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Review #26, by ohmymerlinYhprum's Law: Expectation

5th March 2014:

The whole time, I thought, "Woah. This is a bit of an unrealistic expectation, James. Steady on there!" :p

But you wrote it really well! I loved how all the Marauders were criticising him and telling him he was silly! Which he was! Sorry, James, although that date seems perfect to you no date will ever go like that in a million years.

I can't wait to read Murphy's Law though! It's going to be great to see how it all pans out, haha! :p

This was absolutely brilliant! You wrote it amazingly! Good work! :)

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hi there :) Thanks for the review!

Yeah, the date is a touch (*cough*completely*cough*) unrealistic, but it was really fun to write. I mean, who doesn't want to go on a date where you eat 17 pastries, receive an awesome magical gift, and then take a romantic carriage ride? Sign me up!

But, yeah, probably not going to /actually/ work out that well. (Actually, it's definitely not going to work that well...poor, poor James :() Tanya did a brilliant job writing Murphy's Law, so I'm sure you'll enjoy her chapter as well.

Thanks so much for your review! Glad you enjoyed this fluffy bit of ridiculousness :P

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Review #27, by ohmymerlinStuck in the Middle: James' Calm

4th March 2014:

James and Olive are so cute! I love how sweet James is and how shy Oliver is. They're so sweet together and you write them so well!

I don't have much to say except I loved this chapter so much and I can't wait to read more! :D


- Kayla :)

Author's Response: They're so adorable. It's really fun to write. I'm glad you like them and this chapter!

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #28, by ohmymerlinOff the Rails: fifty-nine

4th March 2014:
Hello again!

I really thought I'd reviewed this so sorry about that!

This was such a brilliant chapter. You write so amazingly, there's nothing I don't love about this story!

James is such a sweetheart! I just love him so much and you wrote Slughorn so well! You got him EXACTLY! :D

Anyway, I loved this chapter! Can't wait to read more!


- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Ah, this is my 400th review for Rails! So exciting! And it makes me very happy that it's a review from you *hugs*

SLUGHORN. I was so desperate to shove him into this fic somehow just so I could write him, and then the perfect opportunity came to mind! He was so easy to write in the end. Just have him fawn at everyone remotely well-connected *giggles*

Thanks as always for reviewing! :)

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Review #29, by ohmymerlinBeing In Love - Speed Dating Entry: Harry and Ginny

3rd March 2014:

This is so cute! So so so so cute!

I just wanted to snuggle Harry - kudos in writing him, I really struggle with that and you wrote it brilliantly! - because he's such a cutie.

This was such a sweet one-shot. Although, you did put the wrong 'their' in this sentence:

Neither of them were exactly known for there romantics

It was just one tiny error though. It just niggled at me because I'm an annoying nit-picker :p

But other than that, this was amazing! I loved it so much and the way he was in front of that fountain proposing egfbbhjkfkb SO CUTE!!

DEFINITE 10/10! :D

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Aww, I'm glad you liked it! :D Harry loves snuggles, so feel free to snuggle him right up! (Though don't let Ginny catch you with her fiancé! ;))

Thank you! It was a worry, but I'm so glad everyone seems to be enjoying him! :) I do love Harry, he's just so intimidating to write!

Oh no! XD I promise you I know the difference! XD I just get to tapping away on this phone too fast and I JUST found the "Find in Page" feature on it! XD I'll fix that up as soon as I can! Thanks for pointing it out!

Wooh! A 10/10! Thank you so much! I'm just happy you loved our collaboration so much! :D it makes me, and I'm sure ViolateBlade, so happy to know the chapters had such an effect on the readers! Thank you for reading and reviewing! You're a doll! :)


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Review #30, by ohmymerlinBeing In Love - Speed Dating Entry: James and Lily

3rd March 2014:

First of all, NAAAWWW!


I think I should let you know that I'm clapping like a crazy little seal, ahaha!

I don't know why I'm clapping but it's happening :p

This was so adorably sweet! I loved it so much! You wrote James' point of view SO WELL! It was so sweet how he was all worried and then when he saw Lily he instantly relaxed. So cute! :'D

So clearly you can tell I absolutely adored this chapter! You did such a fantastic job on it, how could I NOT give it a 10/10?!

- Kayla :)

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Review #31, by ohmymerlinPut On Notice: Put On Notice

1st March 2014:

This was so good! I loved how reluctant Scorpius was to admit he still had feelings for Rose. Silly Scorpius. Don't try and deny the truth :p

I laughed when the girl handcuffed him, haha! And then it wasn't even for all the illegal activities he performed to help the kids but a stalking charge! That was really clever, I must say!

I really loved this one-shot. Scorpius felt extremely believable and the whole thing had me laughing throughout it!

Anyway, you did really well on this and I really loved it. It was really well done! ♥


- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Yeah, silly Scorpius!! I couldn't help but throw in that twist at the end. It was too fun. Seriously, thanks so much for reviewing these challenge pieces! I did end up having a great time writing this. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #32, by ohmymerlinYou Don't Love Me On The Battlefield : Run Away Because You Don't Love Me

1st March 2014:
Hey, there!

Ooh. That last line from Scorpius was icy!

Anywho, this was a really cute one-shot. I liked how Rose was a bit bossy and snobby, and Scorpius was a bit of an idiot but they were still so cute together. Even though they constantly argued, you could really feel their chemistry.

I really love the way you stylised this piece. It flowed really well and gave enough detail to make us understand but it was very clipped and short, which I really love.

Anyway, I don't know if that made sense - it's past midnight where I am - but basically, I like the way you write :p

Anywho, I'm off to go read the second part! :D

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: I had to make Scorpius a bit mean, a completely nice Scorpius just doesn't seem real to me. I love reading about couples that go back and forth with each other, not the kind that constantly break up and get back together so much as argue yet still care a lot about each other. Thank you for your review!

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Review #33, by ohmymerlinEnduring: Enduring

1st March 2014:
Hey, Lauren!

Aw, poor James! He's injured! NO ONE HURTS MY JAMES! D:

The way you wrote this was just flawless. My favourite part was the first paragraph. The way you described his pain - 'fiery burn to lick its way' - was just phenomenal. I loved it so much.

The way James and Lily interacted were so well done. They were just beautiful.

Anyway, I clearly loved this story! You did an amazing job of it and it flowed really well with Phoenix Potioneer's one! Great job! ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #34, by ohmymerlinEscape: Escape

1st March 2014:
Hey, there!

This was so great! I hardly ever see stories about James and Lily defying Voldemort before their... [wipes tears away] deaths :(

And you wrote it so well! Even though she wasn't actually battling Voldemort, she was defying him and it felt so realistic and believable!

AND YAY, SIRIUS! He's come to save the day! I nearly cheered when he came in!

Anyway, I really loved this one-shot! You did an excellent job! ♥

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Yes, I wish James and Lily didn't have to die. They are loved even in death. *sobs*

I'm glad you thought it was realistic!

Sirius is a hero! Yipee!

Thank you so much for reviewing, and I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #35, by ohmymerlinThe Best Valentine's Day Ever - Speed Dating Entry: Carnations and Cakes

28th February 2014:

AWWW, THIS WAS SO CUTE! I loved how well you wrote this!

Poor Lorcan - he was just trying to impress her and he dropped cake all over her! Oh well, at least she forgave him! :D

I really loved the way you wrote Lorcan and Dominique! They felt very real!

Anyway, this was a great story! You wrote it superbly and I really loved reading it! Great job! ♥

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hi Kayla!

Thanks for the great review! It made me smile:). Lorcan and Dom were very easy to write, so I'm glad you thought they were good together!


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Review #36, by ohmymerlinHerbology and Hearts (Speed dating entry): Herbology and Hearts

28th February 2014:
Hey, Dee!

This was so adorable! You wrote Lysander really well and I loved the way you wrote Lily! They seemed to suit each other perfectly!

And the way Lysander was defending Lorcan's actions was so sweet! I love seeing strong brother/sister relationships in things and you wrote it so well!

Anyway, Dee, I really loved this story! You did such an amazing job of it! ♥

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hi, Kayla :D

I'm really glad you liked Lysander and Lily in this, there's a lot of pressure with next-gen to create interesting and non-cliche characters, probably why I don't attempt them often LOL!

Lysander defending Lorcan was my favourite part of this, I'm part of a big family so I enjoy writing siblings :)

Thanks so much for this lovely review, I'm pleased you enjoyed it!

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Review #37, by ohmymerlinDouble Trouble: All's Fair in Love and War

28th February 2014:
Hey there!

Oh my god. First of all: "Weddings are a blast!" OH MY GOD I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED LOUDER! Hahahaha, that was absolutely brilliant!

Anyway, I really loved the way you wrote this! The humour you wrote made me laugh so loudly! I'm still laughing at that last joke, ahahaha!

This was so brilliant! You did such a good job on it! ♥

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for an INCREDIBLE review! I'm so glad it made you last! And that you got the last line! :D

It was really fun to write this story, and my partner was incredible, and it was just all around a good time. If you enjoyed the story that resulted, that makes it even better. Thanks for reading and reviewing and laughing. That's the best compliment ever.

- Farmgirl

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Review #38, by ohmymerlinDouble Trouble: A Twin Affair

28th February 2014:

This was so clever! I usually don't read stories where Fred is alive after Deathly Hallows - I'm a crazy canon nut - but you pulled this off so well!

Aziza and Akila sound so great! Definitely well suited to Fred and George! ;)

The wedding was such a clever idea, and so very like Fred and George to pull that prank on everyone!

This was a really cute one-shot! I really liked it!

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hi!!

Well since you're a crazy canon nut, I'm flattered that you liked the story! You should definitely check out 1917farmgirl's half of the same title. It's awesome.

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it!

xoxo Sarah

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Review #39, by ohmymerlinMatters of the Heart - Speed Dating Entry: Matters of the Heart

28th February 2014:
Hey, Taylor!

This was so sweet! You wrote Draco so well! And I loved the small snippets of the relationship with Astoria! It was so easy and flexible, and I'd never thought of the idea of Astoria and Draco having a baby out of wedlock, I really liked that addition!

And the way you and Roots matched your stories up was just brilliant! The heartbeat thing was so unique and the way you wrote it was so adorable!

I loved this so much! You did a fantabulous job on this! ♥

Definitely deserves a 10/10!

- Kayla :)

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Review #40, by ohmymerlinHeart(less): Heart(less)

28th February 2014:
Hey, Roots!

I got legit CHILLS from this piece! It was absolutely amazing! I loved the clipped tone of the piece, it definitely was very Narcissa-esque!

You captured her personality perfectly, in my opinion. Her and Lucius were just flawless.

Actually, everything was flawless in this piece! I loved it so much, you wrote it so beautifully!

Clearly I loved this. You definitely deserve a 10/10! ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #41, by ohmymerlinSpeed Dating Entry: The Moonlit Nights: Another Day's Sun

28th February 2014:

I've just come from flameseeker's story and this was so good! It flowed SO smoothly! It was like only one person wrote it!

(Fun fact: I originally wrote, "It smoothed so flowly," hahaha :p)

It kinda sucks that it didn't work out but it was nice that they tried. They shouldn't have but they had good intentions and their heart was in the right spot :p

Poor Remus though. He always gets the short end of the stick, huh?

Anyway, this was written really well! You and flameseeker matched your stories up superbly and you wrote Remus so well! I really liked these two!

- Kayla :)

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Review #42, by ohmymerlinAbout Saturday: About Saturday

28th February 2014:


This was so sweet! This is the first Remus story I've read from the Speed Dating Entries! Unless I've forgotten but I'm pretty sure you and manno's stories are the first Remus ones! Yay for Remus!

You wrote Remus so cutely! Is that even a word? Meh. I really loved how you wrote him and leaving the story on a cliffhanger was brilliant! That's also a first!

Anyway, I'm off to read manno's story! Great job on this! I really loved it! :)

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Yes I think we are the first Remus ones. It was manno's idea actually, I just agreed to it :).

I THINK cutely is a word. Well there's no dotty red line under it while I write this, so.

Thank you for the review!


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Review #43, by ohmymerlinWithering: Withering

28th February 2014:
So I was just laughing and being happy from reading 800 words of heaven's (wow that's a mouthful!) and now I'm sad.


I love how well your stories matched up, you guys did really well on it!

The way you wrote their emotions - like how they felt trapped - felt so real and it made me want to go run outside if it wasn't raining and cold, and I wasn't extraordinarily lazy :p

Anyway, I really loved this story! It matched up so well with the 'prequel' kind of and I loved how the 'finally' was throughout both the one-shots! Great job!

- Kayla :)

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Review #44, by ohmymerlinJust a Little: Just a Little

28th February 2014:

AHHH, JILY JILY JILY! I love these two idiots so much and you wrote them so well!

And aw Sirius trapping them in a closet so they'd get together, how cute!!

I LOVED how James didn't tell his mates, because let's be honest - they would have totally stolen the Cloak and stalked them, ahaha!

This was such an adorable one-shot! I loved it so much! You did such an amazing job with this! :D

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: JILY IS THE BLOOD THAT FLOWS IN MY FANFIC VEINS. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Sirius is a dork. Only he'd think that something like that would actually work.

I can actually imagine all three of the Marauders trying to hide under the cloak - and not fitting. Sirius and Peter craning their necks to try and sneak a peak at the couple, whilst Remus is crouching next to them and rolling his eyes.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #45, by ohmymerlinScars : Lovely Lavender

27th February 2014:

I've just come from maraudertimes' story and this was so good! I really liked the way you wrote Juno and the relationship between her and Lavender! You and maraudertimes wrote it very similar so it smoothed really nicely!

It was really sweet how much Juno cared for Lavender - it felt very appropriate for Valentines Day :p

Anyway, I really enjoyed this one-shot! You did a great job with it!

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Kayla, what up!

I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the story! Personally, I think the smoothness is mostly due to the fact that we had very similar, almost identical ideas of what the characters were like for this collaboration and how we wanted it to go.

Thank you so much for your lovely review and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the story!

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Review #46, by ohmymerlinHer Love: Scars

27th February 2014:

This was super interesting! I'd never thought of Lavender being a lesbian but you pulled it off! Juno is an extremely interesting character and I love the way her and Lavender interacted. You wrote it really well!

And you had such beautiful detail! It was just gorgeous the way you wrote it!

Although, what did Juno get for Lavender? I'm just curious! :p

Anyway, I really liked this story! Good job!

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Oh well, I hadn't really either until the idea popped into my head, but I'm glad I pulled it off! I can't take credit for Juno! That was all my partner, AlexFan/AlPotterFan. But the interactions were technically my writing, so thank you so much! Aw, you're too sweet! Ah well, the present is something you'll have to make up yourself! ;)

Thank you so much for this absolutely amazing review!

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Review #47, by ohmymerlinQuirky: In Which A Date

26th February 2014:

This was so good! I really loved how you intertwined yours and Meg's stories together! It was extremely original!

Although, I do have one bit of crit. You tended to keep changing perspectives and it got a bit confusing trying to keep up with it. Maybe have lines separating between each point of view?

Anyway, I like how you guys made the dates unsuccessful. It's definitely an original spin, I must say!

And poor Emmalyn, getting covered in Butterbeer. I can't imagine that would be fun!

Anywho, this was a great read! Good job! :)

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: You think our idea was original? Aww, thank you!

Yes, it may have got confusing with the point of view switching but that was because it was more of a third person omniscient piece. I'll look back through it when I have the time and try to make it more clear.

Getting covered in butterbeer isn't how one would imagine Valentine's Day but that's how Emmalyn's ended up, haha.

Thank you for stopping by! It means a lot!

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Review #48, by ohmymerlinThe Bet - Speed Dating: The Bet

26th February 2014:

This was cute! I love Rose and Scorpius and you wrote them quite well! However, I did notice a few grammatical errors here and there but it's nothing a read-over won't fix. And we did have a deadline so that's probably the main reason, ahaha :p

Anyway, I think you wrote these two really well! I liked the ending but although if I was Rose I'd probably not give him a second chance, hehe :p

This was a great one-shot! I really enjoyed reading it! Good work! :)

- Kayla :)

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Review #49, by ohmymerlinRabbit Heart: Trusting Hearts

25th February 2014:
Hello again!

I feel so sorry for Wren with the whole thing about her Gran! It would be terrible! You really wrote Wren's feelings extremely well, I definitely felt all her emotions!

Dillon seems extremely interesting! I'm super curious as to what's going to happen with him. He seems very... unsettling. I think he's an interesting character and all, but I'm extremely suspicious of him. Although, you wrote him extremely well! He didn't sound too forced which I find that a lot of authors tend to do when writing young kids. So kudos on that!

And ooh a bunny! But why is he carrying a basket full of them? And why are they tired?

Clearly I have a few questions. And what's the story about Dillon's mum? Why is she so... negligent? I don't know if that's the exact word, but letting your younger than eleven years old child (I'm still a bit confused as to how old Dillon is exactly) out alone in the night is not exactly responsible o.o

Anyway, I don't really have that much to say because I just really loved this chapter. I loved all the details you put about Gran's sickness, it just made it so much more authentic.

A definite 10/10 from me!

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: I kind of felt sorry for her too when I was writing this chapter. So many things are just going the wrong way in her life at the moment. It makes me feel good that you're feeling it right along with her. Thanks!

I think Dillon is quite fascinating myself. :) Dillon does love those rabbits... hehe.

Thanks for coming back for another chapter! I loved hearing your thoughts about this story!

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Review #50, by ohmymerlinRules of the Game: Boys Gossip Too

24th February 2014:
Hey, Lauren! I'm here from my review thread! Sorry about the slight delay!

Anyway, the first thing you asked for is if the chapter was entertaining enough. And it definitely is! I was laughing throughout the whole thing, so you definitely don't need to worry about that!

I do have some tiny crit about how you structure your dialogue. I've noticed you occasionally put a full-stop at the end of the speech, and then have the he/she/they said in capitals. Here's an example:

"Sure, you all gang up on Jimmy." He said, raising his voice over the laugher.

This should be: "Sure, you all gang up on Jimmy," he said, raising his voice over the laughter.

(You also missed out the letter t so I thought I'd kill two gnomes with one stone ;) - LOVED that by the way!)

"Wow, this is one impressive piece of magic." Ivy said, inspecting it closely.

This should be: "Wow, this is one impressive piece of magic," Ivy said, inspecting it closely.

Do you see what I mean? It's a minor thing but I'm extremely nit-picky so it did pull me out of the story for a bit.

Next, you asked about the characterisation! I think it was great! I REALLY loved Hugo! I don't know why, but every time he spoke I just really loved him! He's a great character! :D

Lily was really good, I like reading from her point of view!

Oh, I just remembered; the package! I've never thought of the idea of Lily not knowing about the Map and the Cloak but you wrote it really well! I loved how James was reluctant to give it to her, ahaha! That was funny :p

Okay, back on track! You said Jimmy worries you but you shouldn't need to worry! He doesn't seem too sulky - he IS the son of Oliver Wood (who in Fred and George's wise words) tried to drown himself in the showers when they lost to Hufflepuff in Harry's third year :p

And this may sound a bit sexist, but 17 year old boys can be extraordinarily sulky. I know my brother - who is close to 17 - can get sulky very quickly and when I was still at school, a lot of those boys got sulky when things didn't go their way. So I think you don't need to worry about it because nearly all 17 year old boys that I've encountered act quite similar to Jimmy! So don't stress out over him! He's a great character and he did make me laugh, especially at the end when he was still asking, ahahaha! :p

Anywho, this was a really good chapter! I had a great time reading it!

Feel free to request again!

- Kayla :)

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