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Review #1, by FlicketyXDAnd Capers Ensue: Dead End

18th November 2012:
So I just read this in the space of about a day and have become incredibly emotionally invested in all the characters, to the extent that I don't know if I will survive any character death...

If JK Rowling (the epitamy of evil character death) couldn't make Draco Malfoy a killer then I'm pretty sure you shouldn't kill his son! (I'm not sure if that logic makes sense or not but basically please don't let him be dead?)

Also I loved the Chinese granny bit; my best mate's gran is Chinese and my god she's exactly like Bea... :o

Author's Response: Ahh another reader! Gah I love it when people tell me that because I feel like we're all bunched up in a giant blanket waiting for the end together. I get really feelsy.

Game of Thrones is a lot more deathy; Ron would've died in the first book if GRR Martin wrote it xD I will consider that logic though!

Bahaha, I love being able to insert bits of her background in there. There's not a lot of Chinese OCs, or even Chinese in YA fiction, so I hope to do what I can to represent!

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Review #2, by FlicketyXDIce Cream: Ice Cream

5th May 2012:
Well I liked this lots. I love the Drarry shipping and the characterisation of the two...

And then you added in Snape and made this awesome!

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Review #3, by FlicketyXDA Self-Inflicted Wound: A Time For Departure

4th March 2012:
This story made my heart break a little. You really captured the pressures of the character and I really can't wait for more...

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Review #4, by FlicketyXDMy Proscriptive Relationship with Draco Malfoy: The Letter

5th February 2012:
I'm hollering!!

This was really beautiful; the characters were very true to their norm, the relationship didn't seem forced, and there was really good chemistry between the two...

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