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Review #1, by lovepeaceanyaBreaking the Quidditch Code: Prefect Duty

4th April 2012:
Well, I want to say a few things.
1) Please thank your parents for me, I am very thankful that you exist or this world would be a sad place - BTQC is my life!
2) Again, this story is my life.
3) The humor is awesome! Where do you get it?! "If Falcon Cat was there, she’d protect us"? THAT SERIOUSLY MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD.
4) I live for Albus/Paloma. Obviously she must've liked him for a while, or she wouldn't have let him touch her arse and all.
5) Sorry, but this story is life.
6) Why isn't James real?! I want a James Potter!!!
7) Why aren't Pygmy Puffs real?! I want a Victoria!!!
8) I can't think of anything else to say...but I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH.
Yeah :D

Author's Response: 1. I have thanked my parents. My mom had a long pause on the phone, but she says you're welcome.
2. Your life? That makes my life so much happier.
3. Uhhh. My head? I don't know. Almost all of the humor is completely unplanned. It just sort of comes out. James writes himself. I just let him go. That's why so many events end up unplanned. James makes me.
4. I love Palabus. They're adorable. She always had sort of a little secret crush on Al, but thought he was too smart and too out of her league.
5. Don't be sorry!
6. It's weird for me that James is a combo of both me and my fiance. haha.
7. I want a pygmy puff too!!! I would name her Victoria and snuggle her.
8. Thank you so much, Anya! I seriously appreciate the wonderful review! And your wonderful face!

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Review #2, by lovepeaceanyaWhen it Happens: Never Forgiven

23rd February 2012:
Love this story. A lot.
My favorite is that my name is Anya, too. :D
I really hope that Aria stays strong, and sticks with Draco, but most likely she will find herself falling in love with Nate, since this is a story.
Please update ASAP!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! That's cool, what a coincidence. ;)
Haha, yeah I wish she would too, but as you said, this is a story. So glad you're enjoying it. I will update very soon. Thanks for your review. :)

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Review #3, by lovepeaceanyaExtra Time: Naomi

12th February 2012:
Wow. Haha, this is the best!
I'm so sad that the first one is finished, but hopefully this one will keepe happy :D
Maybe do a Bea/Nick? Or a chapter from James's point of view? That'd be awesomeness.
Keep writing, please.
-Anya :D

Author's Response: Thank you!

And thanks for your wonderful ideas, hope you saw the Bea and Nick chapter, I wrote it when you suggested it!

Also, you'll be glad to know I'm currently planning/ half-writing in my head the James POV chapter, as I read through FTFT the other night and realised how many of his actions I'd left unexplained! (mainly regarding Naomi.)

So please keep an eye out for them! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #4, by lovepeaceanyaWonderland: The Art of Being Suave

11th February 2012:
I like this chapter a lot, but (no offense) it wasn't my favorite. It sorta lacked the action and the lovable-Spencer parts you usually have.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this date! I really hope Spencer keeps asking questions about creatures that James might be - maybe she'll guess the right one!
Also, I'm kinda depressed, because when Spencer said "Getting to wear Robyn's clothes was like finding a cure for cancer: insanely awesome", she lives in the 2020s. Does that mean cancer hasn't been cured yet? I hope not, and that she was referring to the time when cancer was cured?
Anyway, update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! And don't worry, I'm not at all offended! Aside from the first half, this chapter was a bit of a filler. Hopefully you'll like the next chapter better; I have some crazy action in mind and who knows what weird crap I'll come up with once I start writing it, haha.
Unfortunately, I am not a Seer so I do not know whether cancer will be cured or not by that time. I'm sorry if that made you sad, that wasn't my intention! I'm sure though that she was referring to the awesome person that found that cure :D
Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #5, by lovepeaceanyaDéjà Vu: Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

9th February 2012:
Yay! New Chapter!
Is the secret James wants to know that Artemis is a Seer?
I can't wait till Dom has her baby. I'm excited.

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Review #6, by lovepeaceanyaAnastasia: In Which My Life Becomes Utter and Insane Chaos

8th February 2012:
Wow, a Gryffindor! Can't wait for the next chapter.
I really like this story - I really like the mystery part of it. I think Anna is kind of naïve, because 1) she has WAY too much on her plate, and 2) everyone is going to be mad at her when she finally reveals herself.
I can't wait till she does, though. Oh, the Drama.
Update soon!

Author's Response: She definitely has some difficult times ahead for her! Thanks for reviewing, glad you like the story! Love your review- great feedback!!

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Review #7, by lovepeaceanyaTeam Rosius: Like, Totally!: TOTALLY Realistic Chapter

2nd February 2012:
That was brilliantly amazing. I loved it.
I just have one question that I was confused about: In this story, you called Albus "Albus Severus". In Hogwarts and Hormones (totes love that one, BTW, I'm waiting for an update), you call him plain "Albus". Was the difference just a "Oh, it's a different story, I can do what I want with my characters" or a "I like that name better, I'm gonna change it"?
Hope you know what I mean :)
I LOVED the AVPM reference, more brilliance.
Also loved the 4th-Wall-breaking going on there.
Make a sequel? I wanna know the baby's names.
Ta ta,
-Anya =D

Author's Response: this story really is completely seperated from H&H... i just call him albus severus because i think it was funnier to make it a little more dramatic. he's nothing like the al in that story... or maybe he is! haha no but it's a completely diferent thing i just thought it worked better here!!!
update on that one written~~!! soon!
mille grazie

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Review #8, by lovepeaceanyaFor The First Time: The Ball

30th January 2012:
Ooh. Did I get the first comment of the chapter?
Anyway, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY. It's a truly amazing piece of literature. :)
This chapter was really good. I liked it. No offense, I but I didn't enjoy it as much as some of the others.
Also, maybe can you write like 2 more chapters? Maybe an epilogue? Because it would just be great if this story ended with a prefect, even, 30 chapters. I don't know, I'm just freaky like that.

Author's Response: You did indeed! thank you :) I'm very touched that you called it 'literature' it's hardly Shakespeare or Bronte haha! No offence taken by the way, to be honest this wasn't one of mine either actually! I by far preferred chapter 27 personally haha!

And I'm going to really disapoint you here (I was so aggravated with myself when I read your review and you made me realise how annoying it will be with 29 chapters!!) but there will not be 30 chapters :( I finished the fic on 29 and any more would over-do the chapter. I hope you can get over it, haha :)
thanks for reviewing! Update will be up soon!

P.S. what is that number?! A billion? (excuse my appalling maths) but seriously, I just even name that number with certainty! Ha!

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Review #9, by lovepeaceanyaWonderland: Mulling Sessions and Late Night Phone Calls

26th January 2012:
Wow. I love your story. It's simply amazes me every new chapter.
I really love Spencer. She's hilarious. I would like to know if I can borrow her for a project. Just her name and her characteristics and personality. She would fit in great for a story I'm writing for school.
Please :)
Keep writing this wonderful story.

Author's Response: Thank you; I'm glad that you like my characters and story so much!
Although I'm very flattered that you love Spencer so much, I feel a bit uncomfortable with you using a character I worked so hard on and would rather that you didn't. Please don't take any offense to this; I hope that you understand and I'm sure that whatever you come up with will be great!
The next chapter should be finished soon.
Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #10, by lovepeaceanyaFor The First Time: Together At Last

21st January 2012:
O. M. G.
No. Freaking. Way.
Sorry, that was just me FREAKING OUT!
THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER (I hope- you never know, they might wake up and everything will be all awkward).

Author's Response: hehehe, yay, I was hoping I'd make people freak out! :)
Hmmm, we shall have to see, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway!
Next chapter is already posted m'love, I've actually just completed writing the final chapter this afternoon! :) Thanks for reviewing, and please keep reading on to the end, it's not far away at all!

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Review #11, by lovepeaceanyaExpelled: Tattle Tale

10th January 2012:
Is this told from the point of view of Hermione's sister? Will we ever find out what they did?
Please keep writing, it's great.

Author's Response: Yes it is from the point of view of Hermione's sister. Hi Anya.

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Review #12, by lovepeaceanyaWonderland: Mummy Dearest

9th January 2012:
THIS STORY IS SO GOOD! No joke, I seriously check for a new chapter every day.
I'm REALLY looking forward to when Spencer finds out about magic, about how much longer will that be? I really loved the wizarding world references and Muriel, too.
Please please please please please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long to update; I feel so bad! I'm about 2400 words into the next chapter so hopefully you won't have to wait so long again.
I'm not sure in which chapter Spencer finds out about magic but let's just say five more chapters; I'm sorry if it takes a little longer than that.
Thanks for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #13, by lovepeaceanyaFrom Beauxbaton's to Hogwarts.....HELP!!!!: Beauxy's and Squibs dating Squids?!!

5th January 2012:
This is a really great start.
I really like this story!!
My name is Anya, too!
Please please please write more?

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Review #14, by lovepeaceanyaThe Seer: Single-Hand Conviction

5th January 2012:
Was Al under the Imperious Curse when he said that Harry killed Alaric? And I thought they just stole Harry's wand? Why did the lie detector go off? I guess I'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out.
I think this story is absolutely BRILLIANT. I LOVE IT. PLEASE WRITE MORE!

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Review #15, by lovepeaceanya:

28th December 2011:
Oh Geez . . . That was Brilliant.
I'm seriously (Siriusly, haha I'm so hilarious!) crying right now.
You should really see my face, my eyes are red and my face is puffy.
That was really amazing.

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Review #16, by lovepeaceanyaThe Seer: Outrageously Framed

29th November 2011:
I love this story SO MUCH. I love how there are so many twists in the road.
Was Albus the one who killed Hugo's friend with Harry's wand, or was it the Death Eater?

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Review #17, by lovepeaceanyaWhen it Happens: Meet the Parents

29th November 2011:
Wow. That was unexpected.
I loved "What Happens" and now I think I like this one too!
Do they break up? And if this takes place in Harry's 6th year, wouldn't the Dark Lord have returned 2 years ago?

Author's Response: Thanks so much! And I decided not to go by the books exactly. The Dark Lord will return in this. Sorry I can't tell you if they break up! You'll see. Thanks for your review! :D

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Review #18, by lovepeaceanyaWonderland: Word Vomit

25th November 2011:
I love this story!
I love your style of writing, and all of the metaphors/similes you make.
I have one question: Is Spencer secretly magical? Like a squib? How did she get into the Platform? Also, is James ever going to tell her that he's a wizard?
Okay, I guess that was a lot of questions . . .

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you're enjoying the story!
As for your questions, Spencer is not secretly magical or a Squib; she's 100% Muggle. Her being able to pass through the platform is a plot point I'm probably not going to address unless I come up with a really good answer for it. So for now, I hope that it doesn't bother anyone that I don't address it; it's not really important, I think at least.
And yes, Spencer will find out that James is a wizard eventually :D

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Review #19, by lovepeaceanyaLost Potters 4: Problems: Of epilogues and endings

23rd November 2011:
I read this entire story in one day, I loved it so much.
All I want to know is if Hayley says yes or no after she punches James.
PLEASE tell!

Author's Response: The sequel is up ;)

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