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Review #1, by bansheeDesignated Mum Friend: 4.

23rd April 2017:


okay so first thing, that quidditch sounds like a freaking riot. I mean if i was there like 100% i would be lyra and freaking the heck out because that's dangerous but like, what a creative idea for a story. i want so much more of it.

So to top off how you hurt lyra so much (-.-) we have Louis and lysander fighting. why are you making me so sad! Why can't everyone be happy!

I mean, so Louis has good intentions. i guess. maybe. probably not totally good. maybe he's trying to just be destructive because he's mad at lysander. but like. Louis. babe. come on. like there's pushing your friend into the pool with a cell phone in their pocket when u know they can't swim, but then there's that. and plus she's a nurse and so she just knows that people are getting hurt. my poor child.

i just want all the good things for her and no sad things. please?

i think this is a good deal, you bribe me for find my way chapters and then as a reward i get more of this freaking amazing story. 10/10 would be bribed again.

hearts and angst and love


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Review #2, by bansheeMaking a Broken Heart: Making Mistakes

19th April 2017:
CTF jailbreak review :)

LO! I can't believe there are parts of the Making It universe I have not read. Just saying whenevery you're ready to start making it back up again you just let me know :D

I love your details in the beginning of this chapter. you really do an awesome job setting the scene for what's happening. We're emersed right into the action and it makes an awesome start.

It's pretty terrifying to think about falling off of your broom. If I remember Molly like i think I do, I know she'll be smart enough to figure out how to get out of this.

...even if it ends up being a boy that helps her :D

Just saying it would be totally cool if broken bones charms were a thing in real life. Especially if it was a cute boy with the last name of Finnigan that was the one preforming those charms.

But Molly, what are you doing? If you're attempting something like that you really should have someone out there with you!

man, reading this really makes me want to read another chapter of making the reserves. I love all of your characters so much and I feel like christopher would just be another one of those awesome characters.

Do I have to say I loved this? psh, you know i loved this. I would be super interested to see more of Molly's life around this time, too. I know her pretty well as an Oakshaft student, but i'd love to read more about her at Hogwarts.

I hope you're doing well!


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Review #3, by bansheeWelcome Home: Welcome Home

31st August 2016:

OKAY dean and seamus owning a quidditch shop = HELLA HEART EYES. SO MANY HEART EYES. and yuus on sneaking deamus into everything :D #aboutme

okay they're so freaking cute together I love them omg I just threw random names at you and you totally made them both amazing and loveable and gahh. I love the way they tease each other alkdsjf.

yeah this is just going to be heart eyes and keyboard smashes because I too have had far too much coffee today. #dealwithit



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Review #4, by bansheeSelfietastic: #QueenoftheSelfie

5th April 2016:

This shouldn't be called the worst story ever, because it is the best thing to happen to hpff since sliced bread. (idk?)

hahaha hashtag what fourth wall though.

I can't. I just can't. I'm crying and this was hilarious and I don't even know what to say you're amazing ♥

(sorry this review is so short, heart you)

Author's Response: Thank you Julie!!! :D

I love you!

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Review #5, by bansheeInevitable: Inevitable

5th April 2016:
Apparently we are both The Worst, because I read this on my break the night you posted it, and I never reviewed because I am #awful. But I need you to know that I absolutely adored it. And then I read it again the night we swapped, and am just in love with this. So in love. You need to write Scorbus forever.

So, back many many moons ago I loved Rose/Scorpius. And while now, I can still appreciate Rosieus, I'm so glad you went with Scorbus :p

SO let's talk about this story :D

Albus' job is awesome. Not like.. for him, but I love that you're showing kind of the.. not so glamorous side of working in the ministry of magic. I feel like it's a bit of a poke at muggle (or, our) life that something sounds super amazing and fun when in reality it's pushing papers and boring as hell.

But let's talk about Albus.

Right away, he's so awkward around Scorpius. and I feel like it's so well written that he doesn't even realize /why/ he may be being so awkward. LOVE. But then Scorpius is just as awkward. DOUBLE LOVE.

Side note: I love that they start out as friends. I think that's so important in any relationship and that they can confide in each other and even if Rose is Albus' cousin, that they're still good friends.

I love the amount of detail and back story and connections you put to DMF and all that into this. At the same time as I"m fangirling over Scorpius and Albus, I want to know so much more about Louis/Lysander and Lyra and all of them. ♥

CAn we please talk about that last paragraph for a moment. I just. I can't. it was so perfect. Its flow was incredible and it was rhythmic and HEART EYES AND FLUTTERS AND KISSES AND LOVE.


Do I even have to tell you how much I loved this? I hope you can tell. You're wonderful♥


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Review #6, by bansheeRisk It All: Attention Seeker

31st March 2016:
but were they used boxers? hahaha

She's probably right, that she shouldn't have started an argument while she was tired. But at the same time, it's not exactly like she can go to sleep with that kind of news.

That fight was painful to read. Painful and sad because as much as James made me angry, you can really tell that both of them do not want to be in that situation. I feel like James really realizes about half way through, and she manages to turn it against him. You can really see that something is building that they're not quite at the spot to talk about yet.

Ugh, stop making me ship Esme/Hugo. for real. I suppose if anything, like you told me, James sort of does have a right to be jealous :p :p

lol, I love/hate when the Weasley/Potter family calls James 'Jimmy' - it makes me cringe, and I feel like it annoys him so much.

Yikes, that accidental almost kiss :(

Aw, such a sad ending too! I liked the little interaction with the band members, but aw, the part with her dad was so sad! I feel like seeing that awful picture finally sparked that this was a very real thing that was happening to her.

Lovely chapter my dear! (Roxxie is asleep next to me but she sends her puppy love again)


Author's Response: Who even knows? Urgh can you imagine if they were? Haha

I agree with you, even though she's tired she needs the answers!

It hurt to write it (and I'm totally going to have more arguing in the future :P) And it still wasn't resolved. Yep, James realises halfway through :(

James is so jealous, and I think he has a right too *insert secret talk we had about Hugo here :P*

Haha James hates it too, so much! And Hugo knows this.

Thanks for the review!!! :D

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Review #7, by bansheeRisk It All: Talk Is Cheap

31st March 2016:
Woof! We haven't been formally introduced yet, but my name is Roxxie. I am a cuddler, and I love to steal all of my brand new owner's attention! I don't know why, but I just love getting petted! I'm currently distracted by looking out the window (my second favorite activity), so I've given Julie a chance to write out this review for the Hufflepuff review exchange before I walk over and put my paw on the keyboard again.

So I'm here. And I have read this chapter when it first came out (and the previous) but I haven't reviewed it because I'm awful :p But I'm here now!

I really loved your intro. I like that we got to meet the band but we weren't thrown a whole bunch of information that would crowd what was really going on, which is huge!

Divorce is never easy (and shouldn't be written in an Easter letter :p ) BUT it's got to be so much more stressful over the fact that they're both famous. I love her statement to the crowd at the end of the prologue.

But let's talk about this chapter.

So, I really like that you pointed out about the fandom "shipping" thing. I know as well as any fan how fun shipping can be, but it becomes really harmful really quickly when it starts involving real people and creating very real drama for those people.

Let's talk about Hugo. SO. From what you have told me about this story, I didn't ship Hugo and Esme. BUT, then coming and reading their easy banter and their friendship, yiikes it's kind of happening. I'm sorryy! Jesme 5ever♥. I really like how you wrote Hugo here. I love all of your Hugos.

Please always call him Toddy.


I love the band. I love their easy banter and how much they seem to tease each other.

So, we also get a tiny glimse of James here. I'm really finding myself needing some answers right along with Esme!

Lovely work here, my dear. (Roxxie thinks so too.)

♥ love from us both ♥

Author's Response: ROXXIE!!! THank you so much for your awesome review! I love you so much!!!And I love you too Julie

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Review #8, by bansheeCloset Trash: Closet Trash

22nd March 2016:
Tammi. Tammi Tammi.

I love you. I tell you that like every single day but you should just always know that.

#confession: I feel like a horrible friend whenever I think about this. Because you wrote me this amazing story and it was right around #chaoschristmas2015 when I didn't even have time to think about HPFF for more than .2 seconds a day.

That aside, you are literally the most wonderful person in the world.

You must have figured out my affiliation for calling myself scorbus trash. hahaha♥

“It's the only time I am straight,” Albus said - This joke will never not be funny to me. never.

I love your Scorpius here. He's all *z-snap no you don't get to know me before you try and kiss me* but he's still got such a great personality and I love seeing him reject Albus.

I'm a great shipper.

Of course Scorpius lets it happen though. Because he's in love ♥


Their banter is what dreams are made of. The part where they're talking arsenic but still getting the fluttery feels at each other's touches is my favorite thing in the world.

That kiss though. *heart eyes*

"Come out of the closet, Albus!" - #DEAD - his response though. You're killing me. But this is the way i want to go though, dead because of my OTP.

"If you’re asking about my sexuality, I couldn’t possibly give you a straight answer." - every time. literally every time.

That ending though. Literally I am a puddle of feels and watermelon kickstart. The little brush of the glitter off of Albus' shoulder was everything to me, and I definitely need a sequel about curtain inspection some day.

You're wonderful, in case I don't tell you that enough.

Love you lots, my dear. Thank you so much for writing this for me. I come back and read it when I feel sad, and it just makes everything better.

Julie, aka #trash

Author's Response: I love you so much! You're amazing and awesome!

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Review #9, by bansheeBreathe: ii. Bhaii

10th March 2016:
(So I decided to do two reviews because my first one came out really short and I didn't feel right just reviewing a prologue, so yay reviews!)

That letter was was SO heartbreaking. I definitely understand why, but I feel SO bad for Sirius. It was really clear that he wasn't thinking when he told Severus about the Whomping Willow. Hopefully James will eventually understand. I'm definitely excited to see where you take things though.

I do really like though that in James' letter, you focused on Remus' feelings instead of Snape's. I feel like it's more realistic that James would be concerned about Remus over Snape.

Also, I LOVE the culture you're bringing into this story with James. It's really refreshing to see him as a person of color, and that you're not just mentioning it and then never bringing it up again. Yay! (Also, Sirius translating his own letter to James into Hindi is brilliant.)

P.S. If you haven't written to Remus yet, don't. - Please, no, just go ahead and BREAK MY HEART.

I just love so much how you linked everything together leading up to the incident. I like how it sort of gives Sirius some more in-depth characterization; I really wouldn't think that Sirius would almost ruin everyone's lives just for a joke, so it's so neat to see what the reason for that was.

It was just that writing it all down had forced him to actually think about it, and he didn't want to. - If that isn't the freaking truth, I don't know what is.

I really love that the marauders helped Sirius unlearn all of the hateful things his parents ingrained in him. It's such a lovely plot mention. It makes me sad that he even has to unlearn them, but I suppose that's just the truth. I really like how it took him a while too, because you know his parent's thought they were right so why would Sirius think any different.

Heartbreaking, that Sirius is punishing himself so much for the situation that he won't even let himself think about his feelings for Remus.

This chapter was SO good. I'm definitely going to be reading the rest of this some day. Thanks so much for the swap!


Author's Response: Hi Julie! Aw, you didn't need to do an extra review. That's really sweet of you, thank you so much :)

I definitely think that, while Sirius and James would be cognizant of how much danger Snape had been placed in (and that it wasn't acceptable) but they wouldn't really dwell on it and would be much more concerned about Remus.

I always thought that the Willow prank seemed super OOC for Sirius. Like, sure he could be kind of thoughtless sometimes, and even a bit mean, but he also adored his friends and was very loyal. I really can't see him spilling Remus' secret like that for no reason or just for a laugh. So I wanted to write what I thought his motivations could be.

I'm really glad you enjoyed this chapter, and I hope you'll continue reading sometime!


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Review #10, by bansheeBreathe: i. Consequence

10th March 2016:
Hey Kayla, I'm here for our review swap!

It is absolutely criminal that I don't read more wolfstar. This first chapter was amazing. I've never really thought about the aftermath of the situation with Snape/Remus/James, so I really liked how you touched on that here.

You really do a brilliant job connecting Sirius' feelings about the whole situation with his feelings about his queerness. I really feel like it's in character of Snape to use that against Sirius after that incident happened.

The voice and emotion you give to Sirius is really lovely. I feel like a lot of times (canon or not) I see Sirius as this jokester, so I think it's really cool that you gave him some more serious (heh) feelings here.

I also really like his apprehension to write to Remus at all. It shows some maybe feelings that I'll definitely be looking for.

Really great introduction, Kayla!


Author's Response: Hi Julie!

I agree! Read more Wolfstar! ;) haha

I'm glad you agree with me that Snape taunting him like that would be in-character. Not everyone agreed with that but I think it makes sense!

Aw, I'm really happy that you like my Sirius here :D

Thanks for the swap, Julie!


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Review #11, by bansheeSilky Blue: Silky Blue

9th March 2016:
Hey Isobel! Here for our review swap!

OOH is this a deamus? either way, definitely here to give this story some love.

Very first sentence, I love that you use the word beautiful to describe a man. I love seeing the traditional gender-descriptions go away. Yay!


Your prose is beautiful. Your details aren't overbearing but you still do an incredible job setting the scene for the story and creating a mood for your characters.

I'd have chosen butterfly cakes if the decision had been mine, recalling your soft moan of pleasure as vanilla cream marked the side of your lips and my overwhelming desire to lick it off your skin at that moment. - *HEART EYES*


(okay, so I review as I read, fyi)


bride. funeral.

why are you hurting me like this? I mean like this is amazing, but why?


This is so good and I'm so sad. And I have so many questions! What happened from the blue silk sheets moment to Seamus getting married? What HAPPENED TO SEAMUS?

I feel like you did such an amazing job bringing such beautiful emotion to this story. You brought such an amazing (and freaking heartbreaking) twist to the Dean/Seamus ship. This was such an incredible read.

I never thought that blue silk would break my heart like that.

HE KNEW #sobs

Thanks for the review swap, Isobel! Sorry this was mostly incoherent sobbing on my end.


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Review #12, by bansheeEidolon: Yellow Cotton

9th March 2016:
Hey Laura!

Man I will say, that summary on the banner dragged me in.

Every time I read your writing I just fall even more in love (and an insane amount of jealous) at your ability to write descriptions and create pictures for readers. You create this gorgeous imagery in the opening about the wine, and it just has a way of pulling me right into the story.

It's definitely got to be hard growing up in the Potter/Weasley family. I love that you brought that into play here; it's not just one big happy chaotic family.

Side mention, your ability to world-create is astounding. I always admire in fan-fiction when the author takes the time to create jobs and hobbies and things for their characters. Who would even think of translating magic from Hieroglyphics? SO COOL.

So, normally I like to go through and review as I read, but I sort of got sucked into this and now I'm at the end. So let's talk!

James. First born James feels like he's the family disappointment (god haven't I been there) so he disappears. I really liked the part with Albus' letter. It really gave us some perspective into the family and a bit of an explanation on why James left, and what might be happening in the family without him there. Poor Ginny.

But you sort of just want to shake him, because how should he live up to his family's past? His parents did so much, and that shouldn't be something he has to try to meet up with. Even if it seems as if Albus is doing just that.

Anatole is lovely. It's really nice that James has her in his life; he really seems like he (feels like he) can't be supported for being average in his family, so it's good that he has someone that he feels comfortable enough confiding in.

I can't possibly say this enough, but I admire your writing so much. You've got such amazing talent.

Thanks so much for the review swap! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you plan on doing with this story.


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Review #13, by bansheeCoffee And Handcuffs: Sensory Deprivation

23rd February 2016:
so, I stumbled across this as I was requesting a banner, and needless to say "smutty deamus" kind of stood out to me and demanded I read immediately. :D


you are the most wonderful person in the world.

a;sldkjf handcuffs! clothing removal spells!

This review is going to be very incoherent, just fyi.

First person smut is something that I usually avoid like the plague, but omg you're really working at changing my mind here.

end up in a messy sundae on my stomach - There are no words. (I was gonna say "I screamed" but I figured the pun would be bad, even for me)

There is never going to be enough deamus stories in the world for me, so thank you so much for adding this wonderful contribution.

Seriously though. This was amazing. I love the way you wrote their relationship; this was fun, and I love that sense of friendship and trust when it shows up in deamus stories like this. A++ 10/10.


Author's Response: Hey Julie!

I'm so glad that you enjoy Deamus as much as I do. They're such a great couple!

It's okay. Incoherent reviews are perfectly fine with me. :D

I know what you mean. I actually wrote this in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person trying to figure out how it worked best and for some reason 1st person stuck.

Yay for bad puns!

I totally wish there were more Deamus stories too!

Thank you so much for this amazing review! It was such a lovely surprise to log on and find this.


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Review #14, by bansheeDesignated Mum Friend: 2.

21st February 2016:
Yay, chapter two!

First, I understand Lyra's coffee thing 100%.

Ooh, so Lyra is going to stand up to Roxanne and try to say no! I wonder how this is going to work out for her.

You give her some wonderful characterization here, in the part where we watch Roxy trying to wear her down. Or maybe there's a different reason she can't say no to Roxanne... *watching that*

Oh man, you write amazing chemistry. Lyra and Mai's initial scene together is adorable. #shippingit

hates the hours as much you do," Mia said quickly - I think autocorrect got you here :p

"Well, there’s definitely not a boyfriend," she said, watching as Mai’s face lit up - hehe

I love that Lyra was so blunt about asking her out, too. I feel like you could have beat around the bush with them, but it's nice to see things just happening instead of dragging it out.

Ooh, I feel like things aren't going to go to well, though, between Lyra having to take care of her friends and having this new person there to shake things up. Someones definitely going to get left behind here today. *reading on*

dang, that spot where you have to be the one to limit yourself because no one else will, that's definite mom friend territory.

:/ yeah. She even gives Jessie like four excuses as to why she's fine, totally giving away the fact that she's not. Mai saw right through her, though, with the fact that she's gotta watch out for her friends. I wonder how many times this has happened to Lyra before?

Amazing chapter, as always! Can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #15, by bansheeDesignated Mum Friend: 1.

10th February 2016:
Hey Claire!

So idk if you've ever noticed, but I think it's hilarious that i clicked on this story and two of my stories showed up in similar titles. :p

When you read the beginning of this story, it literally reads like she's a mother waking up before her children. Loove it!

I am instantly in love with this story, just fyi. Like I'm just through the first part, and I already love Lyra and all of her helpless hungover friends.

Like, just love so much. I love her work friends, how they lecture her into not being her friends' mother. It makes me so interested to see what's going to happen next in this story. Definitely favoriting, also. I really liked how you had Lyra justify her actions by comparing being a mom friend to being a healer. It really gives her a well-written characterization.

I think I said this like once or twice now, but LOVE THIS SO MUCH.


Author's Response: Hey, Julie :)

I hadn't noticed until you had mentioned it, but yup, there they are. Right there.

I'm glad that you like the characters so much because I love them a lot too. Lyra just needs to get herself straight (hehe) and figure her life out.



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Review #16, by bansheeTessellate: The Beginning

10th February 2016:
Hey J, here for our review swaps!

omg, I know that feeling. Try writing fanfiction, Lucy.

Aw, I feel bad for Kennedy, that they're talking about her when all she's doing is having accidents.

I love how analytical your characters seem to be. It doesn't come off as bulky when Lucy goes through and sort of gives Alexandria a look over, which I think something like that definitely could turn into. It's more in a way of cataloging.

Henderson giggled and Lucy began to despair that her education was in the hands of such terrible, terrible flirters. - hahaha, aww

I really like your cast so far. I got a really good sense for the group, and I'm interested in what's going to happen between alexandria and Lucy as the time goes on, just from the first line of the story. Big ensemble casts can sometimes be difficult to manage, but I didn't get lost at all through reading this.

Kennedy is definitely my favorite so far. What a sweetheart. I really hope Rodney will be nice to her. (too much Hufflepuff in me, there is.)

This was a really good start, and I'm definitely interested in seeing more from you!


Author's Response: Hey Julie! Thanks for your review!! (Sorry for subjecting you to so much of my writing in one day...)

Haha yes sometimes I just channel the struggle of writing fanfic into my characters. #authoravator

Ahh I'm so glad you think the descriptions in here work! I'm trying really hard to write Lucy as analytical and observant, so it's nice that it's working. :)

I'm also really happy you're liking the crew so far! I have really clear ideas about them already so it's great that it's not getting totally lost. Hopefully they'll continue to shine as it goes on.

Kennedy is definitely a sweetie! And don't worry-- even if Rodney isn't very nice, she's got back up. Maybe Oz is surprisingly aggressive when provoked. Who knows?

Thanks again for this wonderful review! I hope you continue enjoying the story! :)


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Review #17, by bansheeGame On: In Which Harry and Ron Discuss Everything BUT Quidditch - Veritaserum27 - Ravenclaw

28th September 2015:
Hey Beth! Here for the Prefect's review exchange :D

Lol, so I feel like it's very 'Harry and/or Gryffindor' thinking that people would be up to wait to catch a peak of them. Or maybe it's a teenager thing :p Either way, definitely made me laugh.

I really love the level of detail in your writing here. This was for the house cup so it was during that time frame when it was 'write things quickly', so it's says a lot to see that you included little descriptive details into it. It really adds to everything.

Harry felt like every nerve ending in his upper arm was simultaneously firing happy signals from her lingering touch. -- I LOVE THIS LITTLE MOMENT. omg this was so adorable.

How you write Ron is SO amazing. I feel like you really nailed his character here.

This was SO adorable. /BOYS/, AMIRIGHT!? Jeez, it was painful and hilarious to read, and having it from Harry's awkward misunderstanding perspective was so funny. I think I even got lost a little along with him, which just made this all the better.

I feel like friendship stories like this one - albeit themed harry and ginny's relationship - friendship stories are kind of rare around here, so it's really nice to read something like this.

Absolutely adorable, Beth!


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Review #18, by bansheeIcarus: Tabula Rasa

7th September 2015:
HI MY NAME IS JULIE AND I AM REALLY BAD AT TIME MANAGEMENT. So I'm here like forever and a half late and I suck at life because you dedicated this chapter to me and it took me WEEKS, MONTHS? IDK! to read it and I'm sorry. BUT SERIOUSLY the second I found some time ( :today) I am FINALLY sitting down and reading this chapter and I'm SO EXCITED FOR THIS. This new chapter has been at the top of my to-read list since it came out and I'M HERE :D

Okay here we go!

OMG MUGGLE TOURS IN THE MoM that's SO COOL. I love this universe. With the ease of the writing/reading you can tell that you have this 'verse so intricately planned out, and all of the little details like that shine through.


I love your writing. Have I ever said this? I should say it more often. Even though it's been a few months since I've read the chapter prior to this, I still feel like I'm brought right back into this story's world from reading.

much like a Crumple-Horned Snorkack - hahaha ♥

Just as I suspected, this was a wonderful chapter. I'm so excited to see how the plot is going to develop more in the future chapters, and what's in store for some more of these characters as we go on. Is it about time to start bugging you for a new chapter? :D

Amazing work as always, Kristin!


Author's Response: HI JULIE! MY NAME IS KRISTIN AND I AM REALLY BAD AT TIMELY RESPONSES! hehe no worries though, I'm just so glad to see a review from you!

One of the neat things about writing this is that I can take any silly idea and make it possible - I think that's been the coolest thing about it for me. So yeah, tours of the MoM! And wow thanks for saying that it feels so planned out! I am super glad to hear that because to be honest a lot of it is just made up as I go along, so I'm really glad it feels cohesive! XD


Wah, thank you!!! ♥ ♥ Ah! *flailing* really, thank you so much for saying that. I'm thrilled to hear that it's easy to get back into the story as well!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review, and I'm so happy you are excited about the story and how it will develop. I'm so glad to have you as a reader!

As for a new chapter haha ugh, I've had like no time to write lately (as in, the most recent fic I wrote was written entirely on my phone ajsdkfjlk) and I keep having all these plot ideas and not having time to write them down (including somehow I've just started planning a sequel to Icarus? but that's like, YEARS away) anyway, I haven't even started chapter 7 yet. I think I've decided what's going to happen in it, but I'm making no promises for timing, because you know how that worked out last time haha. I'll let you know when I finally get it written though! but yeah, in answer to your question, nag away. It's probably good for me :P

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this review ♥

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Review #19, by bansheeVictoire: The Dream

20th May 2015:
Hello again!

I wonder what it says about the biological pass-down of genetics that Victorie is having dreams about werewolves, and I wonder how much of it is actually from the events. So far we haven't seen any personality traits that would suggest that Victorie has been effected, but I think it'd be interesting.


Same as the last chapter, I really enjoy Victorie and Asher's dynamic. Their conversation and body language flow really well together, and I wouldn't be surprised if something eventually happened between them (even though they say no). You've done a really wonderful, natural job showing us the extent of their friendship, without just dumping the information at the reader.

I love Asher's constant step back from the Wizard world and into the Muggle one. I believe that's a huge flaw with the entirety of the Wizarding world, that they all seem to think that Muggles are sad and useless, and it's entertaining to see that recognized here.

Lol, Marko's definitely got his priorities figured out.

I love Parvati as a Divination teacher :D And I love the idea of the personality change while she's at school. I wonder how much is just fabricated for her own amusement, and how much is personality change/development from 'The Sight' growing in her.

I don't think I mentioned this in the last review, but I looove Hufflepuff Teddy. It's my headcanon and it always makes me grin like a loon.

"The fact other people are sad doesn't undermine your problems," she said quietly. - YES thank you. I wish people understood this!

my two star students wouldn't miss a lesson just for a party. - heh, puns.

The tiny bit of attitude that comes out from Victorie I think really added to her developing characterization. It gives her another layer to her character, and really reminds us that she's still a teenager who likes her privacy.

Well. I'm officially in love and addicted to this story. I so rarely read stories about Victorie, and I feel like her characterization along with your writing really managed to pull me in successfully. I'll definitely be looking forward to updates on this story, and I'm so glad I swapped with you so I got the chance to read it!


Author's Response: And one more :)

oo, werewolf dreams, more on that later...

Again, thank you for liking Asher! I wanted him and Victoire to feel very natural and sweet together, and am really happy that it's coming across.

Also YESSS Hufflepuff Teddy. I figure that Tonks's Hufflepuffness would definitely be passed on to her son, and the Potter clan has enough Gryffindors already. I think Teddy would like feeling connected to his mum.

Thank you so much for liking that line! I've decided to use Victoire to give all the advice I think people should hear :)

I'm so so glad that you're enjoying this story. If you're still interested, the next chapter is written and should be up in the next couple of days.

Thanks for the swap! All your reviews have been wonderful. Sorry for being so slow to respond properly.

Emma xx

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Review #20, by bansheeVictoire: Uncle Harry's Warning

20th May 2015:
Hey again!

Alright, here goes!

So we finished off the last chapter with the girl screaming, which definitely had me clicking immediately forward to get to this chapter.

Professor Corner, the Head of Ravenclaw House - I love little inclusions of characters from Harry's Hogwarts time.

Same as the first chapter, your descriptions are fantastic and your writing flows so naturally. I really find myself being put right into the scene from reading this. All of your original characters so far are interesting. I'm looking forward to learning more about them as I read on. I really like that you've taken the time to give them different class schedules and time blocks; I think it adds to the realness of this story.

I was actually a little surprised that Victorie didn't turn in the paper right away. I'm hoping that Izzy already saw it and they're going to do something about it! I actually thought at first that it was sent to Victorie, and it was about Louis. Intense stuff is happening!

I think the time stamps in the chapters are really neat, and I feel like they add to the story.

hahaha! Wizards make it so hard on themselves without Google. Asher and Victorie seem to have a good a good chemistry together, and their dynamic is really interesting to read so far.

I really like that you have your students doing homework. In the books that was a huge portion of Ron and Harry's time together, and I feel like authors all too often skim over that fact, and it loses some of the general Potter-ness. I think it also provided a nice sort of fluff/filler for the chapter to balance the action/mystery dynamic that the rest of the story so far. A definite success.

Speaking of Potter!

You have a really good knack for writing Harry, from his gestures to the way he talks. I feel like Harry can sometimes be a hard character to capture since we know him so well, and I think you were successful with that.

His hair had turned black to match Harry's - d'awww.

Even though Harry assures Victorie and Teddy not to worry about Greyback's death and it probably wasn't involved, I can't help but feel like they way Lucius had warned Cormac and Greyback laughing while dying, and the pictures are all connected. (Which, I suppose would be the point? hehe.)

I feel like it'd be a very 'Ravenclaw' thing to do to listen to the report and maybe not really realize that it could be hurtful to some other bystanders. That being said, it definitely adds more of that realistic touch that I'm quickly loving so much. The report itself was also really informative as to what's going on with the 'outside world' in the story.

If it wasn't obvious, I really enjoyed reading this. The story has a really excellent pull to it, and it really shows that you've thought a lot out and put time into writing this. It's very good quality writing, and very entertaining and thought provoking. I'm definitely looking forward to reading on!


Author's Response: And again, this review is just wonderful. Thank you so so much.

I got a bit overexcited about the Ravenclaw schedules, and definitely know them more than I need to for the purpose of writing, but I figured they kind of live for their studies so it was important to be clear on who does what.

Asher's one of my favourite characters to write, and I'm really interested to see what people make of his dynamic with Victoire. I'm glad you like it so far.

Thank you for saying you like Harry! He's one of characters I was most worried about writing so I'm so relieved that you think it works.

This review is lovely. I really appreciate how much thought you've put into it.

Lots of love,

Emma x

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Review #21, by bansheeVictoire: The Guard

20th May 2015:
Hey Emma! Here for our review swap! Thanks again for being cool about this taking an extra day; I actually managed to finish a chapter last night so yay!

Comments on chapter one, since I read it anyway.

I love that you used Cormic McLaggen as a character (even if he ends up being a minor one). I hardly ever see him in stories and I love that he and Harry/Ron don't exactly have the best friendship. It made me chuckle.

Your descriptions are amazing. The little prologue at the beginning definitely managed to do its job and pull me right into the story. I'm really interested to see where this is going to go.

I really love Teddy and Victorie's friendship, and I really love the way you've characterized Victorie from the first chapter. It's definitely got to bring some solace to the whole family - Teddy especially included - that Greyback is gone.

I didn't really write as much as I'd like to about this chapter, but do know that I loved it dearly; I thought it was a really good start to this story.

(I just also decided to leave this on chapter one because my chapter two review got kind of long, so yay reviews!)


Author's Response: Julie! I've taken such an unreasonably long time to respond to this - so sorry, I have no excuse except that I'm being rubbish at the moment.

Writing Cormac kind of happened spontaneously, I hadn't really thought about who I wanted to use as the Guard and it ended up being him, but I really enjoyed it so I'm always really happy when people mention him. I couldn't imagine him ever really having a positive relationship with Harry and Ron, but wanted to show that he's maybe been a little bit unfairly presented by them.

Teddy's a sweetheart. I really hope people end up liking him because I think he's lovely, and I want his friendship with Victoire to seem special.

Thanks for such a kind review!

Emma xx

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Review #22, by bansheeOnce More: Once More

17th May 2015:
You definitely had me the second you said Scorpius/Albus (weirdly becoming an unexpected OTP, so..) but I just opened this up and kind of want to reach through the computer screen and hug you.

Seriously, I've been staring at your review (and many others. yikes.) ever since you posted it, and re-reading it and having no idea what to say to reply.

Except for illogical keyboard smashes and ugly crying noises, most likely what this is going to be, I'm gonna try to write a review now.

I love all of the details you put into this story. In the beginning you really put the reader right into the scene with Scorpius waking up and getting ready, and it all flows so well together and doesn't feel just thrown in.

He mentally berated himself for thinking 'fluffy cloud' and corrected himself; cumulus - what a nerddd I love him♥♥! You seriously have to know that nerd!Scorpius is like MY THING. (insert ugly crying noises here.)

Aww... Scorpius pining for Rose (and being friends with Albus who defends him, but we'll get back to that) was really bittersweet. I love that he compares it to the protagonists in his books, how the typical start of a "love hate" story doesn't quite happen the way it does in real life.

Seeing him smile, though, when he seems to push himself into the "over it" stage makes me kind of curious as to where the feelings all were. *moving on* Either way, it's nice to see him grasping that she seems stuck in her ways and that his feelings are more than misplaced. It's sort of sad, though, since Rose seems to be pushing away any chance she'd have at even a friendship, romance aside. It really does give a realistic touch to the story, and her characterization, though, especially him seeing something else in her look towards the end. I love when characters have blunt and rash flaws like that; it makes them more interesting to read.

Rose had never had the touch with other creatures that he had - lol, maybe with other humans, too? hahah.

further accentuated it by cutting her hair short -headcanon fulfilled. Seriously. As a girl that recently took a clippers to her bushy impossible hair, I always think that Rose would do the same. #weirdanecdotes

I love Albus and Scorpius' friendship. I feel like it's just so easy between the two of them.

He was beginning to believe it was personality as well as looks that were the deciding factor for him - yay :D

I feel like Scorpius' trains of thought he goes on are really typical of a young person trying to understand their sexuality. It's definitely a relateable moment watching him sort of 'catch himself' thinking about it more and more as he's coming to understand and accept his own feelings. Admitting it to yourself is a huge step and I really like the way you wrote Scorpius doing it.

I liked how you used the Hipogriff lesson and - heh - sort of showed us what could have happened if Draco hadn't decided to be a dumb dumb (in the 12+ language version) and ruined the lesson.

a;lskdfj their blushing and little smiles are so cute. (I warned you. keyboard smashes.)

and then you know a DRAGON because we just can't have our fluff and that's it :D That was super suspenseful and when you warned me about the angst I definitely went 'worst case scenario' in my head and panicked a little. (a lot.)

Nothing like an attack from a dragon to get you to admit your feelings, though.

Angst. I love it and I loathe it. Because a YEAR later and Scorpius is still in the hospital!? Because I want to be all 'awww' and happy for Scorpius and Albus being together, but also oh my god, that's a long time, especially when you think about the fact that it's a magical medical facility. And then Albus having Dragon Pox, and still visiting Scorpius. (very ugly crying now.)

But... the end is so bittersweet! MY HEART. I love that, through everything - and literally, like, everything you threw at them, my god - they still stuck together.

This was incredible. Heartbreaking, and incredible. I can't even begin to thank you enough for writing this, and can't put my praise into words. This was such a great story; I feel like you developed the characters and their world so well in it just being a one-shot.

Amazing work! Thank you so much for writing this!

(yikes I wrote a lot.)


Author's Response: Hi there.

I'm sorry that I have taken so long to respond, but all these reviews fo what was something out of my normal range have just been so wonderful, that every time I went to resond, I was lost as to what to say.

The virtual, monitor hugs will bolster my confidence and I shall soldier on and respond.

I like Scorpius. I like the range of character that is possible with the son of Draco Malfoy. My particular take on the character is smart and upper-class and introspective. He is reserved and has read a lot and hope does spring eternal.

That's what has been happening with Rose. He has hopped for years that his relationship with her would turn the corner, but she has not had a clue. I wanted to explore what it would be like if he just had had enough one day and realised that there was something else that should have been clammoring for his attention all along. Rose at the end has probably a niggle of a doubt that she just might have gotten used to the status quo for too long, sut she has left the chances for anything better just a bit too late.

You ask where his emotions have been, I didn't make it so clear in the first version I posted, but from your words (and those of some others) I have re-written it slightly so that it is a bit more clearer that they were there all along. Like a lot of young men in that position, knowing what society and suposed normality is dictating that he should be thinking and feeling; he has squashed down any 'improper feelings'. They have lain dormant under the surface, so that when the love for Rose evaporates, it lies there in the soil just waiting for nourishment to grow and bloom.

My own son never had the struggles that the boys in this story do. He was gay from the get go, and with a gay uncle and tollerant parents, he never really had to struggle and conceal (that much). But I took a bit of this from an experience with a friend, one whom I thought had had a similar easy time of it when he was younger. He laughed at me and said, oh no, he'd struggled with it, finding the things that he was supposed to be attracted to just didn't do anything for him, but as time went on, other things began to intrest him more and more.

Everything in my story switches over very quickly, due to the nature of the short story format that I have chosen, and I hope that it's not too sudden.

I thought the Hippogriff lesson would be a good counterpoint to illustrate the difference between father and son, as well as being a good point upon which to turn the plot. Those cute smiles and endearing glances could have gone on for a long time, but as you say, there is nothing like calamity to force one to confront ones feelings. And a dragon attack has to be up there in the calamitious stakes.

I deliberately obscured the ending, trying to confuse the readers as to just whom was in the hospital bed, and unfortunately, in this first draft, it appears that I have been too successful. It is Albus in the bed dying from the dragon pox and it is Scorpius, half burnt who attends to his slowly dying mate. In the re-write I made it a bit clearer at the end.

I'm glad you liked it and thanks for such a wonderful review.


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Review #23, by bansheeElsewhere: Elsewhere

12th May 2015:
Hi! First off, congratulations on winning Hufflepuff's story of the month! I gave this a read during the voting process, but I thought I'd stop back and give it a review as well.

I think you really did a good job in this story capturing James' characterization. I always have thought of him as an extremely loyal friend, and I think in the beginning in the hospital wing it really shines a light on that aspect. I also really liked the internal struggle you wrote about James trying to force himself to think about Lily; I thought it was realistic.

I really like the idea of James being hesitant to forgive Sirius, and only considering after Remus wants him to. I read a lot of where James and Sirius never have tensions in their friendship, and it's refreshing to see that maybe that isn't always the case.

The talk between Remus and James in the library was so adorable. I really particularly like the way that Remus chooses to identify himself, sans labels. It's more about the person than the word, and I think it really fits Remus' character.

I loved Remus' hesitations, especially because it really seemed that he was more worried for their friendship than anything else. The kiss was so sweet and urgent, and then Remus falling asleep with James next to him was so sweet!

The fact that James' feelings for Lily don't just go away is really great. I think when there's a 'crush' the way James had for Lily, even a new relationship doesn't just make that go away, and I really liked that you referenced that in James' little speech.

If it wasn't obvious, I absolutely adored this. I've never read a James/Remus before, and this definitely made me ship them quite a bit!

Lovely work!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I was very surprised to see this won Featured Story.

I've always thought of James as very loyal, too. All the Marauders were loyal, but James always struck me as the most loyal of them all. And I had to add in the bits about Lily because I wanted to keep this canon.

The "prank" Sirius pulled has always fascinated me, especially the aftermath. Remus has that need for people to like him, which will make him likely to forgive more easily (something I am very familiar with, as I tend to be like that, too). James, however, he really understood the implications of what Sirius did. James doesn't seem quite as rash as Sirius. I read a lot of fics where James & Sirius don't have any tension, too. It just doesn't seem likely given their personalities (they've both got strong personalities).

I loved writing that talk! I thought the lack of labels fit Remus, too. He spent almost his whole life being labeled as a werewolf. I doubt he'd want anymore labels.

The scene where they fell asleep together was my favorite to write. It was just so sweet.

I agree, that James's crush for Lily wouldn't just go away. And that kept it more canon, too!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I never read a James/Remus before writing this, either, but now I love the idea of them together. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #24, by bansheeThrough the Black: Summer Nights

11th May 2015:
Had to.

Ah, into summer! This is so exciting.. especially with the title. Can we expect some Sirius and Julianne singing duets in the bleachers? James and Remus as backups? Peter can be that one weird guy looking up the girl's skirt?

Yeah no okay.


Aw, she just completely panics when the old guy thinks they're a couple. When are they going to admit it??

I wonder what's going on with her mother.. It feels like there's an unspoken tension there when Julianne is asking her mother if she wants to go with to The Potter's..

hahaha.. Mrs. Potter FTW. Good old blunt mother.

James, you poor little lost puppy.

It was really sweet that Sirius seemed to instantly reassure Julianne when she was skeptical. They did seem to be at that point in their relationship where it was a lot of secret kissing and 'being friends' when people were around, so it's nice to seem them re-establishing as something more. Or, DTR-ing :p

I love how they give each other ONE cute little smile and James is already whining.

"I also live next door to James. Are you going to ask me if there’s anything happening between us?" - hahaha. nice try sweetie.

I love love love all of this cute fluff stuff, but I still can't shake the feeling that there's something coming up in the next few chapters that I should be worried about. As much as I want to beg you not to do it... I really want to read more!

Brilliant chapter, as always! I look forward to reading more!!


Author's Response: Yay! You're back!

Yes, the shopping! I had no idea what to do for this chapter, but I figured that shopping together was always a safe bet :P And, as I think you found out, they definitely admit it sooner rather than later.

There is something going on with her mother, but it's probably not what you are thinking...

Ever since I came up with the idea of a secret relationship, I knew that I wanted Mrs. Potter to be the one to out them. And James whining was just too easy. His best friend and his basically a sister have been hiding a relationship from him would definitely make him a bit whiny haha.

I think Sirius is a lot sweeter than a lot of people give him credit for. When he falls for someone and actually falls for them, he does it hard.

Hehe, well, you're not wrong about something coming up ;)

Hope you can come back soon! I love reading your reviews :)


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Review #25, by bansheePast Tense: third.

11th May 2015:
Hey Lisa

I'm in love with this story so far. Steph is so snarky and biting, and all of her friends are so fun to read about.

I love the way Steph talks to Septima. I think they're going to have such a good dynamic with Steph maybe not showing her the same amount of "respect your boss" as Septima may be used to, and it's super entertaining.

I kind of love Connor? Yes, I'll keep an eye on him :D

It's really entertaining when you sit down and think about how inaccurate Hogwarts really was with records, and the fact that every grade learned out of one textbook. Poor first years! lol.

I am definitely looking forward to reading more of this and seeing what you will do with it. I can't even imagine, and that's what makes it so great!



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