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Review #1, by justanotherwitchLife from a New Perspective : Chapter One

7th November 2012:
Hi! I'm pretty sure I'm the first reviewer so yay! The third person was different from the normal first person that you see a lot lately and I like it. It seems like a promising story. I don't like to critique much but maybe think about changing the description of the story a bit? It's good as it is, it might just be me, but from what I've seen on hpff a lot of the most reviewed stories have really, I don't know, intriguing(?) descriptions. I've never actually written a story so I dont know for a fact but just an obsorvation. From what I saw in the chapter you seem to be a good writer so I don't think it would be very hard... Hope you don't take it as your description was bad in any way. Can't wait for the next update! : )

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Review #2, by justanotherwitchBlack Roses Red: Chapter 4

17th July 2012:
I liked it so far. Update soon?
Sorry for the crappy review.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! I'm about to update right now, sorry for the long wait, I didn't notice it hadn't validated haha woops :)

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Review #3, by justanotherwitch(shenanigans): (al) I can work with this.

8th July 2012:
Cue happy dance.
I liked the al/chelsea stuff in this chapter. But I liked Rose's reaction more. I can't wait to see what happens with Logan.
But just a quick question. Did she leave all of her stuff in the common room after she went up to her dorm? I might have missed it or something. It doesn't really matter just a small detail. But anyways so happy your back! Update soon?

Author's Response: YAY! I'M BACK!
Ahaha, all good things to ponder over. Of course we can't make things /too/ easy for dear ol' Al.
Answer: nice catch. She /did/ leave her stuff in the common room, which might have something to do with the next chapter... Don't worry, that was a purposeful detail that I put in :D

Thank you for the lovely review ♥

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Review #4, by justanotherwitchFaking It: Happy New Years!

13th May 2012:
I love this story SoO much! Are you ever going to put up a new chapter?

Author's Response: yes, soon.

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Review #5, by justanotherwitchThe Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Having To Do Things

18th March 2012:
Loved the chapter. I liked caleb and everything, but i like Al better. Anyways just a quick question. Is it guesta or gusta...i've always learned it as gusta but i could be wrong.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #6, by justanotherwitchBang: There are way too many people that run for fun.

13th March 2012:
OOO OOO OOO THE CLICKING NOISE WAS SO A CAMERA! Well duh. Cant wait until the next chapter! Update soon!

Author's Response: very observant, young one ;) i probably just gave a load away, but i dont careee. update will be very soon - about a week, i think.

ellie :) xx

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Review #7, by justanotherwitch(shenanigans): (al) I'm not jealous.

12th March 2012:
Ooo I always love it when there's an update on this story!! It just brightens up my day! I can't wait to see what chelsea and the others are going to do in the plan next. I also really liked how you had her tell Al that the reason she did it was because he cant treat every girl like a tool just because of how much bigger that statement is than what he thinks of at that moment. Well not a very substancial (i spelled that wrong didnt i) review. Sorry!

UNTIL THE NEXT CHAPTER (which I hope is soon)


Author's Response: Aw, I'm so glad to hear that I brighten your day :) Well, some more of the plan is coming in the next chappie, and you're right about the thing she said to Al. Me thinks Chelsea was foreshadowing a bit :p Don't worry about your review, it was lovely ♥

P.S. It's spelled 'substantial' ;p

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Review #8, by justanotherwitch(shenanigans): (chelsea) I digress.

8th February 2012:
Yay! A new chapter! I love the new banner! Al's jelousy makes me laugh and James is just plain awesome, I wish I knew someone like Hunter and the story is as amazing as always. :)

Author's Response: Haha, yay! Well, I'm glad I could make you laugh and Hunter and James are simply fantasmic :) Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #9, by justanotherwitch(shenanigans): (al) I'm so selfless.

18th January 2012:
I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR FOREVER. After I checked up on this to see if there was a new chapter i saw a review response where you said the next chapter was in the queue. I basically had a mini panic attack and checked back atleast once and hour for the next day or two to see if it was there… yes I know that I am a crazy person.

Ok well my monologue on why I'm a crazy person is over, i swear you leave me with a keyboard and I just totally freak out and write my life's story. So anyways fav line "Don't you dare say cute, Al. Don't you do it." I can just see someone's mother scolding them or something. So with your little hint thingys about the next chapter had my imagination go completly crazy. So here's my totally unlikely "prediction"ish thing. Ok so its not a prediction but i just get an image of chelsea meeting up with James and Hunter and Al not realising its her brother, getting jelous. Then realise it's her brother gets over it and then for some reason Chelsea knows James and she platonically kisses him on the cheek or something and Al proceeds to try abd rip his head off. Eh well it mkes for a funny mental image. Love the story. Please update or I might combust! :)

Author's Response: REALLY? Haha, that's so funny. In a good way, of course :) I'm glad you like it so much! That means a lot to me. Ooh, and my author's note was tantalizing, wasn't it? Well, I can't say anything - where's the fun in that? But I'll say that your prediction maybe isn't as far off as you think it might be. Try to figure that one out :p Thanks for the review, and I shall try to update soon!

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Review #10, by justanotherwitchPretty Boy: Part 2, Chapter 2: Ironic.

17th December 2011:
Okay. So after i saw one of the reviews mentioning deja vu I looked at all the stores you've written and basically went "holy crap!!'' because you've written like half of all my favorite stories! I now fully worship you as an author. Let your awesomeness be known to the world. Well uh thats it.kthnxbye :)

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Review #11, by justanotherwitchTwisted: Haunted

8th December 2011:
Wow.. She really is a slut. Well I love her anyways. Is she always going to be one tho? I hope she kinda tones it down a bit. The "sweethearts" kinda remind me of Ali and her group (Spencer Aria Emily And Hanna) from pretty little liars if you've ever heard of it.

Author's Response: She will, deffinately. It's explained why she's like that in later chapters so it should all make sense then, I hope. And no, I haven't but I've always meant to. I might have to now that they're like my sweethearts. :D

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