2012:
WELL... That was... interesting...
I loved the sex ed class ;) I can just imagine certain people in out set to say things lie that :')
This is god :P

Author's Response: I know, certain;) Anyways, thank you!:D

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Review #42, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERThe Time of Cupids: Feather-Like Touches and Musty Old Tunnels

18th May 2012:
This is such an amazing story!!!
You need to keep writing :D

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Review #43, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: A Hospitable Visit

7th May 2012:
AMAZING. That was such a sweet moment!!!
I loved it completely xxx

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Review #44, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERFinding Out About A Little Thing Called Love: Voldemort becomes He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Regulus Black and a Sleepover Thingymabob with HER

1st May 2012:
Well done catfish :)
Nice chappy- thank GOD Iris is gone (I hate her.)


Author's Response: Catfish? And I will do :')

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Review #45, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERLike a House on Fire: Brothers

25th April 2012:
Okay, it was worth the wait. Love It.
I admit, I have been a little impatient ;) But I loved this so much. YOU NEED TO UPDATE SOON! x

Author's Response: Do not worry - I have also been impatient about this kiss! And I shall update as soon as possible!

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Review #46, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERThe Apartment: Moving In

25th April 2012:
Nice going there Dish :) now upload the next chappy of FOAALTCL and this :D

Author's Response: Shurrp Miss. Walker;)

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Review #47, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERAverage Ally. : Rule Number Ten: Be Brave And Follow Your Heart.

23rd April 2012:
TEAM ALIBUS! no doubt about it. ;)

Author's Response: Ha, well the story shall continue on and Al will be shown more, as it seems James appears a lot at the moment!
Thanks for the review! :D


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Review #48, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERLessons and Love: Realisation

16th April 2012:
This is really good, also I liked Breanne telling her this early on- also I liked the almost Loria/Louis moment :D please write more??? :) xxx

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Review #49, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERWonderland: Embarrassment Times Infinity

15th April 2012:
I could not stop grinning at this chapter :') I loved it! Also I loved the way that you made her awkward even when she was being kissed :D yep, this is definatley my favourite story xD

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! And it's your favorite?!?!? Oh gee, you're making me blush :)
Spencer leads an awkward existence; it only makes sense that her first kiss would be awkward, haha.
Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #50, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVERJust A Game: I tell my love to wreck it all

10th April 2012:
aha! this is awesome xD please write more :D for me??? ;) i love her character and i think the start was pretty awesome

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It means a lot :) Haha, i will definitely try and write more. As we speak, i have another chapter waiting for validation but the queue is 3 days so it may take a while! I'm glad you like Gisela, I'm beginning to like her more and more as i write!

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