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Review #1, by bansheeHistory of a Snitch: Snitch

15th April 2015:
Hey Katie! First off, congratulations on winning the Hufflepuff story of the month!

I love the idea of Lily Evans playing Quidditch. I never really thought about it before, I always just assumed that James and maybe a few of the Marauder boys played, but now that I've read the first few sentences it is an instant head-canon and I really love it. Even if she is resisting in this story it is still head-canoning in my head.

"You have an extra racing broom. Of course you have an extra racing broom," Lily said more to herself than to him. - I'm sitting in public and trying not to laugh out loud at this line. It feels like it just sums up Lily's feelings towards James at this moment so perfectly.

I love love love reading about Quidditch. I really enjoyed your writing of it, especially the commentary towards the beginning. I definitely got a kick out of it! (would it be bad to cheer for Hufflepuff anyway? NAH IMMA DO IT.)


The transition from the mention at Hogwarts of Snape's emotions to the little fluffy moment where they've been living together and James still has that Snitch was flawless and perfect. Which I realize are synonyms but idc it was fabulous.

OH MY GOD CUTEST PROPOSAL EVER. AH that's so clever I love it.

This was so sweet and fluffy and adorable. I really think you did an excellent job capturing James and Lily's personalities and telling a story about them, all surrounded on the Snitch.

Lovely work!

Author's Response: Hi Julie! Thank you so much for stopping by! And thanks! I am still so surprised by getting story of the month. It was the best feeling!

I've had this scene in my head since about the time we learned that snitches had flesh memories. It just seems so perfect for them!

I'm sorry Hufflepuff had to lose, but IT SERVES A GREATER PURPOSE! :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review! It really made me smile. *hug*

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Review #2, by bansheeFaith: change.

10th April 2015:
First glance: pretty banner, intriguging summary, and I'm excited for this!

I like how the beginning starts out in the few sentences of calm. from the excitement in the chapter image and the general idea of musical stories being loud, it provides a nice contrast.

I'm immedietly intrigued (synonoms w/e shush) by the fact that her surname is Potter. I saw that she says she's the grandchild, so it immedietly gives a lot of interesting questions. Being the... second generation born after Harry's adventures, I wonder how much the name Potter is still talked about. It adds to the story and pulls the reader in.

I like that you don't spend a lot of time "introducing" us to either one of them. It really puts the reader right into what is going on in Faith and Austin's current situation, instead of spending awkward paragraphs describing each one of them.

She found a piece of paper (parchment is pricy) and scribbled a note down - this kind of feels a little awkward with the parenthesis. I think it'd be okay to just say paper.

why the Wizarding world hadn’t come up with a more instantaneous method of communication already - I MEAN REALLY. haha. and definitely laughing at the astetic. It would be wizards to do that just to distance themselves from muggles. What hipsters. *eyeroll*

“And being bi doesn’t mean that I’m going to cheat on you with a guy.” *thumbs up*. No really though, I'm not going to spend this entire review just quoting things I like. But I like this.

It kind of seems right off the bat that Cassie and Faith are having a rehashed argument, so I'm wondering if there's a little trouble in their relationship that forces them to play out old arguments to avoid whatever's really bothering them. It seems to upset Cassie that Faith won't give her a reason for not wanting to move in, so I'm kind of curious as to what that reason is.

and, breakup. :/ It sort of gives Faith some realistic qualities. She didn't seem too keen on opening up to Cassie, giving her some obvious trust issues that we'll maybe come across again in the future? We'll see!

I love the sort of grunge lifestyle that they seem to be in, and the new flat seems to only add to that style. The sort of struggling performance artist with rich parents is a really neat, under-explored plot line in this fandom.

Heh, definitely laughing at Austin's facial expression. I'd hope the water was working.

Overall thoughts: this is so interesting so far. I feel like you did a really excellent job setting up an introduction for these two, in which seems like we're just starting along with a new chapter in their life. I really enjoyed reading this!


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Review #3, by bansheeHow You Court A...: ...Pretty Girl

19th March 2015:
Ah, another super lovely chapter.

Cedric was so sweet! and I love that it wasn't in a romantic way at all, but just Cedric helping her out because he's a good person. I think that gets so overlooked (honestly, ever since the movies) because he's genuinely a really good person, and I love how you've painted him in that light here.

I have such a great love for this story collection. Each one of these chapters so far has been SO GOOD, and each one of the girls has been given such vivid personalities and characteristics, all while staying under the same theme.

I love this so much! Brilliant work!


Author's Response: We can't express our gratitude that not only did you move on to the third chapter, but you also reviewed it! Thanks so much!

We love Cedric. Of course he has his faults, but they're not the kind you would normally see. He just knows how to treat people the way he would want to be treated.

Oh my Merlin, thank you so much! You are much too kind and we are so flattered by your kind words.

First we're fantastic and now we're brilliant!

Seriously, thank you so very very much. We are so happy to read your reviews.

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Review #4, by bansheeHow You Court A...: ...Werewolf

19th March 2015:

I love werewolf stories. And I love the idea of people struggling to be okay with their condition, espeically in universes such as the Harry Potter one where it isn't socially accepted in the norm.

So I think you did a really great job narrating Padma in that sense. You can really feel her frustrations as you read this, similar to that of Remus in the books.

I love that Hermione was the one that set them up. And I love the Padma/Krum!! Not a pairing that I've ever thought of before, but I am definitely not complaining! Super super cute.

The relationship between Padma and Parvati was so sweet. It's definitely realistic to see sisters sticking up for each other the way Parvati did.

a;lkdjf I just loved this chapter so much. fantastic work!


Author's Response: Yay! You liked it!

Werewolves are a very interesting subject you almost have to consider when writing/reading fantasy.

Thank you, we didn't know how best to get the feels across on this one since Padma isn't a real feels-y character.

Good, I was afraid readers wouldn't care for the pairing and move on. I'm glad you thought it was adorable.

Being as close as Freda and I (Georgina) are to each other and the rest of our family, it's almost easier to write family love for us than romantic love.

Thank you so much for checking out our story and leaving this lovely review! We really appreciate it!

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Review #5, by bansheeHow You Court A...: ...Weasley

19th March 2015:
Hey you two!

I'm searching through Hufflepuff stories for nominations, and I absolutely love the premise about a story of girls being shown for humans that experience heartbreak and all that jazz, so I had to go for this.

I don't really know how to put into words how much I loved this first chapter. I wanted to cheer for Roxanne when she refused the first boy. LIKE SO MUCH, YOU GO ROXANNE and not letting him think for one second he'd get away with doing anything that makes her uncomfortable. SO PROUD.

You so rarely read about girls experiencing menstrual pain, but it happens every month and it's something that made this so realistic. I definitely agree with the statement that if a boy can't handle that, he can just go away!

Alright, alright, rambling aside, you have to know how much I loved this story. dEfinitely continuing on!



Author's Response: Hey Julie! First off thank you so much for the Kecker nomination! It's made my day that a couple people have actually nominated us for stuff, and even though we probably won't win anything. (Meaning if we do win something I'm probably going to be bouncing off of the ceiling! X-D )

Glad you found it intriguing! Yup Roxanne is fun to write. Fun fact, we originally had Roxanne in Hufflepuff but we finally switched her to Gryffindor before we posted anything. She da girl!

Yeah, that's all Georgina right here. The original even made me a shade uncomfortable. She passed it to me and said "here do you discretion thing on it" but I left most of it because its supposed to be uncomfortable. Plus theoretically I think a lot maybe the majority of readers are females.

Glad you enjoyed it despite the bittersweet ending. Thanks for the reviews!! :D


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Review #6, by bansheeNoodles a la Scorpius: Noodles a la Scorpius

19th March 2015:
OH MY GOD ELLIE THIS WAS SO ADORABLE I CAN'T EVEN. I'm dying of laughter. I love little Scorpius! And tormenting Draco and his dislike of shoes and a;lskdfj I loved this so much! SO CUTE!


Author's Response: Hey Julie!

Thanks so much for reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There is a sequel coming out soon.


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Review #7, by bansheeNot in the 'Mood': Conspiracy

19th March 2015:
This was SUCH an entertaining read! I think you did an excellent job writing Moody. The part with the stuffed bear had me giggling out loud!

Lovely work! (sorry this review is so short!)


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Review #8, by bansheeA Spoonful of Luck: Lottery, Landlords and a Lowlife’s Lair

18th March 2015:
I am LITERALLY the worst person on the earth for how long this has taken me to get to. *hugs* forgive me! And know that even though I open at work tomorrow and it is 11:30 at night, I am going to read and give you a constructive review at this very moment!

From your summary alone this is EVERYTHING. This sounds like an amazing television lgbt positive comedy show that should be aired. Plus Alicia Spinnet = YES!

Yes, well, that is what constitutes having a job.- CAN I JUST SAY, OKAY. this sentence, okay, I tell this to people almost EVERY day. ;aldkfj

ahah, I love her. she's so snarky and just FANTASTIC.

While I'm reading this I feel like I'm watching it on television. It's just so vivid and realistic that it makes the picture so real.

If the world expects you to choose a career at seventeen, what other crazy expectations they might be having? - FOR REAL THOUGH. but I think you're missing a word in this sentence? So it'd say "might they be having." - but extremely on point.

I am a freelance Necromancer - I just. I. um. Felix. what.

Quidditch brooms to deliver food to people in the residential area - yeah, so most of this review is going to be me copying text and crying about it. But this is SUCH A NEAT IDEA. This whole 'verse you've created in this first chapter is just brilliant.

Andy, this was amazing. I'm like, INSPIRED and just so happy for this story. I feel like this is going to be just an AMAZING story and I can't wait to read on. As always, fantastic work! I love reading your writing.

(also if you need kitchen horror stories you know where to find me♥)


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Review #9, by bansheeMistletoe Kisses: Mistletoe Kisses

12th February 2015:
Ah, This is so exciting! I love this ship so much from the series and I love seeing them at a younger age!

Oh my god, I'm laughing so much at the breakfast descriptions. Sad day for Scorpius! (I bet it'll be better sooon.)

idiot day parade - aw, Scorpius, we all have those days. hahah

Aw, Scorpius has a little crush and he doesn't want to admit it to Hugo! That's so adorable! Knowing where they eventually get to, it makes me want to read a story of that night from Scorpius' point of view... Of him remembering his little crush and getting together with Hugo. (hint hint)

Their bickering was so adorable, and the kiss was PERFECT. It was so wonderfully imperfectly perfect and it makes me love them that much more.

Maybe he should make it his mission? - Oh no, shipping this x894759348 now.

THIS WAS SO CUTE. I can't stop smiling for real. alkdjf. I want all of the Scorpius/Hugo moments now!



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Review #10, by bansheeAll or Nothing: there is a light that never goes out

21st January 2015:
Hey Kristin! Happy hot seat day!

I've been meaning to check this story out for a while now, so I'm glad I got the time to be able to!

I always adore your level of detail in your writing. Right from the first few sentences you set up the scenery and just give the reader this interesting and original topic to go into. You never really think of Bellatrix and how she became the person she was before she was Voldemort's second in command, and it's neat to see her younger.

I really liked the characterization you developed with the beetle in the first part of the story. How there was the teasing and then Bellatrix just sort of comes through and destroys the fun, and how she goes on to talk about how the characterizations sort of stick with them from that moment of their life.

This might be kind of a random thing to comment on, but I love your word choice throughout this story. You just always have this way of stringing words together that is so eloquent that the story just flows so wonderfully.

The second part with the woman that Bellatrix fell in love with was really wonderfully tragic. It seemed like they really worked well together, for the fact that Bellatrix remained her own self all the while that they were together. Unfortunately she was already arranged a marriage with Rodolphus... It sort of makes you think how much the moments in her life had help in shaping her, or if she was sort of pre-destined to be on the path.

I really thought it was interesting how you left the woman unidentified throughout the story, and how she constantly seemed to hold a spot in the back of Bellatrix's head.

Bellatrix always seems like such a tricky character to grasp writing but I think you wrote her so true to her personality here. Your writing is always so enjoyable to read, and this was definitely no different!

Lovely work, Kristin!


Author's Response: Hi Julie!

Wow, thank you, that is such a compliment that you like the detail in my writing!

I'm so glad you liked that first part with the beetle and that you thought it developed their characterization. She does destroy the fun haha! And yeah exactly that scene was meant to kind of symbolize their personalities and the things that stood out about them even as they got older.

aw, thank you I'm so flattered that you like my word choice and that it flows well, that is so wonderful to hear!

I love your analysis of Bellatrix and the other woman's love - I don't think I'd heard it described as 'tragic' before, but there definitely is that aspect to it in the way it ended. I'm glad it made you think too! I love it when writing makes me think ;)

You would be correct in that statement, she is definitely a tricky character to write - so I'm just thrilled that you thought this worked. Gah, thank you so much ♥ I really appreciate it!

thank you for this amazing review!!

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Review #11, by bansheenot like other girls: one.

21st January 2015:
Ah I am already so excited for this!

Truth time: I was scrolling through the recently added stories and saw the title for this and had a little huff of irritation because that saying bothers me, but then I went and read the summary and saw it was by you and got SUPER excited. Like SO excited.

So of course I had to read it.

I really love how you instantly established their friendships and characterizations. Especially Charis' personality and how she interacts with her friends and the people around her.

I can't wait to see where this one goes!


Author's Response: YEAH honestly that was a very deliberate choice by me because the whole "not like other girls" thing has such strong links to internalised misogyny and this idea that girls are always in competition with one another and femininity is inherently bad etc etc so i kind of relished the chance to turn that on its head a bit (and to hopefully subvert the whole treasure trove of tropes that is the albus/oc ship in general)

thanks so much for the lovely review and i hope it lives up to your expectations!

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Review #12, by bansheeThe Rejects: iii.

21st January 2015:
Hey Aimee! Happy (late) Hot seat day!

I'm so excited for this, but first off congratulations on being made a TA! *celebrates with you*

I am kind of in love with Hazel from that chapter image. haha

Hehe, I love her being scared of her prospective teammates. It's hilarious that she wants them on the team and she's terrified of talking to them :p

I really love Maddie. The way you write her, she's such a wonderfully realistically flawed character and it makes her relateable. And her friendship with Dominique makes for a really lovely dynamic that is so incredibly sweet to read.

Can I ship Maddie/Hazel? Well I'm going to. A little. (until someone else comes along. haha) I know you probably have other plans but I just love Hazel and want her to stomp all over the people that rejected her Quidditch career with high heel shoes.

Reading through her handing out her "welcome to the team!" little moments, I can't help but want to know so much more about each one of the characters, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for them.

I got a good little chuckle at the broken fourth wall in the moment with Professor 'Umbridge'.

I love your chapter length, how you give the reader enough time to get into the story and the characters and what's going on before it ends. And the part at the end about Maddie in the Gryffindor boy's common room was HILARIOUS and I am still chucking as I finish writing this.

I'm just so excited to see where you're going to go with this and what you have in store for the characters in the upcoming chapters. Will definitely be checking back!


Author's Response: Hey Julie! :D

I really tried to create Maddie to be realistic, I didn't want her to end up being some sort of girl who was too overly-awkward because it's not realistic at all.

And you can ship whoever you want to ship! I'm all for multi-ships :) And more from Hazel is coming up soon, get ready for more sassy, Queen Hazel stomping on the world with her stilettos.

Thank you for such a lovely review! And I'm sorry I haven't been very good at the Hot Seat reviewing, I honestly have just not had time to get on this website!

~Aimee xxx

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Review #13, by bansheeNot My Type: Square One

18th January 2015:


But even for Seth, physical attraction does very little in the end; he needs to get to know a person before he can make any kind of judgement on types and such. -- demisexual representation ftw ♥

Okay, so I'm sitting at Barnes and Noble right now and there's this guy sitting next to me streaming Breaking Bad (because he's a selfish pancake and doesn't think other people need internet) and he keeps STARING BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP SMILING RIGHT NOW.

I'm like.. not even a little surprised that Theodore Nott is in this?? hahahah

I love how you work all of the little plot lines with Seth's friends in. It just instantly puts us into this familiar world and makes all of the characters so instantly fleshed out. And how it's connected to the first book!

AW DID OLIVER LEARN FOR HIM. I guess I'll see you in the library later for our tutoring lesson. -- like.. I hope you can understand how much that little moment broke my heart. I mean, I can completely understand Seth saying it and thinking that no harm would come from it, since he wouldn't have any other reason to assume that Oliver could understand him. But still!

I can't even be upset because I asked for it, didn't I? dang.

I just want to know so much more about them. Seth'd better apologize! With his face. and Oliver's face.

This was so wonderful. ♥




What a selfish pancake. *shakes head at him*

It's me we're talking about. I don't think anyone is surprised anymore when Theo Nott so much as pops his head around the corner in one of my stories, let alone becomes a minor to main character. He just needs to exist. But I kept him at a distance this time. I needed him for job prospects. :P

I'm glad you like the extra info on the friends and how it connects to the first book, because I couldn't help myself. Everything must connect.

Aww, did he? Unless I write a sequel, we may never know...oh, I definitely understand, it broke my heart, too. And Seth's... a little bit. Oliver just didn't deserve that.

Seth'd better apologize! With his face. and Oliver's face. - best response ever.

I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review!


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Review #14, by bansheeYou Know I'll Always Love You, Tonks: Our Valentine's Day

16th January 2015:
Hello, Freda and Georgina!

Remus and Tonks is one of my absolute favorite pairings so I had to come check this out for your hot seat day!

I think you did a really lovely job translating Remus' feelings in this story. I always picture how apprehensive he is as part of one of the big bumps in his and Tonks' relationship, and it was neat to see how you played that out here.

I really love how quickly Tonks puts him in his place though, with the one liner, and the way it resonates with him afterwards.

The after effects of the 'Bill moment' with the two of them was so sweet! I love how you've written Tonks here, and how she knows she could definitely handle herself around him, but she chooses to be with him anyway.

I'm absolutely smiling like a loon right now. GOD I LOVE THEM. ♥

Through the part about Tonks not taking him back into loving arms, I really think that's such an important part of their relationship, and I was really happy to see how you wrote that here. Their relationship is sort of built on imperfection, but through everything it's perfect in their own way.

I just loved this whole thing. It was such a sweet reminder about why I loved this ship so much, and I'm so glad I got to read it!

Keep up the lovely work you two!


Author's Response: Hello Julie!

They're one of our favorite couples too.

Thanks, we wanted to bring that across.

That was something JK Rowling actually had her saying, as I read about on Pottermore. I wanted to show Remus' reaction to that.

I (Georgina) love Tonks and really related to her. Great to hear I did her justice!

As do we. Apparently we're good at making people smile ridiculously. Huh.

We wanted to bring across the whole not-a-perfect-romance thing while at the same time a-perfect-couple. I think we managed.

Thank you so much, your review was so encouraging! That we will continue writing.

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Review #15, by bansheeSprained Wrist: Sprained Wrist

13th January 2015:

AH THEYRE SO ADORABLE! (this is going to be all freaking out capital letters, just to warn you) And I love that they're playing little kiddie Quidditch and JAMES PUPPYGUARDING THE GOALS. *cries*

JAmes is SUCH an instagator! I it just SO fits. Seriously. hahaha

Little Julianne here just fits her character from Through The Black so much. She's so resiliant, just refusing to get her mother even though she obviously hurt herself enought to probably warrent it.

I love SO SOO much that their parents seem like they are close and James is automatically invited over for lunch. SO CUTE. It's kind of sad since they (the parents) don't seem like they get along really well in the actual story (well, maybe just the dads), as if the war kind of seperated them.

Mrs. Potter immediately rounded on James. - I MEAN.. do we really, reallly blame her? hahah

I noticed one kind of nit-picky thing, you started out using 'mum' and switched to 'mom' half way through.. I don't think it really matters either one you use, but it is just noticable when they switch :P


I LOVED THIS SO MUCH, CLAIRE. ;alksdjfjd This was so cute! They were SO like their older versions, and the mothers being friends, and just all of it was SO WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for writing this so I could read it!



Author's Response: Ahhh, I'm so glad you liked it!! It was so much fun to write!

I loved trying to throw in things from Through the Black and make everything connect. And writing them as kids was such a fun challenge! And actually being able to write Julianne's mom was the best, especially with Mrs. Potter.

Haha, yes, the punishment was inspired by Scott and Stiles from Teen Wolf :P It was too good an opportunity to pass up!

I'm so glad you loved this so much!!! This really made my day!!

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Review #16, by bansheesilver morning: parchment & crystal

12th January 2015:

AW, Andy! That's so sweet of you! *hugs* I am absolutley sure that I am going to love this story. From the - very little, mind - you've told me about it so far, I am already so excited!

Okay, I would not be that relaxed if there was a spider in the room with me. I would be freaking out, let's be real. But I really liked the imagery it created, and how Fred flinched when Hugo started talking, as if he was snapped out of his own mind.

Andy, your writing just always fills me with this joy when I get to read new stuff from you. You just have this style of stitching words together that's so elegant, that it makes me smile so much. I can feel what Fred's feeling in his nostalgia thinking about Scorpius. It just completely washes away that I'm reading, and instantly creates this amazing picture. It's so beautifully bittersweet how it starts out seemingly a happy thought, and then turns sad.

;alskdfj SCORPIUS AS A QUIDDITCH PLAYER♥ - In my writing and research of the different Quidditch teams, the Montrose Magpies have become a favorite of mine. I love the sleek little black and white bird as their mascot. I'm rambling and getting off topic, but LOVE.

I definitely like how you managed to bring Fred from his thoughts of a random moment with Scorpius, to Hugo bringing them up with the poster/autograph. That Hugo already has written out. What a goob.

Fred's sarcasm at Hugo is BEAUTIFUL.

At the end of the 'parchment' part, I'm left with SO much curiosity. Like, I just have to know what happened? Were they an item? Are they? Were they an almost? Is Scorpius happy with being drafted right out of school? Is he happy with his random saying a catchphrase and a humor device in Fred's dad's shop? Is he still close with Fred? THIS IS AMAZING. *reads on*

Fred napping on the desk and Scorpius with his Prefect badge. #otp. AND THE SNARKY BANTER. My heart.

I think you should re-title this story: How to fall in love with a boy over twenty porcupine quills. Give or take six. Heheh. I don't know how you managed to make me ship them SO QUICK but I flipping love them.

Woo, Ravenclaw Scorpius! (I took a guess after we talked that you'd have him there) AW AND FRED SPILLS HIS JUICE OVER THE LOOK a;lskdfjjsd

So, this review is going to be nothing but incoherent babbling.

It is as easy as falling, this thing that happens. - This story is just so easy to get lost in, and that's what I'm doing as I read. It's just inspiring and is making me want to know so much more about the pair. I loved this moment, where they're sort of challenging at first and then they both sit and the conversation just comes so easy to them.

Scorpius is reading, a strand of hair falls into his eyes and he sweeps it away with the corner of the book, not his hand - I 'awwed' out loud. And did that adorable sigh thing. Just. GAH.

The way you describe Anxiety and Depression is so filled with truth and honesty. And I really like how Fred's isn't just solved from having Scorpius around him. It doesn't just go away because you're in a 'something' (or, what they are) and I really think you described that so elegantly. You described an actual anxiety attack so real, too, with the starting from nothing and building, that it made it so much more meaningful. Especially the part about him wanting to hide it around Scorpius.

The ending with the two of them was just so open for interpretation that I love it. I'm going to go ahead and say that I need you to write another 100k words about them. a;lkdfj I can't even articulate how amazing this was.

I need to know how they end!? Do they meet up to "get Hugo his autograph"? Do they get coffee and reminisce and fall back in their something love? a;lskdfj *sobs*

*Incoherent babbling* I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. Seriously, this was so much more than anything I expected and I am just amazed by the whole thing. Beautiful work, Andy!


Author's Response: Julieee! I am SO SORRY for taking ages to reply to this fantastic, exciting, perfect review! But thank you so so much for it, it is one of the best I got, ever!

The spider! I know what you mean, haha! I had a spider in my room and it disappeared somewhere under my bed so I moved to my sister's room, because I was too scared to sleep in my own. XD But I'm glad you liked that scene!

''Andy, your writing just always fills me with this joy when I get to read new stuff from you.''

^Julie, do you know how much I squealed when I read this part? This is just the greatest compliment I could get, from anyone, ever. Just, thank you so much, I don't know how to respond properly. And the rest of that paragraph, about you feeling what Fred was feeling, and me stitching words elegantly - THANK YOU. I'm flailing and I'm so so flattered!

And Scorpius! This fic may be the closest thing I'll ever get to writing Quidditch! :D But I agree about the Montrose Magpies having a great mascot.

Hahah, Hugo is indeed a goob! And I'm glad you liked Fred's sarcasm! :D

Thank you for writing out all these questions because when I was writing the rest of the story, I would come back here and read through them to see if I answered all of them. I thought of them as those guidelines for writing a proper essay. :D So thank you!

Hahah, I love your idea for re-titling the story! And i'm so happy you love them! I love them too! Like, I'm not a shipper, and I don't even have an otp, but these two are my favourite pairing to write. And now I sorta want to write fluff about them, just as soon as this is finished. :D

Can I just say how much I love it when you write this: ''a;lskdfjjsd''! And how do you manage to always start them in the same way?!

I'm sorry, I can't go on! I'm reading through all these amazing compliments and I'm just smiling so much, and I don't know what to say! jhsdgfjhsghskj!!! Thank you!!

I'm so happy you can get lost in this story, and that you like them as a pair and also the bit with the hair in Scorpius eyes. And you 'awwed' out loud!! I can't.

And about Anxiety and Depression. I can't thank you enough for saying what you said. This is the part I was the most worried about, and I was so nervous about what the readers will think of it. It's just such a personal thing, and it can be read in so many different ways. When I started writing this, I was in a constantly anxious mood so that sort of infiltrated the story, and then I decided to give an actual name to it, and started doing research about these disorders. I'm not diagnosed with either and I was so terrified of getting it wrong. But I've gotten only positive feedback so far (and you were the first one to say it!), so that's a huge relief. Thank you. :)

I SO want to write another 100k words about them, haha! I have plans for two one-shots from Scorpius' POV and the plunnies just keep on coming!

About the ending! Okay, I've decided to change most of the plot so the ending will turn out to be much more ambiguous than I initially planned. But I hope you'll like it anyway!

I freaking loved all of your ''incoherent babbling'' and I love this review and I GAH, JUST THANK YOU!! I'm sorry this response is a bit all over the place, but I'm really excited about everything you've written here and I think you can tell. :D

*hugs hugs hugs*

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Review #17, by bansheeTraces: prologue.

8th January 2015:
I just need to start this out by saying A MILLION TIMES YES♥ And know that I am not going to apologize for the excessive amount of capital letters this will have.

IS SCORPIUS GOING TO BE CONNOR WALSH!? *hyperventilates* It isn't even possible to be this in love with a character this quickly.


I need this story so much, almost as badly as I need the show to come back on. I absolutely cannot wait for more and will definitely be stalking this.

(and wondering who will be casted as Oliver... :D )




and YES SCORPIUS IS MY CONNOR WALSH. i was really surprised at how easily that happened as well, i wasn't sure about assigning each character a corresponding HTGAWM character (and admittedly I don't think I have an Asher) but yeah scorp just kind of nailed it

YOU'LL SEE WHO OLIVER IS IN LIKE THE NEXT CHAPTER except again its not a perfect adaptation because his oliver is in the law firm too but YEAH. YEAH YEAH YEAH

the next chapter should be up in a couple of days because when i start writing something i kind of don't really stop so keep checking back and thanks so much for the review!

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Review #18, by bansheeThrough the Black: Gryffindor Versus Ravenclaw

8th January 2015:
Yes! two new updates :D

I know I mentioned this in a previous review, but I really like how one of the subplots about the war is focused around Julianne's dad, and his general views from the other side of the coin. I think it's such an interesting topic, because there would have to be people on both far out sides, with all of the opinions in between.

Fright escaped Ivory’s grasp and sprung at Peter with her claw out. - OH GOSH. It's because.. omg I love it. HAHA! (I also need you to know that I am reading this in a public place right now and am DYING from trying not to laugh out loud)

It's so relateable, that whole part about career selection. It creates so much extra unnecessary stress just like in the muggle world, to make kids choose the career they want for 'the rest of their lives' at such a young age. I love how you put that in here!

AW, FLITWICK! How sweet of him helping her focus on her talents!

Julianne and Lily paired together! Oh jeez, this could end very badly.. I am really hoping for a good ending between Julianne and Lily in the end, but for now their disdain is very entertaining. And I love that Julianne told Sirius not to go easy on her :)

I love how everything that happens can be traced back in some way or another to James and Julianne's friendship. In the moment with Sirius finding her on the map, and her knowing about the cloak, and her attitude towards Lily.. their friendship creates such an amazing foundation for the entire story. (speaking of.. I am very eagerly awaiting that requested one-shot about them :D )

OH ADORABLE! The teasing about 'The Marauders' - I love the originality. Because usually you see the trope where the whole school knows them as these superior, above the rules and uses it as an honor badge, but to have it be something EMBARRASSING to them is SO CUTE.

DETENTION FOR KISSING IN THE LIBRARY♥ OH TEEN ROMANCES WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO MY HEART!? I love them so much. And I love that Sirius is just SO entertained by it. But they were really NOT being very careful. James could have walked up at any time!

"Well, if we're going to say we did it, we might as well…" - what a terrible influence. hahaha!

Oh, Cameron. Little adorable Quidditch nut. They're all so wonderful teasing him! I love the banter between the teammates, and you /know/ I love Quidditch, so you have to know how much I loved reading you writing it here! Knowing that they had to score SO much to beat Gryffindor is already a lot, but then to have the weather on top of that!

THEY WON OMG YAY! I'm so happy :D

Aww, I just was wrapping this up and saw your note at the bottom! I am so in love with this story, Claire, and am happy to throw these reviews at you! I will be moving on to the next chapter ASAP!


Author's Response: Hey, Julie!

I'm glad you like the whole thing with her dad, I was a bit unsure of it at first, but it seems to be working really well!

Hehe, that was one of my favorite parts to write in this chapter, I was grinning the whole time I wrote it.

I actually wrote the career scene way earlier than the rest of this chapter. I was just really interested in careers other than being a Healer or work in the Ministry and I figured Julianne would be the most likely to NOT want those jobs. I just loved writing that part so much.

I actually do have a plan for Julianne and Lily that hopefully culminates in a certain scene much, much later on, so don't worry, something good does come out of all of this haha.

I can't take credit for the "Marauders is a secret" thing. I read a fic that did the same thing and they made a good point that the nickname isn't actually used anywhere but the map, so it would make sense that it would actually be a secret.

Them getting the detention was so much fun to write. Basically this chapter was my favorite to write, all of the little details were so much fun to figure out.

Ah, I'm so glad you liked the Quidditch match, coming from you that means a lot! Cameron is still my little baby and I love the whole team.

I really do love all your reviews, they make my day whenever I see them!

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Review #19, by bansheeSticks, Stones and Emotional Breakdowns: Chapter 1

8th January 2015:
I WANT TO BE THE FIRST REVIEW SO BAD. I still need to read the ending to tddup but I wanted to read this SO BADLY.

You don't even know how excited I am for this. Well, you do. But I'm going to say it again.

James and Ameila are still so adorable. They're just the cutest things ever. I loved the moment when she heard the kids first. SO MUCH AWWS.

NO, JAMES, he wasn't sleeping. Hahahah!

I love his t-shirt. I love it so much. I would absolutely love to see Scorpius accidentally wearing it without realizing, just because he detests it SO much.

FAMILY NEWSLETTER. OH MY GOD. IS THIS EVEN REAL. (no, Julie, it's fanfiction.) I CAN'T.

The whole process of James asking Hugo and Scorpius, and Scorpius and Hugo just balancing each other out was fantastic. They're so adorable. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

OH MY GOD IF YOU DON'T MAKE HUGO's TERRIBLE PROPOSALS A REOCCURRING THEME I WILL BE SO UPSET. SO upset, Tammi, and you don't want that on your conscious.

I AM A PUDDLE OF FEELS. I love this so much. I want it all, all of the love and adorable family newsletters and wonderful things for this universe.

I can't wait to read more :D ♥


Author's Response: YOU ARE!!! YAY! The excitement was that strong!

I do know :P I'm excited to see what you think of the chapters :D

Could they ever not be adorable? :P

Oh no, Hugo was definitely not sleeping hahaha.

:O SCORPIUS SHOULD SO WEAR THAT T-SHIRT! It would be the biggest shock of his life!

Oh yes! The family newsletter is real! I can't believe that Fred thought that it would stay nice and family friendly hahahah.

:D I love them too! They're so made for each other!

They are going to definitely be a theme in the story! How could it not? Oh Hugo, why are you so terrible at proposing? I definitely don't want to know that I was the one to make you upset!

Aw I'm so glad that you enjoyed it so much! More will have to be written soon! :D

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Review #20, by bansheeMiddle Clouds: Red Nose, Red Fur

8th January 2015:
Andy I'm here! (and this wasn't exactly after, but by now you know I get distracted by the internet a lot)

SO AWKWARD THOUGH. And Scorpius just does NOT help with his comments. Like.. if I sit and think about what the worst thing that Scorpius could say in that situation, that would definitely be in the top five.

I definitely feel like it wasn't Scorpius' intentions, though. I don't know if I one hundred percent trust him, but his confusion seemed pretty genuine. I'm not sure if that was your intention or not, or even partially, but that's the sort of impression I got.

I really like how you described Jonathan when Rose is talking about his strangers/friends. I feel like it's a really Hufflepuff thing. Or maybe I just relate to him a little too much :p It felt like a Hufflepuff thing, to keep your friends close.

'And, as it turns out, we are both very passionate about spellwork' -- Rose... Okay. Rose. Passionate isn't the best word choice. It's just.. not. okay. hahah

You have Jonathan and Rose so well fleshed out here, that I absolutely feel the heartbreak from both of them. It was so sad to read the sort of numb feelings Rose was having, and her reaction (or, lack-thereof) to seeing Malfoy the second time. In addressing what you mentioned when I asked yesterday, I really think that her reactions are genuine. I don't really like when a character can just instantly process things and goes off yelling. I love that she's SO lost in her own head for the few moments of walking with Scorpius behind her, and when things process for her she finally turns and addresses him.

I don't even know how it's possible to love AND loathe their bickering on the staircase SO much, but I do.

I would probably find his laughter quite charming... - oh jeez.

'As if you do.' - This reaction, I found a little bit odd on its lonesome. I think it might be more effective if she also said something along the lines of "How would you even know that?" or something to negate how well Scorpius thinks he knows her. Maybe both of them, so it still transitions into the next challenging sentence from him? If you'd like, of course!

light on those old floorboards - 'the' old floorboards?

Ah, you can just feel the moment Rose pushes things overboard. And you can feel how she just instantly regrets saying it.

I need you to know that I am reading this in public right now, and I am trying to hide my laughter that SCORPIUS GAVE ROSE A CLOWN NOSE. OH MY GOD♥ I seriously panicked at first. I thought he did something like super BAD and subtle, like her nose was just going to start bleeding and never stop or something, and then IT WAS A CLOWN NOSE. *cries*

'Perhaps,' he lilted. ♥ I just need to tell you how much I love this response.

I will blame my lack of sleep on the fact that I didn't catch that BRILLIANT joke with the circus and the clown nose until Scorpius said it. But that was BRILLIANT, Andy.

I just can't even articulate how much I enjoyed this chapter. The heartbreak! The spells! The banter! *sighs* LOVE IT. I can't even BEGIN to imagine what's going to happen next.

This was so good. For real.

Keep up the amazing writing, dear! I can't wait for more!



Author's Response: Julieee!

Finally responding to reviews! And I really can't be the one to judge anyone for being distracted by the internet! :D

Yes, very awkward! Do you know how much time I spend coming up with the most awkward things my poor characters could say? A lot! Sigh.

But the thing you said, about not believing it was intentional - thank you! Yes, I'm so glad you thought so. I mean, if I ever want this to be ScoRose, it couldn't have been intentional because I wouldn't let them end up together, haha. :D

Yay for relating to Jonathan! I agree about it being a Hufflepuff thing. Like, I always thought Hufflepuffs would be friendly, but not friendly with just anyone. So yeah, I'm glad you saw it as a 'house' trait. :)

Hahah, like I said, I love making it awkward. But you should understand, god knows you don't make it easy on your characters, haha.

Aahhh, thank you so much for that whole paragraph you wrote! It was something I was really insecure about so to hear this sort of reassurance from you was the best thing! Thank you, Julie, you know how much I value your opinion! :)

Yay for loving and loathing the bickering! They're like these annoying creatures but I'm still fond of them myself. :P

Thank you for the CC! I will fix the things you pointed out, and as for the line Rose says, I agree it sounds weird and thank you for your suggestion! I will definitely change it.

Hahah, I'm glad it made you laugh! And haha, Jules, in what world is a never-ending nosebleed subtle?! XD

Awww, I'm really glad you liked that line!

It's really not meant to be caught until Scorpius says it so it's all good! But ah, thank you, I'm so so happy you thought it was funny!

I do hope to have the next chapter up... soon. I hope!

Anyways, Julie, thank you SO MUCH for this review and all the other awesome reviews you've left me! I love hearing your opinions and you always have such cute reactions to everything! Thank you again! *hugs*


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Review #21, by bansheeof monsters: Tap, tap, tap.

7th January 2015:
Hi, Emmi!

At this point it isn't accurate at all for me to say this is for your Hot Seat review, but I definitely wanted to come and check this story out!

I don't even know how to begin to describe this, except eerie. I love the way you formatted it, with the taps in between every paragraph. It gives it this level of sort of poised insanity that is so creative. (DESCRIPTIONS ARE HARD. THIS IS WONDERFUL.)

I love how you captured Voldemort's - or, Tom here, I suppose - arrogance here. When I read him, I always love reading that snide characterization, and I think you wrote it so well here.

This was so stylistic and creative. I normally don't read things like it, but I'm so glad I did as it was very enjoyable! Also, congratulations on winning SOTM - this definitely deserves the recognition!

Lovely work! :)


Author's Response: Hey Julie! Thank you for your review! I'm so, so sorry it took me this long to answer this, I've been in London and only just got back (I'm actually writing this on the plane :)).

I'm glad you found it eerie, since that was what I was aiming for! I'm rather fond of the formatting myself, so it makes me happy you liked it as well. Also, it's great that you like the description since I try to avoid it as much as I can! :)

Tom's arrogance was surprisingly easy to write. I suppose it comes naturally to him. ;) I'm glad you liked the way I wrote him!

Thank you again for your compliments and for reading and reviewing this! It means so much to me!

- Emmi

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Review #22, by bansheeThe Expectant Follower of Always: The Second.

23rd December 2014:
Hey Emz! Happy Hot Seat Day!

Aw, what a sad start for Echo! I'm glad that Albus made it happen like he said, though. It's way to hard and unfair for both of them to stay in a relationship where one of them isn't happy.

Jesus, I thought I loved books; I could not imagine carrying thirty of them. hahaha! My back would DIE! Thank god for that Immobulus charm, for sure!

Oh, jeez. Rose, you are not subtle! lol. Except, of course, to Albus, who continues to eat his breakfast and NOT notice the things happening around him.

"We're on number six not seven" she insisted.
"Six" I claimed.
"Seven" she repeated and this went on for a while until Avery stepped in,

I just happened to notice, but they're both arguing for the same number there. Unless she's doing it on purpose, because she then switches her argument to number seven. And thank god for Avery stepping in and stopping them before they ruined the potion.. though, I'll have to read on to see if that happens :p Also: Eres finally realizing his undying love for Avery - I think you meant 'her' ;) (I did get momentarily excited for a slash pairing, though :p)

I said in a very girly insult. - :( She's the girl and is being more mature than he is, so I'd swap that adjective. That sentence she said before she walked off, about the love potion smelling like Albus broke my heart a little bit for her. It's so hard to be dumped when you still have feelings for someone.

And there was that bang of guilt again - bang would work, but I think you meant 'pang'.

And a strangely familiar smell I couldn't decide the origin of - hehe, I wonder what this could be. Maybe it's always... :D

I think I pointed this out in my last review, but I noticed a lot of sentences again that were missing punctuation, and a few dialogue tags that didn't have commas, for if you edit.

I am glad that you are making him actually feel remorseful about it! It gives him a chance to grow before new and better things can happen for him.

Oh jeez, I think Aberforth would absolutely CRY if he knew what was going on in the Hogs Head in his absence. I bet that makes for some fun Hogsmeade visits, though! LOL!

Aww, I had my suspicions about the love Potion and it turns out I was right! How sweet! I wonder what that means now, if Albus realizes he's in love with her, or if he goes through a bit of denial.. Hmm! Can't wait to figure out what happens next!


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Review #23, by bansheeLetters to loving you: [three]

23rd December 2014:
Woo, some Neville POV! I love how he's immediately hesitant to go and talk to Harry when he's with Draco, because (obviously) of Draco's past. I'm wondering if that's going to change as the chapter goes on though! *reads on*

Oh no! Professor Sprout! But that's so wonderful for Neville, getting to go right into teaching like we know of him from the epilogue. I immediately thought of him working with her to learn as much as he could before her time is up, and just aww! So sad and sweet. And Harry's reassurance to Neville was so wonderful.

I can definitely understand Neville (and Ron!)'s negative thoughts against Draco. I think he (Draco) has a long path of asking for forgiveness ahead of him and it'll be interesting to see what he has to do to gain that from some of the people he bullied all through school. But I think it's true to form of Harry that he would be the bridge that connects the two forces together.

Ginny's POV! Oh wow, Ginny and Harry are already engaged! It seems like they're so young still! Though I read somewhere that war will do that, give you the push to get together maybe quickly and hastily. We'll see!

Hmm, so Draco and Ginny are both studying medicine type things..

Little bit of CC for you, if you don't mind! In the part where Harry and Ginny are talking and discussing the party and inviting Draco, try adding in some descriptions of body language, or some descriptions of the tones of voice the two are using. Even a little bit of inner monologue about Ginny; what she's thinking, what Harry's doing, just something to give an indication to the feel of the conversation. Those things will help wrap the reader into the scene and help them be able to picture what's going on besides the conversation.

Aw, Harry is SO sweet to Ginny. It didn't even really feel like an argument, so I love that he's just doing it because he loves her so much.

Another adorable chapter! It's nice to see the characters adjusting to the after the war times so well. I think it's interesting how you chose to tell the story of Harry's day (well, afternoon) here through the eyes of Neville and Ginny instead of just going right to Harry's point of view.

It almost feels as though it's the calm before the storm though.. (especially because I saw the title of the next chapter :p )

Nice work!


Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing... made my day! And thank you for the pointers, i'll go back and edot the formatting for sure. I'll try to edit the part in Ginny's perspective if i have time.
This fic starts out all fluffy, but there is still a little trouble to come..
Thank you again !

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Review #24, by bansheeLetters to loving you: [two]

23rd December 2014:
Back for more!

It's such a lovely, freeing moment to see Draco getting rid of all of the things that reminded him of his father. And then to eventually just move out of the place all together because it's got too many bad memories.

Strange thing was I didn't even dread having to talk to him for two hours - hehe, strange thing indeed..

Short and sweet! It was really nice to see Draco go to apologize to Aberforth, and Harry's reassurance towards Draco.

Moving on!


Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing

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Review #25, by bansheeLetters to loving you: [one]

23rd December 2014:
Hi! Your review on my story really made my day, so I wanted to stop by and return the favor!

I like how you sort of throw us right into the action with things being at Draco Malfoy's trial with his mother. It really gives Draco this sense of hopelessness to start us out. And how heartbreaking, that Narcissa wants to take the complete fall for Draco! It really fits well with her character.

Yay, Harry! In my own head I always sort of figured that he would be there at the Malfoy's trial, and would remember and be grateful for the things that Harry had done.

And now Harry and Draco are put to work together :D I'm wondering what will happen with that... hehe. I would have loved to see a little bit of bickering between them, but I'm glad to see they decided to be adults about it and talk through their differences.

It's got to be horrifying to see the crash victims for Draco. It's exactly as you've described though; Draco's definitely seen death caused by the killing curse, but it's got to be so much worse seeing the real pain behind it.

It's great to see Draco taking an interest to healing, after having all of those things happen. It's something to get his mind off of both of his parents being in Azkaban, and having basically life to himself now. Who knows what he could accomplish.

So, one tiny thing on formatting before I run off to the next chapter! Some word processors (such as Microsoft Word) like to add extra formatting in as you write, so the large spaces between the paragraphs happen when you are posting from there. when you are posting chapters, if double space them (I use shift+enter, and it gives an 'unformatted' space) and then you use the 'paste as plain text' button, that will eliminate that and make things easier on the reader. On the staff tutorials account, there is a better explanation than this one! lol.

Anyway! This was a really neat first chapter!


Author's Response: My first review. thank you so much for reading. I'll try editing the formatting on the existing chapters... but i'll focus on updating new chapters...

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