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Review #1, by MillarzOne Wrong Decision: One Wrong Decision

28th April 2012:
Hey-o! I really liked this story! Aw poor Snapey! Ain't it funny how just one little mess up can ruin your whole life? "I hate him, I hate him so much." That part made me laugh. It's so blunt! Aww the way he's fretting over that one kiss is very sweet and realistic! Great job! Me likey!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for the review! I love writing, well, just thinking about how different things could have been for Snape and Lily if he hadn't made that one mistake. It's so complex and messy with so many different factors to consider and so many different possible endings! Laugh? I didn't expect that :P Thank you again!

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Review #2, by MillarzVital: Chapter 1

10th March 2012:
I love your writing style! You're story seems so realistic and well written! You're amazing at it! I loved the little bit about the boyfriend comparing her to foods. It's unique and very telling about the character in few words. Great job on this story!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much :D I'm glad that you enjoyed this first chapter. I'm sure that I don't do that well of a job of it, but I did try to make the writing realistic.

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Review #3, by MillarzThe Greatest Rewards: The Greatest Rewards

10th March 2012:
This story was absolutely amazing! It was so well written that it felt almost elegant. I love how you characterized all the characters. They're all so colorful and realistic! I can really imagine Lucy being a bit rough, Molly being reluctant, and Darren being annoyed. 10/10! Please note that I usually don't tell people what I rate their stories, but in this case, I want to tell you!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! This is such a nice review. :D

It's great to hear that you liked this story so much. Thanks so much for your lovely review!

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Review #4, by MillarzLucy: Lucy

4th March 2012:
I'm surprised at how much you put into just 500 words! It was very well written and didn't feel like you were cramming a novel into a short little one shot like. I loved the depth of the character, her longing for her family, and the problems she's going through, and it's all tied up in a nice little 500 word package! Awesome job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it.

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Review #5, by MillarzContrition: Choices

4th March 2012:
Congratulations on 3rd place in the "In the Moment of Death" challenge! I love this quote: "Someone who had a choice to spare them their lives. Surely I deserved a death worse than this." It shows so much regret, and that's what makes it stand out. Great job overall!

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! And congrats on 2nd place! I'll have to check out your entry to see how great it was to beat mine ;) haha

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Review #6, by MillarzHis Last Regret: His Last Regret

4th March 2012:
Congratulations on 1st place in the "In the Moment of Death" challenge! You deserved it! This story is amazing! I love how Peter is regretful of his actions and how he thinks of James and his first time meeting him. Lovely story!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! (: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #7, by MillarzRegret: An Epiphany of Sorts

3rd March 2012:
This was rather interesting and enjoyable! I liked how Gellert had a sort of epiphany and tried to save the wizarding world, though for such an old man, I'd think he'd rather be more set in his ways. He switches to being "the good guy" a bit quickly, and you could make him have more of a conflict before deciding whether or not telling Voldy the info would be better. For such a powerful wizard, I'd think he would know what legilimency (excuse my spelling) is too. Other than that, I loved the regret he had and how Voldy was loving being better than him! I didn't know we were allowed to re-post out WD entries! Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I made Voldemort use (successfully) legilmency because it says that Voldemort uses it in the book, I believe. Thanks! Congrats again. I am working on a couple new one shots and novels. Post on my MTA page becuase I cannot say what they are because of double posting. If someone posts something though, then I can reply. I am also cooking up a new challenge. hope you will enter. Thanks again!

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Review #8, by MillarzYoung Moon: The Start

24th February 2012:
Hehe you just try to make me cry with this story 3:) I'm waiting. This is a nice start to a solemn novel! Unfortunately, I was smirking through it all because of my little challenge for you :P I like what the father told Fen at the end. There's just one thing I didn't catch before. "'Mother! I'm home!' I yelled out cheerfully, alerting to mother that father and I were home." Oh really? Yelling "I'm home!" alerts his parents that he's home? Shocker! ;) What I'm trying to say is the "alerting to mother..." is repetitive. Perhaps you could say "as father and I walked through the door" or something like that. Other than that, great job! First review!

Author's Response: Smirking... It's not even sad yet! Pshhh I've just barely started... >:D hehehehe. I'll fix that... I will... There's probably a few other mistakes throughout this... And THANKS MILLZ! :D


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Review #9, by MillarzKingdom Come: Kingdom Come

20th February 2012:
I really loved how you had a story within a story. I originally thought that the paragraph between the sentence was a mistake, but after a while, I realized what you were doing :P That is so cool! I also liked how it went from light and progressively got darker and darker as you read along. I liked how you wrote it like Teddy lost himself. This story is inventive and really good! I liked it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I added the main memory (in italics) at the very end - it was the last thing I wrote and then I split it up and added it in where I had previously had asterisks to separate the memories. I just felt like it was so important that it sort of never left Teddy's mind.

Thanks so much :D

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Review #10, by MillarzThe Mirror's Reflection: Madness Desends

18th February 2012:
This story was so cool! It was inventive and I loved how the Mirror "spoke." The way you make the Weasley parallel Tom was great, and I really liked the comparison. This story is awesome! Congratulations on the Evil Challenge!

Author's Response: Hello! xD

Thanks so much! (and thanks for reviewing :P). I really enjoyed yours! So congrats right back to you :P

Keira :)

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Review #11, by Millarz'Bring a Muggle to School' Day: 'Bring a Muggle to School' Day

6th January 2012:
Hehe! Silly Melina! This was a fun little story! I think the twins were a bit duller than usual, but this story IS just for fun :D I found it quite entertaining, especially when the twins mostly knew it was wrong but went through it anyways since Melina told them to. Nice job!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, the twins are not as awesome as I'd want them to be, but I was sort of powering through while writing this. I am slowly working on something else though with Melina and the twins. I'm really glad you liked it though and that you found it entertaining. Thanks so much for the nice review!


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Review #12, by MillarzDreamland: What?!

6th January 2012:
Hehe randomness without reason! It's so random :P (duh) ... Okay that was a weird sentence that points out blatantly obvious facts. Ignore the first sentence! So... your story! That's what we were talking about! It's a humorous mix of chaos and awesomeness! KIRBY! I love that you put Kirby in it, but where the heck did he come from O.o Aaaand how did the purple elephant get there? I think you should expand this story more! Put more chaos in it! Make the Sirius/Remus moment reaaallly awkward or really romantic! I liked your story! Now write more so there's more to love :D

Author's Response: Maybe if I ever get a plunnie to expand this I will Millarz :P but as it stands now, it's a one shot (Possible prologue. I could expand it, originally planned to but couldn't). I CAN guarantee I will end up writing a Remus/Sirius novel someday... It's a dream! :P It doesn't have to make sense... We've all had those odd dreams correct? This is Remus' xD

Thanks Mill! :D


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Review #13, by MillarzLife and Times: Lily

2nd January 2012:
Here's the review I owed you!

I loved this little chapter! You really showed Sev's deep sorrow for the loss of Lily. I love this quote: "As much as it had hurt to see her with him, of all the idiots that populated the castle, he had taken some small amount of solace in knowing that she was happy." It's so sweet and packed with conflicted emotion. Nice job!

Author's Response: Oh, ha, totally forgot about this. :D But thank you nonetheless! This was what really got me started writing Snape, this collection, and now it's morphed into... a novel. A /series/ of novels. Ah, me.

Thank you for your lovely compliments, and I'm especially glad to know it still reads well, as this used to be a song-fic. :P I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, and thank you for your review, Millarz!

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Review #14, by MillarzOur Life: Just a Normal Saturday.

20th December 2011:
Yay! It's posted! Go Koala! I wonder what you have planned for her! Still loving it! Still biased :P Woo! Now write write write!

Author's Response: I will! During break! :P

Mike. Thanks for the review :D

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Review #15, by MillarzMan After Legend: Man After Legend

11th December 2011:
This was one of the best stories I've ever read on this site! It filled me with suspense and hope and happiness and sadness and anger (at characters) and why don't you heap a bunch of other emotions in there too? I love the premise and the character development in Remus, and pretty much everything else too! At the end, when Remus started reading his book, I almost cried! This is amazing!

Author's Response: Thanks. Great to hear from you since I see you at times on HPPC. I didn't really understand how much emotion I was packing into one story until I had finished it. I know I cried several times while wrting it, but I always get into the emotions of my characters. I hope you take a little time and read my others and let me know how they stack up. Happy reading.

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Review #16, by MillarzBlank Generation: The Whole Al Thing

10th December 2011:
Wow that stinks for Al! Nice invention of the "Morning After Potion." This story is very well written! I think I forgot to say "welcome to Ravenclaw" on the last review! Good job on the story!

Author's Response: Thanks for the welcome! I feel like one of those very special snowflakes right now)

Anyway. Thanks for your feedback, it's very nice of you to say all those things. By the way, just realized, that the story of yours I reviewed was a one-shot, silly me. Well, if you ever try to make it into something longer, I'll definitely read it -)

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Review #17, by MillarzBlank Generation: The Whole Dom Thing

10th December 2011:
This story is so amusing! I love the casual tone of the narration. It makes it more like I'm in the story and the character is talking to me face to face. I loved this quote "Last year he made everyone forget Jamie during his brother’s birthday party. “Your name?” – “James Potter.” – “Sorry, you’re not on the list.” Now, that was a party to remember." This was so funny! Nice job!

Author's Response:
Aww, thanks so much!
I think, that's actually the best line in the whole story so far)

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Review #18, by MillarzWhat Means Most: Food for thought

3rd December 2011:
I like this story so far, but fluff and relationship stories aren't really my thing. Not your fault. The story is really good, though! I like how Ginny is playful, if slightly OOC, and how Harry is embarrassed, which is more cannon. 55 reviews!

Author's Response: hmm, I never thought Ginny being playful was OOC 'cause she did have Fred and George as older brothers. Thanks for reviewing though even when it wasn't something you normally read! :)

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Review #19, by MillarzResolution: Twentieth

2nd December 2011:
Yay! An Update! I love your stories! They're filled with many things that aren't cannon, but they add new and exciting elements to the story! I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #20, by MillarzOur Life: Prolouge

25th November 2011:
You betcha I'm yelling at ya to finish this story! I love this story (and its terribly annoying yet very well placed cliff hangar [hurry up with the next chapter so my torture will end!] that makes me want to read more). Of course, I'm also biased for apparent reasons :P

Author's Response: Just so you know, the next chapter starts on what you've already seen soo... Just this will be reference through "flashbacks." Thanks for reviewing! And... MWAHAHA! Cliffhangers :D


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Review #21, by MillarzPortrait: Portrait

24th November 2011:
I love the closure this story brings to the Sev/Lily problem. I think its peaceful and subtle enough to be a great story. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's why I wrote it, I really wanted closure for that story as well :)

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Review #22, by MillarzThe Real Memory: The Real Memory

24th November 2011:
This ending is awesome! I how you made Voldy Death and Harry Life. It's so creative! This story is different than any of the other stories on HPFF! I like it a lot!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #23, by MillarzSomething About a Witch: Chapter the First: A Start of Sorts

22nd November 2011:
I liked this beginning! I liked how you showed a casual conversation between Rose and her friends. It's very believable, especially the part about Hermione being a stickler for looking for a career! Nice job!

Author's Response: Yay, thank you for reading and reviewing! Glad you liked it, and hope you continue to. :D

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Review #24, by MillarzPeek-a-boo: Peek-a-boo

22nd November 2011:
This is funny! I liked how you wrote about something that people wouldn't normally think about writing (meaning the mermaid window)! I liked it! Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words.

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Review #25, by MillarzPortraits of Courage: The Phoenix Rises

19th November 2011:
I liked your story a lot! I can definitely see a conversation between Minerva and Albus going like this. You made it accurate and it's meaningful when you compared their fight to a phoenix's. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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