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Review #1, by NicolaEveBathing in Roses: Bathing in Roses

24th August 2015:
Thanks for replying to my first review so quickly! It's a bummer you don't know what happened but oh well.
So at first I wasn't too sure about this story cause I kind of hated June, like she was the kind of girl I personally would not be friends with and probably want to strangle. So as I'm sure you can understand I was very reluctant to keep reading. I'm so glad I did though cause she grew into a character I could like, she grew up kind of in these chapters and wasn't a child anymore. And I think you wrote the transition beautifully. I wish I could write even half as well as you

Author's Response: Hey there! I'm sorry that I couldn't give you any answers with regards to Zoey :(

Also, wow, you finished this story so fast! Thank you so much for reading and for sticking with June! She's definitely meant to be annoying in the beginning--I was annoyed just writing her :) Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by NicolaEveBathing in Roses: A Matter of Great Irrelevance

22nd August 2015:
This was really good I loved it. I'll definitely be reading the rest. I found your story because I was digging into shenanigans reviews and yours was the only one that had a proper name so it seemed like you knew her. Do you know what happened to her stories? They've all suddenly disapeared and no one has a clue what happened! Hope you know what happened. Keep writing, your work is amazing!

Author's Response: Hi there! And thanks for reading! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far. Unfortunately, I haven't spoken to shenanigan in a long time (those reviews you read were probably the most recent time) and I didn't know about her situation at all until you mentioned it. I'm sorry that I'm of no help :(

Best of luck and I hope you can find out what happened.

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Review #3, by NicolaEveChasing Madness: Park Bench Performances

30th November 2013:
OMG i feel as though i haven't read this yet but i swore i had. what is this and why hasn't it been updated yet?!?! it is at an intense, can not stop reading part as with the rest of the story!! Pretty please update soon : )

Author's Response: I am working on chapter 20 as... well, as I will finish answering this! Thanks for the review :3

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Review #4, by NicolaEveNo Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and the Bro Code

22nd August 2013:
I will have to see, do you know if its in Melbourne? CAUSE I WANT TO SEE THE COOKIE MAN!! OMG Doctor who the last episode woah, like just woah. I can't believe we have to wait till november : (
This chappy is super good though, like awesome but i don't like that James is going with some frenchy and that Halle had to make up someone, now she has to find someone real to go with! D : it will be very interesting to see what happens : D update soonly

i hope you enjoy all future chapters! thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by NicolaEveEnemies with Benefits : Bravery (Sort Of)

7th August 2013:
Oh my gosh you're back! yay! I'm super excited to see how everyone reacts to what happened! Dessie and Fred are getting closer woo! like she legit wanted to talk to him about something personal and wanted him to comfort her or something. i just can't wait for the next chapter.
I read your other story, the new one, and its really good! you should just go on an updating spree hahaha

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Review #6, by NicolaEveNo Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and Cliched Romances

26th July 2013:
THE COOKIE MAN?! WHATS A COOKIE MAN? I want a cookie man to bring me chocolate pie, where do you find one?
This chapter was really good and i'm glad her and scorpius are 'bros' now cause thats better than awkwardness : D

naa, its a shop in the land down under. i dunno whether its international...probably is. I SHALL GIVE YOU A VIRTUAL CHOCOLATE PIE!
*gives a virtual chocolate pie*
yes anything is better than awkwardness, thanks for the review, child :D

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Review #7, by NicolaEveNo Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and a Last-Name basis

10th April 2013:
CHOCOLATE PIE!?!?!?!?! I WANT SOME!! Where can i get some chocolate pie? I will get some and watch it with next weeks Doctor Who : ) it's so good, like what is Clara?!?
Anyway, THIS WEEK?? THAT SOON!! This is brilliant yay! cause I am currently not so happy with you for ending it on such a cliff.

Author's Response: AHAHA I GOT MY CHOCOLATE PIES FROM THE COOKIE MAN BUT I THINK THEY STOPPED SELLING THEM COZ EASTER IS OVER :'( i have no idea what clara/oswin/oswald is...CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT THOUGH! remember...there's something in the wifi... i shall update soon! i promise! nearly there :)

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Review #8, by NicolaEveNo Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and Unexpected Kisses

14th March 2013:
That was really good!! THEY FINALLY KISSED! WOOO!! And Albus went cray cray on their arses, why doesn't he like that. Don't tell me he likes her? i thought h didn't what is happening you must update right away so i can find out what is going on!!!

Author's Response: haha, he al did go cray cray on their arses (: im not one for love triangles...BUT ALL SHALL BE REVEALED NEXT CHAPTER. THANKS FOR REVIEWING !

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Review #9, by NicolaEveNo Ordinary Nutter: Chapter 10: Of Nutters and Awkward Shoulder-Sniffing

20th January 2013:
hahaha, that was a lovely poem. Thats actually what made me review, i was feeling too lazy before that but now, prepare for my review : D I really really really really like this story it is brilliant!! it makes me laugh and Halle and James are pretty great. Actually Halle and James are fantastic because, honestly, if they weren't written as well as they are, this story wouldn't be as good : ) so keep up the amazing writing and post a chapter super soon!!

Author's Response: ahah, im glad to know my poem actually worked :) new chapter will be up soon, thanks for reviewing !

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Review #10, by NicolaEveChasing Madness: Oversteppin' Boundaries.

20th November 2012:
brill! I was freaking out thinking 'maybe she's gone on strike or something and won't write anymore ever!' but then you updated and i was happy : )

Author's Response: No strike, don't worry! Glad it made you happy (:

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Review #11, by NicolaEveChasing Madness: Feelings Mostly of Dread.

12th November 2012:
This was brill again, they very quickly turned from being nice to being mean haha, seeing as you said you had written 2 days, does that mean you will be posting it soon? i really hope so!

Author's Response: The next chapter should be out by tomorrow, it's already been posted. It's the train ride! I really enjoyed the train ride (:

Thanks for your review xx

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Review #12, by NicolaEveChasing Madness: Do You Know Him, Weasley?

6th November 2012:
the business trip is very likely, i'm amazed that it doesn't occur every chapter ; P haha this was a really good chapter! i loved it! i will say that i'm very glad of the way you made her and Ed break up sorta, cause any other way it wouldn't have worked out as well : D really great please update quickly so i can read about their snogging

Author's Response: Yes, I agree about the business trip, it should really be a daily occurence. That, and overnight babysitting, many randome hallway/party/street encounters and unintentional revealing of underwear. I know, everyone wants snogging, and it's coming, I swear!
Thanks for reviewing xx

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Review #13, by NicolaEveChasing Madness: Does it not Look Pleasant?

26th October 2012:
This is brilliant! again! hahaha, i honestly can not wait for more so pretty please do update really soon : )

Author's Response: I just posted the update, and the queue is like, 14 hrs, so it should be up very very soon. I hope you like it. And thank you for your kind words :)

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Review #14, by NicolaEveChasing Madness: Throw 'em in the Thames.

16th October 2012:
This was great! I meant to review the last chapter but i forgot. Whenever i see that this story is updated my heart jumps a little bit in excitement and i read all the other updated stories and this one last cause it's my favourite : D

Author's Response: Wow, this made me smile so widely, thank you!!!

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Review #15, by NicolaEveAnd All That Jazz: Gossip, Parties, And All That Jazz

3rd September 2012:
Hi, your story is really brilliant. I was just wondering what actor is that on this chapter image of Louis Weasley?

Author's Response: Thank yoouu ♥ That actor is the gorgeous Hunter Parrish. Yum.

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Review #16, by NicolaEveEnemies with Benefits : First Kisses and First Looks

19th August 2012:
woo!! Snogging scene!! Brilliant snogging scene as well, Fred's getting a bit attached isn't he : P asking personal questions. That's awesome that she's having twins, but kind of bad luck as well cause that's a lot of money... it's funny that they snogged in the past but it doesn't mean anything so it's all good. Oh oh for Dessie when Roxy finds out, she's not going to be a happy chappy. Pretty please update again!!

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Review #17, by NicolaEveEnemies with Benefits : The Snowball Fight Tradition

19th August 2012:
yes i did quite like this chapter, it was funny and i loved the snowball fight, mainly cause it doesn't snow in Australia where i live and i love snow so it was fun to read about things like that that could be tradition : ) I liked the rest of them, Al was funny and i liked Lily cause that's just too cute to not like. Favourite parts? umm... from the first sentence to the last one? hahaha i just loved it all!!

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Review #18, by NicolaEveEnemies with Benefits : Brother-Sister Talks

19th August 2012:
I think you made Mason into the best character, random bits thrown in and all that. He wasn't what i expected him to be, you think older brother-over protective, manly, tough-and that's what comes to mind, but you made it perfect! Favourite snippets would be her and her hypothetical question and Masons reaction hahaha. Chapter in general was good, but you made me want hot chips because of your mentioning them in the chapter

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Review #19, by NicolaEveEnemies with Benefits : Acting and More Interrogations

19th August 2012:
hahaha, loved it! I swear, that i laugh so often when i read this, that if you lived an extra hour each time you laugh then i would live for an extra hundred years because of this story. Pretty please update soon!

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Review #20, by NicolaEveEnemies with Benefits : Interrogations

19th August 2012:
hmm... favourite part/quote? i'll have to do part cause there are lots of brilliant quotes. So favourite part would be... The part where James has found out that this is not just a one off : D I think that is a very brilliant part. Have you been in a situation like this? because you seem to write very well about it... *raises eyebrow*

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Review #21, by NicolaEveEnemies with Benefits : Lies and Found Out

19th August 2012:
Hahaha I love how he was yelling at her when he got someone else pregnant, but i don't think i would have realised this if you hadn't put it in hehe. My favourite part would have to be the end though, their snogging and James walking in. No you're quite good at snogging scenes, better than lots of people on this site, better than me, thats for sure.

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Review #22, by NicolaEveSMIRK.: So Then We Grew A Little.

14th August 2012:
wow! this was so good!!! i really hope you update soon!! because it's brilliant and i want to read more

Author's Response: thank you! :D

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Review #23, by NicolaEveThe Month I was a Hipster: Day 3

11th August 2012:
no you shouldn't change the name of the story!! it's good : ) the chapter was really good

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! And thank you for your input on the title; I'm still iffy on it and need all the input I can get.
Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #24, by NicolaEveTug Of War: Idiocy Thy Name Is Stella

28th July 2012:
weww!!! loved it! i hope you update super dooper soon though cause i don't think i could last without that update soon because of what intenseness happened habsdfincd that did not make much sense but oh well, hopefully you get the drift

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Review #25, by NicolaEveEnemies with Benefits : Too Close

24th June 2012:
yay! thank-you so much for updating!! and i hope you do again soon

Author's Response: You are quite welcome!

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