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Review #1, by SgwilliamsOff the Rails: fifty-six

18th December 2013:
Hey! I wanted to thank you for sharing such an excellent fic with the world! It's a really engrossing story, which has resulted in me losing a bit of sleep over the last couple of days as I attempted to read up to the most recent chapter :D

I especially wanted to congratulate you on your characterization: everyone in the story comes across as a fully-realized, 3-dimensional character, something you don't get a lot of in FanFiction. I like how despite the story having a generally positive tone, you don't restrain from showing the characters flaws in any way: James can be aggressive or egotistical, Harry's relationship with James was criticized, Freddie is still scarred by his parents relationships and Brie can be portrayed as overly controlling. It makes the characters really memorable, and a lot more human.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed your fic immensely, and am looking forward to your next update :)

Author's Response: It's always nice when people comment favourably on characterisation, because that's something I always try to put a lot of detail into. These people should be more than just names on a page, and they're certainly all fully-fleshed characters in my mind, so it's good to know that translates. :) Thank you so much for the review!

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