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Review #1, by KathrynenI'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us: I need you

16th April 2014:
I've been waiting for this moment for so long!
I'm so happy its finally here! Freya is such a female dog, I mean I do feel sorry for her, I couldn't imagine getting pregnant now, I really doubt I'd cope all that gracefully, but that doesn't mean you can just walk out on your kid!
Louis is such a cutie, clearly loves his baby and has the family to support him and back him up which always makes it easier. You've gotta feel sorry for Freya basically being disowned, but if she wasn't being such an idiot, she'd realise she's still got Louis, and her in-laws, and her BABY!
I wonder if she's suffering from some degree of past-natal depression? or if she really is just a moo.
Anyway, I love this story, it's well written, with good character development, and I like that its taken you a while to get to the crux of the issue, like you didn't just rush through the pregnancy and newborn bit, but have clearly shown how much Freya has been struggling so you do kind of feel sorry for her, but at the same time, it's like man up girl, you have a baby to look after and a guy that loves the socks off you, which not all women in your situation do!
Keep it up and update soon please!

Author's Response: I think a lot of people have been waiting for this moment.

Yes she is! She is not a nice person at all! Although I feel very sorry for her, she should have talked to someone about it, or gone about it all in a different way entirely.
She does have post natal depression, which if she had told someone how she was feeling they would have gotten her help.
Awww thank you so much, I didn't want to rush into anything and wanted to actually show that there was a reason why she left, instead of her just up and leaving one day and having you all wonder why.
Thank you so so much for your amazing review. More shall be coming soon!

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Review #2, by KathrynenThe British Are Coming: Not Your Girl

16th July 2013:
I like it!
Funny main character, fun best friend type relationship with the two guys, introduction of main plot/ship pretty quickly...really well done, keep it up!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks you! That's so sweet!

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Review #3, by KathrynenMidnight Over Broadway: Welcome Home

30th March 2013:
ahhh love it.
I love this whole series, they're so well written and the characters are so intersting!
Can there be another part to Rose's life or is she just about written out? (desperately hoping for the former here (; )
amazing job, congrats! xx

Author's Response: I've got a one-shot planned for Rose next, not sure whether there'll be a third novel or something else, something new. :) Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #4, by KathrynenInnocent: Life After Death

24th March 2013:
Peter, Hagrid, Snape, Marlene, Dumbledore and Minnie?
That was sad, but cute
The bit about how Sirius will never be able to spoil Harry because of the Dursleys was very poignant, and one of those moments where you're just like oh wow, his life sucked :(

Author's Response: Got in in one. :D
Thank you. :)
Yes - poignant is a good word for it. It's true, though, I think. Those years spent with them will have a role in shaping his personality, and yes, it did suck, but I suppose it probably makes him appreciate what he's got now even more. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #5, by KathrynenLovely Lily: Lovely Lily

5th March 2013:
Oh wow
That was lovely
I was crying pretty much the whole way through, I could barely read it I was crying so much!
It was lovely and poignant and sad and so well written
Horrible topic and a horrible experience but really well expressed, well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!!

I was when I was writing it, so your not the only one who was bawling their eyes out.

Thanks you!!!
Soph xx

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Review #6, by KathrynenIn My Head: Sunshine

22nd February 2013:
This story looks like its gonna be so good, I'm adding it to my favorites on that basis...
I love the new character of Jack, he's so happy, he reminds me of a guy I know and he's gonna be good for Lily.
It's interesting to see how driven she's become and how isolated she has made herself, although I guess not completely unexpected, I can't wait to see what she wants to do with her life, I assume something to help Ellie...
Keep writing!

Author's Response: Glad I've given it a good start :-) I have to admit it's passing far quicker than anticipated. I bet he's a great friend to have- I have several like Jack, and I undervalue all of them- and I'm glad you have faith in him.
I like your guess :-P could be right, even... The next chapter's in the queue, so hopefully in the next few days it'll be up, if nothing goes wrong...
Thank you for such a thoughtful review :-)

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Review #7, by KathrynenBeing Summer: The One After the Thirtieth One

19th February 2013:
Aw yay!
Fred has it exactly right, he expressed it all so succinctly that all I'll say is I'm far too happy these two are finally together!
james + summer = x x x x x x x x x x x x
^as ridiculously gay as that is :D

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Review #8, by KathrynenEscaping the Friend Zone: Us Against the World

15th February 2013:
So what is actually wrong with their dad?

Author's Response: He's got a disease called early on set Alzheimer's, Oliver talks to Abi about in Chapter 19

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Review #9, by KathrynenDefining Moments: Chapter 6 - Lily

10th February 2013:
This is really cute.
I've been putting off writing my essay and gone through all your short stories and things and I've realized they all relate to White Flags which I absolutely adore but definitely do not have time to read now!
It's just the little details like the annoying girl that Sirius ignores etc but its so good because it builds a bigger connection, I love it.
Your writing is fabulous and you genuinely have a gift, keep updating innocence please! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you! Uh oh, haha, but I'm so glad you like them! :D
Yes - they're to provide a bit more context to everything that goes on in "White Flags" but also just to build the characters up a little more. Haha, fair enough - it is a long story. :P
I, personally, love the little details. :P For me, that's what makes the story, so my work is often littered with little pieces that are sometimes insignificant but often will combine to connect characters and places. :) Thank you!
Aww! :D Thank you so much! I will - I enjoy writing so much that it would be impossible to stop (hence lots of updates). :D
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #10, by KathrynenEnchanted: Epilogue: Wait For You

4th February 2013:
I loved this story!
It was so cute!
(Major overuse of exclamation marks...)
Key was so majorly cynical and Louis so cute, I love them, immensely.
Put part 2 up quickly please!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'll have part two up soon. :)


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Review #11, by KathrynenEnd of an Era: End of an Era

21st January 2013:
Beautifully written, a lovely reflection. Minerva was the one person who could possibly have done that, she saw everything, an awesome woman.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love Minerva as a character, she is so strong and well rounded and I'm happy you liked her as well!

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Review #12, by KathrynenUnprepared: Here We Are

15th January 2013:
I have to say, I really don't want her to be pregnant
This story is just so complicated (in a good way) and I just don't think a pregnancy would add anything, but it could really detract from the rest of the story :(

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Review #13, by KathrynenHogwarts Ex-Golden Girl: Chapter Twenty-Five

14th January 2013:
See, I did see this coming and all, but still I'm not happy with you right now, not at all.
There better be a decent explanation as to why yeah?. < I fullstopped you to show how serious I am about that.

Author's Response: Yeah, I figured some people would. I'm sorry, kinda. I have a kinda explanation in the next chapter. I hope you like it!

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Review #14, by KathrynenMudblood to Murder: Where I am Supposed to Be

13th January 2013:
This was a really good chapter.
I liked how they wrote to the prophet and got Gentry the recognition she deserved.
And the marauders deliberately getting their map confiscated is completely different to it getting lost or accidently confiscated which usually happens!
Kids should be safe in schools. and it's completely abysmal they aren't always.
K x

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Review #15, by KathrynenThe Potter Reservation: The Potter Reservation

12th January 2013:
That is so sad!
It's really good, I like it, it took me a couple of paragraphs after the 22nd birthday thing to realise but when I did I was like omg because she was so excited and they were dead! I like how you had Remus come in and sit it for them, how awful would it have been if she was just waiting and waiting and no one ever showed up :(
It's really good though, we'll written and an original storyline :)
K x

Author's Response: Thank you! I struggled a bit with this one, I had an idea that I wanted to convey but was unsure how to do it. I'm glad it worked out in the end.

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Review #16, by KathrynenOff the Rails: thirty-two

7th December 2012:
Poor Jamie!
His life is just spiraling out of control right now!

Author's Response: It is indeed! :( His woes won't last TOO much longer though. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by KathrynenThe look: Of memories and moments

1st December 2012:
This was really cute.
And if you really don't speak English as your first language then I am seriously impressed! I couldn't tell at all that it wasn't your first language and that isn't something that happens often. Usually it's very stilted and slightly awkward, but that was really good.
The storyline was quite cute as well, the whole two best friends falling in love thing is adorable. I really liked your story, well done, it was really, really good!
K x

Author's Response: Thank you for your nice words :)

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Review #18, by KathrynenNot Just a Bystander: And then the proverbial excrement hits the metaphorical fan...

29th October 2012:
That was good.
I like that she finally grew a back bone and stood up for herself even if it was just by walking out.
Because she was right, they both did expect her to choose them and there's no need! She can be friends with Dom and date James, they aren't mutually exclusive things other than the fact that Dom is REALLY insecure about these things.
Speaking of...I hope you explain that rumor thing soon! because clearly Dom spread some really mean thing but I hope she eventually makes up with James (and Dom i guess, even if she has been a horrible friend).
Freddie's just brilliant. End of.
Update soon please (:

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Review #19, by KathrynenSpeaking in Rainbow: Frazzled Dark Purple

29th October 2012:
"I feel like I can't remember why I'm dating Eva," he said unexpectedly.
"Maybe she confounded you," I guessed wisely.
"I mean - I like Eva. I really like Eva. She's beautiful," James said, sounding firm.
"Well, it really depends on the eye of the beholder - I personally think she's quite vile."
"And she's my girlfriend," he added.
"I'm truly very sorry for that."


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Review #20, by KathrynenThe Middle: Consequences Are Overrated

20th October 2012:
Aww, I love this story!
I can't wait to see what's going to happen with all the tension between dare/calvin and dare/ many different types of tension (:
I think this story's so interesting and well written I just love it so much, keep up the writing and update soon please!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you're enjoying all of this tension and what not. I intend to update next month, so be on the look out!
-Camila :)

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Review #21, by KathrynenA Serious Problem: A Misunderstanding

24th August 2012:
awww cutie running to her mama!
Blah blah blah angsty stuff about teddy and vic but what's really cute in this story is teddy and lily! they're adorable! like so close and cute and stuff.
i do love the actual story though and not just the sideline stuff which i appear to be obsessing about, no ted and vic are great and i can't wait for them to sort it out and actually get together!

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Review #22, by KathrynenQuidditch: The Metaphoric Dating Game: Quidditch: The Metaphoric Dating Game

22nd August 2012:
Oh wow.

This is such a good story!

I love the metaphor, it's brilliant!
How on earth did you come up with it?

Seriously, it was such a cute bit of fluff and really well written too! There were no spelling/grammar mistakes that I could see and it was just really cute!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, Kathrynen! :) I'm really glad you liked the story!

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Review #23, by KathrynenMidnight Over Broadway: Destructuralism

6th August 2012:
I love these stories, I think its great how different you've made Rose/Scorpius compared to how most people write them. Most would have her be like a mini Hermione and she's so different it makes the story so much more interesting!
I would love to see them get married one day although, I can't see Rose doing the whole white wedding thing, maybe Vegas?
But seriously, the whole story(ies) is so well written and really interesting to read, I absolutely love pretty much everything you write!

Author's Response: I never really saw Rose as a mini-Hermione, so I just can't write her that way. She's got a lot of Ron in her, to me. She's smart like Hermione, but lazy and doesn't apply herself like Ron. She's definitely more the eloping type than the big wedding!

Thank you so much for the lovely review - I really appreciate it and I'm so glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #24, by KathrynenDeteriorate : The Truth About the Scar

1st August 2012:
Hey, so this story is great, it's really well written and the characters are interesting and well developed so would you PLEASE update? Thankyou (:

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Review #25, by KathrynenBeyond the Shadow: A Good Different

19th July 2012:
I'm so happy!
I knew she'd do it eventually but it's just so great and cute and all that jazz.
Awh it was so cute how it turned out, especially that last bit with the whole thank you and everything, it was adorable and I love this story and am so sad it's ending but am happy at the same time if that makes sense.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like how it turned out! I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much; that makes me so happy. It's definitely bittersweet that it's over. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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