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Review #1, by RebekkaAll Hallow's Eve: All Hallow's Eve

30th October 2010:
It was a fun read. :) Thank you for the story.

Oh, I didn't see it coming. :P

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Review #2, by RebekkaA Little While: Life and Leaving

26th May 2008:
Awww... what a beautiful ending. ^_^ I'm smiling a huge smile. This fic is a small gift. It made me feel good, and it's so full of hope and love. It's so cute, yet thoughtful and strong and unyielding. I loved it very much.

Here are two small errors again: ...he liked the feelings, and wanted them to say, wanted Cedric to stay. Both of them should probably be _stay_. You were growing feverish and we all were all worried. Two alls in a same sentence. ^_^

I don't even know what to say, just know that you made me utterly happy and now I can sleep peacefully. You gave me a lovely bedtime story. ^_^ I'm never going to read another Cedric/Harry story, because I don't think they would ever match for this. Thank you, dear. It was lovely.

Author's Response: Thanks, dearie!

--already responded. Full Response lost in the crash--

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Review #3, by RebekkaA Little While: Wading and Watching

26th May 2008:
Oh, the last line is absolutely perfect. Wow! ^_^ So beautiful. I'm really enjoying their quiet existence. It's really simple and lovely and tastes of life. I loved their jumping of the cliff and enjoying the water... and Harry feeling confused and sad and guilty. It's a very unique and beautiful story.

I found two little mistakes: He grinned, grabbed the bottom his own shirt and ripped it off... I think it should have _of_ between bottom and his. He liked feeling to close to Cedric, I have no idea what should be changed and what you meant here, but there's something slightly off. Was the first _to_ meant to be _too_?

Anyway, this is a wonderful, wonderful story and I just tell you that you're one of the few who still receive reviews from me here. ^_^ You are special, girl. Your words are special. Keep on writing and you'll get far. *hugs*

Author's Response: Thanks, pet! (o:

--already responded. Full Response lost in the crash--

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Review #4, by RebekkaStand by the Fire: Stand by the Fire

27th February 2008:
Ah, this was the first sentence that really caught me. It's beautiful: The pale woman reached out a skeletal hand. It emerged from the shadows like a snake, slithering through the air. Oh, another lovely sentence: The world was an open book of lavish sensations. You have a way with descriptions and I really like your style. It's unique and very intriguing way of writing. I just can't seem to stop quoting... this is marvelous: She watched him as he gazed out the window, snake-like fingers grasping onto the sill as though it was his sole source of balance. Ah, I'm truly enjoying this read. Your words are magical. ^_^

This was a great story and even if it felt difficult to write... it seemed effortless, beautiful, enchanting. I think this was marvelous. Although, I found the sudden: It was imperative that the Dark Lord did not love. a bit odd. It felt too... abrupt, somehow. Other than that, this was perfect. Very very good one-shot. And wow, your descriptions really are marvelous. Excellent work.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks. I enjoyed the quoting, because I got to see what you enjoyed most of all in my fic. (; I'm so flattered right now.

Ah, that part. Yes, I see what you mean about it being abrupt. I may fix that later on. I was just trying to justify his change in demeanor, but I should probably make it more subtle. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Review #5, by RebekkaOf Scarred Hearts: Valentines Day Of Doom

26th February 2008:
I adored this one: He has just been ambushed by renegade hearts and he isn’t about to take it lying down. Hi-la-ri-ous. ^_^ All in all it's an odd mix of sadness and humour. I really like that. Thihii, lovely: Things To Kill When I Rule The World I'm a sucker for these kind of things and I find it somehow very adorable (awful word when it's Snape, but really).

Here you have one word too much: “Who could have put tied this to Secerno’s leg I wonder?” Here you should use present tense, because the whole story is in that tense: She touched this same thing that he was holding in his hands. _he is holding_

Awww... this was an awfully lovely and sweet and heart-wrenching story. I really love the voice you've given to Snape and even though he's somehow comical, it's not OOC, or if it is I think you did it really very well. ^_^ The present tense isn't my favourite one, but you managed to use it well. It's a wonderful little story. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for coming to review! What a lovely review, what can i say =]. Im glad you enjoyed it because oddly enough, its my first jab at humour. I thought it would be funny to see Valentines Day through Sevvies eyes lol.

This is actually the un-edited version but when i get the time ill edit it and all the mistakes =] I felt kinda strage mixing angst with i was committing a crime or something lol but its good to see it turned out ok. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! *hands out cookie*


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Review #6, by RebekkaLethal Memories: The New Transfiguration Teacher

24th February 2008:
This was a nicely written chapter with very little errors. ^_^ You describe things well and the overall flow is good. There are three things that I noticed, though. I must wonder: why the first part is in present tense while all the rest is in past tense? Also, there's something missing from this sentence: She re-entered her and took off her robe, extinguished the candle, and slid back into bed. I think it's the word room. ^_^ The third thing is a bit more difficult to explain. At parts you explained things very quickly - like why Sirius is still alive - and then other parts with a lot of information - like unpacking her stuff. This seems a bit weird from the readers point of view. Otherwise, I truly enjoyed this and her sorrow was heart-felt... and since I'm very much in love with Sirius, I'm happy he's not dead. ^_^ You are a very good writer and the structure of this story is perfect. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: You know I didn't catch that when I re-read it prior to uploading it. Thanks for the great review. As for the beginning, think of it as a prologue so to speak.

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Review #7, by RebekkaFriction in the Space Between: Chapter One - An Ice Cold Gaze

24th February 2008:
I really love this sentence: Draco, at this time, was in a particularly short mood, and wasn’t at all prepared for the overly enthusiastic ministrations of his current paramour. And wow, this one is amazing: It was how he always looked at her; not like she didn’t exist, but like she was part of the furniture.

I really enjoyed this first chapter (and I think you meant to say in your author's notes that it's the _beginning_ of your first official Dramione fan fic, or something of sorts). Anyway, your language is very easy to read, flowing, wonderful and you don't use cliched sentences at all. Oh, here you have a misspelling: like fire burning though a block of impenetrable ice. It should probably be _through_. The only thing I found a little bit sad was the fact that you didn't explain in anyway why Draco dislikes Pansy. I kind of adore her, and to make him hate her just because this is a Dramione, isn't a very good way to put it. But if there is a story behind it, a real story, then it's okay, of course. Anyway, a very intriguing and well-structured story. Good work.

Author's Response: Wow. Such a detailed review. Thank you very much ^_^
I'll be sure to change that spelling mistake, and you'll be glad to know that there are reasons Pansy is disliked. For now, anyway.
You may even find her striking up strange friendships with certain people...
Hope you read on!

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Review #8, by RebekkaThe Itsy, Bitsy Spider: The Itsy, Bitsy Spider

24th February 2008:
I think my mood was wrong for this story. I read your other reviews and people I respect as authors have said it was absolutely wonderful and beautifully written... so believe them. ^_^ That said, on with the review.

I do see that you can write, actually really really well. There are some sentences that really affected me and made me think: wow. But I think it was the beginning that threw me off. I know people who are suicidal and they are never this... precise about it. The thought pattern is less clear. It's not so straight-forward and easy. I missed conflict. I missed confusion. But after that... after the beginning, I got more into the story, enjoyed it more. And the last part was very good, especially the one straight, clean swoop...

So yes, it's a good story, you're definitely a good writer, and this was an interesting idea. Keep up the good work and expand your writing world... enjoy. ^_^ Thank you for sharing your story.

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry, I've definitly reached the point where I have dropped a fair bit of modesty and am drinking in every word of praise this story has recieved. *Guilty self centered look*

The suicidal part; I dunno. It was written more as a way of me establishing the story, and afterwards when I looked back at how I could edit it, I realized it fit just as it was.

Incidentally, in my experience, suicide itself is not straight forward and easy, but the thoughts and processes of someone who is contemplating it, weighing the outcomes, debating whether or not he/she should make that leap, comes pretty coherently, with one thought leading to another until they make the choice to back down...

The last part was written about a day after the initial scene, and I was in a different mindset when I wrote it, so I think that helped with the transition from short, angry motions to the straight, clean calmness.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by RebekkaTorn: Chapter Two: Eve Thorsen and Lavender Brown

24th February 2008:
Okay, I really like this second chapter. You are a good writer. And I like the way you portray Blaise, I really do. The Eve/Blaise part was very intriguing, the way you wrote it, the way he plays, everything. I also think you write Blaise and Draco nicely together (and since I'm a slasher, my mind always starts to wonder... ^_^). And Draco had to change his place. Poor boy. :P

Anyway, there was one spelling error I could find: He found it rather disturbing how she was more pleased about his “conquests” and all the “girlfriends” he seemed to have then his actual grades. It should be _than_, not then. Otherwise, I couldn't find anything wrong. It flows really nicely, you carry the plot nicely, it's over all a very nice story. And I do mean that. Good work. ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you for pointing that out! I would've completely missed it. I'm honestly terrible with 'then' and 'than', always have been. I'll go edit that now.

Hmm, I've never tried writing slash. This story isn't going to be, but maybe someday I'll take that on.

Thank you for such lovely reviews! I appreciate every one of them. =]

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Review #10, by RebekkaA Little While: Fish and Fault

24th February 2008:
This was just incredible and sexy and cute and lovely and and and... all good things. ^_^ Many things I loved, but especially the kiss. Hih! And the talk and everything. And I'm kind of seeing a pattern here, showing Harry all the simple joys of life. ^_^

Oh, fishing. I've never really been to fishing. It was somehow so cute to read about that. Especially since it was so new. Hih! And I don't think I've ever read a fic quite like this. Because it's so kind and sweet. And I really like the fact that we don't know where or how this is happening and that Cedric talks in riddles.

I tried to look for my favourite quotes, but they are all too steamy for +12. ^_^ But just know that they are lovely. I'm truly enjoying this story. And it might be a bit weird, because it's... they are like dead, but not quite... and it's a dreamworld, but not. And it's Cedric and I never thought Cedric this way. But still, it's magical. Hih! Good work, dear. *hugs*

Author's Response: Hi dear! Sorry I took so long to reply. Things have been hectic, as you know! I really love reading your reviews though! I'm glad you liked the kiss and their talk. And I'm glad you're seeing the pattern. (o: I think you know me well.

You've never been fishing?? I love fishing! Let's go sometime, alright? (o: Aw, the fic is kind and sweet? I really like that description. It was definitely different for me to write!

Haha, don't worry about not quoting the steamy over-12+ stuff. Hehe. I'm just glad you liked it. And anyway, more answers about what's going on will come as you read more of the story. But I'm sure it does feel weird. Thank you so much my friend!!! (o:

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Review #11, by RebekkaTorn: Chapter One: Slytherin Boy, Gryffindor Boy

21st February 2008:
And you continue with the same wonderful style and strength. This is really really good, and I think that the way you "compared" Blaise to Draco (or Hermione did) was just a wonderful addition to the story, an inner joke if you must. ^_^ And Hermione's failing DADA? Oooo... that's actually the only class I would believe she could fail, although didn't she get quite an acceptable grade? ^_^ Anyway, it's a good plot point and you portray Blaise in a wonderful manner. I really like his character. And then the end, with Ron, it's just beautiful what you did there. Good work all in all. ^_^ I'll read one more chapter a bit later. Thank you for sharing your work.

Author's Response: Thank YOU for reading my work!

And yes, DADA was the only class that was moderately acceptable to see Hermione Granger failing in. I'm trying to show later on that the dreams take alot from her, but I'm not sure I've shown that enough just yet.

I'm glad you liked Blaise's character =)! I personally love him too; I've always liked the bad boys in Jo's writing. Even though she never expanded on Blaise =(.

I'm glad you liked Ron too! Making it juicy for my readers. =)

I hope you read more! Thank you so much!

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Review #12, by RebekkaTorn: Prologue

21st February 2008:
This is definitely a well-written chapter. I really like your style a lot. Your descriptions are just spectacular and I truly enjoy the feelings you can show so easily. The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that we know how the story will end. I've never really understood prologues that show us this. It makes me not to want to read the story. The fact that I don't understand it, doesn't mean it's a bad thing, though. I just think that this would work better as an epilogue... I don't. I'm just all about happy endings. ^_^ But I did enjoy this very much. Especially the beginning is just absolutely perfect. Very good. I'll go read the next one now. ^_^

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry darling. I'm not in a very happy-ending mood right now in my life, but I've seen stories like this turn around in the epilogues for happy endings (a Draco/Hermione, and it was one of my first favorites on HPFF). So if I'm in the mood, when the story is closing, to turn the ending perhaps I will just have to stay tuned to find out. =)

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #13, by RebekkaA Little While: Light and Dark

21st February 2008:
This got to be one of the most beautiful things I've read. I had so much fun with them, sliding down the hill, rolling, playing. Oh gosh, I love this chapter so much. I can't tell you with words... I just adored the warmth, the happiness, the lightness, the sweetness... everything. And then the cruel reality... yet it isn't. It wasn't. It's just us...

You're such a tease. ^_^ And it was utterly wonderful. I enjoyed every moment they spent together... Harry so bewildered by it all. Gosh, where are all my wonderful words now that I need them. Harry gaped in surprise and mock horror before ducking down to gather his own snowball. It's like that. So simple, yet something I have such a hard time grasping... It comes so naturally to you. ^_^ I love your words. They are so beautiful. And you're so beautiful. *huggles*

Author's Response: Thank you so much dear! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! (o: I do love hearing from you! It's so lovely. Tease? Me, nooo! Hehe Thank you so much for the love for my words. I do love so much sharing them with you! Hope you're well! I do so want to come see you this year! (o:

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Review #14, by RebekkaIckle Ronnikins: Ickle Ronnikins

20th February 2008:
Awww... this is just so adorable. ^_^ Now I understand what you meant with silly and still loving them to death. Hih! I do, too. And the ending was so sad. I kind of wish you would have showed a bit more on those scenes, but it was so cute this way too. Oh, you spelled Gryffindor wrong. ^_^ It was so sweet, just like you. This shines with your brightness. *hugs*

Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you SOOO much for reading this!!! I actually have been thinking about editing Ickle Ronnikins, . . . and chapter 1 of Stranger than Fiction. OOOHHH!!! I'm sooo glad you like my story!!! It really means a lot to me!!!

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Review #15, by RebekkaGive Up This Fight: The Love Potion

19th February 2008:
I bring chocolate and cookies. ^_^ And I'm so thoroughly sad that she chose this path, even though I knew she would. What surprised me was Bethe (I adore her name, by the way: Isabethe, gorgeous). I just cannot understand her support on the matter... yet I can. This was a bit slower chapter than the most, but I do adore it. And I'm kind of hoping that something will happen between Rose and Havering. ^_^ It's kind of unlikely, though, now that her sister is going to lose her fiance. Gosh, this is an intreguing story and I'm eager to see what happens next... and the kiss. I want to see that. And poor Bethe. I hope her story isn't quite so awful than the one Merope is creating for herself. Thank you, dear. I just can't wait for an update. *hugs*

Author's Response: Ooh chocolate and cookies! I seriously needed some too! :) :) I'm sad that things have to turn out the way we know they will, too. :( Merope's desperation and her absolute yearning to be loved, and Bethe's reluctant indulgence - even Cecilia's course of action in the next chapter - will serve to bring about the result.

You're rooting for John and Rose? So am I. :) There will be more of them in Chapter 8. And as for Bethe, I don't think anyone's story could be as awful as poor Merope's.

Thanks for another lovely review hun! *hugs back* Glad you're enjoying the story still.

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Review #16, by RebekkaThe Bodyguard: Promises

17th February 2008:
Wow, and then some. :) I really adore your writing style. This is good. Better than good. And I hate that stupid Head Auror. *laughs* Anyway, must read forward. Sorry about my short reviews, but I'm really tired and can't really put two words together without sounding like a rambling idiot. Thank you for writing this and posting it here as well.

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Review #17, by RebekkaThe Bodyguard: Hand In Hand

17th February 2008:
Ooo... he protected Harry. ^_^ I adore this one. It's really very good and a rare story here on this site. Hih! I don't have enough words for you but just know that I'm enjoying it a lot. :)

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Review #18, by RebekkaThe Bodyguard: Stay Close

17th February 2008:
Tooo short... :) But gladly I can continue. Nice. It's so Draco not to trust him. Must go on. :)

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Review #19, by RebekkaThe Bodyguard: The Tiniest Drop of Pity

17th February 2008:
Wow, this is just one truly marvelous beginning. I must say that you have both these characters spot on. ^_^ And I love this: "Keep hating me, Draco," whispered Harry. "It's all the same to me. But join me. We can help each other..." It's just great. Everything about it is great. I'll go read the next one now. :)

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Review #20, by RebekkaOur Confusing Time: Chapter One

15th February 2008:
Hmm... I liked the idea of this story. I always love Blaise and Draco together. ^_^ So it's their seventh year at Hogwarts? Interesting. Anyway, I have lots to say, so sit back and hold on to something. I'm going to give you constractive critisism, because I believe you can write, and that you can get loads of reviews and reads if you're just a bit more careful. Let's start from your summary. Here is my suggestion for corrections, because it has a few spelling errors: Blaise and Draco have always been best friends. But now that they are indeed the kings of school, they find that this time, everything is a bit more confusing than before. How can they deal with their changing feelings? That's a quick example, but small changes like that could make a difference.

Also, I think your dialogue is really nice and flowing, but instead of using "Blaise, I do not find you repulsive" you could just say: Blaise, I don't find you repulsive" When you write spoken words, you can shorten the words; that way it sounds more like people are actually speaking. Older characters can sometimes speak in a refined manner, but young people rarely do that. Also, at times, you were a bit repetitive like when Pancy said over and over again that the year was going to be boring; and then Draco repeated her words also. One more thing before I'll go back to good parts. Here you have a misspelled word: She always managed to get on his nerves and give him a margarine, even when she was thousands of miles away from him. It should be _migraine_.

Now, I think with Blaise and Draco as the main characters, ruling the school and having fun "torturing" the other students, you'll have loads of possibilities. Your writing is effortless and almost flawless. The story flows nicely and of course, I adore Draco. Just keep writing. Good work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the nice long review! I don't know what is wrong until someone points it out to me.

I will go over and fix the grammatical and spelling errors that you pointed out. I don't catch them when I look them over before posting these, so it is good that it gets pointed out to me.

I will make sure that I concentrate on those three things that you pointed out. That was going to be the three main focuses that I had for the story.

Again, thank you for the review!

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Review #21, by RebekkaGive Up This Fight: An Interlude To Love

14th February 2008:
OH MY GOD, I love this. I love Tom and Merope. I don't know what to say, because I'm so excited and sad and terrified and wistful and... just please please please make it somehow, someway hopeful. I know that it's a terribly sad story that will end badly, but still... something hopeful. And you do that. You've already done it so many times. Every time I think everything is going to go wrong, you somehow save the day and things work out... and then there's always something looming over them, threatening to destroy everything. Gosh, this is so good. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this story. This is amazing. One of the best. I do hope you'll update soon, because I only have one chapter left. Thank you so very much for writing this story. It's truly wonderful. Perfect. Rare. Just something very special.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for reading this story! I can't tell you how excited I am that you enjoy my work this much. It just makes me very happy to be able to write something that you have fun reading!

I have had the ending scene of this story pictured as clearly as a bell in my head for a long time now. Obviously I can't promise you a happy ending, since we know what happens to Merope in canon and I'm sticking to it, but I can safely say that I think you will not mind the final scene. :)

I appreciate all of your reviews so, so much, thanks for humoring me and going along with my story. Your encouragement means a lot and you're a sweetheart for leaving such kind and positive feedback. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story just as much, I'm currently working on a brand new story that should be finished this weekend (if I have enough motivation!) but I will begin Chapter 8 very shortly. I have the story planned out through at least Chapter 12 so it should flow out easily for quite a while! :D Thanks darling!

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Review #22, by RebekkaA Little While: Not-So-Happily-Ever-After

14th February 2008:
This is the very first Harry/Cedric I've ever read. And whoa, I'm enjoying it. I loooved the ending. The whole underground waterfall thingy. And Cedric so easily touching... This story is so weird, because it's not really happening in the real world. I don't think I've ever read anything quite like this. Yet, I enjoy it immensely. There's one thing that I truly adore in your writing... it's somehow very quiet and beautiful. Your words are magical in a quiet way. I can't explain it, but I always feel like I've reached home when I read something of yours. It's so familiar, yet somehow odd (I love odd)... and it just feels right. I find this ship really very strange, but since it's you writing it... I can do nothing but enjoy it. Hih! Truly wonderful first chapter. I have nothing bad to say about it. I loved the beginning, the middle and the end. The end was my favourite, though. ^_^ Wonderful, dear.

Author's Response: Hi dear. (o: First Harry/Cedric? It was my first to write. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! And yes, the story is a bit odd. The time thing is sorta strange, but hopefully it makes sense by the last chapter.

My writing, quiet, beautiful, magical? Meep, you make me blush, dear. You're too kind. (o: But thank you so much for your lovely kind words, and for giving this a chance. Hehe, hope to hear from you again soon sometime!

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Review #23, by RebekkaGive Up This Fight: Truth and Consequence

14th February 2008:
You are evil, you know that. I almost commented on the _l_ on the letter... and then you say it's supposed to be that way, and there's been other things. I read very carefully for some odd reason, and I see easily these inconsistencies... yet, I haven't been able to find any while reading this. Every time I think I find one, you use it. You'll explain it some way, and I can only say... wow, I didn't see that coming. *laughs* It's marvelous to be able to read a story like that. You never waver. Never.

I've printed every chapter out, reading on my lunch break, reading while in the bus, reading in the toilet (yes, sorry about that mental image)... I love your words, and you never bore me. I just can't stop wanting more. I adore Merope... and I somehow feel for her and Tom, although I still think Tom isn't good enough for her. And I feel so sad because I know it's not going to be pretty. But can it be? For a short moment? I think he would have fallen in love with her on his own. I don't know why Merope chooses to use the potion. Maybe because she's afraid that it could never be real. I don't know. I must read on to find out.

Gosh, I love your words. There are a few authors on this site who can do this to me. You are one of them. You lure me in every time, making me want more. I love every word, every paragraph, every chapter... This is just one truly amazing story. Oh, and in my earlier review, I didn't mean it was a bad thing that Merope learned magic quickly. I thought it was very logical... and I found it very interesting that you chose to use that... It's hard to explain but I believe in the power of good will. If you show mercy to people (I'm not religious, by the way), they seem to grow to their true height. ^_^ That's why I was very intreguied by it. ^_^ Thank you for writing this amazing story. It's truly unique.

Author's Response: *sinister laugh* I love my details! I'm super anal about every little detail being right and fitting with everything else. Good eye for picking up on the "mistake" - I think only you and one other eagle-eyed reader have found that "error." :) Or at least you guys are the only ones who mentioned it to me.

HAHAHA that's ok, I read things on the toilet too only you are brave enough to admit it right up front like that. :D I'm glad Merope could keep you company even in the bathroom HAHA. I'm so proud and pleased that you printed the story out and have enjoyed reading it enough to bring it with you!

Can it be happy for just one moment? Hmmm ... I could be evil and say something like "maybe, I don't know" but I won't! I'll say this instead: every life has one moment of pure happiness; the more blessed the life, the more moments there are. ;)

I completely agree with you on that, I think there's a lot to be said for friendship. I know there have been times in my life when friends helped me pull through some tough spots. I don't think it's too far-fetched to assume that the same thing happened for Merope, and I'm glad you agree with me! :) :) I love your reviews, they make me smile and brighten my day! And there's another one to read, oooh... thank you sweetie!

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Review #24, by RebekkaCloser: Closer to God

13th February 2008:
This is something different. The song is something that always goes under my skin when I listen to it. In here, it's almost painful and piercing and crushing. And so is the whole story. It breaks everything to pieces, searching for something in the core. I think you're a truly marvelous writer. I enjoyed reading this painful story. I enjoyed the way you portrayed both Sirius and Severus. It was strange, yet I could easily understand it. I've never read this pairing; I don't think I've ever even seen one. They hate each other so much. Well, my hate-love ship is of course Draco/Harry. There're so many things you can find through hatred. Anyway, I loved it. It hurt me, but I loved it. Thank you for sharing it.

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Review #25, by RebekkaGive Up This Fight: The Engagement Party

13th February 2008:
Oh, I love you for writing this story. It's romance, old romance, Jane Austen romance. ^_^ Oh, I read every word at a time, trying to see how you do it. I truly admire your writing skills and I'm yearning to learn... ^_^ I don't know how much you do background work, but it seems like you know every character truly well and that you have this whole world mapped out. It's just marvelous.

Gosh, I don't have any words for you even though this is such an amazing story. I wish I knew how to express my feelings when I read it, how happy I am, how excited, how interested. It's just so wonderful. The ending of this chapter was perfect. And wow, Tom actually noticing Merope... Does she have mental powers? *laughs* Anyway, I just truly adore this. Completely and utterly adore this.

Oh, and the quote in my last review was cut off partly for some reason. It looks really silly that way, but you know what I meant. ^_^

Author's Response: Haha what!? You're insane! You have nothing to learn from me, you're a fantastic author yourself. Some fanfiction stories just draaaaagggg the reader along with the plot, but you know how to craft a good solid story so the reader wants to go along - I love your Draco/Harry. Everyone go read "Be A Good Boy" by Rebekka. *end plug*

Thanks for mentioning Jane Austen! She is another of my idols and I have grown up with her books. She has influenced me in many ways and I think I subconsciously integrate that into my own writing, no matter what kind of romances I write, they always seem to have that kind of old-fashioned courtship flavor. :)

Yep Tom notices Merope even before she administers the love potion, at least in my tale. I think it would have been hard for him NOT to notice her, since his family practically owns the village and the Gaunts are, after all, in the neighborhood. They're the town weirdos! But Merope isn't really a weirdo, which fascinates Tom ... she doesn't seem to belong to either side, there's an interesting dichotomy in her case.

I am BEYOND grateful for all of your amazing reviews, and they mean that much more since they're coming from a gifted author like yourself. So glad I could entertain you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of it just as much! Thanks my dear! :) :) :)

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