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Review #1, by MrsBowen xNot just a Barmaid.: Days Like These

2nd March 2012:
Omigod!!! I love it, best 1st chapter ever made!!! xxx


x :0 :banana:

Author's Response: Thank you! :hugs:

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Review #2, by MrsBowen xAlibi: Perfection

15th December 2011:
Great chapter! I'm not quite sure if i exactly understand what's happening, but i will read it through again at home ! :)

Anyway, I think you need to divide your paragraphs up, as they are very long! But otherwise i really enjoyed it, it has lots of drama and a truly great storyline! WELL DONE YOU!!!

Signed (ish),

MrsBowen x :banana:

Author's Response: Your emoticon attempt failed by the way :P Thanks! Second review! yay! read through it again, it's not that confusing. xx

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Review #3, by MrsBowen xMake Me a Rose: So Much For Perfect

24th November 2011:
aw... that is such a thoughful and sweet chapter- and i definitly think you should be VERY PROUD of it. it's a truly wonderful idea that james, lily , sirius, tonks, and lupin all meet up in heaven. And that James and Lily (and now sirius) have been watching over harry, and now although they are dead to teddy, tonks and remus can do the same. Great, great one-shot and i'm sure if you want it enough, you will grow up to be a truly fabulous writer.

Best wishes for then! x

Author's Response: Thanks! You're awsome. :) This is like one of the best reviews I've ever gotten and it means a lot.

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Review #4, by MrsBowen xMarlene: Professor McKinnon

17th November 2011:
Rhiannon i never knew you could be so un-innocent!! Anywhy loving the srory so far... and have a feeling Remus is going to be marlene's rebound. I really do think i too should get a medal for stating the obivious! Luv ya loads my cannon! (or ti amo , as they say in italy)

Author's Response: MWAHAHAHA actually you may not be stating the obvious with the Remus rebound thing.Read on later to find out! And of course I am 'un-innocent' ;)
I feel better btw, though that may be the medicine talking. Love you more!

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Review #5, by MrsBowen xthe (in)famous marauders: Year Six at Hogwarts

11th November 2011:
does it finish after the next chap? or is there more>

Author's Response: there's more! I plan on going at least until they end school

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Review #6, by MrsBowen xthe (in)famous marauders: mudblood

11th November 2011:
I hate how snape calls poor lils a mudbllod in this chap. he can be so evil sometimes!

bein bamibinnio- et muis tur ey beanski!!! xx (et itailianio)

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Review #7, by MrsBowen xthe (in)famous marauders: Remus' Secret

11th November 2011:
a lovely chap. i love how you can slowly see lily bending towards james, and further away from severus- although (of course) i love snape like every true hp fan xx

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Review #8, by MrsBowen xthe (in)famous marauders: Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs

11th November 2011:
i love how you end every chap on a cliff-hanger- which is of course, good, because it makes the reader really want to find out what happens next.

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Review #9, by MrsBowen xthe (in)famous marauders: defending enemies

11th November 2011:
aw. james and lily are sooo sweet together- even though they don't know it yet!!!

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Review #10, by MrsBowen xthe (in)famous marauders: study partners

11th November 2011:
Aw...james is sooo sweet in this chap. and i just love how he keeps trying different was to impress lily, but still cannot resist puliing a prank or two, even though he knows she hates him doing it! x

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Review #11, by MrsBowen xthe (in)famous marauders: the platform

11th November 2011:
Great first chap, I love how james is desperately trying to impress lily, but she's having none of it. I look forward to reading the next chapter, and seeing if James does eventually win Lily over (obviously this would be near the end of the story!)

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Review #12, by MrsBowen xMarlene: Confusion

10th November 2011:
oh. rhiannon how i love your randomness, what with you

hunting cheese (orange- mind) on mondays, deleting folders

and pigs snorting and eating chocolate. x . anyway i really

loved this chapter, and the others too. Rhiannon, i know

you've said to me that your getting a bit bored of marelene,

and the story in general. but personaly i think your mad-

don't give up annon, it's a great- and i mean GREAT story.

just keep going with it, think of the end, think of the glory!

You surely have thought, or a least have considered a possible

ending- i always find i do that- you start a story, and have

kinda already planned an ending! Anyway don't give up no

matter what!!! I have nothing to say , in way of advice, so i'm

sorry about that- but it's just too good!!! Do bear in mind, this

is a special and longgg.. review, reserved for my best friends-

i.e. you and neavy- anyway great,great chap. keep

writing, so i can keep reading and reviewing... p.s i loved the

way you called sirius a vegetable and regulas a ROTTEN

vegetable! What a great comeback - (*cough*) luv ya and

marelene x

Author's Response: x (kisses times a million but respondy thing won't let me do them!) x Thanks so much Roffey :D You and livi are the best friends ever *hugs tightly*
I guess I'm not really bored of it.just wondering whether it's a waste of time...but I love writing it so I'm carrying on! Love you so much! Rhiannon xxx

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Review #13, by MrsBowen xFilling the Gap: The Next Day

7th November 2011:
I think it's a great idea for a first chap, although i don't know what you could do for the next chap...
anyway, i think you need to write longer chapters, use slightly more descriptive words and expand on the events more to help lengthen it. Overall, i think you are a good writer and have some great idea's ratng 9/10 :D

Please read,rate and review my 1 (maybe two by the time you read this) chap.

thanks (Don't put yourself down - you're great- keep writing and HAPPY READING!)

MrsBowen x

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Review #14, by MrsBowen xProtection: Confessions

7th November 2011:
Very nice first chapter, but i would like to point out you have put 'defiantly' as apposed to 'definitely'.

Author's Response: Oh, yea. Sorry about that, I never have been that good of a speller :). I tried to fix it, so I guess I'll have to wait for it to be validated. Thanks alot, glad you liked it!

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Review #15, by MrsBowen xTo Confuse a Marauder: Flip of the Switch

6th November 2011:
is this the end. or is there more you just haven't uploaded them yet?

Author's Response: don't worry, there is LOTS more to come. I am taking a little break for a while though, (since i am participating in NaNoWriMo this month) but as soon as that is over, more chapters are coming your way! for sure! :)

thanks for reading!

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Review #16, by MrsBowen xTo Confuse a Marauder: Insults, idiots, and abandoned ice cream

6th November 2011:
aaah. what a great chap. but in a way i like reading when james and lily are actually in love, but a least a first it didn't go like that did it??? so i suppose this was how it all started...

Author's Response: yes! at first they started off with a pretty rough relationship. Well, at least they acted like it was rough. Deep down they both loved each other, they were just too embarrassed and scared to admit to it. :)

don't worry, their relationship will definitely change throughout the story. I have great plans for them :)

thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by MrsBowen xTo Confuse a Marauder: Prologue

6th November 2011:
very good prologue. you just want to read on!!!

Author's Response: oh why thank you! it means alot! :)

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Review #18, by MrsBowen xThe Potters: Am I Really Going To Do This?

6th November 2011:
bit short.. and weird...
but makes you want to read on, so does the job!

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Review #19, by MrsBowen xHey Italy: Epilogue

6th November 2011:
so, remus and maddi got back together or was it just a kinda goodbye kiss?

i'm not trying to be rude or anything but i really think it should end at the end of the last chap.

but thats just my opinion!!!

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Review #20, by MrsBowen xHey Italy: Chapter 18

6th November 2011:
love it it isn't too fast no...

but perhaps this would be a good place to end it...

or do you see the wedding in the next chap. cos that would be sweet... x

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Review #21, by MrsBowen xHey Italy: Chapter 17

6th November 2011:
i think it is still a great story...
i love how you write it from different people's pov's and then in third person.. other wise i guess it can get a little boring!!!

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Review #22, by MrsBowen xHey Italy: Chapter 16

6th November 2011:
i have reviewed every chap. i have read so far, and i think thats only fair, i mean if someone bothers to right something- it's only fair you at least review it. even if the reviews aren't at all helpful (i.e mine!) x

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Review #23, by MrsBowen xHey Italy: Chapter 15

6th November 2011:
v.v.v.v good chap. Remus should just tell maddison though, i mean i'm sure she wouldn't ake it that badly, bot if he explained it, they way he had explained it to james and emmy... she'd understand... surely?

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Review #24, by MrsBowen xHey Italy: Chapter 14

6th November 2011:
i have to agree it was an awkard chap. but did they actually have sex..???

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Review #25, by MrsBowen xHey Italy: Chapter 13

6th November 2011:
i want to read more and more... shame there is only 6 chaps. left. i didn't really understand the end bit though.

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